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The global changes we have not noticed… October 17, 2011

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Over the last 50 years the life on this planet has changed dramatically. I wonder if we can fully realize what has happened to us? Here are some observations on this topic, compared to what we know about the previous history.

  • People got used to the idea of change, so used to change, that they are  expecting permanent change.
  • Population control: sex has been separated from reproduction, contraception is universally available, Contraceptives are displayed prominently in drug stores, right up with the cigarettes and chewing gum.
  • Abortion is no longer a crime.
  • Homosexuality is “allowed”.
  • Clothing styles became more stimulating and provocative. It is not just the amount of skin that is exposed that makes clothing sexually seductive, but other, more subtle things are often suggestive.
  • Families are limited in size, divorce has become more easier and prevalent, the marriage relationship are less stable and, therefore, people are less willing to have babies.
  • The old are no longer useful. They become a burden. After you have had enough of it and you’re no longer productive, working, and contributing, then you should be ready to step aside for the next generation.
  • Medical care is closely connected to work. If you don’t work or can’t work, you hardly have access to medical care. Everybody is made dependent on insurance and if you don’t have insurance then you pay directly; the cost of your care is enormous.
  • Children spend more time in schools, but in many schools they can’t learn much. They learn some things, but not as much as formerly. Better schools in better areas with better people, their kids can learn more.
  • Students have to decide at a younger age what they would want to study and get onto their track early. It is harder to change to another field of study once you get started. Studies are concentrated in much greater depth, but narrowed.  People become very specialised in their own area of expertise. But they are not able to get a broad education and not be able to understand what is going on overall.
  • Gambling changed from illegal to state monopoly: state lotteries are very popular.
  • Drugs and alcohol use has been increased. Alcohol abuse is both promoted and demoted at the same time.
  • Sports for girls have been pushed a lot. The girls sports scores are right along with the boys sports scores in the newspapers. A role model shift:  While she’s growing up she should look to be an athlete rather than to look forward to being a mother.
  • Movies are gradually made more explicit as regards sex and language.
  • Violence in movies has been made more graphic in order to desensitize people to violence. There might need to be a time when people would witness real violence and be a part of it? The more realistic violence in entertainment makes it easier for people to adjust.
  • Music has become worse, Lyrics became more openly sexual
  • Terrorism is widely used in many parts of the world

All of this has become our daily life… too sly, too unnoticed?



7 Responses to “The global changes we have not noticed…”

  1. Sonia Says:

    I completely agree with you. Everything you describe has become commonplace in this world, unfortunately.
    As well, I have a baby girl and when I think about how the world has become, I wish everything is going to change… For exemple, when I see which kind of dolls they sell for little girls, I wonder how parents can get this kind of toys for their children.
    Children know so many things they shouldn’t know and the way they dress now and parents have tolerated and approved that.
    I had been shocked when my nephew came to me one day and told me “I like violence!” and it made me having a dream about Peace and never we talk about Peace or act with Peace…

  2. Billibaldi Says:

    Forty years ago all these changes would have been blamed on Communist agents in the household where I grew up.

    Family size is a bit tricky since in some families not everyone would get married. To avoid the problem of the property being split up, only the eldest would get married and have children but everybody else would bring them up, This was the case with my mothers fathers family.

    As for abortion, it is still illegal in Queensland where I live but noboby will be prosecuted for it. (Politicians have daughters) and in fact you can have it under the national health insurance (Medicare). I have lived in South Africa when it was illegal, the rich simply flew to London, others found an understanding doctor and had a “D & C”. The poor took their chances which included infertility and death and I actually knew a very nice lady who lost her chance to have children in this way.

  3. vinayakah Says:

    Dear Axinia, it is obvious that the trend is leading us to the deepest hell, but we dont need to follow, if we understand our true nature – isnt it? 😉

    I have been going through the research of the situation “behind the curtain” for a very long time, and some ocassions I could witness with my baren eyes, and if I would say even fragment of what is happening, the people would end up in psychiatry….it is worse than one can think. But at the same time I am aware of the Divine Power that works behind all that, and despite all I know and saw, I remain in joy and bliss. The only thing that is important is, what we really are, into what did we evolved, what beauty of our being did we realize – this is the only ticket to the “new” that is becomming more and more obvious. All other things are here to distract us from the essence. Everything else is an illusion….

    But in connection with tyour post, I will reply with a sentence from Bill Gates, he said during his public talk. Sure you know, he gave 99% of his wealth for the vaccination, health care and reproductive health services…. For what reason did he do it, see for yourself:

    “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!”

    You are a psychologist Axinia, and I humbly ask you. What sociological phenomenon can DECREASE the population by IMPROVING the care in above mentioned areas? Shouldnt it be vice versa?? Sure….. But he is talking about it the way he does, and so clearly states that the “new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services” is an instrument of depopulation by 10-15% from 9 billion. If I count propperly, we are talking about 1 billion (!!!) people. Forget than any 2nd world war, or any other war, or all wars we ever had – this guys are looking for something much bigger….. Look at the poor people in Lybia – it is a part of the same plan.

    It will but not succeed, as they are not aware that the field of existence, where they operate, will soon colapse. Thas why, the only point is to change ourselves and establish in Sahasrara, nothing more is important. There are difficult times comming, but most probably it will be very different than we could eve imagine.

    See dear Bill here from 2:35 the sentence: http://www.naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=A155D113455FAC882A3290536575C723

  4. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    Decrease in human values and innocence are the points I see writ large in my list.

  5. Dev Says:

    It seems new society has finally decided to glorify Selfishness in its true sense. Just do what you love as long as it does not hurt anyone directly. It seems objectivism and Ayn Rand are staging a comeback.

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