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How to please God October 13, 2011

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This is my third major realization from my fresh motherhood: if we consider God’s parental nature (Creator) then it is quite natural to imagine what would please such a being. How can a child please a parent the most?

The growth of a child, any kind of it (physical, psychological, professional, spiritual, etc) is what pleases the parent the most.




9 Responses to “How to please God”

  1. Dmitri Says:

    so true!!! couse maybe that the most unselfish wish a parent have for his chaild!! and the one thing from which the chaild will gain the most no?

  2. Triveni Says:

    Also what pleases any parent is when the child craves for god’s attention and so the child always pays attention what the parent likes and tries to do things that pleases the parent.

  3. Nirav Says:


  4. http://www.mantraonnet.com/shravan-kumar.html
    you must be knowing this story…..
    unfortunately we doesn’t get shravankumar today as problem of aging is increasing… and such hindu values practicing is decreasing ….
    there is nobody to take care of parents in home as children s are working and staying in abroad….
    even in Indian families those values are decreasing…… and murder of lonely aged are increasing
    you can visit any old age home in India your eyes will tearing automatically by listening their heartfelt stories…. these are not beggars but abused,neglected harassed aged in their own well established rich families….
    theses steps are not enough but at least officials are understanding the issue….

  5. ….but u rightly wrote that God can be pleased by growth of man i.e entering in forth dimension as…. “mahamanav” which is only possible after “self realization”….

  6. swaps Says:

    Also, may be it pleases Him when we recognize Him,…just like we are overjoyed when our child recognizes us and smiles!

    And, what a photo Axinia! 🙂

  7. good post and good content, i personally feel very good reading this post.keep it up and keep going.

  8. […] have realized certain things and have posted about some here, here and here. Today, rounding up this year, happy to share one more insight. […]

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