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How to easily understand the nature of God October 5, 2011

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This is another realization I gained out of my fresh motherhood and happy to share with you here.

If we consider God  as the Creator then we can easily see that this creative power acts like … a parent. Not a new thought may be :). However it stroke me only after I became a mother myself that actually God takes care of every tiny things in its Creation as a parent,  like a mother does it towards her children. Everything a mother or father does: watching the child, smiling at it, giving presents, makeing it laugh, feeding, bringing to bed, giving it a bath, teaching something nice and millions of other actions… all that is being done towars us by God too.

And then I thought that actually all people who became parents must have no problems whatsoever with trusting God and  enjoying life as it comes, because they can easily understand that they are indeed under the complete care of the Divine!

This simple realization was quite stunning to me. I never had problems with trusting God (or whatever you may call this special entity), but this littly personal discovery made my life even more beautiful and blissful.

Indeed, all the genius things are simple.

LOVE, axinia


15 Responses to “How to easily understand the nature of God”

  1. Terry Says:

    Lately I have been intrigued by someone describing God as our personal GPS, showing us the way to live our lives with a map and an inner voice. Motherhood probably makes you more conscious of the GPS because your responsibility has expanded to another life that depends on you for everything.

    Most of the time we lose awareness of the inner GPS. We sort of hear the voice, but not clearly enough to follow it, or maybe we are just too distracted by material life to trust what we hear. The GPS has become much clearer in my life lately and like your experience it adds beauty and bliss.

    I read your post while watching the film Hereafter. It is all about this experience–three people separately struggling with the knowledge that divine intelligence is taking care of them, but frustrated by their inability to control it or completely trust it. Until that intelligence draws them together–and then they can all finally relax and accept that everything is going to be fine.

  2. igemonster Says:

    Why does the mighty and caring Parent turn a blind eye to.. er.. 100s of milllions of people (Her/His babies) living below indecency or abandonment lines (drugs, abuse, physical and mental suffering from their birth to their death).. Yet some of us are entitled to getting bath and being taught something nice, as part of the “God takes care of every tiny things in its Creation” principle ?

    • igemonster Says:

      Is it for their own good and to teach them lots of useful lessons?.. :-/

      • axinia Says:

        absolutely! a child plays with fire and burns itself…a common case. it learns something by it,right?

        And finally it is the matter of trust and choice..
        ” Always remember and never forget: what we choose is what we get”.

        • igemonster Says:

          Yes the child is a simple example that fits. How about people who are massively ‘unlucky’, on a grand scale. Born (innocent) with grave illnesses. Born into slums and, unless in possession of superior intelligence and will, destined for a future others only read about.

          Why do some of us ‘deserve’ some lessons – otherwise called tragic circumstances for life – from the time we are born or early childhood?
          When was such a choice made, to hand an innocent new person a life of misery from the beginning?

          One can argue the person will gratefully receive the lesson and become way way wiser.. correct their karma etc. There must be others though:
          – those who don’t learn anything from it and only curse the second they appeared till they die
          – those who additionally turn against the whole world and quitely hate everybody
          – those who can’t bear it and kill themselves later, as a result of being bullied/ignored by others

          Maybe the last category is not too populous but surely there are more than enough in the other two?

          • axinia Says:

            well many people are not able to learn a lesson at all! – alas! and they have to get burned and learn to learn many lives together…everyone is different. But even those people, indeed EVERYONE gets chances to get a better life. 100%.

  3. Eugene Timoshenko Says:

    Part can not accommodate the whole. Manifestations of the nature of God are infinite. To know God is prorodu mean to limit his representation of God. And this is a mistake.

  4. Eugene Timoshenko Says:

    But there is a solution. Nature as a manifestation of God is infinite in its development. But the laws of nature are immutable. Studying the laws of nature can be closer to understanding the nature of God.
    Man part of nature. To know the nature of God to begin the study of the person close to you – yourself :-). But, truth be told, this is not limited to the need.
    What do you think Aksinya?

  5. naman Says:

    hi there

    wt is the source of your knowledge and thinking? 🙂

  6. innerknowledge Says:

    Beautiful post . Thank you, Axinia. I think this insight signifies that you are truly a mother in all the full beauty of the meaning; that is why you see this so clearly.

  7. Indian Fakir Says:

    Didn’t you forgot one tiny bit? A bit of beating by the parent/s. 🙂

  8. Hani Says:

    Thanks for your beautiful post, its completely true. We just need to be innocent and thoughtless to feel god and her presence every where exactly like a mother.

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