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This is how I feel September 28, 2011

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image by axinia

I feel that I am sitting in a boat made of rose petals

being carried by the current of Divine Love

The current can be fast or slow

but I do not notice its speed

feeling so safe and comfortable

sitting cosy in the rose petals boat…

I watch the play of circumstances

on the left and the right river banks

And I feel having no worries at all.


But how can it be? Why?


May be because of the complete trust I feel

in this current, in people, in myself

I have an endless trust in the Divine Love

The love that is so gentle and powerful

so carrying and generous,

because it is

The love of the Mother.

(by axinia)


14 Responses to “This is how I feel”

  1. axinia Says:

    It`s always difficult to describe feelings, especially the subtle ones. This try is rather clumsy, but still I hope you can get the idea (or feeling :)).

    Just today I was thinking why I am so peaceful and not worrired about anything and suddenly I realized that I TRUST: I cannot see the bigger picture in its`complete form, nobody can…but I can feel and see how many thing are connected and flowing into each other. May be this is the feeling of oneness, of being in one huge current that knows where and how to flow…really amazing I tell you!

  2. Tomas Says:

    Dear Axinia, thank you for so wonderful picture of the Divine Love. She unites us – fills our hearts with the gratitude and heals. While our physical environment differ between, and it would be hard to talk about anything without the profound dictionary, Divine Love rises us above our flesh and opens the eyes to most adventurous journey where are no passersby but only brothers and sisters in faith.
    While reading your post, I have started to pray …- God blesses you dear axinia
    With gratitude and love
    Tomas Karkalas

  3. Fatima Says:

    To your first comment, Axinia, I do trust, but sometimes I feel fear.

    Fear of what I am doing now and if it is right to do. I feel lazy, like I am not doing enough to ensure the future I envision. Perhaps when I do this, I am diverting from the Oneness we all share with each other. I just feel like I need a guiding hand…and thus I am here.

    • axinia Says:

      Fatima, dear, there is nothing to fear. If you are in the current, it takes care. 🙂
      Please don`t get me wrong, it does not mean I am just sitting relaxed doing nothing…not at all! Having a 6 month old baby on my hands I still have to do some tasks for my job (although i am officially on maternity leave), apart from all household and social life stuff… really I am not being lazy.
      But the thing is, when you get into the flow, it looks like things are done by itself. Even if you physically manage a lot, in fact you feel you are just an instrument (needs a good attention too!) and then everything works out miraculously.

  4. well said Axnia.
    shows lot of positive energy and attitude .most important is staying connected, tuned and still detached. Absolute faith in divine support changes life goals and of course present leaving….
    thanks Axnia nice post and picture as usual…..

    • this is an old song about water flow krishna river.
      writer said water of krishna river flows constantly and slowly ( without destructing) and abundantly and it doesnt understand pain and feelings of people staying on bank of river but he also said no body is thinking to change flow of river to the farms to convert desert to prosperity…..
      divine love flows constantly and slowly( without destructing) and abundantly may be detached. it is depend on us, how we stay connected, tuned and use love of divine in our prosperity in collective unless until you take effort you dont get anything….

  5. Valusha Says:

    It’s difficult to express the feeling of happiness in words, but you did!;) want to learn it by heart!

  6. Beautiful, Axinia. It is wonderful to feel guided, guarded, and protected, by our divine mother while we are on this Earth.

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