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Tell me there is no past life August 20, 2011

Filed under: thoughts — axinia @ 6:14 pm

I do believe in reincarnation because…it is so obvious to me. As I have pointed it out severl times earlier, the fact that people have different levels of mastery of life/talents/skills regardless their background or age, seems to be a clear indication of some past life experiences to me.

Here is the illustration of that: a 3-year-old Indian kid is playing tabla and dholak at amazing mastery level – when you watch him you can see that his hands move in way as if he has been playing so for ages. Watch it:

This is a child prodigy, no doubt. But this is a kind of a prodigy which shows some “skilled” experience, not something which is freshly learned in this very short life!

enjoy this wonfder of life!

I am sure you know other similar examples…please share!

P.S.  Special thanks to my dearest reader mahesh chendanke for bringing this videos to my attention in one of his comments


LOVE; axinia


20 Responses to “Tell me there is no past life”

  1. GS Says:

    Yes, this is most amazing. It is also wonderful to watch the kid relish and enjoy, indicating the joy he derives out of this.
    Accumulating from previous births can be the only explanation. All are accumulation from past lives.
    Though this is extreme rare case, every individual has likes and dislikes and passion and talent for something at some level. The explanation for that is also the same.
    As individuals go through the endless cycle of births and deaths, we accumulate and carry things.
    This simple yet power explanation is termed as Poorva Jenma Vasana. meaning “Tendencies/accumulations from prior birth(s)”

  2. Sam Says:

    Well that kid you are talking about also might be possessed by a dead spirit of someone who was excellent at playing Tabla and Dholak in his previous birth.

  3. Billibaldi Says:

    This is why I keep coming back to your blog, I would never have seen the above otherwise.

    I do have one caveat, children are very observant especially at this age. You will see.

    I certainly will say that lives of musicians seem have be the best demonstaters of Poorva Jenma Vasana. I would certainly offer the examples of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Glenn Gould although both were born into very musical families.

    You constantly hear stories of musicians doing strange things at early ages, for example Jacqueline Du pre at age 4 asking her mother for a cello after hearing it on the radio or when Pinchas Zukerman was taken to the top violin teacher in Tel Aviv for an audition to be accepted as a student and he starts by tuning violin. (The way this was done had him immediately accepted by his teacher.)

    I would love to be there when Jimi Hendrix comes around again as a musician.

  4. GS Says:

    Reincarnation is an explanation. Possessed by a spirit is an explanation. We can pick what we like best.
    As some one said ” We are all in the gutters, but some of us are looking at the stars” 🙂

    • vinayakah Says:

      I would propose not to pick anything, but to be aware of the real status through awareness of Chitanya flow. We can save a lot of discussion and confusions 😉

  5. vinayakah Says:

    What vibrations do you feel? I mean, forget about whatever it looks like, how miraculous it seems to be, and so on, whatever…forget it and feel the Chaitanya without “coloring” of show and subtle prejudication.

    Realized soul should be able to see the background of this directly. But his parents can make a test even being nonrealized – tell the child they never make any more public performances, and he can play only at home with NO AUDIENCE….and lets see if the child keeps his “skill”…or it suddenly dissapears, searching for another body more keen on with the PUBLIC GLORIFICATIONS 😉

    • axinia Says:

      i did not check the vibrations of this one…may be you are right, will check and tell you.
      i wonder what will you say about akiane? http://www.akiane.com/

      • GS Says:

        Akiane….Stunning piece of work.. thanks for sharing

      • vinayakah Says:

        Some of them are beautifull, but I wouldnt group it in gross. Without vibrational awareness one mixes unique souls of the divine with dead ones…. There are born unique souls with very advanced skills and talents, and that have direct link to the Divine, they express their most inner Atma.

        There are but another situations that are very different from the above mentioned ones. As we all know, there are countless dead entities, dead spirits, hovering around, that after death rejected to go to their belonging areas, where they should wait for their next incarnation and evolve, according to their states. They are but extremely attached to some aspects of life they lived before. In that area are mostly extremely deprived souls, longing for fame, sex pleasure, money, violence…through whatever….but without physical body they cant express it, so….

        In the case of extreme artists, or scientists….it is usually the fame, glorification, that plays role. Once this possibility is no more available, they depart very fast from the person, and the person suddenly losts his/her “skills”. I think it will happen quite often, as the vibrations will rise.
        And now the problem…people dont like to give it up, so we have parasite and the host of parasite, in a symbiosis that leads nowhere, but creates at least one more next parasite from the current host, destroying both….

        The only solution and recognition is in the vibratoric awareness, and nowhere else…. If you open the TV, you can see that most of the “stars”, actors, producents, show bussiness people… are just bhootas from preeta loka trying to project their vissions onto the innocent people.

        • GS Says:

          The worlds (Lokhas) are created by God. It is an illusion.
          Lokhas means Anubavah or Experience. So all the Lokhas are only in the mind.
          To create heaven and hell is just the job of the mind. One need not subscribe to it.
          Everything is Gods creation. The good and bad are interpretations.

          Rather than getting lost in intellectual wordings, we should understand the underlying simplicity of everything.

          Every single thing in this universe is Divine. If we say God is Omnipresent, is there a place or thing or person where the Divine is linked to? Every single thing is linked to God, dead or alive, or spirit or soul. In fact there is not a thing that is not part and parcel of God. So it does not make sense to say some one is divine and another is not.

          Trying to interpret or Explain the world is only for intellectual amusement, and nothing more. An illusion is like a magic show, only as long as it is unexplained it is fun. Same with the world. It is for our amusement, and hence we should simply sit back and enjoy. 🙂

          • vinayakah Says:

            The only point is, if this Truth is trully realised within oneself, or is it only a fragmental mental construction of the limited mind one hangs on, to keep himself away from need to continue on his path to self-realisation. Explanations can sound in words the same, but if the objective they describe is not fully realised, they have no base and essence. The difference is but huge 😉

            To hang on the mental concept of oneness, considering it as complete, stops any further ascend. And even from the point of view of Oneness (trully realised), all is an illusion, for anyone that didnt realise this Truth within himself yet, the bound of the time and space still continues.

            For the realised Oneness, all is Parabrahma. For the nonrealised Oneness, view about Parabrahma is only a mental construction. Lets stay away from such mental constructions, if possible.

            To get to a realisation of Oneness, there is a way to go through, built within by the Primordial. This path is considered as Divine. To go the path towards deeper isolation, deformation and illusion, is considered as evil.

            Where do you think leads the status of not recognition of divine and evil in the status of nonrealised Oneness? 😉

  6. GS Says:

    “awareness of chaitanya flow” .. whatever that means… interesting !

    • vinayakah Says:

      Chaitanya is that soft cool breeze, that is described in all religious texts, you start to be aware of, flowing from your hands, fingertips and top of the head, or like mild waves of cool breeze in the body….when few Kundalini strands reach your Sahasrara chakra and penetrate it, that is usually called the second birth. After that the breath of Kundalini called Chaitanya, creating the cooling sensation, fills your nerves in a way you start to be aware of its flow, and you can feel without effort, the state of being of anyone, including yourself. So it is quite easy to cure yourself or others after 😉

      Also when the Kundalini is getting stronger, and more strands are awakened, you get into very deep state of being, into deep meditation that appears and lasts without any effort, so the name Sahaja-spontaneous passes very well into it.

      At the end of the ages, the awakening into the reality takes place this way.

      • GS Says:

        Quite interesting. but its still phenomenological.. has a beginning and an end like all experiences.

        However I like being aware of the world, the world is created for direct experience. and its such a paradise once past the interpretations. Trying to go “deeper” also means “away” from the world. We need to go “deeper” to find the Self, once discovered “You are the Self” which is the ultimate reality, then there is no deeper, higher, lowere etc. You are everywhere and everything. Once it is clear that “Tat vam Asi” all such experiences are ordinary.

        Curing is for the body and the mind, which are meant to be destroyed eventually. Attempting to “correct” or “rectify” is an urge that is present until the truth is known. Once the truth is known, nothing to correct, nothing to rectify and nothing to cure.

        • vinayakah Says:

          More than an experience I would call it continuous opening of eyes through process, that is built in us by the Primordial. And the opening has its end, and so the field of existence, in the illusion of time and space.

          In case we take into consideration the oneness, all other explanations dissolve, but in case our mind is still causal, it is nothing but escape step up. To take it into consideration is but not enough, nor the mental or emotional acceptance is enough same way, as this doesnt change the river flow, nor will it bring rain from the clear sky in a joyfull play.

          By ascending, and going deeper one doesnt leave previous states, just includes them into his/her being, expanding in awareness of permanent Truth.

          To be but aware of the Truth in its completeness, leads to realisation of oneness by becomming That only. Before that state of oneness is established, it is wise to talk about the process that leads to that point…..even if the terms like “before”, “point”, “process” and “state” are illusive from the perspective of Oneness, untill fully realised (Oneness), we go through the process to reach the point where our state is not limited by illusion. To fix oneself, on the mental idea about the Oneness, considering it as complete, leads to freezing of the ascend. To think one is there, doesnt mean one is there.

    • axinia Says:

      it means “vibrations” which are physical manifestation of divine power (chaitanya), read more about it here:https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2008/04/12/cool-vibrations-sahaja-yoga/

  7. Axinia, At least now have u got my point, why I discard past life and its impacts ?
    Vinayak Thanks still balanced reaction to watch when child is alone? but really I condemned your views to see dead in innocence. What is his crime ? his talents should not be his crime? . I can not imagine scenario. It is very common in India.It will totally spoil child I know people can go what ext-ream.
    as far as he is entertaining to society and harmless let him satisfy his ego’s as u say (but really I don’t see) imagine if this thought spread in other peoples mind what ritual they will develop ? How much child will suffer? Why cant u take it on large canvas and including his parents all are fulfilling their egos and balancing the one cycle of nature who are directly or indirectly in contact with him, who knows by continuous practice child may enter in next stage of spiritual growth if realize? and we might experiencing fourth dimension as true wisdom through his and such examples of child prodigy. Witnessed watching and balanced reaction are always wise for true wisdom
    I do agree with vinayak’s previous comments about ….let child grow like other normal child without glorification and marketlization as it will spoil his innocence but take care while putting such comments ( dead soul….) openly then whatever may be vibrations. it is very difficult to out from such beliefs. once people get trapped in it, it is very difficult to get out of it. and that’s why people of “Blind belief removal committee get point to demonstrate” (Dabholkar and other)
    Vibrational awareness is basic need and every body should be master of it and but I dont know why I feel Good concept spoiled by immatures excuse me all and Vinayak who believe on it. this is an general comment on present scenario there is not personal hurting What i feel this is ( vibrational awareness) an power like any missile/bomb .should be used cautiously and wisely. comment based on it should not disturbed communal harmony and disturb peoples minds( As u must knowing how to use it without knowledge of people or exhibition to control even adverse ) . I dont know from where u are but please take care while commenting about incidences from India as it has very huge impact on peoples mind already and it may affect image of sangha too.

  8. vinayakah Says:

    Dear Mahesh, thank you for your view. Some parts of your comment I possibly didn’t understand well, might be caused by the unusual English you use.

    Normally the vibrational awareness is a continual awareness one is born into, not some temporary state that is artificial. So like you open your eyes once, and from that time on you just use it spontaneously all the time, like a child being born uses his eyes. It isn’t so, that one opens his eyes only to look at something he would like suddenly to understand, and than close it again – why? It makes no sense… It is as if there is a river and one opens his eyes for a second only, and than closes it again…this cant give him any idea about the moving river, interactions in between waves, and so on…

    When being aware of something through this awareness, one cant change it or manipulate it, and it has nothing to do with any beliefs. The part “…whatever may be vibrations” I didn’t understand. Could you explain it please?

    To put light into something has for sure an impact on people, no doubt. It should have, so they can do something about it finally. Truths pointed out openly countless times by Mother Herself, cant spoil any image of sangha, if that image is but made of Her light – don’t you think?

    • Dear Vinayakah Thanks and sorry for my poor english. I will try to explain. even though everybody posses vibrations they are not felt by all so say no vibratory awareness e.g. I don’t feel vibrations constantly on top and when ever I felt it I could not able to justify reason why they are exist when they are not present I do find catches on my vishudhi or rt. sided clinically I have ethmoidal nesal polyp which needs surgical corrections but I am postponing.which re-cures viral infections which are difficult to treat , I find very less time balanced due to nature of job and my substal set up due to my attitudes , beliefs and habits and so on…so may be I am unable to find out truth. My main point of discussion is vibrations are never constant and it is difficult to find out true meaning of it . Many of my colleagues/patients have hot vibrations and various catches but I have to work with them for longer durations so more catches are sure and during teaching I do find changing of vibration student to student and topic to topic moment by moment so it is sure they are not constant and two people can interpret by different way even on same topic.usually I proceed with intrusions so I said like that . It is my my always introspection and practice what I can do for better balancing

      another point
      I understands what u say but I think to understand me or my comment u have to travel around India not for tour but to understand behavior of people and impacts of various beliefs.
      I know Mother believes in concepts of ” Dead Soul” and its impact on various Indian mind. In her various Marathi talks specially in beginning she warns all Marathi speaking people about it.
      To go into concept of dead soul deeper as it is left side attachment and clearance and it can leave spontaneously once its desires fulfills Mother doesn’t gives much importance to it but when it comes to people they take it seriously and rather to concentrate on main meditative pathways they concentrate treatment aspects only and that too what ever available in Indian tradition Most of them are cruel and spent much more money Regarding non sahaji impact of this is vary severe. You come to my place I will make all arrangements for you and u just study the impact I bet you will change your comment .
      Regarding conversion reaction either associative or dissociative attention seeking is not only manifestation and they needs treatment but in psychiatry most of the the time counseling is ineffective, drugs are not available and one way remain is cognitive/emotive behavioral therapy but you know SY is proved best as it believe in thoughtless awareness and its effects on health which mostly concentrate on PRESENT… NOT PAST….NOT FUTURE…. for better balancing and better spiritual growth
      Next about child prodigy so I believe is, it is an genetic endowment and nothing else may be on next step of evolution in his and such cases. why to him only i dont have answer at present….

  9. vinayakah Says:

    Dear Mahesh, I got your point. There are many countries that throughout the time became very ritualistic and conditioned, and specially India was attacked by negative forcess very much, that lead to cruelty, hattred, and sorting of people by this or that category with no essence behind etc. So it makes one can feel to be carefull about the true background of the situation, and not to talk, not to point out, not share the real status of things in the name of “being carefull”. But, if we want to be honest – isnt this situation of ritualistic, conditioned, cruel, sorting…..behaviour, one can be afraid of, when attempting to say the truth…isnt it based on same (or similar) point we discuss here, in this thread? Will it help to be silent about the true nature of things, only because one doesnt want to make the devils angry?

    When I was reading your post, I could feel your point very strongly Mahesh, and I understand it completely. The “western countries” have their own experience with the “christian” Inquisition, and their behaviour not far away from what you mention to be in India and in many other countries alike. But from the wider perspective, isnt it just a theatre played by the negative forces, and between there are UNAWARE innocent people? Arent the ones that are possessing people, to use their bodies for their own filty goals of the same (or similar) nature or cattegory as the ones that stone that same people to death afterwards, when this theatre behind becommes visible? Can you see my point? If this postulate is true, than from the perspective of negative forcess there is only one goal they have – to stay undercover, and avoid disclosure.

    What one should do, if one sees a person with the huge, infective limpet on an other person´s nose, and the person thinks how beautiful nose he has? If he doesnt say anything, the limpet will kill its host at the end. If he but say something, he is affraid that another persons with not so visible, but the same limpets will hunt the guy. Isnt it just a comic opera? So basically one is affraid that one limpet will torture the another limpet because it is visible. (??)

    If one but already see the truth through his enlightened awareness, and see the funny comic opera behind, in his/her seeing there is a solution already. Through this enlightened attention the light pour into this area, and when exposed, the limpet will dissapear, as it can operate only in the undercover, not exposed.

    No need to point out every single similar situation, not at all. The important point is to use ones awareness of rpimordial power (if available) to see behind “nice looking” permanently. Sahaja Yogis have this blessing from their Divine Mother Shri Mataji, to be able to understand.
    And the second point is, not to be in any way affraid to say the truth about anything. As once any fear closes our mouths, we become a slave of that fear, and will follow the ways of ever increasing compromises with evil we all can witness in this world, and nothing will change.

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