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How to meditate: a greate piece of advice and a terrific experience August 15, 2011

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This is an amazing story I have got from a friend who is practising Sahaja meditation. However the coolest thing about it is that this meditation technique can be applied apart from any spiritual practice, for it works perfectly FOR EVERYONE, especially for those who find it difficult to meditate. There is no strain about it, no concentration is needed and yet it gives you the perfect effect of thoughtless awareness/mental silence, the true goal of any meditation…

Here is the story: Please read, try it out and share your experiences!

“I had a pretty interesting experience last year I’d like to share. Back in 1996 I was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong with Shri Mataji and one morning when all the yogis were out, she called me in and said, ‘I’ll teach you how to meditate.’ I was quite excited by this…face to face with my Guru, learning the art of silence directly from her.

‘Just watch your thoughts’, she said. To watch them, she added, your attention peels away from the thought process and the two waves (the thought wave and the attention wave) hit each other and cancel out (reverse oscillation she called it).

Then the vilambha state begins. She said that you can do this anytime…driving your car, washing the dishes and you can be in total detached silence.

… It worked amazingly well. I was able to hold the thoughtless state for as long as I liked.

Now, cut to last year and I was going through a tough time at work. I really lost my cool a lot and was as undetached as you can get (sorry to say). The crunch came when my boss, a hard living, heavy drinking, chain smoking English guy told me to be detached!

I was ashamed of myself and decided right there I was going to check into Vashi (A sahaj hospital in Mumbai where people are treated and cured by meditation techniques only), simplify my life and go back to Sahaj basics.

So from that day I took Shri Mataji’s lesson seriously. I watched my thoughts and got quite good at it. I was able to be silent easily. Then I got up at 4am every day. And I did my treatments with full heart.

I then had a realisation that catches (energetic problems/negativity in chakras/physical problems) come only from thinking. And that if I can be silent, I would not catch. Two weeks later I was in Vashi and after two days of clearing little catches here and there the doctor said I was totally clear.

This was a shock. I asked him again. He still stuck by his comment. Then the next day the same thing. He told me there was no need to be there. I was elated, because I never thought it was possible to be totally clear.

I realised that I had cracked the secret to Sahaja Yoga … I had worked out how to be silent and not catch…all thanks to Shri Mataji of course 🙂

Please try it…it really works.

A sharing by Mark Williams


6 Responses to “How to meditate: a greate piece of advice and a terrific experience”

  1. Achieve uniqueness with God almighty to those who believe and enjoy bliss,peace,and harmony to those who do not believe which is possible only with this technique observing mental silence which is made easy here . Many people find it difficult to believe because they think How it is possible without using brain contrary here is full utilization of brain with energy conservation what i believe. I think , Response to Natural spontaneous and intrusive things without increasing adrenaline is always better what science believe too
    Once I have given full freedom to thoughts ,free thinking….. and it was amazing after some times my thoughts were reducing i reach the point from where I could not thinking at all and I find more cool, more piece calm and quite and most enjoyable. I thought It was possible only because I was just watching my thoughts without reacting…. (Watching once thoughts constantly is another task they should achieve which many people forget or again find difficult but which can comes by practice )and after certain moment it just works so to those who do not believe can do this and find the difference..
    thanks Axinia for another good post.

  2. Vijay Raymond Daniel Says:

    Jai Shri Mataji!!

    Thanks for the wonderful message. I will try and practice to be silent, not only while meditating in the morning, but as much as possible

  3. Triveni Says:

    i tried it the entire day yest and it works like magic.. 🙂
    i have always had difficulty maintaining the thoughtless state, now its just so effortless. 🙂 i am just loving it.. thank you for sharing such a wonderful tip.. 🙂
    here i go thoughtless again.. 😀

  4. anuradha Says:

    thanks thats really great!!!

  5. Pavel Malena Says:

    Axinia, I’ve been “testing” this since august – and it never stops to amaze me! Please, if you are (or know how to get) in touch with the quoted Mark Williams, pass a big thanks to him from me (feel free to pass my address to him) – actually, from a whole handful of other czech SY people who don’t stop to be equally thrilled by this as me. I believe this has a big potential to get things into move again in stagnating collectivities (not only in the rotten state of Denmark 🙂 ). Much love Pavel

  6. Nicholas Says:

    I try this, but then just get mental about watching my thoughts, as I try too hard to do it. The same thing goes with putting my attention on the top of my head. But then I feel if I don’t try hard, I won’t get results. If you have any advice, please advise me.

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