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Meditation goes Lebanon! – please support a cool project August 13, 2011

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A decade ago a word mediation was only familiar to some interested people. Today in the West mediation is becoming a mainstream. In the Middle East mediation as such was mainly introduced by Sufis and they has been always in minority.

Some friends of mine have taken a great initiative to tour Lebanon and spread the meditation experience there. Please read the message below und suport if you like the idea! Thanks 🙂


In September of 2011 a group of 30 young people from over 5 countries are going to visit the country of Lebanon to conduct a three week long cultural and meditation tour. This group of youth acts on behalf of our independent non-governmental youth-led organization called Meditate to Regenerate. The organization is aimed at facilitating the teaching of meditation across the globe in order to aid the world-wide effort achieve of the UN Millenium Goals.

Our organization focuses specifically on the following goals:
Universal Primary Education
Improved Maternal Health
Reducing Child Mortality Rates
A Global Partnership Towards Development

Meditate to Regenerate carries out activities to enable people live healthier lives both physically and emotionally, to reduce stress and eliminate anger, all by using simple but powerful meditation techniques.

Meditate to Regenerate promotes cultural integration, tolerance and peace regardless of belonging to any religion, race or sex. This organization embodies all the principles it promotes and works to unite people from different countries across the globe in their efforts to make the world better. For more information about the NGO Meditate to Regenerate please refer to our website: www.meditatetoregenerate.org

The tour in Lebanon will consist of various types of programs including: both in-door and out-door cultural performances, concerts for local orphanages in Beirut, and in Palestinian refugee camps. We will be also doing humanitarian volunteer work in collaboration with local NGOs in Lebanon. The main aim of the Tour is to teach the unique method of meditation which is proved free to help maintain physical and emotional balance and to serve for the overall betterment of a personality, thus helping achieve goals mentioned above.


In order for this tour to happen and to be successful we would love to have your support.


In particular, we need funding for our representatives to subsidize the costs for:


Stage and Hall Rentals  –  $3000

Sound Equipment           –  $1000

Info Packets/Materials –  $2500

Bus Rental & Petrol         –  $1500

Lodging                              –  $6000

Food                                    –  $6000


If you or anyone you know would be able offer financial support toward our cause, please donate online here: http://www.meditatetoregenerate.org/donate


You can also donate here: http://goo.gl/Qm74V


Please forward this message on to anyone who you feel appropriate. We sincerely appreciate your consideration.



5 Responses to “Meditation goes Lebanon! – please support a cool project”

  1. Sam Says:

    Is this SY meditation?

  2. Sam Says:

    It doesn’t look like SY.I don’t think so any other meditation rather than SY will really help anyone.

  3. Sam Says:

    Well I am really confused.Is it SY or something different?If its SY then why are they using the name Sahaja Yoga?And why isn’t a page about Shri Mataji there?

  4. Kabar Says:

    Hello Sam!

    Thanks for your outright feedback. Meditate to Regenerate is a non-profit organization based in Washington State, comprised of a group of youth from around the globe who have a keen desire to make the world a better place.

    From what we have found, Sahaja Meditation, provides a scientific body of evidence, proving its efficacy (see http://www.researchingmeditation.org for more information). And we feel that this meditation can help people to know themselves better and thereby better understand each other. In addition, this meditation can help people achieve a better state of health and of balance. The key is the mental silence that this meditation brings.

    We are dedicated to offering the experience of meditation to anyone who is interested regardless of nationality, race, religion, ideology, or financial constraints.

    If you have more questions feel free to contact me at valarity@hotmail.com

    Thanks Again!

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