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Friendship test: a friend in need is a friend indeed? August 5, 2011

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Have you ever thought why a common idea of a good friend is as of a one who helps in need? Although it seems to be so common in many cultures (similar proverbs in various languages), I believe it is not what actually characterises a good friend.

My life experience shows that there are lots of people who are eager to help when one needs. Thanks God, most of human beings have a kind and good nature, otherwise this world would never survive. I am sure if you will analyze your experiences you will also find out that in many cases you have been helped not by your friends, but by people whom you hardly know or even by strangers. It turnes out that the help in need is not the one which we can only get from real friends.

Once when I was younger and thinking of getting married I was wondering what would be the most important thing for me in my husband. And I realized that the joy-sharing would be crucial, above all good qualities and habits. Imagine, you are enjoying something and the person next to you has no clue about how you feel. When the other does not share your joy, what’s the point in such a relationship?

The same works for a friendship, I believe. I true friend is the one with whom I can share all the joys of my life and I know he/she will not be jealous, will be able happy fro me and enjoy with me.

Now ask yourself how many people do you know with whom you can share your joy? I guess not that many. And all that people are your real friends, right? 🙂

I might be mistaking in that theory, but I guess it works for all people. What do you think?

LOVE, axinia


7 Responses to “Friendship test: a friend in need is a friend indeed?”

  1. Thanks Axinia
    Good post indeed on occasion of friendship day.
    But I am sure when i look in my mind I find very few even none because friendship should not be decided on giving quality only because there are someone who always ready to give and others ready to receive,they never think of anything giving. If that giving flow stops suddenly breakdown occur in relationship. Real friendship never wants exhibition……
    Friend in hindi cinema e.g. jay viru ( shole) remember coin toss….. I find it mind touching always I mean to say real friends loves endlessly even though you give or not or share anything or not or only one is sharing endlessly. It is just his nature….. I know many sentences like …. real friends comes in when rest of world walks out……real friend is one who walks silently along you in valley or on mountain…. or real friendship nurture on inputs of boths, you go on adding a drops of experiences one by one ,one day it overflows ……. But you know this concept always fascinate me .at least we should have one real friend in life and i am sure it is not depend on others but you yourself. But most important problem is that there is nobody empty to listen you or share your joy and everybody shares only problems…..and if they find you are not useful, they left and in joy they never remember you so…ooooo….again one man show goes on….. so now a days i thinks like marriages friends are also builds in haven…..otherwise also why i should have come on your blog from so far distance and very different background and nature ?

    Regarding help, as you, my self experience says you go on helping others who are in need ,in your problem you get help endlessly even from anonymous and stranger . I fully agree with your statement of …. in many cases you have been helped not by your friends, but by people whom you hardly know or even by strangers. …friends, even family members ( blood related) straight away turns their backs when you are in real need of help to whom you believe most …..for this ( both the things) I can quote many examples from my own life….
    Just imagine how i would have completed last year and all the responsibilities without salary and would have to complete next year… Thanks to divine concept of friendship and helping others. I have to remember this when i will be on other side and others, may be anonymous and stranger, will be in real need……
    This simple philosophy really works…..

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Mahesh, what surprises me is that accroding to some great indian films like Laggan, Rang der Basanti or 3 Idiots, the true friendship is very common in India. I love the way it is shown in these films. Is that not true?

      • Yes,it is true but examples are less common, for movie it’s OK. But I have not completely deny also because in my case it is same that I always got money whenever I needed but not from source from where I am expecting but less common source like some friends which were studied along me in 12th and in B.Sc. almost 20 years back… to whom I have less frequently contacted afterwords and I am not expecting from them, but financially sound and few close friend and blood relation turn back. Just imagine still I have not taken loan for family expenditure( I have taken education loan) . Every month I ask to one friend and they support me as per need without burdening any one . and one family member has taken loan on his name and supplying some money monthly paying its installments too as responsibility I keeps money rotating as if anybody asks back in between…… I have observed that pattern in our kerala students since long years as I am teaching them for last 20 years . The students which have passed and earning abroad/India other places helps to junior one years togather to complete their training.( Taking full responsibility).. I have few examples of foster parents too who has supported from childhood .they have just seen their photos (one is still in my FB account)… some are helped by religious institutions…. but these are very few ,as i early mention I know many examples of other side also….you will be surprised how that youth is misused in response to help and some had very bad experiences .Even it is very difficult to get loan when you are in true need. really in beginning I too was finding it difficult but any how it is managed…that’s why i am thanking to that divine concept and believe in that simple theory too which I have mention….

  2. Ronald Says:

    Interesting! It is definetely a good point. Surely the closest friends are the ones with whom one can enjoy.

  3. Indian Fakir Says:

    More accurately, “A friend in need is a ‘fiend’ indeed”
    (‘in need’ – those who are always needy) 😉

  4. kalpana chawla Says:

    the topic itself is so good

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