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The law of History August 1, 2011

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“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won.

There have been tyrants, and murders, and for a long time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.

Think of it — always.”

 Mahatma Gandhi


10 Responses to “The law of History”

  1. Elke Says:

    As long as one is open for the big picture there is hope, no doubt.

    But it is sad, that so many people have had to die and still have to die or suffer before the tyranny ends … Political tyranny, but also, and nowadays mostly, economical tyranny (Africans are starving because international investors buy their fertile land). We have to have compassion for those suffering and dying, but we need not despair, that wouldn’t help anybody!

  2. Dmitri Says:

    nice to have hope when in despair…i wish i had some, even if one, strong line of hopefull toghut that i fully bealived when I’m in despair….but is it really so??? I mean that love and truth alwyas win at the end….the problam i saw in that was that there is no end!!! there is contiunity…like there was suffering and unjustice under a tyren for years then he fall and things got better, but is this the end? No! Life continues…like lets take russia…there was the Rule of the Tzar (king). then came the bolsheviks with the desire to do good, to help the working class, and came the revolution. at this point we can say that goodness won. but it wasn’t the end, coz afterwards the communist’s regime bacme totalitarian…so maybe love do win at the end, but the end didt came yet

    • axinia Says:

      Dmitri, from that perspective there is no end, but on the other hand, there is a constant end. What I can see, form my perspective, humanity does evolve and in a way learns from its own mitakes. Especially today – for the first time in the history of mankind people are so well informed (or at least have an access to infromation) about much evil so that they can make better choices and in fact make an impact on many happenings. This is a very speicl time. Either on the material level, or on the spiritule level – we are mre powerful than ever and this will lead to quite a final end for much grief and suffering at some near future.

  3. Story of non violence…. Indian Politician use it as strong weapon of politics . They literally made fun of it after Mr.Gandhi and used it the way they want and play with minds of people . This is real story of it . Defiantly it is a power but Gandhi and other have use it very differently and gave totally different results. Plz dont give reference of Gandhigiri, that is also one of them. Indian politics and cinema goes to extream of selfishness that to generate own purpose and money from any such news or best theme .they know very well mid set of Indian and such other people worldwide.

    • axinia Says:

      mahesh, is not clear – do you mean these are not the words of Gandhiji?

      • no. no. not like that
        thing is that , we have not understood Gandhi, his philosophy and beliefs and practices,experiment are said to be lot of contravetial .practically many people do not believe in non violence and his other philosophy and experiments and practice in daily life but used it as weapon to target something for self benefit as they know it is powerful.
        this is some reading for support…
        …. Their plan to carve up British India was never approved of or accepted by Gandhi, however, who realised too late that his closest comrades and disciples were more interested in power than principle, and that his own vision had long been clouded by the illusion that the struggle he led for India’s freedom was a nonviolent one.

        — Stanley Wolpert, Gandhi’s Passion, The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, Oxford University Press


        ……..Although Gandhi was not the originator of the principle of non-violence, he was the first to apply it in the political field on a large scale.The concept of nonviolence (ahimsa) and nonresistance has a long history in Indian religious thought and has had many revivals in Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish and Christian contexts. …..
        Second thing politicians/leaders misused non violence so extreme that people develop hate by understanding their purpose. common man is far away from all these things.( By the way for your information assassinator of Gandhiji was from satara district only, an Hindu nationalist with links to the extremist Hindu Mahasabha, who held Gandhi responsible for weakening India by insisting upon a payment to Pakistan. )
        please refer…. to for ready reference..

  4. vinayakah Says:

    Yes, all tyrrants will fall in the end. Question is only with what consequences for non-tyrrants… Will the non-tyrrants gain freedom by that, or will they fall with the tyrrants being bound by them in the moment of their fall?

    There is one phenomenon that can be seen throughout this closed system today – the differentiation of levels of consciousness and its directions, and its related manifestations. There are people whose consciousness developed into a state, where they live in an inner harmony and bliss, peace, joy, being aware of the divine, yearning for the love and sharing this with others….and at the same time they influence all environment around them. On the other side, there are people that developed all destructive attitudes and manifestations, yearning for overpowering people, enslaving them, torture them, showing their supperiority, or on the other side, being parasites, and they influence their environment as well.
    The most interesting factor is that the time where members of this 2 groups were able to chage their possitions from one group to another, being influenced by the other group, is somehow over. It appears to be quite fixed now, and it is a new situation.

    If this postulate is propper (and according to my observation it is), and if we live in the closed system (this is the case as well), than the tension, or virtual bubble of tendencies, directions, vissions, manifestations that are absolutely contradictory…in between this 2 groups, will most probably lead to a conflict, that will most probably cause an extinction of one of the groups, at the end.

    I know it can sound quite definite, but what to do…. I will make an example from the real life that I witnessed many a times on the real playgrounds:
    There is a playground (you can call it Ksetra), and in that playground there are 2 groups of children. One group loves to build together the sand castles, making it nice, creating small people living inside, make gardens around, talking stories about living in that castles, girls bring flowers to make it nice, and so on…. The other group loves to brake this castles, and look happily at the crying children from the first group than, or even trying to overpower them and telling them like “now you do this and if not I beat you…”. Usually, the children from the first group cry, they give up building any castles, and go home (after they run away from possible overpowering of the “agressors”). Sometimes but the children from the constructive group stand up together and manage to get the agressors out from the playground, and continue to enjoy their way. If they would but have no chance to get home in the evening, and need to stay there “forever”…there are only 2 sollutions:
    1. or one of the groups will merge with the other one imbibing its essence.
    2. or one of the groups will need to dissapear in a conflict, at the end…and there are again 2 possibilities 😉

    If the first group enjoys creating the beauty together, and enjoying it…. and the second group enjoys only the destroying and suffering of the first group….which group is independent on the other group only? Yes, only the first group can exist by itself, they need no one else, they are able to exist from themselves. But the destructive group needs the constructive group, as without them they cant fulfill their desires – as without the first group there is nothing more to be destroyed, and to torture….they suddenly can torture only themselves. (!!) So finally, if they would anihilate the constructive group, they would create a terrible hell for themselves….isnt it amazing! 😀 You see the point? 😉

    I think we are just before the “crack” point. And seeing the structure of the 2 groups – destrucive group is bound and limited by their dependency on the system and part of the manifestation they are fixed on (the constructive group), while the constuctive group isnt bound by anything, is free, and thats why the constructed group has will prevail, as the spectrum of their solutions is limitless 😉

  5. axinia Says:

    vinayakah, wow, what a comment! I love your allegory about 2 groups of children…you nailed it!

  6. swaps Says:

    Insirational thought..much needed today. Unfortunately, today the tyrant is not as clear-cut and we all are part of this world that needs a drastic change. Until then, belief that truth will prevail will keep us going.

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