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The problem with talents -2 July 28, 2011

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My earlier post “The problem with talents” wanted to be extended, because the topic turned to be bigger than I thought.

I would like to specify some ideas I gave in the previous post.

It is good to understand what a talent is: one can be talented in any sphere of life. Interestingly mostly under a talent people mean an artistic talent which is not accurate. We can find talents in every profession.

But  I think there is something special about the artistic talents, why they are so admirable and desirable. It’s simple: artistic talents are not special, because everybody can actually has them! If we take a talent in, say, medicine or IT – not everyone has it or can ever awaken/develop/obtain it. But everyone can sing and develop a beautiful voice out of nothing due to some special training. WHY?

The answer is easy – the artistic abilities are built within us one the level of the second energy center (Swadhistana chakra). Especially when people turn to spirituality this center gets awakened and various artistic talents pour out of one single person. This is natural! And that does not necessarily mean that a person should immediately consider himself/herself an artist, give up a daily bread job and start a free artist life. unfortunately most of the artists have to live a poor life because art is not a well paid occupation.

Recently a friend of mine, a student of Economics started painting and is thinking to change  his occupation and become a painter. I understand his pure desire but this is quite an illusion for a man who is about to build a family. In this case he can paint and be an economist, both. And later on see which occupation will develop itself better.

As one dear reader mentioned “everybody is an artist” and that is true. We are all gifted with beautiful artistic abilities that are waiting to be awakened. But if everybody will become an artist in professional life, who will bake our bread?




21 Responses to “The problem with talents -2”

  1. Triveni Says:

    Very True. Although there are some inspiring stories about how some artists left their well established career to pursue their interest in music/painting, it is not a very reasonable thing to do for everybody. As rightly said who will bake the bread, but in majority scenarios, I would ask who would be the breadwinner of the house? Developing your art and enjoying it is the true joy, but, when a person tries to make money out of his art, the beauty in that art is lost. The joy the person gets while doing that art is lost, as he becomes more bothered about producing a masterpiece for the sake of profession rather than doing it for what he originally started off with – Enjoying the art. probably a day will come, when a person need not worry about the basic necessities of life and can go ahead with his love of art, but then if everyone is just an artist, wouldn’t it be a boring world. i mean whomever u come across is a painter/singer/dancer. that’s it.. 🙂
    Rather than that the current world is so vivacious. So many multifaceted people around, with so many bright unique ideas of art and beauty flowing. A person is a genius in mathematics, someone else in physics, someone else in painting, someone else in singing, someone else in dancing. Finally there is such variety in the beauty around, producing different master pieces in different spheres of life. The only problem lies when people do not realize their true talent/interest and get into the wrong profession.

    • Axinia, i now many people by profession they are doctor but they are very good actor ans singer too. most important thing is they have balanced both the life in such a way that they become successful in both by getting recognition in society i mean name , fame , Money everything… e.g. Dr. Agashe,Lagoo, salil kulkrni, etc but there are other doctor they left medical and taken up another field in which they are interested e.g.Dr. Dhabholkar, Dr Kulkarni etc.
      again I repeating…. no profession can be wrong if you develop passion in it . earning money from it is different concept but getting joy of creative art no body can hold u.
      I know story of one artist from Thane he used to prepare idols. just before christmas puja he got a small order of preparing idol of Hunumana just for Rs.500/- which can be prepared within one day. He was having very much eager to attend Ganapatipule Seminar but he can’t. he engaged himself in preparing idol of Hanumana imagining Mother in it and he took almost eight days to prepare it. His family members also surprise about what he is doing . for them just for 500 spending one week was not affordable. so finally when that party came to receive it when they saw it he surprise seeing it . he immediately gave 500 /- and letter on he gave Rs.5000/- as gift and told the idol is so beautiful that I can not price it… and he was so happy and satisfied that one can not imagine…. so this is an creative art which lies in hand who prepare it and eyes who see it . money and other material things doesn’t matter for both.( This is an true development of swadhisthana what I feel..)
      But when I think of Sachin Tedulkar ,Amithab bachan,they may be failure in educational front but we know they are icon in their field and they have managed material things also properly what I feel, before them no artist has earned that much huge amount and managed properly.

      • axinia Says:

        mahesh, these are great exapmles and I ma happy that these people manage it so sucsessfully. I don’t know such stories in the West. At the most, some doctors can be paainting..but acting? and earning from that too? – never heard of that.

        The combination of talens which all work out is truly amazing and I wish many could experience that, but mostly people ahve to concentrate more on somthing that helps them to survive.
        I belive everyone should develop artistic talents despite the major occupation.

    • axinia Says:

      Triveni, variety is the key!

  2. swaps Says:

    Talking of true talent reminds me of this sequence in a movie (I may have mentioned it before). In the movie, artists gather in a valley before an audience. A contest is held to determine who among them is the greatest artist. Each one is an accomplished artist and play their respective instuments admirably. But none meet the criterion to deserve the title os a great artist…until one vocalist sings, AND the surrounding hills reverberate!! That was quite touching.
    (Btw, somehow vocalists are quite royal among the musicians – just my personal prejudice 🙂 )

    • axinia Says:

      singing is indeed royal probably because a voice is the most finest and vulnurable instrument among all known. I can see it when I hear my sister training – it can change so easily dut to man factors. Any other insturen is not that vulnurable and fine. And a voice has a lot to do with the heart.

  3. GS Says:

    Axinia, I just discovered your blog and I am loving it.

    great topic this is.

    I think there has to be a balance of everything for the world to sustain.

    Something similar to the Yin and the Yang, the Shakti and Shiva, the night and day. Every individual is a universe. and for the sustenance there has to be a combination, and balance.

    One should work for survival and comforts and at the same time pursue the passions. work gives comforts and passion, pursuit of talent gives happiness. both are needed.

    It is like the enlightenment. Once we realize that we are no longer the individual ego, there is liberation. But we do continue to engage in the world as the ego, but fully aware that we are the spirit.

    Similar approach can be taken where one can pursue the talents and passion as their real experience, and yet pursue a career which gives them survival and comforts 🙂

  4. http://tv.indimaza.com/2011/05/17/marathi-paul-padte-pudhe-may-16-11-soham-gorane-23942/
    See this real miraculous talent and enjoy!!!!!!!!…
    he is having much more performance…

  5. GS Says:

    I think we should not encourage such freak shows. This is a beautiful planet and a paradise, as long as we take the natural path, breath deep, smell the roses and enjoy the sunset.

    What next? a cesarian surgeon at 5 years? please give a break!

    While its enjoyable to watch a talented kid, we should stop glorifying and screwing up the kid, all kids are born talented.

    Lets leave the kids alone and enjoy their own little paradise, which we have lost because of our interpretations and struggling to regain.

    • Dear GS, I find point in your writing but where all do mistake. they should not spoil his childhood,innocence while marketing his talent. Let him enjoy his life just like other children and of course with his talent…..

      • GS Says:

        Mahesh, That’s correct. as you see, these are the result of past lives, and while it is amusing, it is just natural, and nothing miraculous. But it is important not to over estimate such things, else there is danger of others trying to imitate, worse still, parents trying to push their children harder, hence my comment.

  6. axinia Says:

    an exellent note, GS, I agree to every word of it!

  7. vinayakah Says:

    Just a short note to the vid with the child. What vibrations do you feel? I mean, forget about whatever it looks like, how miraculous it seems to be, and so on, whatever…forget it and feel the Chaitanya without “coloring” of show and subtle prejudication. Things can change, just a note…. 😉

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