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What is Divine Love July 25, 2011

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This all-pervading power is the power of divine love. It thinks. It organizes. It plans. It loves.

It is the one which is the subtle of the ether, you can call it. It is the subtle of the matter.

It is the subtle of your emotions. It is the subtle of your mental power.

It is the subtle of your evolutionary power, but all integrated and coordinated in complete synchronization.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


One Response to “What is Divine Love”

  1. vinayakah Says:

    If one sees the waves and bubbles on the water mirror, it can look like it is full of chaos. But once you see the ocean, you see, feel and understand the order, where each atom moves, in consonance with the ocean. It cant be different, until a drop gets the free will….and forgets its roots 😉 We cant be enough thankfull to Mother that She made us see and feel that ocean. Understanding is comming by time, but it doesnt disturb, and is in consonance with the beauty and bliss of that ocean.


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