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The problem with talents July 21, 2011

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Many people I know are talented at various things. And I observe how this becomes a real problem of choice and identification.

The classical case is when someone is good at arts. Mostly the person has a regular boring  job and thinks that a creative hobby is the his/her true mission and talent. Unfortunately mostly this kind of talent is nothing extraordinary and the person cannot make a living by it. Despite this fact, the person conciders himeself an unrecognized genie.

Why do I call it a problem? It seems to me that concentrating on ones talents gives quite a big Ego and makes the person and surroundings unhappy if the ambition is not being recognized as something special. Such people are often quite difficult to deal with.

My observation is that true unique talents are rare diamonds. For only people who are gifted with a great talent and dedication should really become artists. The rest can keep it as a hobby and enjoy it the way it is (a good ego-treatment!).  Same works for any other field of human work.

Have you ever thought why really good teachers, doctors, hairdressers, writers, politicians, etc. are that rare? The simple answer is that one needs a talent for a job. Otherwise it becomes a mediocre occupation. In my search for professionals in various fields I am facing this problem constantly. So many people are in totally wrong jobs! So few are doing what they can do brilliant and the rest is just getting bored or even suffers by doing the job only “for money”. Why is this happening? Why can’t people follow their real talents and do what they have to do?

Well, the problem with talents (their realization and acknowledgement) seems to be one of the biggest our modern life.

And how do you see it? How would you solve it?




24 Responses to “The problem with talents”

  1. vinayakah Says:

    Excelent article!

    I will start from the boring part 😉 Most of people around is doing their job for money only, their real interests are usually very different. In case they have some talents, and love it, they of course would like to realize it. Lets be aware – many so called artists dont have any talents, and still they are prety rich by doing their “art”.

    Person wakes up in the morning, goes to toilet, takes some food, travel to work, spend there like 8-9 hours, travel back home, he gets home like at 5-6 o´clock pm, if he is happy. Than some food, small talk with children than some other duties, than goes sleep, next morning wakes up, goes to toilet, takes some food travel to work, spend there like 8-9 hours, travel back home, he gets home like at 5-6 o´clock pm, if he is happy. Than some food, small talk with children than some other duties, than goes sleep, next morning………

    Sorry I repeated the slideshow, but to be honest, I had to repeat it throughout lets say 40-45 years every day of so called “active life”. It is boring even to write about it, and not to live that! So if people look at their lifetime spent, the way they spend it, the time they have for their realisation of dreams, for children, for what they feel is their mission….I am not surprised they want something else. Honestly, if someone would create such computer game, no one will play it, but we do – why?? 😀

    I think, everyone should try his/hes best to realize their dreams, their “mission”, otherwise they will live and die unhappy, or even worse they give up. If they but consider themselves as useless workers only, give up, and like the above mentioned slideshow, they most probably will be good slaves and their lords will give them hug (?), before they throw them out at their will, and they´ll need to find another lord to start the same slideshow again, to complete that 40-45 years.

    Solution: I would cancel the money, and the artists will have to have different motivation for what they do, and there would have been no agencies that “make the stars”. We need to deprive ourselves from the slavery system we live in, and all can be changed 😉

  2. Often talent is hidden underneath a layer of doubts, conditionings, fears etc. I ran into a really interesting phenomenon: Julia Cameron runs workshops for those who want to discover their hidden talents and tap into their creativity. She has published a bunch of material and even provides a few tools to get started on, available on her site.
    I have been really inspired by The Artist’s way, and apart from slowly finding my own creativity, have started to see so many people that would clearly benefit from these techniques. I can only warmly recommend for anyone to try out some of the exercises.

  3. axinia Says:

    I have my own theory about talents. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong but the follwoing seems very logical to me:
    I noticed that multi-talented people are usually more evolved ones. I guess they just have more past life experiences. In thoese past lives they have gained various skills from differnt occupations. All it comes together in this life where suddenly a person is gifted with totally different talents (can be a talated mathematitian and at the same time musician, a painter, godd at handwork, etc.). These are often “talents” which we already “have”: we can feel that these are skills which are already there, the body knows how to move if it’s a dance, the hand draws the right line without studying, the head knows which questions to ask if it is about human psyche…

    As for me, I have several things I am good at and which I definetly brought from my past lives, without any need to learn in this life:

    poetry and writing
    design (decoration of self, others and interior or stage),
    oranament painting/caligraphy,
    philosphical mindset…

    • vinayakah Says:

      According to me, you are right, I feel it quite similar. Also to point out, it is not only about number of lifes one went through, but also (and now it comes), how much effort, time, interest… did he/she spent in his previous lifes to get those skills (just mentioning it in regards of my previous post about how we spend out lifes…in useless jobs – means not so much new skills, no improved skills…).

      Multiskilled or multitalented people are usually also very multi-sensitive, and they can usually have problems to be conform with “normal” society, because they see behind the curtain.

      But because of above mentioned, they definitely should realize their talents, learn and express all they have. The worst for a person´s evolution is to throw the time he/she has in this life, into the trash of useless activities…

      I think I have also quite few talents or skills from my previous incarnations, at least I can confirm it cause there is no other logical explanation for it 😉

      So, lets make our dreams and missions come true!! 😀

      • axinia Says:

        vinayakah, I would be interested in your list of your past life skills…please share.

        • vinayakah Says:

          Axinia, I usually have a problem with this, after previous experiences, where people are usually not very happy if someone is “gifted”. Also if the gift appears or is expressing miraculously, even worse… Most didnt understand the point you excelently mentioned in one of your articles – to get something we see in others and lack in ourselves, we need to appreciate this quality in others, honestly, with gratitude, and be prepared to share the same way. Despite of that the jealousy is comming, and it breaks everything…

          From experience, I leaned to be rather silent 😉 I will but try here.

          So, skills from my past lifes, and that sprout out after realisation from Mother very much:

          – music
          – love for arts
          – languages
          – writing poetry
          – Martial arts, war tactics and science
          – dancing
          – sports
          – arranging
          – meditation
          – mantras and vedic systems, like it was always there
          – feel other people state
          – symbolism, in vedic stories, froms of deities, mantras…
          – nonlinear thinking
          – phylosophy
          – leadership (actually this is my current emloyment, in big projects…I never study that but still being very successfull)
          – work out things, with any tool spectrum available
          – getting information about something in packages, like if you read the book in one hit
          – communication, argumenting, and quite good skill in listening
          – deep love for the Divine, elements, Mother Earth..

          That´s it I think, the main.

    • swaps Says:

      Axinia, I would be happy to see a demo of your talents…besides writing and photography. 🙂

      • axinia Says:

        i ahve listed some above int he other comment, swaps. These are the “old” ones, I also ahve some new, developed in this life – like communication, management und deep understanding of people’s nature.

        • Axinia, What i feel it is just part of our evolution process. we were not knowing about computer but our next generation manage it easily . we response to changes which are necessary for survival otherwise we may finish. Take the example of mosquito how fast they changes their genotype and become resistant to any potent insecticidal. we all are doing the same . when it come at individual level their we can find individual differences again depending upon genotype and its response.
          But this “story of evolution” only gives cur rage to me as one day we all will become ” mahamanav”. … enter in third/fourth dimension, which is our ultimate aim as mother says…
          Rather than believing on previous birth and karma theory I find it more scientific and logical. we exist through present life only there is no past and no future or in another way our past was our primitive life’s from which we generate and evolve generation by generation and constantly changing oneself to enter in next gen or dimention

          • axinia Says:

            so, dear Mahesh,, you want to say you don’t believe in past lives? even thought Shri Mataji quite offen spoke about it (specially relating to previous seeking)?

            • I believe in different way .I know this previous birth karma theory has very huge and bad impact on Indian mind and make them negative in all front so i take it in different way it means previous gains of skills /knowledge ( seeking ) probably transfer to next gen through genetic code so they become more n more refine if they wish to or they can re grate to back stage also. Most probably spiritual gains are transferred through kundalini along with spirit and it has nothing doing with previous birth karma ( either good or bad). To understand this we have to understand that we have to attain witness ( detached state ) in present life so no karma and its effect ( good or bad) will generate through our day to day working.
              Usually it is believed that great souls takes births not to finish effect of previous birth karma but help to society to understand and attain higher spiritual level with their wish. They are nothing doing with any relations except their purpose. ( I heard even Jejus refuse to recognize Merry in last stage still he has not denie Mothers responsibility as he tells to his follower to take care of her )
              There is no questions of refusing mothers lessons, rather trying to develop deeper understanding .personally i have taken it in different way in present situation.

              • axinia Says:

                mahesh, it is still not clear to me which diffrent way…i mean the idea of karma is so simple and clear..only because it has been misunsed in India, you don’t need to mistrust it. You can just check vibrations and see if it is true or not.

                • it is misused that’s why it should not promoted. any way thinking of past and spending today and future no use. I have seen people spoils whole life in that still doesn’t get any thing except maximum cheating through false gurus and tremendous financial loss. some are going to extent to kill the children. (There are many ) but just to share in last month only 1 km away from my house a 75 years grandmother kills 3-4 yrs. only (single) Precious grand son in joint family can u imagine ? other female and some member in family suppose tobe supportive, she kept the body in bed for three day, she want to bury him in farm. Blind belief/black magic / false guru and story of previous birth karma every day you will get at least one news. You are really not knowing impact of it.
                  self realization means understand yourself and enter in next spiritual step in present life. what is use seeing back ,loosing balance and spending life?
                  Why we cant think logically that whatever trouble i am facing today they are necessary to make me tough , in detached state.why i should develop blame culture and spoil my today and tomorrow. This all because previous birth karma theory and that’s why that should be discarded and people should trust on today’s self and builds tomorrow.
                  Thats why people like lagoo and other rationalist goes to discard the God as people lost basic humanity due to this.

                  • axinia Says:

                    dear mahesh,
                    i think I am starting to understand you, but this is really difficult for me because we are not experiencing it here. Recently people in the West have been discovering the karma law. But what is good about it, is that when something unexplainable is happening they just say “well, it’s probably karma” and just forget about it. we don’t take it that deep, do not get involved in it. it is just a good explanation for so many things which have no rational explanation (you see western people always need an explanation :))

                    Again, here as well as in any other subject we need a balanced attitude. Accept that many things are possible in this world, and karma is definitely working. But don’t get fanatic about it, just keep the balanced attitude and meditate 🙂 thing will definitely work out with the help of Kundalini.

                    • Thanks Axinia,
                      I totally agree with you. I know you have not faced that world but things are not that simple too. karma theory,blind beliefs impacted deeply on Indian minds…
                      e.g. today’s update … in proper Satara 50 km away from me a 12 years girl killed and thrown in farm by new neighbor who was alcoholic and driver on Friday ( No moon day) saying giving lift as she was coming from class letter evening. that girl used to take care of his child in free time and dont have father /uncle ,only mother … when arrested he told for gold but all gold was lying on her body when recovered on Sunday and it is said she was not rape too. obviously all people from colony telling different thing and very much angry and done protest also in front of police station …. probably it is another death of blind belief…

  4. Ronald Says:

    I’m convinced that everybody should develop the arts he/ she desires to pursue. If there is desire mostly there is also talent. And being an artist does not always mean that somebody has to live from that as a profession. But it should bring joy to oneself and maybe even to others. Arts are the way to praise the divine and to release emotions to tell your very own story to the people. So everybody who feels like should really develop their arts. I actually don’t like the way to talk about arts as a “hobby”. It is not the right word to use and gives a inferiour value for somebody who really wants to live their art. Even if they don’t earn money with it. Art shows the divine wish of a person to rise. And hopefully the value given to payed jobs will decrease as the activity of the heart (art) increases. So everybody should become an artist.. 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Ronald, officially a hobby means any other occupation outside the job. 🙂 That is what I wanted to say, mening that this not a job but something else.
      Actually it is very true that everybody should become an artist – that was the idea I was heading to but failed to express. I know so many people who do arts besides their prior occupation. And this is natural because Swadisthana chakra works after all, especially with spiritual people. But I meant that the art should not necessarily become the main occupation for everyone otherwise one day everybody will job as an artist and nobody will be there to backe our bread 🙂

  5. Very good post
    Axinia I can see broad voriazon of it
    I know I have to do what I like or the things which gives pleasure to me by doing it.
    I have to earn for bread also
    In India previously caste system was exist which altimetly use to give job to each individual.
    Now days also we prefer to work in parents occupation but unfortunetly it is not true many times childrens donot prefer perents occupation even many parents feels that my child should not come to this occupation whatever I am doning is OK.
    I know their are lots of occupation apart from engniring and medical. but all children and even parent prefer that only even though not affordable and eligible too. Whatever jobs we were thing good for middle class now chalenges in those are also chaged .It is very true that daily thounds of oppurtunity are weasting and and resulting in no employment and daily thousends of new job apportunities are arrising one should be creative and ready to chouse different ways to walk and adventurous . one should leave comfort and ready to face hardship of new apportunity. ofcourse that should be from one’s own liking feild not pressuriesd from other. apart from service in self employment one can find still thousends of apportunity.
    Children are having talents but they are misguided,misused and badly trated ,they are not respected even in own family. How they can search for new opportunity? and traditional paths also not easy in any feild. unless untill you are having passion for it u can not be success.
    In my personal life I choose Nursing which I was not knowing. I came from rural background and having poor finance . Gradually letter I develop passion towards it. I have Job satsfaction. I never bother how I have not benifitted or misused, overused by other still how I hetreted. so I find peace of mind in Nursing. I earn enough to run my family.
    In 1991 I came in to contact first time to computer . In 1997 first I wrote an article about use of computer in nursing in national which was totally inovative idea in nursing in India . The concepts I have written I that article about use of computer in nursing education, Nursing administration and most importantly in nursing service still many find innovative even at district level. But that time I was not having any formal education of computer (still I dont have) so I was not having vision that I can put those things in practice. In 1997 I had my own computer by using that I have made lot of experments mean time have given formal traing of it to my wife by paying huge fees at that time but she use it very littlle, just earn bread.
    In 2000 I decided to undertake project to develop various programmes useful for hospital and nursing colleges, as I was not having formal education and I could not get cooperartion from other that could not come in exist.letter I decided I will take distance education in it whcih was not availeble so I couldnot able to do MCA. mean time my talent in computer was used by many without my cash benifit but I enjoyed doing all those challenging projects . meanwhile I work on P.G. desertations in medicals , which many published in international journals and they awarded by many felloships. so through this elobarative discussion I want to tell u that findind once tallent and developing hooby and passion of it and most importantly encashing it are different thing many may not sucessfull in those things and always encashing once talent is not a final solution also.

  6. jack Says:

    very informative. however, u r unaware of the fact that not everone in the world is gifted. some people try too hard to realize what their talent lies in . and the answer they get is , none. some people has to find a way to survive. and do things they hate to do. just like me.

    • vinayakah Says:

      Dear jack, there are no people without talent. Everyone of us has some talents, but it can happen that it is not visible. Or it is because the person is too concentrated on surviving so he cannot see it, or he is in the illusion of not seeing it so he can complete his mission in the life, and the talent would make it hard.

      Can you find a way how to survive? If yes, how can you say you are not gifted? 😉

  7. Erwin Says:

    Not really sure what the solution is.Perhaps a psychonometric test or good career guidance done at some early stage ? ( my daughter had to choose a career path in order to decide what high school program to follow at the tender age of 15 -how do you know at that age what you want to be / should be?
    As for me I am totally identified with what you say, especially lately, I can draw and paint ( or better said could once upon a time ); my grandmother said I had wasted my talent by not going to art school – perhaps … I shall never know now. I have joined that large number of frustrated would-be artists while i work as director and teacher trainer. At least I am able to empathise with all those like me that would have liked to be an artist or do some part time artistic work while they more realistically train to be an English teacher to be able to earn some money…

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