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Are you virtually intelligent? July 13, 2011

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Virtual Intelligence is a new kind of intelligence rapidly being shaped by the modern life.

Presently the term “virtual intelligence” exists only applicable to some software programs, and I spontaneously came to idea to describe the new phenomenon using this title. It can be also called “Internet Intelligence” but “virtual” sounds more elegant, going hand in hand with other intelligences discovered recently, see  spiritual intelligence. The uniqueness of virtual intelligence is that unlike all other types that has been with us probably for ages, this type did not exist even 30 years back.

Virtual intelligence is something we all (at least all who dwell in the virtual world from time to time) need in order to be happy with our online life.

I thought of some points that might help to check oneself on this intelligence type.


  • never posts anything (pics or texts) that he/she can regret about later and always keeps in mind that any even very personal email can be one day read by the rest of the world!
  • sniffs trends and naturally sticks to platforms that will be successful and powerful
  • knows how to make friends online
  • knows that online lives from offline – tries to meet virtual friends in real life if possible
  • knows how to treat others with respect and not spam any nonsense around
  • comments on the posts he/she really likes (because the understanding for the importance of feedback is there)
  • can efficiently integrate the online life into the daily life without any addiction
  • has an open access to collective consciousness and knows where and how to get information the best and fastest way

If you like the idea please do not hesitate to add your points!




2 Responses to “Are you virtually intelligent?”

  1. Terry Says:

    Your thoughts brought something to my mind from two hundred years ago. Are you familiar with the term, “a novel of manners”? Jane Austen novels are the best example. Today few people are aware that “manners” referred to something very deep at that time. Today we teach children manners as if they are rules of good social behavior–some that seem very out of date and a little weird. But at that time a person’s manners were considered an expression of a person’s ethics in action. Ethics in the sense that our behavior can have an impact on everyone, so behavior that respected others and even uplifted everyone was ethical–and people would say that person had excellent manners. Using your vocabulary, manners were a measure of one’s ethical intelligence. You are describing the same kind of ethical intelligence in a virtual environment with the term virtual intelligence.

  2. Axinia, my understanding of virtual is what is in air, true but imaginary e.g. we talk about virtual classrooms and lectures what will be teachers and students role and exactly how it will work e.t.c.? Today it is possible to me to take vertual lecture and to my students to attend it when i will put on net with appropriate passwords/codes . definitely it is not possible without computers and internet so basically computer literacy is necessary then ethical component come. it is also important to understand various dynamics of it as you said so how and what one can take precautions . as usual along with good things bad things are also possible e.g. hackers,spam,cheating and even more horrible things what we can not imagine normally so virtual intelligence means developing all that insight what is needed to keep oneself competent , collective as well as safe. as nowadays i am writing about “evolution” it is part of it ,if you have to survive you have to adapt those skills. obviously our next gen will be more expert and skillful in it. so this is a part of again life skills which are necessary nowdays

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