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Spiritual jealousy June 24, 2011

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Have you ever heard of spiritual jealousy? This is the most subtle and tricky kind of jealousy. I realized that such things exists pretty spontaneously and then googled it: It turned out that the term “spiritual jealousy” already exists and people admit suffering from it.

What I feel it is that there is spiritual jealousy of two different kinds.

First and the most “known” kind of spiritual jealousy is when truly spiritual people, holy men, saints have been tortured by the ignorant folks, often tortured to death. The most prominent example is that of Jesus Christ. It’s astonishing how people so obviously special and great could have been tortured so much…even in India, the place where sainthood has been respected for ages, still many great yogis had to suffer a lot. And even if they had been respected by the fellow-men, the people of power used to torture them so much.

The second kind of spiritual jealousy is less known but probably more common nowadays when spirituality is so popular: people of any religion or spiritual practice may feel jealous of those whom they see as more “spiritually successful” (more devote, profound, meditative, collective, forgiving, loving, giving, etc.). This is mostly totally unconscious to the person who is jealous.

What is really bad about it is that some wonderful spiritual evolved persons get poisonous portions of envy and have to suffer  – and that from their spiritual peers! They get attacked, criticized and disliked… This hurts. And the worst thing about it is that spiritual jealousy, more that any other jealousy is killing the spirit of collectivity, the oneness. It eats up the joy of being together, like a plague.

Well what can be done about this secret and powerful disease? Just check yourself: Are you jealous of someone for his/her spiritual achievements? Honestly. It’s good to become aware of that.

 And then work on it and work it out.

LOVE, axinia

P.S. My tip how to work it out: start appreciating the person with qualities you miss. And even admiring! This works wonders, because it will not only redeem you from jealousy but also help you to absorb these qualities yourself (see my post on it here).


6 Responses to “Spiritual jealousy”

  1. Deepa Mahajan Says:

    Yes, spiritual jealously is very much there. It comes from people who are on the spiritual path but not realized. A Master who wont allow his pupil to grow as he sees him as a threat and better than him. Other students or followers who are jealous of the proximity of one to the Guru. Then a jealousy that says that path is better but we need to pull it down.
    Till we reach the path of self realisation where our insides get enlightened and where all our faults, problems (within us) show up, we will continue to be stuck in human nature.

  2. Olga Chernikova Says:

    I guess, any jealousy is a part of human nature. We can hide it very deep inside, but we can’t get rid of it altogether. Still, it’s important to try to fight the evil, and not let it grow in you, of course.

    • axinia Says:

      Olya, what a surprise to see you commening on such a post! My experiece says that it is possible to get rid of it, at least I humbly believe i did. Since my childhod I was confronting with something I could be jealous about and I learned just to adore and to admire it. This helped me a lot on the way, now my attitude to anythig i don’t posees but like is just the same – I enjoy and admire it. And this works wonders!

  3. Olga Chernikova Says:

    Ksusha, I like your posts and I often read them, though I don’t always have time to reply. So thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on some crucial life issues. It’s always interesting for me. 🙂

  4. Triveni Says:

    Strange enough, but even I was thinking on how much more joyful it is to admire a good quality in someone rather than feeling jealous and fall sick about it. Probably jealousy is a by-product of ego again, as ego thinks it is supreme and when it recognizes that someone else has some good qualities, ego must be hurt. jealousy must be a form of retaliation for the hurt that the ego got.

  5. levona Says:

    I experienced that type of jealousy. People called my friends stab me in my back. I went through a terrible time and hurts me lot.never thought they will do it to me..

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