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Two reasons for fatigue June 14, 2011

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The modern disease called fatigue (constant tiredness) is a plague to many. The classical explanation for that mental and physical sickness is given by burn out /overwork – which seems to be logical. However  I would like to give two other possible reasons that fatigue, not less logical ones.

1. One feels constantly tired when busy with the wrong occupation. Normally people with jobs that truly suit their nature and mission do not feel tiered, because the satisfaction of the appropriate activity is a great energy-supplier.

2. One feels permanently powerless when…energy sharing is missing (as paradox as it may seem). It works as a “room” rule: even if the door is open but a window is closed, the energy gets stuck and does not flow freely. One cannot always only consume, one needs to share and give. The simple truth of life as it is.

LOVE; axinia


7 Responses to “Two reasons for fatigue”

  1. Elke Says:

    The second explanation is absolutely to the point, Axinia! Only giving gets the energy flow stuck, and only receiving as well! I have witnessed that on myself. There has to be a flow.

    But also living an authentic personality gets the life-energy flowing. If you rationally know that you have to help other people, and you rationally decide how, whom and where, you get your life all out of balance (and other people’s lives too). Finding out spontaneously and intuitively what your purpose in life is ensures the balanced flow of energy, and truly helps people around. The same with receiving help from others.

  2. niki Says:

    Oh how I love this post especially your second point.
    Very true, as this might best explain of why lately I’m feeling miserable and that there’s just “something” missing in my Life.
    An universal truth that every human can feel deep down inside.
    Thanks for writing & sharing this 🙂

    Love from Indonesia.

  3. I love it! I might add that “occupation” could be interpreted as any sort of activity that you exert energy on. Whether it’s a job, cleaning the house, or even spending time with the wrong friend at the wrong time. Sometimes there’s a time and a place for everything, and going against the flow is a drag. Doing this repetitively can feel chronically debilitating…

  4. Tomas Says:

    Thank you for so wonderful explanation of the mysterious term fatigue. I experience it almost daily and you helped me to grasp that (to put in conscious words what happens when my artworks aren’t shared with the world, but pile up in my studio. Energy sharing – I never thought about the exhibitions such way, yet that is so indeed. Only the “energy sharing” (the spiritual activity) transforms the physically impossible into the daily reality – enables Butterfly in Plaster to fly high in sky on the wings of the gratitude.

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