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She has been worshipped by more devotees than any other goddess in history June 11, 2011

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The age of Aquarius is dawning. Mystics and sages say this is the age for the awakening of understanding of God as Mother. It is the age for the raising of the Mother flame.

The primordial experience of the Great Mother is the foundation of later cultures all over the world. She is like an immense tree whose roots lie beyond the reach of our consciousness whose branches are all the forms of life we know and whose flowering is a potential within us. The Divine Feminine has many known and unknowns names and aspects – Primordial Mother, Adi Shakti, Devi, Shekinah, Holy Spirit, Ruh, Tao, Aykaa Mayee, Divine Mother, Prajnaparamita, Lalita, Kwan Yin, Sophia, Kundalini, White Buffalo Calf Woman…

Let’s see the beautiy of one of them, Kuan Yin.

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, is a manifestation of the Divine Mother mankind in much the same way as Mother Mary. Many think of her as the Buddhist Madonna Saviouress of the East. Her names are as numerous as those of Mother Mary and her title a Goddess denotes her level of attainment as a Cosmic Being.

To the people of Japan she is known as Kannon and in China her name is Guanyin. You may heard of her as Miao Shan, a legendary Chinese Princess known for her great compassion popular Tibetan and Mongolian name of Tara.

Kuan Yin is a bodhisattva, a being of wisdom destined to become a Buddha. She has taken bodhisattva to save all beings from suffering by forgoing the final state of Buddhahood.

Kuan Yin is called the Goddess of Mercy because she embodies the flame of mercy and compassion. One can pray to her not only for comfort, healing, guidance and succor but also for forgiveness. She shows us through the flame of forgiveness how to free ourselves from all hardness heart and teaches us to have compassion for all.  

In many images She is depicted carrying the pearls of illumination. Often Quan Yin is shown pouring a stream of healing water, the “Water of Life” from a small vase. With this water devotees and all living things are blessed with physical and spiritual peace. She holds a sheaf of ripe rice or a bowl of rice seed as a metaphor for fertility and sustenance. The dragon, an ancient symbol for high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation, is a common motif found in combination with the Goddess of Mercy.

Some syncretic Buddhist and Christian observers have commented on the similarity between Guanyin and Mary of Christianity, the mother of Jesus Christ. This can be attributed to the representation of Guanyin holding a child in Chinese art and sculpture; it is believed that Guanyin is the patron saint of mothers and grants parents filial children. When the Tzu-Chi Foundation, a Taiwanese Buddhist organization, noticed the similarity between this form of Guanyin and the Virgin Mary, the organization commissioned a portrait of Guanyin and a baby that resembles the typical Roman Catholic Madonna and Child painting.



9 Responses to “She has been worshipped by more devotees than any other goddess in history”

  1. Deepa Mahajan Says:

    I shared this on Facebook and saw it as the first thing after I got back from Prathistan. There is no more time for seekers to sit back and be stuck to their old ways. Everything is evolving. As we move into the Age of Aquarius it will be another sorting out.. The human has reached the zenith of this form. If he is not suited for further evolution, then like the dinosaurs he too will become extinct.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Jai, Bhairavi Devi!

  3. […] Axinia. 1000 Petals by Axinia, “She Has Been Worshipped By More Devotees Than Any Other Goddess In History“. […]

  4. Brea Says:

    Kwan Yin, Kannon, has been my patron goddess for many years now. She is gentle, wise, and has given me a peace and serenity in my life that was missing for far too long.

    I found your blog through searching for an image, and am glad I did. Ironically enough, I see that you wrote this post on my birthday, last year.

    No coincidences. More like being led, gently, by the hand. Which She has a tendency to do, I’ve noticed.
    Good read! I’ll be back!

  5. Clarence Says:

    One of the guest bloggers/sages from my sight have also made predictions that clues point to the coming age of Guan Yin/Avalokitshvara.


  6. Koten Says:

    There was a Chinese temple dedicated to Kwan yin in Lytton B.C. Canada 1882-1928. Every year the monks of Lions Gate Buddhist Priory hold an outdoor Kwan Yin ceremony for peace and healing on the temple site.

  7. poli Says:

    “You resemble those people who continue their party while planet Earth is trying to save its physical platform from destruction with all its remaining might.

    The feast of life is over. The time has come for hard inner work. By unfettering yourselves from low states of consciousness you save the whole world.

    This is because everything is interconnected in our world. And a wing beat of a butterfly is heard as a roar in the subtle worlds. What then is the effect of your actions, thoughts and feelings?

    I AM Quan Yin.” http://sirius-eng.net/dictations/iun_2011/2011.06.24.htm

  8. Koten Says:

    Link to YouTube video of Kwan Yin ceremony in Lytton B.C. on June 22, 2014:

  9. Koten Benson Says:

    There is now a shrine to Kwan Yin where prayers can be made and incense offered in Lytton B.C. Canada:


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