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If you admire some quality you miss, you will obtain it erfortlessly! June 1, 2011

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This is another beautiful phenomenon I noticed over the yeas: say, there is a quality you admire but miss. If you admire it and keep praising it to people posessing it, soon it will become yours.

It happened to me several times and the “wonder” part about that is that the qualities I obtained through this “method” were far away from my natural abilities. Let me give you two examples.

1.When I moved to Austria many years back I was fascinated by the ability of Austrians to manage things, to organize everything so well – compared to Russia that impressed me a lot because unfortunately missing in my motherland. I kept praising Austrians for that. And one day I discovered that I could manifest the same quality well and good even on the international level. Important: neither a type of character I was not at all a person capable of that, nor was I interested in organizing or managing anything. Many years passed and this valuable “manager” quality is still with me. Thank you, Austria!

2. Being a pure humanitie I have always been hopeless at technical stuff. My husband is engineer and his ability to give simple technical solutions for household or travel fascinates be a lot. I have been praising him for that for years and suddenly….find myself inventing little practical things and finding some technical solutions here and there. Just because I have been so far from it considering my nature, it feels like a miracle to me!

I wonder if this another aspect of LOVE energy (admiration as love) that works this way? Then it is such a great and easy solution for any learning process. And the best part of it that consciously you don’t need to learn: just love and admire, and the quality will flow into you! A truly divine process…




9 Responses to “If you admire some quality you miss, you will obtain it erfortlessly!”

  1. Triveni Says:

    this is also true if you hate somet quality in someone. if u r not careful can be one of your qualities too.. that is why Shri Mataji has said in one of her speeches to look at the positive qualities of a human and ignore the negativities of that person. that way we tend to pour in more love and affection on the positive traits and help that inidividual to be better. But now as u too brought out yet another wise thought, it seems to be a double advantage as admiring the positive quality in others will get developed within u too 🙂

  2. swaps Says:

    WOW! If thats so, then there is hope for me 🙂 All my life I have been drawn to people more like me, but now I see the value of patience in others and naturally, I am all praises to them. Hmmm…so soon I too can be better 🙂

  3. Deepa Mahajan Says:

    So true Axinia.If You admire a quality you miss, you will obtain it effortlessly, and the same happens for criticizing others. Gradually you imbibe that negative aspect also .So it is better not to put too much attention on faults but the good qualities of others.

  4. Nice point – I too think its true.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Vinayakah Says:

    Excelent post Axinia!! Actually, what you pay attention to – that you become. Even if you say – “that thing I dont want”!! You pay attention to it, and….you imbibe it 😉 😉 So even during prayers one should not stack with – “oh God, work out this problem, that problem…”. Better is to pay attention to the “desired status”. Isnt it why Mother allways told us to remain in Nirvichara? 🙂

  6. […] P.S. My tip how to work it out: start appreciating the person with qualities you miss. And even admiring! This works wonders, because it will not only redeem you from jealousy but also help you to absorb these qualities yourself (see my post on it here). […]

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