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What marriage actually does to people May 30, 2011

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Despite the growing anti-marriage tendencies in the society and general crisis of this institution, the sacredness of marriage keeps attracting people of all cultures. There are several reasons I can think of in that respect, the reasons I described already in “Marriage: made in heaven”. This time I want to share with you one more reason, which is obviously not that well-known, althout so obvious.

In a marriage people become (blood)relatives! – not only that they become officially recognised as a couple, but they start being seen as people naturally RELATED to each other. In Russian there is a special word for it, “rodnoy” which means somebody who is of your own blood. This word is often being used also in relevance to husband or wife. I am sure there should be some similar terms also in other languages. In English this phenomenon is reflected though the -in law title of the relatives. Thus, after getting married two families become literary one, become brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to each other.

It look so simple but it fact, any marriage makes strangers to relatives who feel very connected with each other! This relationship is fixed, and you should live with that and work it out if something is not perfect. That is a very wise way to bring people together, to cement the society.

Today with the rise of individualism on one side and with the crisis of marriage as institution on the other side I feel that these two factors are somehow connected… The security and peace that a happy family gives to its members has an impact on so many other aspects of the human life.

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7 Responses to “What marriage actually does to people”

  1. swaps Says:

    Absolutely Axinia. Before I had not given marriage much thought, but now I see what a beautiful thing it can be, if one invests enough love and care to built a happy family. I see my closest friends not as individuals but as a a family – with his/her spouse and child, because they are so close to each other I cannot distinguish my friend from his/her spouse and child. Yeah..its like make a friend and get more friends free 🙂 But it is heartning and inspiring to see a family brimming with love and fun!

    Also, at the end of a tiring (and sometimes bad) day, the thought that you will be going back to home to join your little oasis of love is an energy booster…never fails to make you smile!

  2. axinia Says:

    “its like make a friend and get more friends free” – that’s really cool :))) hahahah, good point, swaps!

    I am gald you are making such experiences, they are so precious!

  3. Elli Says:

    Taking the step into marriage is also a change in perspective I guess. It means looking at the couple as a new unity formed. Troubles in the marriage become like catching a flu or sore muscles. You won’t break up with yourself because of general sneeziness, you’l try and get better and healthy again. In a marriage it should be like that as well. Without marriage I feel it’s more like a well loved piece of clothing. You’ll wear it for ever, but if it’s truly worn out and doesn’t cover you anymore, you are more likely to drop it than your own skin…

  4. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    In exceptional cases, it makes your life miserable 😉

  5. Indian Fakir Says:

    True. These ‘freebies’ coming with the main product offer valuable value back, backed by a buy back guarantee.
    *T&C apply.


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