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The Gandhi Rap – be the change u want to see May 26, 2011

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7 Responses to “The Gandhi Rap – be the change u want to see”

  1. baerbel Says:

    Great song! Thanks for posting!

  2. Dmitri Says:

    amazing just amizing…teers in my eyes

  3. Olya Says:

    never thought that its possible to describe such a magnificent person in rap style…brilliant!
    also the name of the song has a powerful meaning…

  4. The Voice of a Soul Says:

    Amazing! I hope many of us will follow this! Let us all change ourselves first, so that we may send out our love and respect to all of mankind!

  5. GLADYS Says:


    This Ghandi rap. Is the truth; very, very nice.
    Thanks. Gladys

  6. Tomas Says:

    Dear Axinia
    Even a glimpse at your page creates fabulous changes inside – you fill up your readers with the peace and love. Reading your blog commissions to carry forward the received message -the greatest truth, and thus my lips blossom with the hot ‘Thank You!’
    art by Tomas

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