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The new age of Love May 16, 2011

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“A reversion to love in an extremely narrow sense is clearly evident in modern secular teachings: love for one’s nation, for its allies and friends abroad, and for one’s family and friends. But that is a purely temporary phenomenon occasioned by the nature of the secular age as a whole, with its crudely self-centered morality, and it will last only as long as the whole secular stage of development itself lasts.

 The next religious age will be a new age for the very reason that it will proclaim and strive to put into practice love for all humanity, for all the realms of nature, and for all the hierarchies of ascent.

In the distant future even more spiritual possibilities will arise. Even love for demons will become viable and necessary. History has already seen some saints who grew to such a love. But to get ahead of oneself and cultivate in one’s soul a love for the sworn enemies of God and of all living beings, when one is not yet free of temptation and when one’s love does not yet embrace even the whole of humanity and the animal world, would jeopardize the ascending path of one’s own soul. Demons are only waiting for someone to pity them. But they are not waiting because they need pity (they are consumed with pride and despise human pity), but because it is only one step from pity for demons to doubt in their evil ways, and a stone’s throw away from such doubt to the temptation to reject God and rebel. To do so would consign the soul to harsh retribution and the generation of gavvakh, radiations of suffering, in just those quantities that demons dream about to replenish their energy.

Love for demons is therefore extremely dangerous for everyone except souls already enlightened. Enlightened souls know how to love without feeling sympathy (for sympathy for someone is impossible without sympathy for their chief occupations, and demons are occupied only with doing evil) or concelebration (for only what is repellent to Providence gives demons cause to celebrate). That love can be expressed only by a feeling of deep pity, by faith in their ultimate enlightenment, and by a readiness to sacrifice everything but loyalty to God for the sake of that enlightenment.”

Daniil Andreev “The Rose f the World”


5 Responses to “The new age of Love”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    The type of love You mentioned is spoken about by all saints .By nature one is not aquented with that usually we see me,mine etc what all saints taught about is this type of love which usually people find difficult to practice in daily routine. perhaps enlightened soul can see uniqueness of all human even animal and love them equally. so this is a one good quality of person which can be observed and that person can be labeled as enlighted or his spiritual growth has taken place, which is an ultimate aim.Mother always talk about it. one’s globality,wide understanding ,generosity also contribute in it You just remember movie “guide “in which a little bold issue was handled for that period but finally the person reach to new age of love apart from humanly needs and relations. That time Mother was chairwomen for sensor board so that move could pass sensor because of her special view about it.
    Sharukh khans moves (Dar,Bajigar….) in beginning were anti hero type in which it was shown that ” If I dont get u ,U will be not available to any body” so that was also another kind of love which has black shadows and so much acid burn incidences and killing to death incidences occur in real. in Sangli,Thane etc…. ( Marathi Movie .. Me Amruta Bolate.. Producers are from Karad only.)
    So really one should understand this concept from root as it has lot of shadows. As one time I have added one quote in another blog…. Unsuccessful Love / marriage has have it’s own rainbows…..

  2. Indian Fakir Says:

    Two questions :

    i) Can all S/Yogis (or even a single one of them all) be called ‘enlightened’?

    ii) And if that’s so, Love for even them is ‘sometimes’ extremely dangerous [for everyone except souls already enlightened]. Could you attempt to clear up this juxtaposition?


  3. radha Says:

    In the distant future even more spiritual possibilities will arise. Even love for demons will become viable and necessary. ~~~~>i love that very much!

  4. […] find very interesting, especially in connection with my earlier post on Daneel Andreev’s quote about love to evil which is only a highly enlightened soul is able to: “In the distant future even more spiritual […]

  5. Hmm… Very interesting as usual!

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