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What will you do in the perfect world? April 20, 2011

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We all dream of a prefect world, don’t we? And even if everyone understands something a bit different under it, I guess that generally the idea of the perfect world is the same with everybody. Is it the archetypical “golden age” that is hidden in our subconsciousness? Or is it the reality of the future?

Whatever it is, I am asking myself: being desperate about the perfect world, do we actually know what we would do with that? What would be the main activity of humans? The sense of it?

I wonder what my readers think about it, and especially what everyone personally would like to do in the world when it  becomes a better place (let’s hope it will one day!).

Thanks for sharing in advance,

LOVE; axinia


34 Responses to “What will you do in the perfect world?”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:


    • axinia Says:

      coem one, mahesh, you don’t need the perfect world to enjoy. you can also enjoy in this one 😉
      Such a short comment form YOU?? i would expect more :)))

  2. mahesh chendake Says:

    I am afraid of this word ” perfect”
    How much we will run behind it?and what is Ideal perfection?
    I think it is another big illusion which we never achieve as it may differ person to person so dont u feel something funny …. which boss always expect from other and never satisfied and surprisingly people run after it till they totally expire and obviously thrown away as some new one take his place with new dreams!!!! and drama continue…more n more high perfections limits…. it is interesting on the evolutions new generation find that easy also what we find difficult …. so I should decide how much I can run…..
    that’s the reason I limited myself as I am also satisfied with myself in this current situation also and doesnt expect more…..
    Life is not a racecourse where some looses and some wins bu in my view looser also wins something else which he may understand or may not but at substal levels it get accumulated…. so still if u want exact answer from me i will say I will continue the same routines which I have adapted now and maintaining….till last breath
    Why cant be present world is also perfect world for me as i learn to live in this comfortably…..and leaving ….as if I wait for perfect world i may miss present moment and may become uncomfortable and loose inner peace,love and bliss……

    • axinia Says:

      good point, mahesh! Under perfect world i meant something like Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age which apparently has been there and is about to come again one day.

  3. Terry Says:

    I think Mahesh has the only answer. The analytical side of me cannot envision a perfect world. Creation itself takes us from Oneness to Duality. Dualilty means everything has its opposite, which leads to discrimination between better and worse, so that the world cannot be perfect because duality would require imperfection as well.
    But if I settle for a “near perfect” world I would expect to perceive the celestial level of life. I cannot imagine anything more enjoyable than that and what would we do but simply enjoy it.

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    we, with our beliefs,attitude and expectation convert present enviornment around us on this earth in to desert or an heaven…..if our vision and mission is clear it makes easy to stay in desert as heaven
    who knows this could be real blossom time for me…forever as i know my limits

  5. mahesh chendake Says:

    in the golden age life will be so simple that whatever stress we create with this complicated world around would not be there and obviously stress related problem too… it will just simple leaving just like straight line.
    people will be so innocent that no body will even think to harm other and of course think for others first…
    win and loss…. ambitions frustrations related to failure, insecurity may not be their so present thrills also may not be their… No adrenaline .. No heightened emotions…. u know sometime I feel it will be like food without salt… or rainbows without colors…
    U know Axinia , The various lessons I got from present life has taught me how to live even in all adverse situation comfortably and somewhere it appeals to me as my likes as i have forgotten what is good or best I have started loving on that only so in satyuga I will loose all those things and i will feel missed something. as I expect corruption,cheating cut throat competition, taking others life or destroying other prospectus easily as normal thing to happen with everybody. i will miss all those things…and may become uncomfortable too as why it has not happen….

  6. Sam Says:

    Now now Axinia………………whose being futuristic?Haha I am just joking.Well if you ask me what will I do the answer is simple……meditate and celebrate.Won’t it be joyous when Students will only be taught about the divine knowledge,truth,techniques and arts and not about Science?No materialism,no need of civilization because the nature will give everything the people want in excess.No violence,no hatred,no corruption,no crime only love and discipline.I am looking forward to that day.I hope it comes soon.

  7. littlesister Says:

    In a “better world” I would like to play!

  8. Sam Says:

    Whoa!!!In Satya Yuga each human being lives for 4000 years.
    http://www.wikipedia.org/Satya Yuga

    • axinia Says:

      well, imagine what will u do all 4000 years long? ;))

    • Triveni Says:

      Wow! 🙂 4000 years may still sound less for us then, because of the fact that there would be so many things we might still want to do, and we may still say, one life is not enough:)

  9. I’m not sure that I would do anything differently in a “Perfect” world than I do in the world I live in today. On that note, who’s to say our world is not “Perfect”?

  10. Every Time has a beginning and an end, so I wouldn’t sweat much on what I would do differently from what I do now, because I would probably do the same as I would do in this time and in this world : serve Nature and Humanity with my honest hard work.

  11. Dmitri Says:

    i think in a perfect world..there will be no situations that disturb your emotions….no shouting…no arguieng…no fighting for example…Im reminded of how gregoire de Kelbermatten discribed The rock of Dagad trikon and its inhabbitans the Avasthas…they lived natural lives with nature susting all there needs very bueatifuly there was magic present in there lives and they were aware of it even sometimes gods visited them in specail occasions and there were big festivals where everyone got so joyes, blissful afterwards…music been used in its full potintial that it manifsted magical powers and hed spiritual streangh…the avashthas lived by their ideals and that was what they persue in life without interfernces or lesser deasiers….and they straived to have full fullfilment myabe thats meen it wasnt perfect……they were at diffrent levels of evolution spirtually but that was how its spoosude to be life gave all the oopartunaties nassesery for growth…….thats it i think…..what would i do….i think that when it comes and you’ll be in it you’ll now what to do

    • axinia Says:

      yes, I was also thinking of that book (Dagad trikon), dmitri… but even there you could see the authr was not clear himself of what the Golden Age really could be.

  12. Triveni Says:

    A perfect world for me is where not only I am joyful, but everyone around is joyful. Where everyone is peaceful, innocent and honest. No crooked thoughts, no negative feelings. This is a place where everyone feels to be together not selfish, not someone who thinks of themselves. An ideal world. If not perfect. But at least where everyone strives to be perfect in their own unique way. That way there is variety and no boredom. My role in that world may be not be something fixed. May be one day I want to go out and meet people, probably helping them out in what they want to perfect. May be one day discover or invent something great and beautiful:) May be create a master piece in music or art:) the choices of what to do is endless. But the only good ridundance that perfect world shall have is to not worry and have a downfall due to negative vibrations. Satyayuga must be it. 🙂

  13. Kush Says:

    Do nothing-just enjoy our Perfection

  14. Sam Says:

    But the question is that do we deserve this perfect world?Are we in the state of Nirvikalpa?Will God allow us in?

  15. swaps Says:

    The perfect world resides in the hug of a child!
    Experience love and everything appears perfect! The wait is over 🙂

  16. sailaja Says:

    A perfect world would be a one big world/ country with no boundaries seperating this country and that. only one country that is in the same stage of development everywhere- no developed , developing or underdeveloped nations!!!! No visas required to go anywhere in this world. the currency is one and all people are one with no color, caste, creed differences. the religion would be one that is the GOD’s religion to be precise may be SY. LOVE and COMPASSION rules that perfect world where all live like a family helping each other. no orders or decrees only love and responsibility towards one another!!! would such type of satya yuga ever come.

  17. Föhre Says:

    I think: Without conflict, without friction, there cannot be any growth, any change. And without movement, there is only death. As long as we live as humans in human bodies such an “ideal world” would be impossible or not useful to us, as I think it is our tasks as humans to go through life solving problems and through that evolving, if the problems are taken from us, we are not humans anymore. We would probably totally lose our bodies and egos and all merge into one, and we would probably not “do” anything, but send out vibration into the universe or something.

    That said, I would like to still live my life as a human, with all it’s challenges (of which the most I enjoy), make my decisions and travel on my path. To be honest I always think this “perfect” world scenarios are “boring”. Since I was a child for example, I imagined “heaven” (without necessarily believing in it) as a perfect world with steady medium temperature, a flat meadow with no stones to hit the toes against and nothing that might anyhow disturb the peace and I think: “That’s actually hell!” 🙂
    Besides, rather than in a perfect world, we should invest time an effort into becoming “better” people (not perfect, but more true to ourselves etc).

    And: for those who want to get rid of “evil”… Does evil actually exist?
    Isn’t it rather subjective? And isn’t it more like yin and yang, a world of duality, but in which both sides complement each other?


  18. Erwin Says:

    In a perfect world what would I fight for? What would I struggle against? ( although I have got to an age where it would be nice to have a rest …: ) What would I have to write or sing about if everything was already perfect? My question to my self : Would I be ready for a perfect world? Would we be ready? Wouldn’t we need to be perfect people to appreciate it? It brings to mind that amazing book by C S Lewis: The Great Divorce , in which people are invited to up to Heaven on this bus that takes them there, and when they are there they are invited to stay by and old friend or relative who they had been closed to , but each one of them finds excuses not to stay and return back to what they are more used to : Hell ! ( except they hadn’t realised that that is where they were living ! )

  19. Sinuhé Says:

    I’m not sure, but i think that the only reason we do not live permanently in a perfect world is the existence of power and domination in human relationships, from our relationship with our bride to the relationship between nations. There are moments that we might consider perfect in our lives today and I think they are characterized because love and peace are more important than the desire to convince or control.
    I think it’s a difficult question, because in our modern life the human being has individual goals and objectives which want to achieve for approaching perfection, but when it arrives, I guess the goal will be to keep it collectively.

  20. Indian Fakir Says:

    Ours being a world of relativity the more imperfection we have therein the easier would it be to be ‘relativiely perfect’.
    So, personally what I would like to do in the world is to achieve perfection in imperfection. 🙂

    • So you’re saying that the more imperfect we are, the closer we are to actually becoming perfect? Like for example when a child is first learning to walk, he stumbles and falls, but eventually learns how to stand because of all his trials and errors? So the more mistakes we make, we are actually a lot closer to getting it right than making absolutely no mistakes at all?

  21. Some background information about me. I was born and raised catholic. No sure how much bias my beliefs about the perfect world entails, but I like the book of Revelation which is the last book of the bible that discusses a new heaven and new earth in which the former heaven and former earth passes away. I think it has a lot to do with the perfect world because it describes it as a place where god will reside with people and there will be no more darkness or night because the lamp of god will shine in it 24/7. It talks about how the glory and power of nations will be brought into it. So yeah, it has a lot do with what sailaja was saying about it being one really big country where no visas are required. Except the only catch is that no impure thing can enter it’s gates. Which means that for anyone who should desire to enter into it, they too must be pure of heart. I’m not talking about being a perfectly sinless person, but the earnest desire and will to want to be a pure person and following through with it. And just because you fail to live up to expectations, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying to. But umm, perfect world would include no more fear. Because we would love perfectly in the perfect world and perfect love casts out all fear. There will be no more fronts people would have to put up in order to be accepted. A person can be the same in private as well as public and still be loved equally as the next 100%. Understanding would abound and clarity of our thoughts would be as one. Some might wonder what we will do if everything was perfect, if there were no unsolvable problems that takes away life. It would pretty much be like Star Trek but without all the freaking guns and battling. People would be explorers of the universe and do all the things they’ve always dreamed of, hopefully by that time we would have gotten killing and death out of system as there is no more death in the perfect world. There will be no more competition or competing with one another in order to survive. We will work cooperatively with one another to get things we want done that benefits not just one person, but the whole. That pretty much sums up my beliefs about the perfect world. The thing is. The perfect world I’m talking about exists. It’s really real. Right here, and right now. I know it’s just in a book called the bible, like any other book, but the peculiar thing about the bible is that there are so many people who at least heard about it. It’s all about getting the word out by planting this seed of faith in others and nourishing it as best you can. I have strong faith in this perfect world. I’m pretty sure it may seem strange and awkward to you, but that same tree of life that was taken away from adam and eve in the garden is back. It’s replanted there and you can drink from it’s springs flowing from the tree of life to nourish yourself all without cost. It’s life giving water. The world is the sea of people called to give life to one another without cost. I just hope we can make this transition between the present and world and the perfect world in a more or less peaceable way. All it takes is time to grow into the perfect world. But it’s there, it’s our destiny, it’s forever and ever.

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