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Life is about breaking concepts April 14, 2011

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Our life is extremely conditioned, either we are aware of that or not.  It is conditioned and packed into concepts – things we read, hear, see…things we are being taught…things we are made to belive…Even those who try to avoud overall brainwashing, are getting conditioned by their own expeirences…

It looks like our life is full of concepts!

Now the best thing about it is that there seems to be a life game going on: as soon as we adopt any idea as the main principle/concept, the life shows us something different and makes us to break it down. Have you also noticed that?

__a manager inspired after a management course faces the flaws of the new concept when applying to reality of his work.

__a “super”-husband fighting for marriage institution find himself after decades of the “perfect” married life running away with a young girl.

__parents selecting a certain upbringing model meet enormous difficulties with accomplishing this noble intention, because life proves that no concept works in its pure form.

__a girl claiming that “she has learned from the experience and will never fall for the same type of man” will still fall for the same because even the experienced based concept may not be able to withstand the attractive illusion of life.

etc., etc., etc.

I am sure we all know the examples very well.

The concept-game is very amusing if one can watch it more or less detached. The rule of this game I learned so far is never claim anything. Even if you are 100% sure. Even if it works for you, it may not work for someone else.

In that respect I love the wisdom of my guru Shri Mataji who was just brilliant in giving her guidance in all worldly and spiritual life matters: She would give clear guidelines, but as soon as she saw people becoming fanatic or dogmatic about it, she would correct them with mind-blowing advises on just the opposite.

LOVE; axinia


29 Responses to “Life is about breaking concepts”

  1. valerio Says:

    Dear Axinia, i find you wiser and wiser. I agree with you … It’s difficult not to have concepts … it seems to me that the mind for its own nature as a magnet attracts situation, people and etc and tries to find “its own dimension “. And it seems to me that new conditionings (maybe better than the previous ones) substitue old conditionings. In spiritual growth that happens. The mind believes to be free but in the same time it says “…if you do not drees in the proper way you are not that – if you go out in the evening clubbing it means you are not clean … and go on”and creates new deep conditioning. I don’t know how much spiritual I am, the only thing I know it’s that I want to be free.

    • axinia Says:

      HI my dearest, thanks for the compliment 🙂 Surely we cannot avoid having concepts, daily we break some and get sme new ones, this is what this life probably about. I meant it’s about other things too, but concepts play quite a big role in our life.
      And don’t worry, you are definetly much spiritual 🙂 But after all, is Spirituality not just another concept?…

  2. Terry Says:

    This probably sounds like platitudes but I believe it based on my experience. Whatever road you follow and whatever vehicle carries you, you are going to hit bumps and get lost and even crash a few times. But all roads lead to the same place eventually. Call it Mother Divine. No road can guarantee a faster trip than any of the others. The seeker road and the sinner road are basically the same to Her.

  3. Triveni Says:

    Interesting. I guess once someone realises that he/she will get more adaptable and less frustrated when they see things not working the way they had believed it would:) It came at the right moment for me, as for a few days I have been struggling with some contorversial happenings that I believed were not suppose to happen. So maybe taking and adapting life as it comes is the key to it. But the question is how far can we stretch ourselves to break the concepts and take life as it comes? Can all concepts be broken, like fundamental concepts that can shake the very basic belief of one’s life? There is this mentality amongst a few especially in India that says “Koi baath nahi chalega” – Meaning its ok that life goes on, but that has lead to so much negligence. Again maybe going on that path in extreme is also too much but then where’s the balanace? How to attain that balance? When does someone know, its time to break the concept and move on or when can someone know, its not right to overlook what One has believed to be true from heart?

    • axinia Says:

      Triveni, I guess THE LIFE itself shows you the balance: often coming as a shock relization, sometimes making you take strange decisions. Just go with the flow and watch yourself and watch the game.

  4. mirelhr Says:

    not breaking down, but ‘not clinging to/getting stuck’ in concepts and avoiding the pitfalls of stereotyping in elevating single characteristics to the rank of the typical and thus the general, or overgeneralizing by creating categories from too few examples.

    To see the life leela as a learning curve….

    Are concepts born of the necessity that individuals have to organise the information they learn or to systematise the experiences they go through? The need to organise information so as to understand its relevance and significance, to be able to draw from past experience (memory), to construct new ideas, as well to analyse new situations!…..nomatterwhat, being able to live in the moment!

    That reminds me Jung once defined as “the process by which a person becomes an ‘in-dividual,” that is, a separate indivisible unity or ‘whole.

    For the process of individuation is the vessel, the container within which all other things rise and fall, ebb and flow – including our dreams and fantasies, our aspirations and sense of vocation, our ventures and wrong turnings. The process of individuation is the archetypal soup in which all humankind finds itself swimming:)

    Ainteresting excerpt from a book by a Jungian anlyst:
    “Like a seed growing into a tree, life unfolds stage by stage. Triumphant ascent, collapse, crises, failures, and new beginnings strew the way. It is the path trodden by the great majority of mankind, as a rule unreflectingly, unconsciously, unsuspectingly, following its labyrinthine windings from birth to death in hope and longing. It is hedged about with struggle and suffering, joy and sorrow, guilt and error, and nowhere is there security from catastrophe. For as soon as a man tries to escape every risk and prefers to experience life only in his head, in the form of ideas and fantasies, as soon as he surrenders to opinions of ‘how it ought to be’ and, in order not to make a false step, imitates others whenever possible, he forfeits the chance of his own independent development. Only if he treads the path bravely and flings himself into life, fearing no struggle and no exertion and fighting shy of no experience, will he mature his personality more fully than the man who is ever trying to keep to the safe side of the road.”

    Suddenly a person find himself/herself facing an unknown vista or some unforeseen upheaval. Sometimes this turning point takes the form of a crisis: such as a financial failure, a health problem, a broken relationship, or a change of residence or profession – something which upsets the status quo. Sometimes this experience assumes the form of a profound self-doubt, a loss of meaning or religious conviction, a questioning of everything previously held so dear. Sometimes it presents itself as a deep yearning or a call to change direction.

    At this age, I personally think, the ideal way probably is the integration of the new with the old. The ability to discriminate! There is a forward rather than a regressive movement. One’s “true personality” is expanded. And this expansion allows not only a greater degree of consciousness, but also a capacity to intentionally choose how one will respond to the challenges of life, instead of being tossed to and fro or lashing out indiscriminately. Another step along the path of individuation has been taken.

  5. axinia Says:

    Well, I came to this post because of my recent experience with motherhood. To be exact, with the concept of breastfeeding. During the pregnancy I was inspired by one book describing the benefits of the “natural” breastfeeding on demand, the way the “primitive” people do it.

    After the birth of my girl I applied this method and was quite happy about it for some time, until it came out that this does not work for her particular way of trinking. I urgently had to change the concept! Which i did. I adopted the “traditional modern” one, more disciplined, giving breast in time intervals. This worked only a couple of days.
    Again I faced the failue of the concept in this particular case. Then, by long research online and advisory of experienced people (doctors, consultants, friends) I seemed to find out the best way. Then it did not work again!
    Then something new had to be tired out again …

    So literary in one month I had to change the whole concept of handling my baby several times! – which was very unusual for me, I mean I am not used to chaning my mind so fast :)))

    • mirelhr Says:

      maybe I am completely wrong because I am not a mother, just a crazy aunt:) but… in this case my personal hunch as a woman, dear Axinia:

      Ditch all the well-written concepts( forget the Jungian analysis;))) just listen your maternal instincts and your daughter’s hidden messages.

      I guess, She is the Boss:)

      • axinia Says:

        well, they are not only well written concepts, but also the eperiences of professionals and mothers which is valuable.
        Apprently a motherly instinct is a bit a myphical thing as far as post-natal care is concerned. Life proves that the correct care must be learned, and is not really intuitive, because one has no clue about many things!

        In all cultures it has always been learned, and it is known that even a chimpanze mother does not really know what to do with a baby unless she is in the gang and under guidance of the experienced females.

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          experience helps .No dought still again it depend upon their own experience ,cultural ideas,beliefs etc it is seen that formal education and generation gap also plays vital role in it.When I speak about trans cultural nursing I try to includes all those things in particular care guidance as they have got lot of importance as individual level If it is miss matched you may feel misguided but still it very true that every individual is unique one and respondance differently. we need to study their behavioral pattens and react accordingly of course love intuition ,motherly bond also plays vital role in it. so their single concepts doesnt work all the time we have to Analise the situation and take the decision accordingly and appropriately.

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    very nice post.
    As a post graduate students I am playing with it as I have to work and develop research methodology and conceptual framework for my research topic. studding old and developing new. or fitting in old very interesting know as new will be not accepted easily. I sat for writing this leaving that aside as it has to submit tomorrow as message got just now. very interesting know….
    any way my experience suggest that accept any individual or experience as a unique one and never claim always that previous experience will support in future it may be totally different at next time so be prepare to accept strange and new sometime may not be matching you or troublesome too but we have gone throw it and learn more new things. it is better to enjoy that and laugh . I know it is very difficult but interesting too it show your cur rage and acceptance the things as it is .it help to remain balanced…..
    man live with concepts it is sign of his inelegance as well as evolution It is better to have wider and flexible concepts rather than narrow and rigid .Main aim is life should flow lucidly like water as it it fills up all the gaps and goes ahead we should be like that. once we stagnate get infected and your way to self dist-ruction starts..
    we should be always open minded and ready to change whcih is very difficult as our culture,beliefs,morals and past experiences does not allow…
    any way all these are again concepts helps me to stand better may not match with others… such as my one friend says i dont have my own opinion ,stands on any issue,ego,i am just flexible and bend like anything…..and suffers too as some one can rule me very easily and get work done without seeing my problem and struggle…

  7. Olga SE Says:

    “A word spoken is a lie”. I’ve noticed that as soon as I voice any idea, the situation begins to change.

  8. Is it just me, or is breaking down concepts and starting fresh one of the most rewarding experiences in life?

  9. swaps Says:

    WoW!! A wonderful post Axinia (hmmm…first fruits of motherhood?)
    This fact of life has come to my attention too…in fact, I think we (at least, I am) made of opposite tendencies. I have so often experienced this in my life. For instance, once I was very pro-industrialization, now I can see its ills (and can empathize with the southerners of the American Civil War).

    Of late, the hottest ‘concept’ in India is corruption. EVERYBODY is against it, yet corruption is growing stronger by the day…and the plans people come up appear so silly too. Anyway, it does look like we are all moving towards some kind of ‘break the concept’ event.

    • axinia Says:

      Well swaps, do you really want to say that before I got a baby there was no other wonderful posts on 100petals?? :)))
      Thanks for the update on corrption in India, there is the same tendency in Russia but most probably the “fight” against corruption is done but the same people (I mean paid by the same corruptionists), like this the new people can be introduced as “heroes” and create an illusion of a positive change.

      • swaps Says:

        Well Axinia, here after all compliments to you will involve ur child in one way or the other…get used to it 😛

        Also, here in India, all this noise over corruption is (hopefully) making people see how even they are corrupt, even in their own little ways. It is interesting, but I doubt if they will understand that they cannot have a freemarket without its dark side.

  10. А может совсем наоборот – жизнь это о создании собственных концептов и тогда незачем что-то ломать, сожалеть и, наверное главное, никогда не забываешь кто ты есть на самом деле?

  11. kush Says:

    Life is about living.Concepts are dead entities.

  12. I would make a difference between a certain stability through experiencing one self , and artificial concepts.
    I oppose my senses to a society insisting on disastrous mind concepts.
    I did not need one nuclear catastrophe to remember another one, and the danger of nuclear energy.I did not need the speculation crash to know that some get supported during other gets excluded. I did not need conceptual art to know, some can not draw but have an oversized ego.
    I think, we live in a society who is pretending permanent movement , but remains very inflexible in her social structure and imposes on citizen to confuse stumbling from one event to the next, as activity and progress.
    Instead of more abstract concepts some technocrats, bureaucrats and other pseudo elites formulate , human need to reconquer their inner space and the public space to experience their true needs and ideas.

  13. Solveig Says:

    Great great great words and great wisdom! Thanks for remiding of this, my beloved friend 🙂
    One addition:
    “Even if it works for you, it may not work for someone else.”
    I would say: even if it worked for you even many times in the past, it may not work for you the next time…”

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