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Libya: mega-brainwash about the recent “rebellion” February 28, 2011

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Normally I do not post on politics but for some exception. When I came to know what a huge lie we all are being bombarded with, I just could not keep myself back from posting about it.

Only on Russian-speaking blogs (not in official Russian mass media!) I found reports from Russians and Ukrainians working in Libya (doctors, etc) that all in one voice claim all we are being told on TV is a complete LIE!

Here is some translations from blogs (used Google translate):

Most importantly, NO bombing protesters, rebels, insurgents, residential and nonresidential districts of cities, etc. NO. This is a vile lie, which has no relation to reality. They bombed the only arms depots in the east, where the “rebels” attempted to seize weapons.

“We are told that Tripoli was bombed by the Libyan aircraft. Today a friend’s wife spoke to him on skype (according to media Internet was blocked!)) and she was very much surprised.  She said: “I watch CNN, there is talk about the bombing of Tripoli, and that -in my district. And we have silence! Nobody was bombing, all was quiet. The picture shows that CNN filmed all in another Arab country, and is tied to the bombing of Tripoli!
From the words of this man – it is the most powerful information war against Libya. Much of what they say and show the media is really just nonsense. All of this is preparing the ground for the seizure of Libyan oil fields. “

“East (Cyrenaica). 15 February led the youth on the street (drugs, money from the youth participants – not only in the speech of Qaddafi, but also documented – probably both are distributed in large quantities). In Benghazi and several other towns east of demonstrations, “protesters” tried to seize arms caches ,something had to take before the warehouse was bombed.

There has acted mainly drugged youth with stones – in hospitals and mortuaries in their pockets found drugs (some kind of “nonsense”, in particular, relieves pain) and … for 500-1000 dollars. (and this with 18-20-year-olds! Earned?). Practically, no one and did not disperse, but they stormed the government facilities. Police. stations were without protection, because they are easy and smashed and a number of adm. buildings (building the people’s committees, banks, etc.), but only when they went into protected military facilities, fire was opened.

New information about an attempt to “mutiny” on the night of 20 to 21 February.

“In particular, it turned out that one of our friends is now living at the beginning of str. Gargarash, just opposite the Palace of People’s Congresses, which burned during an attempted “rebellion” in the night from Sunday to Monday. She said that at this point the Supreme People’s Congress … it was simply not there! The Congress has already moved to another location, and the old building was empty. There not only was not enhanced protection, but in general there was no one! She watched all of this “storm” from the window – a noisy crowd of young hooligans (of course, is her personal rating, generally characteristic of adult Libyans, the media referred to them as “revolutionaries” or “opposition”) just got into the vacant building, smashing windows and destroying all that came to hand, and then set fire to the building. There was not even any shooting, as there was nobody to shoot at. 

Doctors working in the Central Hospital (Mustashfa Marchesi), located next to the Office of Safety – one of the main places of the collision on the night of 20/21 February, say that to him in the morgue received in May killed about 25 young people, but they were not the Libyans and the Egyptians. In general, as they say themselves Libyans in the riots in Tripoli attended (and were pioneers) mainly foreign workers – the Egyptians (and their in Libya was variously estimated from 1 to 1, 5 million) and Tunisians, and Algerians, Moroccans (mainly refugees from southern Sudan).

“Contrary to the statements of the media, the Libyan army, still remains true to Gaddafi – with the exception of some deserters, which sometimes show the media. It should be noted that the Russian (and not only Russian) experts who are going to remove the ferry from Raslanufa, protects the army and they are not threatened – contrary to some media claims that they “are surrounded by an angry mob”, “intent is unknown.”

However, the army in the Libyan city is not introduced, only carries out patrols and checks of transport on arrival in Tripoli and some other cities. In the east, the army units guarding the foreign workers in Raslanufe and others stand around Benghazi, on the other paragraphs of the dislocation in the East, we do not have accurate information.

We remind you that the army was ordered not to fire on demonstrators, and only in extreme cases, firing at the legs. So that no “storm of the town” was not really there. In the blame Gadhafi, rather, you can put NO suppress statements rebels: Leader naively believed that if he would not use military force to disperse demonstrators, it can not be blamed and, accordingly, it will not be any complaints from the “world community”. A silly dream! Iraq has also had no nuclear weapons, but did not prevent its destruction because it had allegedly had.

Blacks mercenaries “murtazaki”, receiving 2 thousand dollars. on the day of al-Qadhafi personally (and 400 euros for each killed a Libyan) – another myth of the Western media. No one has seen them, and in nature, they also do not exist. Although the Libyan army does have blacks, but incomparably less than in the U.S.. This is due to the fact that in Libya (mainly in southern regions) is the root of the Negroid population (not refugees), but it is small in size. (What the Negro “fighters for democracy and human rights were brutally beaten in front of television cameras in a live Russian TV – it is not known, but by a strange aberration of media consciousness that miserable was intended to demonstrate the” blood lust ” of the Libyan regime).”

You can read some other blog posts with the translator:




The first thing that comes to mind – what a lie the Western media broadcasting. Just terrible. But to this we are accustomed to. Unfortunately the Russian media were “mirroring” BBC and willingly repeated all nonsense:

– About the shootings, “the protesters”, who have managed to capture several towns

– About the bombing of “peaceful protesters” who are fighting for two days in the city of Benghazi against the elite army units.

-Pro-Qaddafi orders to blow up oil pipelines. About his “mercenary”, whom he brought.

The last thing I read about the events in Libya, Gaddafi allegedly used against his opponents weapons of mass destruction.
What does this mean? This means that Americans and Britons who arranged a “revolution”  feel that they may lose. And prepare the use of chemical or biological weapons, then to blame it all on Gaddafi.

Of course, the opportunity to seize control of a country that is conveniently resource rich is merely a coincidence, and I’m sure we can all be confident that any military incursion into Libya is purely motivated by genuine concern for the humanitarian plight of the Libyan people and has nothing to do with the fact that Libya holds around 46.4 billion barrels of oil reserves, the largest in Africa.


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  1. Mahesh chendake Says:

    I heard in Egypt the war is played through IT. mails and messages blogs are the weapons used and there were no leader to protester they connect through IT remain into contact and come on road peacefully in huge scale . of course Army supports them and they succeeds.
    allegation against media specially BBC, and such reputed one are always there even in India we have observed. really they should have international code to follow and which should not be under influence any developed country like America and European country and their rights should protected then there are chances that we can get correct news. You know Raj constantly writing on this even in India some time it is very much difficult to identify truth. programmed brainwashing is another new weapons used by such people and is very dangerous in which innocents are only sufferer as they unable to understand truth

  2. mirelhr Says:

    The Western media are basing a great deal of their reporting on supposed facts provided by the exile group National Front for the Salvation of Libya, supposedly trained and financed by whom?

    Is it just coincidence that the rebellion started in Benghazi, which is north of Libya’s richest oil fields as well as close to most of its oil and gas pipelines, refineries and its LNG port?

    Libya is not like Egypt or Tunisia!

    Although all three have dictatorship in common, Qaddafi’s Libya is quite different from Ben Ali’s Tunisia or Mubarak’s Egypt. The Libyan leadership is not outright subservient to the United States and the European Union. Unlike the cases of Tunisia and Egypt, the relationship that exists between Qaddafi and both the U.S. and E.U. is a modus vivendi. Simply put, Qaddafi is an independent Arab dictator and not a “managed dictator” like Ben Ali and Mubarak.

    In Tunisia and Egypt the status quo prevails, the military machine and neo-liberalism remain intact; this works for the interests of the United States and the European Union. In Libya, however, upsetting the established order is a U.S. and E.U. objective.

    The U.S. and the E.U. now seek to capitalize on the revolt against Qaddafi and his dictatorship with the hopes of building a far stronger position in Libya than ever before. Weapons are also being brought into Libya from its southern borders to promote revolt. The destabilization of Libya would also have significant implications for North Africa, West Africa, and global energy reserves

    What is the risk of ‘imperialist’ military intervention, which poses the gravest danger for the people of the entire region?

    What is the character of the opposition to the Gadhafi regime, which reportedly now controls the eastern city of Benghazi?

    no doubt that the struggle sweeping the Arab world for political freedom and economic justice has also struck a chord in Libya and clearly no doubt no doubt that discontent with the Gadhafi regime is motivating a significant section of the population….

    The Wall Street Journal in a Feb. 23 editorial wrote that “The U.S. and Europe should help Libyans overthrow the Gadhafi regime.”
    Is there any talk in the board rooms or the corridors of Washington about intervening to help the people of Kuwait or Saudi Arabia or Bahrain overthrow their dictatorial rulers????

    After the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003 and leveled much of Baghdad with a bombing campaign that the Pentagon exultantly called “shock and awe,” Gadhafi tried to ward off further threatened aggression on Libya by making big political and economic concessions to the imperialists. He opened the economy to foreign banks and corporations; he agreed to IMF demands for “structural adjustment,” privatizing many state-owned enterprises and cutting state subsidies on necessities like food and fuel.

    The Libyan people are suffering from the same high prices and unemployment that underlie the rebellions elsewhere and that flow from the worldwide capitalist economic crisis.

    Big oil is watching a dream come true as oil production in Libya (where no foreign companies have a hand in oil production) plunges, and anxiety drives the price up even further. Ships are of course already in the area, and have been for a while. It’s all incredibly convenient. Reuters has reported that Venezuela’s foreign minister said it looked like some western powers wanted to break up and occupy the Mediterranean nation for its oil. Fidel Castro has said the same thing

    This is not about improving the future for the youth in the Middle East and North Africa!

    Is about about exploiting the most vulnerable and impressionable segment of the population, utilizing their energy, idealism and angst to further globalist agendas that benefit only the elite. This is ruthless predation at its worst and is utterly unconscionable.

    As for Libya, the best possible outcome will manifest only if the people, free from foreign covert and overt operations, are finally able to determine their own destiny….appearently in the near future

    “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?”

    ~Mohandas Gandhi

    • axinia Says:

      exellent points, mirelhr! and the quote by Gandhi is just awesome. so true!

      • mirelhr Says:

        I’ve shared just a few thoughts. I wish I am mistaken!
        The the Islamic world far more complex than the Westimagined.
        Oil. That is what the modern Middle Eastern geopolitics have usually been about.
        Is this a wave of democracy that cannot be stopped, and will forever change the region, and the global power politics?
        Fragmentation is a real danger , a country of deep tribal divisions and a historic rivalry between Tripoli and Benghazi. Chances are high for a violent period of score-settling and political vacuum.The greatest fear is that Al Qaeda or Libya’s own Islamist groups, which withstood fierce repression and may have the best organizational skills among the opposition, could gain power.

        One thing, I am sure of The Great Middle/Near Eastern? revolt of 2011 has not written its last line yet. I pray for the people!

  3. mirelhr Says:

    Though witnessing so much going around me, the country I live in and the events on a global scale, source of wealth & poverty, marked by global activity and greed. – sudden surges and reversals of trends on the menu -will surely come to an end!
    Deep down I know we’ve entered a new era. I know I am not ‘alone’, feeling sad but astonishingly empowered!!!
    That’s just the beginning…

    This we have now
    is not imagination.

    This is not
    grief or joy.

    Not a judging state,
    or an elation,
    or sadness.

    Those come and go.
    This is the presence that doesn’t.

  4. swaps Says:

    I feel 2012 predictions are true…look at inflation, it is devil-incarnate. The crisis seems all set to spread, with oil-prices poised to spiral and worse the economic situation…we are in for quite a shock, that no amount of media brain-wash can wash away.

  5. I guess your sources have no interests to protect in an abusive regime ?
    I guess regimes who hardly can be called democratic, support each other.
    It would be a shame if suddenly their own citizen would demand real democracy instead of organised corruption and apparatchik privileges.
    Spreading the state propaganda about drugged youth sounds like the old myth of disinformation of old structures who send their own critical opposition to psychiatry’s or prison to cure their troubled minds with heavy medication ,black mailing brainwashing and other violences.

    I am not naive about the intentions of any of all those of any direction playing their political and economical power games, as much about the function of the media in it, but I send full heartedly my solidarity support to the protesters in Libya and in other countries who have enough of abusive dehumanised structures and demand change and democracy.

    Well, at least I get confirmed by this article, that hierarchical structured spiritual concepts of the human, have their mirror in how political reality gets perceived.High time for a change in the minds on many levels.

    • Me too!!! 🙂 In full solidarity with the courageous people of Libya seeking to oust a murderous, dangerous, filthy, bloody, lunatic dictatorial tyrant with an enormous brood of lowlife goons and their satanic cronies. The Libyans need to take back their country from the brown-gowned, towel-headed, tent-dwelling scoundrel and his gangs of hired mercenary scum beings from different countries.

      The Libyans need to be wary and careful in order to make sure their revolution is not hijacked by any kind of external, malicious forces who seek to fish in troubled waters. But once the Libyan courageous Libyan freedom-fighters overthrown the brown-gowned lowlife dictator and crush his hordes of rabid, inhuman mercenary dogs roaming the streets of Tripoli and elsewhere, they must seek an explanation from all regimes and “leaders” who are on friendly, supportive terms with the Libyan mass-murderer. Those regimes and “leaders” that fail to provide a convincing explanation for their inhuman deeds will have to be boycotted by the future Libyan government run by the Libyan people until the regimes and/or “leaders” officially apologise for their uncouth, sub-human deeds.


  6. Alex Says:

    Have everyone seen the “Wag the Dog” film?

    Welcome to the media-reality of Big Johnnies’ Mega Lie! 😉

    It is really stunning strange that these who stand behind this and much more other things, do not understand that the world they create filled of unsatisfaction and thus lack of Love and security will not bring them peace in this world and another one. SO POWERFUL AND NAЇVE PEOPLE!! 😀
    Oh, je – they just do not know the other way… BUT IT EXISTS and it is really foolish not to use it – it is about Spiritual awakening and receive the primary enjoyment form the Spirit – spiritual values, not so much the matter. For sure they all have a brilliant education – but the main point they missed and now blindly they try to create the hell on earth. For sure they and especially their own children will try the taste of their own action (may be because it is still better to continue to live on Earth then the Moon, for example, or Mars…). But is that really necessary?? These today ones, comparing to whome previous pharaohs now loocking like the poppers – are poorest in mind and wisdom people ever… indeed poor… with all their mega-wealth are like a monkey with granade in the hand – they have no idea where they are heading!

  7. axinia Says:

    reports from independent Western journalists (from 1 March 2011):

    I have just returned from the center of Tripoli, Libya, after a drive around town. Like all journalists here, my team and I were driven and accompanied by government employees, but they did take us precisely where I asked to go.

    What we found was normal traffic in the streets, people walking, or at cafes and restaurants. At just about every bank we saw, there were long lines of men and women waiting for the cash handouts that Col. Moammar Gadhafi had just announced.

    The leader was giving each family 500 dinars, the equivalent of about $450. For most people here, that covers salary for a month or two.

    As we walked up with our cameras to talk to them, many burst into pro-Gadhafi chants once they realized we were visiting journalists. They were friendly, although some complained to the government minder with us that they had been waiting in line for hours and still had not received their handouts. There were also lines at local bakeries.

    We went to Green Square, the site of Gadhafi’s most recent speech atop the ramparts of the old city. That’s when he accused anti-government protestors of having taken hallucinogenic pills.

    One woman we talked to at the Square today repeated that charge, and said she had been educated in America. She told us that Libyans are happy with Gadhafi as their leader, and that their country is a happy and peaceful one.

    Another English-speaking man told us that while “the tension is still so thick you could cut it with a knife,” things had died down since this time last week, when, he acknowledged, the sound of gunfire could be heard in Tripoli.

    At the Tripoli central hospital, the city’s main accident and emergency hospital, the head of the emergency unit told my colleague from the London Sunday Times that he had received nine bodies after Friday’s anti-government protests in town.

    He said all were gunshot victims, mostly to the chest. The Times talked to family members of the victims at the hospital, angry that protesters had been met by live fire.

    No Evidence of Air Assault
    But the central allegation against Gadhafi and his regime is that he ordered aerial bombardments and helicopter gunships against protesters. This has inflamed international anger and the United States and its allies have got a new U.N. resolution that imposes sanctions, a freeze on Gadhafi family assets, a travel ban, an arms embargo, and provision to refer possible war crimes to the International Criminal Court.

    In our effort to hunt down evidence of bombings, evidence we also tried to find in Tripoli from the sky on a helicopter tour offered by the government here, which is desperate to prove to outsiders that allegations of aerial bombardment amounts to a “hostile media campaign.”

    From that vantage point, we could not see any evidence of damage from an air assault here in the capital, even as we flew over the areas where last week’s protests started. But when we got back to our hotel, we did hear some gunfire, and our colleagues from the BBC report another anti-Gadhafi demonstration there; in Tripoli’s Tajoora neighborhood.


  8. I’m terribly sorry, Axinia, but I don’t believe a word of the pro-Gaddhafi propaganda, whether it comes out of Russia or Britain or USA or Switzerland or Japan or Italy or India or Antarctica or even Mars, for that matter!

    I don’t believe in Gaddhafi’s BIG LIE that the revolting citizens (who had to endure the excesses of the filthy perverted tyrant for four decades) are “drug-addicts” 😆 😆 propaganda that is so vile and nauseating, that it would make even old Red Soviet commie propaganda appear to have a tinge of truth in it 😯

    The St.Petersburg mafiosi clan of KGB/FSB thugs (Putin, Medvedev & cronies) must be having sleepless nights on observing the ongoing revolutions in the Middle East/West Asia/North Africa. Ex-KGB thug Medvedev had even gone on record expressing mild displeasure outwardly (he must have been filled with dread inside imagining such a fate awaiting him and his long term partner-in-crime, Putin) at the peoples’ revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and indirectly warning that any such attempted revolution that seeks to overthrow the mafiosi regime sitting in the Kremlin would be put down with an iron hand, just like it would have been in the good old days when the commie tyrants wielded absolute power behind the (rusted and decadent but bloody red) Iron Curtain.

    Gaddhafi’s Libya indeed is not Ben Ali’s Tunisia or Mubarak’s Egypt – it is several hundred times WORSE!!!

    At least the Tunisian tyrant and his Egyptian Pharaoh comrade didn’t have much oil reserves to speak of, forcing them to manage expanding populations in desert countries. But the Libyan loafer Gaddhafi and his enormous brood of children and his cabal of cronies forcibly terrorised Libya’s small population into a perpetual state of fear and tyranny, while looting all the immeasurable oil wealth for themselves, and giving kickbacks to overseas “leaders” who made deals with the loony Libyan towel-headed tent-dweller. Tony Blair was one such filthy crook, so is the shameless Italian pervert, Silvio Berlusoni. But the Libyan tyrant had links with all kinds of rogues in all places, and everyone knows of his/his sons’ ties to the Russian regime/Russian secret police criminals and the mafiosi clan controlling Russia.

    As they say, birds of a feather flock together. The Libyan dictator of four decades is friends with all totalitarian tyrants everywhere, from the aging Red Cuban infidel, Fidel Castro to the Chicoms (Chinese commies) Chin Jin, Chin Jia & cronies to the ex-KGB Russian mafiosi of Putin, Medvedev & cronies to the North Korean commie Kim tyrants to all sorts of Arab autocrats to Latin American banana republic regimes to notoriously corrupt and criminal sub-Saharan African dictators like the murderous madman Mugabe.

    Gadhaffi had extensive ties to the apartheid regime in South Africa before it collapsed, and still has strong but secret ties to the Zionists in Israel and elsewhere. Also, the Libyan loafer was on fairly friendly terms with the world’s most despicably evil empire, the filthy, sub-satanic turd world Indian empire. But recent ties have become a bit chilly after Gadhaffi condemned the satanic Indian empire’s oppression of Kashmiri freedom-fighters and called for Muslims everywhere to struggle for the liberation of Indian-occupied Kashmir in a speech at the Uncouth Nations (UN) General Assembly.

    Obviously, like a typical turd world hypocrite, the Libyan loafer condemned the sub-satanic Indian empire’s oppression of Kashmiri freedom fighters and has himself unleashed unthinkable oppression and brutalisation upon the freedom fighters of Libya who finally decided to get rid of a dangerous and murderous madman and his clan of criminalised cronies.

    You want me to believe Gaddhafi and his filthy goons??? I’m sorry, I can sift through all sorts of propaganda to arrive at the facts, even if the Libyan loafer is trying brutally and unthinkably hard and evil to put a complete lid on any kind of news or information. The fact remains that either the loony Libyan loafer or one of his satanic sons DIRECTLY ORDERED AIRSTRIKES on the protestors/opposition/revolutionaries/areas that slipped out of his satanic control. In fact, the stinking bald-headed desert rat Saif al-Gaddhafi went on television to warn the Libyan people of terrible bloodshed and consequences if they revolt! The bald-headed bandit’s own television threats prove that the satanic Gaddhafi clan are sub-human scum who deserve to rot in hell, along with all their stinking cronies and the filthy mercenary scum beings he recruited (mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, but also some from other Arabised countries as well as quite a number from the erstwhile commie Eastern bloc, especially the former Yugoslavian empire).

    The lowly Western “mainstream media” morons lost all credibility a long while ago. Hardly anyone (except the hopelessly naive ones) in the West ever trusts such media morons when it comes to covering the Arab revolutions. They are listening to Al-Jazeera which to me, sounds like the only “mainstream media” outlet left that indulges in some kind of decent journalism. All the other “mainstream media” either indulge in tabloid trickery or yellow journalism or voracious arse-licking (and sewer journalism in the case of the lowly, uncouth, sub-human, turd world “mainstream media” morons). But even such despicably lowly “journalism” sounds a bit more credible than the BIG LIES that are broadcast on Libyan/Egyptian “official news channels” controlled by stinking tyrants facing their end, with similar pro-dictator/pro-genocide/pro-tyranny propaganda being popularised by the controlled blog media of regimes that are close buddies with genocidal tyrants like the brown-gowned towel-headed tent-dwelling Libyan savage and his cronies.


    • axinia Says:

      I am sorry Raj but you have the same problem here (as in many other cases)_ have you been to Libyia? Have you seen how people live there? Do you know anyone in person? I assume not. So all your suppositions are based on what you read on see on TV, which can be easily manipulated. Either you believe one manipulation or another – makes no differnece. Without seeing the case with your own eyes you cannot make statements like this.
      I remember the case with the sa called “Russian war” agains Georgia a couple of years ago, which was such a huge fake…looks very much similar.

      • Strangely enough, I have the feeling that some extremly big blind spot gets neglect here.May I point at the map?

        One does not need to live in a certain era to understand the structures of country’s ruled by megalomaniac despots and pleasing apparatchiks.It is always the same story and same system.

    • Anonymouss Says:

      Look buddy. I don’t know you, but you seem to have all the BS the media wants you to believe shoved down your throat quite tightly.
      I’m going to make this short, I hate writing novels for comments, but time and time again you call a leader (who isn’t yours!!) satanic, evil, dangerous, murderous, etc etc etc.
      Is he YOUR ruler? No. Is he directly hurting YOU? No, but I’m sure you’ll say that you’re getting hurt in the heart about the Libyans’ plight.
      You know something? Take Iraq. (because this is EXACTLY what happened there) The U.S. spent a year or so telling people all about the plight of the Iraqis, and how evil he was, and how he used to kill his own people, and so on and so forth. I was there, I was receiving all this brainwash.
      They said he had nuclear weapons. People PROVED that to be false (take the U.N.) but Bush insisted that they had weapons and they made their attack.
      So let’s look at the big picture. Was Iraq better off before America’s…..spread of democracy in it, or after?
      Iraqis are quite different from Americans. They needed a strong ruler that could keep them in line and that they could respect. It’s a well known fact in the Arab world that Sadam Hussein was one of the few Iraqi leaders that knew how to control his people and keep their love.
      Yes, their love. Even though the news probably has the exact opposite of that statement shoved down your throat too 😉
      Again, let’s look at the big picture. What are the similarities between Libya and Iraq?
      1) Independently-ruled countries (by so-called dictators)
      2) Large amounts of Oil
      3) Openly anti-America
      Now let’s look at the similarities in their ‘plights’
      1) Media publishes their huge hatred for their leader
      2) Media tells people abroad that the leader is torturing their own people
      3) Media makes it clear to people abroad that both leaders are dictators and both countries are in dire need of democracy
      The rest for Libya is unwritten. I’ll leave it to you to make up your own educated guess about what’ll happen…and I’ll leave it to America to show us what’s next for Libya. God save them.

      • Anonymouss Says:

        woops sorry. In the third paragraph, by he I meant Sadam Hussein 😛

      • Hey buddy, I don’t know who you are and I don’t care either.

        If you want to believe the filthy lies of the satanic desert rat Gadhaffi’s voraciously arse-licking “official” media scoundrels or that of any other turd world (like the BRICS of turd) barbarocracy’s lowly media liars, you are welcome to, I couldn’t care less. But if you want me to believe the same lowly arse-licking media morons of Gaddhaffi and whatever they forcibly program into a completely clueless mind such as yours, then I can only laugh out loud 😆 😆

        you call a leader (who isn’t yours!!) satanic, evil, dangerous, murderous, etc etc etc.
        Is he YOUR ruler? No. Is he directly hurting YOU?

        First, the filthy brown-gowned tent-dwelling desert rat is NO “leader” 😆 He is a loafer, a tyrant, a demonically despicable dictator, a mass murderer, a filthy despot, a stinking swine, a sub-satanic madman and a scum being of the lowliest kind 😡

        You know what? I will call him all that and more! Just what can you do if I call your favourite mass-murdering brown-gowned son of Satan by names that he deserves??? Are you going to inform the lowly loafers belonging to the Libyan secret police scum controlled by the bald-headed bandit Saif al-Gadhaffi or his satanic siblings? 😆

        It’s my right to call a mass-murdering loafer and his filthy goons anywhere in the universe by names that the rabid dogs deserve! Just what can you do about it??? You think you can control the internet the way your favourite tyrant does? You think you can frighten and bully everyone in the world to adhere to the satanically evil oppressive ways of filthy regimes like Gaddhafi’s or the former Soviet empire and other criminal commie regimes??? 😆 Keep on hallucinating that everyone in the world is so clueless as to believe the lowly arse-licking “official” media morons of the satanic mass-murdering tyrant Gaddhafi. It isn’t going to happen.

        I’m sorry bud, but the world has moved on from the satanic days of oppressive regimes run by mass-murdering scoundrels like the Soviet empire and their laughable propaganda meant for brain-dead loyalists and arse-lickers of the criminal hordes and their cronies. The commie criminals of the erstwhile Eastern Bloc discovered it in the late 80s and early 90s as the murderous tyrants were kicked out one by one. The tyrants and bloodthirsty dictators in the Arab world are discovering it everyday today.

        And yes, I’m indeed concerned for the plight of the courageous Libyan freedom fighters struggling to get rid of a satanically evil and sub-human mass-murdering loafer, his despicable sons, their cronies and the savage, sub-human, mangy, scavenging mercenary dogs the scoundrels have recruited from around the world to kill the Libyan freedom fighters.

        That is the difference between you and me. You are someone who voraciously gulps down whatever the lowly arse-licking media morons of scum like Gaddhafi dish out to you, even if they say they are carrying out a “humanitarian” operation 😆 by butchering thousands of people every day 😯 If you want me to behave in such a manner, then I have to politely ask you to look elsewhere for such kind of people.

        And hey, lest I forget, I’ve already made it clear that I don’t trust the lowly “mainstream media” morons. I know how to look for the facts and where to get them. Unlike someone who voraciously gulps down whatever crap the despicable desert rat Gaddhafi’s filthy arse-licking media loafers dish out and believe such satanic lies become the gospel truth 😆

        I don’t know why you brought in Iraq into the picture here. The Libyan revolution has got nothing to do with Iraq. The Second Gulf War on Iraq was a murderous, bloody, evil, illegal, unethical, genocidal aggression and occupation carried out by a filthy regime (that of “Dubya” and his cronies) that was based on despicable lies and ended up in the cold-blooded slaughter of countless civilians as well as the use of heinous weapons on civilians in occupied Iraq.

        Obviously, perhaps it is due to the steady diet of commie-like propaganda that you have been bought up on, but you see everything in the world as pro-American empire (read as “evil” in your conditioned state) or as anti-American empire (read as “good” in your conditioned state). I can only laugh at such a simplistic view of things that your mind was forcibly programmed to believe in 😆

        You know what? Mass-murder, genocide, oppression and brutalisation anywhere in the world is just that – despicably satanic and inhuman acts carried out by filthy sub-human scum beings, whether they belong to the satanic Soviet empire or the Nazi empire or the Ottoman empire (of those days) or the empires of today like the evil American empire or the criminalised Russian empire or the filthy, sub-human turd world Indian empire or the totalitarian commie Chinese empire or by any bloodthirsty, stinking, despicable dictatorial scum like the brown-gowned towel-headed tent-dwelling mass-murdering desert rat Gaddhafi and other such lowlife scoundrels.


        To kick the mass-murdering swine Gaddhafi out,
        “Allahu Akbar” shall be the Libyans’ shout!

        One, two, THREE…
        Libya deserves to be FREE!!!


  9. Erwin Says:

    I am truly amaed at the extent of the lie. Can we really believe these blogs though? How do we know that they are not on Gadhafi’s side? Who to believe ? I agree that this new war is now done by IT and news manipulation…

  10. I hope the Libyan freedom-fighters will soon sing something to keep up their courageious spirits as they seek to liberate Tripoli and surrounding areas from the satanic control of the brown-gowned savage and his bloody, mangy mercenary dogs:

    Libya deserves to be FREE!

    Ben Ali to our West,
    And Hosni to our East.

    Once Gadhaffi too goes out,
    “Allahu Akbar!” shall be the shout.

    After 4 decades under the bloodthirsty clown,
    Let’s kick out the thug in the brown-gown.

    Let’s reclaim all of Libya’s precious oil,
    After burying the Gadhaffis under 6 feet of soil.

    Libya deserves to be FREE!!!


  11. Erwin Says:

    PS : If what is happening in Lybia is not true, then why are so many people fleeing the country? Or is that rigged too?

    • axinia Says:

      i know only that all Russians and Ukranina who are not working int h state companies like Gazprom (which ordered their employees to flee) are all staying because they see no reason to move away. With others it may be also the case – either they are orderd to go or it’s all just fake.

      • I wonder what they are doing there!

        • Obviously, they must be “working” for the Russian empire 😉

          Being majority owned by the Russki gubmint, Gazprom is an important part of the fiefdom of the “St.Petersburg mafiosi clan” of ex-KGB (later FSB) thugs Putin, Medvedev and their cronies.

          The Russkies in Libya not directly working for Gazprom (or involved with other oil/gas/utility/resource companies) must be “agents” whose work is to “secure the interests” of the Russian empire and the Kremlin mafiosi. It’s no secret that the lowly Libyan desert rat Gaddhafi (and especially his satanic spawn) have very close ties to the Kremlin mafiosi clan and their cronies. Being such close buddies, I bet the ex-KGB thugs have “invested” a lot in training Gaddhafi’s goons who are butchering the Libyan freedom fighters.

          The reason why the Uncouth Nations (UN) hasn’t taken much action on Libya (apart from uttering empty words) is because the two BRICS of turd barbarocracies that have permanent seats on the Uncouth Nations’ Security Council (the Russki empire and the Chicom empire) are close buddies with the satanically evil brown-gowned mass-murdering ten-dwelling savage Gaddhafi and must have threatened to use their veto. Being typically criminal BRICS of turd barbarocracies, the Russki empire and the Chicom empire are too uncouth, oppressive and totalitarian to understand the meaning of things like Human Rights, Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, ethics or humanism. What else can one expect out of totalitarian, uncouth barbarocracies and their hopeless hordes?

          Would I want to believe the accounts of the heroic freedom fighters of Libya who are putting up an unbelievably courageous struggle to get rid of a heinously satanic mass-murdering tyrant, his filthy spawn, their cronies and the hordes of sub-human, bloodthirsty, rabid mercenary dogs roaming the streets of Gaddhafi-controlled Libya? Or would I want to believe the accounts of some Russkies “working” in Libya to secure the interests of the Russki empire and the Kremlin mafiosi by working in close association with the mass-murdering Gaddhafi goons and their cronies?

          You know the answer.


  12. Erwin Says:

    This is mind blowing stuff. Up till now I had naively assumed that the news we watch here on TV ( Spain) is ,with a margin of error , for the large part factual. Now I feel like I am walking in a dream….not knowing what to believe anymore. It’s amazing because internet is full of videos about the opposition movements too.
    But would the USA and the West be prepared to support an Islamist rebel movement, possibly backed or even organised by their enemy Al Kaeda?

    • axinia Says:

      Erwin, my whole intention of posting this was obsiously not because I sympaphy with Quadaffi (by no means!), but exactly because we have to filter even more carefully when getting the “official” news. I made already astonishing experiences when I saw one and the same event being commented with under totally different light from Russian, German and British side. Really good to double check and also to use some discrimination.

  13. axinia Says:

    Ливия выпадает из общей обоймы бунтующих североафриканских стран. В тех бунтах имеется и какая-то социальная логика. В этих странах есть пресловутая «демократия» с как бы выборными органами власти, благодаря этой «демократии» у власти находятся банды коррумпированных подлецов, окруженных своей партией, и эти банды беспрепятственно грабят свои страны, вывозя награбленное на Запад и забавляясь тупой роскошью. И есть население, в подавляющем большинстве либо просто нищее, либо завидующее и ненавидящее мародеров у власти.

    И кем бы ни инициировались эти народные восстания, но виден какой-то интерес и у бунтовщиков – установить в бунтующей стране более высокий уровень справедливости. И для этого бунтующие логично требуют убрать воров от власти. Это понятно. СМИ нас уверяют, что и в Ливии происходит то же самое. Но разве в Ливии ситуация та же?

    Не стал собирать данные по Ливии, поскольку наткнулся на прошлогоднее эссе Алексея Кунгурова о демократии, в котором Кунгуров, не без оснований, считает Ливию действительно народовластной страной. Дам отрывок этого эссе.

    «А теперь держитесь крепче, чтоб не рухнуть -Ливия, в которой, как считается, у власти находится военный диктаторский режим Каддафи – самое демократическое в мире государство. Там в 1977 г. провозглашена джамахирия – высшая форма демократии, при которой традиционные институты власти отменяются, а власть напрямую принадлежит народу и осуществляется через народные комитеты и народные конгрессы. Государство разделяется на множество коммун представляющих собой самоуправляемые мини-государства в государстве, обладающих всей полнотой власти в своем округе, включая распределение бюджетных средств.

    Недавно Муамар Каддафи провозгласил еще более демократическую идею – распределять доходы бюджета между гражданами напрямую и поровну. Делить будут не весь бюджет, конечно, но все равно в год на брата (включая детей и стариков) где-то по пять штук баксов выходит – для Африки деньги громадные. Да и в РФ среднедушевой доход населения был ровно в четыре раза ниже еще до кризиса. Такая мера по мнению вождя ливийской революции лишает базы коррупцию и паразитическую бюрократию. Спорить трудно. Одно дело, когда твои налоги толстые дяди тихо попилят, отмоют и выведут в оффшор, и совсем другое, когда ты сам отдаешь свои кровные на ремонт школы и платишь зарплату менту, который твой покой охраняет.

    Управление коммуной осуществляется первичным народным конгрессом. В народный конгресс входят все жители коммуны. Каждый человек имеет право высказать своё предложение на заседании народного комитета (то есть политический плюрализм признается). Каждый гражданин таким образом участвует в принятии решений и реализации власти.

    Государство представляет собой федерацию коммун. Каждый первичный народный конгресс избирает своих представителей в городской народный комитет и Всеобщий Народный Конгресс. Из числа членов ВНК формируется правительство. Это, согласитесь, гораздо демократичнее, чем в самых демократических странах Европы, где на выборах формируются лишь законодательные органы власти, а главный исполнительный орган – правительство – формируется кулуарно. Правда, при джамахирии граница между законодательной и исполнительной властью несколько размывается, но вряд ли это следует счесть недостатком. Гораздо хуже, когда законодатель принимает популистские решения (скажем, поднять пенсии в 5 раз), а ответственности за их реализацию не несет – исполнять-то обязано правительство.

    ВНК – ливийский парламент – вправе вносить в свою повестку дня лишь вопросы, обсужденные первичными народными конгрессами. Вот вам и подлинный федерализм в действии! Главы государства у Ливии тоже нет. ВНК не смог его избрать, поэтому решили обойтись без него. Лидер ливийской революции Муамар Каддафи никаких официальных постов не занимает, но Всеобщий Народный Конгресс наделил его некоторыми властными полномочиями.

    Не совсем понятно, как формируются судебные органы в Ливии, но многоступенчатая судебная система в стране существует: В судах магистратов рассматриваются мелкие дела. Далее идут суды первой ступени, апелляционные суды и Верховный суд. Есть еще Высший судебный совет, возглавляемый министром юстиции, который вправе смягчить или отменить вердикт суда и даже полностью помиловать осужденных. Попробуйте найдите нечто подобное в странах традиционной демократии. Причем орган этот отнюдь не декоративный, что видно на примере тянущегося годами дела болгарских медиков. Законов, как свода писаных правил, в Ливии тоже нет, их заменяет Коран и народные обычаи. Народ таким образом является законодателем не на словах, а на деле. Ведь чуждые обычаи народу навязать в принципе невозможно. Впрочем, деловые и торговые отношения в Ливии регулируются на основе европейского права, иначе страна не могла бы нормально вести внешнеэкономическую деятельность.

    Может возникнуть вопрос: а как же в Ливии осуществляются выборы?
    …А в Ливии выборов нет, как нет там ЦИКа и прочих очень избирательных комиссий. Нет партии власти (как вообще нет никаких партий), административного ресурса, черного PR, подкупа избирателей и прочих прелестей представительской демократии. Ибо все население коммуны и есть орган власти. Что-то вроде нашего сельского схода или общего собрания жильцов дома. Только у нас сельский сход бюджетом распоряжаться не может, а в Ливии может. Часть полномочий народный комитет делегирует ВНК, куда и направляет делегатов. Какова процедура, сказать не могу – надо смотреть Коран и местные обычаи (где-то, наверное, старейшины назначают, а где-то, возможно, и руки тянут на сходах).

    Кто-то скажет: «Ах, какой ужас! Да там тирания, преследование инакомыслия и леденящий душу террор». Ну, насчет террора – явный перебор. За первые семь лет «кровавой диктатуры Каддафи» в стране вообще не было вынесено ни одного смертного приговора. А то, что преследуются члены подпольных вооруженных (!) организаций, ставящих целью свержение джамахирии и убийство Каддафи – так в какой стране поступают иначе? Этак и Басаева можно объявить невинной жертвой политических репрессий кровавого путенского режима.

    Шариатский уголовный кодекс довольно суров – за воровство руку отрубают, за бл-ство плетьми стегают. Однако преступность в стране практически нулевая, и потому безрукого найти крайне сложно. Ну, а кто сказал, что при демократии можно воровать? В 1996 г. вводилась даже смертная казнь за употребление алкоголя. Жестоко? Зато в Ливии по вине пьяного водителя в ДТП не погиб ни один ребенок. И полицейские журналистов в вытрезвителе до смерти не забивают. Наверное, потому, что там вытрезвителей нет. В общем, по всем формальным признакам самое демократическое государство мира – Ливия. И я это говорю без всякой иронии».

    Прежде, чем поспорить с Кунгуровым, обращу внимание на вопрос: а чего хотят эти «мирные» демонстранты в Бенгази, запросто оказывающие сопротивление войскам, захватывающие полицейские участки и вешающие полицейских?
    Сместить с поста Кадаффи? Но он же не занимает никакого поста. Убрать от власти воров, которые обворовывают Ливию и вывозят деньги за границу? А они там есть? Вот пример.

    Кунгуров пишет, что «в РФ среднедушевой доход населения был ровно в четыре раза ниже еще до кризиса». Подтверждения этим числам, я найти не смог, а из чисел, лежащих в Интернете «на виду», следует, что ВВП России на душу по расчету МВФ составляет 16.2 тыс. долларов, а Ливии – 14, 6 тыс. долларов.
    Но это ВВП, а речь идет о доходе. Тут такая разница: валовой национальный доход (ВНД) – совокупная ценность всех товаров и услуг, произведенных в течение года на территории государства (то есть валовой внутренний продукт, ВВП), плюс доходы, полученные гражданами страны из-за рубежа, минус доходы, вывезенные из страны иностранцами.

    Так вот, доход на душу населения в России всего 9,4 тыс. долларов, то есть режим Кремля обеспечивает, чтобы почти половина произведенного в России ВВП доставалась иностранцам неизвестно за какие заслуги. И если бы Россия взбунтовалась по этой причине, то было бы понятно, за что. Но в Ливии доход на душу населения на треть выше, чем в России и составляет более 12 тыс. долларов. Те западные инвесторы, которые развивают промышленность Ливии, тоже что-то имеют, но по сравнению с Россией, крайне мало – едва 18% – и, возможно, только по заслугам! И уж совсем мало Запад имеет с джамахирии, по сравнению с тем, что Запад имеет, скажем, с Египта. ВВП Египта – 5,9 тыс. долларов, а в стране остается в виде среднедушевого дохода 2,1 тыс. долларов. Западом вывозится 65%! Вот, как надо грабить!

    И именно власть Ливии- джамахирия – так грабить не дает! Так чего же требуют эти «мирные» демонстранты в Бенгази? Ограбить себя? Снизить свой душевой доход до российского или египетского?

    Кунгуров пишет, что в Ливии: «Нет партии власти (как вообще нет никаких партий)». В этом он не прав. Я как-то писал, что из-за наших умников, в русском языке появилась огромная масса иностранных слов, не имеющих корней в русском языке, а, посему, с плохо понимаемым смыслом. К таким словам относится и слово «партия». Если бы это понятие выразили (как это и сделали французы, от которых это слово и заимствовано в русский язык) родным, русским словом – «часть», – то не имели бы проблем с пониманием происходящего. То есть, если бы говорили «коммунистическая часть России», а не «коммунистическая партия России», то понимали бы, что партия это объединенная часть общества, и не имеет значения, имеет ли эта часть собственное имя, связанное с политикой. Кунгуров не понимает, что каждая коммуна в Ливии это и есть то, что называется партией. И у Ливии тысячи партий. И чему удивляться, что у некоторых партий возникли идеи, отличающиеся от общей идеи государства? Скажем, идея из ВВП Ливии оставлять в Ливии 35%, а остальное вывозить за границу, имея и свою долю в вывозимом?

    Ведь пришла же в голову такая идея определенным партиям в СССР! И, если вы не забыли, в осуществление этой идеи Ельцин расстрелял защитников Верховного Совета РСФСР. Так чему удивляться, что партии в Бенгази стреляют в войска и полицию?
    В России депутаты Верховного Совета РСФСР служили себе, любимым, посему и сдали Россию на разграбление.
    А вот кому будет служить Муамар Кадаффи?

    Ю.И. МУХИН

    Мнение компетентных очевидцев

    Вынужден дополнить свою работу о Ливии «КОМУ БУДЕТ СЛУЖИТЬ КАДАФФИ?» существенно более серьезной работой северокорейского автора (за которую спасибо т. Назарову), в которой вскрыты базовые причины не только того, что в Ливии происходит, а и того, почему это происходит.

    «В свое время ряду ответственных работников, включая автора Дневника, довелось видеть своим глазом ряд многих городов в районе побережья Ливии. В ходе обсуждения практических вопросов межгосударственного сотрудничества потребовалась личная встреча с лидером ливийской революции Муаммаром Аль-Каддафи. После решения этих вопросов и передачи приветствия Великого Руководителя товарища Ким Чен Ира по пожеланию арабского революционера Каддафи разговор перешел к обсуждению идейно-теоретических проблем, приняв долгий характер. Все рассматривавшееся тогда подтвердил ход событий на данном историческом этапе.

    Очевидно, что причины контрреволюционных беспорядков в Ливии следует искать не только в действиях внешних сил, на что справедливо указывал лидер кубинской революции Фидель Кастро, но и в первую голову – в развале идеологической работы среди населения, подмене партийно-политической работы по перевоспитанию граждан бессмысленным идейным начетничеством и сугубо материальными стимулами.

    В этом кроется основной изъян так называемой “Третьей мировой теории”, изложенной в “Зеленой Книге” Муаммаром Аль-Каддафи, и на что давно и лично указывал ему Президент Ким Ир Сен.

    “Третья мировая теория” находится под влиянием анархизма, постулируя ликвидацию государства и партии, как таковых, и немедленный переход в всеобщему самоуправлению в форме народных конгрессов и народных комитетов. В силу этой установки остался не решенным вопрос о поддержании субъекта революции, каковой с научной точки зрения всегда является совокупностью народных масс, партии, армии и Вождя.

    При народном лидере Каддафи ливийские народные массы достигли такового уровня жизни, каковой населению, допустим, бывших республик СССР, покажется абсолютно недостижимым. Граждане оказались настолько избалованны, что получая через системы народных комитетов, народных конгрессов и благотворительных фондов, все необходимое, были не в состоянии работать на производстве, предпочитая жить на значительное пособие.

    На доходы от так называемого “нефтегаза” Муаммар Аль-Каддафи, надо сказать, строил комфортабельные многоэтажные дома и раздавал квартиры, в которых нет квартплаты и платы за электричество, всем желающим. Бензин в стране не стоит практически ничего, в каждой семье куплены по 2-3 новых автомобиля. Вступающим в брак единовременно и сразу дарилось несколько десятков тысяч долларов США. Оплачивалось образование за границей детям из любой семьи. Медицина, образование – полностью бесплатны, в страну завозилось немыслимое количество иностранных европейских врачей для высококвалифицированного лечения народных масс. Базовые пищепродукты покупаются за символические деньги, уничтожающие так называемый “бизнес” крупные налоги и другие поборы отсутствуют.

    В условиях отсутствия устойчивой системы воспитания людей эта справедливая социальная политика Муаммара Аль-Каддафи создала массы тунеядцев, каковые, будучи лишены прививаемого годами мировоззрения, в силу логики классовой борьбы неизбежно должны были скатиться на позиции контрреволюции – возомнить себя “потенциальными миллионерами”, ориентировать запросы на уровень достатка так называемых “шейхов” и “королей” регионов Персидского (Арабского) залива.

    Следует откровенно заявить, что увидеть работающего ливийца в Ливии чрезвычайно сложно.

    Днем почти все население столицы Триполи отдыхает на море. Гигантский пляж режет ливийское побережье из конца в конец, и представляет собой цепь сплошных бунгало, аттракционов, “кебабных”, заполненных населением в разгар любого рабочего дня.

    В самом городе Триполи часто можно столкнуться с ситуацией, когда невозможно купить элементарные вещи из-за того, что магазины закрыты, а их сотрудники еще более ленятся даже продавать товар. На основе богатого опыта работы в других частях арабского региона стоит утверждать, что Ливия – одна из немногих арабских стран (если не единственная таковая страна), где уличные продавцы не пытаются постоянно торговаться с покупателем. Это показывает в первую голову отсутствие желания заниматься любой работой, включая даже торговлю, привычную арабским массам в силу национальной специфики.

    Основная материально-производственная культура Ливии изготовлена руками иностранцев.

    Иностранные рабочие и служащие поддерживают и всю созданную стараниями лидера Муаммара Аль-Каддафи прекрасную инфраструктуру. К примеру, внутренние рейсы нередко выполняют Угандийские и иные авиалинии.

    Несомненно, что лидер ливийской революции Муаммар Аль-Каддафи прославил свою страну, и много сделал для ее жителей. Часть народных масс в силу допущенной политической ошибки не оценила такого “благородства”, и стала больше верить “Интернет”-мошенникам и религиозным мракобесам из изуверской секты сенуситов. Кстати, сеть “Интернет” повсеместно и кое-где включая бесплатно, развил именно лидер Каддафи. Вне идейного воспитания каждого человека от рождения это привело к тому, что арабские массы многими часами использовали эту сеть не для саморазвития а, в основном, для потребления видеопродукции сексуального характера.

    Надеемся, что ход событий даст возможность таковому выдающемуся лидеру, как Муаммар Аль-Каддафи, еще более решительно исправить политическое положение, устранить системные ошибки, чтобы продвигать далее генеральное шествие ливийской революции по верному пути самостоятельности.

    Идеологическую работу по воспитанию и перевоспитанию населения нельзя вести от случая к случаю. Воспитание – процесс непрерывный, он заканчивается только с физической смертью воспитываемого. Этому учат уроки временного поражения социализма в отдельных странах Восточной Европы, этому учат уроки ливийской контрреволюции».

  14. Read from what country’s the weapons shoot on the citizen are!

    • No surprises or secrets at all there, mon amie.

      Just as the bloody mass-murdering brown-gowned tent-dwelling savage desert rat Gaddhafi recruits the bulk of his mangy mercenary dogs from the turd world shit holes of sub-Saharan Africa to butcher the Libyan freedom fighters, the senile towel-headed sub-human tyrant buys the bulk of his murdeous weapons from the criminalised Russki empire to commit his despicable deeds of heinous mass slaughter. It’s official and well-known:


      Am I surprised? Of course not!

      As birds of a feather flock together,
      Turdy barbarocracies support each other!

      The dye on Medvedev’s hair is as brown
      As the colour of madman Muammar’s gown!


  15. Real democracy everywhere!

    • axinia Says:

      What is real democracy?

      Democracy had many roots, from the Icelandic council to the Swiss “Landsgemeinde”. All these communities were small by today`s standards. According to the Greek founding fathers, the people cannot assume power beyond the size of a relatively small city. As larger collective grew, checks and balances were lost, leaving the modern ship without mooring.

      The meaning of the very word democracy is power to people, not freedom.The trouble is that the people did not get much training in learning how to handle power. It seems that the relationship between democracy and freedom depends upon the tension between power and people. Must freedom in a democracy mean a free-for-all grab at power? If so, we are perecisely in these deeper troubles that Rousseau, Jefferson and other godfathers of modern democracy wanted to prevent.

      “Demos” means the people, “kratos” means power. However, who is the real ruler when the people rule? Nobody? Everybody? Or somebody. This body may act with such familiarity that its existence is unnoticed. Its shape is ill defined and its desire and purposes are not understood. Is this hypothetical ruler of democracy now inheriting the earth?

      • mirelhr Says:

        As with all forms of governance, democracy is only a means to an end; whether that end is good (freedom) or bad (tyranny) should be the ultimate measure of its worth?

        Now that the people have gotten what they want in Egypt —the overthrow of Mubarak— will “people-power” automatically lead to a more liberal, secular, and pluralistic society?

        does ‘democracy’ not always lead to “universal rights” and or other advantages associated with this form of governance. There is nothing inherently liberal, humanitarian, or secular about democracies, as we have seen from the democratic election of Hitler in Germany; the Palestinians’ election of Hamas in Gaza in 2006; the election of the ayatollahs in Iran after the Shah was toppled in 1979, or even the democratic acceptance of slavery and the disenfranchisement of women in both ancient Athens and the first years of America

        In February, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, the EU foreign minister, Catherine Ashton sat down with a group of journalists to talk about the future of the European Union but she strayed off-topic, insisting on explaining what she saw as the EU’s role in north Africa. At the heart of her talk was a plea for more time to bring about a democratic system. ‘Democracy is a process, not a moment’, she kept saying.

        She said: ‘Stability’s got to be in the process. I’ve described it as “deep democracy”… if you’re going to do it, you have to be able to put in place the capacity for people to be able to have that democracy. You have to build the institutions, you have to support the engines, you have to make sure human rights are respected. You often have to look at the constitution, you have to look at the courts.’

        Ashton did not address the temporal disconnect between institution-building – presumably a decades-long process – and the tense, immediate stand-off taking place in Tahrir Square. How long, exactly, were the Egyptians supposed to wait while the EU built up a ‘deep democracy’ in their country and prepared them to be fit voters? What concrete steps was the EU taking to begin this amazing process? Ashton never said. She mentioned democracy’s highest ideals, but said absolutely nothing to further them.

        Finally, one Lebanese journalist pointed out that Egypt is an ancient society with well-established institutions and a newly empowered electorate. All the country needs now is early elections. Would the EU support a call for early elections?

        Apparently, the answer was no. ‘I don’t tell Egyptians when they should have elections’, Ashton snapped. She added that, while some might think Egypt has an established society ‘some human rights groups’ would disagree. She didn’t seem to notice the contradiction between first calling on Egyptians to determine their own future, and then insisting that they don’t have what’s needed to do so.

        As Egyptians were rising up against their government in early Feb, Ashton penned an article in the London-based Guardian newspaper saying she wanted to see “deep democracy” take root in Egypt. She warned that Egypt should not become a “surface democracy” with votes and elections, but that it should be a “deep democracy,” which involves “respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, an independent judiciary and impartial administration.” She also said the Egyptian government “must respond to the wishes of their people.”

        While Europeans talk a good game about democracy promotion, in practice they have been far more interested in pursing realpolitik, largely in order to protect their business interests in North Africa and the Middle East, and to ensure regional stability to keep a lid on illegal immigration.

        One example involves Tunisia. The autocratic government of Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali secured more than €3.6 billion ($ 4.9 billion) from European taxpayers since 1995, largely at the behest of France. In the midst of the Jasmine Revolution (as the political upheaval in Tunisia is being called), the European Union continued to insist that Ben Ali’s government was a success story.

        During the early days of fighting in Tunisia, French Foreign Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie was vacationing in the seaside town of Tabarka using a jet owned by a Tunisian businessman linked to Ben Ali. She was accompanied on the December trip by her partner Patrick Ollier, also a minister within the French government.

        According to the French newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné, Alliot-Marie’s parents bought shares in a property company owned by an associate of Ben Ali while protests were going on in Tunisia. Just three days before Ben Ali was removed from office, Alliot-Marie offered the “know how” of France’s security forces to help quell the fighting in Tunisia.

        Alliot-Marie resigned from her post on February 27; French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that his ministers should stick to France for their holidays to avoid gaffes, after it emerged that Prime Minister François Fillon had accepted a free holiday from ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

        Another example involves Libya. The European Union, which receives over 85% of Libya’s crude oil exports, has been split over how to react to the violence engulfing the country. A few northern European countries have called for immediate sanctions on the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. But they have been opposed by southern European countries like Italy and Spain, which have significant oil and gas and interests in Libya, and which also fear a “biblical exodus” of refugees.

        Libya exports natural gas to Italy by way of an underwater pipeline, and to Spain in the form of liquefied natural gas. Libya accounts for some 13% of Italy’s total gas imports, and just over 1.5% of total Spanish gas imports. But many more European countries receive crude oil from Libya. Austria receives 21.2% of its crude oil imports from Libya, France 15.7%, Germany 7.7%, Greece 14.6%, Ireland 23.3%, Italy 22.0%, the Netherlands 2.3%, Portugal 11.1%, Spain 12.1%, and the United Kingdom 8.5%, according to the International Energy Agency.

        European bureaucrats are skilful players of the double game? Its all part of the game

  16. olka Says:

    Tripoli under fire in media information war

  17. Real base democracy…citizen might notice the difference if they are truly those deciding in common, or if some play cynical power games .

  18. olka Says:

    want to know truth about Libya ?

  19. olka Says:

    Dear Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the USA.

    We are the specialists of different professions: Ukrainians, Russians, Byelorussians and we work in Libya for more than one year (from 2 to 20). For the time of our stay there we have become good acquainted with the life of Libyan people and we can declare that people in quite a few other countries live in such a social comfort, as Libyans do. They have free health care system and treatment. Their hospitals are provided with the best medical equipment in the world. The education in Libya is free of charge.

    Talented youth has a possibility to study abroad at the expense of Libya. After getting married, a couple can get more than 60 thousands dinar (50 thousand dollars) of financial help. State credits are non-interest-bearing, and as practice shows permanent. Automobile’s prices are considerably lower, than in Europe and affordable for everyone. Petrol costs 18 cent, and bread 4 cent. Those who has farms pay no taxes. Libyans are quiet, peaceful, not inclined to alcohol, very religious people. It’s displeases someone very much!

    This people suffer today: peaceful life of Libyans is violated by the groups of criminal elements and drug-intoxicated young people. They, being armed, attack police departments, military units, arrange firing and the blood flows. Those, who are in charge of them, pursue a clear purpose – to control the Libyan oil and misinform the world public, saying that Libyans struggle against the regime. Tell us, who may dislike such regime? If the same was in Ukraine, Russia or Byelorussia, we would not have been here, but work and enjoy a social comfort in our countries and we would support such a regime in every way. We ask you to bar from foreign military interference in Libyan matters, so that Libya does not become another Iraq. Hands off Libya! Look impudence and impunity of pirates of Somali, dramatic events in Cote d’Ivoire, strikes in Greece, distressful situation of emigrants in France… and Libyans will understand.

    With kind regards and hoping for Your wisdom and discretion.

  20. olka Says:

    …McCain has criticized the Pentagon for its degree of knowledge of the hesitation in Libya. “Quite frankly, it is rare that I hear at these meetings something very different from what I see or hear in the media, ” he said.

    In particular, he recalled a statement by the highest ranking U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen, who said Tuesday he had “no confirmation” of air strikes carried out by aircraft of Colonel Gaddafi against his people. “And of course, shortly after we see footage of it taking place, so I guess they (the military) are not quite in the spot, ” he joked …

    (© AFP / March 4, 2011 5:49 PM)…

  21. olka Says:

    … The assumption that what is happening on the stage of the Arab countries, was developed by the United States, “seems a little out of place”, said Daniel Benjamin yesterday, the coordinator of the fight against terrorism at the State Department, during a press conference held at the headquarters of the American Embassy in Algeria.

    He denies involvement in the Obama administration to riots in Tunisia and Egypt, where he was the fall of Ben Ali and Mubarak as well as to the situation in Libya, of interest to the United States.

    The Obama administration is afraid of the benefits of the current situation in Libya for terrorists, including the purchase of arms.

    “We reaffirm our determination to prevent terrorists from using the situation,” said Mr. Benjamin, adding that the United States have absolutely nothing to do with the riots that rocked some Arab countries, refuting the information disseminated on the Internet sotsseti Facebook, where it is reported that the uprising correspond to bring into effect the famous plan of GMO (Grand Moyen-Orient) / GMO (Greater Middle East) …

  22. olka Says:

    Air Attacks in Libya (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE)

  23. olka Says:

    LONDON – A decision to impose an air exclusion zone over Libya will be taken by the UN and not by the United States, said Tuesday the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in television British Sky News.
    “I think it is very important that this is not a business conducted by the United States because it comes from the Libyans themselves,” Clinton said, referring to the uprising against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
    “We think it is important that it is the UN taking the decision” whether to create a no-fly zone, “said the head of U.S. diplomacy.
    Hours earlier, U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke on the phone “full range” of possible actions to address violence in Libya, including the establishment of a no-fly zone, according to a White House statement.
    In his statement to Sky News, Clinton said the U.S. vision for a settlement of the crisis in Libya.
    “We would like to see (the crisis) resolved peacefully, we would like to see (Muammar Qadhafi) from peaceful, and we’d see a new government come peacefully,” she said.
    “If this is not possible, we will work with the international community, but there are countries that do not agree with that,” Clinton continued, referring apparently to the hostility he some countries to every form of Western military intervention in the Libyan crisis.
    “There is a long way to go before being able to resolve this,” she warned.
    (© AFP / March 8, 2011 10:51 p.m.)

  24. olka Says:

    Obama: Libya is a danger to U.S. security. You dream!

    We are entitled to ask who Khadafi or Obama is the most irrational?
    President of the United States decides to impose unilateral sanctions on Libya. Reason: the continuing violence and unrest (in Libya) is an unusual and extraordinary threat to the security of the United States and its foreign policy (“unusual and extraordinary” Threat “to America’s national security and foreign policy).
    I admit that Gaddafi is a threat to the physical integrity of the Libyans, the pace at which it kills them, not necessarily raising the price of oil in the world, etc. .. but I do not see how it threatens the security of the United States. As for Obama’s foreign policy, if he has one, I do not see that his constant stroking of the Arabs in the grain and the detestation of Israel.

    So there is no connection between cause (trouble in Libya) and effects (threat to security of the United States).
    This is strangely reminiscent of another specious reasoning: the unrest in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere can be explained only by the refusal of Netanyahu to stop building homes in Jerusalem
    How can we lead the world when one is unable to reason properly?

  25. olka Says:

    Gadhafi’s Sons, An ABC Exclusive Interview 2/27/2011

  26. olka Says:

    Petroleum and Empire in North Africa. NATO Invasion of Libya Underway Muamar Gaddafi Accused of Genocide…

  27. It is obvious what kind of “innocent” nationalism some defend through accusative finger pointing at other nationalism.

    Disinformation propagandists on the net to tell us, that dictators are kind to their population as long the oil flows into the right direction…theirs.

    Poor Libyan citizen…their democracy wishes are affected by the oil greed of many.

  28. olka Says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mohandas Ghandhi

  29. olka Says:

    russian people against the russian governement who accepts the sanctions to lybia

  30. Who ever supports or has supported, this evil gang in power who lets bomb with spiteful disdain the own population,… they can be considered as co responsible if the change towards democracy fails.

    • olka Says:

      my friend, there is no another way to the social progress, look in the history, look at the french revolution, look at the ancient slaves-terrorists, look at the the nelson mandela history, look at the russian revolution in 1917, look at ww2 where somebody has decided that there are the “superhumans” and the “shithumans”, look at the actual demonstrations in usa, look at the protests in europe which takes place all the time…
      there is no difference between americans, arabs, africains, russians or others…
      everybody who just imagine another thing – must be killed, just in the time he thinks that for the first time…
      americans doesn t like muslims, they doesn t like niggers, they doesn like kaddafi…where is the difference ?
      they think they are “better”…that is the answer…
      there is no difference betwen “left” and “right”, “kommunists” and “kapitalists”, “islam” and “catolics”…you have to be extremely stupid if you don t understant it…
      islam countries are sure for 100 % that theyare better then “occident”…
      every body who thinks that there are “better people, regims, constitution, skin color, etc” – must be exterminated, and before they open their mouth…

    • olka Says:

      you will never change your mind, it s no your fault, you are educated like that, like thousand peoples in another counries which are educated in another way…we are all “conditionned”…
      nobody knows what to do with africains, europe suffer oh thousand of emigrants which comes for the european social advantages which gives them the possibility to study and work, to have the acces to medicine and have a normal life…the meaning of “normal life” is the same for all the people…
      kaddafi was thinking of “panafrica” – the big country where all the people live, work, stay at home and don t want to emigrate “where is better” or destroyed “the occident”…the big african country could be emerged…there are the supporters of kaddafi in all africa, he is the son of africa, he is the “progress” of africa, he is the first who has created the “west look democracy” in africa…he has done it by himself without any help, you know that he has got the power wothout any blood ? people supported him and there were not one drop of blood – read the internet…
      that s what the others doesn t like – the concurrence…you imagine – “others”, “niggers”, “muslims” are able to do the same that “white people”…
      this “white people” has to be killed, at least some of them, the others will understand…
      enjoy twice…

    • olka Says:

      let the ” lybian democrats” make history by themselfes…if they are able…
      they have all the “vote system” to do it…
      now they are crying “please help us”… ???”
      kaddafi is alone, nobody wants to help him, and he will win…after have made “the real country” from the desert and savage tribus…he is just laughing…

  31. Mahesh chendake Says:

    Two days back there was a news in local news paper that two boys from satara trapped in Libiya . they are eating rotten food and trying to escape from their up to now with mobile they were having contact with family member but now security have taken out their sim card also so no contact . still one old mobile they have with no balance on which family members are trying to contact . Indian govt also not helping them to come back….

    • olka Says:

      Ah ha ha…it s your grandmothers newspaper ?
      Your dream is to become a Slumdog millionnaire ?

      The 21,000 Indian nationals settled in Libya fleeing the fighting and were repatriated by their government. With one thing in mind: to leave. Reporting in New Delhi.

      In the large meeting room at the Kerala House, three kids running after. They look happy. Their parents, who were lying on mattresses laid on the ground, do not share this indifference. On 10 March, they suddenly left Libya, where they lived for some for over 30 years, returned by the Indian authorities that host them now in this building in New Delhi. They await their flight to Kerala state of southern India from which they originate.
      Attracted by much higher salaries than at home, thousands of Indians have chosen to work in Libya, consuming cheap foreign labor market. “We were 21 000 before the start of the revolt,” said an official of the Indian embassy in Libya, himself returned the previous night. 19 000 of them are back in India.
      According to the diplomat, many Indian nurses working in Libya refused to be evacuated. They generally have borrowed a large sum of money to pay the agency that arranged their exile. “They know that Indian wages will not allow them to repay the loan,” says Santhosh, an employee of the Kerala House.
      Most Indians have waited until the last moment to pack up. “In recent days, a rumor circulated that the opponents would attack us,” says Binu Joseph, a professor at the University of Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown. For my family, so I agreed to leave the country “.
      “Gaddafi has done much for his people”
      But they returned to the heart-cons. These Indians keep a very good image of Libya and … its chairman. “It’s a good man. He did a lot for his people, he gives $ 100 per month (80 euros) to each family Jamahiriya and infrastructure are much better than in India, Nair exclaims, English teacher Tripoli until this week. And Westerners are always talking about Gaddafi bad, then it welcomes foreigners very well. ”
      After eleven years spent in Libya, Sadiq also has a high opinion of the rais, “I do not know how Gadhafi was with the Libyans, but with strangers, he behaved very well.” The safety officer is concerned that the romance does fade with the fall of the regime.
      Unlike their fellow employees in the Gulf, Indian Libya are mainly skilled workers. None complained of having been abused, as is often the case in countries of the Arabian Peninsula. Sitting on a mattress next to his single suitcase, Gurudas Vidhyadharan assured: he “worked in Kuwait, Dubai and Abu Dhabi: nothing is as well as Libya.”
      Bombs “to terrify the people”
      Some of them lived in areas of fighting, but the Indians of Kerala House saw nothing of the violence perpetrated by supporters of Gaddafi. Like Nair, they even put them in perspective: “The night before our evacuation, we were very scared because the bombings took place near our house. But the next day by opening the shutters, we saw that nothing had been destroyed. It’s done to scare people, that’s all. ”

      An expatriate Indian Libya, back in New Delhi.
      Mary Kostrze

      In the dormitory improvised a few suitcases, piled share and others. Moidu NPA had lived in Libya for 30 years. Like others, he left his home in haste and all assets accumulated over the years. This fifties hopes to leave quickly. “I have money in a bank account there and the company I work for owes me a part of my salary. I do not know if I’ll be repaid,” he fears.
      Returnees share the same vow: not to stay too long in Kerala. “Salaries in India do not allow us to support our families, Binu Joseph regrets. If I can return to Libya, I’ll go to another Arab country.” Nair, who has given all his property to his neighbor, Libyan, is optimistic. The University has promised to call back as soon as the situation stabilizes. For him, “for sure” they will go away.
      source : l express.fr 11/03/2011 à 19:33

  32. Looks like the filthy, stinking, brown-gowned mass-murdering desert rat Gadhaffi, his satanic spawn and their turdy cronies have a worldwide mercenary army to spew out his despicable propaganda in order to cover up the heinous acts of mass murder that the lowly desert loafer and his army of sub-human mercenary dogs are carrying out on the Libyan freedom fighters and Libyan people in general.

    No one is fooled by the crap spewed out by the goons in the pay of Gaddhafi and his mass-murdering cronies.

    Clearing up myths and misconceptions about Gaddafi and the Libyan uprising


    Despite all the reports of mass murder and destruction wreaked on innocent civilians in Libya by dictator Mu’ammar Gaddafi’s home-grown thugs and foreign mercenaries, one cannot but be shocked by the fact that this criminal and thief still manages to delude some people who are fooled by his cheap tricks.

    Yet, when you think of clever public relations and subtle propaganda, probably the last people who would come to mind are Gaddafi and his offspring.

    That is certainly perplexing to Libyans or other Arabs who have lived in Libya.

    But outside Libya, Gaddafi is not short of supporters.

    By and large, the people who sing Gaddafi’s praises fall into two categories. First, there are those who have been paid by his regime, or else are recipients of his patronage. I won’t say anything about these: they are hirelings who would sell their soul to the highest bidder.

    A second category of Gaddafi praise-singers comprises people who live outside Libya and have never witnessed at first hand how he has destroyed his country and stole its national wealth, murdered and incarcerated his people and betrayed those whose causes he supposedly espouses.


    The writer asks “whose side is one on?”

    As usual, birds of a feather flock together. The ones who are shocked, alarmed and disgusted at the heinous acts of mass slaughter carried out by the stinking, despicable loafer of a madman desperately clinging on to power and committing genocide against his own people are on the side of the Libyan freedom fighters.

    Those on the side of the Libyan loafer and his filthy, mangy mercenary dogs are either lowly hirelings who would sell out their soul to the highest bidder and happily do their dirty work or are such pathetically deluded hordes of brainwashed turd world hominoid specimens who would worship a mass-murdering filth being and his hordes of rabid mercenary scum beings because the Libyan loafer Gaddhafi confirms their idea of a person who satisfies the qualities of a “leader”.

    Both kinds are hopeless specimens of hominoidkind who are the perfect kind of creatures that the scum beings of the NWO want to inhabit the planet so that they can carry on with their filthy, satanic aims.


  33. Seeing all those worthless politicians unwilling or unable to set limits to this megalomaniac tyrant who attacks his own population, makes one wonder what they have in mind after having supported his regime for so long.

    • Doesn’t it remind you, mon amie, of another megalomaniac tyrant (who was born in Austria) in Europe about three-quarters of a century ago, who committed genocide against several groups of people?

      Then, as now, the notorious scoundrel was faced with two kinds of politicians.

      The commie hordes belonging to the satanic Soviet empire run by the butcher of Ukraine, Iosif Djugashvili, decided to actually work in tandem with the megalomaniac after the two evil empires came to a mutual agreement to invade, occupy, carve up and brutalise Poland and commit genocide upon the hapless Polish people, wipe out the Polish urban classes, summarily execute the entire Polish administration and drive the Polish peasants into forced serfdom.

      The other kind of politicians (from empires such as Great Britain, France, USA etc.) were busy appeasing the megalomaniac tyrant despite knowing that he was a satanic mass-murderer whose evil ideas knew no end and who would go to any extent to carry out his despicable plans.

      What happened to both those kinds of politicians and the hopeless hordes who supported their notorious politicians?

      This is something very similar. Let’s not forget that the megalomaniac tyrant actually bombed a civilian passenger aircraft killing all those on board. It is the very same madman who became close friends with lowly political goons like Blair, Berlusoni, Putin and the like. Even as the megalomaniac sub-human tent-dweller is unleashing genocide against his own people with the aid of foreign mercenary scum beings, he is being cheered on as a “great leader” by those lowly hirelings in his pay as well as hopeless brainwashed specimens who believe deliberate mass-murder against civilians is a wonderful thing.

      This is NWO working in its most obvious manner. Turd world lowlives voraciously supporting a heinously satanic mass-murderer and his filthy mercenary pigs while the first world politicians deliberately taking no action to put an end to acts of sadism by the tent-dwelling desert loafer. The filthy turd world hordes of savages and the lowly first world “elite” scum beings are the lapdogs of the NWO, satanic tools of the NWO scum to turn the entire planet into a stinking turd world septic tank that literally resembles hell on Earth.


    • It looks like those worthless politicians have finally got into the act, at last, at the Uncouth Nations (UN).

      As usual, the criminalised turd world shit holes were on the side of evil. Four filthy BRICS of TURD barbarocracies (banana republic Brazilian empire, stinking sewery Indian empire, criminalised Russian empire and totalitarian commie Chinese empire) abstained from the resolution calling the despicably sub-human and disgustingly filthy mass-murdering madman Gaddafi to stop butchering civilians. Being sub-satanic empires run by criminalised scum beings and populated by voraciously arse-licking hordes, it was expected that these four detestable crap hole empires that pass off as “countries” would support the mass-murdering butcher who lives in a tent. But even these satanic trash heaps did not vote against the resolution but abstained. Perhaps, it was because the Arab League itself had called for a no-fly zone over Libya to stop the stinking brown-gowned desert rat and his rabid mercenary dogs.

      What came as a real surprise was civilised Germany abstaining from the vote. Germany is by NO means an uncouth turd world shit hole like the other four, NOR is it an evil, satanic empire like those filthy BRICS of turd. It’s baffling why civilised Germany chose to abstain 😕 Whatever the reason for Germany to abstain (even if it was different from those of the criminalised BRICS of turd), it took an unwise decision by choosing to travel in the same boat as the criminalised, corrupt and turdy barbarocratic BRIC empires 👿

      Civilised Germany would do well to stay as far away from the evil actions of the stinking banana republics and the criminalised sub-human regimes of such turd world trash heaps. Germany’s natural place would be in the camp of civilised countries where it may have to play a leading role in the near future, in guiding humankind on a path of civilisational progress. On the other hand, the lowly, criminalised, evil, uncouth BRICS of turd barbarocratic banana republics are the chosen tools of Satan 👿 to destroy humankind and turn it into a hell on Earth.

      Also deserving mention is the role played by civilised France in getting the Uncouth Nations (UN) to act. I’ve never liked Sarkozy, but the current French gubmint did the right thing on this issue. France was the one who goaded the Uncouth Nations into action, before it was too late. Dominated as the Uncouth Nations is by the stinking, sub-human turd world shit holes and the hordes of uncivilised barbarians who populate such trash heaps, the criminalised turd world sub-humans might have tried to support (by hook or crook) the mass-murdering desert rat and the filthy mercenary pigs in his pay. The delaying tactics by the turd world septic tanks were a part of this satanic plan. But it is good that France chose to act before it was too late. Vive la France! 🙂

      As for the tent-dwelling desert rat and his satanic spawn, the cowardly sub-humans have supposedly “proclaimed” a ceasefire as soon as they realised a no-fly zone would be enforced. Like all stinking sub-human turd world armies, the savage Libyan loafers and mercenaries in Gaddhafi’s pay can only fight against a rag-tag bunch of civilians, defectors, retired grandfathers, unarmed youth, women and children and that too, only when the mercenary dogs are supported by tanks, artillery, choppers and supersonic jets. When faced with their equals in terms of firepower, being the filthy, cowardly, satanic, turd world sub-human mercenary dogs that they are, they would begin crapping and pissing in their pants (or gown in the case of the savage Libyan loafer). Typical cowardly turd world sub-human mangy dogs! 😡

      The couragerous Libyan freedom fighters have begun celebrating on the streets of Benghazi and other liberated cities on hearing the news that the Libyan loafer’s firepower would be neutralised in case the cowardly mercenary scum choose to attack them.

      Three cheers to the courage, bravery, attitude, humanism and spirit of the heroic Libyan freedom fighters! What they woefully lack in training, organisational skills, weapons and tactics, they more than make up for it with their determination, courage and never-say-die attitude of taking on a murderous sub-human tyrant and his mercenary pigs. Now that the mercenary dogs will not dare to attack the freedom fighters from the air with fighter jets and helicopter gunships, the world expects the Libyan freedom fighters to pulverise the Libyan loafer’s mercenaries in double quick time.

      Let the march to Tripoli begin right away! Let the courageous freedom fighters liberate the Libyan towns one by one from the vice-like grip of the brown-gowned Satan and his rabid turd world mercenary dogs! Let the Gaddafi scum be hung from the lamp-posts outside his palace in Tripoli!

      Libya deserves to be FREE!

      Blaggard Ben Ali to the West,
      Murderous Mubarak to the East.

      Once Gadaffi too gets kicked out,
      “Allahu Akbar!” shall be the shout.

      Begin the march to Tripoli,
      Liberate Libya for posterity!

      Lamp-posts for the filthy Gaddafis,
      Gallows for their rabid mercenaries.

      Libya deserves to be FREE!!!


  34. I saw in the news, some drivers driving their cars into demonstrating people on the street, I don’t know in what country.Who does such things? What level of disconnected violence is needed ?

  35. Vinayakah Says:

    Dear Axinia, whole history of this world, you find in the books, is a lie, all religions we have here is a lie, all the politics, medicine, society, all that we were told about ourselves by the so called authorities is a complete lie……

    Whole this world as it is now is a lie, dead lie, offered to us, to our minds, with shaking hands of evil beings behind the scene, hands shaking with fear….that we learn the truth once, and we will no more support, build up and CREATE their evil visions they themselves cant realize. They cant, cause they are dead, they have no power to create…so they need us to do it. What will happen if we dont do it? We dont need, just we need to understand it;) All that dead concepts, fears, lies, all that huge manipulation that is taking place cant live without us participating on it – it is dead, until we give live to it.
    I am very happy Mother has written the book “The Creation”, before She left, to make us understand, and I hope it will be distributed fast and complete, so that everyone can understand….

    We can change everything – just to understand.

  36. Stinking brown-gowned Satan exposes his true colours! 😡

    I’m watching Al-Jazeera English and Al-Jazeera Arabic right now and they confirm that the filthy desert rat’s jets are bombing civilians in Benghazi, after the satan of Libya supposedly “declared a ceasefire”. Typical of a sub-human turd world shit hole, the Libyan loafers have exposed their true colours 👿

    The time for foreign countries to act is NOW! Before the stinking filth being carries out a genocide in Benghazi. I hope the French Armée de l’Air gets its Rafales and Mirages flying over Libya and begins pulverising the filthy flying coffins (Gaddafi’s MiG turdplanes) soon! The primitive, archaic Soviet/Russki technology of Gaddafi’s MiG turdplanes and stinking Sukhois wouldn’t stand a chance against the advanced French Dassault Rafales and Mirages and Gaddafi’s cowardly semi-literate mercenary pigs flying the crappy Soviet/Russki aircraft would be sitting ducks for the ace French pilots.

    Wait! Now, the Al-Jazeera reporter is announcing that a filthy MiG turdplane has been shot down over Benghazi by anti-aircraft guns fired by the heroic Libyan freedom fighters! Hooray!!! 🙂 The rotten Russki/Soviet aluminium crap masquerading as “fighter jets” (MiG turdplanes/stinking Sukhois) can’t even fly in the face of tiny ack-acks and shoulder fired missiles of the Libyan freedom fighters! Typical of crappy commie technology 😮 These “fighter jets” are the airplane equivalents of the rotten metal jokes with four wheels (Ladas) and plastic tubs with motorcycle engines (Trabants) that the criminalised commie regimes kept churning out at the glacial rate of one every week 😀

    No wonder, the MiG-21 turdplanes that are operated by the sub-satanic Indian empire are better known as “flying coffins” to hindoid savages because they crash routinely and very frequently on their own immediately after taking off. Rotten Red commie Soviet “technology”! 😆

    Al-Jazeera Arabic (AJA) is putting out much better coverage than Al-Jazeera English (AJE) on Libya. It’s continuous with fabulous videos showing (what I presume to be) Gaddafi’s MiG turdplanes on the horizon attacking Benghazi and Libyan freedom fighters firing their little ack-acks and machine guns from the backs of Toyota pick-up trucks. I salute the sheer guts and raw courage of the heroic Libyan freedom fighters in the face of the Libyan loafers’ sub-human mercenary pigs and aerial bombing by MiG turdplanes and stinking Sukhois. Alas! 😦 Fabulous as the coverage of Libya’s freedom struggle is on AJA, I cannot understand a word of what the beautiful lady (who by the way isn’t wearing a headscarf, a rare thing on AJA) or her guests are speaking, so I’ll have to switch to AJE to understand what’s actually happening in Libya’s heroic freedom struggle.

    By the way, one very, very RARE good thing about crappy Soviet/rotten Russki technology is the ubiquitous AK-47 assault rifle. It’s easily recognisable from a distance by its curved magazine and seems to be the favourite of everyone, whether it’s the filthy mercenary pigs with Gaddafi or the courageous Libyan freedom fighters. At least old man Kalashnikov got his design spot on. The AK-47 seems to be a rare, rare example of commie technology that actually works, let alone work so well 😉

    Libya deserves to be FREE!


  37. It took these politicians long to figure out that their image could be damaged if they don’t support a population demanding democracy.
    They mostly have to find out first where their interests are.
    The interest all humanity has in common is the free expression of liberty everywhere on earth.The more liberty exists in one country the more it inspires other.

    Bon courage, citoyens libres de lybie.

  38. Bon courage, citoyens libres de Libye.
    (My dyslexia again,sorry!)

  39. olka Says:

    Stop aggression against independent Libya!

  40. As opposed to the foreign mercenaries in stinking madman Gaddafi’s pay who have been recruited by sons of the brown-gowned Satan (Saif al-Gaddafi and other satanic spawn) to spew out turdy propaganda, a true Libyan writes that the West is finally doing the right thing in Libya by protecting the heroic Libyan freedom fighters from cold-blooded slaughter carried out by satanic stink beings in the pay of the Libyan loafer Gaddafi and filthy foreign mercenary dogs recruited from the sub-human turd world shit holes of the planet to carry out genocide against the Libyan people and heroic Libyan freedom fighters to liberate Libya from the clutches of the brown-gowned son of Satan and his filthy mercenary pigs:


    Three cheers to France and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy for goading the Uncouth Nations (UN) into action to protect the people of Libya from the satanic Libyan loafers working for Gaddafi as well as the hordes of rabid, sub-human turd world sewer creatures recruited by the desert rat to commit genocide on the Libyans. Vive la France! 🙂

    Death to Gaddafi, his satanic spawn and their filthy mercenary pigs!!! 😡 May those stinking, genocidal turd world sub-satanic creatures rot in hell for eternity!!! Stinking sons of Satan! 👿

    The time is up for the brown-gowned son of Satan!

    The time is finally up!
    For Gaddafi and his bald pup!

    The stinking brown-gowned satan’s mercenary hordes
    Shall be pulverised and driven out in droves.

    Gaddafi’s cowardly goons and pigs shall become zeroes,
    At the hands of Libya’s freedom fighter heroes!

    The tyrant’s crappy Soviet/rotten Russki turdplanes shall be fried brown,
    Just like the colour of madman Muammar’s stinking gown.

    Gaddafi’s Russki flying crap shall break up on assault,
    From the civilised French aces’ advanced Dassaults!

    And along with the madman’s rotting Russki T-72s
    Shall be flushed down the Saharan loos.

    Libya shall be FREE!!!


  41. Tribute to the courageous Libyan freedom fighters seeking to liberate the oppressed and brutalised population of Libya from the satanic clutches of the tyrannical brown-gowned sewer rat, his satanic spawn and hordes and hordes of rabid sub-satanic turd world mercenary scum beings recruited from the stinking shit holes of the world to massacre and slaughter the heroic Libyan freedom fighters and people:

  42. Lyrics of the Libyan Revolutionary Song (also the old Libyan Anthem till the brown-gowned son of Satan, stinking desert rat Gaddafi, abolished it after seizing power in a military coup)

    In Arabic

    يا بلادي بجهادي وجلادي ادفعي كيد الأعادي
    اسلمي طول المدي إننا نحن الفدا
    ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا

    يا بلادي أنت ميراث الجدود
    لارعى الله يداً تمتد لك
    فاسلمي، إنا -على الدهر- جنود
    لا نبالي إن سلمت من هلك
    وخذي منا وثيقات العهود
    إننا يا ليبيا لن نخذلك
    لن نعود للقيود قد تحررنا وحررنا الوطن
    ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا


    Ya Biladi Ya Biladi Bijihadi Wajiladi
    Idfa’i Kaydal A’adi Wal’awadi Waslami
    Islami Islami Islami Tulal Mada Innana Nahnul Fida
    Libya Libya Libya.

    Yabiladi Anti Mirathul Judud
    La Ra’allahu Yadan Tamtaddu Lak
    Faslami Inna ‘Aladdahri Junud
    La Nubali In Salimti Man Halak
    Wakhudi Minna Wathiqatil ‘Uhud
    Innana Ya Libya Lan Nakhdilak
    Lanna’ud Lil Quyud Qadd Taharrarna Waharrarnal Watan
    Libya Libya Libya.

    English translation

    Oh my country! With my struggle and my patience
    Drive off enemies and mishaps,
    And survive!
    Survive all through, we are your ransom
    Libya, Libya, Libya!

    Oh my country! You are the heritage of grandfathers,
    May God cast off any hand that would harm you
    Do survive! We are for ever your soldiers,
    If you survive we care not who perishes.
    To you we give solemn pledges
    That we, Oh Libya, will never fail you.
    We will never go back to fetters, we have been liberated,
    and we have freed our home country Libya, Libya, Libya!

    What a wonderful revolutionary song! So apt for the current heroic Libyan Freedom Struggle against the satanic sub-human brown-gowned scum being Gaddafi, his satanic spawn and his hordes and hordes of stinking, filthy mercenary pigs recruited from the sewery turd world shit holes of the world to butcher and commit genocide against the heroic Libyan people.

    Oh my country! With my struggle and my patience
    Drive off enemies and mishaps,

    Enemies – Gaddafi, his satanic spawn and his filthy turd world mercenary scum

    Mishaps – Four decade long tyranny of the savage, sub-human, brown-gowned son of Satan and his stinking spawn

    May God cast off any hand that would harm you

    Any hand that would harm you – Hands of the Gaddafi pig, his despicable spawn and the hordes of filthy, mangy mercenary dogs from the turd world shit holes of the world.

    We will never go back to fetters, we have been liberated,

    fetters – satanic 4 decade long tyrannical rule of the brown-gowned son of Satan

    liberated – people of Benghazi, Tobruk and other free Libyan cities having been liberated from the satanic clutches of the sewer rat and his stinking turd world mercenary scum

    and we have freed our home country Libya, Libya, Libya!

    freed our home country – from the despicably filthy clutches of the sub-human son of Satan, the rotten brown-gowned pig Gaddafi, his stinking spawn and hordes and hordes of despicable turd world mercenary sewer creatures.


  43. Savage brown-gowned son of Satan and his stinking turd world mercenary pigs kidnap Al-Jazeera reporters in Tripoli

    Al-Jazeera is unlike any other “mainstream media” pigs, and certainly the opposite of filthy regime-run turd world sewery propaganda machines (that can even put stinking Soviet and other commie propaganda filth to shame with their utter lies meant for the voraciously arse-licking hordes). No wonder, satanic regimes throughout the world are scared of Al-Jazeera and try all possible sub-human means to keep Al-Jazeera out.

    But for the savage mass-murdering sub-human genocidal tyrants whose evil actions of slaughter, mass murder and genocide against their own people are getting broadcast to the world, thanks to Al-Jazeera, the network and its heroic reporters become an enemy that they should kill, just like the sub-satanic turd world scum beings slaughter their own people.

    No wonder, stinking pigs in the pay of the brown-gowned desert loafer Gaddafi murdered an Al-Jazeera cameraman in cold blood in the city of Benghazi. Though Benghazi is a liberated Libyan city, there are hordes of sadistic Gaddhafi loafers in hiding in the city, waiting to act as a fifth column against the courageous Libyan freedom fighters when savage, sub-human turd world mercenary pigs in Gaddhafi’s pay (sub-Saharan mercenary butchers as well as Serb and Russki mercenary pilots who bomb civilians from the air while flying the genocidal maniac’s crappy Soviet/rotten Russki pieces of aluminium crap like the MiG turdplanes and stinking Sukhois) attack the city seeking to enslave it for Gaddhafi, his satanic spawn and the sub-human mercenary pigs from turd world shit holes.

    From AJE on the web:

    Al Jazeera team held in Libya

    Muammar Gaddafi’s security forces have arrested four Al Jazeera Arabic journalists and are holding them in Tripoli.

    Security forces loyal to longtime Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have arrested four Al Jazeera Arabic journalists who have been working in western Libya for several days, the network said early on Sunday.

    The four journalists are:
    Ahmed Vall Ould Addin, correspondent
    Kamel Atalua, cameraman
    Ammar al-Hamdan, cameraman
    Lotfi al-Messaoudi, correspondent

    The network holds the Libyan authorities responsible for their safety, security and well-being, and “regional parties” are helping to secure their release, Al Jazeera said in a statement.

    “We’re doing everything possible to secure the release of our colleagues from the Gaddafi authorities,” Al Jazeera director general Wadah Khanfar wrote on Twitter. “We want them back immediately.”

    The Libyan freedom fighters must do whatever they can to free the courageous and unparalleled journalists from the satanic clutches of the brown-gowned desert savage and rescue them safely. If the sub-human brown-gowned sewer rat harms these heroic journalists in any manner, then the sub-human stink being, his satanic spawn and his filthy mercenary scum beings will be tried for this crime, in addition to mass murder, genocide, human butchery, mass infanticide and crimes against humanity when Libya is finally liberated from the satanic clutches of the tent-dwelling brown-gowned filth being, his despicable spawn and the sewery turd world sub-human mercenary scum beings in their pay.

    Libya shall be FREE!!!


  44. olka Says:

    WASHINGTON – The coalition air strikes against Libya were not intended to “hunt Gaddafi of power” but to “protect civilians” Libya said Sunday the highest ranking U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen, on the Fox.

    “It’s certainly a possibility, “he also said the Chief of Joint Staff interviewed on NBC on the fact that Colonel Qaddafi could stay in power after the coalition intervention.

    “The objectives of this campaign so far are limited and it does not remove him from power, ” he said on the show “Meet the Press. ”

    “The purpose of the Security Council of the United Nations was really Benghazi and the protection of civilians, ” he said. “This is not to hunt Gaddafi himself or to attack at this moment, ” continued Admiral Mullen on Fox.

    “This is complete goals relatively limited so that it ceases to kill his people and that humanitarian aid can make their way, ” he said.

  45. olka Says:

    CAIRO – The Arab League chief Amr Moussa on Sunday criticized the bombing of the international coalition against Libya, saying they deviate “the goal is to impose a no fly zone”.

    Moussa also said that consultations were underway to hold an emergency meeting of the pan-Arab organization, based at Cairo, on the situation in the Arab world, particularly in Libya.

    “What happened in Libya is different from the purpose which is to impose no-fly zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians and not the other bombing civilians, ” he said reporters.

    “We asked at the outset that no-fly zone was established to protect civilians and to prevent all Libyan developments or additional measures, ” he added.

    “We are currently consulting for a meeting to follow all the Arab events, ” he said.

    A coalition led by the United States, France and Britain launched military operations on Saturday under the resolution 1973 adopted on Thursday evening at the UN to try to stop the suppression of the revolt against the Gaddafi regime which started in mid-February.

  46. German press is critical of the Merkel gubmint’s decision to travel in the same boat as the savage, uncouth BRICS of turd crap holes.

    Der Spiegel seems to have got it absolutely spot on on this issue:


    Quoting from the article:

    When it came down to the crunch, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle decided that Germany should side with China and Russia. Together, the three members of the United Nations Security Council abstained from Thursday’s vote on a resolution to impose a no-fly zone on Libya. It is a curious political development, to say the least.

    The trio makes for strange bedfellows. There is Germany, a democracy which puts great store in the rule of law and human rights, siding with a communist, one-party dictatorship and a country with a dubious track record on political freedoms.

    Berlin’s move could have lasting repercussions. Although Berlin has not blocked military action by abstaining, the German government has marginalized itself.

    End of quotes

    It exactly mirrors my views on the issue 🙂 (one difference – obviously Der Spiegel chooses to use “politically correct” language like using euphemistic terms for the uncouth regimes of totalitarian turd world shit holes).

    Indeed, West Germany (along with their Axis ally Japan) after WW II has been a model of a civilised, evolved, advanced country. The two were utterly devastated and deliberately reduced to ashes by occupying forces who willfully and sadistically brutalised the hapless populations of the two countries. But the two have shown that their civilised peoples possess the resilience, industriousness, productivity, ethical and civilisational values to rise from literal ashes to the very top of human civilisational advancement like the proverbial phoenix in barely a couple of decades after their darkest hours. And West Germany became Germany after the erstwhile DDR was liberated from the sadistic clutches of the satanic Soviet empire and their shameless puppets, the DDR commies and their notorious Stasi thugs.

    Being a civilised country, the people of the world would naturally expect Germany to associate itself with other civilised countries and peoples to advance the cause of humanism, societal ethics, human evolution, civilisational advancement, protection of Human Rights and promotion of Liberty throughout the world.

    Whatever the German reason to abstain from the vote, Germany was seen as being in evil 👿 company among the savage BRICs of turd barbarocracies. No one expected civilised Germany to travel in the same boat as the uncouth, barbaric, turd world crap holes of evil, sub-satanic empires that do not respect, or even recognise/understand the simple concept of Human Rights that is so essential to anyone who calls himself a human being. Being sub-human regimes that run turd world shit holes populated by voraciously arse-licking hordes, no one expects the BRICs of turd crapocracies 👿 to respect the concept of Universal Human Rights.

    But how could civilised Germany travel in the same boat as the four uncouth, savage turd BRICs 😕 Civilised Germany with its technological prowess, respect for humanist values, cultural sophistication and overall civilisational advancement is poles apart from the four despicable turd BRICs that it chose to associate itself with by abstaining from the vote.

    The barbaric Brazilian empire is an Amazonian banana republic with unimaginably massive economic inequality, mass poverty, crime, corruption and drug-mafia infestation. The rotten Russki empire is effectively a totalitarian barbarocracy, hopelessly corrupt and perpetually drunk, criminalised to the core with every sphere of life being controlled by the all-powerful mafiosi scum and a vile regime run by a notorious clan of ex-KGB (later FSB) thugs. The crappy Chinese empire is a totalitarian commie tyranny that would put even the bloodthirsty DDR commies and their Stasi goons to shame with their sheer brutality and inhumanity. As far as the sub-satanic, sewery Indian empire is concerned, the whole world knows what a stinking shit hole of a barbarocratic sham democracy it is, run by the vilest bunch of a satanic cabal, (over)populated by hordes and hordes of stinking, pea-brained, hominoid savages who practise a filthy “culture” so uncouth and sub-satanic that it would even make the Neanderthal cavemen look like a civilised bunch.

    Why on Earth would highly civilised Germany choose to associate its actions with such a rotten bunch of stinking turd BRICs 😕 One perfectly understands that Germany would naturally not wish to get involved in military action overseas after the horrors of WW II (even that is in question after the German involvement in the ISAF in Afghanistan). But it merely need not have sent aircraft to the international effort, instead of abstaining. Considering that the brown-gowned Libyan loafer Qaddhafy bought a lot of overseas politicians with his enormous private wealth stolen from the brutalised Libyan people and assuming the fact that no gubmint (even in the civilised countries) is corruption-free, there may to be more to it than meets the eye 😯 But to give the benefit of the doubt to that nice lady Angela Merkel, it could just be a nervous gubmint eager to avoid a backlash in upcoming state elections after the expose on German ISAF troops and the subsequent resignations of the German Defence Minister and later, the German President on related controversies 😐

    As the Spiegel authors state, without a doubt, Germany stood isolated by the actions of the German gubmint at the Uncouth Nations (UN) vote. What’s worse is the fact that Germany’s actions were the same as the four stinking, savage, barbarocratic turd BRICs whose hordes are too uncouth to even understand the concept of Universal Human Rights, let alone respect them. Being a civilised country, one would naturally expect the German press to be highly critical of its gubmint on this crucial humanitarian issue. And Der Spiegel has done exactly that! Kudos to the German magazine!!!


    • olka Says:

      please write the same in french and russian, if you are able…like me, and not try to ask help to somebody like russian inable commies do…
      nobody understand your insults and scum… 🙂

      • First of all, would you please write what you meant in English (or French, for that matter) that can be understood by others? I don’t understand your Russglish 🙂

        And why should I ask somebody help to write in the Russki language 😕 This is a blog where the posts and comments are almost completely in English, even if the author herself is a Lithuano-Russo-Austrian. And even if I have to read/write something in Russian I use the N number of translators on the web. Agreed, machine translation is far from perfect, but it is a million times better than asking a commie for help. The entire world knows what kind of “help” the sadistic bloodthirsty commies are capable of providing.

        It’s a pity 😦 that they failed to teach English in the Soviet schools… I should rather say, Soviet brainwashing camps meant for the little commies.

        The Soviet commie mass-murderers must have thought… why risk teaching English to the enslaved children whose parents were rotting away in Siberian Gulags doing forced “correctional” labour? They might get to learn the concepts of freedom, liberty, human rights, right to free speech, right to thought and expression, political freedoms, private property etc. etc. from English books, journals and magazines smuggled in from the free world, and then overthrow their “beloved” totalitarian commie regime and the hordes of KGB thugs keeping them inside a freezing prison surrounded by a rotten Iron Curtain 😀 No, the commie mass-murderers could not dare to take that dire risk. However much the “Party” and the KGB goons censored every little thing, they couldn’t control the free world outside which used English (among other languages)… instead they could do whatever they wanted with the Russian language (not to mention the scores of other hapless Soviet languages that were deliberately and brutally suppressed by the satanic Soviet commies). Forcibly drilling the bloody, mass-murdering ideas of Ulyanov, Djugashvili & Co. into the minds of the little comrades was more important to the Soviet genocidal maniacs than teaching English which would have acted as the window to the world and liberated them from the sadistic commie hordes.

        Besides, the satanic Soviet commies hallucinated that they were so powerful with their nukes, their MiG turdplanes, stinking Sukhois, rotten T-72s and other weapons of mass murder, that they would easily conquer the entire free world, commit genocide against anyone who dared to resist (aided by verminous scum like the brown-gowned Libyan loafer, madman Mao, the Cuban inFidel Castro, putrid Pol Pot and other mass-murderers) and impose commie savagery and the Russki language on their new colonies, just like they did with the unfortunate occupied nations and peoples of the commie Soviet “Union”, apart from Eastern & Central Europe as well as other commie puppet regimes like Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam etc. Why teach English to the little commies when the “great working class peoples’ state” 🙄 was about to destroy America, the UK, Europe and the rest of the free world and forcibly make the Russki language the lingua franca of the entire planet?

        It turned out that the Soviet commie hordes were wildly hallucinating after getting hopelessly drunk on their favorite vodka 😀 Let alone conquer the entire free world along with civilised Western Europe, North America and Far East Asia, the criminalised commies got a royal, unforgettable hammering from the primitive hordes of goat-herding, poppy-growing, towel-headed cave-dwellers of the Afghan mountains 😆 😆 😛


      • Man! One has to hand it to the Afghan goat-herding towel-heads! 🙂 Primitive, savage and uncouth they may be, forcing their hapless women into wearing long curtain cloths and doing only the cooking, cleaning and breeding, while they graze the goats, grow poppies, smoke opium and shoot their neighboring tribesmen for entertainment. But their sense of freedom and independence that they so fiercely guard is something the entire world has to admire and appreciate. No filthy superpower on the planet from the days of Adam & Eve has ever been able to conquer the unruly Afghan hordes and successfully enslave them. The ones who wanted to try all had to eventually meet the same pitiable 😦 fate as the criminalised commie Soviet empire 👿 All the commies’ supposedly “advanced” 🙄 MiG turdplanes, stinking Sukhois, rotten T-72s, Mi-turdchoppers couldn’t do a thing against a rag-tag bunch of towel-headed, horse-riding, cave-dwelling goat-herders and poppy-growers 😀

        You know what the funny thing about it all was? The Afghan towel-heads actually pummeled the “mighty super-powerful” Soviet commies into total defeat with their own AK-47s and clones!!! 😆 How funny can that be! 😀 Any way, the Soviet commies withdrew after the humiliating Afghan misadventure and not long after, the satanic Soviet empire which seeked to enslave the entire world under its brand of totalitarianism communism deservedly collapsed upon itself and disintegrated into pieces because of its own heinous historical mass-murdering genocidal crimes against humanity 😐 All evil empires eventually go the same way, especially ones that don’t learn from unstoppable forces of history. The evil American empire is next in line. And after that or coinciding with that, it’s the sub-satanic, sewery turd world shit pit called the filthy Indian empire.

        Back to our topic of discussion. The totalitarian Soviet commies decision not to teach the wonderful English language to their little comrades in their brainwashing camps backfired miserably. What is more heartening is the fact that the newly liberated nations and peoples that were under the satanic oppression of the Soviet commies as well as the East & Central European peoples got back their own languages, free of commie interference after having overthrown the yoke of Russki language imperialism of the Soviet commie hordes. It would be a pity to lose some of the world’s beautiful languages like Georgian, Armenian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Tajik etc. apart from Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Polish etc. etc. to Russki language imperialism imposed by the satanic Soviet commies. It’s also so heartening to note that some of these liberated nations and peoples have changed the scripts of their beautiful languages back to Roman after the Soviet commies forcibly imposed Cyrillic. And it’s even more heartening that the free peoples of these nations liberated from the evil clutches of the Soviet commie hordes now learn English (and/or French, German, Spanish etc.) as a second language instead of Russian which was forcibly imposed on them by the commie hordes and their puppets.

        No wonder that a hallucinating Russki-speaking Soviet commie like you hates the English language so much 😉 What can I do? And just for your information, English isn’t just the language of your hated “capitalist” USA anymore. In fact, it never was. As you probably know, English went to your hated “capitalist” America from the little British Isles. The nature of the language is such that it easily became the lingua franca of all the people of the world who accepted it voluntarily as the window to the broader world. No wonder, some even happily call English as “the language of the spirit”! 😉

        It’s unfortunate 😦 that your commie “teachers” decided that drilling the crap written by comrades Ulyanov, Djugashvili & Co. into your mind was far more important than teaching English. I can’t help that, dear ol’ vodka-drinking comrade! 😉


        • mirelhr Says:

          Mr Ego, who are you? enough with your insults!

          • Insults, Ms. Bubble? What kind of insults are we talking about here?

            Did I ever insult you personally? A big NO.

            Did I ever insult your family specifically? A big NO.

            Did I ever insult your friends specifically? A big NO.

            Then why do you feel so “insulted” ???

            If you are soooo “egoless”, then why does your ego feel so “insulted” when absolutely NONE of my “insults” were directed at you or your friends or your family???

            Let me see, who did I supposedly “insult”? The savage Libyan loafer and his satanic spawn and other tyrants like him both in the Middle East and elsewhere. His mass-murdering mercenary pigs recruited from stinking turd world shit holes who commit genocide on the Libyan people at the behest of a mad tyrant.

            Who else did I supposedly “insult”? The stinking regimes of turd world shit holes in the world that commit similar genocide against their own peoples, minorities, specific ethnic groups, freedom fighters etc. etc. Obviously, I have insulted primitive, uncouth “cultures” that repress their women, deliberately target unborn female babies and infants for gendercide, kill women in cold blood and pass it off as “stove bursts”, practice filthy, stinking, sub-human systems and pass off their rabid uncouthness as “spirituality” to the gullible ones.

            Yes, I have “insulted” totalitarian regimes that have butchered millions in cold blood, through forced labour, forced starvation, in concentration camps, in the guise of a “war on terror and insurgencies”, etc. etc.

            I haven’t spared any such regime in modern times with my “insults”. At least I am universal with my insults and don’t selectively single out certain regimes and empires for insults, even if it happens to include the one I dwell in.

            Now which one does the Ottoman Turkish empire’s deliberate cold blooded genocide of millions of Armenian Christians come under? Or perhaps the cultural, ethnic, linguistic and identity genocide along with targeted repression committed upon hapless Kurds in modern Turkey? Or perhaps the hounding, harassment and sub-human treatment meted out to one rare conscientious modern Turk who has the guts and spiritual humanism to speak out against these brutalities (i.e. one of the great heroes of the planet and humankind, Orhan Pamuk)?

            Feeling “insulted”, eh? But why? Only those with “egos” feel insulted according to the books followed in the bubble-dwelling school of spirituality. I have experienced enough of those books to know what to expect from that school.

            Let me see, the ultimate aim of bubble-dwelling spirituality is to supposedly get rid of one’s “ego” completely and totally, in order to experience raw oneness with the whole, where one cannot be deceived by the supposed “maya” that deceives the eyes and other senses. In such a supposedly “egoless” state, the “individual” becomes a part of the “whole”, and as such observes the whatever event that takes place in the physical world (i.e outside the self-made bubble) as inconsequential and a part of the larger “game” of cosmic consciousness where the individual exists as both a (practically) physically dead yet “spiritually alive” grain of sand on a vast beach.

            As for your question “Who am I?” – My simple Spartan answer is “nobody”. Happy? 🙂

            Now that you call me Mr. Ego, Ms. Bubble, I presume you have completely given up your own “ego” according to the syllabus followed in your school. Then you should feel not even the slightest insult (or praise for that matter). Then you do you feel so “insulted” when I did NOT even insult you or your family or your friends???

            Perhaps, you can only selectively read “insults”. Where is your outrage when olka “insulted” Mahesh with the following quote which is as insulting to other’s nationality and origins with this comment:

            Ah ha ha…it s your grandmothers newspaper ?
            Your dream is to become a Slumdog millionnaire ?

            Doesn’t that sound like an “insult” to your ears? It surely does as much as any of my own “insults” to my ears! Where was your outrage then, Ms. Bubble?

            I would not have raised this question if you had felt as outraged on seeing that “insult” targeted specifically at Mahesh as you did on seeing my “insults” targeting every uncouth regime, murderous tyrant and genocidal shit hole on the planet. You disappoint with your selectivity, Ms. Bubble.


      • Just incase you did not understand the meaning of the English word “scum”, my dear ol’ vodka-drinking comrade friend, here it is, taken from an American 😉 dictionary:



        • olka Says:

          i don t care to learn your primitive language for dawns…
          it s just a sum of worlds – for the nursery…
          you learn it in one month and all the debils of the planet will understand you…

  47. olka Says:

    …The situation in Libya is very confusing, conflicting parties are in direct contact, and there is a danger that the shooting, which began on the eve of the NATO countries, will cause a backlash, resulting in the so-called opposition and the rebels will move to the side of al-Qadhafi…

  48. olka Says:

    all the world hate america

  49. Sam Says:

    Yeah France,USA and UK have signed a secret contract on conquering the oil reserves in Libya as their fuel reserves are depleting.So as to avoid the rise in petroleum prices and make sure that they have enough reserves for the future generation.But you know what,no country not even Russia has guts to stop them.USA is way more powerful than most of the developed countries combined.There is only one way to stop USA and that is if all the countries team-up against them and try to stop them from dominating the world.

  50. Sam Says:

    But then that will result into World War 3

    • olka Says:

      .. Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said that military intervention in the Libyan case may lead to a third world war …

  51. mirelhr Says:

    As Iraq and many other wars have shown, democracy cannot be introduced by outsiders, from the top down, at the end of a gun or missile.

    Operation Odyssey Dawn is acknowledged as the “biggest Western military intervention in the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq began exactly eight years ago

    The bombing of Libya has been on the drawing board for several years as confirmed by former NATO commander General Wesley Clark.

    The geopolitical and economic implications of a US-NATO led military intervention directed against Libya are far-reaching.

    “Operation Odyssey Dawn ” is part of a broader military agenda in the Middle East and Central Asia which consists in gaining control and corporate ownership over more than sixty percent of the world’s reserves of oil and natural gas, including oil and gas pipeline routes.

    With 46.5 billion barrels of proven reserves, (10 times those of Egypt), Libya is the largest oil economy in the African continent followed by Nigeria and Algeria (Oil and Gas Journal). In contrast, US proven oil reserves are of the order of 20.6 billion barrels (December 2008) according to the Energy Information Administration

    A military operation of this size and magnitude, involving the active participation of several NATO member and partner countries is never improvised. Operation Odyssey Dawn was in the advanced stages of military planning prior to the protest movement in Egypt and Tunisia.

    Public opinion was led to believe that the protest movement had spread spontaneously from Tunisia and Egypt to Libya.
    The insurrection was also planned and coordinated with the timing of the military operation. It had been carefully planned months ahead of the protest movement, as part of a covert operation.

    So far, the bombing campaign has resulted in countless civilian casualties, which are either categorized by the media as “collateral damage” or blamed on the Libyan armed forces

    peace, security and protection of the Libyan people, are to be achieved through missile attacks and aerial bombings.

    The objective of the military operation is not the protection of civilians but regime change and the break up the country, as in Yugoslavia, namely the partition of Libya into separate countries. The formation of a separate State in the oil producing area of Eastern Libya has been contemplated for many years.

    This action is a new attempt to revive ‘humanitarian’ intervention, after the idea of Western action became tarnished by the Iraq war experience. But bombing Libya or anywhere else is not humanitarian
    as prior examples such as Bosnia show, these humanitarian interventions only open the door for Western control at the expense of local democracy. And where does this humanitarianism end? Why intervene in Libya and not in Zimbabwe and other countries?

    Much has changed since the colonial era of course.
    Direct oppression of the world has been replaced in some independent countries by democracy, in many others by dictators many of whom have been supported by the West (Mubarak in Egypt, the Saudi royals), and some such as Gaddafi whom the West has first opposed and then sought to co-opt.

    Western intervention remains the greatest danger. It was what created the divided world of colonial states in the first place, breaking up Africa and Asia into often-arbitrary territories and undermining the prospects of unity. Ever since, Western intervention has acted to keep the masses divided and denied their freedom. Imperialism cannot become the liberator now, whether it is pursued in the name of humanitarianism or nuclear disarmament.

  52. It is a clear signal to repressive states that they can not abuse their population and kill those who rebel against their regimes without a clear response of solidarity from those who don’t want to look away.

    An alien earthling, seems we both are again on the same side of the fight for more freedom and democracy for all human on this planet.

    Those pretending to talk in the name of those population, avoiding to think about the involvement of their own country’s in the conflict, are simply propagandists of the own cause.

    • Mon amie,

      You’re absolutely right! We may have our differences on certain issues and on the finer points, but on the main issues concerning humankind, we indeed find ourselves on the same side of the fight 🙂

      If anything, it clearly establishes the concept of different “spiritual” schools. As I’ve said before, we belong to the school of spiritual humanism, while our friends were brought up in the school of bubble-dwelling spirituality.

      In our school, humanism and the ability to connect with every other human being (and by extension living being) on the planet and understand their plight, empathise with their suffering and strive to make life better for all IS spirituality. It is the only thing that counts! To you and me and those like us, spirituality means bullshit if one leaves out the humanist, ethical and empathical aspects out of it. Spirituality without such essential things is a piece of fake turdy filth to you and me and those like us.

      On the other hand, to those from the bubble-dwelling school of spirituality, the greatest spiritual achievement is the ability to build a hallucinatory bubble around oneself and inhabit a make-believe world of one’s imaginary making and happily dwell in it like an ostrich that supposedly buries its head in the sand. To those trained in such a school of supposed spirituality, empathy, ethics and humanism have secondary, or tertiary, or even quarternary and quinary importance i.e. it means very little to them inside that fabulous, warm and cosy bubble they dwell in.

      So what if some filthy desert rat and his satanic spawn running a country with a satanic iron fist for four deadly decades have hired mercenary filth beings from the turd world shit holes of the world to butcher the heroic Libyan freedom-fighters? It all sounds “spiritual” to them inside that warm bubble and such “spiritual” deeds should not be questioned even if it means the butchering of hundreds if not thousands of civilians, women and children by a filthy bunch of savage hordes.

      I believe you must have understood this basic thing once you observed those from the bubble-dwelling school of spirituality calling the world’s most uncouth, sadistic and primitive crap hole of an evil empire, the sub-satanic Indian empire as the world’s greatest “spiritual” land 😆 Need I say any further about the wonderful ideas taught to our friends in the bubble-dwelling school of spirituality???

      Those pretending to talk in the name of those population

      Mon amie, where were these people pretending to talk in the name of the population when the sub-satanic brown-gowned desert rat unleashed hordes and hordes of his rabid mercenary dogs upon the courageous and heroic population??? They were happily enjoying the “spiritual” act of human mass butchering unleashed by the desert rat and his mercenary dogs from turd world shit holes.

      When the civilian population was deliberately being butchered, the very same people were labelling it as “propaganda” wanting us to believe the crap that Gaddafi’s pigs were fighting a bunch of drug addicts. Haha… I can’t stop laughing when I think of Gaddafi’s lies faithfully relayed by his paid propagandists 😆 Drug addicts indeed! Which kind of drug addicts would dare to take on a filthy murderous madman and his savage mercenary hordes of scum beings? A population of drug addicts would be happily drinking themselves to death like the Russkies drink vodka and support a crooked clan of criminals in power like Medvedev, Putin and cronies. Or they would be snorting Latin American drugs to death like the Americans when the bankster gangster criminals are literally robbing their country blind. Those are the drug and alcohol addicts.

      Such addicts cannot carry out a revolution in their induced hallucinatory stupor. The heroic and courageous Libyan freedom fighters on the other hand, are as sober as ever, putting up a unparalleled and courageous struggle to overthrow a filthy sub-human tyrant and his mercenary dogs.


  53. mirelhr Says:

    do you read your comments? do you really think you belong to ‘spiritual humanitarian’ school? so many insults concerning others nationality, origin and life-style. You must be kidding.
    You two against others, Mr. Ego? Do you really care for other people or is this just an ego-driven showoff you’re performing here. Why are you so interested to divide people, Mr Humanitair?

    • If the sub-satanic Indian shit pit of an evil empire is the be-all and end-all of “spirituality”, ma’am, then antiphonsgarden and I (and others like us) certainly, most certainly, belong to the school of spiritual humanism! 🙂

      I have already explained the “insults” part in my previous comment, so there is no need to repeat it.

      Well, whether it is “us two” against others or not, I will continue to empathise with the those who are struggling for their rights and support their righteous struggle for their freedoms, whether you like it or not, ma’am. Even if it comes to “me alone” against everyone else, I will continue to do it 🙂

      You can call me Mr. Ego, Mr. Showoff, Mr. Performer, Mr. Divider, Mr. Humanitair or whatever else you want, ma’am – I couldn’t care less about the wonderful names you give me. Thanks and no thanks, I already have a couple of names that I prefer to use.


      • olka Says:

        he is just a not kiled naci or fashist…
        and because of vietnam commies he has become impotent…
        nobody loves him and the governement doesn t care about him…
        what s pity that the such beautiful country like US accepts all this shit on their land…
        he has never been outside of his country, he just take the information from the newspapers…
        do somebody of you have been in lyvia ? or in another countries which they don t like ?
        if somebody can give me his adress, i will show him the “democratie”, very quickly…

        • Man, it looks like some Russkies still believe the old, ridiculous, Bronze Age Soviet propaganda of “evil Nazis and Fascists” seeking to conquer the beloved “Soviet motherland” 😆

          Or the vicious Soviet propaganda about the “evil, reactionary, capitalist, freedom-loving” Americans and “the West” seeking to overthrown the “great working class peoples’ state of the beloved CCCP” by “causing wars and revolutions” in supposedly “socialist-friendly” countries like North Korea, Cuba, Libya etc. governed by criminalised, tyrannical, dictatorial, mass-murdering thugs of the likes of the Kim madmen, inFidel Castro and his sibling, brown-gowned desert rat Gaddafi and his satanic spawn etc. 😆

          It’s time to wake up from your long bout of vodka-induced stupor, comrade friend 🙂 Your beloved CCCP and their East European puppets and lapdogs have gone the way of the dodo, and that was a long, long time ago, immediately after the Soviet commies’ ill-advised Afghan misadventure when the goat-herding, poppy-growing tribesmen and rag-tag bunch of mujahideen completely kicked the “mighty commie superpower” out of their country, ironically with Ak-47s and clones 😀

          To me, a commie is the same as a Nazi or a Fascist. In fact, the crimes of the Nazis and Fascists were relatively limited geographically and in numbers, big and gruesome as they were in isolation. But the humungous body-count left behind by the bloody Red commie genocidal regimes far exceeds any known plague that ravaged humankind 😯 Within one century, the bloodthirsty commie criminals on different parts of the planet piled up a body count that far exceeded even the deadly mediaeval plagues that ravaged the planet for centuries. No wonder, the Bloody Red Commie Plague was by far, the most notorious mass-butchering virus that is ever known to humankind and it still exists in a few isolated turd world shit holes, seeking to spread and destroy humankind as it did in the last century. You know what, the Commies 👿 were far greater mass-murdering criminals than either the Nazis or Fascists in the history of humankind 😡

          The last thing I would need is to be “loved” by hopeless, brainwashed propagandists for mass-murdering criminals like the stinking brown-gowned Libyan loafer. On the other hand, I welcome your hatred as it shows me that I am on the right path 🙂

          You think I would be a die-hard commie to be “cared about” by the gubmint 😆 Man, I can only laugh at the sense of enslavement and perpetual, unquestioned servitude the commies feel for “the Party” even if they were being forced to do “correctional” labour in a Siberian Gulag, while being starved to death. Poor brainwashed commie hordes 😦 No wonder, the commies were able to maintain such a vicious, murderous grip on all aspects of society without leading to rebellions and freedom struggles like even the Arabs have shown. Once the commies’ minds have been taken over by “the Party” through vicious brainwashing and propaganda, then the unfortunate enslaved masses were reduced to the level of enslaved zombies obediently doing whatever the “Party bosses” ordered.

          Newspapers??? Hahaha 😆 What do you commies think the year is? 1970? 1980? 1984? When you commies bought a copy of Pravda (was there any other newspaper even available? 😛 ) , digested the entirely predictable “Party” propaganda packaged as “news” along with a bottle of vodka at breakfast every morning (cooked with groceries purchased after waiting about five hours 😯 in the bread line) before heading off to the train station to catch an overcrowded, rattling, rusted and creaking ramshackle train to the nearest gubmint-run labour camp to do work assigned by the “Party bosses”, entering after showing your IDs and “internal passports” to the KGB fellows stationed at the gates, who had the license to murder or kidnap anyone who dared to even look at them and ask a simple question? Filled with nostalgia about how “wonderful” life was under the commie regime? 😉

          Wake up, my comrade friend. Print is technology that goes back to the days of that nice God-fearing grandpa Gutenburg who printed out some Bibles for the public. Oh, I guess you are a true-blue Soviet commie, so no talk about Jesus or Bible or “God”, eh? 😉 Any way, no one in the know in the entire world follows “newspapers” for news anymore 😆 Except maybe, ol’ nostalgic comrades still buying a copy of Pravda (I believe that thing is still around these days, correct?). Or brainwashed mercenary propagandists buying madman Gaddafi’s newspaper to relay the propaganda to the outside world 😀

          All the nasty shit are in Libya now, in the pay of the Gaddafi scum and his filthy satanic spawn, doing his dirty work of satanic human butchering and mass-murder of Libyan people in exchange for a few measly roubles, or acting as the brown-gowned savage’s paid propagandists 😛


    • olka Says:

      doesn’t care about him
      he just make his job, he’s payed for that, a good lesson of propaganda, lol
      he even do not believe what he say
      it is the good example why the “democrats” wants so much the “free medias”, etc, like that they come to our or other countries and put all this shit on the newspapers and blogs in the aim to devise the people and to escalate the violence and the hate…
      i have never laught so much… 🙂 🙂 🙂
      every 15 years old boy or girl know their methods…

    • olka Says:

      learn the russian, my friend, you will understand…

      • For what should I learn the Russki language, my comrade friend? So that I can read the nauseating murderous crappy ideology written by comrades Ulyanov, Djugashvili and the ridiculous Soviet propaganda 😆 Sorry, not interested in reading the vicious LIES of satanic commie mass murderers 👿 who butchered millions of hapless enslaved souls and committed genocide on an unimaginable and unparalleled scale while trying to hide it behind a rusted and rotten Iron Curtain 🙂

        Maybe you want me to read the filthy crap spewed out by the St.Petersburg mafiosi clan of ex-KGB/FSB goons who run the current Russki empire like their personal fiefdom with the assistance of nasty, rotten thugs like Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen lapdog of Putin/Medvedev? Even viciously pro-Kremlin Russkies absolutely hate Ramzan Kadyrov and his Chechen mafia gangsters, don’t they?

        Is it because of Kadyrov’s mafiamen and their all-pervasive crime that is sanctioned and backed by the Kremlin? Or is it because most Russkies viciously, rabidly and violently hate the unfortunate and helpless Chechens, Dagestanis, Ingushetiyans and other brutalised and oppressed peoples of the Caucasus who are struggling to free themselves from the evil, vice-like, genocidal grip of the criminalised Russki empire? Sorry, not interested in those mafiosi sitting in the Kremlin and their thugs or their propaganda, either 🙂

        The only good thing in learning the Russki language would be to read some beautiful works of old (i.e. pre-commie) authors in original. But then again, Russki is by no means the only language which has some beautiful works written by gifted authors and poets. Almost every language has similar works, and a normal person cannot learn every language just for the sake of reading a few beautiful works in original.

        That is where translations come in handy. Agreed that no translation, however good and faithful it may be, would ever be able to convey the beauty and clarity of the original work. But then again, it’s the best available solution.

        Here again, one learns of the usefulness, beauty and versatility of the English language 🙂 Consider the sheer global spread of the language, its unparalleled vocabulary, its unmatched versatility and suitability for all fields and voluntary acceptance as a universal lingua franca by everyone from tribes who live in the Saharan desert to those in South-East Asian forests, Latin American jungles, the Arabian desert, the Chinese commies to the savage hordes of the South Asian sub-continent, besides the peoples of all parts of the civilised world and obviously, the native-speakers of the language. Clearly, the one language to learn if one wants to read the widest variety and best translations from as many languages of the world as possible would be, without a doubt, your hated language of the supposedly “vile, capitalist” Americans 🙂 Why spend a lifetime in trying to get a readable knowledge of only a handful of languages and leave out the beauty contained in countless others when one can read as many good translations as possible from as many languages in the world as possible in one single language, that of your hated “capitalist, crazy, freedom-loving” Americans?


  54. mirelhr Says:

    ‘spirituality means bullshit if one leaves out the humanist, ethical and empathical aspects out of it. Spirituality without such essential things is a piece of fake turdy filth to you and me and those like us’
    Do you connect with other humanbeings without insulting them.
    Do you understand their plight and acknowledge their suffering,
    The rhetoric you’re using doesn’t mirror these aspects.
    Who are you, Mr Ego.
    Maybe I am one of the turdy filth but I am not like you

    • Do you connect with other humanbeings without insulting them.

      I certainly mean to insult turdy regimes, mass-murdering empires, genocidal ideologies, turd world shit holes, uncouth “cultures”, savage “traditions”, barbaric blind beliefs and things like that. If certain human beings connect so much and identify themselves so much with such sub-satanic things that they themselves feel insulted when I insult such despicable things, then what can I do?

      Do you understand their plight and acknowledge their suffering,

      Yes I do, but I understand only the plight of those who really suffer… suffer from mass-murdering tyrannies, satanic empires, filthy “cultures”, sadistic genocidal maniacs, turd world shit holes that carry out ethnic cleansing and so on and so forth.

      But I cannot acknowledge the supposed “suffering” 🙄 of a despicable madman and his savage spawn that have maintained an iron-fisted tyranny over a brutalised populace and looted and butchered them, or his rabid mercenary rats that attack the population from the air or with tanks and artillery and cry foul when the genocidal maniacs get a taste of their own medicine from those heroes coming to the aid of the barbarians’ hapless victims on hearing their desperate pleas for help and assistance.

      Who are you, Mr. Ego?

      Nobody 😐

      Plain and simple as that.

      Maybe I am one of the turdy filth

      Oh no, you aren’t!!! Definitely not!!!

      I called “spirituality without such essential things” as a piece of fake turdy filth. I was referring to a certain THING as a piece of turdy filth. You are a PERSON. You are NOT a thing! So you CANNOT be a piece of turdy filth according to what I said in that sentence.

      but I am not like you

      You certainly are not like me. I am a nobody and you are a somebody. Somebody cannot be a nobody because he/she is already a somebody to everybody. So you cannot be like me even if you wanted to.


      • Sam Says:

        @An Alien Earthling-You are an Indian yet you are so fluent in English,How is that?

        • mirelhr Says:

          Just to be, and just to be nobody is all that one needs, to deserve.
          No other virtues, no other qualities but just a simple and loving heart – a heart that is open and ready to receive the guest..are you:)
          Lucky is the one who realizes the secret of being nobody, for no one gets anywhere by being somebody….
          i am happy happy for you, so ‘be nobody, go nowhere’

  55. It feels great to learn the truth from rare sources as opposed to filthy pro-Gaddafi lies relayed by paid propagandists:
    In the last 24 hours, we learned that Gaddafi’s claimed victims of the UN bombing campaign included victims of traffic accidents and recently dead, gleaned from hospitals and mortuaries around Libya. The secret he is trying to hide is that the real dead, and their are dozens, aren’t from Libya at all. Libya’s entire air defense command is “rented” from Belarus and the dead are mercenaries.

    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

    “They” are coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be “liberals” or “anti-war.” Any Arab uprising must be a Western plot. Those “brown people” can’t really be seeking democracy and freedom and certainly can’t stand up to the “globalist plotters” of the west. I have one reminder for those who think this way.


    The internet is filled with tales of American and British oil companies trying to overthrow Gaddafi and “move in.” First they would have to move BP and Halliburton out. They have controlled Libya, them and 300 other British and American companies since 2004.

    Then, of course, President Obama must be under the direct control of the oil companies, mustn’t he? During the last election, the oil companies threw their billions behind John McCain. The oil companies are 100% “neocon,” and 100% rabidly opposed to President Obama.

    Then we have Gaddafi as the head of a “democratic” government, a popular “nationalist” leader. Gaddafi took over in 1969 through a military coup. He has never stood for election nor allowed a constitution. Libya has a hand picked party congress, 2700 members, who meet periodically. In truth, Gaddafi is a Marxist but flexible enough to use his oil billions to buy a circle of friends.

    Libya has an odd record on human rights. There is no constitution, no system of justice, Libya is a Marxist police state every bit that of North Korea. In fact, Libya has an interesting group of friends, according to this report from the New York Times: Algeria , Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic, North Korea, Bahrain , Iraq , Saudi Arabia , Tunisia , Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Cuba, Egypt (Gaddafi loves Mubarak but hates Egypt…curious), The Islamic Republic of Iran and Myanmar.


    Gaddafi and his “friends” are waging information warfare at every imaginable level. Foreign intervention began in Libya 24 hours after the first demonstrations when Gaddafi ran to Tel Aviv for help. However, reporting Israeli intervention is “Antisemitism” and will never be seen nor heard, not even on Al Jazeera, the supposed “Islam friendly” news network. “Al Jaz’s” coverage has, at times, been all that’s out there but the spin deeply parallels Murdoch’s Fox News when examined carefully.

    There is, in fact, no honest coverage at all and absolutely no evidentiary basis for anything expressed on Libya. The “analysis,” is all easy to sort out, a hodgepodge of “outsiders” honestly trying to make sense of it all with nothing to work from and others, the “alternative media,” steeped in America hate and a desire to find a “bandwagon” to jump on for a bit of narcissistic “slimelight.”

    Information management, Gaddafi’s theatrics with the press, staged morgue visits, his “victimization” game learned from Israel, is only part of it. As Jim W. Dean had just told me, the video’s from Tripoli remind him of Israel’s fictional video of the Mavi Marmara. Falk and some, not all but some, journalists including those enjoying Gaddafi hospitality, bought in on the theatrics. For those who don’t remember the phony videos of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara:


    Man! Is there anything this mass-murdering madman cannot rent with his stolen oil wealth?

    Foot-soldiers from sub-Saharan turd world shit holes… mercenary pilots from Srbija and Rossija to fly his crappy Soviet/rotten Ruski MiG turdplanes and stinking Sukhois after Libyan pilots refused the aerial bombardment of their own compatriots… outsourced planning, command and control to Israel… entire air-defence systems from the Putin/Medvedev puppet Lukashenko’s Belarus… mercenary propagandists from around the world…

    There is a LOT that (stolen, looted, siphoned and laundered) money can buy. But it cannot buy the truth… and it certainly cannot buy those who refuse to be bought, whatever the price!


  56. An alien earthling…
    As less the Stalinist or Maoist megalomania represents communism,
    as less can we expect much democratic vision from those who have not learn to question their own situation in a greed driven capitalism .
    I don’t think that the actual apparatchiks would understand Chekhov or other great society critical Russian authors, even written in Russian.
    Not to mention, their own actual intelligentsia who still suffers repression.

  57. olka Says:

    I do not know, but surfaced in mind that my friend told me one ancient legend of the northern coast of Africa. It turns out that when Europe has not even lived in those African tribes were able to control the universe! I do not believe it. The legend that was about “White Camel.” In a nutshell – a boy lived in a tribe, but they are constantly attacked by other tribes. And the boy began to make out of scrap materials camel. Made a lot of them. And the unbelievable happened – from the desert came to the White Camel and all the enemies to win, but defended their family … And I went to do a camel!

  58. olka Says:

    Последний мировой экономический кризис заставил ряд государств заговорить о введении межгосударственных расчетов в золоте. О чеканке золотого юаня объявил Китай, заговорили о золотом стандарте и на Ближнем Востоке. Главным инициатором отказа от расчетов в долларах и евро стал ливийский лидер Муаммар Каддафи, призвавший арабский и африканский мир к переходу к расчётам в единой валюте – золотом динаре. На этой финансовой базе полковник Каддафи предлагал создать единое африканское государство с арабо-негритянским населением численностью в 200 миллионов человек. Идеи создания единой золотой валюты и объединение стран Африки в одно могущественное федеративное устройство были активно поддержаны за последний год рядом арабских государств и почти всеми государствами Африки. Противниками идеи выступили ЮАР и руководство Лиги арабских государств.
    Такие инициативы Ливии вызвали самую негативную оценку США и Евросоюза. По словам Президента Франции Саркози, “ливийцы замахнулись на финансовую безопасность человечества”. Неоднократные увещевания лидера ливийской революции не дали никаких результатов: Каддафи предпринимал всё новые и новые шаги, направленные к созданию Единой Африки.
    Каддафи призвал создать объединенную армию Африки. Ливийский лидер Муамар Каддафи высказался за создание в Африке единой армии и общего правительства, чтобы «сделать континент сплоченнее и придать смысл битвам и жертвам, принесенным африканцами на протяжении их истории».
    Выступая во вторник вечером перед большой группой молодежи на ступенях монумента Африканского возрождения в столице Сенегала Дакаре, куда он прибыл в качестве гостя для участия во Всемирном фестивале афро-негритянского искусства, Каддафи признался, что «Африка сегодня является ничем иным как добычей, которую волки со всего мира хотят съесть, разграбив ее минеральные и рыболовные ресурсы».
    “Долой империализм! Африка должна объединиться, чтобы не оказаться снова в рабстве или крепостном положении. Ни одна африканская страна не может выжить в одиночку», – заявил ливийский лидер в присутствии руководителей Сенегала, Либерии, Кабо-Верде и Гвинеи-Бисау.
    «Армии отдельных африканских стран сами по себе не могут быть жизнеспособными, но единая африканская армия, в которую можно набрать до миллиона солдат, будет устрашающей силой», – подчеркнул руководитель Джамахирии. Африканских руководителей, не желающих создания единой армии Черного континента, он назвал «агентами империализма и предателями».
    Ради построения по-настоящему эффективного африканского единства Каддафи призвал «народы континента и лидеров, выступающих за юнионизм, пробивать брешь в позициях тех, кто выступает за создание региональных блоков». «Необходимо покончить с мифом о регионализме, поскольку те, кто ратует за блоковую систему, желает нашей оккупации колонистами», – отметил он.
    Призыв ливийского коллеги поддержал президент Сенегала Абдулай Вад. «Мы требуем здесь и сейчас учреждения Соединенных Штатов Африки, как единственного способа освобождения наших народов и превращения Африки в большое культурное, экономическое и политическое пространство, которое будут уважать», передает ИТАР-ТАСС.
    Для сокрытия истинных причин военного воздействия на Ливию предлагаются две лживых версии: официальная – защита прав человека, неофициальная – попытка отнять нефть у Каддафи. Обе не выдерживают критики. Правда заключается в том, что Муаммар Каддафи решил повторить попытку генерала де Голля – выйти из зоны бумажных денег и вернуться к золоту, т.е. замахнулся на главную ценность современного мира – банковскую систему.

  59. Hey this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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