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Silence… February 27, 2011

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image by axinia

still the body
still the mind
still the voice inside

in silence
feel the stillness move

this feeling
cannot be imagined

(poem by Kabir, 15th century)


7 Responses to “Silence…”

  1. Mahesh chendake Says:

    This feeling can be imagined . I think since few days we are in that state only and trying to to understand and support each other through vibration spread by Mother….. She still present in Silence which can be feel and imagined too…JSM

  2. Mahesh chendake Says:

    once mother told, when her father passes away she was in this state almost for three days, she explains it was state of thoughtless awareness……JSM

  3. Triveni Says:

    Though the heart knows she is still with us,
    It is still a feeling of something missing.
    Though the heart knows she is shining bright on us,
    The mind still wanders,
    Seeking and searching for her,
    The voice silently calling for her,
    To be back with us the way she was before,
    To be in satkar form the way she has been with us.
    Just to be with her one more day.
    Is this a sign of weakness?
    I know not.
    Is this a sign of the much needed growth?
    I know not.

    Suddenly the world seems to be a duller place
    Even though we know she is shining as bright as ever.
    Still the heart cries for her,
    Even though the same heart convinces us.
    That she is still here.

    This dialogue of pain, convincing and calling,
    All happening within the same heart.
    All in Silence, Its all happening in Silence.

    • Mahesh chendake Says:

      Triveni very true . i think everybody is having same position.
      What i feel still we are not mature enough to take responsibility independently as we have not understood the people around clearly and there are many question unanswered …. still mother has given it ….. real exam started .there is no time to mon and grief and hold oneself …during this night time I am searching to Mother in stars of sky and wandering unintentionally ,keeping myself alone. Can we get her their…?
      Really I needs support now….

      • Triveni Says:

        Yes bhaiya.. there’s not much time to mourn. maybe mother has taken care until v r infants.. taught us all the baby steps and how to grow. now v r grown or have to grow. She only truly knows what we are.. Just like how a mother bird knows when her young ones wings r strong enough to fly and then deliberately pushes them out of the nest to fly independently, our mother must now be knowing we are need to fly now. Yet she is still watching us, and is there to catch us if we happen to fall, and is there to guide us to whenever we are lost. Its time to make her vision come true and the responsbility is on us

  4. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    True. Cannot be imagined, only felt – those present at Nirmal Dham on the 27th would agree.

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