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Business intelligence and what I learned from it January 18, 2011

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The phenomenon I want to post here about I call myself “business intelligence”, although it does not correspond with the existing term which speaks of business intelligence as computer-technologies designed to assist in business decision-making. The business intelligence I mean is the next one after the multiple intelligences by H.Gardner which I figured out of my professional experience as  Human Resources manager and Executive Search consultant.

I would explain business intelligence as the

  1. ability to see new opportunities in a regular situation, especially  -of cause! the ability to create businesses and  actually make money
  2. ability to negotiate with others in a way that the best suitable solution for everyone is found, to achieve the win-win situation
  3. ability to see everything as a play

I must admit that I totally lack this kind of business intelligence. However interestingly life has been giving me jobs and friendships with people who are brilliant at that. All my bosses have been gifted with business intelligence, being a gorgeous representatives fo this principles. The clients and the partners of the companies I work/used to work for are mostly “high net worth” individuals, people who designed and build up their business mostly form zero, and any communication with them highlights this principle very much. Thus since last 7 years I have been not only observing but slowly-slowly learning something from that.

Well I have not learn how to make money  and I guess I never will :). I mean I am just not able to see the opportunity and the necessity to charge for something, I always think in terms of doing things for free…what to do, this is my nature. BUT: What I really started understanding and trying out is the flexibility in decision-making and negotiations. Which is still pretty tough for me. Because “out of the box” thinking is obviously not my strength. 🙂 And I can see how helpful this can be, in all daily situations.

I sometimes think what if all these people who are so gifted with this important quality…what if ,one day, when money will not play a role any more, what if they will turn this ability into making this world a better place?

LOVE, axinia


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  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    Axinia ,you are talking of very much fair business which no body practiced even though called oneself professional and humanistic

    I would explain business intelligence as the-


    ability to see new opportunities in a all situation,the ability to create businesses and actually make money- from any situation


    ability to negotiate with others in a way that the best suitable solution in fevour of self only and no win win situation

    It is not like you and me both will grow but I see only i will grow . I feel you are mature enough to take mature decision when you go in loss at that time I may cover your business !!!! ( another business growth opportunity ?) I always secure my position and still I look forward and force you to take decision in fevour of me or I create situation that you have to take same decision forcefully I closes all other doors of you …. that is a business Still i shows that I am doing lot of fevour to other party

    ability to see everything as a play

    specially no relations observed but they are used to make profit of self only and then discarded. in fact emotion less can be only professional and can grow very fast in one life time. and that is wired business and I see all successful people are like that who are come in contact of me or to whom I read.and that is the business intelligence in real corporate world what i feel.
    now you tell where you fit in ? and are you really interested to learn those tactics?

  2. axinia Says:

    mahesh, dear, thanks a lot for extending my therory. However let me remind you that I am ALWAYS talking from my experiences and if I point out that I learn these qualities from some real people then it is really the fact.
    You may be surprised, but both persons I meant under brilliant busineess people are NOT ONLY SPIRITUAL, but also very compassionate, generous and caring. And their busines IS FAIR – this I could see throughour years.
    Believe me my friend, there are really good people everyhwere, even in business 🙂

    • Believe me my friend, there are really good people everyhwere, even in business 🙂

      There may be good people and I don’t deny it, Axinia. But your optimism springs from the fact that you live in a civilised country, where the norms of acceptable societal behaviour are very different.

      You haven’t really experienced the turd world business sense of the sub-human hordes in the filthy shit pits of the planet. Once you do that, you would get a very different idea of “business intelligence” and what it means to the sadistic sub-human hordes that are itching to take the planet back to the Stone Age.


  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    Axinia, you have only given answer in one sentence i.e. they are spiritual. no need to talk more. really you are lucky enough so in contact with good people but what to do? we are not getting such people around us. I agree there are lot of good people and still we are alive because of them but still I donot agree with your comments I do find some other reason for that like nature’s law rather than goodness nature make everything possible by balancing , something adding and losing here and there.he remains in witness and play fair play.
    Of course goodness from your side will be rewarded during course of time which most of people deny. they are little hurry,selfish due to which they have loose humanity in business
    just take the example of agriculture products. what is position of farmer ? how he is brainwashed from purchasing of seeds to sending to market ? who benefited more? just to increase the production can you permit the new mutations without adequate research like BT brinjal?
    first they will polish the rice and then they will talk about fortification. What business growth you see in that .Why farmers are committing suicide? today only report came and Maharashtra is no 1 among all. agriculture minister Sharad pawar said farming in small scale is not profitable so sale it to corporate sector and work in own farm as a labor then it will be profitable .Is it businessman’s message? it is, My dear Axinia sister? He is a good businessman.
    You are working in banking field. who brainwashed the people to bye credit cards and promotes to expense without seeing paying capacity? who promote buying, business on the name of macro economy to have money circulation? is it business policy of bankers? now you will say people are mature enough to take right decision which support to my extension.
    many more examples if you want I can quote around me…. so how i can believe on you?
    If you have not bored one story what our grate businessman Gujarati/ marwadi samaj tells to their son that … they tell to boy stand on top and then to jump i will catch you when he jump they removes hand and gives first lesson …. in business don’t believe on your father also. so they succeeds better i future life ( Gujarat is No. 1 state in business development)

    • Axinia, you have only given answer in one sentence i.e. they are spiritual. no need to talk more

      So does anything supposedly “spiritual” immediately become beyond question or discussion, dear Maheshsaheb 😕

      The sub-satanic shit hole of a turdy land that passes off as a “country”, i.e. the filthy, evil Indian empire and the sub-human hordes who (over)populate it claim to the be-all and end-all of anything and everything “spiritual” 🙄 😆 Any one who is even remotely close to any kind of awareness knows what kind of an unthinkably evil, sub-satanically sadistic, detestably rotten turd pan the sewery Indian empire is. Anyone who is not deceived by the sheer lies of the sub-human (self-styled “spiritual”) creatures, that is.

      I guess any kind of crook, murderer, rapist, thug, goon or other lowlife creature just needs to issue a self-issued “spirituality” certificate about himself to put himself above any question or doubt 🙄 as far as the spiritually gullible folks are concerned then 😐


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        Raj i am not talking of ” self declared spirituals”. You know I strongly oppose them . There is parade of such people and their followers around world ….. just I respects Axinia’s experiences!!!!.

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          …. and spiritual people always judge themselves and balance the situation and take care of self and other i believe….. but I agree difficult and rare to find real spirituality in day to day life I supports but chance of develop and evolve as human to everybody i believe … If any body is better late than never like that I will welcome…of course it should be from bottom of heart.

      • axinia Says:

        I call this people spiritual because this is what they are according to me…at least one of them for sure does’t concider himself spiritual, but I do because he actually is the one.

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    ……I sometimes think what if all these people who are so gifted with this important quality…what if ,one day, when money will not play a role any more, what if they will turn this ability into making this world a better place?…. Spiritual people will never give much respect to money even though they judge and know its importance in present day as they know how money grow?…. of course by better distribution and not by holding.
    but if you are talking of businessman of my type then I know there also they will business opportunity and making you Gulam as usual holding whole situation in their hand .
    so I dought about even when there will be no money exchange system whether it will be better place for surviving?

  5. mahesh chendake Says:

    I know many people ( professionals) around me as they charge for even their words forget about free services and time . They dont have time to take rest for self also and to give family also . they are present day successful businessman.
    If When previous time will come that services will be exchanged in terms of services still they will be superior make people foolish and will rule the society

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      continuation of respirator is decided on availability of money and post productivity of survival… then on what basis you are talking about fair business ? life of common man is never valued by anybody sometimes even nighter by family members or by established one.
      People value and respect to money only and they believe they can purchases anything by money so they run after money and one day become successful businessman by devoting everything to money and that’s why they worship money then tell me how they will distribute it with no profit?
      business intelligence of my type is more common dear sister.

    • If When previous time will come that services will be exchanged in terms of services

      If such a time ever comes, it would be much more crappy and turdy 😡 than having a society based on monetary exchange.

      So how do you think your hospital/university would pay you in exchange for your nursing/teaching services in such a time, dear Maheshsaheb 😕 Will they exchange your services only by providing complete and total free healthcare/education whenever you or your family needs it? It’s fine if you feel that would be a fair exchange, but how will you buy food to eat, clothes to wear, not to mention all other necessities of life, if they repaid you only in terms of exchanging services 😕 It would mean you would have to provide services to MANY OTHERS in exchange for all you life necessities. Either that, or your hospital/university would “own” you completely, treating you as a virtual slave 😯 providing you the very basic necessities in a meager amount in order to extract each and every drop out of you.

      You know, such kind of crap is what took place under the evil commie regimes which totally enslaved their unfortunate peoples lock, stock and barrel. The stinking Marxist ideas of “exchanging” one’s services with one giant slave-owner (the commie regime), in return for all other necessities of life (which were promised, but not delivered, unless one was an “insider” or with “connections” or the thugs at the very top levels of the regime). The giant slave-owner (the regime) acted as the monopolist service exchange of all its enslaved folk.

      The enslaved folk had no option but to “work” for the commie regime in one form or the other, and got thrown tiny little crumbs in return, while the goons of the regime merrily continued with their favourite hobbies of waging endless war, oppressing peoples, seizing all means of production, endlessly brainwashing the enslaved folk, torturing and killing the enslaved ones at will for being rebellious, disobeying the monopolist slave-owner or even for daring to think differently 😯

      No wonder, the evil of totalitarian communism 👿 got thrown into the rotten trash heap of history where it truly belongs, along with its evil brethren like slavery, feudalism etc.

      Don’t ever believe the ones who tell you that money is at the root of all evil, dear Maheshsaheb. Money by itself is NOT at the root of all evil. Money is merely an object, a medium of exchange, a storehouse of value which has existed from prehistoric times (shells, stones, animal skins, metal pieces etc. have all been forms of money since the days of the cavemen). Just like weapons have been a part of humanoid history, money has also been a part of humanoid history right from the beginning. Cavemen could not have survived without weapons, and primitive human societies could not have survived without currency of some kind. It’s not these objects in themselves which are evil, but the human intention in the way they are used which has been evil 👿

      It has always been human intentions like the unabashed love of money, desire to accumulate money at all costs, desire to take away what rightfully belongs to others (whether money, objects or other resources), desire to oppress others, desire to control others’ minds, their lives, their actions, desire to forcibly and satanically impose one’s ideas, systems on all others, desire to diabolically cheat, deceive and lie to others etc. etc. which have been at the root of all evil 👿 and not some silly objects like money or weapons.

      I watched two films about “money” & “business” – Wall Street (1987) and its recent sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010), both directed by Oliver Stone. They are a bit heavy on dialogue and not exactly thrillers, but they offer an excellent insight into the minds of those who want to “make money” and keep making it at all costs.

      After having watched them, I understood that it’s not about the money itself for such minds. After all, beyond a certain point of money accumulation, the non-monetary “value” of money one has either stops increasing, flattens out or even begins decreasing for any sane person.

      It’s about the habit, the addiction, the desire, the lust. Not for the monetary value of the money as such, but for the human intentions, like the power, the control, the domination etc. that money brings. Just like that of the primitive, uncouth, unevolved, savage, bloodthirsty, sub-human hordes of proliferating vermin in the sewers of the rotten turd world who have a satanic lust to oppress others, have an uncontrollable thirst to collectively drink human blood, derive an undeniable pleasure out of boasting about their own sub-humanism, have a voracious appetite to lick the filthy arses of the vilest criminals and enjoy a sadistic thrill inside their filthy hearts at witnessing the suffering they deliberately and willfully cause to others.


      • Vinayakah Says:

        Everything depend on the state of consciousness of each individual, participating in the society. Unless greed and lust and desire of power and whatever…….will exist in the human beings, even in the form of tendencies, the hell will exist. Might be, in the future all the people with the destructive behaviour will have a chance to live together, without an option to hang on to sublime innocent beings (finally). They can enjoy their state in pure form than, and might be to make it grow – will it be a blessing to give them all that they were loving to implement it on themselves?

        Bussiness in between idiots, will have a stamp of idiots…same as talk in between idiots, will have their stamp. Whole modern and unmodern world is based on slavery already, ALREADY people are slaves, enslaved by their banks that vampire money from them, employers that vampire their time and power, government that vampires their ideals…..

        But the solution is soooooo simple and 100% working – change yourself, not others, nothing. Only yourself, and when really done….than try to change others.

        If someone say it is not possible to chenge the world, it means he failed to change himself. Otherwise he would know if one is able to change himself, it MUST be possible with others as well. Lets go on to change ourselves….or if not, lets follow the others with the destructive behaviour……………….

  6. I have seen certain kinds of people who can meet the criteria of possessing business intelligence, Axinia.

    Examples of this kind include, but are not limited to:

    ➡ The creatures that run pawn-broker shops a.k.a. money-lenders. (I know banking itself is a kind of money lending, but I’m not talking about the organised, regulated banking sector here.) I’m talking about the sub-satanic vermin that lend money at rates well over 50% p.m. compounded (yes, it’s p.m. and NOT p.a.) and that too, after obtaining collateral that is anywhere between 3 to 10 times the worth of the principal. Such parasitic, bloodsucking leeches are like hyenas that automatically surround a dying person/animal, so that they can feed off the living being even as life slowly ebbs out of it and gobble up every piece of tissue and every bone once the life of its prey has ebbed out. (One must understand that pawn-broking in the sub-satanic Indian empire is not the regulated activity that it is in the UK or other parts of the civilised world). Mahesh mentioned farmer suicides. I guess about 99% of all so-called “farm suicides” in the sub-satanic Indian empire are caused primarily as a result of “debts” owed to such bloodsuckers.

    ➡ The creatures who sell drugs to school children and teenagers, both directly and surreptitiously.

    ➡ The sub-human scum who run the flesh trade. Unlike prostitution in much of the civilised world, prostitution in the sub-human turd world isn’t usually an individual, voluntary, free-willed choice. It is run with girls, women and children forced into, kidnapped, tricked, trafficked or sold into the flesh trade.

    ➡ The demonic rats who run the human organ “business”. They lure innocent, gullible, unfortunate, desperately poor folks into “donating” an organ like the kidney for a sizable amount of money (only to cheat them later), promising them that they will be fine with one kidney. (I’m not even mentioning the sub-satanic swine who deliberately tear out organs out of prisoners, accident victims who are still alive etc.)

    ➡ The vermin who would go to any extent to make an extra buck, like mixing poisonous adulterants in foods, drinks, medicines etc.

    ➡ The rodents who run turd world sweatshops with inhuman work conditions and suffocatingly long hours often doing dangerous jobs, all for a tiny pittance, taking advantage of the severe poverty and misery existing in the filthy parts of the turd world that are characterised by an economic logic of “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving hordes”.

    Of course, there are many more like that. And in cases that vary from less severe to much worse 😯 than what I mentioned.

    All of ’em meet the criteria for having business intelligence. Then what is it that such creatures lack 😕


    • I forgot to mention, most of the above mentioned cases are highly “spiritual” 🙄 They are so proud of living in a supposedly “spiritual” culture doing “spiritual” deeds, belonging to a land with a glorious “spiritual” heritage unparalleled by any in the world 🙄 , where anyone and anything automatically becomes “spiritual” by virtue of belonging to the “greatest spiritual land and culture” 🙄

      They try to constantly vomit out the crap (meant for the consumption of the gullible), that the supposedly “highly materialistic” societies of the civilised world are so “lifeless”, “spiritless” and “dead” 😥 and are absolutely no match for the “great spiritual societies” and “cultures” of the sub-human parts of the filthy turd world where anything and everything automatically becomes “spiritual” 🙄 😆


  7. I think these people are already making the world a better place by giving jobs to so many others. Money is God’s way of luring them in to creating companies so that others will benefit with jobs. 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  8. axinia Says:

    sure, DI, this kind of contributioin is already there. But I belive that at some point money will not exist any more and there will be a different economical system in the world (probably not in our life time), so my question was about this time.

  9. DI….and the tooth fairy brings a lot of nice hedge-fond preserving bank accounts in lovely safe country’s to people in their good conscious sleep , who put their false teeth under their pillows!

  10. Everybody with a bit of good common sense can see that this “business” stupidity is so disconnected from the real truly essential needs of humanity, and has created a psychopathic dynamic who might kill our specie for some tacky new rich attitudes.

    Intelligence is about awareness of all aspects, not about overcoming the own unconscious inferiority issues with plus value greed exhibitionism.

    The most work on earth is still done without a money counterpart.
    Time to reconsider his worth to society, instead of feeding disconnected gamblers.Watch out for testosterone (and other drugs !) addicts anxious to loose their daily supply !

    I only can hope that my impact on earth might help some to understand that certain who had the choice as privileged class member, saw beyond that absurd rat race another far greater luxury ..acceptance of the own human interconnected nature and compassion for all beings.

    • I think it’s easy to blame money for all evil, Antiphonsgarden, but even if you remove all money from the face of the Earth in an instant, the evil will continue unabated, if not become much worse. As long as the sub-human hordes don’t feel any kind of human interconnected nature and compassion for all beings, evil will not cease to exist. And to put it simply, the hordes and hordes of savages who live in the uncouth, barbaric parts of the lowly turd world are simply incapable of feeling any such thing as compassion. They are too unevolved on the evolutionary scale and too uncouth and savage to even understand the meaning of compassion that even animals are capable of exhibiting.

      Remember the evil, death, destruction and savagery caused by all the totalitarian Red hordes in different parts of the planet (not counting the satanic evil caused by filthy turd world cess pits that wanted to model themselves on the savagery of the Red empire, like the turdy, evil, sub-human Indian empire). Even if one only counts the dead bodies that were piled up by the bloodthirsty Red regimes across the globe, the total would be near 100 million, conservatively (only counting the death toll of satanic commie repression, deliberate genocide, forced population deportation, Gulag death camps, deliberate man-made genocidal famine and other acts of commie mass murder).

      It FAR exceeds the body count of any other evil in the 20th century, including the savage, bloodthirsty ideology of Nazism or the death toll of the First and Second World Wars combined.

      Were the commies after money? In a sense, yes, they were nothing but monopoly capitalists and enslavers who wanted total control over everything, including the lives, souls, minds, thoughts and obviously, the means of production and all output (including economic output) of their enslaved masses.

      But in a broader sense, the Red hordes weren’t after money. All they wanted was TOTAL, SATANIC CONTROL over everything under the Sun. All Red regimes that splattered the planet with the blood of millions of their enslaved folk, weren’t exactly after the money of their enslaved population. Initially, yes, when they went on a massive looting spree, seizing all means of production, it was about violently robbing wealth.

      But after that, it wasn’t about the money at all. The bloodthirsty Red regimes owned everything on their soil, all the money, all means of economic production and also owned the very lives of their enslaved populace.

      As if to prove that money wasn’t at the root of the evil caused by the bloodthirsty Reds, the totalitarian commie goons unleashed their most sickening and most bloodthirsty operations, genocide, deliberate famine and mass-murder AFTER they had seized total control and enslaved the entire population of the lands they ravaged.

      At that point, they already owned all the money and almost everything else. Yet, it did not quench their sadistic thirst for human blood, their satanic desire to cause mass-murder, genocide, famine and suffering and sadistically enjoy the suffering they deliberately inflicted upon their haplessly enslaved masses.

      Since the savage Red regimes owned everything in the lands they ravaged, they theoretically could have abolished the concept of money itself. They owned the entire means of production, they owned the lands, they owned the factories, they owned the slave labour (the entire enslaved populace), they owned the entire means of distribution, supply and delivery of all goods and services. The Red regimes probably maintained money as a relic from the past, a necessary evil to do small transactions, while harboring wild, wet dreams that they could use the concept of money (their almost worthless currencies) to beat the “evil Western capitalist” hordes at their own game.

      Even if the Red tyrants did abolish money completely in their bloodthirsty quest for a “great commie utopia”, they would have still continued with their bloody policies of mass murder, genocide, death camps, deliberate famine, forced labour, enslavement, mass deportations, population transfer, torture, thought-control, enslavement, tyranny, wars, bloodshed and complete destruction of the environment, species, habitats and the planet itself.

      So while I agree with you that uncontrolled, unquenchable greed for money causes destruction, I differ with you that doing away with money is going to solve all problems. It is not, and it will not solve the human intention to do evil and indulge in sadism that is at the root of all evil.

      The second world Red regimes have proven that even with total ownership of money, the perpetration of evil, sadism and bloodshed will only worsen.

      The lowly, sub-human turd world barbarians (such as the filthy savages of the turdy, evil Indian empire) have also proven that even if three-fourths of their population is wallowing in misery below the international poverty line, being the sub-humans that they are, they will spend as much money as they can in buying weapons of destruction and paying countless hordes of semi-mercenary dogs to satanically keep the peoples of their occupied and brutalised nations (such as Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur etc.) in a demonically oppressed state.

      The hordes and hordes of uncouth, unevolved, sadistic sub-humans will behave in the same manner that they do, whether they have all the money in the world or none.

      The sheer sub-humanism and evil of the savage, unevolved hordes of hominoid creatures is not going to disappear even if you abolish money completely. It would be an exercise in futility.


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        I also don’t believe that money is behind it . It is attitude/desire of people responsible for it. unless until one can not evolve from present situatation it can be changed. and process of evolution goes on contineous it also affect how we adapt to situation either fevoreble or unfevoreble

      • Vinayakah Says:

        @An alien Earthling – try to study the history from better source, especially not from the stupid “historical books”. Reds…..ya, they were cruel, sure. But who created them? Who made the 2nd world war – the war for oil? Who financed them? Who took all the global genocide planners to the US? Who made them to create NASA and start with the social engineering we can see the fruit today? What about 9/11? What about Gaza? Not Reds…..

        Utopia? Yes, whole this western society is utopia, with revolutions like an export article from Velvet to the Orange and Green in communist countries, financed by the “west”, to open their markets for their product crap, to make real slaves out of the people in that countries. And now we have the New World Order that the highest guys of politics are now talking about absolutely openly, where only few ppl will decide for whole world, and ama afraid if they are enlightened enough to make the life free, or create the worst dictatorship in the known history of mankind. Westeners…..you still like them?

        They will try to do all their “best”, but will fail…it is just a part of game, to be exposed. And they will be exposed.

        We must change ourselves, than the society can be of heaven, no other way.

        • You know mate, I was fed with complete and utter LIES, CRAP and RUBBISH in my history books (Though mine were actually better than most others from the satanic Indian empire). And absolutely NONE of them were authored by Western historians. That’s because I grew up learning the so-called “history” from textbooks that were written by lowly, sub-human hindoid sewer rats who publised the LIES and PROPAGANDA dished out to them by the criminal filth beings who ran (and still run) the sub-satanic Indian empire since 1947.

          The totalitarian Red regimes were not just cruel. They were absolutely satanic, sadistic, cold blooded mass-murderers whose deadly jaws constantly dripped with the blood of the countless millions of innocents they butchered. The notorious Red Plague that ravaged the planet (and still does so, along with its remnant wannabes) was even more deadly than the filthy Black Plague of the mediaeval world. The Red Plague consumed (and still consumes) the blood of more than 100 million innocents as opposed to the Black Death’s presumed body count of about 75 million.

          Who created WW II? We all know who it was, but I don’t buy the CRAPPY RUBBISH of the Red Satan (Iosif Djugashvili) and his minions that WW II was “a great patriotic war” 😆 Remember who was close chums with old Adolf boy despite the filthy Nazi belief that ALL Slavic peoples were “untermenschen” (along with others such as Jews, Roma, POWs, homosexuals, differently-abled people, the sick and weak etc. etc.) who needed to be annihilated in order to create a “lebensraum”? Remember the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact? And how the Reds and Nazis jointly invaded, occupied and brutalised Poland (with the Reds further occupying other lands in the Baltics and elsewhere) under the terms of the pact?

          Too bad that the two bloody tyrants turned on each other despite their “pact” to mutually carve up Europe among themselves. Too bad that good chums began eyeing each other’s grand loots after the initial bonhomie and savagely attacked each other. We are talking about recorded and recognised historical facts here, not Red propaganda.

          Of course, I’m aware of who did all other stuff that you mention and they are all done by the very SAME folks. In fact, you’re correct, the VERY SAME folks were the forces behind the rise of the Reds too (at least in the initial years). But that doesn’t absolve the Red hordes of their crimes against humankind. After all, they were in absolute control, and it was the Reds (and their lapdogs) who killed 100 million. It far exceeds the death toll of bloody short-lived evil of Nazism. And unlike many in the ranks of the Axis tyrants who were punished for their crimes, not one of the Red mass-murderers was ever punished for his crimes (the same is true of the Reds’ chums in the latter stages of the war, their bedfellows in the unholy capitalo-communist “alliance”).

          You’re worried about the “export” of “colour revolutions” to the liberated countries of the satanic Soviet empire? You’re worried that such revolutions will take them away from the wet dream of KGB/FSB thugs like Medvedev/Putin of forming a CCCP version 2? I don’t, because I don’t read the lies and falsehood emanating out of the KGB/FSB goons sitting in the Kremlin.

          What do you think of the original colour revolution i.e. the “bloody Red revolution” that helped the Bolshevik Red hordes occupy and brutalise the unfortunate peoples and nations of the USSR? So, the export of the bloodthirsty Red revolution from Moscow to other countries surrounding the Russian empire that resulted in the slaughter of MILLIONS of innocents is good, but the export of “colour revloutions” (that rarely kill) to the liberated countries that broke free of the sadistic clutches of the CCCP is bad? You can continue to believe in the filthy lies spewed out by the Putin/Medvedev mafiosi clan of KGB/FSB thugs. I don’t!!!

          Oh yes, we have the New World Order and one world gubmint. You see, it’s nothing but a different version of the original ideology that slaughtered millions across the erstwhile Eastern Bloc. Both are the very same ideology going by different names. Both aim to concentrate power in the hands of a few criminal bloodthirsty elites and enslave the rest of the population cutting across boundaries. Both aim to completely control the media, both aim to crush freedom of thought and expression, both aim to remove individual rights and freedoms, both aim to make the masses enslaved to the satanic aims of a powerful criminal elite cabal. It was the Bolshevik Red cabal that ran the bloody CCCP and its sidekicks in the Eastern Bloc earlier, it is the cabal of international elites, bankster bandits and their arse-lickers now. They NWO wants to do exactly what the Red savages did earlier. Merge gubmint and corporate interests into one, take over the media, spew out propaganda, crush the masses, take away their human rights, slaughter them, starve them, butcher them, enslave them and turn them into hopeless zombies who cannot even think for themselves.

          There is only ONE difference between the Red hordes and the NWO. The bloody Red murderers took over the economy AFTER seizing control of the gubmint(s). The NWO seeks to take over the gubmint(s) AFTER seizing control of the economies. Otherwise, they are one and the same evil. Evil scum who want TOTAL CONTROL over everything under the Sun. And go to any satanic extent to achieve their filthy, bloody aims.


          • Vinayakah Says:

            I think, you didnt get the point yet….look much much more behind the visible scene, to Thule and much much behind it….who finance all that, who put that devils up in their positions, and so on and so on…..and that also the “why” will possibly come. You are still on the surface only….the hole is incomparably deeper than that.

            Dont read, it doesnt help – just realize and become aware, this is the only way to KNOW and bring change finally. This is what many ppl (especially on this) website are talking about. First the change of ourselves, experience it…only than the others can follow. Might be they dont talk about all that mess, but trust me, if they are really realized, they are completely aware of it, very deeply even….but at the same time they are aware of the beauty of Creation and seeing the curently existing mess just as a fruit of time-limited ignorance….while the true essence of existence doesnt have the atribute of that ignorance at all and exists throughout universe without need of any support.

            How to solve it, the todays world status? Not difficult – first lets change ourselves, and after understanding on our own experience the way of change, lets make others follow. What mess can enter area with no ignorance? 😉

  11. Sam Says:

    Well Axinia if you are talking about the upcoming Golden Age then you should first understand the meaning of Golden Age.
    During the Golden Age the nature served the people in such a way that there was no need of irrigation.People used to celebrate and only celebrate the whole day.Golden age was nothing but the earth’s heaven.Remember the Lord’s Prayer-
    Thy Kingdom Come.
    Thy Will Be Done.
    On Earth,

    • Sam Says:

      So no one bothers making Heaven a better place because………………….it can’t be made better,Its the best place ever.

  12. axinia Says:

    but Sam, even Golden Age will not happen all of a sudden, there will be for sure some transition part…this will take time and needed transformation. That must be very interesting!

    • Sam Says:

      Well I think Golden Age will happen all of a sudden.This is something which is beyond our imagination.Only the father knows how it will happen.There have been many cycles before which means there have been many golden ages before and usually at the end of each cycle(when corruption,crimes,wickedness etc.are at its peaks) father ends the world with destruction and only the blameless and uprights(realized souls) survive according to the bible.These are the people who start the Golden Age and thus a new cycle begins.No one knows what’s gonna happen or how the Golden Age is gonna begin this time.But you might wonder that how all of a sudden the nature will reappear.Well a part of Bhagvat Geeta describes how it will reappear and its given in that SY site(you know which),that horoscope part(you know what I am talkin about).Father can do anything,he is almighty.

  13. Dmitri Says:

    something off topic…i just wanted to ask…what is greater sin? a sin agianst yourself? i mean agianst your evolution agianst your acsent, stuff like that……or a sin agianst another??????

  14. I agree with Axinia, if I understand her well…change does not fall from the sky whatever our behaviour is.That sounds like just another excuse avoid seeing the impact of our actions on humanity and nature.

    Dmitri…sin is a moral concept bound to push human into a self hate guilt anyway for power purposes of clergy’s who pretend the”curing” of the evil, what means mostly a neoplatonist inner division between “higher soul” and “low nature” bound to fail anyway..

    From my point of view, it appears clear that neurotic human are harming other often out of a disconnected distance to their own nature.Self acceptance increases our empathy towards other.

    • I agree that sin is a moral concept that certain clergies have used for advancing their own power and agenda.

      But in doing so, they inadvertently sowed the idea of sin is something that is anti-ethical and anti-humanist that destroys the world. They drilled this into the minds of the people to whom they preached sin as a moral concept that needs to be “cured”.

      The results are there for all to see. Societies in which individuals have been inculcated an aversion to commit sin (even if it was done inadvertently through the ages) are the most civilised, humane and evolutionarily and ethically advanced today.

      In sharp contrast are the sub-human societies where there is no aversion to the idea of sinning, especially the primitive pagan barbarians. The worst are the sub-human savages of societies where sinning is deliberately and openly encouraged, both religiously and “spiritually” as a means of carrying out one’s previous births’ karma.

      For the hordes of evil, pea-brained, filthy paan-and-gutka chewing sub-humans who believe in the turdy concept of previous births’ karma, even heinous sinning against those in the most unfortunate, helpless and brutalised condition is what they are religiously and “spiritually” encouraged to do by their uncouth, sub-human religion.

      A turdy, barbaric, pea-brained sub-human believing in the turdy crap of previous births’ karma who is faced with an ethical choice will behave very differently from a civilised human who believes in the concept of sin being a repulsive deed.

      The civilised human would face resistance from within (his conscience) before he commits an evil deed because he has been conditioned to believe that sinning against another human is sinning against God that he will have to ultimately answer for. This would consciously make him think twice or thrice before committing a sin because it cannot be done without having to ultimately suffer the consequences.

      In sharp contrast is the filthy, low IQed, shit-headed sub-human savage whose tiny little pea-brain believes in the turdy crap of previous births’ karma. The scum creature has been conditioned by his crappy religion into believing that he is entitled to do any heinous sin he fancies because of his past karma and that the victim of his sin must suffer because of his past karma. Thus, when faced with the same situation, the filthy hindoid sub-human will sadistically and almost spontaneously commit the sin gleefully with red saliva dripping out of his filthy, stinking, rotten paan-and-gutka chewing mouth.

      There are deep reasons why civilised people and societies happen to be civilised and the hordes and hordes of sub-human savages and their filthy, stinking rotten cesspools that pass off as “societies” happen to be so criminalised, inhuman and evil.


  15. mahesh chendake Says:

    psychopathic persons are more harmful as they lack reality testing and self acceptance…Jesus said …only they can stone … still sin is a sin and is always painful. one can not forget it easily
    there can be many views still i feel …doing abortion is a greater sin …sin against another who is helpless,totally depend on you and innocent. when you are preventing the entry in this beautiful world you are committing greater sin. Reproductive child health and population explosion are totally different issue and one should aware of that.why they can’t plan properly? beyond this they go towards selective fetocide i.e. female infanticide….. i feel it is very much cruel !!!!!

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      ….with constant introspection ( Dharmic person’s Quality). … so dont do sin against other and… dont bother for sin against you . It will taken care off by lord Krishna

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      since how long we are going to continew with friderian theory of basic instict and edipacy which is no more consider normal. sex desire even though essential one can surview without it very happiy so it better to adapt socially fevoreble and healthy attitude towards sex.so adultary and present sinario can be changed and human will have responsible and controled behavious with hapily adaptations. termination of pregancies we concider so common that we doesent feel anything wrong in it which is very much dengerous. female infenticide is still another issue….. world without female …. days are not long.

  16. Separating the plus value system from the human who created it, is like separating each dogma or religion from the human who conceptualised them.
    I think that all dehumanising systems (name each you want, but I hardly would call Pol Pot or Stalin a communal libertarian of the Parisian barricades.Those dictators smell more the up climbing psychopath like Hitler and sadly enough, too many other!…same abusive bunch up our days, abusing the hopes of other too willing to follow them out of several reasons…the colour of the flag does not truly matter! )
    Two tendency’s can be observed this days, on one side those who want total control through a wild capitalism, on the other, those who realise that if humanity wants a future we need a completely different system of interaction.
    The first don’t realise their inner poverty and I blame the middle class therm for it, who support each abusive system far too long.
    If I had to name one sin ( what an inappropriate word!) , than the way, some run around without seeing the evident mess.This sleep creates ugly nightmares for all.

  17. Vinayakah,

    Westeners…..you still like them?

    It may come as a HUGE surprise to you. But no, I don’t “like” Westerners as such. I never did 😐

    You see, I LIKE CIVILISED PEOPLE.. In fact, I love them. I truly respect their civilised qualities and I truly admire their ability to build civilised societies. I love their ability to look at themselves and their societies with an introspective, critical eye and improve themselves and their societies. I admire their resilience, their humane mindset and their ability to ensure that humankind advances from the “age of turdy empires” mindset that afflicts the uncouth sub-humans and the semi-civilised hordes to the “age of the human being” mindset that characterises the civilised peoples.

    I greatly respect the fact that civilised peoples believe it is the state of the “lowest” person that is reflective of the true state of their society. As opposed to the turdy blind belief of the sub-human savages and the semi-civilised peoples that it is the state of their turdy empires and that of their filthy emperors that is reflective of the state of their societies. The civilised peoples have long advanced from the unevolved, uncouth mindset that characterises the sub-human barbarians and the semi-civilised hordes whose mindset is still stuck in the Stone Age and mediaeval Age respectively.

    I love the fact that the civilised peoples have contributed everything positive that exists in humankind today. I look at every good thing – every habit and idea of civilisation, humanity, ethics, kindness, compassion etc. etc. and realise that all of it has come out of the civilised societies of the world.

    I’m not even mentioning the good things about science and technology that has made life so wonderful. It is an unparalleled thing in itself and is worthy of much praise and it was completely contributed by the civilised peoples. But great as it is, it simply pales into insignificance when compared to the humanist, ethical and civilisational contributions of the civilised peoples. As I’ve said time and again, the civilised peoples and their civilised mindset are the only thing that is preventing the rapidly increasing number of sub-human savages from taking the entire planet back to the Stone Age. The civilised people and their societies have acted as the guiding beacon for the whole of humankind for some time now and I hope it continues into the future. And their contributions are open to all the rest of the humanoid savages to copy and implement in their own societies and become civilised too.

    I greatly respect the quality of the civilised peoples to protest against their rulers whenever they behave in the sub-human manner of the savage barbarians. I admire the civilised peoples’ qualities to dissociate themselves from, and work to put an end to the inhuman actions of their gubmint goons. As opposed the sadistic thrill the filthy sub-human savages enjoy in their putrid hearts whenever they see their gubmint goons indulge in bloody acts of sub-humanism and sewer behaviour. Being the sewer people that they are, very, very, very few among them have the ethics or humanism to even condemn sub-human deeds their own gubmints do, or to disassociate themselves from such evil and say “Not in my name!” No, being the offspring of filthy, sewery hordes, all they do is to sadistically enjoy the bloodshed, oppression and sub-humanism that is caused in their name, because that is what they themselves enjoy doing. If there is any kind of natural or divine justice in this universe, the filthy souls of the sewery scum beings will eternally rot in the boiling sewers of hell, the entire lot of them! They are the eternal scum of humankind 😡

    So you see, dear ol’ comrade, I don’t like the Westerners because they are Westerners. I like them ONLY because they happen to be civilised! 🙂 If they were as savage and sub-human as the filthy turd world scum beings, I would have had the same contempt for them as I do for the sewer peoples of the sub-human turd world 😡

    But no, they are civilised and that’s the only reason why I like ’em. Not just the Westerners, but I like all other civilised peoples too. In your commie inspired hatred for the humanist, ethical and civilisational values of Western Europe, you are blind to the fact that I equally praise the civilised peoples of Far East Asia almost as much as I praise the West. In fact, I believe that once the sub-human hordes take down the civilised West in alliance with the satanic global elites, for some time, it will only be the few civilised societies of Far East Asia (Japan, South Korea, hopefully Taiwan etc.) that will resemble anything civilised on the planet. Hopefully, they should isolate themselves from the turd world sub-humanism that will be imposed on the entire planet by the satanic global elites in alliance with the sub-human turd world hordes and the BRICS of turd. I hope they take over the role of acting as the guiding beacon for all of humankind once the civilised West is deliberately and utterly destroyed by the sub-humans and the global elites. I hope the few civilised societies of Far East Asia can hold out against the forces of sub-humanism till the turd world savages and BRICS of turd destroy themselves by their own evil and the West liberates itself of the stink of turd world sub-humanism imposed on them by the NWO and becomes civilised again. Else, the entire planet and humankind would be doomed for ever, going back to the satanic Stone Ages. Only “God” or some powerful non-earthly Alien forces can save the planet in such a satanic scenario 😯


    • Vinayakah Says:

      In India are seen all the tendencies and state of mankind without coverage. In the civilised world it is….covered. The tendencies responsible for such state are but lingering everywhere. If the “civilised” people were in the similar situation as many people in India, would they behave civilised? 😉 Who ocupied your country for 300 years, bringing in ruins all your thousands years heritage – were they civilized?

      You should be glad you can see all that mess, because only if seen, it can be changed. Use it as an open book, if you can, and work for change with available instruments. Can you?
      Many already can do it and doing it actually.And they dont complain – they simply change it…..

      • If the “civilised” people were in the similar situation as many people in India, would they behave civilised?

        Actually, by that statement, I’m grateful that you tacitly (but unwillingly) acknowledge the fact that the hordes and hordes of savage hindoid barbarians are indeed an uncivilised bunch of primitive, unevolved, uncouth creatures 🙂 Of course, India is a sub-human, uncivilised, filthy and evil empire and its hordes of barbarians are among the lowliest and most unevolved hominoids on planet Earth.

        Who ocupied your country for 300 years, bringing in ruins all your thousands years heritage – were they civilized?

        1000s years “heritage”??? 😆 Let me see, the sub-satanic hindoid barbarians had a “great heritage” of the most sub-human sewery social system in the universe called the filthy caste system, which is the other name for the planet’s most sub-humanly evil 👿 religion i.e. Hinduism. The pea-brained, shit-headed, nauseatingly sadistic, filthy, extremely low IQed, sub-satanic “upper caste” sewer creatures deliberately and sadistically kept everyone else in a forcibly dehumanised state of existence for tens of thousands of years and which is exactly what the sub-satanic Indian empire officially does to this very day to the unfortunate peoples of Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur, Asom, Mizoram, tribals, dalits, religious minorities etc. etc.

        Besides, they manuoid turdlings that pass off as hominoid creatures have a “great cultural practice” of pushing women who lost their husbands into the funeral pyre, but not until humiliating them, assaulting them, shaving off their heads and treating them in the most sadistic manner. It’s all an integral part of the satanic Hindu religion that the sub-human barbarians practise.

        Let’s not forget, the manuoid sub-human scum beings believe that “all women are born of sinful wombs” according to the sewery Hindu religious books and therefore, they butcher their own girl children by the millions to this very day. Now with better technology, they selectively abort millions of female foetuses for the simple reason that they happen to be females. Of course, if she is allowed to live and grows up and gets married off, her own husband and in-laws would douse her with fuel and burn her to death for not bringing enough dowry. The sub-satanic Hindu religion declares that it is not a crime to kill women and therefore, the filthy manuoid turdlings believe that they have a right to kill, rape, assault and abuse women and girls.

        Let me see, the “great 1000s years heritage” of deliberately denying education to all but the semi-literate, ultra low IQed “upper caste” sub-humans was thrown out of the window by a great humanist soul called Thomas Macaulay who introduced modern, scientific education for all as opposed to the primitive, sub-human, superstitious semi-literacy that existed till then. And that is why the shit-headed hindoid sewer people with the IQ of cockroaches rabidly hate one of the world greatest educationists and humanitarians with such a vitriolic sub-human savagery, that the lowlife barbarians don’t realise that they are exposing their own sewery hindoid mindset and sub-satanic nature whenever they do that.

        It wasn’t just education. But most other modern, civilised things were introduced by none other than the ones whom you claim “occupied your country for 300 years”. Till then, the sub-human sewer people of the satanic Indian sub-continent were existing in a terrible, mediaeval age of barbaric sub-humanism fuelled by the turdy crap of the world’s most satanic religion (Hinduism). Far from “bringing ruin” or “colonising” the sub-satanic sub-continent, they actually attempted to civilise the hordes and hordes of sewery, primitive, low IQed paan-and-gutka chewing scum beings by infusing some human, ethical values into the sewery hindoid savages. Alas, they failed in their endeavour of turning savage sub-satanic hordes into civilised peoples, as sub-humans simply cannot be changed and will continue to exist at the evolutionary level of scum beings that they are.

        Were they civilised? YES, they were! 🙂 Just take a look at how they left when they felt they were no longer wanted. It shows their level of civilisation and sophisticated humanist ethics. The only mistake they did was to have created artificial entities called the sub-human Indian and Pakistani empires when they left and not leave the sub-continent in the same situation as they found it.

        By contrast, take how the sub-satanic sewery shit pit called the filthy Indian empire deliberately and satanically brutalises, crushes and oppresses the unfortunate peoples of Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur etc. etc. Despite the Kashmiri freedom-fighters telling the Indian sewer creatures and their hordes of rabid, semi-literate mercenary dogs (over 750 000 of the most sub-satanic scum belonging to the hindoid sewer army, crpf, bsf etc. etc.) that their stinking presence on the soil of their beautiful Kashmiri nation and the bloodshed, repression and violence they unleashed upon the hapless Kashmiris is a shame upon humankind, the sub-human Indian creatures deliberately cause even more repression and brutalisation upon the occupied and dehumanised Kashmiri nation and people. Very, very few of the hindoid creatures even behave like humans. Being the sewery sub-satanic stink beings that they are, their evil hearts gets a sadistic thrill whenever they see filthy semi-literate mercenary dogs murdering, gang-raping, butchering and brutalising hapless Kashmiris and others. Even the British Indian empire did NOT have a law as evil as the sub-satanic AFSPA which can only be a product of the sheer evil heart of the sub-human hindoid sewer beings and their turdy, stinking Hindu religion 👿

        Just compare the sub-human hindoid behaviour to that of the Brits in India at that time, and one will understand the simple truth that the Brits behaved in a civilised manner even in the 1940s when the sub-satanic, mangy Indian dogs and bitches cannot even behave like humanoids in the 2010s. Why, the army of the uncivilised Egyptian regime which is witnessing a revolution has said that they would not kill their own people who are protesting. But the sub-satanic army of hindoid sewer rats wants “special powers” and immunity from facing justice for their heinous crimes against humanity in the occupied and brutalised nations of the sub-satanically evil and filthy Indian empire 😡 Such is the level of sub-humanism of the mangy, semi-literate hindoid dogs and bitches 👿

        Even the Egyptians seem to behave more civilised and human than the sub-satanic hindoid sewer creatures. As I keep repeating so often, hordes and hordes of paan-and-gutka chewingsub-human creatures who behave worse than rabid dogs and bitches can never, ever be expected to behave in the manner of hominoids as they are simply too unevolved, uncouth and sub-human to even come close to such civilised tendencies.


        • Vinayakah Says:

          Once again, but seeing your depth of frustration, I am not sure if you are able to see at least a glimpse of what I am talking about….

          I never deny the fact that some people are behaving terribly, it is simply a fact…as a fruit of ignorance. But the most important point is – it is the same everywhere, just in the western countries it is covered by the luxury, etikete and “having everything”. How would they behave, if they were in the same situation as India for hundreds of years. I know the naswer, but it looks like you dont…or dont want.

          Did you hear the saying “base of myself I judge others”? Or “similar attracts similar”…. It says that the way you see others reflects you own state of being. How you see your comments now, if that is (and it is….) truth?

          • But the most important point is – it is the same everywhere

            No, it isn’t 😐 Sure, each and every place may have its own sets of problems, but let us not try to equate a molehill with a mountain. The issues existing in civilised societies are simply nothing compared to what the sub-humanism that the uncouth hordes wallow in.

            How would they behave, if they were in the same situation as India for hundreds of years

            They were, in fact, in the same situation as India for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Let’s not forget the fact that human societies everywhere were similar, savage, uncouth, mediaeval trash cans full of primitive blind beliefs and barbarisms till not too long ago. From such similar positions, how did the civilised people civilise themselves and the sub-human hordes keep going back to the age of bloody mediaeval uncouthness??? Is it because of the differences in the evolutionary levels of the civilised peoples and the savage barbarians?

            How you see your comments now, if that is (and it is….) truth?

            It doesn’t become the truth because you believe it is the truth 😐 What about the saying (as well as accepted legal principle) that Silence is acquiescence? It implies that the ones who deliberately and willfully remain silent when some heinous crime is done are the ones who would have committed the crime themselves if they had the chance. They don’t speak out in disgust because they are pleased by it, and would have probably done it themselves if they had the chance.

            How do you see your comments (and mine) now, if that is the truth?


            • Vinayakah Says:

              I have seen many so called civilised people behave terribly (see civilised Mr Berlusconi and co), from trully many areas. You have no idea, what is happening behind scene…. I have as well seen many Indians behave beautifully, with dignity, compassion….trully beautifull beings. What about it?

              Did you yourself success in the process of evolution into the civilised level? Are you Indian?

              • I have as well seen many Indians behave beautifully, with dignity, compassion….trully beautifull beings.

                😆 😆 😛

                I truly don’t know whether I should laugh 😆 or cry 😥 but I’ll choose the former, because you seem to be so serious about it. Ever heard about mistaking the wood for the trees or one swallow does not make a summer???

                All I can say is, as the Americans would say, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET! (i.e. you literally have seen NOTHING, because you want to blind yourself to the true facts inside your self-made bubble) 😦


                Let me tell you frankly, amico, if anyone were to expose the truth about the sheer sub-humanism, uncouthness and unthinkably evil nature of the filthy, savage hordes that (over)populate the sub-satanic Indian empire, then the behaviour of the lowly criminal scum shown in the movie Slumdog Millionnaire would seem like the epitome of good behaviour 😯

                Alright, Berlusconi is a notorious scoundrel, as are many other so-called “leaders” and heads of state/gubmint in the civilised countries. But even then, filthy and criminal as he is, Berlusconi is by no means as evil as the butchers of Indian-occupied Kashmir – the son-of-a-Bofors-gun i.e. the bloody blue-turbaned thug, (inhu)Man-mohan Singh and his filthy sidekick, Pee ‘Shit’ambaram. The scum beings and their semi-literate mercenary dogs have deliberately butchered (cheered on by the stinkingly evil, sub-human mangy dogs and bitches of the satanic Indian empire) well over 100 Kashmiri freedom-fighter youth and children in less than a month, and yet the stinking “journalists” of the sewery Indian media try to pass off the bloody blue-turbaned butcher of Kashmiris as a supposed “man of integrity” 🙄 😆 That is only to be expected, as I already mentioned that hindoid filth beings have no sense of ethics, humanity or decency, being the sub-humans they are.

                Tell me, does Berlusconi or any other Italian “leader” deliberately butcher 100s of children and youth in Sicily or Alto Adige or Südtirol just because they want to form organisations and seek the freedom/complete autonomy for their provinces??? Criminal as he is, I DON’T see Berlusconi stooping down to that level. And I certainly DON’T see ordinary Italians cheering the butchering (with an evil, sadistic thrill inside their hearts) of children of Sicily, Alto Adige, Südtirol or the gang-rape of women in those regions by mercenary dogs of the Italy. In contrast, I would expect all hell to break loose and Italians overthrowing their gubmint if ever such a thing were to happen, since they happened to be a civilised people. But that is certainly NOT the case with the sub-satanic Indian dogs and bitches.

                You can call me uncivilised, I don’t care, amico 🙂 as I myself tend to generalise Indian dogs and bitches as uncouth, unevolved filth beings and the like. And yes, do you think I can describe the facts about the evil nature of the Indian/hindoid filth beings without being one who lives (a native) in the sub-satanic Indian empire? If I were not Indian, then I would probably be like you or Axinia, blindly believing in the utter nonsense that Indians are “cultured” 😆 or that the sub-satanic Indian empire is a “spiritual” place 😆 where one can come to seek and realise “the self” 😆

                You may not realise it now, but take my word for it – one day, Indophiles/Hindophiles like you and Axinia (being the unfortunate victims of hopeless brainwashing about all things India, Indian, sub-continental etc.) will get to realise the true sub-human nature and sheer uncouthness of the filthy Indian empire and (the majority) of its sub-satanic hordes. Till then, you can live in denial all you want about the true nature of the stinking Indian shit hole of a sub-continent but when it dawns on you (as it certainly will), I sincerely hope and pray that it is not too late, for your own sake 😐

                Till then, go ahead, believe in all you want about the supposed “spirituality” 🙄 of the satanic Indian shit hole of a country or about the supposed “culture” 🙄 of its notoriously uncouth, sub-satanic hordes. But when the time comes and the truth (about the stinking sub-continent and its filthy hordes) dawns on you (as it definitely will), just don’t forget that you had a hated and despised undesirable shouting himself hoarse repeatedly (and earning even more hatred in the process from everyone), trying to warn you to be careful about dealing with the sub-human sub-continent and its uncouth, unevolved, unethical hordes of savages.

                To put it simply, don’t say that you weren’t warned by anyone when the bitter and harsh truth dawns on you, when the time comes. And that is all I can say. Till then, wish you good luck and may “God” be with you, amico!


                • Oops 😳 , sorry for entire paragraphs appearing in bold, Vinayakah, as my html formatting skills are not upto the mark 😦 I really wish WordPress introduces an option for commentators to edit their own comments after posting, in order to correct typing errors and formatting mistakes 😐


                • Vinayakah Says:

                  If you are different (as an Indian), than all other Indians can be as well?

                  I traveled extremely many countries on all continents and met people from Presidents, to Bank owners…..to thousands of people working in the production lines in countles countries. So is my job…. I think I understand a lot, from experience BEHIND scene, and thats why I repeat again: It is the same everywhere, just in India it is seen, and not covered. You have (unfortunately) no idea, what these “civilised” people are able to discuss and do. 100s children….oh my god….they are “debating” about milions….. Thats all….

                  I dont believe in spirituality, I do it…and experience it. But it must not necessarily be the case for everyone, and thats why the frustration can ocur and will have no end. If you cant cure yourself, if you didnt see anyone curing himself….you dont believe it is possible, right. But it doesnt mean your vision pays for everyone.

                  The same attract the same, similar attracts similar….if you didnt attract it…than why – are you not similar to it? Why? Change it….on yourself. But the decission is yours…

                  • If you are different (as an Indian), than all other Indians can be as well?

                    They can be, but they aren’t! That’s the entire issue, you see. Sub-human hordes brought up in the universe’s most filthy “culture” generally exist at the level of turdy savages, at the evolutionary level of scum beings. That’s why they get a filthy sadistic thrill inside their stinking hearts as the sewery barbarians watch and cheer packs of semi-literate mercenary dogs in the pay of the sub-satanic Indian empire go on a mass-murdering, butchering and raping spree in Indian-occupied Kashmir, Manipur, Nagalim and elsewhere.

                    It is the same everywhere, just in India it is seen, and not covered.

                    NO, IT IS NOT! I’m not going to believe in such baseless stuff as “it’s the same everywhere” 😆 IT IS NOT! If I start listing the filthy sub-human things that take place in the sewery land called India practised by hordes of savage barbarians that do not take place anywhere else in the world, it would be enough to fill entire volumes. You have absolutely no idea about the sub-satanic level to which the hordes of savage hindoid creatures can stoop down to. You may have traveled the world and met all kinds of people, but that doesn’t mean you get an idea about the why things are the way they are because of the “culture” and the evolutionary level of the peoples of a place.

                    I’m not talking about things like corruption, crime, organised criminals, serial killers and the like. Such turdy things exist everywhere, you are correct. But I’m talking about exclusive things that take place nowhere else in the entire planet, or hasn’t taken place since the mediaeval ages, which are an intrinsic part of the satanic “culture” of the sewers of the filthy Indian sub-continent.

                    100s children….oh my god….they are “debating” about milions

                    You are off the mark here. First of all, cold-blooded mass murder of children takes place only the filthy shit holes of the world, like India. Your mention about the “debate” about millions is just speculation about the aims of the so-called NWO. You don’t even know for sure if it is the truth. It hasn’t happened (most likely will never happen) and as such you cannot compare the two.

                    Next, and here is the most important part. If the criminals of the NWO have any idea of killing millions of children, it will be opposed lock, stock and barrel and there will be a revolution in the civilised places. They wouldn’t even tolerate the deliberate killing of hundreds. Even tens would be huge scandal for which heads would roll in the civilised places. But in the filthy shit hole called India (over)populated by the filthiest vermin, you have millions of sewery barbarians watching with a sadistic thrill and glee inside their sub-satanic hearts as packs of rabid, semi-literate mercenary dogs of the Indian empire go on a butchering, raping and child killing spree. See the difference? Civilised humans will behave in a way befitting of human beings. Hordes of sub-human sewer creatures of the turd world shit holes will behave at the evolutionary level they exist at i.e. that of stinking sub-satanic scum beings. That’s the difference.


                    • Vinayakah Says:

                      Thats the point….you are believing or not believing… it is but about knowing, not believing. It IS same everywhere, sorry…I saw (see) it.

                      No NWO, even it is real (see the CNN or BBC for more…). The debates are on normal meetings…of politicians…

                      People would raise their voices…but they need first to know. It is but (again) COVERED, as everything else (not for long..). COVERED is the basic mantra of our society…not yours. If something is not seen, it doesnt mean it doesnt exist….

                    • it is but about knowing, not believing

                      Then how come you know almost nothing about the sub-humanly evil deeds springing out of the universe’s most filthy “culture” of the sub-satanic shit pit called the evil Indian empire??? 😕 It’s because you only “know” what you want to believe in, inside your bubble. One cannot “know” things in a non-thinking state, one can only “believe” whatever one wants to believe inside that bubble.

                      You mention the “normal meetings” of politicians. The things that you refer to are anything but normal. Secret cabals of power-hungry scum who want to rule the planet meeting inside closed doors are not “normal” meetings. NWO and the scum behind it haven’t “normalised” themselves yet. But they may do so in a while, once the civilised first world peoples have been dehumanised to the level of the sub-human turd world hordes.

                      Again, you do say that “people would raise their voices if they knew”. When you say people, you are referring to the civilised peoples, for ONLY CIVILISED PEOPLES would raise their voices against crimes against humanity. For the hordes of filthy turd world sub-humans would voraciously lick the stinking arses of the criminals who do such deeds and derive a sadistic thrill inside their filthy hearts as they watch such things with glee, as the despicable hordes of sewery hindoid sub-satanic creatures of the evil Indian empire and other turd world shit pits have proven time and again.

                      That is the entire difference between the civilised humans and the filthy sub-satanic hordes of savages, you see.


                  • Change it….on yourself.

                    What you say is absolutely meaningless here! Why should I change it on myself??? I’m NOT a sewery scum being who watches with glee and lustily cheers with obvious thrill inside my heart as packs of rabid mercenary dogs unleashed by the sewery hindoid barbarians go on a butchering, raping and child-killing spree. But it is certainly true of the hordes and hordes of mangy dogs and bitches who do so (not all of ’em, but most of ’em i.e. sub-human hindoid creatures who do so).

                    It is they who need to change and learn to behave, if not as civilised peoples, then at least as human beings. But no, being the lowlife scum people that they are, the savage barbarians will continue to behave like the vermin that they are.

                    The same attract the same, similar attracts similar…if you didnt attract it…than why – are you not similar to it?

                    Either your statement is so obviously self-contradictory as you can see for yourself, or you meant to say something else. It would be clearer if you could clarify what you meant to say.

                    Should I use your explanation (the so-called “same attracts same”) to draw my conclusions about why you are so attracted to filthy Indian “culture” as well as the lowly behaviour of the hindoid savages?


                    • Vinayakah Says:

                      Have you ever met someone who behaving as you describe – changed? Im saying if one succeed in changing himself, growup…he will know it is possible with others as well, as goes on with the solution that he used on himself before. As easy as this.

                      What im saying here is, that you pick up from the trilions of information and pictures around you the ones, you resonate on. All of us. So you are attracted to the “dirty” part of reality, while others see at the same place (in India) the beauty, heritage, great man and woman…and some see both.

                    • What im saying here is, that you pick up from the trilions of information and pictures around you the ones, you resonate on. All of us.

                      Does that mean your bubble state of existence is SO FLIMSY that it will burst “by resonance” whenever someone states the harsh truth that you don’t want to acknowledge inside that bubble??? 😕

                      If your bubble isn’t so flimsy that it will burst by resonance on picking up some other frequency that you are unaware of, then why does it worry you so much???

                      It’s because you know deep in your heart that you prefer in to exist in a bubble where only carefully controlled frequencies of whatever you want to believe in are allowed and all others are not. If they were allowed, then the bubble would immediately burst due to resonance. You know, it does remind one of the laughable commie brainwashing and propaganda, where the eternally insecure Red commie thugs carefully controlled (and still control) all information, communication and indeed all thought, so that their carefully cultivated commie bubble did not burst by resonance on coming to terms with the truth 😐

                      That’s why you are so upset and so easily unsettled by those who call a spade a spade. If your bubble was very solid and secure, you wouldn’t be worried about it bursting on picking up resonant frequencies 😐

                      But seriously, amico, if you keep believing in the “great spiritual culture” and supposed “beauty” and “great nature” of the stinking shit pit called the evil Indian empire and its sub-human hordes, you will be forced to regret it when some sub-satanic hindoid creature takes advantage of your trusting nature and brutally stabs you in the back and pushes you into a deep pit and laughs at you while proclaiming what a “great spiritual thing” it was for him to have savagely ditched you after draining your blood.

                      Despite all our heated disagreements and your anger at my behaviour, I would absolutely hate to see such a thing happen to you. That’s why I keep asking you to exercise utmost caution and diligence when dealing with hindoid creatures, for one may never come across a more dangerous and vile set of humanoid hordes than those emanating from the sub-satanic Indian sub-continent. The rest is up to you 😐

                      Wish you good luck! You would definitely need it when you are so trusting of the vile hindoid savages.


      • Sam Says:

        But at-least Westeners are more civilized and disciplined than Indians.

  18. What do you expect me to do, dear ol’ comrade Vinayakah, hate the civilised peoples and civilised ideas and act like an typical, uncouth, lying, deceiving, hypocritical, sadistic turd world sub-human just because I’m from the turd world?

    I’m sorry, dear comrade friend, I have seen enough of the filthy, hypocritical, lying, bloodthirsty, sadistic, uncouth, unevolved, unethical turd world sub-humans to even want to be neutral towards them or regard them as humans. I’ve seen enough of what evil, savage, uncouth, filthy, sewery turd world empires and shit holes do to their own peoples and to the peoples and nations under their satanic occupation and brutalisation to regard them as the sub-humans that they are. I’ve seen enough of the satanic turd world “culture” to even believe the peoples who boast about such filthy “cultures” can be considered as having come out of the Stone Age. I’ve seen enough of turd world hominoids’ hearts and minds to realise that they (a vast majority of ’em) are (generally) filled to the core with such uncouthness, evil, hypocrisy and sub-human tendencies. Such human trash, such detestable, unevolved, uncouth, unethical vermin can only take the planet and humankind back to the pre-historic age at which their hominoid evolutionary level is.

    Or do you expect me to love the totalitarian crap that the bloody Red criminals are capable of plunging humankind into? One just has to take a look at North Korea, the perfect commie country (and the difference between Red North Korea and civilised South Korea) to see how bloodthirsty and evil the Reds are and were.

    What have the Red hordes ever contributed to the advancement of humankind? Virtually NOTHING, unless one counts mass-murder, forced and enforced starvation, genocide, Gulags, death camps, “correctional” labour, inhuman torture, the terror of secret thugs (KGB, Stasi and the likes), “Holodomor”, “Cultural Revolution”, forcible depopulation, “relocation” of entire populations, grand loot, mass robbery, enslavement, purges, endless wars, destruction, eternal poverty, shortages of the most basic stuff, propaganda on an industrial scale, massive brainwashing with lies and deception, denial of rights, mind-control, thought control and total enslavement by a satanic cabal.

    What else? Nothing. Oops, I forgot the destruction items. Planes, tanks, boats, missiles and guns made with outdated but reliable technology. The comrades can be proud of inventing weapons of heinous destruction like the hydrogen bomb and intercontinental missiles apart from their vintage mass-manufactured weapons like the AK-47 that are still going strong. See how even Red science and technology was liberally used only to produce stuff that KILLS and causes DESTRUCTION, but almost nothing for the betterment of humankind? I don’t forget that the Reds were the first (only by a whisker though) to send a metal football into space, to send some poor animals to their death up there, to send a human and successfully bring him back (but later deliberately murder him), but again the driving motives behind those were of a military nature. Again it’s the obsession of the Red mindset to kill, murder, destroy, spy and control and be proud of such deeds.

    Did the Reds actually use their supposedly “advanced” science and technology to invent something beneficial? To help society? To make life easy for humans? Hardly! The Red scoundrels who could construct giant military bases could NOT even construct enough one-room apartments for all their enslaved masses. The Red hordes who could produce “advanced” killing weapons like “cutting-edge” fighter jets and nuclear subs (that sometimes self-destructed unexpectedly) were simply UNABLE to make a half-decent car or motorcycle. Even the metal jokes, plastic tubs with motorcycle engines and bicycles with an engine that passed off as “cars” and “motorcycles” in the Eastern Bloc were reserved for the use of “the Party bosses” and if ever some were available to the enslaved masses, they had to pay upfront and wait till their great-grand-child was born to get one. The Red hordes who invented “sophisticated” weapons of spying and thought control could NOT even provide enough telephones for their enslaved masses. The Red hordes who supplied “space food” for their cosmonauts simply could NOT even produce enough bread, milk and groceries for their eternally deprived populaces to keep the ever-increasing bread lines short. Obviously, other necessities of life that are considered as basic now were either simply hard to get for the masses enslaved by the Reds or available only to “the Party bosses” and commie institutions. Why?

    It’s because the mindset of all Red regimes is obsessed with causing killing, murder, destruction, genocide, occupation, oppression, enslavement, brainwashing, loot, robbery, spying, thought-control etc. – in short, TOTAL SATANIC CONTROL by any means possible, even if it means mass slaughter, starvation, deprivation and torture for their own masses. To be fair to the Red hordes, the sub-human, sadistic barbarians of the sewery, uncouth turd world are one step ahead of the Reds on this issue 😯

    Such was the evil nature of the totalitarian Red regimes that the peoples and nations that liberated themselves from the satanic yoke of Red totalitarianism of the CCCP and its sidekicks are still struggling to come to normality. The best way for those unfortunate folks in Eastern Europe is to look towards the civilising influence of Western Europe to provide a helping hand to lift themselves out of the deep pits into which the Red thugs pushed them. It’s their only hope. And I’m glad that the Central and East Europeans and the Baltic peoples are looking to associate themselves with Western Europe, the EU and benefit from the resulting civilising influence.

    But a huge threat hangs over their heads like the sword of Damocles. And that is the wet dream of the KGB/FSB thugs in the Kremlin to create a CCCP version 2 by annexing and oppressing the peoples and nations that liberated themselves with the fall of the Eastern Bloc commies.

    The East Europeans just need to look at the massive difference between civilised Western Europe and the KGB/FSB Kremlin Tsardom of Putin/Medvedev & cronies that happens to be the post-Soviet Russian empire and decide which one is better for them – free, modern, civilised and humane societies or a totalitarian dictatorship filled with inequality, repression, dereliction, addiction, terror, tyranny, massive crime and out-of-control corruption. Despite the ridiculous Kremlin propaganda by the KGB/FSB thugs, I believe the East Europeans are wise enough to observe the truth, having themselves been subjected to totalitarian terror and tyranny (of the Red kind) not too long ago.

    Do you expect me to like the Russian empire of the Kremlin Tsardom run by KGB/FSB thugs like Putin/Medvedev & cronies? When the Russian empire chose to associate itself with the BICS of turd instead of the civilised world, I realised that birds of a feather usually flock together. The KGB/FSB goons can have all the nukes and missiles in the world they want, but that doesn’t make them remotely civilised. Nukes, missiles and other weapons of destruction aren’t even special these days with even Bronze Age North Korea and the sub-human turdlings of the filthy Indian and Pakistani empires having plenty of them.

    By choosing to throw in its lot with the BICS savages to form the BRICS of turd, instead of associating itself with the civilised values of the civilised world, the Russian empire has proven its true nature to the world. The Russian empire is semi-civilised at best, existing at a level that can be classified as “Second-and-a-half World”. Not exactly second world, just a wee bit better (on some aspects) than the filthy turd world but certainly NOT a civilised society, the Russian empire’s state of existence is actually closer to the lowly, savage turd world than to the civilised societies. Despite all the Kremlin lies, falsehood and propaganda, anyone with even half-a-brain can understand what a terrible, criminal, corrupt and foreboding place the Russian empire is and what a difficult struggle it is to live in such an empire (I’m sorry if this causes you pain, Axinia 😦 but I believe you can recognise the facts).

    No one is surprised when the Russian empire is ranked among the most horribly corrupt countries in the world (154 out of 178, in the “top 25 of the most notoriously corrupt”), even worse than the sub-human Indian empire 😯 and at par with failed and failing crap holes like Yemen, Papua New Guinea, Congo, Sudan and the likes. The Russian empire, for all the wealth and resources at its disposal, has proven itself to be solidly a part of the uncouth BRICS of turd, thanks to the KGB/FSB thugs running the Kremlin Tsardom.

    You can blame the “ignorant propaganda” by the “evil Western capitalists” aimed at “tarnishing the image” of the “great Kremlin Tsardom” all you want, dear comrade, but no one is going to believe that. None other than the head of the Russian empire’s own constitutional court has truthfully expressed the fact that the Russian empire may descend from being a criminalised state and turn into a criminal state:


    It’s actually a pity 😦 , because with all its resources and relatively small population, the Russian empire has so much potential to be a part of the civilised world. But sadly, it’s more comfortable with being a part of the BRICS of turd and behaving like one, thanks to the satanic oppression unleashed by the Red hordes which has completely numbed Russian minds, not to mention the sheer criminality of the KGB/FSB goons like Putin/Medvedev (and their paid mafia thugs comprising the likes of Ramzan Kadyrov and others) who run the Russian empire.


    • As if reducing the thought of class abolition to a Stalinist mess was not the actual way of certain right wing forces to rewrite history in their favour to legitimate their domination on earth.
      If we study history, it gets more evident who has instrumented whom to obtain what results, and up to now the speculators were not truly upset of the abusive impact of systems and megalomaniac despots as long it serves their market interests, what ever the ideological noises were made.
      What these people truly fear, are human not fitting their dual definition of the world, they have used in the past to instrument one mainstream against the other.

    • Vinayakah Says:

      Honestly, I dont expect you to do anything. What I am saying is that only through the change of ouresleves, it is possible to change the world. Many people are in that point already. Thats all…..

      • No dear Vinayakah, it does NOT work that way. It never has, it doesn’t and it never will work that way. Changing oneself is NOT going to change the world, as the sub-human hordes have shown that they don’t have the capacity to change themselves to even behave like humans.


        • Vinayakah Says:

          Your view can be coresponding to what I said before already. If one didnt change himself yet, if he/she didnt do through the process himself/herself, he/she will most probably deny the possibility for the change of others – it is quite logic. But many did go through it, and I can see the people are changing the same way. Some slowly, some faster…..but definitely there is a capacity, the potential for change, built in everyone of us. To realize it…depends on us.

          • I wish you good luck in your preferred mode of change 🙂 Remember the one who touted and got appointed on the idea of “Change you can believe in” 🙄 ??? The more things “change”, the more they will remain the same.


            • Vinayakah Says:

              Thank you.

              I am not talking of believeing, but or actual change experienced by me, and others I can witness,the complete revolution in the sate of existence wastly further than we were before. I dont believe in sun, it is comming up independently of me. But it makes the flowers open, independently of me.

              The flower just need to accept the sun rays, and gets all the nourishment. It is but not possible in the dark cave of ignorance. Many are there….but it is their decission, they can get out anytime. Why they dont….its the question they sould ask themselves.

              • I think it is the pompous attitude of people who assume that their spiritual experience allows them to tell that others have not experience it, and that would be the reason why they are critical, who appears quiet repulsive to people who have spiritual experience and because of them, are critical towards thoughtless people assuming spirituality is about not being critical.

                Because of my enlightenment experience, I am critical with with a so called spiritual market,a so called spiritual nationalism, and a so called spiritual well being neglecting interconnections and the mess done to humanity and nature.

                Your thoughts and acts truly reflect what kind of spirituality you live.
                The personal little sunshine escapism, or a compassion who cant limit herself to her front garden idyll and the group hurray.

                • Vinayakah Says:

                  The point was different, if you see the whole communication….

                  Spiritual nationalism is funny, true. What about antinationalism? There are no differencies in between us, in its principle.

                  I didnt mention to neglect anything – just the oposite, if you see propperly. What I am saying is that if we can change ourselves, there is a possibility of changing whole this world…including the mess that was done to humanity…out of ignorance. To name other people as a horde of…(see above) is not constructive.

                  All that we do, act or think is reflecting what we are, but how is it really, the Primordial will only judge – you, me, everyone and everything. Can you point where I have said something that makes you think as you mention in your last part of reply? Wasnt I talking of much larger view? Why so many people feel oppressed as soon as someone start to share openly his/her view of existence, experienced by himself and seeing it in others as well? Try to think about it….

                  • To name other people as a horde of…(see above) is not constructive.

                    Praising the sub-human deeds and despicable, stinking “cultural” practices of hordes of savage barbarians as being supposedly “spiritual” is not constructive either. It gives an idea that “spirituality” is all about being uncouth, unevolved, unethical, barbaric savages with primitive systems and practices.


                    • Vinayakah Says:

                      What is praised is the great man and woman of India, and the culture they represent, same as everywhere else.

                      There are many problematic people in every country, but they have the chance to grow same way as any other person on the planet. I see names and faces behind the homogenous “horedes” you mention in every 2nd sentence. They are not homogenous…we all are same, it can be ignored, but it doesnt chenge the truth.

                    • What is praised is the great man and woman of India, and the culture they represent, same as everywhere else.

                      😆 I’m seriously shocked and yet find it so funny that people can so easily fall victim to such obvious brainwashing and believe in the despicable lies spewed out by the uncouth hordes of savages. But that’s what happens when one voluntarily throws out all thinking abilities out of the window for good 😐 It’s a real pity 😦

                      The supposed “great man and woman” 🙄 of India are among the universe’s most uncouth, unevolved, unethical hordes of barbaric savages ever as is so evident by their sub-human deeds. And their filthy “culture” is the world’s most sub-satanic, detestable, uncivilised, nauseatingly stinking piece of crap that was ever known to humankind. This becomes immediately obvious to anyone who hasn’t voluntarily thrown his/her thinking abilities into the dustbin believing that only such an act is capable of leading one to the supposed “spirituality” 😆

                      All humans are NOT the same by any stretch of the imagination. Biologically yes, they may be the same, but by behaviour, mindset, societal ethical and evolutionary level, the civilised peoples and hordes of uncouth savages are at such different levels that they can easily be classified as being different animals. But sadly, those who believe thinking is a crime cannot realise the simplest of truths 😐


        • Sam Says:

          Yeah you are right.We can’t keep telling people to change themselves.They should understand themselves.

          • Instead of changing themselves, I would welcome warmly that humans would start to accept themselves as human instead of dividing themselves into higher goal souls and lower animal.The self hate (even declared with pleasant words as self improvement), the blaming of the own nature is the reason why we live in an artificial reality.Who set s the should conditions?

            Enlightenment is not reaching an external goal, it is being truly oneself and by that aware of our interconnection!

            • Vinayakah Says:

              Yes, we shouldnt divide ourselves, absolutely agree. There are no hordes of…. and >ME<. That was the point we discussed…. Thank you for seeing it.

              As soon as we accepted ourselves as we are (seeing it, being aware of it), we already changed everything – dont you think?

              If but, after seeing, we find out the think in our hand wasnt rope (as we thought), but the snake, that was poisonong us, we throw it away. That is the REAL change many talk about…and more than that – they are actually in that process of change themselves, just now.

              • Obviously the difference between India and France, is that we french can rant about the mess in our country even if we love our country.We even consider being critical as a duty towards our country.
                Guess what, I think even if philosophy is more our favourite identification subject, they are as many spirituality over here than everywhere , but the difference is that it would be considered as very impolite to assume it as something else than a private matter. I love living in a laic country where people can think, and say what they truly think and want to say , even if here like everywhere, some would like everybody to think like them.

            • Obviously the difference between India and France, is that we french can rant about the mess in our country even if we love our country.We even consider being critical as a duty towards our country.

              Bravo, mon amie!!! 🙂

              That’s not just the difference between France and the sub-satanic Indian empire, Antiphonsgarden. It is a crucial difference between all civilised peoples and the sub-human hordes. It’s a prime reason why all civilised peoples happen to be civilised and the savage hordes happen to be so sub-human.

              Civilised peoples believe it is their duty to ensure the collective ethical and civilisational behaviour of their societies by checking, critiquing and rising up against the evil tendencies of those wielding power. In sharp contrast, the sub-human hordes believe it is their duty to voraciously lick the filthy arses of criminals wielding power. In fact, being the savage, uncouth and unethical hordes that they are, the turd world barbarians get a cheap sadistic thrill inside their filthy hearts on observing and cheering the heinous crimes of the criminals wielding power and their semi-literate mercenary dogs, like what the lowlife, low IQed, savage, paan-and gutka-chewing hindoid sewer peoples do on observing the barbaric oppression unleashed upon the hapless Kashmiri nation (and many others) by that stinking sewer pit called the sub-satanic Indian empire.

              Obviously, this is a prime reason why the first world happens to be civilised and the BRICS of turd happen to so barbaric and criminally savage, while other turd world trash cans happen to be, well, turd world cess pools. It is the evolutionary, ethical and civilisational ability of peoples that decides whether a place will be a civilised place or a filthy turd world sewer dump.

              I love living in a laic country where people can think, and say what they truly think and want to say , even if here like everywhere, some would like everybody to think like them.

              Why else do you think all turd world barbarians make a beeline to get into the civilised countries by hook or crook? Despite all the heinous and despicable lies of the savage hordes who shamelessly leech off the civilised peoples and societies and yet pretend that their turd world sewer dumps are so much more “spiritual”, the truth is that the turd world barbarians know inside their hearts that they are savage hordes who are not capable of building civilised societies by themselves, and therefore migrate en masse and parasitically leech off the civilised peoples and the civilised societies they have built. The savages who migrate en masse to the more civilised places are nothing more than parasitic blood-sucking leeches who draw all nourishment from their kind hosts and yet waste no opportunity in bad-mouthing and spreading vile lies about their civilised hosts and the civilised societies their hosts have built. Parasitic leeches is the correct term to describe the rapidly overbreeding savages who migrate en masse to the civilised societies from the uncouth places and seek to destroy the civilised places by imposing their uncouthness and barbarism on their hosts. Such hordes seek to destroy the whole of humankind.

              The civilised societies have to be very careful and take steps to keep such human riff-raff out of their civilised places, else the masses of overbreeding savages who migrate en masse will seek to destroy the civilised societies and their peoples and pull them down to the level of the savage societies from which the hordes emanate. This is what the NWO is all about. The “elite” scum who control the entire planet and the civilised societies have formed a satanic alliance with the savage hordes from the sub-human societies. Together, these vermin seek to destroy the civilised places and turn the entire planet into one big turd cess pool of uncouthness and mediaeval barbarism.

              The civilised societies that take steps to keep out the masses of migrating parasitic leeches from the uncouth places will remain civilised while others will be slowly destroyed.

              In this aspect, the EU can learn a lot from the civilised societies of Far East Asia. Japan and South Korea have a policy of keeping out the uncouth savages and parasitic leeches as far as humanely possible. Though they don’t go about it openly, Japan and South Korea have enough measures in place to ensure that masses of migrating parasitic leeches don’t destroy the civilised societies that the Japanese and South Koreans have so painstakingly built after the terrible destruction of WW II and the commie-imposed Korean War. That’s what gives me some hope that Far East Asia will remain the only civilised place on the entire planet after the civilised West is deliberately destroyed and turd worldised.

              I know the savage hordes and parasitic leeches will hate me and despise me for saying this, but it is an undeniable fact that is very important for the survival of humankind and human civilisation and prevent the planet from going back to the Stone Age, which is where the masses of migrating barbarians and “elitist” scum will take the world to.

              All the more evolved and civilised places have to put in place measures to keep out the barbarians and parasitic leeches who migrate en masse.

              The EU will have to take a leaf out of the books of Japan and South Korea and prevent mass migration from outside the EU. The only exceptions should be civilised societies in Europe which are not members of the EU, such as Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. The turd world barbarians have to be kept out as far as humanely possible. Even the so-called “students” from the sub-human societies should not be allowed to take advantage of free education that is available to all in the civilised societies. If at all, such “students” are allowed in, it should only be for serious programs that charge full fees and then be sent back or asked to move out compulsorily once their courses are over (otherwise the barbarians will flood in under the guise of being “students” and create all sorts of problems as the hindoid savages have done in Australia and elsewhere).

              If there is a shortage of workers or labour, then a high level of MRA (Mechanisation, Robotisation and Automation) is the way forward as the Japanese and South Koreans are trying to implement. Under no circumstances should the “elitist” hordes be allowed to import cheap, bodyshop labourers en masse into the civilised societies. While the EU is at it, it should ensure that the notorious mafia gangsters and mobsters from Russia/Israel are not allowed to ply their nefarious trades inside Europe, especially the new East and Central European EU members who were liberated from the evil clutches of Red commie hordes. The EU should provide all assistance to such new, struggling EU members to rid themselves of the organised mafia menace. The Russian/Israeli organised underworld mobsters and gangsters should not just be prevented from carrying out their criminal activities inside the EU, but they should also be prevented from supposedly “investing” their ill-gotten gains and criminal money in EU assets.

              Europe should not allow itself to become the “investing ground” where the underworld mafia goons from Russia/Israel/Eastern Europe dump all their criminally-earned money obtained through nefarious means and criminal activities. Europeans certainly don’t need such a kind of “investment”. Already, Switzerland has becoming the unofficial storehouse of most ill-gotten criminal money from large parts of the filthy turd world as the turd world sub-humans deliberately take advantage of the civilised Swiss people’s centuries’ old banking secrecy laws to park their criminal money in Swiss banks.

              I guess my ranting is obviously going to fall on deaf ears. Europe is probably never going to do such things, as the political jokers and the bloated Brussels bureaucrats work hand-in-glove with the NWO scum. Sometimes, I do get the feeling that Western Europe has become a bit too civilised, progressive and humane for its own good 😐 It’s certainly not a bad thing as such, but in a world overflowing with uncouth peoples and the rising clout of criminally savage barbarocracies like the BRICS of turd, it pays for the civilised peoples to keep themselves ISOLATED from the teeming hordes of savage barbarians who surround them and their uncouth influence.

              If one mixes different jars of water, ranging from pure drinking water, slightly brackish water, sea water, contaminated water and raw sewage, the end result WILL NEVER be pure drinking water, but always raw sewage 😮 The deliberate global turd worldisation plan 👿 works on exactly the same principle, not with jars of water, but with human societies at different ethical and civilisational levels. Only the civilised societies that can isolate themselves inside their own glass jars like Japan and South Korea (doing so allows for a clear outside view but completely prevents external contamination), have a hope of remaining civilised in a world that is being deliberately and rapidly turd worldised and dehumanised 😐


  19. It is interesting to see how much patronising pride some humble spiritual souls develop, and how some systems assume the own spiritual superiority by neglecting the evident mess.

    As someone with a solid self worth, I spar to annoy the rest of humanity with my PRETEND humbleness, in the hope that I get flattered for my high spiritual level.A bit too twisted for my straight forward mind. I think the best indicator for the awareness of someone is his/her capacity for self irony.I mistrust people without the faculty to reflect with humour about the world and themselves. And by that I don’t mean, fake smiles someone tries to push into my throat.

  20. Vinayakah Says:

    @Alien, unfortunately, I cant reply on your last coments, so just to repeat what I say again and again, but somehow you cant catch it. I would say I (and not only me) can see BOTH parts of reality, and quite well – the people who behave like devils, and at the same time the people that behave like angels. You pick up only the first part – the evil one. The part that is the fruit of ignorance, and after the ignorance vanishes, it dissapears. Answer on the question “why”, is always the resonance…one (everyone) simply pays atention on the things, one is intersted in, or attracted to. We all are the same in that point.

    You are not obliged to do anything, just what I am saying is that if one succeed in changing himself, experiencing the process on himself, curing himself, getting larger view of humanity…, (including the evil part)….than he automaticaly understands it can be applied to others as well. If one climbs the mountain once by himself, he can take others to climb it, he knows the way by himself, by his own experience, he touched the stones with his own hands….

    The difference in our view is that you really hate the people you name as hordes of…., your your own country…, while I see in them potential of beauty, innocence, even if hidden, and in your country (and any other), the treasures of great people, and at the same time the evil existing there.

    I trust in people alien, as I saw many so called bad people changing totally, and so I trust in their potential of change in them. What about you – do you trust them and see the potential of their change?

    If one sees the problem, he has a chance (by seeing it) to change it. What is your proposal for changing the status quo of your country and the “hrodes of…”? Or if you did already something to change it, what it was.

    Thank you for possible answer.

    • I would say I (and not only me) can see BOTH parts of reality, and quite well – the people who behave like devils, and at the same time the people that behave like angels

      No, you don’t!!! You can see only the (relatively less) evil that exists in civilised societies and you are absolutely blind to the sub-satanic evil that exists among the sewery shit pits of the world. Because you have been brainwashed voluntarily by throwing out your own thinking abilities out of the window for good.

      You seem to be a victim of cruel brainwashing, being deceived into believing the crap that anything that declares itself as “spiritual” cannot be bad, even if the truth is that it happens to be the most sub-satanically evil 👿 thing in the universe. Of course, you cannot know the truth inside a bubble state where you only believe in what you want to believe, because you have given up your normal thinking abilities voluntarily.

      With unfortunately brainwashed people like you, even a sadistic serial killer just needs to proclaim himself to be “spiritual” and utter some crap about how “materialistic” the civilised societies are as opposed to the “great spirituality” of the sub-human societies and their filthy hordes and you will immediately be prepared to accept even sub-humanism, sadism and satanism as “great spiritual ideas”.

      It’s similar to the way in which the mediaeval Catholic Church used to brainwash the Europeans in the Middle Ages or the lowly mullocracies brainwash their hopeless masses today. They just uttered/utter the words “Godly” and “religious” in order to cover up their despicable and satanic crimes and put themselves beyond question. The sub-human hordes of the sewery Indian shit pit just need to utter the word “spiritual” and unfortunately brainwashed people like you will immediately become automatically blind to their sub-human deeds, practices and nauseatingly evil nature.

      I suspect you wouldn’t do so in your normal state, but then you voluntarily wish to exist outside your normal state. A normal state for a human being is one in which the brain functions as a mind (i.e. it can think) as opposed to the primitive, unevolved brains of creatures which merely respond to stimuli and control body functions but do not have the ability to think (like the brains of mosquitoes, cockroaches etc. – even the brains of cats, horses, birds etc. have some ability to think).

      When it is so clearly the level of thinking ability of the brain that defines the evolutionary level of any creature, then why would anyone ever want to believe that throwing one’s own thinking ability into the dustbin and existing in a permanent non-thinking state is the greatest thing one can achieve 😕 But you’ve been led into believing the idea that one needs to completely chuck out one’s thinking abilities in order to achieve the supposed “spirituality” 🙄 Criminalised regimes try to persecute people for thought crimes, but you’ve been led to believe that thoughts and thinking itself are crimes 😯

      Needless to say, in an unnatural state where you believe thinking is the greatest crime (similar to the mediaeval hordes persecuting people for thinking that the Earth is round and not flat as the savages wanted people to believe) that is responsible for all the mess in the world and that permanent non-thinking will solve all problems, you simply cannot realise the truth about the sub-humanly evil things that take place in the sewery shit holes of the world that declare themselves as “spiritual” 🙄


      • Vinayakah Says:

        I do see it….you have no idea about me.

        Thank you for exposing your true nature, nature of your view so wastly. You try to put into my mouth things I neve said, calling me brainwashed, describing me as that I “….will immediately be prepared to accept even sub-humanism, sadism and satanism as “great spiritual ideas”. It is unbelievable, how you – civilised person – can be so disgusting….and even proud of it……I have no words for it anymore. But you exposed your true nature, and for that I would like to thank you. You crossed the border of the basic ethic of communication, and switched to attack in an extremely unpolite manner. Is this the civilised approach? Thank you – no interest…

        Seeing your words and way of communication, I am asking who is the now the “horde” in this case – isnt it that you are a representatnt of the “hordes of…” you so strongly criticise? Who would behave like you – the so called civilised person? Is this the civilisation you proclaim? Thank you – no interest…
        You opose the thouthless awareness, in which I can solve very complicated tasks in my job incomparably more efficiently and faster, than my colleagues. What is the fruit of your “thinking state” – to write mail as you did now? Oh my God…. You are indeed very funny figure…..not able, for some reason, look into the mirror. You match the description of the “hordes” you describe perfectly – can you see it, or again not…??

        I tried over and over to explain something complete else, but it didnt go through – the filter of your being is set up for evil, and cant see anything else. Enjoy your state, till the last drop…looks like you firmly decided to have it. I think it is fair…


        • It is unbelievable, how you – civilised person

          Did I call myself civilised anywhere? You accuse me of putting words in your mouth, but you seem to be NO different at all!!!

          Who would behave like you – the so called civilised person? Is this the civilisation you proclaim?

          Again, you seem so bent on putting words in my mouth that I never said. You deliberately claim that I describe myself as a civilised person. When have I done that? Your behaviour of assuming things about me (because THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE about me, that’s what your ego is conditioned to believe about me) is just the same as me calling you “brainwashed” and is therefore equally DISGUSTING! Thank you too for showing your true behaviour after all the unnaturally assumed politeness that you put on.

          You opose the thouthless awareness

          Again your obvious behaviour of putting words in my mouth. I did not oppose your so-called “thoughtless awareness” anywhere. You are welcome to keep it and enjoy it and benefit from it as you see fit. I don’t really care. You can solve whatever you want however you want, it doesn’t bother me in the least.

          It is YOU who are so opposed to THINKING, and that too, about OTHERS thinking for themselves! You want to force your non-thinking state down the throats of OTHERS and you get annoyed whenever anyone refuses to give up their thinking state and refuses to throw the thinking abilities of their own minds into the dustbin for good.

          I’ve already told you who the “hordes” are so many times and if you still cannot see it, I can do nothing about it.

          that I “….will immediately be prepared to accept even sub-humanism, sadism and satanism as “great spiritual ideas”

          You’ve twisted my statement to suit your own belief by omitting a crucial part of the sentence. Here it is – even a sadistic serial killer just needs to proclaim himself to be “spiritual” and utter some crap about how “materialistic” the civilised societies are as opposed to the “great spirituality” of the sub-human societies and then, and only then comes your selective quote. So the meaning becomes very different once you read it completely. You’ve deliberately left out the principal conditionality in order to put words into my mouth.

          the filter of your being is set up for evil, and cant see anything else. Enjoy your state, till the last drop…

          Wow! I never thought such “wonderful thoughtlessly aware” people could stoop down to such a level, to something much lower and more disgusting than what you accuse me of. I’m left speechless on seeing that “thoughtless awareness” can conceal such hatred.

          And though obviously you didn’t mean it in your wonderful “thoughtless” hatred, your words convey the meaning that “the filter of my being” is configured for evil i.e. the filter is set up to filter OUT the evil and let in only the non-evil 🙂 (For instance, when one sets up a filter for spam in e-mail, it is meant to keep OUT the spam from the inbox, and let in only non-spam. A filter set up for particulate matter in the exhaust systems of diesel engines is meant to filter OUT the particulates from the tailpipe emissions). That is indeed how it works for “the filter of my being” 🙂 I try to see the evil for what it is, label it as what it is, oppose it vehemently and filter it OUT, okay, and not what your own conditioned ego wants to believe in your “wonderful non-thinking state”.

          Unlike you who wants to believe that “everything is spiritual” and which obviously includes “all evil is spiritual” as long as the evil (like the uncouth Indian “culture”) declares itself to be “spiritual”. You are welcome to enjoy the “great spiritual evil” as you see fit, and it looks like it is inevitable.

          I would still wish you good luck as I harbour no hatred towards you (as whatever your conditioned “non-thinking” ego wants to believe about me, I don’t care in the least.)


          • Vinayakah Says:

            You divide in you posts people into 2 group only – the “hordes of…” and “civilised ones”. By criticising the “hordes of..” I suppose you belong to the 2nd group – or you critťicise yourself? Oh my God…

            Try to read your post again before you post anything….I have written what I wanted. You show the “culture” of your state and as I said already –
            Thank you – no interest…

            • By criticising the “hordes of..” I suppose you belong to the 2nd group

              Thank “God” I haven’t thrown my thinking abilities into the dust-bin for good! It’s shocking 😯 to observe what a “non-thinking” state can do to a person.

              So if I criticise the sub-satanic deeds of the evil Indian empire, its bloodthirsty gubmint goons, its criminal semi-literate mercenary dogs and its teeming hordes of filthy criminalised savages, does that mean I become a Japanese or a German or a Frenchman??? It looks like that’s exactly what you want to convey. It’s completely hilarious 😆

              No, you self-styled non-thinker – it means I realise the harsh truth that different societies exist at different ethical and civilisational levels and that the criminalised turd world savages need to introspect and find out why their own societies are so primitive, rotten, uncouth, evil and filthy. Only then will the savage hordes civilise themselves, improve their sub-human societies and learn to behave like humans and then, and only then, will there be a change in the world.

              Change is not going to come about by the the unevolved, uncouth turd world savages continuing to lick the filthy arses of criminals wielding power and doing evil deeds in the uncouth societies. By doing so, the hordes of barbarians only prove to the world that they are unevolved, uncouth, sadistic sub-humans collectively and individually.

              It seems I was correct about the prime reason why the civilised societies happen to be civilised and the turdy societies happen to be so filthy and I have observed enough proof for the same.

              The civilised societies have an ABCD citizenry – i.e. their citizens consider it their duty to be Alert, Brave, Critical and Diligent.

              In sharp contrast, the uncouth societies have an STUV citizenry – i.e. the savage hordes who exist in/emanate out of such societies consider it their duty to be Sadistic, Turdy, Uncouth and Voraciously arse-licking.

              With such a sharp and critical differences between peoples at different steps on the evolutionary ladder, then it’s no wonder that the civilised societies of the world are so civilised and are a guiding beacon for human civilisation and for the evolution of humankind while the filthy BRICS of turd and other stinking turd world cess pools happen to be so savage, criminalised, rotten and sub-human 😡


    • The difference in our view is that you really hate the people you name as hordes of….

      Again, NO, I don’t hate people. I hate deeds, practices, systems etc. There is a HUGE difference between hating people and hating their despicable deeds. Obviously, to understand the difference between the two, one needs to exist in a normal thinking state.

      while I see in them potential of beauty,… and at the same time the evil existing there.

      😆 You can see the evil existing there 😕 Haha, I doubt it. Even if one says how something is so despicably evil in an uncouth shit hole or how sadistically the lowlife hordes behave, you immediately dish out your standard response… that “it is the same everywhere” – when it is OBVIOUSLY NOT the case, or that “all things are spiritual” (only because the evil has declared itself to be “spiritual” and you cannot recognise it for what it is) or that “things will change if everyone changes” (by permanently giving up one’s own thinking abilities for good 😯

      If you can see the evil, then do you lack the ability to call a spade a spade while trying to pass it off as something normal? Or do you deliberately ignore it because you’ve been led to believe the evil is supposedly “spiritual”?

      I trust in people alien

      I don’t trust in people based on who they are or who they claim to be. I trust them (or don’t trust them) based on their individual and collective deeds, it is as simple as that 😐

      What is your proposal for changing the status quo of your country and the “hrodes of…”

      The only possible change is for the sub-human hordes to civilise themselves. Being uncouth, unevolved and unethical hordes due to the influence of their filthy “culture” and its sub-human systems and practices, they will have to go through a drawn out process of civilising themselves and learning to behave at least as humans, if not as civilised peoples.

      It will take some time as the sub-human hordes (not just hindoids but most turd world savages) have to catch up with centuries of civilisational, ethical and societal evolution to come to the level of the civilised peoples. They can change only if they want to change and if they see a need to change. It can take place only if the sub-human hordes realise how uncouth and unevolved they are in comparison to the civilised societies. It cannot be done as long as the savage hordes loudly proclaim their own barbarity, uncouthness, inhumanity and sadistic sub-humanism as “great spiritual things” of a supposedly fabulous “culture” that makes them “better” than the supposedly “materialistic” civilised societies. Sub-human hordes cannot change and will not change as long as they believe their own sub-humanism and uncouthness is “spiritual” and the product of a “great culture”.

      It’s possible, even if difficult. In the mid-1800s, on coming into contact with Westerners, the Japanese realised how primitive and backward their own society was when compared to the Europeans and how they needed to catch up with them, and therefore started a massive process to change their feudal society. They succeeded.

      But then again, the Japanese have proven themselves to be a civilised people, while the savage turd world barbarians are yet to prove themselves capable of behaving as humans (let alone civilised peoples) by their deeds.

      And no, as far as I’m concerned, change is not going to come about by everyone voluntarily throwing out their thinking abilities into the dust-bin for good. If anything, it might make matters worse. The perfect proof is the sub-satanic Indian sub-continent itself. Despite hordes and hordes of bubble-dwellers and permanent non-thinkers and other abnormal fellows walking upon this sewery land through the centuries, the filthy sub-continent is as evil, uncouth and sub-human as it ever was, it’s lowlife paan-and-gutka chewing hordes remain as barbaric as ever and its uncouth “culture” remains as savage and filthy as it ever was.

      Thank you for your polite responses and for having the patience. Just ignore the uncouth words and phrases I use if you find them unparliamentary. I’m sorry for using them, but I don’t know how else one can describe things as they are.


      • Vinayakah Says:

        Of course you speak out of hatred – or you speak the words out of love? You speak about “hordes of”, not about the system……………….. As I said already, you opened yourself (thanks) and – Thank you – no interest…

        • Again, the tendency of your EGO to assume things you want to believe about me. When I have claimed to speak the words of “love”??? Just because your ego wants to believe I claim to speak the words of “love” doesn’t mean it becomes the truth.

          I’m not hypocritical enough to say I speak of “love” and then spew out “thoughtless” hatred like those who put on a show of supposed “love” and then expose their true colours when their guard drops and their mask slips off to expose the levels of “thoughtless” hatred they conceal behind their assumed mask of supposed “love” 🙄 which is exactly what you have done, and thank you for letting your put-on mask slip off and providing a glimpse of what it conceals behind.

          And yes, I myself said I HATE evil things and deeds (which you don’t seem to, because you want to believe evil is supposedly “spiritual” 🙄 when it calls itself so). Yes, I do speak of the hordes of savages and scum who DO evil deeds willfully, sadistically and deliberately because they exist at the level of unevolved, uncouth, unethical sub-humans.

          Does that mean you absolutely love their evil, sub-satanic deeds? I guess you do, as long as the evil-doers declare themselves as “spiritual”. That’s why you can keep your supposedly “wonderful non-thinking state” to yourself! I’m NOT interested in it because as I have observed, it makes one lose the ability to distinguish between evil and non-evil.


          • Vinayakah Says:

            As I said before – You speak about “hordes of”, not about the system……………….. All your comments are about the “hordes of…”, again and again and again my dear. Read you posts first please….

            Anger, anger, hatred, criticising, all the time….is this really your natural state of being?

            • In your blind “thoughtless” hatred for me that you attempt to conceal behind your assumed mask of supposed “love” 🙄 , you don’t even want to read my replies to your comments. I believe you were just a non-thinker, are you also a non-reader? If you read my comment even once, you can see what I meant by hordes of savages willfully, deliberately and sadistically doing evil DEEDS. The system does NOT drop from the sky as you want to believe 😆

              The system is formed by people creating it, doing it and maintaining it – evil systems are formed by people doing evil deeds collectively and individually, like the sub-human hordes of criminalised savages of the filthy Indian empire.

              At least my anger, hatred and criticism is directed at evil deeds and evil stuff and is neutral to non-evil things 😐 You have nothing but love for even the grossest evil 👿 that declares itself as “spiritual” and only hatred and contempt for anyone or anything that has the thinking capability to call a spade a spade or even anyone who merely uses the divine gift of THINKING that humanoids possess. In such a scenario, my natural state of being is much better than your sorry state of being ambiguous, tolerant and even encouraging of evil. Even if you give me a billion dollars (and more), I would never want to exist in such a sorry state of “thoughtlessly” loving evil things and evil stuff as you do.


              • Vinayakah Says:

                You said – “…..I have seen enough of the filthy, hypocritical, lying, bloodthirsty, sadistic, uncouth, unevolved, unethical turd world sub-humans to even want to be neutral towards them or REGARD THEM AS HUMANS.” Read what you have written please, again and again and again…..might be you finaly get a glimpse of reality. There much more of it in you comments, but it is enough disgusting….to show the picture.

                I have no hattred for you, just it is funny to see someone who, after exposed by his own words, try to run away in such awkward way…

                • Vinahakah…I would hardly consider an alien earthling, as someone running away.
                  I associate with the idea of hordes, the invaders who have spiritually legitimated their violence by naming the autochtones, an underclass, unworthy to be considered as humans.Caste subdivisions appeared to determinate the limits of individuals,and by that freeze any solidarity based on a humanist concept. This kind of spiritual social organisation has been definitely a political repression tool over century, even if we might have a different approach to it now, we can not avoid to be aware of the possible danger through it, if we associate our own with a humanist view .
                  I would welcome your point of view, how much the Indian society is still impacted by that social apartheid.How much is the cast system still defining life ?

                  • Merci beaucoup for understanding, antiphonsgarden, mon amie.

                    “Running away” was just a silly ploy by the non-thinking Vinayakah to try to look as if he was discussing a topic instead of dishing out some repetitive, meaningless and silly non-thinking stuff.

                    By putting forth that question about the sewery, stinking caste system to a non-thinking mind, I believe you are trying to get a coherent response from someone who has thrown his own thinking abilities into the dust-bin for good and is proud of it. You can count on the fact that you won’t get any coherent response.

                    The only responses you will get are “Everything is spiritual” (meaning all evil is spiritual as long as it declares itself so), “It happens everywhere” (which is blatantly false, as there is NO equivalent to the filthy, sewery manuoid sub-humanism anywhere else on Earth, not even apartheid or slavery comes close to it) or “It’s a part of a great spiritual culture” (one can imagine how stinking, sewery and sub-human such a filthy “culture” must be).

                    What else can you expect out of someone who has his mind in a non-thinking state where it is vulnerable to absorb any brainwashing crap about how any kind of evil is supposedly “spiritual” once it gives itself a certificate 😕


                  • How much is the cast system still defining life ?

                    Chère antiphonsgarden, to know how much the stinking, sub-human, sewery caste system defines life among the sub-human hordes whose extremely low-IQed, shit-headed pea-brains believe in the crap of manuoid sub-satanism, you need a reliable source that is in the know of things. Considering that the stinking sub-satanic Indian empire enshrines manuoid sub-humanism into its official policy and that the “justice system” is full of kangaroo courts from top to bottom and that the media morons are all manuoid turdlings, one has to rely on truthful sources. There are quite a few of ’em out there, but one has to search for them. Here is one:


                    But be assured that the stinking manuoid Hindu caste system is not the only evil that the sub-human hordes of the evil Indian empire practise. There are dozens of equally filthy sub-satanic systems, practices, deeds and laws that are UNIQUE to the stinking shit pit of a sub-continent. If one has to describe all of them in their most nauseating details and the sheer sub-humanism that takes place every day, hour, minute and second, every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year in the 21st century sub-human Indian sub-continent, then one would actually have to compile an a big encyclopaedia and even that may not be enough.


                    • Vinayakah Says:

                      So, what is the solution?

                    • If you read my comments even once, you wouldn’t ask such a question over and over again, when I’ve already provided the answer n number of times:

                      The only solution is for the filthy sub-satanic hordes who deliberately and willfully do sadistic evil to learn to behave at least as humans, if not as civilised people.

                      Obviously, this is not going to get into your non-thinking mind, and you are going to repeat the same question “what’s the solution?” I’m prepared to say it as many times as you want, till your non-thinking mind can understand it.


                    • Vinayakah Says:

                      It si not solution. HOW will they change?

                    • Can’t your non-thinking mind even read and understand something even if it is mentioned a hundred times 😕 The ONLY solution is for the sub-satanic hordes of savages to learn to civilise themselves and behave at least as humans, if not as civilised people. If the civilised societies have evolved to this level after centuries of mediaeval barbarism, then what is preventing the sub-human hordes of putrid turd world trash dumps from civilising themselves? Is it because they exist at the level of scum beings collectively?

                      If you think your so-called “solution” of everyone going into a self-made bubble after throwing the thinking abilities of their minds into the trash heap is going to work, then all I can say is – keep day-dreaming and hallucinating in your little self-made non-thinking bubble.


                  • Vinayakah Says:

                    The discussion was if the talk is about the system or humans. The sentence (one of many) shows the answer. What is you opinion?

                    • I cannot believe the shocking state 😯 which a non-thinking mind can put a person into 😐 Okay, here it is for your non-thinking mind that remains firmly shut, locked and sealed up:

                      The so-called “system” does not fall from the sky!!! It is FORMED, MADE BY, MAINTAINED and PERPETRATED by hominoids. Civilised sytems are formed and maintained by civilised peoples. Sub-satanic, filthy, rotten, sewery systems like the demonic Hindu caste system are created, maintained and sadistically perpetrated by the SUB-SATANIC HORDES OF SCUM BEINGS, because that is the lowly sub-human ethical, civilisational and evolutionary level the savage, low IQed barbarians exist at. The sub-satanic hordes are proving themselves incapable of behaving even as humans, let alone civilised people.

                      It looks like getting your non-thinking mind to understand something is like trying to squeeze an adult elephant inside a passenger auto-rickshaw 😐


                    • Vinayakah Says:

                      I am not reacting on posts that came afet the imp jump out, the explanation part (omg). I am talking about the sentence you posted and I could find another ones, but….I see it is in vain, sorry 😉

                    • So you think you can deliberately provoke me by uttering putrid crap like, “afet the imp jump out”, Vinayakah-with-his-thinking-ability-proudly-dumped-in-the-garbage-bin???

                      Trying to take a leaf out of the filthy tyrant Mubarak’s book of deliberately provoking people, eh? Such lowly tactics don’t work, you self-styled non-thinker who hides devilish hatred behind his put on mask of supposed “love”.

                      And what is the meaning of the gibberish contained in your last sentence 😕 Is your non-thinking mind so frustrated, agitated and burning with hatred on seeing my solid replies and proofs to your silly repetitive statements that it is involuntarily beginning to blabber meaningless sentences? How sad! 😦 If only your mind could think, it would be able to put together some coherent comments. Alas 😦 that’s not to be – as all its thinking abilities are rotting after being dumped into the dust-bin for good.


                • Run away? 😆 😆 You claim to be just a mere non-thinker, looks like you are a non-reader and non-observer as well 😆 What a pity that non-thinking robs one of all other perception abilities as well 😦 More reasons and evidence for me to stay away from such a state of being 😐

                  YOU are the one who keeps saying “thank you… no interest” with each and every comment as YOU cannot reply to my solid replies to your baseless, repetitive, meaningless comments and YOU are the one who looks to run away at the first possible opportunity to avoid getting embarassed due to your own silly “thoughtless ” comments. In your non-thinking state, you believe I would deny anything I said, but you get frustrated beyond belief when I stand by my comments and provide solid proof to disprove your repetitive meaningless words. It’s hilarious 😆 to see your frustration on having your silly repetitive comments being constantly disproved 🙂

                  Okay, you self-styled non-thinker, yes, I STAND BY WHAT I SAID, get it? I’m willing to say it AGAIN and AGAIN to get it into your non-thinking mind. I regard filthy scum beings who do sadistic, evil, bloodthirsty deeds willfully and deliberately as STINKING SUB-HUMAN HORDES, understand?

                  Where is your silly reply to my comment that the system does not fall from the sky but is formed, made up and maintained by the filthy hordes whose own sub-humanism keeps such stinking systems going? Cannot provide a reply to any of my points in your non-thinking state, eh??? What a pity 😦

                  Or should I say it a dozen more times to drill it into your non-thinking mind??? There is no need for me to read my comments – on the other hand, YOU please read it until the meaning gets inside your non-thinking mind. (Looks like nothing other than repetitive and false commie style propaganda gets inside the minds that have thrown their own thinking abilities into the trash heap for good 😐 )

                  Despite your repetitive dishing out of the same silly thing over and over again like a broken record or a damaged disc, I still have NO hatred for you. On the other hand, observing what non-thinking has done to you, I’m concerned about you as I can see hordes of lowlife, sadistic, gutka-chewing savages rubbing their dirty hands with an evil grin exposing their red and rotten paan-chewing teeth, that they have you firmly inside their vicious grip in a state where you cannot even think for yourself.


                  • Mahesh chendake Says:

                    Raj revolution doesn’t occurs suddenly. it is changing slowly as people are understanding its uselessness. Please understands election results of Utter pradesh, India. all political parties are disturbed due to that results and become aware that politics on cast not going to work. people want real development they are not interested in other religious issues created by politicians. Raj this is beginning… revolution will definitely takes place in all entire india very soon. As I feel those issues are more political.
                    I agree it will take time to change peoples attitude completely rather it is negative at this point also and once again they have to fight against themselves only to remove castism and related terrorism from their minds

                    • An alien earthling, having to face the deviant contradictions in our systems here is already a burden, but I imagine living in a system who purrs spiritual noises over each dehumanising violence, must imply a hard task to stay head up and tell the own truth, being outraged by it is absolutely natural and each attempt to reduce the arguments back to harmonious platitudes must increase the feeling of disgust.

                      Vinayakha…I understand your wish to not be seen as a human representing all other humans of your nation…I had myself to endure some attempts from some Indian nationalist who hoped that reducing me to some cliché, would impress me.I see your will to try the difficult attempt to question your situation, but at the same time you legitimate it too, what makes it probably hard to see your point of view behind wishful formulation.

                      Mahesh, I don’t believe in slow changes, they have been mostly an attempt to postpone and procrastinate needed changes.And after so many century’s of relative stagnation, I hardly wonder what might be worth waiting for?
                      Revolution is a permanent situation, expressing itself more visibly on the surface temporary.
                      We could consider a pre revolutionary society as one who has started to suffer too much from the old neurosis that the outburst has to happen.
                      But I have observed long enough such developments in individuals and in society, to know that after the fresh wing of joy and freedom, comes the fear of changes again even stronger often, and in that moment it matters to get enough support for the own courage to go through towards a new life choice.

                  • Vinayakah Says:

                    Yes, I get it Alien, and thank you again for saying it openly – you are talking about people and even not considering them as humans, not about the system (that was only a try to cover your real thoughts). That was my point I pointed in thousand ways, but you couldnt didnt get it somehow….until now, when it looks like it went through (finally).

                    Also I am not frustrated at all, I am laughling 😉 Your total frustration, anger and hatred for humans jumps out of your comments like an imp, making funny noice, and when exposed, it try to hide behind even more funny explanations 😀 So again, you are talking about the hordes, not about the system they follow.

                    And I am in the nonthinking state, yes, and I really enjoy it….and at the same time solving quite complicated things in my work, can say much faster and better than my “thinking” colleagues (seeing the outputs), who first must solve their milion frustrations, non-integrated ideas, wishes, hidden aims, competitions with other colleagues, enslaved by their preparations for the meetings that have milion possible situations they never could consider…..before they get at least a glimpse of the solutions that are all the time there, but in their state they never can see it, busy with the above mentioned “thoughts”.
                    This is the fruit of Nirvichar state, when applied in the normal life. It doesnt change if you see the bad things or good things, as it is not dependent on anything like that. But it is the only state, where you can actually start to solve the problems you are aware of – not before…..cappacity of the thought is too small to contain complex solutions…. The application in work is but one bilionnth of the fruit it brings… Do you get it now? 😉

                    It is absolutley beautifull state, complete peace and joy. As the problems are never really solved by hattred, proclaimed frustration and anger, but only in the mind of peace, love and joy. Than the solutions are of love, peace and joy. If you but try to find solutions in the mind of frustration, hatred and anger….the “solutions” will be of the same kind. And thats why I say, I have no interest there. Now I hope is clear….or might be it is not (again).

                    • Man, I really have to feel sorry 😦 for the pathetic state which your non-thinking mind has pushed you into.

                      You still cannot understand what forms and keeps up the so-called “system”, despite trying to explain it so many times??? What a pity 😦

                      Yes, unlike you who try to conceal your blind “thoughtless” hatred behind an assumed and deceptive mask of supposed “love” 🙄 I openly say I HATE sub-human deeds, evil systems and filthy practices, get it??? If you love such evil and sadism 😯 (as long as the evil declares itself “spiritual”), then I can see that there is nothing more dangerous and harmful than a mind that voluntarily thrown its own thinking abilities into the trash heap for good.

                      You can keep your non-thinking mind that absolutely loves evil and sadistic deeds to yourself! I wouldn’t go for such a pathetic state of being even if you give me a trillion dollars or more. Thank you, but no thanks… I don’t wish to turn my mind into the something like the minds of flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes which do not even have the ability to think for themselves, but just exist as physical brains controlling bodily functions through nerves. Mother Nature was kind enough to gift hominoids (and to an extent, higher animals) the ability to think and I’m not going to slap her and spit on the face by voluntarily throwing my thinking abilities into the garbage bin for good and choosing to exist at the level of mosquitoes and cockroaches whose minds simply don’t have the ability to think.


                    • Vinayakah Says:

                      You again is posting me as if I “…absolutely loves evil and sadistic deeds…”. Again and again and again you are attacking me with the same hatred, anger, evil, and frustration that can be seen in all your posts….in the way you yourself criticise on the “hordes of…”. People become what do they pay attanetion to….and you pay attention to the “hordes of…”……..

                    • Pretending to not think, during you think that you don’t think, is….?

                    • Getting desperate now, are you, Mr. Non-thinker?

                      You accuse me of “attacking” you, while you utter despicable crap full of vile hatred like “afet the imp jump out” (sic).

                      People become what do they pay attanetion to

                      What a load of bull! 😆 People become what they secretly and silently admire, support and encourage and NOT what they condemn unequivocally.

                      People who secretly, willfully and silently admire and love the most evil, sub-satanic deeds, systems, crimes and practices are prone to become exactly what they so despicably encourage.

                      That should ring a bell in your mind to where you are headed 😯 Oh I forgot, it wouldn’t, since its God-given thinking abilities are pitifully rotting in the putrid garbage heap after being voluntarily dumped there. I feel sorry 😦 for such unfortunate people.


  21. Vinayakha….I talk about all aspects of reality, and as I think that we live in an interconnected reality , I don’t divide reality into mess and beauty, specially as as I see that a lot of the actual beauty is in danger through the mess.Beautiful landscapes can disappear very fast through global speculation imposing some kind of factory dimension to agriculture. Art and culture have no long lasting substance if they are not lived by a majority who is able to participate to it.

    I know that in India some people are able to see the pollution and the social injustice around them, and I am sure that their concernes comes from a deep ability to perceive beauty and their humanism.
    It must be very hard to them, to have to struggle, not only with the problems, but also with the reasons of the problems : Indifference and looking away.

    History should have told us the dangers of imposed thoughtless pride breast beating nationalism, who still can be found in many country s….the list is sadly long.
    What kind of demagogic instrument it is, should be easy to notice.

    • Vinayakah Says:

      You are right antiphonsgarden, it is in a danger, if we see the “dark side” only, as in that case the “side of light” has no support in our hearts. If we but see the “side of light” only, it is dangerous as well, as we cant see the reality.
      We need to be aware of complete picture all the time…. There are wrong things everywhere….but we need to be aware of its true nature, its roots. Once understood, we can start to work it out.

      Once people will understand by their own experience that there is only one Existence taking place, all the ilusions of nationalism, and similar instruments of slavery will dissapear…and the way out of darkness of its fruits opens its doors.

  22. mirelhr Says:

    thinking…and thoughtless-state during meditation.
    unless you experience this by YOURSELF, you can’t have its meaningless.
    raj and antiphonsgarden, why do you dwell on thought-less state, i wonder. you don’t have faith in it, it’s meaningless, why do you care. let it go.
    antiphonsgarden, i respect your personality, your writings although not agree with all your words But that clearly normal what’s desired actually because we all folks on this planet not the same. we have to hear experience different aspects, life stories etc and find our uniuqe path!
    but if one wants to receive respect the same person has to show respect to others choices, styles, right! nobody is superior or inferior here! noone is perfecto except the Supreme source!
    RAJ, hordes hordes hordes everywhere in India, in Europe, Middle East….YOUR SOLUTION! if you give a damn shit in LEARNING!, if these hordes mean sth to you so that you waste your precious lifetime writing/speaking/preaching about them, then why not focusing on YOUR SOLUTION!
    why do you waste your time preaching ‘NON-THINKING’ GUYS ‘thinking’! let go

    • Mirel (I assume mirel, nimirel and mirelhr are one and the same person here – please correct me if that isn’t the case),

      Do you think you have a monopoly on “thoughtlessness” 😕 No, anyone and everyone can and DOES experience it daily (in a natural or forced state). I’ve seen enough scientific proof that even dogs, cats, birds, apes, baboons and water buffaloes can experience the bubble state of “thoughtlessness” and “experiencing total awe at the so-called beauty”.

      Even if you believe “I can’t have it” 😆 , I actually CAN have it at any time I like. Becoming “thoughtless” is nothing special 😐 But I’m certainly NOT someone who permanently and voluntarily dumps his thinking abilities into a dust-bin for good in going after the supposedly “great non-thinking state” 🙄

      why do you waste your time preaching ‘NON-THINKING’ GUYS ‘thinking’

      NO, I DON’T! I’m quite happy to let non-thinkers exist in their own “thoughtless” bubble state and I’ve said it so many times before.

      In contrast, it is THEY (abnormal non-thinking hominoids) who want to force down their “great non-thinking state” down the throats of normal thinking hominoids and preach to thinkers to dump their thinking abilities into a garbage dump for good.

      When thinkers resist it, the non-thinkers become agitated, frustrated and try even more desperate tricks to force “non-thinking” down the throats of thinkers. If self-styled non-thinkers are happy to let thinkers retain their thinking abilities instead of forcing them to dump it into a dust-bin (like their own non-thinking minds), there would be no issues at all.

      So I guess you are directing your comment (preaching restraint) at the wrong group of people 🙂

      so that you waste your precious lifetime writing/speaking/preaching about them, then why not focusing on YOUR SOLUTION!

      Because the SOLUTION partly lies in writing against/speaking out/condemning evil deeds and sub-human systems and practices the savage barbarians do and sadistically inflict upon others!

      The solution does NOT lie in silently, deliberately and willfully encouraging and applauding their bloodthirsty sadism and sub-satanic barbarism! 😐 Such things aren’t the “solution” – instead, they only perpetrate the savagery and sub-humanism even further! 😯


      • mirelhr Says:

        Because the SOLUTION partly lies in writing against/speaking out/condemning evil deeds and sub-human systems and practices the savage barbarians do and sadistically inflict upon others!

        indeed. But why don’t you pen ‘India/developed underdeveloped human systems-centric’ critical news/commentaries in your OWN blog…to make a wider global audience aware of the social injustices, abusive counterterrorism tactics, women issues, the quest for social equity, the struggle to end caste discrimination, child marriages, women issues etc…all in-depth coverage, objective, facts, news….?

        • mirelhr Says:

          thinking about India…..a few topics ‘to my taste’

          India: Land of the Tiger….the natural history of India Continent
          Difference between Indian Intellectuals and Indian Snake Charmers?
          perfecto example: ‘Unity of Diversity’???
          It is believed that ancient India was the largest economy and controlled one third of total wealth in the world???? really?
          Today India has the eleventh largest economy & second largest standing army & most populous democracy of the world?
          Women’s roles in religion and religious women’s contributions to society should be highlighted and understood- and not just leaders, but average’s women’s contributions through ritual, folklore and songs; challenging the patriarchal, oppressive and divisive aspects of religion through a feminist lens is vital to creating alternatives, which are possible through introspection and collaboration
          17 languages recognized for official purposes: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu – (just take a look at an Indian bank note!)???
          The coming death of Indian outsourcing! already arrived?
          (for Mahesh ‘special edition’): ‘Hurry up Indian nurses, Britain wants you!)
          oh yes, India is a land of huge contrasts….’All the terrestrial difficulties are concentrated in India. It will be in India that the solution will be found.’ who knows!

          • Mahesh chendake Says:

            Thanks mirel but now my age doesn’t permit me. I am aware the things so so I will be working happily in India even after MSc. My Lots of students working abroad.!!

            • mirelhr Says:

              it’s just an ‘innocent’ joke…( A friend did tell me about ‘Nurses Anytime’ in Bangalore travels round the country — Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai, Nagpur, Coimbatore, Delhi and even Abu Dhabi — looking for aspiring nurses. Anyway, I am sure that you’ve witnessed so many ‘inside stories’ of your students on working abroad for an overseas healthcare system…
              dedication to patients, continuous hard work and devotion to this noble profession, what make nurses exceptional professional of health care communities around the globe.

      • But why don’t you pen … in your OWN blog

        Do you mean to say I don’t already do it 😕

        Besides, in order to make “a global audience” aware, one needs to mention things in places where the sub-satanic hordes of barbarians try to brainwash naive, clueless, gullible people into believing the crap that each and every sub-human evil is supposedly “spiritual” and a product of a “great culture” 🙄 as long as it is declared so by the savages themselves.

        Don’t believe me? Why don’t you try to take a look at some of the oldest posts on this blog where some uncouth paan-and-gutka-chewing savages try to pass off the universe’s most satanic deeds and systems as the “great cultural products” of supposed “spirituality” 🙄 What’s worse, there were so many innocent, trusting gullibles who began believing the sheer lies and filth that the universe’s most satanic systems and practices were supposedly “spiritual” 😯 The barbaric hindoid hordes exist at such a low level of hominoid evolution that they are capable of brainwashing clueless gullibles into believing the BIG LIE that all evil becomes “spiritual” as long as the barbarians give it a certificate by themselves.

        The very fact that you have come around to actually acknowledging some of these evil things in your comment from which I have quoted is solid proof that the solution is working, at least partly and is effective.

        If the solution was not working, you would be saying something like,

        India is a great spiritual land, the be-all and end-all of all “spirituality”,
        all the hindoid sewer systems like the caste system are so highly “spiritual” as they say,
        when hindoid hordes murder their own (born and unborn) daughters by the millions they are so “cultured” as they say,
        when hindoid barbarians pour fuel on their wives and burn them to death for not bringing enough “dowry” it is a great act of “spiritual love” as they say,
        when hindoid mercenary dogs gang-rape and murder pregnant Kashmiri women and drown them and kill little children, it is an act of “spiritual” courage as they say,
        For India is a “great spiritual land” full of great “cultural systems”,
        Every stink that emanates from the Indian sub-continent is a “spiritual” stink as they say,
        The hindoids must be correct indeed,
        For only hindoids are capable of turning a “spiritual”, “holy” river into a giant open sewer,
        Into which they throw half-burnt corpses which is food for some highly “spiritual”, “enlightened” hindoids,
        For India seems to be “great cultural land” filled to the brim with “spirituality” that is unseen anywhere else.

        Well, I certainly don’t mean you would have used the same or similar words, but I just wanted to convey the effect of how it would have been. Of how it would sound to anyone who knows the truth about the evil hindoid cess pool of a sub-continent.

        But now that you seem to at least acknowledge (so reluctantly) that the stinking Indian shit pit of an empire has some very uncouth and inhuman systems, it is a sign that the solution is at least partly effective.


        • mirelhr Says:

          The very fact that you have come around to actually acknowledging some of these evil things in your comment from which I have quoted is solid proof that the solution is working, at least partly and is effective!!!

          I am well aware of evil things in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh and I’ve been living evil things in my motherland, iddle East but in Europe and US, too ( I’ve worked in Int. Human Rights/Law several years ago)
          Axinia’s 1000petals is about her and her readers PERSONAL experiences about innate searching, awakening of Divine love, be it Christian, Muslim, Sufi or Atheist….personal transformation, self-awareness….at least that’s my impression!
          Don’t you thik that it’s a little bit selfish to repeat yourself in all your writings to convey the same messages to the same audience over and over again?

          • I am well aware of evil things in India/Pak… … … Human Rights/Law several years ago)

            I’m GLAD that you are aware, GLADDER that you’ve acknowledged (albeit reluctantly) that evil things exist in the uncouth Indian sub-continent and GLADDEST that you’ve worked in Int. Human Rights 🙂

            I’m aware of evil things that existed/exist/happen today in Turkey and Middle-East too; and importantly, even if you’ve chosen to ignore it, I’ve been quite critical of evil things of Europe/North America as well. (But obviously nothing anywhere compares to the sheer sub-satanism of the evil that happens in you-know-where). In fact, the only region of the planet that I’ve not been much critical of, is the civilised Far East.

            Axinia’s 1000petals is … … … at least that’s my impression!

            Agreed! But why do certain hordes from you-know-where try to deliberately paint a picture that the evil Indian sub-continent and its sub-human systems and practices are the be-all and end-all of supposed “spirituality”??? 😕

            Don’t you thik that it’s a little bit selfish to repeat yourself in all your writings to convey the same messages to the same audience over and over again?

            Well, as I’ve mentioned, if you leave out the recent posts and go to some of the older posts, you will find that certain hordes repeat the same non-sense about how each and every thing in the sub-satanic Indian empire (including ALL ITS EVIL) is supposedly “spiritual” over and over again, in order to take advantage of, and brainwash the trusting gullibles who are deliberately mislead to believe the civilised societies (with comparatively a lot less evil) are supposedly so “materialistic” while the savage, sub-human societies (like you-know-which) are supposedly “spiritual” 🙄 and that the peoples of civilised societies must strive to become like the savage hordes 😯

            My repeating the same messages so many times IS NO MORE, OR NO LESS SELFISH THAN the deceptive and despicable brainwashing attempts of the hordes! I wonder why you weren’t so upset then (as you seem to be now) at the selfishness of the hordes 😕

            I know I often use uncouth and unparliamentary terms and phrases (for which I’ve apologised a few times to quite a few people) to describe the sub-human systems and collective behaviour of the hordes, but do you think calling a spade a spade (even if it sounds harsh) is worse than trying to pass off and justify sub-satanic evil as being supposedly “spiritual” by taking advantage of the gullibles who would be willing to believe it??? 😕


            • Mahesh chendake Says:

              Raj you cant change others if they dont want? why you are wasting your energy in that? I understand your intention but repeated brain washing is NOT SOLUTION. YOU HAVE TO WORKOUT WITH YOUR SOUL THEN SOMEWHERE IT MAY WORK. otherwise also in panorama view on time scale it is observed that whatever things happens they bring some good changes so there is nothing like good or bad or evil . all the things work towards BALANCING. It is important for us that How we are accepting the things and reacting ? sufferer always take it negatively,i know it is very hard to take it positively at least one can pray for increasing immunity and tolerating and if needed reacting positively toward solutions !!!
              in other words evil present in everything .it lies in me and you also so need to isolate any person /country as good but most importantly it should be controlled. wise /spiritual person do it either consciously or unconsciously that’s all. so he is able to put his good impression on time scale and not being SELFISH otherwise also it is not necessary.alleviating pain, suffering and creating happiness, peace and joeys state is totally depend on individual and not others,even in GOOD or adverse conditions! i believe.

              • Neglecting the fact that dehumanising exist and stating again and again that those who suffer from it, are unbalanced negative minds,who have not learn to wait till things gets better on their own……

                increase my feeling of solidarity with Raj s rage, even if I would articulate myself differently.

                It must be tremendously annoying to live amongst people with such an obsession for avoidance structured over century’s.

                • Mahesh chendake Says:

                  It is not neglecting dear sister. It is an non violent attempt through paying attention and of course chance for self improvement….through introspection.Aggression and reflection can not be perfect answer for any dehumanize acts….always.

                  • As if passivity was not a form of violence too, in violent times.
                    I highly doubt Hitler s lot would have been deeply impressed by mother sitting down, meditating! Sometimes one has to take a stand,damned!

                    • Mahesh chendake Says:

                      some time…not always…. and everybody get HIS time. I believe….one should have patience and of course cur rage to take certain decision.
                      You must be knowing a story of man who remain a just a feet away from ground….

  23. mirelhr…respect…a great word, considering you seem to assume others to be spiritual newbies. I find that a quiet pompous.

    • mirelhr Says:


      i am a simple person, who am I to assume others ‘spirituality’ ( what’s spirituality: it seems to be many things to many people… I just know what it means to me, nothing else)….
      I don’t like and I don’t want to decipher /categorize others ‘spirituality’, mentality, and also ‘sexuality!!!
      spiritually philozofieren, grading other’s spirituality and mentality, that’s not my priority in life.
      I live and experience ‘my spirituality’ connecting, feeling with my essence, with the power that created -the difference between looking at a painting of the countryside, and actually feeling the cool earth beneath your feet.

      The inner spirit is indeed one, but the spiritual life insists on freedom and variation in its self-expression. My understanding of religion of humanity –my realization that there is a divine Reality in which we are all one

      My attention is simply on my own place in the cosmic process: in time, in space, in awareness, in thought, deed and desire, not yours, not others you call ‘spiritual newbies’ (I have no idea what you mean-we all are spiritual, nothing less nothing more!!!

      • mirelhr Says:

        by the way, definitely a strange topic this time as I’ve catched your attention here….hope which gonna make you smile.. you’ll see, I think a lot ‘multi-dimensionell’ *(in an unique ‘Gemini’ way):
        once you’re mentioning your past-grandparents’ farm, french resistance etc during one comment, a funny thing suddenly crossed my mind!
        To quote dear Einstein, ‘It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.’ if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly:)
        Since, I’ve been dying! to ask you, is there a chance that you’re somehow related to Dr. Monique Saigal, the author of Héroïnes Françaises, 1940-1945: Courage, Force et Ingéniosité!
        thanks in advance!

        • mirelhr…I don’t know her, but I think I heard from her book.As my mother and grandmother have rejected each post war honours after their battle in the Resistance, I doubt that they might be found in this book.But as they belonged to a certain art environment, they have inspired some oeuvres.

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