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Determination as a key to success – a new shade of the old rule January 10, 2011

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Observing myself and others over the years I came to an interesting conclusion that the main thing that makes a difference in our lives’ achievements – both worldly and spiritual is nothing but determination.

Well, nothing much new about this statement, right? The only thing I want to contribute to the topic is that there is no need to be determined with strain and pain. Determination/perseverance  – the term has a hard image and you can picture yourself a hard work behind. Not necessary!

The term determination stays for ability to be disciplined, consistent and see things through till the end.

My experience shows that mostly it is the matter of ATTENTION, not really efforts. The attention has to be persistent, not the actual actions – they will follow naturally and without any strain. I am always amused how it works!

In my professional life: Say, as an Executive Search Consultant I am looking for a job candidate with a rare set of skills and experiences. I keep it  in my attention all the time and at some point, rather soon, I just come across such a person, often truly by chance! I may make some requests here and there, but the true gems come my way like attracted.

Same in the private life:  by keeping my attention on some task I have to accomplish, a simple or difficult one, I meet the right people who can assist, I find the right information or simply I find myself being lucky with circumstances.

What’s the point? – you may ask. – Then it’s not determination but the attention matter. I belive it’s  all about determination because it’s crucial to remember about the task – and unfortunately I know quite a few people who simply “forget” that they have to finish something. One gets distracted easily and forgets. The task escapes from the memory and does not the get necessary attention.

I am sure I am not the only one with such experience 🙂 But still I hope it is a useful sharing.

LOVE, axinia


32 Responses to “Determination as a key to success – a new shade of the old rule”

  1. Ronald Says:

    Nicely Said!

  2. I absolutely love the photo! It’s looks perfect in every aspect! 🙂

    For me, the word determination is always associated with a “hard” quality. Even to just keep the attention focussed itself is a hard.


  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    I understand and accept to but don’t you feel it is selfishness means thinking or paying attention to self and self needs only.
    distraction changes/ delays destination i do agree but some times they relax and refresh too !!!!!

    • axinia Says:

      selfishness? what is so selfish in giving jobs to others? 🙂

      Another important thing here which i did not really want to mention: that thanks to this “selfishness” and my own life success quite a number of people actually profit and directly exist on its benefits ( i mean literary, even finanacially). My determinations works also for their lives – directly and helps them to survive. I don’t want to give details here, can be too embarassiing for some.

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    I mean to say paying attention to self determined needs/objectives . you are fulfilling your need/objectives i.e getting right person for decided job but it is directly helping to person it is another point. Same thing true for personal life also. some people become happy by helping ( without any intention) other … As happiness is their own need ( helping other is another point) ….in that sense selfishness . because paying attention can be tough job /hard work if you don’t have that particular attitude. you have developed that attitude by so many days practice of SY that’s why you find it easy.
    surprisingly I too have some good experiences in my resent life as i have improved my attention . It is also your contribution/guidance….. finally i mean to say to improve attention ,remove distraction and get right attitude person should be selfish otherwise it is not possible (as I want this thing in that particular way only…. some what like that way)

  5. Triveni Says:

    First of All, the Picture is just so perfect for this article.
    In Hinduism, as you must be aware, idol worshipping and offering prayers to an idol is a default procedure. Just today morning I was forced to pay visit to a temple early in the morn, and I stood there receiving no vibrations and watched all the ppl so devotionally praying to the idol as the pujas were performed and ppl just so obediently and blindly following whatever the priest said. Since i started practising SY, and realised many things in life, including the fact that performing pujas etc are all left sided projection of us to seek god, i wondered what is it that apart from the idols created by swayam-bhus is it that makes ppl flock to such manmade idols and what is it that actually does give ppl what they desire. With time i could only conclude that it is the attention that ppl put on those idols (whether or not the idols have any powers) that gradually satisfies their desire. I could just relate your article with this thought of mine that too just when I thought so deeply about it today morning. 🙂

  6. Ldinka_108 Says:

    yeah… those miraculous coincidences became an everyday reality for me after I had got my Self Realization. I noticed that they happen more often when my attention is spontaneously motivated by pure desire to help others and/or compassion. every time it happens it gives me a great joy! it is like if invisible hand would place a missing puzzle piece to complete the picture – effortlessly for me! it is like to have a lucky charm 24/7 🙂 amazing!

  7. Determination and attention need to be followed with efforts and action. And that naturally brings pain. Pain is not always to be taken in the negative sense. Pain can be a great push to do certain things that we would other wise not attempt.

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      you are right, DI, determination and attention do need to be followed by action. But it not necessarily brings pain, at least not in my experience. What I also like is when everyone does the thing he/she is at the best, kind of delegation takes place. And since I can manage certain things easily and without pain, I do it for myself and others. At the same time other people assist me with things, which are too complicated for me 🙂 This is kind of a collective collaboration, i foten see it working this way.

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        I do agree with this but main problem of collective collaboration. usually we do not get simple co operation mostly people try to spoil your work and see how you collapse. they take care that you will not rise again. people may give small help to you ( Which is useless to you) in trouble by making big hangama but most importantly they take care of its publicity on social side and they make you life long slave of them. What picture I see around is not hopeful. Not a single person I can see who can work on collective collaboration without any intention or interest. I do agree that they should see their benefit but the way they are operating everything is simply horrible. they are not human.what to say more Sorry to say axinia and DI but I am bitter even in SY it is difficult to find such people or they are very less in number and always remain anonymous as usual .
        Pain shows your attitude how you perceive the things negative attitude create bitterness and more severe pain . positive attitude create happiness from that same pain only. You should not lack in your own efforts.
        I have adopted one philosophy that is to give help to needy anonymously even though not asked also when percieved without expecting returns when I am in need some one other helps me. in that sense I always find blessed. my not a single need is not remain as unsatisfied any how I get help during my need.so I concur my philosophy and remain satisfied in personal life and also believe in collective collaboration any how it works magically for me may be due some en-lighted souls present around globe because their efforts it works so I never worry and happily works hard and spontaneously towards my objectives.

        • axinia Says:

          thank you mahesh, for sharing your experiences on the matter. I must honestly say, my exeperinces are quite different, no idea what it depends on. Thorughout my life I have been getting much support and collaboration in anything.

  8. they are not human


    And I thought I was the only one here who always kept “whining” and “complaining” about “negative” things like the sheer barbarism and uncouthness of the sub-human sub-continental hordes 🙂 Glad to know I’ve got company in this too! 🙂

    The very fact that you’ve realised the incorrigible nature of the barbaric, filthy savages who DO NOT deserve to be classified as human is a welcome sign, dear Maheshsaheb 🙂 As I keep repeating so often, it is simply too much and downright foolish to expect humane, civilised behaviour out of a bunch of Homo turdica manuoidensis / Homo hyposatanicus hindoidensis / Homo criminalii hindoides / Homo sewericus gangeticus / Homo despicablis hindobarbariansis or indeed any other group of Homo savagensis turdworldensis 😡 Such creatures are the scum 👿 of all hominoidkind!

    …and see how you collapse. they take care that you will not rise again. people may give small help to you ( Which is useless to you) in trouble by making big hangama but most importantly they take care of its publicity on social side and they make you life long slave of them

    Is that exactly what the filthy, sewery, sub-human hordes of the sub-satanically evil shit pit of a land called the turdy, filthy Indian empire are (and have been) collectively and sadistically doing to the inhumanely oppressed and brutalised peoples of Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur, Mizoram etc. etc. while deriving a filthy, sub-satanic thrill in their demonic, sewery hearts???

    As I keep repeating again and again, filthy turd world empires, shit holes and the turdy, sadistic, sub-human, unevolved, uncouth, anti-ethical, stinking, barbaric, savage hordes that (over)populate such putrid faeces dumps that pass off as “countries” are like slimy rats that scurry all over the sewers and are hell bent upon turning the entire planet into a Hell on Earth for all of hominoidkind, animalkind and plantkind for all time to come, the rotten turd world turd-headed creatures 👿

    May be glorious second-coming of the Son of God / Imam Mahdi / Messiah from Heaven completely burn to ashes such filthy turd world empires and turd dumps and hold their sub-human hordes of bloodthirsty, sewery barbarians responsible for all their crimes against humankind and dish out just punishment that the hordes and hordes of uncouth, anti-ethical, sadistic, bloodthirsty, sewery, feral rats 👿 thoroughly deserve!!!


    • Correction, last paragraph, I meant to say:

      May THE glorious second-coming of the Son of God / Imam Mahdi / Messiah from Heaven completely burn to ashes such filthy turd world empires and turd dumps and hold their sub-human hordes of bloodthirsty, sewery barbarians responsible for all their crimes against humankind and dish out just punishment that the hordes and hordes of uncouth, anti-ethical, sadistic, bloodthirsty, sewery, feral rats 👿 thoroughly deserve!!!


      And I hope the Son of God, Imam Mahdi (pbuh), Messenger of G-d, Messiah sent by YHWH does not delay His Coming for too long, as it might then turn out to be too late 😐


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        Still I believe life is present on earth because some humanity is present . They ( enlighted soul) may be anonymous but helping to prevent the globe converting in dessert and life less.
        Axinia I may not have grow up to level of you as en lighted soul and have not developed full pledged vibratory awareness still we both are walking on same path I feel … and it is not illusion !!! getting experiences is quite minor thing one day i do get. still as I already written I repeat the same I always find blessed on this track even in total unfavorable environment how I also don’t know and this fight with evil goes on as I always stand against and not support by any way to evil work ( just take current example … as my wish I am doing MSc in total unfavorable environment . Imagine No salary for two years …. still managing whole family happily … help comes … 1000 ways.. anonymously even though well known and trusted have refused . who understands play of Maya !!!( for them it is nothing important and just minor but for me life saving ). I have trust on Mother and I know I will prove true on my side. I have many such experiences of getting help in personal life( not only financial it is said as is minor thing on spiritual ascend) (mentioning all them here will be embarrassing ) and may not be spiritual upbringing contribution as it soly personal.
        environment is not good I agree and worried too that one day globe will be manless and convert to dessert but still I believe no massiha will come but somebody from them will raise even which is not necessarily peoples thoughts will change so dramatically due to certain unavoidable situations that they will get what they want only thing is needed is our /their prayers and attention without any politics and fear.
        Raj why to go kashmir and misoram, evil is present around you and me which we have to find and fight for by any possible way keeping one self on right tract within our limits ( Now these people are talking about spiritual terrorism. tell me who has understood real spirituality among them?)
        simply politics on any name … so remain alert and find your position on path of true spirituality and ascend , be ready to fight with evil. it may be present within you and even me and working silently ???

        • axinia Says:

          mahesh, I am glad you ae getting help and posivie support on your way! I believe and I am sure – as once Inyat Khan very well put it – that the total amount of Good is much bigget on the Earth, if the evil would outnumber, then the world have had collapsed long ago..

          In my case I think I am just very lucky with good people on my way, may be that’s what makes it easier. Alough i am totally aware of all sorts of people and I too met some strange and nasty ones, but very few.

      • axinia Says:

        wow, Raj, you belive in the some higher being to come and redime us?? What a surprise! I thought you only belive in scientifically proven stuff. I mean does science support an idea of one special superieor being coming down the Earth and being so powerful????

        • It was something of a prayer, a hope or a wish, Axinia 😐 and that’s why I began the sentence as “May the…” Billions around the world believe in such a thing happening and I was only praying their beliefs as contained in their prophecies turns out to be true, and for it to happen sooner rather than later 😐

          Of course, as everyone knows – science does not support an idea of one superhuman power coming down to the Earth and cleansing it of evil.

          But that doesn’t necessarily mean what I hope for is something that is completely out of the realms of science. Though the chances are indeed very slim, there are so many ways in which it can all happen and be scientifically explainable, of course. Something as simple as a large breakaway piece of rock traveling at breakneck speed, the Sun belching out badly just once, a hungry new Black Hole etc. etc. is more than enough 🙂

          Of course, it doesn’t even have to be due to natural phenomena. Just look at how WW I and WW II (fought with fairly primitive technology) changed the the course of history. A Third one can not only change history completely, but it also has the potential to change geography too 😉

          Alright, but what do these phenomena have to do with the Second Coming of the Son of G-d, Imam Mahdi (pbuh), Messiah sent by YHWH and how can they be linked? If the prophesised events indeed happen and a special superhuman being does indeed come to the Earth, then that is more than sufficient 😐 Among whoever is left on the planet after the “events”, believers will believe the prophecies they believed in turned out to be true as promised by God, YHWH, G-d and Allah; and rationalists and scientifically-minded people will believe in the explanations given by science and explain the birth and life of a special person as a glorious coincidence. Both sets of people would be satisfied 🙂

          Sometimes, prophecies can turn out to be self-fulfilling, Axinia, just like the First Coming of the Son of G-d.


  9. Valerio Says:

    … Well honestly I haven’t read all the comments left, but I feel we have lost the way of Axinia point of view. Why do we have to feel selfish to reach our objectives? Don’t we have even in “our so called Sahaja Life” objectives and purpose?
    I think we are instruments that have to do action according to our inner feeling and think less what is or is not “sahaj”. To be determined means to be focused and to set priority in our daily routine. To meditate regularly every day is an objective like to succeed in our job (probably more important). Why split this areas of our life? Isn’t spiritual to do what we have to do in our material life properly with the best attention we can dedicate?

  10. mahesh chendake Says:

    sahajlife is not different from what Axinia is saying and I have clearly understood her point. sahaj attention is very much imortant for detemination or acivements which is effortless and painless. understanding and mentaining sahaj attention is difficult as we are not vibratory aware all the time and which needs efforts and sahaj love i.e. through open heart and mind. I hope you understand it well
    selfish means we should loose all our egos while observing sahajlife. It also means I may be sahaj instrument by default but what ever I am doing in sahajlife is just for myself and by my own choice not for others or sahaj . it will contribute in my spiritual upbringing . sahaj grows simualteniously it is differnt thing and i should not take that credit to me.
    If you see aroud with open eyes and mind you will understood my point clearly.
    Axnia sorry If I have violated your right you can edit my answer if you feel am convaing wrong message through your blog I am just sharing my views on my writings

  11. Steve Says:

    Nothing in the world can take place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful individuals with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
    – Calvin Coolidge

  12. axinia Says:

    what a quote, Steve!…thanks!

  13. Sam Says:

    What is the difference between soul and spirit?

  14. eugene Says:

    Ну, что тут скажешь? Очарован! Малыши (причем, не только человеческие 🙂 ) вызывают в моей душе самые добрые, тёплые чувства. Ох, видимо, пора жениться и заводить своё потомство :).

  15. […] they easily give up and turn to another, needless to say without much success. Coming back to my post on determination, I love the quote one of my beloved readers Steve left as a […]

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