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Changing Education Paradigms – another brilliant insight on education! January 6, 2011

The video in my previous post was showing severe problems the global society is facing,  and here comes  one of the solutions. I found this animation very well presented and highly insightful.

Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we’re educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.

Why don’t we get the best out of people? Sir Ken Robinson argues that it’s because we’ve been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers. Students with restless minds and bodies — far from being cultivated for their energy and curiosity — are ignored or even stigmatized, with terrible consequences. “We are educating people out of their creativity,” Robinson says. It’s a message with deep resonance. Robinson’s TEDTalk has been distributed widely around the Web since its release in June 2006.

The most popular words framing blog posts on his talk? “Everyone should watch this.”

A visionary cultural leader, Sir Ken led the British government’s 1998 advisory committee on creative and cultural education, a massive inquiry into the significance of creativity in the educational system and the economy, and was knighted in 2003 for his achievements. His latest book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, a deep look at human creativity and education, was published in January 2009.

LOVE, axinia


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  1. Dmitri Says:

    wow thats amazing….but how to implament it in en mass way that to reform the eduction system….it’s changing such fundamental toughts and beliefs that i find it’s hard for me peronally ..and implament let’s just say to change the stracture of the school from factory like to what he suggested…..he left it quiet open i think…. its an enourmos task…and what he said about small children…i was so pleased!!! i alwyes new that when we grow older we lose so much….really scary stuff with the anestesia, with the adhd never let your child take ritalin or what ever.you maight as well be his drug diller

  2. I always thought that too much education was the bane of the society. If at all, it has not been till now, it will shortly. No one needs to study after the 8th grade. Or perhaps the fifth grade?? Excellent video Axinia. Thanks for sharing such videos. I can use them to make a point elsewhere.

    Destination Infinity

  3. axinia Says:

    I must admit, I see myself being a clear ” academicial type of learning” as far as this theory is concerned. But I know plenty of people who are not, and don’t need to!
    To me this presentaion goes hand in hand with the Multiple Intreleigence theory by Howard Gardner.

    Howard Gardner initially formulated a list of seven intelligences. His listing was provisional. The first two have been typically valued in schools (and basically viewed as “real intelligences” in the western socienty); the next three are usually associated with the arts; and the final two are what Howard Gardner called ‘personal intelligences’ (Gardner 1999: 41-43).

    Here is the list of the 7 of them which Gardner figured out first:

    Linguistic intelligence involves sensitivity to spoken and written language, the ability to learn languages, and the capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals. This intelligence includes the ability to effectively use language to express oneself rhetorically or poetically; and language as a means to remember information. Writers, poets, lawyers and speakers are among those that Howard Gardner sees as having high linguistic intelligence.

    Logical-mathematical intelligence consists of the capacity to analyze problems logically, carry out mathematical operations, and investigate issues scientifically. In Howard Gardner’s words, it entails the ability to detect patterns, reason deductively and think logically. This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking.

    Musical intelligence involves skill in the performance, composition, and appreciation of musical patterns. It encompasses the capacity to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms. According to Howard Gardner musical intelligence runs in an almost structural parallel to linguistic intelligence.

    Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence entails the potential of using one’s whole body or parts of the body to solve problems. It is the ability to use mental abilities to coordinate bodily movements. Howard Gardner sees mental and physical activity as related.

    Spatial intelligence involves the potential to recognize and use the patterns of wide space and more confined areas.

    Interpersonal intelligence is concerned with the capacity to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of other people. It allows people to work effectively with others. Educators, salespeople, religious and political leaders and counsellors all need a well-developed interpersonal intelligence.

    Intrapersonal intelligence entails the capacity to understand oneself, to appreciate one’s feelings, fears and motivations. In Howard Gardner’s view it involves having an effective working model of ourselves, and to be able to use such information to regulate our lives.

    Later on Gardner added some more:

    Naturalist intelligence enables human beings to recognize, categorize and draw upon certain features of the environment. It ‘combines a description of the core ability with a characterization of the role that many cultures value’ (ibid.: 48).
    The case for inclusion of naturalist intelligence appears pretty straightforward, the position with regard to spiritual intelligence is far more complex. According to Howard Gardner (1999: 59) there are problems, for example, around the ‘content’ of spiritual intelligence, its privileged but unsubstantiated claims with regard to truth value, ‘and the need for it to be partially identified through its effect on other people’. As a result: It seems more responsible to carve out that area of spirituality closest ‘in spirit’ to the other intelligences and then, in the sympathetic manner applied to naturalist intelligence, ascertain how this candidate intelligence fares. In doing so, I think it best to put aside the term spiritual, with its manifest and problematic connotations, and to speak instead of an intelligence that explores the nature of existence in its multifarious guises. Thus, an explicit concern with spiritual or religious matters would be one variety – often the most important variety – of an existential intelligence.
    Existential intelligence, a concern with ‘ultimate issues’, is, thus, the next possibility that Howard Gardner considers – and he argues that it ‘scores reasonably well on the criteria’ (ibid.: 64). However, empirical evidence is sparse – and although a ninth intelligence might be attractive, Howard Gardner is not disposed to add it to the list. ‘I find the phenomenon perplexing enough and the distance from the other intelligences vast enough to dictate prudence – at least for now’ (ibid.: 66).

    Interestingly, Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has not been readily accepted within academic psychology. However, it has met with a strongly positive response from many educators. It has been embraced by a range of educational theorists and, significantly, applied by teachers and policymakers to the problems of schooling. A number of schools in North America have looked to structure curricula according to the intelligences, and to design classrooms and even whole schools to reflect the understandings that Howard Gardner develops. The theory can also be found in use within pre-school, higher, vocational and adult education initiatives.

    • erwin Says:

      So happy to see you mention Howard Gardner’s list of different types of intelligence or learning styles. This theory has become very dear to me and it is something we do a whole session on with our teacher trainees on the first day of our TEFL training course : )

    • Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has not been readily accepted within academic psychology

      Crazy academic psychos!!! Even a dimwit with a below average IQ can understand that intelligence is not limited to the old mathematical, logical, analytical and linguistic intelligence that is measured by those IQ tests. Or even by IQ and EQ alone.

      While I’m glad that Howard has included so many more intelligences in his list, including “bodily-kinesthetic intelligence” (what an undesirable like me refers to by the oxymoron-like term “physical intelligence”), I’m completely baffled 😕 that he has left out the crucial ethical intelligence from the list. It is NOT the same as spiritual, existential or any other intelligence in the list. It’s the one that distinguishes between the civilised humans and the pea-brained, turd-headed, sadistic, bloodthirsty lowlife hordes of the planet. Perhaps Howard wants to play it safe and politically correct by leaving it out, as including it would certainly lead to the hypocritical, sub-satanic, low-IQed pea-brained savages of the turd world to begin baying for his blood and launch the vilest and most despicable attacks against him for speaking the truth as it would expose their own evil, sadistic sub-humanism 👿


  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    Indian scenario is very much horrible.It is gift of Mecole to create a clerks during British period still we are following the same and we are far away from education psychology. forget about its implementation.
    Indian scenario is so much complex. at the time we want to bring people from low caste (minorities) in main stream of education and give them benefits of it who were deprived from it for long long period and at the same time we talk about increases the stranded of education . we want reservation in IIT/IAM and such institution from where real brain drain come. so A student of 45 % will learn/ compete with 90 and above % students and learn together the same skills and take a position with same students after completing the course but many others are deprived from getting opportunity even though having 60-90 ranking just because they belongs to open caste.
    privatization in education make it a real business. those who are having money can earn any degree apart from any ranking and can earn much more money by getting opportunities and positions. Now higher education is a dream for middle class as they can not afford to it.
    Quality of education is a great question which should not be asked?
    I know you are aware of all these so question comes who can change it ?. politicians? ever not possible. educationalist ? they are busy with fighting with each other and getting positions and money. common man? nothing is in his hand. so ….

    what ever they do students will not return to classroom and most importantly politicians ,policy makers and ground field workers that is teachers make and implement the new program in such a way that any body can confidently tell that, that program will definitely fail and will create another fiasco.
    so This is Indian scenario where Tagore says … let my country awake….
    i dont see better future.there is full of darkness at present.

    • axinia Says:

      i see you desperate attitude, dear mahesh…however you know what?…what about the power of enlightened attention? You know how it works. Things will change because they have to! and because it’s getting more and more into the enlightened attention of many people.

      At some point the things will change. And we have to be ready to participate. For myself, I know that I want to run a school of a new type. That will be my concrete contribution in some years.

    • It is gift of Mecole to create a clerks during British period still we are following the same and we are far away from education psychology.

      That sentence, I’m afraid, dear Maheshsaheb, is exactly the one I’ve heard several times before from the most primitive, pea-brained, regressive, savage hindoid barbarians who would love to see India live in the Stone Ages. If given a chance, the scum would even go to any extent to take India back to the Stone Ages (or even further back) from this day in the 21st century.

      Let’s make one thing clear here. Neither Macaulay nor the Brits wanted to create clerks and it was NOT their intention to do so either. An oft repeated lie dished out by lowlife “historians” who would find it difficult to even spell the word archaeology does NOT become the truth. The blatant lies taught in our history classes about the Brits does not become the truth either.

      Far from what you claim about him, Macaulay was a man whose contributions to the Indian sub-continent (at least in the field of education) is among the BEST EVER by someone who was only a temporary resident here.

      I’m far more grateful to Macaulay for his contributions in the field of education than I am to the filthy, sewery Indian gubmint. You’ve heard Abdul Kalam’s oft repeated idea of making India a “knowledge society”. If it ever materialises (I’m sure it will never materialise, given the sheer number of sadistic, uncouth hindoid sub-humans whose overall brain development is equivalent to that of a sewer rat, even if they have a Ph.D.), but if it ever materialises, the one person who would be most responsible for it (having had the sheer vision to lay the foundation for it one-and-a-half centuries before this day) would have been NEITHER Abdul Kalam nor any other hindoid but Thomas Macaulay!

      Without Macaulay and his contributions to the field of education, the filthy Indian empire (and its equally turdy neighbours) would be much more filthier and sewery than they are today. Without Macaulay, the stinking sewers of India would have had literacy rates of well below 10% even in the 21st century. Without that man, the rotten, putrid Indian sub-continent and its stinking, sub-human hordes may well have been existing in the 10th century BC in this day.

      He was, is and will always be a hero, a legend, a visionary and a saviour, someone who deserves to have a golden statue of his installed in every decent university, statues which lowlife hindoid rats would not be able to nibble at with their stinking, paan-stained teeth and slimy tongues which brainwash countless hordes with their sheer lies about him.


      • I meant to say, Macaulay was a man whose contributions to the Indian sub-continent (at least in the field of education) is among the BEST EVER, and that too, by someone who was only a temporary resident here.

        Make no mistake, dear Maheshsaheb, if I had to choose between, say Tagore or someone like him and Macaulay for their contributions to Indian (or sub-continental) education, I would choose Macaulay over Tagore a hundred times (and more) with my eyes closed.


        • axinia Says:

          dear Raj, you may be surprised but what honestly – you faith in the West is truly blind. You worship everything coming from the West and deny anything coming from your country – is that wise? Unless and untill you experience living in the West yourself and seeing its real problems (as well as strong points of cause) it’s not mature from you to make stamtens like that. I wish you could make your own experiences soon.

          • I wonder if I can say the same about you too, Axinia dear 😉 That your faith in the absolute crappy ideas and “culture” of the satanic Indian sub-continent is truly blind 🙂 You seem to blindly have such a high opinion of anything and everything that emanates from the sewers of the universe’s most turdy empire and most nasty “culture” without even knowing the entire stuff about it. (And no, whatever you learn about such a turdy “culture” from the barbarians who practice it is NOT true. For despicable lying, deception, hypocrisy, cheating and other forms of lowlife, slimy rat-like behaviour is inbuilt into the satanic hindoid DNA).

            Let me ask you a very simple question, Axinia. How many on this blog have even uttered a single word against the sub-satanic nature of the sewery, dehumanising caste system and its grossly evil practices? Of course, you can leave out the likes of Mahesh, Antiphonsgarden and obviously a despised undesirable like me. How many others and on how many occasions 😕 I bet the grand total of even the softest, velvety criticism of the inhuman caste system and many other unspeakable hindoid sewer practices can be counted on the fingers of a single hand! In fact, I bet the praise for such satanic deeds and attempts at whitewashing such evil 👿 and making it sound supposedly “spiritual” 🙄 would be more than the criticism of it. How many hindoid savages have you seen describing the British as “evil colonisers” who supposedly “looted” the sewery Indian sub-continent, but when it comes to the much, much more evil, sub-satanic oppression, brutalisation, murderous occupation and colonisation of Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur etc. by the world’s filthiest and turdiest Indian empire, the very same lowlives become deliberately and completely silent with a cheap, sub-human, sadistic thrill inside their filthy hearts? Any neutral person observing this would immediately understand the true nature of the lowliest humanoid creatures on Earth in an instant.

            By contrast, consider the honest and truthful opinion about the “evils” of the West by those from such societies. I can show you several dozens, if not hundreds of occasions on your own blog where Westerners (Christians, secularists and atheists alike) have criticised the excesses of the mediaeval Catholic Church, the horrors of the bloodthirsty ideologies like Nazism and Fascism and described how evil and sadistic it all was, not to mention the candid repentance and sincere, full-hearted condemnation of the evils of colonising other continents, crushing the indigenous peoples of the New World, the trans-Atlantic slave trade and practices like past segregation, racist discrimination (not to mention the current economic imperialism by turdy international financial institutions etc.) All these were done centuries and decades ago and yet you can hear Westerners talk about it with sincere repentance in a humble, deeply apologetic tone (Is it because of the deeply humane, highly civilising nature of the influence of Christ’s message?) I’ve never heard them blatantly boasting about such evils (at least, not here) or attempting to despicably pass it off as something “good”, something that the hindoid savages are very good at doing with their sub-satanically evil, detestable, bloodthristy deeds and filthy “culture”.

            In fact, on several occasions, as a despised undesirable, I have found myself arguing (strange and funny!) with more than Westerner who felt that there is no such thing as civilised societies and uncouth ones and that all hominoids are the same in all aspects (which is not correct, they are only the same in one aspect – biological). I had to point out the sheer sadism and evil sub-humanism that the savage, bloodthirsty hordes of the uncouth societies frequently stoop down to, in order to show them that there is a HUGE, DEEP and CHASMIC ethical and civilisational gap between the civilised peoples and the pea-brained, sub-human hordes. I still doubt if they were convinced 😐

            What does all this tell you, Axinia? 😕 Despite your fascination with the notorious Indian “culture”, just try to look at it all from a detached, neutral point of view and you will see what I mean by saying what I usually do.

            It’s all about your favourite “detachment”, Axinia dear 😉 If one tries to behave in a truly detached manner, one can only see the good and the bad for what it is, immaterial of whether it comes from one’s own country and “culture” or from one on the other side of the planet, or even universe for that matter. If someone calls himself “An alien Earthling”, then he at least needs to try and behave like one 😐


            • axinia Says:

              Raj, in opposite to you I DO have expereince of India, I’ve been there many a times in the recent 10 years and not only as a tourist. I also ahave good freinds (Westernes!) who live there and tell me all the real problems they can observe. Besides, i am very much aware of dramatic situation in many spheres of Indian life (remember I was reading Nita’s blog and she was very frank about many issues). I do not blog about it myself because my personal experiences with India are more positive than negative, and those ones I have blogged about already.

              You know my credo, that I only blog about MY EXEPRIENCES and that’s why I also come up with some criticism of the Westen culture because I do experience many things daily.

              But simply because I am who I am I tend to see more positive than negative sides of life, and blog about it. Which does not mean I am blind to the problems. I am very much aware!
              But there are millions of bloggers out there blogging about problems – why not balance it and show some beauty?

              • I know you have been to the satanic Indian empire, Axinia 🙂 but even if you didn’t consider yourself as a tourist or even if your Western friends have lived here for years, all of you happen to be outsiders. I’m very sorry if the term sounds rude or “racist” or “xenophobic” 😦 , but I couldn’t think of any other word which is polite and yet manages to convey the meaning 😐

                I assure you that 95% of the hindoid hordes would behave very differently in the unexpected presence of an “outsider”, than in their natural environment. With blatant deception, trickery, hypocrisy, lying and other lowlife behaviour an intrinsic part of the hindoid DNA, the chameleon-like hindoids are prone to behaving in a completely different manner at the slightest change in environment. It’s the same with the putrid hindoid “culture”. I doubt if your friends were able to learn about the true hindoid “culture”. If they did, they would have found it almost impossible to stay even a second longer. Or perhaps, they learned to achieve complete detachment 😐

                Talking of positives, there is one positive about the satanic hindoid land. Given the sheer sub-humanism evident in the turd world cess-pools, it is indeed much easier for the mind to become completely numbed and achieve “detachment” more easily than while in civilised surroundings 😐

                If your mild criticism of Western culture is justified because of your experiences, then how can my severe criticism of the satanic hindoid “culture” be unjustified, Axinia 😕 I guess I do have a bad tendency to go a bit overboard 😦 ; NOT with the criticism as such, but with my choice of poor and uncouth words and phrases 😐

                Besides, I’m not a one-way street and I don’t worship the West blindly. I often criticise it frequently like calling their gubmints, politicians and “mainstream media” hordes by names, faulting some of their primitive institutions like those inbred monarchs, lamenting that they are moving away from their Christian foundations, whining about their basic unit of society – the family becoming very fickle and unstable with their members getting addicted to all sorts of things and angry that they are allowing themselves to be taken for a ride by the satanist global elites, their cronies and the barbaric turd world hordes etc. But all that frequent criticism of the West goes unnoticed because it is not as harsh as the criticism reserved for the uncouth, regressive societies and gets overshadowed by the praise of their positives. And I don’t just praise the West, I keep praising the civilised qualities of the Far East Asian societies and yet you don’t paint me as blindly worshipping the Far East 😐

                I’m so often accused of being a “negativist” – a “whiner”, and yet there are also severe issues whenever I offer effusive and admiring praise about the “positives” of something 😐

                But as Antiphonsgarden says, critic is certainly a must for any progress and that’s why the self-critical, introspective and self-corrective nature of the civilised societies makes them so progressive and civilised and the lack of such a quality among the savage, barbaric hordes makes them prone to eternal decay, stench, regression and permanently involved in a race to the bottom and towards sub-humanism. The first step required to progress is to realise that something is wrong. How can the world’s filthiest and most rotten “culture” and its barbaric hordes even progress if all they keep hearing is praise about their own sub-humanism and uncouthness 😕


                • axinia Says:

                  Critics is OK, as a virgo in horoscope I am also rather critical by nature. But there shoudl be a balance, and your position if often very inbalanced. That’s what I just wanted to point out (some ciritics OK for you, no? 🙂

                  I wonder if you will ever come up with saying at least a couple of cood words about India. Just for the sake of balance, why not?

                  • I certainly welcome your criticism, Axinia! 🙂

                    Well, let’s see, if there is indeed anything good that comes out of the universe’s most sub-satanically evil empire and its slimy “culture”, I will indeed mention it, why not? In fact, I have mentioned a few, even on your blog, but they were quite a long while ago 😐


        • mahesh chendake Says:

          I am not dening his contribution. he only brought all india in one education system pattern which is supposed to be great contribution even british pass rule right of education in british parliment first and then here even Agarkar supported that i know who were opposed by present indian leaders like tilak and gandhi. What I am saying Now what is point in continuing same and just produsing aimless,knowladgeless 1000 of graduates and post graduates doctors and so on who litrally fail in life situation and their certificate dont have any cervival value. What is use?
          Things to changed and politicain ,educators,religious leadersinstitutions owners are not ready to change due to various hidden benifits. Why you are not objecting for that?
          I mean to say just that we want change.and change should carry towards peace,prosparity,hormony amoung sociaty and not new Rulars.

          • Actually, dear Maheshsaheb, I need to know what kind of “change” you need. Knowing that there are barbaric, bloodthristy beasts waiting with red saliva dripping out of their filthy, paan and gutka-filled mouths in eager anticipation of gobbling up the entire education system and satanically re-introducing the manuoid sewer system as it existed for millenia till the visionary legend and hero Macaulay introduced an equitable, modern, progressive, scientific education system for all based on equality, social justice, scientific temper, secularised education in all fields, I cannot blindly believe those who clamour for “change” in the education system. If they are so concerned about “change” in methods, let them start their own universities and colleges with their ideas and let’s see how it works out there. They have no freakin’ business to take the entire education system into the sewers by clamouring for total “change”, when it is clear all the “change” they want they want is for the manuoid sewer system to be re-introduced in all its sub-humanism 😡

            I don’t know what you think of one particular arch-satanist’s education “reforms” that are being widely supported by the lowlife scum in the “mainstream media”. I smelt a rat as soon as I saw those so-called “reforms”. They are nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt to drive the entire education system into the sewers and re-introduce the satanic manuoid system. Hordes of brainwashed simpletons fell for it lock, stock and barrel. I’m in no mood to believe the satanists or their arse-licking simpletons’ claims about “reforms” when they actually want to take the system back to the 10th century BC. The barbaro-hominoid scum can go jump into the sewers if they want, but their vile scaly paws should not be allowed to ruin countless’ lives and futures. The satanists and their nefarious plans must fail and they should end up in the sewers where they belong, the slimy rats!

            Both Tilak and Gandhi were incorrigible hindoids who were firmly wedded to the satanic caste system in all its sub-humanism. Gandhi, for all his put on show about the welfare of the untouchables, was not really interested in their welfare and betrayed them when even the Brits had an idea of emancipating and empowering them. If Gandhi had not stabbed them in the back at that time, the conditions of the untouchables would have been much better today.


    • at the time we want to bring people from low caste (minorities) in main stream of education and give them benefits of it who were deprived from it for long long period and at the same time we talk about increases the stranded of education

      Dear Maheshsaheb,

      Do you, by any chance, believe that bringing those people from the “low castes” into the mainstream of education goes against the principle of “increasing the standard” of education???

      What about bringing back the true Hindu system of education, where there is 100% reservation in education for the low IQed, pea-brained “upper caste” hordes? Wouldn’t it lead to a great improvement in the “standard” of education? Wouldn’t the “standard” of education reach great heights once all those “low castes” who, due to their “previous births’ karma“, deserve to do only menial labour, scavenging and petty crafts? Wouldn’t it be great once all women and girls (including the “upper caste” women, of course) i.e. all those creatures “born of sinful wombs” and who were cursed by their “previous births’ karma” to be born as females and bear the indignities and pains of being women among filthy manuoid turdlings, were completely excluded from education in order to “improve its standard”?

      Now I understand why Macaulay is such a hated figure among the pea-brained, shit-headed, roach-IQed manuoid turdlings. How could that “sub-human Mlechha” dared to introduce modern, secular, high quality, westernised, progressive, humane, scientific education for everyone in the world’s filthiest shithole that had a semi-literacy rate of about 1 or 2% ? Yes, I call it semi-literacy rate, for “learning” some crappy mumbo-jumbo from turdy books written by pea-brained sewer rats and vomitting it repeatedly doesn’t count as literacy in my book, let alone as education.

      How dare that “sub-human Mlechha” Macaulay introduce real education for all in a shit hole sub-continent which had such a “high standard” of education with 1 – 2% of the most stinking, low IQed manoid turdlings “learning” to repeatedly vomit out the meaningless and worthless crap found in the great sewery texts of the hindoid sewer rats???

      so a student of 45 % will learn/ compete with 90 and above % students and learn together the same skills

      I wonder if you ever considered the fact that the very students getting 45% whom you feel don’t deserve an education, will get more than 90%, if their ancestors weren’t deliberately denied education and were deliberately and sadistically forced to do the most dehumanising work for millenia under the universe’s most despicable sub-human system put in place by the most stinking, pea-brained, amoeba IQ-ed, turd-headed sewer rats and their nauseating shit dump that passes off as a religion? Or the fact that, if provided the same quality schools and the same extra coaching, “tuitions” and learning opportunities and devices, the same students who got 45% would get more than 90% ?

      How do you explain the fact, which I (as someone who got more than 90% and got “in” through open competition) have clearly observed with my own eyes in higher education, that most of those “low caste” ones in my class who got “in” with 45 – 60% (the same ones who don’t deserve any kind of education) happened to finish their courses with better results than most of the 90% ones like me? Mind you, the “low caste” ones with 45 – 60% all happened to attend village schools with broken blackboards and desks, ordinary teachers, below-average English skills (English was only a second language for them). In fact, I suspect some of them were sent to school by their parents only because of the free meals, books, uniforms (and later things like bicycles for pedalling through kilometres of dirt tracks to school) that were provided to those “low caste ones unworthy of an education”, not to mention the free school education itself. By contrast, I had access one of the good private city schools with some of the best, well-trained teachers. I not only had English as the medium of instruction, but also learned French as a second language for some time. Besides that, I also had access to specialised “professional” coaching for the entrance examination which “those unworthy low caste ones” could not even dream of having.

      And yet, how do you explain the results which I observed with my own eyes, much to my amazement and surprise? One more baffling thing is the fact that there was another group of 45 – 55% ones who got “in”. There were not those “unworthy low caste village ones” but similar ones like me who got “in” solely because of the ability of their parents to pay (you know what). Some of them did not fare badly, but others found it a constant struggle to merely complete the course and come “out”.

      Ah, how silly of me to mention these things which those sewer rats in the “mainstream media” would not dare to utter? How undesirable and despicable of me to dare speak of truths that contradict what you’ve been made to believe? How nasty of me to believe that everyone deserves an education and come up in life, irrespective of the filthy, sewery, manuoid concept called previous births’ karma and the ability of their parents’ to pay?

      Going by the notorious British coalition gubmint’s moves to make higher education a privilege for the wealthy kids, instead of being a right for all (despite the liar Nick Clegg’s electoral promise and subsequent betrayal), I see that the filthy manuoid mindset of the sub-human sub-continental turdlings is getting to infect even the ones on the European continent. If this isn’t a sign of turd worldisation and de-humanisation of the entire planet, then I don’t know what is. No wonder, that idiotic “blue-blood” Charles and his wife were attacked by protesting students. Still, it is a tribute to British (and European) education, civilisation and humanism that those attackers are still alive and unhurt. I have no doubts that the semi-literate mercenary dogs guarding the unofficial “crown-prince” of the sub-satanic, filthy, putrid Indian empire would have left behind a pile of dead bodies if a similar event were to have happened in the eternally rotten shit pit of the universe 😡


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        No absolutely not. I belive in free education to all even higher education depending upon abilities and interest. ( I belive they will work and paid services during higher education to get education so it should not be denied to anybody on any background)Even I am againest to paid education ( You know very well what I meen) which is very much popullar now a days in India since from mini KG to doctarate ( which is main bussiness now a days Degrees are litrally sold here they dont bother what they theach in school/colleges or what students learn even now majority students also dont want that they just want their parent should buy these degrees for them as it is their right See what type of attitute we are building in masses nobody wants hard work of and real education and nobody is ready to give it ( No teachers… No students … very intersting know?). I am frightened seeing tomarrow . Tomarrows education is in hands of money holders only apart from any caste. Those who are not having money,earning sincerily not doing curruption how they can pay fees since MINI KG and maintain standerd of those school (if at all get admission)even only for one child which is impossible to middle class you konw the facts.
        by any meen the people who got higher position and power think about their curruption and morality. they have earn degree’s either by reservation or paid they doesn’t understand true meaning of education what I believe. I am not againest Arjunsing because he is incresing reservation but I am agaiest to all this thing which prevents entry of real eligible candidate who is not reserved and not able to pay. (I am also against Murali manohar joshi who dont want reservation in higher education) I am worried of those student which are in masses and committing suscides or (turning to crime world) due to pressure from family for admission and avoidance due to open caste and not having money to paid fees and donations.even low cast who just denied for not having money to pay( I don’t belive in banking and money lending for education that is another trap of govt and these politician what i Belive.
        Raj what you will say about them? whethere for them we are giving justice?
        I am not againest reservation . Iknow they are deprived and will take time to come main stream but thing should be revised regularly not by politics and keeing eye on vote bank but on true facts. really we need a good educationalist from our commnity who understands our problem and who is free from politics
        and thats why I said It is very much complicated. I am not supporting any religion including misonnaries( I dont belive that they only give better education) urdu schools. What I am interested what culture implimented in school what is their open and hidden missions including Hindu.We dont want green,red,blue or multicolor terrarist and curruptors. we want true cultured well developed human who will not only support to his familly but also his nation’s prosparity apart from any caste religion.

        • Dear Maheshsaheb,

          There are two issues here. One is caste-based reservation and the other is education becoming available only for those who can “buy” it.

          Let’s take caste-based reservation. One cannot look at caste-based reservation without looking at the sheer sub-humanism and evil of the sewery, sub-satanic caste system. Why did the concept of caste-based reservation even arise? It’s precisely because of the undeniable fact that there was 100% reservation in education for the members of certain castes for several millenia and others, especially the “untouchables” and “tribals” were deliberately and forcibly excluded, thanks to the satanic sewer system of the world’s most uncouth religion. Not just excluded, but they were butchered and killed even if they dreamt of becoming semi-literate like those pea-brained, semi-literate, low IQed “upper caste” hordes who kept vomitting out what crap they “learned” from the turdy texts of shit-laden manusmriti and the like.

          All reformatory movements within the stinking religion as well as rebellious religions that rejected the putrid caste system eventually failed completely in eradicating the universe’s most satanic social system or couldn’t do much in reforming the incorrigible religion.

          The satanic sub-continent was wallowing in such filth and barbarism right until the 19th century with a semi-literacy rate of less than 5%. It was true for both the dominant religions of the time. The madrassahs of today’s Pakistan seem to provide a more broad-based education than did the lowly semi-literacy system of the pre-Macaulay era. The British East India Company actually encouraged and provided some funds for such a stinking semi-literacy system.

          Then, along came the legendary hero and peerless visionary in the entire history of education of the satanic Indian sub-continent, the man who can be regarded as “the father of education” – Thomas Macaulay (“God” bless his great, humane, civilised soul). In a single masterstroke of sheer genius and unparalleled vision, the son of a hardy Scot managed to set forward the educational clock on the sewery Indian sub-continent by several thousands of years! Out of the the absolute demonic depths of sub-satanic semi-literacy, ignorance and uncouthness, Macaulay lifted education with a single hand and put it almost on par with the what was available in Europe at that time. Of course, the turdy, semi-literate hindoid sewer rats would always hate Macaulay for the unbelievable transformational feat of making true education available to all as opposed to their crappy semi-literacy that was available only to the low-IQed, sadistic, shit-headed horde till then. But the reddish-brown, filthy, paan-and-gutka stained teeth of the lowly rats would never be able to nibble away at the memory of that great legendary hero. The rats’ decadent teeth will only break into pieces and roll into the sewers followed by the turdy, crawling verminous creatures themselves if they attempted to do so, the slimy manuoid rodents! 😡

          The new, true education system introduced by Macaulay had its immediate effect in spreading civilisation and humanism. A new (till then unavailable) breed of progressive thinkers and reformers arose as a result of the system he introduced and they began questioning the sheer despicability and barbarism of the rotten, putrid social systems and practices that characterised the manuoid shit hole. Several highly successful social reforms and further educational measures were introduced by this hitherto unseen breed of humanists, of course, with full assistance and encouragement of the British colonial government. When I say the Brits attempted to civilise the satanic Indian sub-continent, I really mean it as they were directly and indirectly responsible for almost all progress and humanist changes that occurred in a society that was characterised by sub-satanism of the most detestable kind till then.

          One such great humanist change was to bring in those “low castes” into the mainstream of society by providing them with the same education. Thus began the concept of caste-based reservation for those “low castes” who were deliberately crushed for millenia. In the satanic shit-hole, even the shadow of an “untouchable” was believed to “pollute” the turd-headed, low IQed, pea-brained “upper-caste” horde and the “untouchables” were sadistically forced to walk with a broom tied to them, sweeping the street after they walked, and still the shit-headed “upper caste” horde would “purify” the street with cow’s urine (which the pea-brained horde also love to drink, and they voraciously gulp it down 😮 to this very day). In such a sub-satanic society, it was a revolution of the finest kind. Along with it came education for women. All women, even “upper caste” ones were believed to be “born of sinful wombs” according to the satanic religion and they were the mere “property” of their men, cursed by “previous births’ karma” to be born as women and suffer sadistic indignities and abuses heaped upon them.

          Of course, the low IQed, shit-headed manuoid rats hated these social changes as it directly contradicted their sewery hindoid caste laws and their sub-satanic, sadistic desire to keep the “untouchables” and other “low castes” broken and crushed forever. No wonder the manuoid turdlings hate Macaulay’s humanism and ethics and his unparalleled service to humankind, the stinkin’ long-tailed rodents 😡

          But how did the concept of reservation keep getting bigger and even found its way into the worthless constitution of the satanic shithole called the evil Indian empire? It was due to Gandhi stabbing the “untouchables” in the back with his betrayal of them. The Brit administrators were about to politically and socially empower the “untouchables” by conceding Ambedkar’s demand. Gandhi, being a hindoid who firmly believed in the crap of the sewery caste laws, was firmly opposed to any such idea and he severely blackmailed Ambedkar into accepting the Poona Pact which was a shameful betrayal and backstabbing. What was promoted as a “compromise” was political reservation, a successful ploy to keep them powerless and voiceless. Had Gandhi allowed the “untouchables” to be truly empowered way back then by the Brits on the suggestion of Ambedkar, their lot would have been much, much better now and reservation might not even have been needed, or the need for it might have ended long ago once all of them had been empowered.

          But no, being a believer in the crap of manuoidism, Gandhi wanted to merely put on a show by patronising them and giving them a new name (thankfully that Gandhi-given name for them is almost extinct now) but did not want to see them emancipated or truly empowered. Reservation is a very, very slow and inefficient method of empowering them and it will probably take ages, if at all while more and more keep asking for the benefits of reservation.

          While talking about caste-based reservation, let’s not forget why it keeps happening and yet empowerment fails to happen. Reading a neutral view of hindoid history before the so-called “independence” would help a great deal, as opposed to the lies taught in our history classes.


        • The next one is education becoming a privilege of the rich, Maheshsaheb.

          First of all, there is the misguided belief that reservation should not be caste-based but based on economic criteria. It sounds downright silly to me.

          Is the heinous discrimination the hindoid crap hole renowned for based on economic criteria? NO, IT ISN”T! Discrimination and oppression takes place only on the basis of caste, the satanic legacy of the sewery caste laws of the world’s most uncouth religion.

          Take the rare case of the SC punishing the filthy perpetrators who committed the satanic crime of parading a pregnant tribal woman naked on the streets, kicking and beating her all the way. Did the sub-humans who committed the crime against that tribal woman do it because she was poor(er)? No, of course not! The shit-headed manuoid turdlings did it ONLY because she was a tribal woman and such crimes are not only not counted as crimes, but also encouraged against such “low untouchables” in the shit-laden Hindu religious texts. Would the sub-humans have committed the same crime if she was a woman from the same caste as them, even if she was poorer? Of course, not.

          So when the satanic oppression against them is based on caste, caste and only the sewery caste system (thanks to the turd-laden, sub-human Hindu caste laws), how can the means of undoing the justice be classified on economic criteria???

          So reservation, as long as it exists must be based on caste, in order to undo the heinous, satanic injustice deliberately and sadistically committed against them for millenia under the shitty hindoid “culture”.

          Okay, that brings us to when would caste-based reservation be enough? As long as even a single instance of oppression on the basis of caste takes place, there must be a means to undo the injustice and provide the oppressed with opportunities to get out of that dehumanising state. If it has to be speeded up and bought to a close, then what is needed is a wholescale change in the mindset of the manuoid turdlings, where the savages realise that it is sub-human to oppress others in the name of caste and also to throw the hindoid sewer texts that prescribe caste-based oppression (pretty much the entire bunch of ’em) into cess-pit where they truly belong. Will it be done? Of course, it won’t. Being shit-headed, low IQed turdlings who get a gleeful sadistic thrill inside their sub-human hearts on satanically oppressing and brutalising others (and then boasting and lying about it), I’m absolutely sure the pea-brained hindoid sewer rats would never do it. It’s perhaps a bit too much to expect humane, civilised behaviour out of a bunch of sub-satanic, paan-and-gutka-chewing rodents 👿

          How could one prevent the same people from getting the benefits of reservation over and over again, to the exclusion of those who really need it? I believe those who have benefited from reservation and have come up because of it, will have to give it up once they do that. In other words, you can say that once in the so-called “creamy layer”, they should not have the benefits of reservation any longer.

          You are also correct that those who deserve to get admission but are denied in case they are “crowded out” due to reservation are facing an injustice. Doing justice to some and doing injustice to others is a bad idea. There should be opportunities for all. Providing reservations for the economically disadvantaged among those who aren’t eligible for any reservation is probably an answer to this injustice.

          You know that apart from caste-based reservation, there is also some quantity of reservation based on physical disabilities, parentless children, children of “freedom” fighters etc. It shouldn’t be difficult to add to the list.

          Obviously and unavoidably, this is going to lead to everyone and more and more groups claiming reservations (or more reservations) and going on agitations for the same. It cannot be avoided and has to be considered and if their demands have a justification, they have to be met. Once you’ve started the idea of reservations, it cannot be stopped at all until perhaps a natural final equilibrium is reached where each group has quotas proportionate to their share of the population. The only solution is to meet everyone’s justified demands.

          But don’t ever forget that the original idea of reservations was NOT due to politicians or educators or reformists or the need for socio-economic justice! The very idea of reservations started MILLENIA AGO with the sub-satanic system of 100% reservation in education and all other privileged occupations for the turd-headed, low IQed horde who delibertately and demonically not only denied education and other opportunities to all others, but also satanically forced them into a dehumanising state of existence. The stinking Hindu religion is the one that started the reservation thing with its 100% reservation for the turd-headed, low IQed horde who wanted to maintain their exclusivist 100% privilege at all costs, even by stooping down to most sub-human levels in the entire universe.

          Reservations began with the beginning of the satanic caste laws of the uncouth Hindu religion. What is happening now is the mere reduction of the sub-satanic 100% reservation for the shit-headed horde to the true natural equilibrium of reservation according to the share of the group in the overall population.

          Don’t let anyone ever cheat you into believing the sheer bullshit that reservations are a new political phenomenon or vote-bank politics or social engineering or any such crap. Only the idea of caste-based reservation to undo historical and satanic manuoid injustice may be relatively new. But always remember that the very concept of reservations began way back MILLENIA AGO with the provision of 100% reservation in “education” and all “privileged occupations” to certain turd-headed hordes who wanted to oppress all others satanically by using the stinkin’ provisions of the universe’s most notoriously uncouth and barbaric religion called Hinduism.


          • mahesh chendake Says:

            Thanks Raj I noted Your views Which i know are similar to mine. but I am not as bitter as you even though sufferer and not hoping optimistically. Take care . I believe some truthful and fruitful changes will occurs due to attempts of en-lighted souls even though you don’t believe. I know you are good at heart but become bitter may be due to experiences you have and still I have not loose hopes…. may be because of being SY ? any way that is another belief system which I am following and making myself strong enough. but I agree scientific and true history based /experienced based ( not brain washed ) discussions/sharing are nescessory and are welcome. sufferers only knows what they have suffer. It is quite different to talk from above or aside. and I know Axinia always welcome sharing true experiences and that’s why we are here.
            thanks again brother.

            • mahesh chendake Says:

              Raj plz go through it . I got it on FB in John Noicy comment simultaneously going on.

              • Dear Maheshsaheb,

                I already mentioned about the most despicable, most sub-satanic, shit headed vermin doing all the evil they are instrinsically programmed to do in order to discredit the greatest educational hero, legend, visionary and saviour who walked upon the universe’s filthiest shit dump of an land.

                Whether the gross, blatant lies about Macaulay happen to be spewed by rotten, verminous, shit-headed manuoid turdlings or by self-styled historians, academics and experts in the pay of the forces of sub-satanic evil doesn’t matter to me.

                One look at the the author’s language and words used by him is enough to tell me that he works as a propagandist (paid or unpaid, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly) for certain forces.

                I have come across many of his kind, Maheshsaheb, and despite your (and Axinia’s) shockingly blind belief that I supposedly “worship” 🙄 😆 anything coming out of the West, I can tell you that I can smell a rat whenever I come across one, whatever the skin colour of the rat happens to be or whichever continent it was born in.

                Dear Maheshsaheb, I can only hope that you are very careful about dealing with certain forces. You have absolutely no idea about what their nefarious, sub-satanic, bloodthirsty plans are. They are the most despicable vermin that can ever exist in the entire universe. They are pure evil, rotten to the core, and have sadism, sub-humanism and sewerism inbuilt into each and every cell that makes up their vile pea-brains. They are responsible for each and every mass bloodshed that took place in the satanic Indian sub-continent from the time it became clear the Brits were going to leave. They were the very same ones who killed Gandhi, the very same ones who cause massive bloodshed on a regular scale all over the satanic land and are the very same ones who set off explosives in trains, places of worship, markets and elsewhere in several cities in order to achieve their nefarious aims as well as to falsely put the blame on “Islamic terrorists” for satanic mass-murders carried out by them.

                It’s only now that the satanic deeds and purely evil plans of such vermin are coming to light. The scum were first exposed by that unparalleled investigator, professional policeman and courageous, impartial human being of the Maharashtra police, the late Hemant Karkare, who had to pay with his life for daring to impartially investigate and bring to light the truth about such filthy vermin. Once he did that, all skeletons came tumbling out of the closet one by one, and one realises the sheer extent to which these vile, filthy forces driven by a satanic, sordid lust for human blood have made inroads into each and every aspect of life and institution of the filthy, sub-human Indian empire and the sheer amount of human blood they have spilled so far in order to achieve their satanic aims.

                They don’t plan to stop with the sub-satanic deeds they’ve done so far, dear Maheshsaheb, and they are actively looking out for people like you, gullible, trusting souls whom they can suck in to their nefariously vile and purely evil plans, and slowly condition you to do their dirty work of causing mayhem and mass bloodshed. They will use you like dispensable pawns on the chessboard to do all their evil work, so that they stay hidden in the shadows and don’t get exposed, and finally they will cruelly ditch you and sadistically laugh at you as they watch your plight. They will deliberately suck and spit out all goodness and humanism (to the very last drop) in your kind soul slowly and steadily and turn you into a cold-blooded, bloodthirsty mass-murderer. They will destroy your life, they will destroy your family, they will destroy everything good and happy you have and aspire for. In short, they will destroy your very soul if you allow them to get anywhere near you.

                It would be in your own interest and that of your loved ones to stay well away from such forces of indescribable evil and their poisonous, sub-satanically evil ideology, dear Maheshsaheb. Despite what you may believe about them, they are completely the opposite of you and whatever you stand for. They are the vilest demons that walk around in human form.

                Just take a look over the border at what their counterparts, their Pakistani equivalents and soul(less)-blood-brothers are doing to that equally turdy cess-pit of a land. Their colour is green and the colour of their despicable equivalents on this side of the border is saffron. But they are of the very same, sub-human, sub-satanic blood. Both their nefarious ideas and aims are the very same, to take their respective already barbaric, turd world shit-holes back to the Stone Age along a river overflowing with the blood of ordinary people, on a boat constructed with the most unthinkably evil sub-satanic deeds as planks.

                I painfully realise the scum are after, and wish to attempt to do the same evil to trusting Indophiles like Axinia who don’t have the slightest clue about these vile forces of pure and unadulterated evil. But she is not in the dangerous and vulnerable position that you are, simply because she lives in a far away land where the scum cannot trap her into their evil net. But the vermin may just be lurking behind your back, and they will pounce on you en masse and crawl all over you whenever they get the slightest reason to believe you are fair game for their nefarious, demonic plans.

                You can call me bitter, but remember that the truth is always bitter to hear. Medicines that cure are always bitter to taste. On the other hand, lies are always sweet to hear. Poisons that kill the body and destroy the soul slowly (drugs, alcohol) are always sweet to the tongue.

                Whether you prefer to take bitter, curative medicines or sweet, murderous poisons would be left to your own free will to decide 😐


                • mahesh chendake Says:

                  Raj I appreciate your concern and thanks for that.
                  only one thing I can tell you about me that from my own experience I have understood the power of SY.it has given me a very good power of discrimination what is right and what is wrong. It has also taught me about my strength ,weaknesses (i have cleared my destination) about innocence at the same time detachment state and most importantly I never follow blindly or through brain washed. I am alert aware and conscious about what is happening around me that’s why I am worried too but still I preserve kind heart towards humans and kind nature. i want to be real uplifting from manhood and its consequences still still preserving kindness, forgiveness at the same time good and firm base i.e down to earth. I am far away from any such false religious things what you have mentioned or consider to be as any false brainwashed religious person following.
                  Thanks again

  5. mahesh chendake Says:

    Since last two weeks I am coming across few ads of Birla sun life insurance children plan.
    Within ad child and parents interaction shown where they says
    In one ad daughter if giving fabulous food to father and telling you are interested to make me teacher but I have become a shafe to give you nice food
    In another ad child told to father that Now I have become director instead of engineer so like that way they goes on changing the topic and ending on children wants passion give them courage to implement whatever they wants
    That is the implementation of Multiple intelligence by parent which very much difficult.
    Even today I attend the lecture of Sr.scientist from Central govt. food technology system where he was telling he was IT professional Passed from I.I.T. Ahamdabad. He is Tamilian worked in that field for 15 years and now willingly working as Sr. Scientist in food technology.
    He told there were no students for Agriculture so many branches shut down in Dharwad University . We don’t get students for basic sciences and research as always parents and main cream of intelligent student goes to medical and engineering only but there is lot of scope in other field also. we have to search for that which is very much difficult by seeing vacancies and unemployment and children choice . Basically they are unable to decide about future and always they get brainwashed counseling from any such new eerupted masrooms and so called well known people of area

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      I understand your point of enlighten attention very well. But it is very difficult to implement and will need lot of exercise before implementation in actual practice as good ideas never accepted by community very easily.

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        many people around me feels that no need to send the children to school . they can learn better through internet in home ( Not through Ideat box and it’s serials and live shows where usually they stick up forgetting food and exercise . It will be great task to bring them in reality through virtual classes as it is proved that A.V. Impact of television serials and live show is long lasting and very much serious than what we we think today as it not just engagement of student in front of TV . It is totally spoiling theirs perceptions and memory impact and thinking abilities. surprisingly those students become more aggressive ,violent and emotionally labile and unstable There tolerances level goes to zero. Even through personality test of school children of our area we prove that they are very well lacking in development of E.Q.
        Along with Virtual classrooms and idea of Tagore’s naturalism and Garderner MI I guess you will land up some where in between of all these theories. All the best . Plz work out some new Idea where children will have fearless true education which will help them to build up trans cultural moral and ethical values with life skills education

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          there would be another Scenario like I would be studding sociology of 11th std and then I go to maths class of 9th std and I go to my language class of 12th std. According to my abilities I will practice all skills needed to complete that modules under open university as some where I will be practicing my nescessory life skills according to my likes. and even in my maths class i may get different ages as classmates and so on with other subjects depending upon every bodies skill achievements.
          Axinia I can just imagine only. I dont know when It will true on mass scale.
          This is practical application of MI,pragmatism,naturalism and humanism . what do you think?

        • axinia Says:

          the middle path is always the best, mahesh 🙂 I will work out something, sure. The model which inspires me the most is of Makarenko: https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2008/01/02/makarenko-the-jewel-of-education/

          • mahesh chendake Says:

            Thanks Axinia
            I agree Middle path is always best .
            I know pedagogy which also concentrate on individuals but still you are writing about collective learning something different which i dont know. We are having 100- 150 student to manage at a time in one class and through out a year. You may be understanding How much it is difficult to pay individual attention to each student so if you have more detail material about this theory plz post me I will read it and practice it if possible. Any way still I am more concentrating on adult learning theories as we get children above 18 yrs.age in our class.

  6. erwin Says:

    Wow ! This video has left me without words : ) As a teacher trainer busily training people to become English teachers, training them up for a job …. don’t quite know what to say. It takes me right back to when I was a teenager beginning to question the education system I was immersed in, subjected to is what I wanted to say , rebeling against a world I didn’t want to conform to … and again back to the present moment where more and more i think we are all beginning to feel things have to change quite dramatically …

    • axinia Says:

      erwin, thanks for your input – I think I know how you feel…things have to change and they definetly will! One day. First it has to mature in collective consisousness and then the change will take place.

  7. swaps Says:

    Very appropriate follow up to your last post (might not be your intention), Axinia.

  8. This video seems to be incomplete. I was completely immersed in its interesting message and was disappointed with the abrupt cut off at the end 😦

    Where can I watch the second part, Axinia?


  9. axinia Says:

    Raj, this animation is the only one which exists, you can see some other ones here: http://www.ted.com/speakers/sir_ken_robinson.html

  10. […] you have time, watch these two brilliant videos – One, on the problems with the educational system and the second on self learning. This entry was posted in Concepts and Ideas and tagged […]

  11. eugene Says:

    Правильно! Полностью согласен с авторами фильма. Мне, как преподавателю ВУЗа очень близка эта тема. Система образования нуждается в реформе. Такие люди, как Сер Кен Робинсон должны получать всестороннюю поддержку. Это очень важно, ведь от качества народного образования и уровня воспитания во многом зависит перспектива развития общества и государства.

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