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Do you trust people? December 20, 2010

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The question of Trust is obviously one of the crucial ones in human relationships. Trust is something we are being testted about day to day, in all sorts of ways – privately, at work, with friends, in society, literary everywhere.

When I reflect on my life I can remember  only one case when I was let down by a person I trusted. Basically I keep up the trusting attitude towards every person. Can it be becasue  naturally people feel me trusting them and react accordingly? Or am I  just so lucky with trustworthy people on my way?

I wonder what your experiences and observations are regarding this subject of TRUST? Please answer the poll:

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18 Responses to “Do you trust people?”

  1. Dmitri Says:

    I alwyes trust people. and my experience with trust is rewarding…when you put your trust in people even if they do let you down on small things…nut you say never mind it has no meaning they are shocked inside couse they expect a diffrent reaction and get their sheild ready…they buackle up..but you imidatlly break that sheild with trusdting them never the less…people silently value this trust…..just estarday i enjoyd the the froots of trust at work……..so yeaaa gona keep up trustig :))))

  2. mahesh chendake Says:

    What I believe, without trust nothing is exit or there is zero value to everything. You have to trust when you are civilize one.Even though in any case people cheat to you, for you it doesn’t affect because on your side you are 100% and that gives peace and complete fulfillment to mind and life . without trust no human relationship, no civilization possible.
    It is like mother tells… he is your father and child believe even father believe the same !!! it works like basic life support. when it fails everything in human relation fail. …..mostly paranoid personalities arises from broken families ,unhealthy relation within families, it may be slum or high profile rich family , what i believe.. so normal healthy social system & family structure are key words for trust where people respect and understand to each other and help to come up from uneasy situation . Mostly dialogue in family members is very much important if it not exit and false ego present then paranoid operates…..
    so if you are civilized one you have to trust.!!!!

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Some time even on unknown people i feel like to trust .even I myself wonder how I can trust but it operates .I don’t know how and some time to known people also I don’t feel to trust. that is wonder!!!so it is some thing inner ergs,impulse which operate in trust, I believe. Mostly I trust on that inner ergs,impulse and proceeds. Other people feels that I have been cheated but it doesn’t hurt much to me as it is my own decision.

  3. Dmitri Says:

    aaaaaa and i wonted to add…….that i dont trust companys….coorpartion and the likes…..whrn dealing with ordeniry people under the umbrella of preforming and doind their work duty’s i trust the least couse often the objective that handed down from above is the use people…lie to people…..to confuse them with data…(like in banks)….and all sorts of manipulation tricks……….so as a costumer i dont trust the businees word at all……not even a bit……..on rare a ocasions i find some one in that sitution who i can trust

    • axinia Says:

      Dmitry, that’s a good point. My question was actually about trusting people in generall, in persons and not about organizations/companies etc. These ones seem to be operated by different laws 😦

  4. I find that this trust depends on the stage of ones life – When in college, I trusted a set of people (who were trust worthy back then), but now I no longer trust them. Now, I have a different set of people whom I trust. I don’t know if I am changing or they change, but people change a lot in short periods! By default, I don’t trust anyone but after a point of time, I start trusting them more because I do not have any secrets that people already don’t know (I am very much an open book).

    Destination Infinity

  5. Triveni Says:

    It takes a lot of time for me to trust a person. Some people are like BBCs who can just go on braodcasting everything about everyone. Trusting people with such a problem is a complete no-no. Also the amount of trust I can place in people also varies. Many a times, people are themselves so unstable that they do not behave/react the same way in the same situation at different times. So it get hard to trust them too. I can say that there are just countable number of people that i can blindly trust 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Tiveni, i think i know what you mean, and it’s also very true – some people are very unstable. Even ourselves – can you be sure that you will react same way in the same situation at a different time? Life is so rich on occasions to show us that nothing is stable 🙂

      What I feel about trusting others is that the generall trust is essetial.. I mean even if I know that one person is not really reliable, still i try to trust and believe that sooner or later it will work out – probably becase of this trust that the person will feel?…

      • Triveni Says:

        yes very much true. i get the point now.. even we are unstable and there is no guarantee that we will behave the same way in a same situatution at different times. 🙂
        to learn and to be able to trust/love someone beyond their issues/problems seems to be what is needed by the humans today (just like me 😉 )

  6. Fatima Says:

    I didn’t have a chance to think when I clicked on my answer. Yes seemed to come from my subconscious.

  7. dave-O Says:

    In general I trust , but I always remind myself that I shouldn’t expect anything in return.

  8. I trust human because I know myself as trustworthy.
    That allows me to trust even “untrustworthy” people, as I trust in the human potential in them , and see their games as their missing of trust, who might gain trust by me not playing the game, but still trusting into them as my co-human.
    That should not be confused with the sentimental wish neglecting the danger of abuse of trust, who leads later to cynical world disdainful “poor me” victim attitudes.
    Trust requires awareness, not blind confidence.

  9. Antiques Says:

    The word Trust is the basis of all Relations but a small mistake made can change its entire meaning like just a Missing “T” can “RUST” relation!

  10. Trust is the only thing that drives human life in most cases. if you loose trust.. you loose everything..

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