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7,000,000,000 in HD – an unusual video on human history and future December 17, 2010

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Here is an excellently done video on the human evolution and the text by the author:

 “Human history can be divided into three major periods in very much the same way that the development of a human embryo consists of three trimesters.

All throughout our past, we’ve been expanding, conquering, building, destroying, restructuring, and rebuilding again as we’ve continued evolving. Humanity continued to spread throughout the world, until finally, we conquered everything. A human fetus reaches this condition in the 38th week of its development.

For a child, the mother’s womb is the most comfortable place to be, and yet, this stage of development is merely an intermediate stage. The goal is to be born, and it is therefore impossible to remain inside of the mother’s womb. During delivery, a mother’s body produces an enormous amount of adrenalin in order to help the child be born, since the process of delivery is quite difficult and painful for the child.

Similarly, we as humankind have reached a peak stage in our development, and we cannot continue existing according to the principles we previously designed. Even though we have no idea what to do next, this doesn’t mean that there is no general plan for our development.

Nature operates its own program that impacts us, forcing us to be born through crises, disasters, epidemics, and wars.

After this birth, the child continues to develop, attaining a totally different world outside of the womb.”

taken from http://www.illuzia.net/en/


11 Responses to “7,000,000,000 in HD – an unusual video on human history and future”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    nice VDO. very good logic is used to explain idea.
    Nature operates its own program that impacts us, forcing us to be born through crises, disasters, epidemics, and wars.
    Its very true but as a mankind we should try to understand it.
    Still questions remain … What is next? Are we prepare for that? or can we change pattern? will it be desirable? or destroyer?
    Evolution makes everything possible ….. those who match with changes … survives … others does not?
    what is our final destination? how we can reach their… question question and question …. Answer … trust him …trust thyself. and don’t take natures law in your hand. Let him operate with his own war … be part of it.

  2. Engraver Says:

    Excellent story!!

  3. Cordieb Says:

    And at the same time, we must remember that we are not the only specis evolving….the whole universe is evolving with us. Fear of the unknown is our greatest fear….we must learn to flow with life’s plan in order to evolve. Great video, Axinia. Thanks for sharing!

  4. swaps Says:

    But why so much fuss over human species? If we fail, evolution might succeed in its next attempt. Perhaps we are just an experiment, a prototype, and no more.

  5. Erwin Says:

    So many wars, so many great buildings,so much effort, …for what ? There must be a reason for all this somewhere… a new humanity? ( with a new economic system? ) A more spiritually inclined humanity? I do sure hope so ’cause i can’t take much more of this consumerism : ) !

  6. As I am the fast and not too traumatised result of one of the first “birth without pain”(naturally through body awareness, not injections !),elaborated by doctors who had enough of the determinism of ” women have to suffer to the process!” ,and was born laughing and with open eyes, I might be less inclined to consider that each human step has to come out of a catastrophe.By the way, a birth is the result of a mutual interaction of mother&child , not a one side “pushing out of the paradise”.
    This time it will be even fatal as concept to our specie and nature. The neurose born out of a difficult to handle crisis, might be a “creative solution” to survive temporary, but self destructive on the long run and for sure not the only way to handle life. It is high time for humanity to learn how to welcome change as natural factor in a thoughtful way.The repetition of traumatic concepts is only needed by humans who got educated to a certain “stiffness” towards the flow.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      everything is depend on my perception and attitude….many times i don’t learn from previous experiences as i forgetful by nature still my genotype changes and learn new adaption unconsciously as a rule of fittest to survival.

  7. I think the plan is being followed perfectly for whoever has created all this stuff. I would only want the answer to the question of why in my lifetime!

    Destination Infinity

  8. mahesh chendake Says:

    Why only me ? or why only my life time? are the basic question which everybody asks but i feel it is because of my ignorance about myself and my journey. When i will be aware about, the curiosity will finish and I don’t know either life will end or there will be new began with new birth.!!!!!
    again when I will connect to collective that time I will vanish and will become universe which will not die or will not take birth so to understand myself and connect to collective consciousness is more important…….

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