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Please share your experinces of changing countires – have you noticed any transformation of your character? November 9, 2010

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Variety is the key to the world’s beauty and thanks God there are no two same countries in the world. Apart from the geographical, economical, political, cultural differences each place seem to have “something” about it, that makes it really different from others, may be even on a spiritual level. I assume, most of my readers have rich experience of living in or visiting various countries. And probably, being introspective enough, most of you have noticed the changes of your temperament and feelings, when in various places.

Let me share with you first, this may give a better illustration to my question.

Being proud of my Russian origin, I never felt comfortable in Russia itself – since my childhood I felt very different from my surroundings, not only in spiritual sense of it, but also in cultural and mental. Being “packed” with one single mentality gave me a choking sensation. But since I was patriotic enough, I never thought of immigration until the Hand of Destiny literary moved me all of a sudden to Austria. Since then I had several interesting experiences of living in different countries and having a impact of it on my temperament and vibrational state. Here is my list (VERY PERSONAL, can be just the opposite to someone else’s):

Russia: it feels heavy, vast, intelligent, wild…I feel myself mostly oppressed and cannot manifest my qualities fully, cannot unfold my potential.

Germany: it feels more right-sided and I find myself much less dynamic, softer and lighter than the inhabitants of the land. interestingly, being in any Southern country, I can express typical German qualities which disappear when I am in Germany.

Switzerland: gives a choking sensation thanks to it over-perfection and feels like the Seat of Materialism, no Spirit… Feels like in a beautiful grave (interesting also Lenin wrote about it once).

Italy: I feel I can never be at home there because of lack of order and stability in everything. But the amazing “easiness” of inhabitants, their temperament are very enjoyable. Also when I speak Italian, become very emotional and laugh a lot. The best place to feel joy!

England: The Spirit feels very strongly there, I feel I can listen to Englishmen speaking for ages – such a deeply penetrating language. I calm down, become introverted and very peaceful.

Austria: feels like Home, very cosy in very sense of it. I feel I am being myself at the best of my human qualities (my be not spiritual though) – centered, both dynamic enough and introspective, both peace-giving and inspiring.

India: I am in constant thoughtless awareness! Just cannot think much, being in total bliss and peace. The spiritual Home above all.

Some countries that I visited for a very short time like one or two days, I would not comment here because the analysis of such kind need more experience data.

Having experience all that I belive it’s a great enrichment for everone who is striving self-developing to collect all these precious expereinces like a bee collecting honey. And often we can see ourselves opening up froma totally different side.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and experiences, I am sure that would be fascinating to hear as many as possible!

thanks and LOVE



38 Responses to “Please share your experinces of changing countires – have you noticed any transformation of your character?”

  1. Terry Says:

    My stays in other countries have not been long enough to qualify for an answer to your question. When they were long they were always in the nature of a spiritual retreat where the outside world remained at a distance.

    However, in the US one state is decidedly different from anywhere else and can be considered a foreign destination to some degree–Hawaii. It is the most remote island chain in the world with 2000+ miles of open ocean in every direction. A very strong influence from its original inhabitants is still alive, including a deep ritual heritage, healing knowledge, and a sense of deities hovering nearby.

    I have a small home there, and whenever I spend time in it I am transformed. A constant refreshing trade wind passes through with everyone’s windows and doors open to take it in like a medicine. Each sunrise and sunset is a natural art gallery and people gather to enjoy them together. It seems virtually impossible to feel negative emotions or frustration.

    Of course, there are social problems in the urban areas and over the top luxury in the resorts. But ordinary daily life is lived in an atmosphere more pure for body, mind, and spirit than any other place I have experienced. Not simply a tropical vibe, but a powerful closeness to elemental nature and awareness of self.

  2. Dmitri Says:

    hhhhh very intresting…i enjoyed reading ur experinces….
    I am also russian, but my parents and i imigrated to israel when i was 7 years of age….so i wont write about russia……hhhh i only can say about israel…..israel is a bit like the usa in way that the pupulation is a mix of many nationalties and all live in one small place…….theres tolarence for the other….thers is no order…pepole are warm…hhhhmmm i dont lnow actually how israel feels coz i just live here and never toughot of it much…defenatliy fells like home in some places a bit hostaile…and everyone are on the go in a herry

  3. radha Says:

    oh wow i can write a 100pages book about it! 😀 maybe will do it in fiction format ahhah

  4. The attributes of landscapes impacts the spirit of those in symbiosis with their environment over the century, but the “genius loci”of a place (who might differ even inside a country!) might be impact by the epigenetic memory of social events too over the century.
    These days a global planet where the most human live in quiet normative consumerist city’s divided inside the structure ,detached from their natural environment creates more a feeling of not being truly at home nowhere.The symbols are shared in common but the specific organically grown urbanism dissolves like an old song in the background.
    The “feeling” might be common to those with the same life frame, like those mountain,forest or desert folks worldwide or those who know, suburbia tristesse is the same in down town Detroit as in out of sight Manchester estates, and the “privileged” wall protected yuppie quarter lifestyle feeling with digital entering too excluding the unwanted poor from Bangalore to London.

    Not to forget the different perspective of non sedentary “wild” populations compared to those who settled and consider by that “owning” the earth.

  5. swaps Says:

    Sigh… I am still a frog in a small well. Need to see the world.

  6. nimirel Says:

    living in a new place like to adjust singing in a new ‘choir’:
    most of all, learning to listen requires commitment, enthusiasm, and willingness to blend individual energies to new circumstances.
    learn the music, the lyrics and the movements. be prepared for each ‘rehearsal’ and focused & attentive on the ‘warm-up’ & performance.
    have a open-minded attitude to adjust and blend new things. no gums while ‘singing’:))))
    amazingly, majority sings ‘arabesque blues’ in my native place these days, wrestling with emotions, identity crisis which is in a flux. definitely, a ‘live laboratory’ to learn….

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Nimirel, otherwise also life is live laboratory where everybody want to be identified and recognized by society. but what about self identity ? where it has lost? Are we trying to find it? …. Still i like your sharing! Struggle is never easy but still we have to learn to enjoy it and some times we should take time to breath and to see really where we have reached? Is it my destination ?Where we want to be? Dont you feel like?

      • nimirel Says:

        as you know, the destination the ‘Real becoming’ as a humanbeing. blending new energies is not being swayed away by any idea or any domination, not losing one’s identity. in a state of witnessing, that itself is a power. And that witnessing state helped me to win over so many difficulties of other people nomatter where I live. I realized the humor behind so many things….

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          Hat off to you Nimirel as I could not able to manage the same things……..

          • nimirel Says:

            dear mahesh, thank you. I’m trying to keep the middle path but I’m in no way more superior than you. I truly believe that you’ve crossed so many hurrdles in your private & challenging professional life. pls always have faith in yourself, in your abilities…

            • mahesh chendake Says:

              Thanks Nimirel, Problem is not self abilities but recognition from sociaty . Even though I dont expect still it is essential as a part of evaluation
              and when I see that less abilities people get adjusted and good recommendation any how?but I am not then I get frustrated. any way we expect from mother not fro other ….. but still fills suffering should be reduced but … just trust in mother that’s all Thanks again. really you are kind enough to show concern and recognition.

              • mahesh chendake Says:

                Why is there suffering?

                If there is a God, then why is there suffering?
                A question often asked and rarely understood

                No pain, no gain
                Is not just a phrase
                It’s a reality of evolution

                We need to suffer so that we have motivation to grow
                So that we have motivation to change, to develop and evolve

                But the point of suffering is not the suffering
                The point is to find ways to alleviate the suffering

                The point is to use love and understanding
                To use compassion and creativity
                To use our hearts and minds
                To bring us closer
                To the goal of unity

                Together we are stronger
                Together we can give meaning to suffering
                By finding many ways to remove and overcome it
                Not only for ourselves but for the future of humanity
                Thanks again

  7. Alenok Says:

    Ukraine. It still feels like home, even after ten years since leaving the country. I love the beautiful land, love the singing Ukrainian language, love the people. Kiev is simply my favorite city in the world. In fact, it’s hard to describe Ukraine, because it almost impossible for me to look at it from outside – part of me is always there.

    United States. So many discoveries.
    – True land of opportunities – not in the sense that you can earn as much money as you want, but in a sense that you truly feel that you can live here any way you choose. I never felt like this in Ukraine, I always had some sense if finality there. Here I feel that I am truly “building” myself, that I have so many choices on every step of my life, and I am truly free to make any of them. Sometimes it’s overwhelming.
    – People really feel that they are the owners of this country, that they have their say in what’s going on there. It starts with caring of what their street looks like – planting flowers and trees around houses, taking care of safe street crossings and expands to participating in decision making around important matters in their city, state and country. This is exactly the opposite of what I see in Ukraine. I used to be very apolitical too, but now I go to every elections. And plant flowers around my house 🙂
    – Acceptance and openness to different cultures. Being the land of immigrants for several centuries, US are very accepting of newcomers. It was very important for me, because I had great trouble learning the language, but everywhere people just patiently waited for me to finish my sentence and helped with whatever they could. Taking English classes together with the students from all around the world expanded my worldview indefinitely. I dropped so many my own judgments (I wasn’t even aware that I had them before, but was glad to get rid of them). I felt like a citizen of the world 🙂
    – General kindness to strangers, everywhere – in stores, on the streets, at work, people are more likely to smile to you and say something positive. And this is by no means fake – it’s part of them, it’s the way they live. A person might have his own problems, but he will never show this to the stranger – this is just part of normal polite behavior
    – Necessity to plan well ahead. That was a real trouble for me to learn. Never planning my way through the next month, I now find myself making appointments 3-4 months in advance and reserving vacation spot 6 months in advance. I heard that this is a part of culture here – believing that you are the owner of your destiny and can plan your life. I try to bring elements of spontaneity in my life whenever I can; I need this to feel alive.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      very true Alenok. Your true sharing touch my heart. The problem you have faced might be all are facing who are going abroad including language and adjustments but still I like your struggle and acceptance. But I think you have treated well by the community as it shows whether it is same with others? No humiliation? No hated treatment? Not neglected? Not just used and thrown? (or is it depend on personal acceptance?) Then its really good.What about love, belongingness & we feeling? or only self assertiveness? All the time proving yourself that how much you are good with others in the form of output and self? by Second thing advance planning and keeping commitment I think I am very much lacking in advance planning I can devote commitment and usually fulfill it by any mean what others have plan for me..In fact It is very true I could not able to decide what is good for me and what is not? I could not plan for week also.so falls into advoc planning and goes on doing the possible way to me and the things the way.. In fact I have never look towards life in that angle. Thinking of only self development in form of prosperity of wealth. it was never possible to me even though that is wish ( Everybody’s?). I feel now that I am wrong track but still I never had that vision. Now after entering M.Sc. I am finding same thing and problems. I have to rush to fulfill the commitments and just getting tired. Really I dont know how to overcome it. It doesnt mean I am not doing hard work rather I am doing hard work more than anybody as i see and understand from around, as I am russing to fulfill what others have plan for me. I think When I will accept that philosophy of life I think I will able to get rid of it. But In that philosophy I dont find place for others even own close members. Is it true and right.? Really I want to learn how you are developing thing in that way. ( Is it problem of Pises rashi )
      Long before I discuss with Raj also in personal chatting of same topic. because I find most of all people around me are more or less on same track and i dont find on that track suitable and comfortable. ( Here again I am having fear about opinion of collective consciousness ? whether collective also think same way?) Not the exactly way you are telling. At least you are showing some concern with your street,house,environment and elections ( People take interest only to seek profit. if it is not just neglect). Here I dont find that concern also. Is it selfishness? and if it is how much it is good? what should be borderline? Is it necessary to show all the time self assertiveness and get rid of everyone and every situation and just dont bother of others and think only self prosperity and on what basis totally dissolving yourself and still nothing with you , is it way of life?everybody please guide me. Now a days my personal philosophy of life is shaken? as I dont find successful in my way of philosophy of life and having lots of problem to me and family also. ( On face book Axinia shared a nice link animation of problem but how to correlate it with our own problem solving I really dont know. ( What should be one’s circle where one can leave peacefully and happily?) Swaps says about frog story, is it very true for me? if it true then what about attachments? every time new people, new adjustment, and new struggle to prove yourself good so exhausted planning, self assertiveness where exactly i am lacking and hard work to complete commitments .is it only life? Then really I have tired…….

    • axinia Says:

      Alenok, what a great input, such personal sharing are truly a gem! Strangely enough, I never has a deisre to go to America, and I still dont have one 🙂 But I can imageine what you describe very well and I see why the land is so attractive to many.

  8. Triveni Says:

    I am another frog in a well. But, the well is quite unique as such. As India has I think almost all types of climatic regions within. Be it the snowy and cool Himalayas, to Hot deserts in Rajasthan, or the ‘N’ Number of Beaches to give the tropical feel. I was lucky enough to experience the chill Himalayas and the sea shores. and the burning hot humid climate. Yes the place surely did have an impact on my character. Basically being near Nature makes me more thoughtless, more relaxed, open hearted and more happy:) Near the Himalayas It was a pleasure to go into meditation. Sometimes all i wanted to do was to sit and meditate. a real cool experience. When near a sea shore, the urge was to cleanse myself by footsoak and sit and meditate, it too did make me feel more close to god. As if in converstaion with him. But the extreme sun heat and chilling cold was something that i totally wanted to run away from 🙂

  9. As long money will be more free to travel around the planet than humans, the natural feeling to be at home everywhere, will be diminished by the speculative worth put upon humans and country’s.A biased view on both.

    • axinia Says:

      it’s very true, mon ami, that idealy we should feel everywhere at home!
      In the recent years I always have a feeling, whatever countly i visit, that “i could live here”, earlier it was not so. But still, each one has its own vibrations and I think it’s same as with people: alhough genuinely same deep within, we all have an individul flair, like a frangrance of a flower. And at some point some flowers are more attractive, at another point – some others.. The beauty lies in variety. Same with countries.

  10. nishant Says:

    Well well, what a topic you’ve come up with – This fellow called Nishant continues to reel under the influence of ‘changing countries’ which I’d rather put as ‘changing people’ because it’s the set of new people that you come across and interact with which makes the difference, and leaves its indelible mark for the rest of your lives. This I can say from personal experience, since childhood to manhood, (including the versatile and multi-dimensional living experience during my 2.5-year errand in central Europe 15 years ago).

    ‘One of’ my first crushes, at the age of five, was on a British girl who’d play more with my sister than me during our morning walks with our strict father to this park across the railway track. I still carry her ‘impressions’.

    The latest, about a month ago… this cute looking, damsel in distress type, middle aged, coool babe with some strands of hair in grey and a seeker from Germany, caught my fancy so much that I spontaneously and politely dragged her from the canteen to the woods area of this huge ashram in Delhi (Pleease, not all ‘other’ ashrams have bad vibrations). We walked and walked and when dark, sat on a bench, under the moonlight. From the first moment we were like decent, old chums who already shared some sort of vibrational proximity. Our occasional hide-and-seek, criss-crossing of dialogues (normal is boring) and séances during the weekends continued until, she abruptly returned to Berlin last week dejected by the refusal of a minor consideration in her work permit by the immigration officials here. (Sad part is, she revealed all this to me only a day before her flight). Anyhow, what I seek to hint through this romaniticised narration is the piece of derived education which I rather guard as personal and special.

    Someone said, “Everyone has two countries”. Let me put one of these two countries as ‘motherland’ and the other as ‘vaterland’ (fatherland). So where is the dispute? Spiritually, they can be termed as the ‘Ida’ and the ‘Sushumna’ channels. One is complementary and supplementary to the other and the total system. SMJ has already spoken much on the topic. All that is required is the open mind and right calibration to make Best Of Both Worlds.

  11. Axinia…I have a poem on my blog about my love for a certain French “feeling of home”, I know what you mean with the different fragrances.
    I am simply very prudent these days were nationalism get “warmed up” out of evil reasons, and I feel more in common with humans worldwide than the opposite, mostly.I find it wonderful too how with less mobility (and co2) we get to see documentary’s from far away places who gives us a touch of the beauty all his diversity as much as the problems and wishes similar in each of us(viewed with a media critical eye!). I am used to “travel around the earth round” before falling to sleep, seeing certain situations who attracted my caring attention.This planet is my home, this humans are my family.

  12. Shalini Says:

    You seem to love playing riddles. Why this post if you choose to guard your personal and special education. May be you can bestow some of it to others. And, what makes a coool babe? Women (I being one) would like to know.

    • Nishant Says:

      I don’t love playing riddles (for I lack patience to solve them) but yes, I seek to make light of life by dropping some hanky-panky here and there.

      The education derived : Tolerance, Simplicity, Detached love, commitment and some more (Worth it?).

      The 4 traits of a ‘coool babe’ (translate into ‘lady) are,
      1) Being independent (and interdependent),
      2) Being indifferent (and ‘different’ – original female, sans bar psyche),
      3) Being funny (childlike-ness), and
      4) Being socially adjusted (not necessarily ‘social’).

  13. leelajesus Says:

    Very interesting post 🙂 I noticed pretty much the same. Different places reinforce different qualities of our personality and in some countries we feel better than in others. Here comes my list:

    Austria: Is a wonderfull country but I don´t really feel alive there.

    England: There is a deep feeling of silence and calm inside of me while I am there. Feels like home.

    Italy: Joy and easyness, humor. love to be there.

    Poland: Always enjoyed to be there. I suppose it´s a neutral place for me.

    India: Never felt better anywhere! It´s amazing, even the way I look changed there. The face got shiny the skin soft like a baby. I was so fully satisfied, that I did not noticed any inconvinience at all 🙂

    Germany: The north east feels really strange, like a ghost place, sometimes I had the feeling to be in a stephan king film. Could never imagine to live there. Leipzig and Köln are very nice.

    thats it 🙂

  14. “detached love” ? what the hell do you mean by that,… non addicted compassion?

    Too much schmaeh on selective history memory ?
    Disdainful Class apartheid and gambling speculation?
    “Spiritual” class apartheid and environment carelessness?
    Bimbo politic and corrupt violence?
    Business tristesse and Catholicism?
    Pretend efficiency and protestant work ethic ?
    Pompous “cultivated” elitism?
    Uncultivated bigot action machism?

    Like usual, I had to broom a bit the dusty cliche corners after the sugar glaze bakery.

  15. I feel comfortable in caring for the neglect aspects.
    Consider me as the toilette lady of the unconscious.
    At least, one has to care for it!

    The damned whole thing!The whole reality!

  16. nimirel Says:

    Il n’y a que la vérité qui blesse.imagine ♪♪♪a world with no secrets.truth, funny word actually, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is?
    ohh, sth definitely ‘leaking’ this week.o○Zzz

  17. Thanks for the laugh, nimirel! 😉

  18. Indian fakir Says:

    In plain terms, mingling honestly with others makes you always a more complete, evolved person.
    America : Pragmatic and professional – fantastic people to work with.
    Germany : Adorable, systematic people. Happy, hugging girls.
    France : Natural, accommodating, different people.
    Italy : Pasta (Ymmm).
    Russia : Compassionate, spiritually oriented people. Beautiful girls.
    Belgium : Nice people, waiting you to make the first move.
    Nepal : Simple people but grounding required.
    British : Discipline and diplomacy but slow (not necessarily in ‘that’ sense)
    Luxembourg : Platinum city with platinum people.
    Hungary : People with heritage.
    Czech : Check is in the mail :))
    Netherlands : Ummm… can’t say much.
    Austria : Best of East and West. Cozy, safe, inspiring girls. Psychedelic, lovable, aspiring people (but why they feel second to the British?).
    India : Land of spirituality. Healthiest culture (but in only books).
    Hypocrisy, Corruption, Poor civic sense, False values , Pathetic westernism, Copycats (Name any popular American song, film, TV programme and they’ve made it), Unpatriotic (keep their own petty interest before country), Lacking depth,.
    [Having said all that I feel a bit of a hypocrite and false fellow myself].
    A hell of a country!
    I love to hate this country (and vice versa).


    • axinia Says:

      thanks for this observation, Indian fakir! It’s interesting that you percept a country only trought its people and their attitude to you….To me a lot of impact has also the nature and history.

      • Indian fakir Says:

        Axinia my child,

        The perception of a people & country always stand prominent in the backdrop of its nature, history, heritage and culture which, put together form a certain air, aura and aroma of that particular place (or person) leaving its transforming and permanent effect.

        To quote my profound ones… the motherly love and care of that old lady in Hannover, brief interaction with that somalian diplomat’s daughter, and those hugs of those lovely children in that boarding school, even my EX-bimbo in Auckland (all these date back to the previous century).
        …And about your abode Austria, just the first few notes of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik are enough to take me to Modenapark or Stadtpark in Wien under dark on a snowy evening (as if looking for someone).

        What is important is the value addition that such things provide are worth the loss of our deeply rooted egoistic identifications of country, caste, creed, class, and character.

        God bless.

        Disclaimer : Resemblance to any name, description or character is / is not purely coincidental.

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