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The lavish beauty of Nature November 2, 2010

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Fresh images from my recent walks for you:

LOVE; axinia


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  1. Terry Says:

    Most people looking at “nature” tend to take in the grandeur of a scene, but your eye captures the small moments so effectively. Even in your landscape views it is the single shadow falling across the field in that one moment that draws the attention of the viewer more than the panorama. And in the close-ups it is the subtle curve of the petal not the flower itself that you manage to point out to us, as if the curve is eternal and the flower is just a manifestation of the eternal absolute of nature.

    Many artists, including photographers, try to make us see something they believe in. You try to make us see something that requires no belief and no guidance from you. Your images lead us to experience nothing more or less than “seeing” itself.

    • axinia Says:

      what a comment, Terry….so poetic and profound…thanks a lot for sharing your sensitive view. In fact I don’t want to say anything with my photos – they just express my AWE in front of eternal beauty.

  2. I could smell the scents of autumn during the walk.

  3. The long shots, especially are beautiful Axinia! I wish my cell phone can take long shots… it doesn’t cover anything that is beyond 200 meters!

    Destination Infinity

  4. Lovely images, Axinia! 🙂

    Are the pictures taken from your walks in the areas around Wien? If yes, then it’s great that despite being a large city, Wien has plenty of places where one can walk and bicycle and get oneself completely lost in the lap of Mother Nature. Even the cosy little town in the picture looks picture-perfect, surrounded as it is by complete natural beauty!

    (For the life of me, I just cannot understand why you, or indeed anyone else, would ever want to leave such a heavenly, paradisical and civilised country as Austria and permanently move to a filthy, sub-human, putrid, satanic turd world septic tank such as the uncouth, murderous, rotten, stinking, sadistically and inhumanly evil Indian empire 😮 😕 😯 )


    • axinia Says:

      Thank you Raj, I am indeed happy int his beautiful cosy place…:)
      India has its own magic and every time i am visiting it, I fall under the total spell of it.

      • Thank you for using the words “magic” and “spell” to describe your experiences with India, Axinia 🙂 It sounds so much more realistic than a word like the so-called “spirituality” 🙄 to describe the vile, murderous, sub-human septic tank of an evil empire.

        Apart from common magic i.e. the harmless visual tricks and other deception (like pulling a rabbit out of a hat) that modern magicians perform on stage to fool audiences (especially children who are spell-bound by such tricks), the word “magic” can have very nasty connotations to it.

        And why not? Such “magic” is usually an evil practice, done by dubious characters (like witches and sorcerers 😯 ) consciously and wilfully invoking the powers of demonic forces to cast spells on others in order to harm them. It’s a great thing that almost all forms of Christianity and Islam (and Judaism too, if I’m not wrong) strongly condemn “magic” and the use of it to cast “spells” as uncouth, inhuman, satanic and evil 👿 Apart from this, every “culture” in the world bar none, believes in some kind of ritual/practice/object/chant to ward off “evil” and protect oneself from “spells” and other vile things associated with “magic”. Even in a religion as far removed from the filth and stink of “magic” as Christianity, I guess a pastor or nun uses the power of Christ and his symbolic Cross to drive out “demonic spirits” or rescue a person from a vile “magical spell”.

        This only goes to show that “magic” is an evil thing that can be used by vile forces 😡 by casting a “spell” on unsuspecting folks and then cause unlimited harm.

        On another note, Axinia, please notice how you described yourself as FALLING under a total spell…hehehe… 😉 🙂 You believe “love” (as in a man and woman loving each other) is supposedly a “fake thing” and a “deception” because the English verb is “to fall in love”. Then how, just how can FALLING under the total spell of the (evil) magic of (a sub-satanic turd world shit pit of an evil empire like) India be a good thing??? 😕


        While I’m glad that you sub-consciously realise that you have unfortunately 😦 FALLEN under a total spell 😯 , I can only hope that you get yourself out of it asap!


        • axinia Says:

          Hi Raj, i always wonder how much you must hate you country and how painful it must be for you to live there…your life must be a disaster then, being constantly so disguised about the palce you live in…
          I wonder if you ever thought of immigration`?

          • i always wonder how much you must hate you country

            I feel so sad 😦 that you’ve fallen for a cheap and obvious trick used by uncouth turd world hordes and rabid criminal regimes, Axinia.

            So according to this logic, anyone who fiercely opposes the excesses, uncouthness and brutalities of the regime/establishment/ruling hordes and is disgusted by the sub-human deeds of such barbarians must “hate” his/her country, correct? 🙄 So anyone who is appalled by the primitive and regressive practices of his/her own “culture” and wants to see it changed for the better must be “hate” his/her country, correct? 🙄 Anyone who isn’t afraid of calling a spade a spade whether it is about any thing or any “culture” or any land in the world, including his own, should be classified as the same, eh? 🙄

            How do you define “country”, Axinia 😕 I guess the commie propaganda machine indoctrinated and brainwashed you when you were a child into believing that,

            country=land=people=Party=regime=Kremlin=Cheka=KGB=General Secretary=USSR=Soviet apparatus=bureaucracy=etc. etc.

            and that any criticism of the deeds of one of them or any opposition to the crimes of any of them would equal to “hating” your country. Of course, that’s hardly surprising – that’s what all the filthy empires of old (and present) did (and do), that’s what the Nazis did, that’s what the Fascists did, that’s what the commies everywhere (from CCCP to Yugoslavia to DDR to PRC to DPRK to Cambodia to Cuba) did and do, that’s what all turd world rogue regimes (from Mugabe’s Zimbabwe to the Burmese junta to the Afghan Taliban to the barbarocratic Indian empire) and other assorted entities ranging from Zionist Israel to the Iranian mullocracy to the Saudi religio-monarcho-tyranny do, that’s what every other uncivilised, inhuman, criminal, mass-murdering regime ranging from the Latin American Banana Republics to African tin-pot dictators did and do. It has always been this way and will always be with all the uncouth and barbaric criminalised regimes.

            Of course, though saddened, I’m not surprised that you take a similar view. The effect of childhood brainwashing by a powerful totalitarian propaganda machine is very hard to wash off. Didn’t the Soviet commies go to the extent of indoctrinating little children to spy on their parents 😯 and report them to the Party 👿 and its goons for any suspected “anti-revolutionary”, “anti-Soviet”, “working class hating” activities and then throw any such person into the nearest Gulag for some forced labour that would “correct” and “re-train” such “deviant minds”? Of course, if they couldn’t be “corrected”, there was always the “Ulyanov & Djugashvili solution”.

            Is it any wonder, that with such a brainwashed and enslaved mindset indoctrinated into the peoples living under the terror and tyranny of the “comrades”, when the commie regimes deservedly self-destructed in Eastern Europe, instead of becoming unshackled and embracing freedom and progress like their Western European neighbours, the newly liberated peoples and their countries descended into a new category called “Second-and-a-Half World”, taken over by an unscrupulous gang of highly corrupt (and criminalised) politico-bureaucratic-oligarchic-mafiosi? Bad as this new class of power-wielding scum are, I guess they are an improvement over the totalitarian, mass-murdering commie goons and slightly (if at all) better than the savage, criminalised turd world regimes. (Of course, not everyone has it so bad in Central & Eastern Europe. The peoples and countries trying to move closer to civilised Western Europe have it much better than those unfortunate ones still trapped within the orbit of the Russian empire, the lands on which the St.Petersburg mafiosi clan of Putin-Medvedev & cronies have wet dreams of building a CCCP-Version 2.)

            The only places where such kind of crap was strongly discouraged were the few civilised countries of the First World, where the citizens were educated (and not indoctrinated/brainwashed) to understand that the regime/gubmint is a servant of the people and NOT their master, that their rights are inalienable and that criticism of the barbarities of the regime or indeed anything else (freedom of speech and expression) is not only necessary, but also vital for any free society to remain civilised.

            Of course, as I keep saying so often, the “new world order” is nothing but an attempt to destroy these civilised aspects and freedom-loving characteristics of the First World peoples and civilised societies, so that the entire planet can be converted into a stinking turd world shit pit, governed by barbaric, commie-like totalitarian regimes. It’s an attempt to trap the entire world into the blissful slavedom that the brainwashed peoples under the commies had to suffer or the pea-brained uncouthness that the barbaric turd world hordes willingly participate in.


  5. Well…considering that the poor gets kicked into some prisons “out of the view” of tourists to not disturb the magic,each gets to see what he insist to not look away.
    India has the greatest middle class in the world, very used to “not notice”.

    • Bravo, Antiphonsgarden, Bravo!!! 🙂

      I’m amazed at your ability to see things for what they are and your candour in calling a spade a spade!

      Well, it’s not just that the poor get kicked into prisons in the satanic Indian empire. That’s just one part of it. It’s completely true that, in the entire world, the evil Indian empire has the highest percentage of prisoners who are “suspects”, “undertrials” or those with “cases” foisted against them, and they are thrown into the same overcrowded prison cells holding the most hardened criminals and the vilest and most notorious convicts. Do I need to mention that they are all too poor to legally defend themselves?

      What’s worse is that in the filthy parts of the evil Indian empire, one can literally commit murder and manslaughter and worse, and get away with it scot-free if one has the money/power/influence. Of course, someone has to be caught for the case to be “solved”. Who gets to pay for the crimes of such scum? A poor, unfortunate soul who just happens to know the victim gets “caught”, is savagely tortured to the point of death using “third-degree methods” to extract a “confession” and is triumphantly produced before kangaroo courts and gets thrown in prison for a long time.

      Of course, in the unfortunate nations and among the unfortunate peoples under the satanic occupation and oppression of the evil Indian empire (nations like Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur, Mizoram, Asom, the tribals of the so-called “red corridor” etc. etc.), the semi-literate mercenary dogs in the pay of the sub-human Indian empire to oppress the unfortunate people have full, complete and total impunity under the world’s filthiest “laws” like the AFSPA, DAA, PSA etc. to commit the most heinous and satanic crimes in the world and get away with it not only without a case being registered, but also get “rewarded” for deeds so evil that they would make even satan cringe in horror.

      You know what, Antiphonsgarden, the evil Indian empire has no need for an “Indian Foreign Legion” on the lines of the “French Foreign Legion” that France has maintained for long. For the regular mercenary dogs of the Indian empire are drawn from among uncouth semi-literate hordes, psychopaths, conscienceless lowlives and other such scum, converted into hardened killers, unleashed on the unfortunate brutalised people of the occupied nations and peoples and given total impunity to commit the most heinous and horrific crimes. A civilised person cannot even imagine the sheer evil of the satanic Indian empire without being nauseated and shell-shocked 😡

      One thing I like about the French, apart from your wonderfully mellifluous language, is that the French people, unlike so many even in the civilised world, have a low tolerance for bullcrap from the regime and the ruling hordes. It’s not for nothing that the French gave the ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to the world, while inventing the guillotine and putting it to good (but horrific 😯 ) use. And that at a time when all your neighbours were willingly being used as servile feudal slaves by the inbred hordes and their cronies belonging to mediaeval monarchies and feudarchies. The recent mass protests by the French people against the so-called “pension and financial reforms” has proven that beyond doubt.


    • India has the greatest middle class in the world, very used to “not notice”.

      “The great Indian middle class” is a very funny term. There is one easy way to distinguish between a genuine middle class and a bunch of parvenu pretenders.

      In societies where a genuine middle class takes root, the lower classes almost completely disappear within a reasonably short span of time i.e. everyone becomes middle class, which is the hallmark of a modern, humane, civilised society and the civilising, transformative power of a genuine middle class.

      In sharp contrast, one has the pseudo-middle class of the uncouth societies i.e. the parvenu pretenders of the semi-feudal crapocracies that follow the logic of “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving people”. Such hordes may have the money to be classified as middle class, but they don’t have the necessary class and refinement to be called a genuine middle class when compared to their counterparts in the civilised societies. Such hordes neither have the vision, nor the ideals, nor the ethics, nor the humanism nor the transformative power of a genuine middle class. What else can one expect of a bunch of lumpen hordes who claim to be “educated” but don’t hesitate in employing little children as domestic “servants”, make them toil hard for a pittance and abuse them at will? What else can one expect of a bunch of lowlife creatures who derive a sub-human, sadistic thrill inside their filthy hearts whenever they see mercenary loafers brutalise and mass-murder children and youth on the streets of Indian-occupied Kashmir? The criminalised barbarians oft repeat the BIG LIE that Indian-occupied and brutalised Kashmir is “an integral part of India” even as they wildly cheer and sadistically laugh while they watch uncouth, lowlife, semi-literate mercenary loafers shoot and beat children to death on the blood-soaked streets of Indian-occupied Kashmir. One may never come across a sicker bunch of anti-ethical, hypocritical, low-IQed, savage psychopathic hominoid detritus than the sickening hindoid hordes of the sub-human Indian empire 😡

      Of course, this phenomenon of a pretender middle class is very understandable when one considers the filthy concept of “previous births’ karma” that the primitive pea-brains of the low-IQed, uncouth hordes wallow in.


      • I wish WordPress had an option for commenters to edit their own comments, in order to get rid of formatting mistakes like the one in my previous comment which makes entire paragraphs appear in bold.

        Maybe, I guess I just need to improve my html formatting and proof-reading skills 😐

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    I dont have words to express the Peace & eternal joy you have given through your photographs. they are simply magic, direct connect to once spirit and its experience which is always pure apart from human relationship and its effects.Here I dot want to comment on any culture but still nature is nature and whatever place you stay it emmit’s its divine vibrations. one should have that view and understanding and should experience and accept as it is ( even without spoiling … It is common says over here that any place where man reach he spoil everything). Whether this beauty remain throughout year or only in summer? I think your area is totally white and not easily reachable to man at least for six months !!!! but still simply beautiful. everybody will wish to stay there and enjoy. Thanks for sharing. at least we come to know that there is also heaven not only in India.

  7. Heaven in India?…for whom?

    Landscape is not everything, specially as it remains “exploitable” landscape.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      exploiteble means what? Sorry I could not got your question.
      Any way I was just intended to tell about Kashmir as it is already spoken for it.Now days it also not possible and easy to tourist due to terrorism and even domestic violence.
      The best thing of Axinia I found that even though she said like that she never just clicks the shot. She make that moment golden and not photographer but also pictures gives same message what photographer is intended or nature is intended ,otherwise what is there ? kaleidoscopes/ even unnoticeable beauty (things) will be there always everywhere with their story or essence, always without speaking just like witnessing the things. The real photographer catch that moment/ essence with its story and make it golden memorable or gives to viewer to re enjoy and I can proudly tell She has that characteristics. I have experienced many time with her various photograph. So it is not only just hobby but become way of her life what I feel.( The sentence i always love.. The thing which you like most should be your way of life)

  8. mahesh, exploitable in the sense of destruction for profit.
    I photograph and paint my environment too, partly to prove the drastic changes imposed to all this beauty.The devastating profit driven carelessness of some, makes me sometimes look very fast at certain trees I would have once fallen spontaneously in love too, and now are trying to not be too openly overwhelmed as they could be cut by their furry in soon( here the landscape has been drastically impacted year after year).Its a bit like the distancing emotions of a mother who knows 8 of her 10 kids will die prematurely.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Thanks, same thing I cleared initially only that keep human and human relation and its impact on nature apart in the current dissussion .we Know what is happening all around.
      The another point just i thought that the measurable life people are leaving in such paradise!!!. who will help them for struggling for daily life which is important and beauty doesn’t give food to them. for them everything is same.
      But furthermore i want to suggest that such things are common in everybody’s life. the important is our attitude how we perceive and react for those things? There are people in world keeping capacities to just viewing differently, can change the total life even though things remain same for all. Whatever life they have got they raise the heaven in their life just viewing differently and accepting just as it is.
      The artist like axinia sensitize those issues and and make them memorable otherwise that particular incidence/ things has no value/meaning. It is the artist who gives meaning and that is the greatness of artist.( Photograph of feather… fallen lives…. otherwise we see thousands around and unnoticed)
      The story of kalawati (suicidal farmers wife ) is very common in vidharbh Maharashtra. But when Rahul gandhi listen to it put into assembly . It gives different impact on same issue. You may be knowing total story. Life of kalawati got totally settle main question is there are thousands of such kalawati! Who is going to listen them and help them? . Answer is …. The artist…..!!!!! (Of topic ….sorry)

      • axinia Says:

        Thank you mahesh for your sweet words on my photographs, but i was never concidering myself as an artist, I am just the lover of beauty, nothing more.

  9. My mum who was art professor (and of course artist) was saying, everybody is an artist, but many have been told to dislearn it.
    If you ask young kids, who is an artists?…all shout :”ME”!,
    Later in time, at the same question, few less will admit it.
    At the end of school days, only a minority will assume it.
    What happen over the years to their creative trust into their own potential?

  10. Mahesh,as long one of our human family is suffering of injustice, it affects all the beauty of the world like a veil of an essential “missing”.The ideas some have about a “good life” detached from the rest of humanity shows only how misery can have surprising expressions. Inner poverty is the worse lack of beauty.

    • as long one of our human family is suffering of injustice, it affects all the beauty of the world like a veil of an essential “missing”

      Ah, but you don’t seem to realise the essence of bubble-dwelling, Antiphonsgarden 😐 Bubble-dwelling is all about the ridiculous idea that “all is beauty, all is good, all is lovely, there is no suffering, there is no injustice because suffering is beauty, injustice is beauty, crime is beauty” 🙄

      So what if one (or so many) of our human family suffers injustice??? It is so beautiful you see 🙄 Look at the beauty of it all – there is so much beauty in suffering and injustice, enjoy that beauty! Don’t be “negative”, don’t be a “hater”, don’t question anything that reeks of injustice, you are going against the “beauty of the spirit”, which is to enjoy the beauty of it all, however uncouth and evil it may be! 🙄 There is no such thing as good and evil, there is no such thing as justice and injustice, there is no such thing as humane and sub-human – it is all beauty, you see 🙄

      The ideas some have about a “good life” detached from the rest of humanity

      But the ultimate aim of “spirituality” a.k.a. bubble-dwelling IS detachment, you see 😐 Uncouth turd world hordes usually promote the BIG LIE that “materialism” is the opposite of “spirituality” and that civilised societies are supposedly “materialistic” while the uncouth ones are supposedly “spiritual” 🙄 😆 Sadly and very unfortunately, so many naive, gullible, clueless souls fall for this load of bull hook, linker and sinker! 😦

      Materialism and spirituality are NOT opposites by any stretch of the imagination NOR are they mutually exclusive! The ultimate aim of materialism and spirituality are the SAME. Materialism is aimed at detaching oneself from humanity by drowning in material objects, money, gold, wealth etc. Spirituality is ALSO aimed at detaching oneself from humanity by dwelling in a self-made delusional bubble instead of using material objects. If anything, BOTH materialism and spirituality are the opposites of humanism! Both are aimed at detachment from humanity using different means to achieve the same end.

      In fact, they are no different from alcoholism and drug use. The alcoholic attempts to drown himself out of his worries by existing in his own world detached from humanity. (The materialist drowns and detaches himself using material objects.) The drug user gets into a “pleasurably high state of existence”, by dwelling in a completely different world of his substance induced euphoria. (The bubble-dwelling spiritualist gets his pleasurable high by dwelling in a delusional, detached bubble created and induced by his own mind playing a trick upon itself).

      The ultimate aim of all the four is DETACHMENT FROM HUMANITY, but they achieve it using different means, that’s all! 😐


  11. Dear friends, with my dyslexia I experience often too the wish to correct my phrases after posting,and today I might be demanding more of your patience as I have a squeezed sciatic nerve who tortures me with insistence(I must have tortured him before!) and probably overshadows my usually already “complex”mind.Thank you in advance and also for your kind words and presence.
    I think my ability to see the worldly matters in an integrative straight way comes from a familial epigenetic who has transgress with an inbuilt sense of liberty class or national conventions.Everything in this cocktail, from the “gypsy” line( Rajhastan?) up few kings (european mobility),from field picking birds to city boeheme, military and artists, sailors and pilots,and yes, definitely lots of French rebels (who partly as girondists got under the guillotine of those social up climbers who uses each revolution for their own careers!)….and so on, the whole spectrum and diversity of life.I guess this gift of my weird bunch immunized me completely to any post modern nouveaux riches temptations of futile pride&glory.Lucky me!…A free mind is something to enjoy!
    Back to our previous considerations.The most who suffer these days in the pretending “more sunny side” of the world from some kind of neurasthenic spleen, are probably not aware that we are in a permanent interaction, not only abstractly philosophically, but elementary energetically with the whole global mess .Escaping the pain through wealth aims is such a social autistic absurdity, that to comfort this concept many have to build up a wall of fog with disdain, cynicism and arrogance, the true signs of selfharming heartless stupidity.Not noticing how much they reduce themselves and their tribe they pretend to elevate to increasing self cheating absurdity. Golden ivory towers of escapism are fear estates were the self inflicted paranoia grows like mushrooms in the rain of tacky cash and attitude .Self aware redemption would be the cure, but can they “afford “it?
    India is everywhere as much as other way round.Industrial or service Delocalisation is one expression of the madness.Even delocalisation of “needs” like prostitution in some corrupt “holy asian spots”, body organ transfers to “low cost” resource places, or children made from surrogate exploited women impregnated by the sperm of “shopping” egos ! ( I still not have digest the candid legitimations some gay or infertile couples tends to use for their consummation of another humans body/soul…postmodern “nice”nescius/ignorant slavery).The same people who “at home” would probably be politically correct upset to loose their victim roles.
    We have good reasons to see the human first before his “society worth” label. More and more people wake up to it (some insist on closing all eyes up the third one!).Changes are coming fast!It is our sense for the beauty of life who will give us the courage to make it possible.

  12. Did some comments evaporate? I read some I answered to, who I cant find back?

  13. I don’t understand why I don’t find the comments back on here, I receive and thought to reply too.I am confused.

    Well, I guess each abusive system tends to be full of citizen confusing “being from a country” pride with “not questioning this country”, with the usual famous last kick words”if you don’t like it here,shift your mind elsewhere!” .
    This elsewhere can than be inner immigration,”educational” gulags,political psychiatries, or leaving for new places.

    Grandpere s friend,..Stefan Zweig, committed suicide with his wife, as a far response to a country he had taken the best with him leaving the worse to those who think that critical spirits have to go or die. Was it not Austria, once…?

    Some assume that immigrating to Mars would solve their earthly problems.Expensive postponing escapism.Exporting the global mess is just the same old trip.

    • axinia Says:

      Dear antiphonsgarden,
      I really don’t know what you mean by not finding your comments here – I surely don’t block them, and they are also not in my spam filter…strange.

      Being an immigrant myself, I have mixed feelings about this matter. In generall I belive that it is better to stay where you are born, at least if you are not have been “shifted” by the Hand of Destiny elsewhere. I would never seek any better place maself. As child, I used to change some countries because of my parent’s work. And later on, I moved to Austria also not beause of my own will, but because I was kind of forced to… ON the other hand, i saw that the impact of place can be HUGE, and some people really blossm at one country and fade in another…saw it may times.
      You are right, that fist the change shoudl ahppen withing the person, but often it is the change of country that helps one to open up and develop to the better. My exepeirce based 🙂

  14. mahesh chendake Says:

    Whatever the way we are leaving, we find more comfortable and safe in our own country.( I think it maharastrian tendency that they dont like to leave their own place ? ) if they have change place then still they remain in in their native. The other place they dont find attacment what I feel I dont Know truth because job also I have selected in my own nearest place of home and not changed even in maharashtra itself also. Some time just carrying even though dont like or having mental disturbances also and having strong feeling to leave?

  15. I had problems finding an alien earthling s comments, as the order of appearance seems to be different as the way they appear on my blog as new comments.

    Neither the “gypsys” nor the aristos in my lot were determinate to one country only. I got send to an international school and have study and worked in different countries.Even if I am probably very “frenchy” in one way, in the other I have always thought of myself as a humanoid from planet earth, well…universe! 😉 I see far more what we humans have in common than the territorial differences,specially as some are willing to consider those, one church tower away as “stranger”.We might enjoy a certain home base smell, but in a moment our specie as whole is in danger, we should question the trades patterns limiting us to some artificial “difference”.We are after all, only Africans who travelled a bit over the century and got more or less palish.

    • Antiphonsgarden, I guess the “My comments” section in WP or your RSS reader shows the comments in the order in which they were made and not as replies to previous comments, as it appears on the actual post here.

      It’s probably true (highly likely) that all humanoids living on planet Earth now are descended from an ancient group of Africans that bred rapidly and spread out to settle on different continents and islands over the course of several millenia.

      That not only makes us all Africans in a sense, but probably related to each other – related in a (distant)^n sort of way. Considering that there were probably different kind of hominoid creatures on Earth, but they all perished due to some catastrophic global natural disaster, a mass extinction event that wiped out a whole lot of species. Humanoids could have gone the way of dinosaurs – completely extinct from the face of planet Earth at that time. The only reason why a small group survived on the African continent was because they found a relatively safe shelter with access to food and water, and chose to co-operate with each other. It’s not difficult to conclude that a Noah’s Ark kind of situation actually prevented the extinction of humankind (whether or not Noah’s Ark is an actual ship that landed safely on the mountains of Ararat).

      I don’t think our species as a whole is in danger (for now, at least). There are nearly 7 billion humanoids walking on the planet and even if another mass extinction event (natural or man-made) were to happen right now, a small group/groups of humans would most likely survive on some isolated island(s)/mountain(s)/cave(s) or find/build a safe shelter(s) where they can survive the destruction and emerge outside when it is safe to do so (very much like another Noah’s Ark kind of scenario). In fact, there are many people preparing for exactly such a scenario now, building underground nuclear shelters/safe havens with food and survival stores, seed vaults etc. though none of them are like Noah – they are building a shelter only for themselves and NOT other species (except maybe for a few dogs, cats and other domestic animals). Some of them are the “elite” scum beings plotting largescale destruction, so it is not surprising in the least.

      Having said that, human civilisation is certainly in danger, grave danger, of being set back several centuries and taken into a mediaeval, regressive and uncouth age. The global “elite” scoundrels have discovered that they can rule like feudal lords over the rest of humankind, if only they implement the stinking turd world model over the whole planet.

      All turd world cess-pool models are very uncouth, feudal, regressive, murderous, barbaric and almost sub-human in nature. Turd world garbage cans (like the evil Indian empire) are ruled by a criminalised horde of satanic savages (and their semi-literate mercenary dogs) who can commit any heinous crime and enjoy perpetual immunity for their filthy deeds. Being a savage land (over)populated by largely rapidly overbreeding hordes of uncouth, unethical, unevolved, perpetually and voraciously arse-licking hominoids cursed with cockroach sized pea-brains and having the ethical intelligence of a mosquito, such cess-pits are the eternal sewer 😡 of humankind and planet Earth. Other turd world dust-bins are no better.

      By contrast, take the civilised societies. They don’t have rapidly overbreeding uncouth hordes willing to act as perpetual arse-lickers to the ruling scoundrels. They instead have a well-informed and aware populace, willing to hold the ruling elite accountable for their misdeeds and constantly guarding their inalienable rights and freedoms. Do you think the ruling “elites” of the civilised societies like such a first world model? Of course, they don’t! They hate it because such a civilised model limits their evil powers and holds them accountable for their deeds. All criminalised savages love to concentrate more and more power in a few hands, take it away from the people, societies and communities, so that they can lord over the rest with total arrogance and impunity, as in the turd world shit holes (like the satanically evil Indian empire).

      They can do this to the civilised societies only by destroying them completely, by destroying the rights and freedoms of the people, by concentrating more and more power in fewer and fewer hands that are completely aloof, distant, inaccessible and unaccountable (as in the filthy turd world empires like India), by flooding the civilised societies with hordes and hordes of people from the less-civilised and least-civilised places, dumbing them down to the level of voracious arse-lickers by satanically controlling the education system, and by deliberately causing “economic crises” and driving the civilised peoples into a permanent and inescapable debt trap.

      It’s a despicable attempt to enslave the civilised, freedom-loving peoples of the world and reduce them to the level of the uncouth, unethical, barbaric hordes. It’s an attempt to completely destroy the genuine middle class (almost everyone) in the civilised societies and reduce the civilised societies to the savages’ pea-brained logic of “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving hordes”. It’s a satanic attempt to offshore and outsource the manufacturing and service economies of the civilised peoples and destroy whatever remains of their agriculture, so that they become starving and desperate and begin to lick the arses of the criminalised ruling “elites” looking for crumbs.

      That’s what the “new world order” is all about. Notice how the controlled “mainstream media” scoundrels in the civilised societies continuously keep harping on the “decline” of the West, Japan etc. and the “rise” of uncouth barbarocratic shit pits like India, Brazil etc. and totalitarian nightmares like China, Russia etc. They even coined a term for it, the so-called “BRIC”, to which sometimes the criminalo-anarchy of South Africa and the narco-tyranny of Mexico are added. They want to condition the minds of the civilised peoples that their future lies in the turdy models of BRIC, South Africa, Mexico etc. In other words, they want to brainwash the civilised peoples that the future lies in BRICS of shit 😡 They want to destroy the civilised societies and reduce them to the level of the criminalised, tyrannical BRICS of crap!

      That’s why I whole-heartedly support any efforts of the civilised peoples to save themselves from this evil. I know many are amazed (the turd world hordes simply hate me for it) that I keep supporting the civilised model and condemning the regressive, turdy model of the BRICS of uncouthness.

      I realise the civilised societies and their peoples and way of life has to be saved if humankind itself has to be saved. Otherwise the entire planet will descend into an “age of uncouthness” 👿 as exhibited by the turd world cess-pools. Humankind can advance only by first worldising and civilising the lowly turd world and its uncouth hordes – NOT by turd worldising and destroying the civilised socities as “new world order” scoundrels are planning to do, in alliance with the BRICS of criminals.


      • On the topic of the human species being in danger and people preparing for it, here is some interesting info – the Russian empire is building a whole lot of new nuclear bomb shelters in Moscow, 5 000 of them to be precise 😐 :

        I thought the Cold War ended about two decades ago. What is the need for new nuclear bomb shelters, and that too 5 000 of them to be constructed in a hurry, within 2 years 😕 I wonder how many they are constructing in total, including the other population centres? Is there something the Russian ruling clan knows very well that ordinary Earthlings are deliberately kept in the dark by the lowly, controlled “mainstream media” clowns?


        Are the global “elite” scoundrels plotting and pushing for the mother of all wars (WW III) or feel such a thing is inevitable soon 😕 Perhaps this is indeed about the Biblical Armageddon playing itself out during the End Times. Perhaps the Mayans knew correctly that there would be massive “changes” and the dawn of a very different age. It’s a pity they didn’t specify what kind of “changes” they would be, though 😐


  16. nimirel Says:

    “You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it”..is it a french saying? I lived, studied & worked in Austria^ Germany, too. I love it and wish the very best for Axinia…the immigration reality: every book has an unique story ,every person has a different story like fingertips but every single human (and animal, really) on this planet is connected to one another more closely than we imagine

  17. nimirel…a sufi story if I remember well!
    We have as human more in common than dividing aspects.The charm of the different ways to experience difference cultures could be seen like different flowers on the same field, as long they don’t end as concepts of superiority.

    • nimirel Says:

      BELLADONNA, n. In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues:)))

      Once upon a time(^∇^)
      In that great lake there were different types of lotus flowers.The creation is so varied that aren’t there always varieties?
      Some of them were bluish, and some of them were red. Some of them grew at night, some in the day and some, like the indivara lotus flower, in the evening. Combined together, the lotus flowers filled the lake so full that the lake appeared to be a great mine of such flowers. Consequently, on the shores there were swans and cranes, cakravaka, karandava and other beautiful water birds standing about.
      Birds like swans and cranes, who enjoy clear waters and lotus flowers, are different from crows, who enjoy filthy places.
      Similarly, there’ll be always persons controlled by the modes of ignorance, superiority complexes,….
      ‘a rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorn’…who knows(^_-)☆

  18. crows are one of the most intelligent animal specie.
    belladonna reminds me that those renaissance beauty’s who used it in their eyes to have a more attractive look, accepted by that their own future blindness…to increase their actual “chances” ….sounds like neoliberalism.

    • those renaissance beauty’s who used it in their eyes to have a more attractive look, accepted by that their own future blindness…to increase their actual “chances”

      Mon Dieu!!! 😯 The sheer extent to which women go to look what they believe is “attractive” is just crazy! 😮 I’ve heard of the Chinese practice of the so-called “foot-binding” 😮 but this beats it!

      And I thought use of the muscle-paralysing deadly poison “botox” in this age is terrible enough. If anything, women in earlier times seem to have been even crazier 😯 Bad as it actually is, at least botulinium toxin “only” causes paralysis of facial muscles to “get rid” of those wrinkles, but willingly applying a blindness-causing poison in the eyes to look “attractive” is just… plain insane!!! 😮


      • nimirel Says:

        oh dear, these ‘frozen’ faces….Finding a face that hasn’t been sliced, diced or cryogenically preserved is so difficult nowadays.
        The good news: According to The Wall Street Journal, a backlash is brewing in Hollywood against the plastic-surgery trend. So many faces are Restylane-paralyzed and collagen-puffed, casting directors are reportedly having a tough time finding actors who look their age, let alone sitcom stars whose faces aren’t too frozen to frown, make funny faces or register surprise. As a result, the new buzzword in Tinseltown is authenticity.”
        what’s next: ‘vampire facelifts’ ∑(O_O;)

  19. Well, must be me shouting the word AUTHENTICITY out since years…finally at least, some might have hear it!Ha, ha! …it is simply a shame that children are starving during the budget of plastic surgery is far higher than what is needed to cure world hunger.A bit overblown like the Christmas bonus of the well know speculation hell feeding the greed.
    What to expect from fake breasts and fake minds.

    Changes are coming fast, faster as “they” expect.
    I don’t think that those in power are the cream of smartness, quiet the opposite, and their attempts are as pathetic visible as of a bunch of dinosaurs dancing in pink tutus.

    Somewhere I have preserved a smile for those coming days, who never got lost in the tacky “temptations” in all those years facing the overwhelming nightmare, and now increases the more the needed essential patterns unfolds.

    • nimirel Says:

      simplicity, authenticity of your ‘haiku moment’ unbiased, alert, receptive, grateful. ” p(*^-^*)q

      “Into the sparkling star full blue night, a red crescent of disappearing moon over the hill.

      Once they told, a sign of passionate changes.

      look out, they might have been right!”

      Whenever one writes a haiku she/he is actually redefining the genre, n’est pas? One of my favourites to share with:

      “At the over-matured sushi,
      The Master
      Is full of regret.

      Pressing Sushi;
      After a while,
      A lonely feeling

      A whale!
      Down it goes, and more and more
      up goes its tail!”

      wishing you many ‘pure moments’…the encounter … with what is valid beyond time

    • it is simply a shame that children are starving during the budget of plastic surgery is far higher than what is needed to cure world hunger

      I don’t quite agree with that, Antiphonsgarden 😐 The children are not starving because women are spending crazy amounts on plastic surgery, only to harm themselves in the end. I’m more concerned about the harm they do to themselves, all in the insane belief that they look more “attractive” while doing so.

      Why are turd world children starving? It’s not because of first world women spending on cosmetics and plastic surgery, not by any stretch of the imagination.

      Turd world children are starving and dying in droves because of the uncouth, unevolved, unethical, almost sub-human nature of the lowly turd world trash cans and their uncivilised populace, especially the criminalised gubmints and the ruling “elite”, establishment scum and the voraciously arse-licking media morons.

      Take the eternal cess-pit of the world, the filthy, evil, satanic, sub-human Indian empire. Let’s consider a few truthful facts about this sewery empire:

      ➡ India was listed 67th out of 84 countries in the Global Hunger Index of 2010 by the International Food Policy Research Institute. Simply put, the filthy Indian empire ranks in the last twenty in the entire world when it comes to hunger.

      ➡ The evil Indian empire is home to 42 percent of the world’s underweight children

      ➡ 31 percent of the world’s stunted children live in the satanic Indian empire

      At the same time, the satanic cess-pool of an empire spends trillions of dollars on acquiring weapons, including weapons of mass destruction. The evil Indian empire’s arms budget is among the top five in the world and its so-called “defence” expenditure is among the top ten in the world. The satanic Indian empire occupies and brutalises Indian-occupied Kashmir with more than 750 000 armed, semi-literate mercenary savages, among the lowliest and filthiest scum in the universe, and gives them complete immunity (with laws like AFSPA, PSA, DAA etc.) to kill, mass murder, gang rape, loot, destroy and torture the oppressed people at will.

      This figure of 750 000 goes well over a million mercenary savages if you consider other similarly oppressed nations under the murderous, evil, satanic occupation of the sub-human Indian empire such as Nagalim, Manipur, Mizoram, Asom, Bodoland, Kamtapur etc. etc.

      In recent times, the satanic Indian empire has unleashed a reign of terror and mass murder in its tribal belt in order to exterminate the people living there, drive them off their lands and loot the mineral resources lying underneath. No one knows exactly how many mercenary scum are used in this operation, but possibly around half a million. Have you watched the beautiful movie Avatar? Imagine a real-life scenario along the lines shown in the movie, played out over an area the size of France, with hordes and hordes of filthy, semi-literate mercenary savages indulging in a campaign of killing, mass murder, rape, torture and other satanic atrocities and you would get an idea of what’s going on.

      Would any decent, ethical, civilised soul ever imagine a filthy empire with 42% of the world’s starving children and 75% of its population living below the international poverty line of $2/day being in the top ten spenders in terms of arms and weapons of mass destruction? Would any civilised person in the world ever imagine an empire with 31% of the stunted children on the globe unleashing at least one-and-a-half million mercenary scum to oppress, brutalise and inhumanly torture the hapless people of the nations under its evil, satanic occupation?

      No person in his/her right mind ever would. But that is precisely the point. Turd world hordes have a very undeveloped, murderous, primitive mind inside their uncouth souls. Their tiny little pea-brains are simply not capable of thinking in a human, civilised way. With the ethical intelligence quotient of a mosquito, what else can one expect of such lowly hordes and the dump holes they inhabit?

      The blood-thirsty hordes really do have the ethical intelligence quotient of blood-sucking mosquitoes. Their filthy hearts experience a sadistic, sub-human thrill whenever they see their mercenary loafers kill, murder, rape, loot and destroy. No matter how many children around them starve to death, they would love to spend more and more on killing, murdering, raping and buying weapons for their mercenary dogs. After all, sub-human hordes cannot be expected to behave any better. They only know killing, murdering, raping, looting, oppressing and destroying inside their low-IQed pea-brains. The rapidly overbreeding, uncouth hordes can neither civilise themselves nor will they allow others to civilise themselves or remain civilised. As with all sub-humans, they can only destroy, kill, rape, murder and loot. They are truly the scum of humankind.

    • Now, which is the greater shame? First world women spending silly amounts on plastic surgery, or is it the fact that a turd world septic tank such as the evil Indian empire spends hundreds of times more money on weapons and mercenaries to kill and mass murder rather than feed its starving children? No question here, it has got to be the latter!

      If anything, first world peoples should be more worried about their civilised places being deliberately reduced to the sub-human depths of stinking turd world garbage cans and should fight to prevent the same. If “the powers that be” (TPTB) have their way, you can expect civilised Western Europe to be rapidly turd worldised and descend to the satanic depths of the sub-human Indian empire within a decade or two. That’s what the global “elite” scoundrels want – a big, spherical, satanically evil and uncivilised turd world cess pit called planet Earth and they are prepared to go to any lengths to achieve the same. Someone has to stop these “elite” satanist “new world order” scoundrels and the lowly uncivilised turd world hordes from implenting their evil turd worldising agenda, for the sake of all of humankind.

      I don’t think one should underestimate the satanist TPTB hordes. They are not the cream of smartness, certainly not. The very fact that they love the uncouth, criminalised turd world model of sub-human barbarism and want to implement it in the civilised places shows that they are quite low on the intelligence scale.

      But one should never underestimate their evil, sub-human nature. Being greedy, inhuman, unethical, power-hungry, blood-thirsty, sadistic vermin, they are capable of anything. Look at how they carry out murderous false flag terror attacks, killing thousands without even a shred of conscience only to achieve their satanic ends. They are capable of going to any extent to achieve their fascistic, sadistic, murderous dreams just like their counterparts, the sub-human turd world scum whom they wish to emulate.

      Of course, the USA will be the first country to be turd worldised and they will probably fall without even putting up a fight, despite having inalienable rights to bear arms to protect themselves from tyranny. When they attempt to do the same to Europe and France, I hope the French begin to bring out and start greasing those old guillotines to send TPTB an unmistakeable message.


  20. My spiritual experiences are confirming my humanism.
    Enlightenment is the directest form of communism, without the corruptions games of the ego in need of “privileges”.Those heartbeats are revolutionary by nature.

    Not to confuse with “consumerist” golden member club soul comfort shopping “spirituality”.

    It is a bit like the difference between the intimacy of lovers compared to organised prostitution pretending to sell “love”.

  21. An alien Earthling…war has always be their best selling article.But they have no interest to destroy the shop.Their favourite modus operandi is about long lasting “unsolvable” war zone conflicts.The paranoid noises are a part of the needed propaganda to keep the masses going.

    nimirel…Cold rice fish weed
    on little fancy dishes
    must be a yuppie ruining the planet. 😉

    I dont care much about the imposed Haiku rules,
    Catching the moment matters more to me, as you can tell.
    My favourite Haiku poet is Ikkyu, how comes?

    • nimirel Says:

      One day a layman said to Ikkyu, “Master, will you please write for me some maxims of the highest wisdom?” Ikkyu immediately took his brush and wrote the word Attention. “Is that all?” asked the man. “Will you not add something more?” Ikkyu then wrote Attention Attention. “Well,” remarked the man rather irritably, “I really don’t see much subtlety in what you’ve just written.” Then Ikkyu wrote the same word three times: Attention Attention Attention. Half angered, the man demanded, “What does that word attention mean anyway?” Ikkyu answered, “Attention means attention
      simply the art of paying ‘attention’

  22. An alien Earthling….I know quiet well the turbo capitalistic global violence who finds his cynical expression in “our” country’s as much as in Asian country s assuming to be the” top of spirituality” during in reality they practice since century’s religious sugar coated social apartheid of the worse feudal dehumanised kind.The most avoid the fact that a lot of the caste system was about the domination of invaders over the autochtones who got reduced to “untouchables” to legitimate the careless greed of those “superior” more palish lot coming from the north.If this country’s would be in any way “spiritual” the result could be seen in society!
    But in a global mess, it is not innocent to see the “spiritual dryness” of fake breasts.It question our concept of the earth mother goddess s bounty.
    Considering that a country can be obsessed with gigantic breasts and at the same time be very upset if a mother breastfeed her child in public, a great neurose unfolds easy to see .Look at all the superficial wealth attributes the super riches cling too, from old timers to tacky estates…it s so pathetic how mentally undernourished & desperately attention seeking this starving oral suckers are.
    Just in another form of poverty! It s all interconnected.

    • Antiphonsgarden,

      I’m really amazed by your willingness to call a spade a spade, and by your wonderful ability to see right through the BIG LIES and SATANIC DECEPTION used by certain savage hominoid hordes from a filthy dump hole of an evil, murderous, stinking empire on the Asian continent that practises the world’s most demonic, stinking, putrid, rotten system of feudal, sub-human, satanic savagery called the sewery caste system 😡 Such sub-human pea-brained hordes, being uncouth, unethical and criminalised lowlives, indulge in a campaign of DEMONIC LIES to brainwash absolutely naive, gullible, clueless souls into believing the sheer crappy nonsense that the world’s most evil shit pit of an empire is somehow a supposedly “spiritual” place.

      If only everyone had an ability similar to yours to SEE RIGHT THROUGH the VILE LIES and STINKING DECEPTION by such creatures, who rabidly pretend to be “spiritual” while sadistically practising the world’s most evil, sub-human system and murderous practices… Alas! 😦

      Tell me, Antiphonsgarden, do most Frenchmen (and women) have the same ability as you to see right through BIG LIES and BULLCRAP? If yes, then my respect for the French people and the French education system would go up by several notches. Watching the French people take to the streets everytime by protesting en masse whenever the ruling “elite” hordes attempt to take away your hard-earned rights and freedoms, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Vive la France et vive les français et françaises! 🙂

      in reality they practice since century’s religious sugar coated social apartheid of the worse feudal dehumanised kind

      Bravo! That’s among the best and most realistic descriptions I’ve ever heard about the stinking, sewery caste system practised by the vile hordes of the sub-humanly evil Indian empire.

      If this country’s would be in any way “spiritual” the result could be seen in society!

      I’ve asked that very same question so many times, If the satanically evil dump hole called the turdy Indian empire is so “spiritual”, then why on Earth is it so uncouth, unethical and uncivilised, with the world’s most filthy practices, murderous laws, satanic oppression and sub-human deeds that one can write several volumes about?

      Each time I’ve asked that question, the reply has either been a deafening silence or some feeble mumbling or filthy personal attacks, but never a coherent or even a quarter-explanatory answer, ever. I’ve only made myself more and more undesirable, absolutely hated by the savage, uncouth hordes of the evil Indian empire who despise me to the core for questioning their SATANIC LIES, VILE DECEPTION, MURDEROUS HYPOCRISY and SUB-HUMAN, SADISTIC DEEDS & PRACTICES.

      In fact, if you notice which nations and peoples under the satanic occupation of the sub-humanly evil Indian empire are oppressed and their freedom fighters have been brutalised the most by the filthy mercenary swine of the satanic Indian empire, you will find that almost each and every one of them – Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur, Mizoram, Bodoland, Asom, Kamtapur, Khalistan, the so-called “red corridor” etc. all have ONE main thing in common, however different they may be.

      And that is, the filthy, sewery caste system does not exist in their cultures (as these nations mostly follow religions which condemn the sub-human caste system) or at least, does not exist to the extent it does in the filthiest, sickest and turdiest parts of the satanic Indian empire. In other words, the sub-humanly satanic Indian empire’s brutal oppression and occupation of those nations and their peoples is primarily because the barbaric, rabid dogs who run the evil Indian empire and their mercenary swine are punishing them for rejecting the sewery caste system as practised by the sub-human Homo criminalii hindoides and Homo hindoidensis manuoid-barbaroides hordes of the satanically evil Indian empire. That’s why filthy laws like the world’s most disgustingly sub-human AFSPA which gives mercenary swine the licence to kill, mass murder, gang rape, loot, destroy and torture with total impunity are unleashed upon those occupied and brutalised nations, peoples and their courageous freedom fighters.

      With your unfazed ability to call a spade a spade and see right through the evil lies and demonic deception of the uncouth hordes of the satanic Indian empire, Antiphonsgarden, you are fast making yourself a hated undesirable. You can proudly wear that as a BADGE OF HONOUR, for it shows that you can unfailingly see the truth for what it is and not become a hapless, clueless victim of the dirty big lies, satanic deception and rabid brainwashing!
      About those fake gigantic breasts, they are indeed a sign of a once-glorious culture and way of life now in decay, a country with incomparable rights and freedoms now turning into an oppressive and heavily dumbed-down empire in terminal (and possibly irreversible) decline.

      The Roman empire played the game with “bread and circuses” to keep the hordes in a blissful state of dumbed-down decadence when it was in terminal decline. The American empire is now doing the same with toxic fast food, reality shows, controlled media, drugs (both narcotics and anti-depressants) and those fake breasts & botox-paralysed faces to keep its citizens (who were a free and aware people once upon a time) enslaved in a perpetual and inescapable debt trap, while using the enslaved populace as expendable cannon fodder in overseas wars that only serve the interests of their masters. The American dream is coming to an end and the empire is using fake breasts and football games to keep its (once free) populace in a blissfully “high” state before the nightmare begins.

      History repeats itself, the first time as a tradegy and the second (and subsequent) time(s) as a farce. It’s indeed a pity 😦


  23. Thank you an alien earthling, my straight view on life and on dehumanising is born out of my compassion who forces me( a relatively shy person) to speak up out of love for my next.I cant bear the injustice pretending to be a “normality”.It might be very French to not swallow everything authorities says as “golden final truth”, and the importance of philosophy at school in a lay state, might matter too.But considering the amount of people in my family who did and said the right thing and had to handle the outcome of such a position, I feel secured by my ancestor to speak up for a better future.
    I have experienced the stubborn Indian(or American) nationalism up to nasty internet attitudes of some who thought they could prove me their spiritual superiority by acting out their petty skills.No need to tell that I was not impressed!.Some don’t realise the intellectual failure of their wish to dominate a situation.
    I think globally we are in the middle of a determinate change,with a struggle between those “old forces” who need disdain to hide their lazy corruptions(self cheating included) and those who feel, it s now or never.
    I am as confident as my mum in the Resistance, that the darkness cant keep the truth away for ever.We have to take a stand…we have to!

    • axinia Says:

      a beautiful contribution, antiphonsgarden! a lot will be changing soon…

    • You’re welcome, Antiphonsgarden! When you say,

      my straight view on life and on dehumanising is born out of my compassion who forces me( a relatively shy person) to speak up out of love for my next. I cant bear the injustice pretending to be a “normality”

      I can only agree a million times with you. Compassion and love have absolutely ZERO meaning IF they are not accompanied by anger – anger at injustice, anger at oppression, anger at discrimination, anger at sub-human practices, anger at tyranny and so on. If one’s blood does not begin to boil everytime one observes, hears of or perceives injustice, inhumanity, sub-humanism, oppression and other filthy deeds, then that heart has absolutely NO compassion or love in it, whatever the tongue may claim. Compassion and love become meaningless, empty, hypocritical LIES when they are not accompanied by anger at injustice, oppression, barbarism and uncouthness and a desire to put a full stop to the filth and speak out againt it.

      A heart that is not repulsed and angered at injustice, oppression and inhumanity is NOT compassionate and loving – it is nothing more than a dead, lifeless, worthless stone. Dead, lifeless stones are inanimate objects which exist only for the purpose of existing and are not even worth as much as a single-celled amoeba, bacterium or even a half-alive virus.

      Take the case of the most compassionate soul that ever walked upon the planet – Jesus Christ. There are plenty of instances when his blessed, compassionate soul was angered and disgusted with the sub-human deeds, filthy laws and practices and uncouthness which existed in the society of his time. Apart from the strong verbal condemnations of such filthy practices, there is even one instance when Christ was recorded to have indulged in physical violence to put an end to injustice and uncouthness.

      At the temple, when he observed the money-changers cheating and robbing innocent pilgrims blind by selling them animals for bloody ritual slaughter when they (especially foreign pilgrims) came to worship, looking for some spiritual succour, Christ’s compassionate and loving soul blew a fuse. Using a whip made out of some cords, he overturned their tables, scattered their coins and drove them out of the temple for good. He was furious with them for turning the temple into a “den of robbers” minting money by “spilling innocent blood”. Elsewhere, you find him speaking out by using strong and harsh words to condemn any uncouthness and sub-human behaviour he came across (like when some lowlives wanted to stone a woman to death for being accused of “adultery”).

      Contrast that with the supposedly “spiritual” 🙄 😆 land which is an eternal cess-pit – as it is the home of the world’s filthiest systems, sub-human practices, laws, savage oppression and barbaric behaviour. Except a VERY FEW notable exceptions, the vast majority of so-called “spiritual” fellows who existed in this satanic land of uncouthness had no compassion inside their souls. Inside of being pushed into compassion-driven anger at the sheer savagery, uncouthness and filth of their lowly “culture”, they took to bubble-dwelling as a means of escape, inadvertently promoting the ridiculous idea that “spirituality” is all about dwelling in a self-made delusional bubble among all the filth, savagery and sub-humanism that surrounded them. It’s one prime reason why the satanic, sub-human, evil Indian empire remains such an eternal cess-pool of filthy practices, vile sub-human deeds and savage uncouthness to this very day.


    • It might be very French to not swallow everything authorities says as “golden final truth”

      I’m delighted to learn that! 🙂 No wonder France was the place where the guiding principles for humane societies orginated, from the ideals of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité to the Déclaration des droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen to the fabulous and deserved (if violent) overthrow of the rabidly inbred tyrannical royal horde and their feudal cronies who believed that had a divine right to oppress, plunder, brutalise, enslave and lord over the ordinary sovereign folks.

      In sharp contrast, voracious arse-licking is a fine art perfected by the hordes inhabiting uncouth cess-pits (like the satanically evil Indian empire) and their despicable “mainstream media” morons. Being uncouth, unethical, unevolved and uncivilised, they cannot get their tiny little pea-brains to understand the concept of ethics, justice and humanism and believe that eager arse-licking is the be-all and end-all of their existence.

      What else can one expect of the horribly low-IQed, barbaric hordes who try to justify something as putrid, stinking, rotten, filthy and evil as the sewery caste system? And worse, attempt to pass off their rabid uncouthness and satanically sub-human practices and deeds as supposed “spirituality” 🙄 What do the savage hordes think? That the civilised world consisting of “lowly mlecchas” * are as low-IQed, uncouth and unethical as their turdy manuoidselves? Or that everyone is gullible and clueless enough to be fooled and cheated by their vile campaign of satanic lies and demonic deception?

      * – mleccha roughly means “a foreign barbarian” in hindoid parlance and is used to refer to everyone outside the turdy Indian subcontinent, those who were born outside the Hindu caste system. Though they will never tell you this openly, hindoid scum beings consider all mlecchas to be sub-humans according to the laws of their sewery caste system i.e. the foreign counterparts of the sudras, the dalits, the adivasis and followers of other religions who live in India. According to the shitty hindoid caste laws, committing any crime, any heinous crime against anyone belonging to the above mentioned categories wouldn’t count as a crime. In other words, the savage hindoid BhaRATee hordes believe the filthy caste laws codified by the sewer rat called Manu gives them complete immunity to commit even heinous, sadistic crimes against the above mentioned categories of people (as also all women and girls, even their own, as all females are sub-humans according to the caste laws of the Homo criminalii hindoides.

      I hope you now understand where the world’s most satanic and evil law of all time, the sub-human Indian empire’s AFSPA originates from. Yes, it originates directly from the sewery caste laws of the Homo hypo-satanicus manuoidensis. Such a filthy law that gives mercenary dogs (unleashed upon the occupied and brutalised nations and peoples of the satanic Indian empire) total and complete impunity to kill, butcher, mass murder, gang rape, loot and destroy was NEVER there during the time of the British Indian empire. Why, not even the Nazi hordes whom your mother fought against would have been SO evil to have such a law. Such a filthy “law” can only originate in the turdy, pea-brained, extremely low IQed, uncouth, sub-human mind of the world’s most satanic hominoid creature – the Homo sewericus hindoidensis.


  24. The evil is global and finds local expressions.
    Too bad if post modern neo liberalism unites with traditional discriminations and exploitation.Noises of fake “progress”mixed with traded brainwash cliches leads to ecological&social disasters.
    Over here some try to prevent their next election disgrace by flattering the extreme right wingers, but by that they disgrace themselves in front of all .
    As long many French still consider culture and “savoir vivre” matters more than profit over everything, the resistance is still vigilant. We resit to the anglo saxon market concept of “effectivity” at each price.We have something more precious to loose and the most are aware of it!.

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