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Illusion traps: how to recognize and escape them October 18, 2010

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Each of us faces these amazing delusions at least once in a  lifetime…

What is meant here under “illusion” – this phenomenon is a particular situation (relationships or job, or any kind of responsibility, or else) which involves a person fully, being not really benevolent to him/her. Example: falling in love with the “wrong” person. My goodness, is that typical for human beings… Some mad, blind love which ends up at with devastating disappointment and pain…How many of us experienced that?

Another example: the work-life which becomes dominant over any other part of life – like health, family, friends. A job which is demanding and telling us we “have to achieve”, to succeed, to be the best… The price for this illusion is often very high because it goes at the cost of good health and overall happiness.

What is the sign of illusion? The best indicator of illusion /or call it delusion is that everyone around can can see something is wrong with it, and only the person involved cannot see it. Well, may be not everyone, but at least good friends and people who care, they can see clearly something is going wrong. They also normally try to make a point to the person, but he/she  (normally) doesn’t listen and argues. Probably in this case the collective consciousness is sending the messages via friends and relatives. Another sign is that somebody always suffers from the situation, just contrary to a regular situation where everyone is happy (the ones who suffers may be even the person himself/herself).

How to get out of delusion? Basically there is no way of getting out of it earlier before we can learn our lesson well. Any kind of such illusion is a powerful learning situation, often sweet and hard both, and even if we suffer, we are ready to suffer till the end because of a certain attractiveness in the situation. At some point the glass house breaks down and we get disillusioned. If the lesson has been learned properly, we will never get into the same trap again, if not – soon it’s there again, at a different set with the same skip.

Could illusions be avoided? Obviously not, since it seems to be one of the most powerful divine instrument to correct people on their way. Beside the fact, that the whole live is an illusion, there are myriads of small and big illusions we trap into day by day… Guess what will be left if they all drip off?

Illusions are the best material for life dramas and therefore for books, films, theater. What would our life be without all that? And yet, having experienced some of really big delusions in my life, I would prefer not to have them in the future, at least not such dramatic ones. The only solutions I see here is just to play “hide and seek” with this phenomenon and try to discover as early as possible if there is a solid delusion I am getting into. A double-check with the collective consciousness is an insider tip. 🙂


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16 Responses to “Illusion traps: how to recognize and escape them”

  1. Hello Axinia!
    Nice article! Interesting question! What do you think if there is similarity in delusions of relationships? And what they usually tech about?
    Big hug, Tatjana

    • axinia Says:

      Tatjana, good question….I guess everything in our life can teach us about anything, every little meeting or any serious realtionship can do that. In case or relationships/marriages it is especially strong, of cause.

      I once had a very difficult realtionships, although based on love, but there was lots of humiliation involved and it was in generall very hard for me. And what I lerned is something I could never have learned in a happy realtionships: I was extremely dogmatic and I learned to respect any other view and to give a person time as much as needed, not to force anything upon anyone.Just wait, or leave it.This was a great leasson, and truly worth of all sufferings I had to exepeince. Another great thing was that this realtionship helped me to realize what I really needed in a man, and this helped me to appreciate my husband (whom I met after) even more…

  2. Steve Says:

    The temporal world coupled with human desire is very seductive and weaves a fine web of illusion which can only be pierced by spiritual insight and meditation 🙂

  3. Tomas Says:

    I totally agree with you. You put everything so clearly. It is cheerless just for one – it is sad that knowledge of what is what for sure while explaining what is happening doesn’t produce the fire in the heart.

  4. Ronald Says:

    Well written!

  5. swaps Says:

    Ah! this one I can easily relate to…often i can recognize the illusion right away, but I need to cultivate the restraint to listen to my inner voice.

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    Is it question of false perception of any thing?but my question is why people get trap into illusion so easily and willingly including false gurus even in so much large number?is it relate to result of previous karma? I don’t believe on it. Is it because not got self realization? Is their any other way to improve self perception of such things to them? and what about delusional ideas? they are just false fix rigid beliefs which can not be changed that why only called as delusions, as you rightly said it requires very good learned lesson but how they can get it? as it is not their destiny and they are totally unaware!Where is escape? and how? please explain ” Hide and seek”….

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      why all seeker not get break the glass ?how one can decide that he is not on right path if they are not realized soul ….. and not having of idea of vibrations?how anybody’s awakening occur actually with others not? …. Intuition,inner light???? is their any waiting time ..even on right path for each of one?

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        And very interestingly if to be very specific of psychiatry world illusion and tactile hallucinations are common among alcoholic and delusions and audio visual hallucinations are common with schizophrenics. Whether all of us are fall in more or less those catagary because having illusion and delusional ideas ? and not willingly escaping?……. and what about reality testing if all we are living in world of illusion? in M.S.E. these scores are very important.
        Just think If one person saying …. I am having vibrations and others are not having it… what scenario suggest?….emotional blunting,psycomotar,thought retardation are the symptoms of catatonic schizophrenia!!!!!
        Sorry sister but the session is very interesting.I can differentiate all those things very clearly on my level but what about others? They may blem me as delusional…. as having false fixed idea in their view?

        • axinia Says:

          mahesh, in this case when “I am having vibrations and others are not having it… what scenario suggest?….emotional blunting,psycomotar,thought retardation are the symptoms of catatonic schizophrenia!!!!!” the easiest thing is again to make experiment with children by not telling them anythingmaking them open the hands and see what they feel.
          Normally they would feel cool immediately and tell it openly. In genenral, when millions of people can feel vibrations it obiviosly cannot be called schizophrenia, becase people have absoultely same perception and this can be also probeed by BIOFEEDBACK control (skin temperature lowers).

      • axinia Says:

        mahesh, any relized soul, and any highly spiritual being in general is getting into illusion same way as anybody else. That’s the game of life – MAYA, you know…:) if you think of Indian philosophy, even Gods fall in delusion, all of them exept for one. So why worry? We can never escape it. Since there is a deep purpose in this creation of learning and drama.
        What we can probably do is to learn the lesson a bit faster, using colective consiousness and vibrational awareness – BUT BEWARE! – when you are in delusion, even vibrations will show you something else 🙂

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          best way to escape from trap of vishnumaya is your nescessory action should come from balanced reaction of your thought and emotion and of course your intention as Kan’t says. what I feel intention has got more importance than results . as we are not catching in results there are less chances to get trap in vishnumaya and goes up in thoughtless awreness state where we can enjoy better and true vibration. I have already got experience of false vibration as they were not intention guided and not discarding outcome or results. It is not exactly karma theory also. we have to enjoy the world in witness state

  7. Triveni Says:

    ” BUT BEWARE! – when you are in delusion, even vibrations will show you something else “!!!!!
    Ooopsie, so this just means that MAYA is inevitable for every one (including gods)??? so the best state seems to be in a state of witness.. just stay in that state and watch the drama unfold that includes the character played by none other than oneself.. Right??

  8. Beside the fact, that the whole live is an illusion…

    I beg to differ on that one, Axinia 😐 If life itself is an illusion, then what is the purpose of living 😕 One could as well commit suicide to “escape the illusion”, so to say 🙄 so that one does not get trapped and deceived by the so-called “illusion”.

    Where did such a crappy concept originate from? Where else, but from that sadistically sub-human, satanically evil septic tank of a land, the world’s least civilised and most uncouth hell-hole. Where unfortunate souls, having seen the sheer uncouthness and sadism of the hordes and hordes of rabid, pea-brained, sub-human savages that surrounded them and the sheer sadistic pleasure with which the feral sub-human hordes committed their despicably evil deeds and practices, decided to get themselves lost in a self-made delusional bubble.

    Poor souls! 😦 Being decent people, they were utterly shocked and simply stunned by the sheer uncouthness and undescribable savagery of the barbaric hordes and their satanic practices and their rotten, putrid “culture”. Such was the sheer evil, sadism and uncouthness of the hordes of savage, feral satanic creatures (and remains so to this very day, as exemplified by the sadistic nature and practices of the sewery, evil Indian empire and its sub-human hordes).

    Being completely powerless to change the sadistic nature of the feral hordes and purge the stinking “culture” of its uncouthness, they did not know what to do. Of course, living among the savage hordes and observing their rotten “culture” would have made them willing participants in the sadistic frenzy and sub-humanism of the feral hordes of savages. Those decent souls knew they would be consigned to the eternal sewers of hell if they did such a thing.

    So what other option did they have? One way was to completely escape from the satanic land of putrid savages and their rotten “culture”, neither a feasible nor practical option in those days. Besides, how could they be sure that they won’t end up in a land with a similar “culture” of rotten, sadistic sub-humanism?

    So they took the only sensible option left. And that was, you guessed it, bubble-dwelling! 🙂 By building a self-made bubble around themselves, they thought they could insulate themselves from the sadism, uncouthness and sheer sub-humanism of the feral hordes and their putrid “culture”. By withdrawing to the inaccessible mountains, forests and other lonely places, they could happily practise their bubble-dwelling for the rest of their lives, untroubled by the savagery and barbarism of the incorrigibly uncouth hordes.

    Of course, they would be without the basic needs of life, but that was one of the aims. They didn’t need clothing (nakedness or a loincloth or at best, a simple unstiched robe would suffice) or shelter (caves, rocks and trees provided sufficient shelter for them). Of course, they didn’t need the other comforts of life at all. The air was freely available to breathe, and they could obtain water from the streams, ponds and rivers. Food was one thing that was necessary, but not necessarily wanted. By their practise of stringent bubble-dwelling, they knew how to control hunger to a certain extent and go without food, even if the body was starving. Or when hunger became intolerable, they could survive on wild fruits, berries, leaves and roots. Or some small tribe living in the forests would feel sorry for them, admire their penance and give them food (and receive “blessings” in return). Or some lone traveller or group of travellers would come across them and give them something and be “blessed” for the rest of their journeys.

    In this way, the bubble-dwellers of those times could, theoretically, isolate themselves from the savage hordes of feral, satanic creatures and their despicably uncouth deeds and stinking “culture” and wash their hands off the sadism and sub-humanism of the lowlife hordes. By building a strong self-made, delusional bubble around themselves, they believed the uncouthness, savagery and sub-humanism of the feral hordes and their turdy practices was an “illusion” they had managed to “escape”.

    The real result was, they escaped nothing! They just enclosed themselves in a self-delusional bubble, hoping the sub-humanism, evil and uncouthness of the savages was all an “illusion” from which they “escaped” by building such a delusional bubble around themselves.


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