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Who is above all? – a brilliant Sufi parable October 12, 2010

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In those days, when the land was divided into many small states, one of them had a festive gathering for the king, ministers and all the important people.

Each was pointed at the table, corresponding to his rank.

At the place of honor stood a throne, and the Chief Minister was only expecting the arrival of the king to begin the ceremony. Suddenly a Sufi dressed in rags entered the hall.

To the dismay of the Chief Minister, he went straight to the throne and sat on it.

– What are you doing here? – Exclaimed the minister.
– I’m sitting here, that’s all, – said the Sufi.
– But you have no right to sit on the throne, because you’re not even the Chief Minister, since I am the Chief Minister!

 –  I’m higher than the Chief Minister – said the Sufi.
– Who are you then – the king? – Asked the Chief Minister.
– No, I’m above the king.
– You’re the Emperor?

 – I’m above the emperor.
– You are a prophet?
– No, I’m higher than a prophet.
– Are you God? – Asked minister in fury.
– No, I’m above God – Sufi said.
– Nobody can be above God!
 – You’re right, I am  nobody.

Brilliant, is’t it? 🙂



5 Responses to “Who is above all? – a brilliant Sufi parable”

  1. P.Sajjadi Says:

    Great story, today I was reading your RSS feed after long time, and this last one really made my day. Thanks Axinia.

  2. 😀

    Lovely wisdom by the rag clad Sufi


  3. Its a philosophy in itself !! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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