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All we need is… a grandmother revolution! September 21, 2010

For those who have seen the film “Patch Adams”, starring Robin Williams, the interview below would be an added value to this amazing film. And the value of the film itself is high indeed, especially because it’s based on a real-life story.

Today I came across one interview with the film protagonist. The real person turned out to be even more fascinating than the film character (often it’s just vice versa).

Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams, M.D. (born May 28, 1945 in Washington, D.C.) is an American physician, social activist, citizen diplomat and author. He founded the Gesundheit! Institute in 1971. Each year he organizes a group of volunteers from around the world to travel to various countries where they dress as clowns in an effort to bring humor to orphans, patients, and other people. Adams is currently based in Arlington, Virginia. In collaboration with the institute, he promotes a different health care model (i.e. one not funded by insurance policies).

In his interview to one Italian financial newspaper Patch Adams gives a genius in its simplicity answer of how to change the world to a place, full of love and compassion:

and enjoy the second part, that’s brilliant!

Adams is also a  social activist. He has said several times that if the world does not change from valuing money and power to valuing love, humans will be extinct. Adams has said if he had the power to do so, he would solve this problem by handing all positions of power over to women, because, “all the problems of the world are due to men.” He has added he thinks this way because of a great woman in his life: his mother. Adams said that his mother, “showed me the miracle of being nice, of being kind, of being generous as a way of life. This did not make me political until I grew up and realized that her world was not the world.”

Here is a good link on Hunter Patch Adams’ life and work.

The world is full of fantastically good people…it’s so great to find more and more examples of that!



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  1. Atlantic Says:

    Interesting guy with a lot of wisdom! After your own heart? I think you may have found something even our friend Raj can agree with. ; ) As for me, I believe what he says about there being no more future unless we change. Sadly I don’t think we will… (From the look in his eyes, I see the same fear and disappointment). You probably remember my hinting that. But there’s no reason why we all shouldn’t do the best that we can to make this world better with the time we have left. There is a lot of good people out there and thanks to Axinia for sharing these beautiful dreams and positive thoughts. As always of course!


    • axinia Says:

      Hey, Newfoundlander, great to hear form you again!! well, yes the point is always in changing oneself first. And that’s not easy at all.:)
      But Patch Adams’ idea of “becominga mama or grandmother” to everony is really one of the most simpliest and, honestly, not as difficult as it looks…

    • Hi Atlantic! 🙂 It’s good to see you here after a long time, my friend! 🙂

      Dr. Adams sure is a great guy, with a lot of wisdom, performing unbelievably good deeds. May his unparalleled humanitarian efforts reap rich dividends and may his tribe increase!

      As for agreeing with him, I do agree with a great deal of what he says, but not all 😐 I’ll explain why in a separate comment.

      I do agree with you that the future is bleak and there will be no change. If anything, with the planned fall of the civilised societies and with demonic, savage, uncouth, evil turd world empires and sub-human cesspools gaining prominence, the whole of humankind and the planet is slipping rapidly towards the barbaric Stone Age.


  2. Elke Says:

    Wonderful interview, thank you, Axinia!
    I am afraid that giving political power to women won’t do the trick. Very often this means for them to behave even worse than a man in power.

    But otherwise he is right, the motherly qualities need to play a bigger role in our societies.

    As a growing child I often wondered why they teach us to be loving and sharing in Kindergarten, but politicians keep saying everyone has to fight for them selves and sharing is a bad thing! Being nice to refugees is a bad thing, giving to a beggar on the street is a bad thing….. Unfortunately the women in political positions often act worse than there male colleagues.

    History shows that in matriarchal societies there were no weapons, no wars ….

  3. Thanks for sharing videos about this wonderful, funny, humorous and colourful person, Axinia 🙂 The world can do with many more perople like Dr. Adams, for sure. Now I want to watch the film that depicts this unbelievable guy! 🙂

    “all the problems of the world are due to men.”

    I agree with that. That statement, true as it is, is incomplete though. To complete it for Dr. Adams:

    All the solutions of the world are ALSO due to men.

    Sounds self-contradictory? Not at all. While no one can deny what Dr. Adams says that men cause all the problems in the world, it would be naive, silly and downright foolish to think that women can solve all the problems of the world. They cannot! It’s as simple as that 😐

    Would the world be a better place if men (who cause all the problems) vanish from the face of the planet? It probably would.

    Would the world be a better place if women take over all positions of power? NO, IT WOULDN’T! Plain and simple 😐 It would be no better or no worse than the world with men at the helm of affairs. It could probably be worse.

    I know I have expressed much better hope for a world with women in control sometime in the past. That’s correct and I don’t deny that. However, I have changed my opinion after observing the truth. Come to think of it, I do feel silly and foolish to have imagined that the world would be a much better place with women in power 😯 How stupid of me to have thought like that! 😦

    He has added he thinks this way because of a great woman in his life: his mother. Adams said that his mother, “showed me the miracle of being nice, of being kind, of being generous as a way of life…

    Sure, I bet he had a great mother. It is obvious from Dr. Adams’ deeds, ethics, ideals and compassion that he had a good upbringing. But that does not make his case universal.

    If Dr. Adams’ mother is responsible for raising her son to be a good human being (and she indeed was), then all the mothers of killers, mass-murderers, rapists, genocidists, robbers, oppressors, tyrants, criminals, frausters and other filth beings are also to be held responsible for breeding and raising such despicable sub-human scum creatures! There can be no double standards about this.

    Face it, Axinia dear, if mothers and grand-mothers of good, civilised, humane souls are responsible for raising their children in such a nice manner, then the mothers and grand-mothers of despicable, demonically evil, sub-human scum beings are equally responsible for spawning such lowly vermin and raising them to be satanic creatures 👿

    The world is full of fantastically good people…it’s so great to find more and more examples of that!

    Don’t you see the irony in that statement, dear Axinia? :mrgreen: If the world was SO FULL of fantastically good people, then why on Earth would it be SO GREAT to find examples like that??? If good people were so common that the world was FULL with them, then it would be absolutely nothing to find an example like that. There would be no need to look for them, create a blog post about them or find an example of them, since the world would be choc-a-bloc with “fantastically good people” and anyone and everyone you come across the street would be an example of that.

    It’s precisely because the world is full of hordes of sub-human, demonically evil scum creatures, and even more hordes and hordes of absolutely worthless brain-dead beings, that it is so rare and so great to come across an example of a fantastically good person like Dr. Adams. But I guess the way one perceives things depends on whether one is inside or outside that lovely, cosy, warm, all-enveloping bubble 😐 😉


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, may be the forld is not FULL with fantastically good people, but definetely there are more good people then evil, that’s for sure (otherwise the world would have collapeced long ago).Good people have also much less demand to show off (unlike negative people) und thus, we not always can elarn about great but humble personalities.

      Even Patch Adams, he told that only after 12 years he deceided “to become famouse” becase he was not getting the funds for the clinic otherwise.

      • I beg to differ on this, Axinia 😐

        Sure, I don’t deny there are fantastically good people and they do maintain a low profile. I’ve had the honour and priviledge of meeting a few myself.

        But, such “fantastically good people” are few and far between. A micro-minority among a micro-minority. You do get many who pretend to be good, who want to be seen as good and they wear a fake, transparent mask. A trained eye can separate such masked beings from the micro-micro-minority (or pico-minority 🙂 ) of true do-gooders as easily as a draft of wind can separate the chaff from the grain.

        Then come the “ordinarily good people”. They are normally good at heart, have compassion and humanity instilled in them and can be counted on to make the ethical choice 9 times out of 10. Unfortunately, even such people are a small minority themselves.

        On the other side, there are the truly despicable, sub-human vermin, the scum of the Earth, the filth beings of the universe 👿 These rotten sewer beings of humankind form a milli-minority. But the power and evil influence they wield is enormous because they are usually the ones entrenched in it. When Jesus Christ mentioned that It is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, he hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer! The only thing is that, by “rich man”, he meant all those whose ONLY aim in life is either power, control, wealth or human blood (I’m not joking) and more and more of it (These four together form “the satanic quartet”). Like the most hopeless drug addicts, such creatures are drunk on power, control, wealth and human blood and would go to ANY extent to satisfy their demonic thirst for the same. Unlike even hopeless drug/alcohol/tobacco addicts who can actually be cured of their substance-addiction, such scum beings drunk on, and addicted to “the satanic quartet”, can never ever be cured of their demonic thirst for the same. Even Christ would find it a hopeless task to save their despicable, putrid, rotten, filthy souls – that’s why he mentioned the camel & needle. Those scum beings are condemned to eternal damnation in the fiery sewers of hell where they originated from, which is where they will end up!

        Then we have the next category of people, the “ordinarily evil people”. Such lowlife beings are pieces of stinking turd, admiring, voraciously licking the arses of, and aspiring to be like “the demonically evil scum” and these hordes would probably make an unethical/anti-ethical choice 9 times out of 10. Such creatures do have a little hope of having their souls saved, IF and ONLY IF they repent, change their ways BEFORE it is too late and give up their despicable, sub-human ways. Else, they are bound to share the inevitable fate of the truly evil scum, whose arses they love to lick. Numerically, such hordes constitute a minority or a slight majority depending on time and place.

        Then come the worthless, brain-dead hordes. They can range from a vast majority to a slight minority. They have about a 50-50 chance of making an ethical choice. Such hordes are the fence-sitters, the crucial swing population who can tilt the balance in favour of either good or evil by their choices. Wherever you have them prone to make ethical choices, that place usually becomes civilised, progressive, humane etc. Wherever such hordes usually make unethical/anti-ethical choices, that place becomes an uncouth, regressive, despicable septic tank.

        Also, collapse doesn’t merely occur if the evil hordes outnumber the good ones. If the evil ones outnumber the good, the place will be uncouth, regressive and barbaric, like the turd world trash cans. Collapse occurs when the collective crimes of the hordes put together becomes too much to tolerate, when the have crossed a tipping point, a point of no-return. Even then, collapse may occur either in a sudden series or by means of a gradual rot.

        And collapse is by no means an end in itself. After a collapse, anything can happen in a place. The hordes may go back to the Stone Age and utter and total chaos and anarchy if they continue on their path of evil. Or the hordes may learn their lessons, pick up the pieces of whatever is left and set upon a better path. And the cycle goes on and on. So collapse is an event that is neither one time nor is it final. Even today, when the whole world has become one place due to globalisation and is rapidly heading towards a collapse due to the ever-exploding mass of turd world savages tilting the scale precariously towards the tipping point, collapse will NOT be a final, one-time event. Even a horrible WW III or a planet shaking event (like the one which wiped out dinosaurs) is not going to be the end.


      • Atlantic Says:

        Dearest Axinia, the majority are as enlightened as you? One could only wish… = ) But of course we all knew you would say there is more good then evil. (She’s so humble) You’ve said it lots of times before, just as I once said a long time ago, good is more powerful than evil.

        Both have potential to exist in every human heart but evil prevails more and more with every passing generation. Love is instantaneous, but evil creeps in slowly through compromise, eating away at the good until there is nothing left. And before you realize, it builds to hatred, war, and strife. The world finally wakes up and realizes how bad evil really is only to fall asleep all over again, and then history repeats itself. That’s the way the scriptures say it will be, only this time Revelation says the world is building for the final conflict. Yes.. without the power of good the world have collapsed a long time ago. Perhaps, but more than that. There are four angels depicted as holding back the four winds of strife. God holds the balance between good and evil and he will not let them go until we are ready.

        Without giving you this strange explanation which I know doesn’t make any sense in your mind, I should think I might otherwise agree.

        Think of the impact a single good person can have in society. Their memory and influence will last forever. Who cares to remember a thousand evil men? Good is more powerful is it not?


        • Dear Atlantic,

          I believe you are a deeply religious Christian (Protestant?) who has read and knows what is said in the Bible very well. If you don’t mind, could you briefly explain what is mentioned in the Relevations, please? I mean, as a faithful believer, what is your understanding of the chapter of Relevations? Does the chapter prophesise about the End Times or actually contain some secret code that contains signs about the Second Coming of Christ preceded by the four horsemen?

          I do have a Bible but I have never read more than a few pages of it. In any case, a non-believer like me is bound to interpret it in a different way than a believer. And the information about the Relevations contained online is a bit inconsistent and varies, with different sites interpreting it in different ways. I would love to know how a faithful believer like you interprets the chapter. I hope you don’t mind sharing your personal interpretation with a heathen atheist like me 😐

          An alien Earthling


          • Atlantic Says:

            I hope you understand. I have no light and power where I am for the last three days and counting. Newfoundland is recovering from a major storm but I’ll try and read your comments and respond as soon as I can. And… of course I’m more then happy to.

            • axinia Says:

              dear Friend, whatever happend, I woudl you a full good recovery from the storm!!! May God bless you.

            • Dear Atlantic,

              I’m sorry to hear about the issues your place is experiencing due to the freak weather 😦

              Of course, I understand the difficulties you are facing, further compounded by the total blackout 😯

              Don’t even think about the comments or responding to them for now, dear Newfoundlander. These little things are meant for the times when everything is fine and you have free time on your hands. Not when you are recovering from a terrible storm which has thrown normal life into disorder.

              May the the grace, light and power of Jesus Christ be with you and the folk of your province as you recover from this bad storm!


              • Atlantic Says:

                Thanks to both Axinia and Raj for your well wishes. As you can see things are okay for me after “hurricane Egor”. I received my power back early yesterday but there are still many parts of the island that are down with all the roads washed out and cut of from supplies. Both the army and navy arrived yesterday and hopefully they can help get things back to normal.

                • nimirel Says:

                  my best wishes and heart-felt prayers to you and all the Newfoundland and Labrador folks through the daunting process of recovering from the flooding, repairing the damaged roads, and restoring lost power. May God continue to strengthen and guide all who suffer natural disasters across the globe.

  4. Atlantic Says:

    I agree with you Raj! No surprise there really, I usually am torn between yours and Axinia’s opinion. Clearly the world is not full of fantastically good people. They are few in number when compared to the over all population. Dr Adams testifies to that fact as part of the reason he choose his path in life. He is doing his small part to help change the minds of the majority which is a task we should all be called to do in some way.

    I feel you missed a little of his point though, by your saying that women would not make our world a better place. I think his idea was more to the thought of men changing there attitudes to that of their grandmothers, to treat people with compassion and love.

    I think it’s unfair to say women are responsible for the behavior of evil men. There are a lot of factors. I’ve actually heard it said that the majority of men in prisons had either bad or no relation ship with their fathers. Who knows maybe some of them even had decent mothers. Even so… How many women do you know who don’t provide for and love their children, even if like you say, they did raise tyrants. It’s the giving “nature” of a mother that needs to be implemented into society.


    • axinia Says:

      Atlantic, you’ve got the point to 100 %
      “I think his idea was more to the thought of men changing there attitudes to that of their grandmothers, to treat people with compassion and love.” That’s it. We need men and they can rule if they want :))) But they can really learn some compassion, why not?

    • Dear Atlantic,

      What makes you think that all grandmothers would tend to treat people with compassion and love 😕 For instance, the person incharge of the sub-human, satanic septic tank called the evil Indian empire is a grandmother. I mean the person behind the scenes, the one who is in actual charge (a.k.a “MADAM” or “MADam Antonia Maino”) of the shit hole called the demonic Indian empire, not her public puppet, her chosen appointee, the bloody blue-turbaned thug, (inhu)Man-mohan Singh or his despicable side-kicks like Pee Shit-ambaram or the murderous AK(-47) Anthony or Pra-n00b Muck-erjee or yeS M(a’am) Krishna (all of them being grandfathers). The nominal rubber stamp head of the sub-human, demonically evil Indian empire is yet another grandmother, Prat-iba Pat-ill. With two such grandmothers practically incharge of the sub-human Indian empire (and a host of grandfathers playing the role of voraciously arse-licking puppets), you would expect them to treat people with compassion and love, wouldn’t you?

      Obviously, you misjudged them by applying and extending the loving, compassionate behaviour of your own grandmother(s) to all grandmothers. I hope you are aware that the two grandmothers practically incharge of the demonic, satanic, rotten shit pit called the evil Indian empire have unleashed a demonic reign of terror on the hapless youth and children of Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK). They have murdered well over 100 youth and children (most of them are young enough to be their own grandchildren) in the last month alone! And maimed or badly injured 1000s more! They have unleashed hordes and hordes of semi-literate mercenary dogs who were occupying IoK on the freedom fighting youth and children of Kashmir Valley who were on the streets protesting the demonic, putrid, oppressive, satanically evil, brutal repression and occupation of the Kashmiri nation by the evil Indian empire and hordes of its mercenary vermin. The Kashmiri freedom fighter youth and children have had enough of the mass-murder, gang-rape and butchering of Kashmiris with total impunity to the uniformed scum beings who commit those heinous crimes due to the world’s filthiest, sub-human laws like the AFSPA, DAA, PSA etc. When they came out to protest the continued, intolerable, sub-human, satanic oppression and occupation by the evil Indian empire, the two grandmothers were incharge of dispensing orders to brutally murder the youth and children in cold blood.

      The results are there for all to see. Indian-occupied Kashmir’s streets have turned into rivers of blood. Bloodthirsty mercenary dogs shoot to kill anyone leaving their homes under the pretext of enforcing a permanent curfew. They have butchered >100 in cold blood and injured 1000s more. Many (an unknown number) were driven into a river and drowned to death by chasing mercenary scum who were about to kill them for daring to protest. Even ambulances ferrying the injured and hospitals treating them are thrashed brutally everyday. SMS, cell phones and internet is banned totally in some parts of IoK, partially in others. Kashmiri newspapers and cable channels are forcibly prevented from operating and journalists thrashed like dogs for reporting murders by the occupying mercenaries. Medicines and essentials are deliberately denied to the entire freedom fighting Kashmiri population and they are being deliberately kept in a giant open prison with risk of getting killed at any time by the semi-literate mercenaries from the sewers who have total impunity for their heinous crimes against humanity.

      Where did the “compassion and love” of the two grandmothers supposedly go??? Evaporated??? vanished into thin air??? NO, they never had any in the first place!!! Like loads of male tyrannical dictators and tin-pot scoundrels in the filthy turd world shit holes, the two grandmothers who run the evil Indian turd world shit pit are incorrigibly addicted to substances of “the satanic quartet” (power, control, human blood and money). Nor do the hordes and hordes of pea-brained, sub-human, voraciously arse-licking turd world lowlives called Hindoids have the decency, ethics or intelligence to behave like civilised humans. Instead of demonstrating against and demanding an immediate end to the satanic oppression and brutalisation of the blood-soaked Kashmiris, they are watching and relishing the demonic oppression and murderous annihilation of Kashmiri children by the mercenary scum with vociferous glee in their filthy hearts! Such is the despicable, sub-human, satanic nature of the pea-brained lowlife turd world hominoid savages 😡

      I really appreciated the fact that an honest, humane Canadian visa officer denied a visa to a couple of top mercenaries who were incharge of many killings and disappearances in IoK. It looked like there were at least a few good people who would stand up and do the right thing in your country. But sadly, the Canadian fe(de)ral gubmint revoked the visa ban on those mass-murderers due to pressure from the sub-human shit pit called the evil Indian empire. The Canadian fe(de)ral gubmint relented to the demands of the sub-human Hindoid savages. But the evil Chinese empire had the guts to flatly deny a proper visa (they offered a “stapled visa”) to a mercenary from IoK and firmly stood its ground on the issue. The sub-human Hindoid scum beings and their putrid, arse-licking media loafers could not do a thing against this Chinese move and began licking their filthy pus-oozing wounds like the demonically evil, mad, rabid dogs that they are! I only wish the Canadian fe(de)ral gubmint had shown the same fortitude and courage of the Chinese and stood by their brave, humane visa officers.


      • Atlantic Says:


        I feel compelled to say a few things in regard to your quote about the rich young ruler recorded in ch. 10 : 25 of Mark. There is far more to Christs comment than meats the eye. Your understanding is the surface interpretation that many people believe. As did I at some point. Indeed it is very difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. The disciples in the following verse were astonished. But Jesus responded after he had said these things in verse 27, “With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible”.

        Think about the statement once again. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. This was a popular statement in his day about things that were hard to do, and also in Africa where they substituted the elephant instead. It would not have been unfamiliar to the disciples. Could there be another reason though why Jesus used this famous line? Through what must every man go, who enters the kingdom of heaven, according to the scriptures? And what is strait and narrow as a needle with one small opening through which they all must go? Matthew Ch 8 : 13-14 says Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, which leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

        Interestingly enough there was a door in the gates of the old Jerusalem that was called the sheep gate. It was located close to the Temple and the pool of Bethesda. This is the gate where the animals were brought through to be sacrificed as a “symbolic” atonement for sin. The following point I have been told I can not prove, but legend has it that the door designed for the sheep was so small that Camels upon entering the city had to first be unloaded of there cargo, and then although very difficult, a camel was able to get through on its knees.

        Also, a camel is an unclean animal according to the scriptures while sheep represent a clean and pure heart, thus perhaps the symbolic pool for the washing.

        John Ch 10 : 7 Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, Verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find green pasture.

        • Atlantic Says:

          No matter how evil a person is, there is always hope for everyone. The Bible is filled with examples of lives changed. Just think of the great Bible writer Paul who before his conversion had countless Christians put to death. And.. just as people today commit horrible acts, like generations past, he too somehow thought he was doing Gods will. From evil, he later became one of the greatest forces for good. I will agree that these things don’t happen all together often. Hope!

          We should not ignore the evil you speak of. I like it that you don’t, but for your own peace of mind look to good things and be positive like our good friend here. We all don’t live in the bubble that you believe. And we see many of the same things, but dwelling on evil causes hate which is self destructive. I mean it as a caution and not as a criticism. I of all people have always enjoyed your comments (minus the less tasteful words; )). Actually I have read most of your comments all year. But you are a hard guy to keep up with!

          You are right that I am not very aware of Indian culture when it comes to Grandmothers. No doubt the good doctor is not either but he is clearly pointing out good qualities and not all.


          • Dear Atlantic,

            After having typed out another couple of my typical comments, I realise the wisdom in your words. I welcome your caution, my dear friend, and I would also welcome any of your criticism.

            I have great respect for people like you and Axinia (I sometimes wonder how you, and more so, Axinia, are able to tolerate an undesirable like me for so long 😐 ) And no, I DON’T think you live in a bubble, or even Axinia for that matter. Bubble-dwelling is a relative term for a temporary phenomenon of the mind acting on another level. Unlike complete bubble-dwellers and wannabes who accuse real worlders of “illusion viewing”, I realise that it is difficult for one to dwell in the real world and an imaginary bubble at the same time, all the time. On occasions, I find myself drifting off in a bubble myself, enjoying the warm, cosy, pseudo-blissful experience until I realise the bubble has burst all of a sudden. Except for a few dedicated, life long bubble-dwellers (like certain hermit ones), not many are permanent bubble-dwellers. So it’s a relative, most often temporary, intensity specific term.

            As for the evil ones, you’re right, not everyone of them has the potential to become a Paul. Despite his nasty nature before realising the truth, Paul was basically a Christian at heart. Only a person who has an innate capacity for introspection and self-reformation can even think of being a civilised person, let alone become another one as rare as Paul. That’s what Christ wanted to inculcate in both the decadent people of his own community as well as the hordes of pagan gentiles, didn’t He? That’s why the spirit of Christianity is so unique and unlike all others, isn’t it 😕

            Also, I think certain lowlife souls (the ones with a demonic thrist for the satanic quartet) are completely lost and have absolutely no hope for themselves. It’s highy improbable that one who has set oneself on the satanic road to hell will turn back, go to the cross-roads and take the right path, for the satanic pull that such souls feel is too strong to overcome. Why did Christ say to certain people:

            Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

            Did Christ Himself feel that some are indeed incorrigible, being the true spawn of satan?


            • Atlantic Says:

              Dear Raj, the Bible teaches that the only unpardonable sin is the rejection of the Holy Spirit. In other words, being convicted of and knowing what is right and refusing to do it. The Holy Spirit of God is the part of the God head that influences our heart and minds. So when we push that away we take away our only influence for good and open the door for unrestrained evil.

              It is the Devils intention to make people believe that truth does not exist. The Satanic bible says, “Do what what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

              Thank you for your respect, my brother, you are not so much different. I know Axinia respects you too as she’s shown respect to all people. It is the reason you are here? I respect you too because you know what you believe and why. You are not afraid to speak your mind and to think for yourself. Agree or not, I always know you bring an intelligent perspective. You are very well read I think. I also wonder If you have read more of the scriptures than you let on. ; )

              • axinia Says:

                Atlantic, a wonderful comment! and thank you for seeing real things what they are.

              • Dear Atlantic,

                I agree that knowing what is right and refusing to do it is an unpardonable sin. If one pushes away the ability to know and do what is right and avoid the wrong, then one indeeds heads down the path of evil.

                But what about the despicable sub-human souls who have not only pushed away the Holy Spirit in them, but actually derive great inhuman sadistic pleasure in doing heinous evil 😕 I believe a pious believer who follows the ethical way of Christ may not be aware of the evil pull that guides such souls towards fiery eternal damnation. But believe it or not, such sub-human souls do exist, and in great numbers as well.

                Actually, it would be somewhat incorrect to say such sub-human souls are guided by satan or the devil. If I understand correctly, satan is just a fallen angel, a force of good who turned rogue. Satan merely tries to convince souls that there is no such thing as the Holy Spirit i.e. ethics or the ability to distinguish between good and evil and do only good and avoid evil like the plague.

                Satan’s job ends with that – misguiding and confusing souls at the cross-roads of good and evil. The Holy Spirit is like a signboard at the cross-roads of good and evil. Satan merely makes the signboard invisible whenever a soul comes to the cross-roads. He accomplishes this in the form of temptation which makes a soul unable to see the signboard and choose the path of good. Satan, by himself does NOT do any evil. To be fair to him, satan is actually more like a mischief monger than an evil force 😐

                So God, being the just, merciful and compassionate One hesitates to punish satan for the evil that humanoid scum do. How can God punish satan for the evil that was never actually done by him 😕 God can only punish satan mildly for becoming a fallen angel, having gone rogue and committing mischief (as opposed to doing actual evil). As God is just, merciful and compassionate, He does not dish out severe punishment to his former angel as the evil was not done by him, but by humanoid scum.

                As unbelievable as it may sound, I believe God is actually thankful to satan for pointing out the flaws in His Creation in the form of the humanoid hordes. As you rightly said, God does expect the most from those to whom he has given the most. Since God gave humanoid hordes the gift of the Holy Spirit (ethical ability) that He did not give to the lower animals and plants and gave only minimally to birds and mammals, God does expect the most from humanoid hordes.

                God believed He created humanoids in His image and wanted to make them flawless as He was. But satan, by his mischief mongering, has exposed the humanoid hordes to be capable of gross evil that is despised by God. If humanoid hordes turned out to be as perfect as God had wanted, then they would be incorruptible and impervious to the temptations and mischief mongering by satan. But they aren’t and I believe God is actually thankful to his former angel for exposing the true nature of the humanoid hordes.

                Even though satan has turned rogue, he is still doing God a favour by indirectly acting as a sieve that separates the good from the evil. Satan is actually helping God indirectly by exposing those humanoid scum who have turned away from His Holy Spirit and are headed down the path to hell. The real punishment of God, His fiery wrath is not meant for satan (as a former angel turned rogue mischief monger, satan will receive much lesser punishment). The real fury of God, His fiery wrath that will eternally damn vile souls, is reserved for those humanoid scum who actually DO the evil stuff.

                But the sub-human souls I speak of go much beyond on the path of evil than what was caused by satan’s mischief and misguidance. Those vile souls are true perverted sadistic scum beings, who derive immense pleasure in doing evil 👿 Their despicability knows no bounds as they are the scum of the universe 😡 Sadism, perversion and heinous evil are in their blood. The sheer evil they do sparks a sadistic thrill in their turdy hearts making them want to do more and more evil to satisy their sub-human thirst for the same. Being the scum of the humanoid species, they experience no kind of remorse whatsoever for the heinousness of their sins.

                Instead, being the putrid, decadent filth beings they are, they hypocritically and shamelessly boast about belonging to a “spiritual” and “non-violent” “culture” while anyone with even half-a-brain can see that all their vile demonic deeds, murderous laws and turdy practices are the most despicable, blood-thirsty and sub-human in the entire universe. Their putrid, moth-eaten, sub-human souls are so unspeakably evil that even satan ❗ would be utterly horrified 😯 by the sheer evil they commit with sadistic glee in their filthy hearts.

                Such turdy savages, by the sheer evil they sadistically commit, might even make satan want to repent and desist from his mischief-mongering and return to God’s fold ❗ Such is the sheer evil and detestability of their sins and crimes against God and His creations!!!

                Such despicable scum shall have to face the fiery wrath of God as promised by Ezekiel and others. Such savage, sadistic vermin are too deep down the pits of hell for their turdy souls to be saved by even someone like Christ. They experience no kind of remorse inside their tiny little pea-brains or filthy souls for the heinous crimes they commit and instead, hypocritically portray themselves and their sub-human land as paragons of “spirituality”, “non-violence”, “democracy”, “culture” and other utter, demonic, despicable, vile LIES. No wonder, such savage, sub-human scum and their vile, filthy land filled with sub-human hordes who do unspeakably evil deeds are going to face the fiery wrath and burning fury of God that will completely “melt” them and their uncouth, turdy land of evil and crimes against God and humankind. The clock is ticking away for the despicably vile, sub-human, savage hordes of the said land… 😐


            • Dear Atlantic,

              It’s great to have you back!!! 🙂 I hope your province has been able to recover from the effects of the nasty hurricane and that normal life has been restored in all areas.

              Yes, I’m humbled and even baffled by the respect, kindness and tolerance Axinia has shown for an undesirable one like me. Despite earning the sheer hatred of many, I wonder why she hasn’t kicked me out 😐

              What do you refer to as “the satanic bible”, dear Newfoundlander 😕 Does such a thing even exist 😕 I know some “books”, which by the sheer sadistic, sub-human, evil behaviour and laws preached in them, can be considered as “satanic bibles” 👿 But does such a thing (satanic bible) formally exist 😕

              No, dear brother, I actually have not read the Bible even once 😦 To be honest with you, only once did even I attempt to read the Bible. As an undesirable heathen atheist attracted by the character of Christ and wondering if such a heavenly, saintly, ethical revolutionary figure ever walked upon the blue planet, I eagerly opened the Bible to find out more about Jesus and his life according to the Bible writers. After reading some pages, I discovered that it was about God creating the world, and the families, descendants and offspring of the first peoples and nothing about Christ. I did not have much interest in the genealogies and other things that happened in Abrahamic times, so I did not proceed further 😦 Only after you mentioned the significance of the Old Testament books did I understand their importance 😐

              Anyway, the quotes I mention from the Bible are either well known things (like the camel and needle), or ones that I came across when people refer to the said Biblical quotes in blog posts or comments. For instance, I discovered Ezekiel’s prophecy when one commentator repeatedly referred to it as a sign that God promised to unleash his fiery wrath on land filled with people who do despicable deeds. On looking up Ezekiel 22, I learnt that the prophet describes in detail the satanic deeds of the evil hordes who inhabit the said land and also mentions how God will pour out His fiery wrath on the evil hordes and completely “melt” them and their uncouth land. Though there are suggestions the prophecy has already been carried out on ancient Jerusalem, I hope it is not a one-off event and that such a terrible fate awaits all lands whose hordes do such unspeakably evil crimes. Speaking of those crimes, there is only ONE land now that satifies all the criteria mentioned by Ezekiel and does them with sadistic, sub-human glee, much more than any other in the past.

              This undesirable heathen’s mention of Biblical quotes is only because they are either well known or because I stumbled upon them at random 😐 , and not because I’ve read and understood the Bible 😦


              • Atlantic Says:

                Although the Bible is full of prophecy about Christ, the best place to read about his life is in Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. The genealogies are a hard read for anyone! LOL They do give us a good understanding of the passage of time and where we came from but other then that they don’t serve a ton of purpose.

                Some people lost their homes in the storm and there is also a very large amount of bridges and roads to rebuild. It will be while yet to get back to normal. I didn’t have much damage myself though, but as a landlord I have several houses that need my attention before the winter. So, I’m never at home with my computer these days to comment much.

        • Atlantic Says:

          I meant to say that because of this well know phrase it is believed by some, and not surprisingly, that the sheep gate had been nick named The Needles Eye. If that is true then it’s more than likely that Jesus’s followers knew exactly what he was talking about. The only reason they were so surprised is because wealth was considered to be a blessing and a show of favor with God. In their minds it was the poor who were supposed to be cursed. So then…. If a man so supposedly blessed by God as the rich young ruler was in danger of losing salvation how could anyone else including the poor, like themselves, possibly be saved?

          • Thank you so much, dear Newfoundlander, for providing this interpretation for the famous quote: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Of course, an undesirable heathen like myself was unaware of this as well as the existence of the sheep gate known as “the needle’s eye” near the Jerusalem temple during the time of Christ. Your explanation makes even more sense than the widely believed interpretation.

            Christ was indeed THE turning point in all of humanoid history. Till then, the uncouth hordes of savages who inhabited the different corners of the blue planet had tiny, regressive pea-brains that could not understand the concepts of ethics, compassion and humane, civilised behaviour. Being lowlife creatures, they wallowed in societies that had jungle laws and believed in sub-human nonsense. I realise that the community of decadent hordes in which Christ was born was similar in many ways to one particular uncouth, unethical society today which does not have any concept of ethics in its “culture” but believes in sheer sub-human trash.

            You mentioned “The poor who were supposed to be cursed”. It resonates so alarmingly with the sordid concept of “previous births’ karma” that the tiny little pea-brains of certain savage, regressive hominoids ardently believe in, even today. As did the regressive blind beliefs of the two that they can do whatever evil they like whenever and how much ever they want and then “wash them all away” – either by offering the blood of sacrificial animals at the Jerusalem temple in the case of the former, or by offering certain things (can vary widely from flowers, fruits and milk to animal and even human blood) to their countless idols and dipping themselves in a highly polluted river in case of the latter.

            Of course, there are many differences. Apart from strongly despising idol worship, the hordes inhabiting Christ’s place in those times were at least aware of the monstrosity of committing sins and termed it as such. For the regressive hordes of “previous births’ karma” believers, the concept of even heinous sinning is non-existent inside their miniscule pea-brains. For they satanically believe that even victims of their most barbaric crimes are the sinners because of the “previous births’ karma” filth 😡

            Can you even believe it? The savages’ sense of ethics (or sheer lack thereof) is so demonically evil 👿 and twisted 😈 that they believe vile criminals who commit heinous crimes are the do-gooders and their hapless victims are the sinners 😯 Much worse than believing that “the poor are cursed”, the world’s most renowned idolaters of today believe that deliberately, wilfully and sadistically committing the most heinous sins against the most helpless, voiceless and oppressed people is actually justified behaviour that is in accordance with the “previous births’ karma” trash 😡 If anyone can understand this simple yet satanic concept, then he/she can easily and completely understand all the “cultural” evils and despicable sub-human behaviour of the hordes and hordes of vile, demonic “previous births’ karma” idolaters as well as the world’s most satanic, oppressive, inhuman, putrid, rotten laws of THE most sub-human and evil empire in all of humanoid history.

            Another thing, I’m really glad to learn that, apart from sparking off the world’s first ever system of ethical, humane and compassionate beliefs, the blessed son of Mary and his apostles actually got rid of much of the worthless and most harmful Judaic/Abrahamic baggage of their “culture” while creating and moulding the new system. Boy, oh boy! Am I glad that Christ and his apostles completely GOT RID of the ritual animal slaughter for “atonement for sins”, punishment by public stoning, the crude and compulsory circumcision of little male babies, “draining the blood by slitting the throat” method of animal slaughter for food and other primitive Abrahamic baggage.

            I only wish that, as creators of such a sudden, pioneering, revolutionary, ethical and humane system that completely overturned things and set humankind on the right path for the first time ever, Christ and his apostles had made a clean and complete break from the past by removing all of the Abrahamic baggage and starting with a clean new slate 😐 Of course, I understand that it could not be done due to practical considerations that could not be avoided. Even being saddled with some of the baggage did not prevent the new system from sparking off the world’s first ever ethical and humanitarian revolution and succeeding in eventually civilising much more hordes of people than the very, very, very few other such successful systems which were very limited and more evolutionary than revolutionary in nature and serving as the ultimate origin of almost all of the good, modern, humane and ethical ideas, concepts and beliefs of today.


    • Dear Atlantic,

      Oops! First of all, I apologise for mispelling Revelation incorrectly as “Relevations” repeatedly in my previous comment 😦 My heathen background and careless typing skills are responsible for that 😐

      Also, please ignore my use of words and phrases that sound a bit offensive to you 😦 I request Axinia (and others) too to do the same 😦 I know it is uncouth on my part to use such undesirable words and phrases when the same can be expressed more euphemistically and with more polite words and phrases. Please understand only the message I’m trying to convey and forget those uncouth terms I’ve used in my comments. In such nice sharing and learning experiences as these, it is stupid on my part to turn polite people off by using undesirable terms. I realise I’ll have to learn to be polite while conveying my anger 😦 I’ll try hard to do the same in future comments 😐

      I do sincerely say I’m sorry 😦 to you, Axinia and others for using such undesirable terms and phrases.


    • Dear Atlantic,

      I didn’t really mean that women are responsible for the evil behaviour of men. No. All I meant was, if the mothers and grandmothers of great guys like Dr. Adams are responsible for raising them to be such good, worthy, humane and compassionate people, then the mothers and grandmothers of criminals, mass-murderers, rapists and other nasty lowlives are also responsible for not raising them in a decent manner and allowing them to become rotten creatures. Sounds fair, logical and rational, doesn’t it?

      You mention a very valid point that the majority of men in prisons have had problematic relationships with their fathers. It’s probably true. And it’s also probably true that many of them may have had decent, loving mothers. That’s why I mentioned that All the problems in the world are due to men. However, all the solutions in the world are ALSO due to men.

      How many women do you know who don’t provide for and love their children, even if like you say, they did raise tyrants. It’s the giving “nature” of a mother that needs to be implemented into society.

      Therein lies THE PROBLEM, dear Newfoundlander 🙂 The issue with women is that Mother Nature primarily moulded them to be mothers. Women have been conditioned through millenia of evolution to be mothers – physically, psychologically, spiritually, materially, anatomically, hormonally etc. Make no mistake, it is an enormous responsibility that was placed on women’s tender shoulders by Nature who could not even think of trusting men with the same. I have immense respect for women since they have to endure so much hardship, go through so much physical pain, experience so much mental anxiety, bear with so much inconvenience continually since adolescence, experience so much torment while giving birth, sacrifice so much while bringing up children and so on. It makes mothers truly special persons and motherhood a truly venerable bond.

      It doesn’t just occur in human females, but the females of most animals and indeed most species. Even microscopic single-celled organism “mothers” actually cut themselves into two in order to become two single-celled “daughters”. Even the females of egg-laying insects and reptiles go through much hardship in order to become “mothers”. Birds and especially mammals take motherhood responsibilities to new heights. Marsupial mothers even carry their young ones on them after giving birth for some time. Avian and mammalian mothers are so fiercely, violently protective of their young ones and nurture them till they can fend for themselves. Human mothers, of course, go through the most in order to fulfil Nature’s responsibilities.

      So the “giving, providing for and unconditionally loving” nature of mothers for their children is a given, thanks to Nature and evolution (or “God”, if you prefer) and its a worthy, venerable quality. I would not even blame the mothers who murder or severely harm their own infants, since it occurs either due to terrible, uncontrolled post-partum depression (a very rare event) 😦 or due to the fact that they live in absolutely uncouth, primitive, barbaric societies in which the murders of female infants and foetuses (a very common event) are “cultural practices” of such “great spiritual cultures” 🙄

      Moving on, though women are naturally imbibed with such worthy, venerable qualities, there is also an other side to it or limitations, if you can call them that. And the main one is that mothers (women in general) are inherently capable of those worthy qualities such as giving, providing for and unconditionally loving their own children only, or those that they perceive as their own and NOT the rest!

      Observe carefully, and you may find that a woman is capable of exhibiting those worthy qualities towards, either her own biological child(ren) or one(s) with whom she can make that motherly connection but is not the biological mother of (but usually not the rest!). You may find a woman treat an adopted child(ren) or a step-child(ren) or her grandchild(ren) or her niece(s)/nephew(s) etc. as her own as she can make a motherly connection (either close or distant) with them. For some unkown or unpredictable reasons, she is also capable of making such a connection with the occasional child(ren) who do not fall under those categories (like a student) but such cases are quite rare.

      Towards the rest with whom she cannot make that connection, she simply would not care or at best, remain neutral 😐 I’m not joking or fantasising, dear Atlantic. As much as I respect and venerate motherly qualities, it would also do no harm in pointing out the limitations of such qualities. It is Nature who gave mothers such worthy qualities and it is Nature who also set the limitations to those qualities.

      Think of it, why is jealousy universally perceived as a “feminine” quality just as violence is universally perceived as a “masculine” quality??? It’s not that there are no jealous men or violent women, there are plenty of them around. But it is in the inherent nature of all women to be psychologically prone to jealousy just as it is in the inherent nature of all men to be psychologically prone to violence. One cannot flatly blame either men or women for being inherently prone to such things. It’s inbuilt in their nature, conditioned by millenia of evolution to suit the role of the two genders in perpetuating the species. It’s an evolutionary thing, which has influenced how male and female behaviour at different levels.


      (cont’d below…)

    • (…cont’d.)

      So yes, while women are indeed capable of providing great unconditional love, compassion etc., unfortunately, they are inherently limited by Nature to provide them ONLY to those with whom they can make a connection. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s natural and it is evolutionary.

      Since women spend a huge amount of life effort (when compared to men) in order to procreate and pass on their genes to their offspring, it’s only natural that Nature also made them put in a huge deal of more effort in order ensure the survival of their own offspring above all else. That’s why undomesticated female animals are so fiercely protective of their young ones (even more ferocious than the behaviour of aggressive males of the same species, despite being physically weaker than the males) WHEN they sense a threat to their little ones. It’s natural & evolutionary. Undomesticated animals evolved that way i.e. since they live in the wild, the main threat to their young offspring came from predator species (or predatory animals of the same species).

      It’s the same with human females. Except that humans are a bit different from wild animals evolutionally. Ever since humans formed societies or small groups (since the days they were cave-dwelling hunter-gatherers), the main threat to human offspring did not come from predators as humans could use tools or fire to defend themselves and the commune of cave-humans would collectively protect the offspring of all females in the group. The real threat was from the harsh environmental conditions, lack of adequate nutrition, clothing, shelter and from diseases etc.

      Since there was no pressing evolutionary need for human females from that point onwards to specifically defend their young ones all by themselves from predators, the unparalleled ferocity with which female animals defend their offspring naturally subsided greatly and rapidly in human females. Instead of predators, the chief threat to their offspring’s survival came from the other threats. And human females developed the idea of extra care, unconditional love, providing nature etc. for their offspring. This was the best evolutionary counter to those environmental and other threats. It’s not that female animals don’t have such qualities – they do as well, but those poor animal mothers have to devote an extraordinary effort to defend their young ones from predators while human mothers don’t have to. Hence they could concentrate on providing EVEN MORE love, care and devotion to their offspring than what Nature normally provided to mammalian mothers 🙂

      That also explains the evolutionary motherly love and care a woman feels for the young ones with whom she can make “that connection”, despite not being their biological mother. How? Again, it has got to do with the evolutionary cavewomen. One must remember that conditions back then were extremely harsh and a woman could easily die during/after childbirth or due to several illnesses. (Maternal Mortality Rate remains a prime indicator to human civilisational achievement to this very day with the uncouth, primitive societies still having a very high MMR). Since the cave-humans lived in close-knit groups, the many little children who lost their mothers due to such conditions were nursed and raised by other women in the group, usually their relatives, along with their own children and treated as their own offspring due to blood bonds. This explains why a woman is capable of feeling love and caring for a child (only with whom she can make “that connection/bond”), despite not being the child’s biological mother 🙂

      Alright, but why can’t a woman feel the same love and care for ALL other children i.e. the ones with whom she cannot make “that bond” 😕 Again, dear Atlantic, it has got to do with those evolutionary cavewomen, our great-great-great-great-… great-(to the power of n)-grandmothers who, by their evolutionary behaviour, decided the way in which women behave today 🙂

      So far we have seen only the good, loving side of those cavewomen in devoting extra care and love for their offspring as well as their non-biological children with whom they could make “that bond”. But alas, humans (both men and women) are not always capable of doing only good, but they are equally capable of doing evil as you mentioned. It’s sad, but undeniably true 😦

      Those cave-dwellers did live in fairly small, close-knit groups, living, hunting, eating and moving together. Like many other mammalian species, they too were involved in intense competition for limited food, resources and frequently engaged in turf-war. Like the hordes of uncouth human savages in the barbaric, least civilised countries today, those primitive cave-dwellers too practised human butchery, genocide and mass-murder of rival, neighbouring, cave-dwelling groups of hominoids. Savage, bloodthirsty barbarians that they were, whenever they indulged in such a murderous act of human butchery, they killed as many members of the other group (men, women and children) as possible and got killed themselves. The hominoid group that had the most members remaining after the bloody battle scored a pyrrhic victory over the other hominoid group. The few remaining survivors (usually women and children) of the other group were either raped and murdered or captured and turned into slaves and made to do forced labour. (This despicable, satanic practice continued well into mediaeval history and continues to be practised by the uncouth, bloodthirsty savages in a few primitive parts of the world to this very day).

      What did the cavewomen of the pyrrhically victorious group feel towards such captured children??? Did they make “that bond” and treat them as their own kids? Of course, they did not. That was reserved for children of their own cave group who lost their mothers. Just like their cavemen, the cavewomen too treated the captured children as slaves and subjected them to horrific abuse. A similar fate was reserved for the captured women and their natural and forced children.

      In fact, if you ask me, I guess the cavemen MAY have treated the captured male children with more dignity than the cavewomen treated the captured females and their female children. Cavemen had to hunt elusive animals in groups and protect themselves against other cavemen and fierce predators at the same time. They needed as many hands as possible and their numbers were often badly depleted in battles or predator attacks or illnesses. It was not going to help them if they horribly treated one (or more) of their own group as a slave while on a hunt. That child slave would either attempt to escape or if he got a chance, kill a member or members of his enslaving group while hunting, or join an enemy group while fighting another battle. So they probably treated their slave cavechild with some (though not equal) dignity in order to gain his trust and make him feel one among the group while on a hunt or in a battle. Even if they did, he could still try to escape or get other ideas. But the risks and advantages of treating him with dignity far outweighed the risks and advantages of treating him as a slave whilst on a hunt or in battle.

      That was not the case with the captured cavewomen and their female children. Not only were they subjected to physical and sexual violence by the cavemen, but they were also subjected to horrific violence and forced labour by the cavewomen. Unlike the cavemen on a hunt, the cavewomen were probably confined to their caves/surroundings and probably had far less chances of escaping captivity or surviving on their own in the wild. Not only that, the cavewomen of the group probably hated their captured cavewomen and cavegirls because of the relationships between their men and those captured newcomers, even if such were forced. This probably continued and expanded to many other women viewed as “rivals” even after humans settled and formed agri-societies.

      Men are responsible for evil and violent behaviour (they certainly are), but bad behaviour among women can take on very harmful mentally (and physically) violent forms too. Such conditions were probably responsible for the evolutionally instilled jealousy inherent among women. Again, I’m NOT suggesting all women are inherently jealous or that men are incapable of jealousy. Not at all! 😐 Far from it. It’s just that evolutionally, women are inherently prone to jealousy just as men are inherently prone to violence, it almost comes naturally.

      Faced with such likely conditions, the cavewomen probably had no fondness or love for the captured cavewomen and their legitimate or illegitimate children. They probably hated them, ill-treated them, abused them, were jealous of them and felt insecure with them in their midst. Similar behaviour goes on even today among the uncouth peoples of the world. Male child labourers in the uncivilised places work under terrible work conditions, but female child labourers (and sometimes even adult women) working as domestic maids and servants in homes of the uncouth societies are subjected to horrible abuse, usually by the women of the house who “employ” them. What kind of motherly love or compassion do such women feel for their own domestic workers, who are no more than children? Obviously, none! Women do not feel motherly love and compassion for everyone or every child in the world – especially and more so, in the uncouth countries of the world!

      Women do give unconditional love and care to their biological offspring, or only to those with whom they can feel “a bond” if they are not their biological children. For the sake of common decency or “return benefit” or due to employment etc., they may also be nice and friendly to children of their friends, colleagues, neighbours or the kids placed in their care at work, but do not usually go to the extent of loving them as their own (which is possible, but very rare). As for the vast majority of the rest, they wouldn’t care less about what happens to them! 😐 And towards some children, the inherent jealousy/rivalry/hatred that women feel towards other women (or men) may even get transferred to the child(ren) of such parents 😯

      It’s a wild, false myth that all women and mothers feel great motherly love, empathy and compassion for anyone and everyone (or any and every child) in the world! I’m very sorry to state this, but it is a fact that cannot be denied. If you want to observe it with your own eyes, just take a look at the behaviour of most (not all) women in the uncouth societies of the lowly Third World where it is the most obvious. I can give you a million examples and more, but it is best to observe it for yourself.

      Please note that I’m not generally blaming women for it, certainly not! It’s natural, it’s evolutionary and Mother Nature does make women feel great unconditional love, care and compassion for their own biological kids and with those kids with whom they can make “that bond” and be friendly and nice with some others. Towards the rest, they couldn’t care less whether they live, die, starve, rot, perish, suffer, get butchered or get maimed! Sure, there are plenty of exceptions, but exceptions do not make the rule, do they?


      • axinia Says:

        Raj, you are right that not every women is able to manifest love and compassion towards EVERY child or human being…alas! But they have more potential fro taht and many still do. I would say it totally depends on her evolutionary/spiritual level. A spiritula person in general can be more loving an comapssionate towards human beings just because at some point of spiritual journey one realises that this is THE ONLY WAY.

  5. draupadi16 Says:

    Thanks, Aximia for the great post. Since 8 months I´m still a very lucky Grandmother. There is much Love and Compassion for our Grandchild but my Hope and Prayers are for all the children of the world.

  6. Dave-O Says:

    I have always felt that in some cases the scarcity of a thing is what determines is worth. I feel the same goes for the good people in this world. I also feel that women and men are both human beings and of course as human beings both are prone to greed, corruption and the whole list of things which we know. I don’t think placing all the problem of this world on any one group will do anything but to create more strife. I kind of feel what is important is to change the value we give to human life, just my two cents


  7. radha Says:

    do people really need to dress up as clown to bring humor? 😀

  8. Atlantic Says:

    Dear Raj,

    Thank you for your compliment my friend. First of all, I think some Christians would refer to me as a literalist. I do not believe in the hidden spiritual meanings that some do. The Bible is full of symbolisms which is not the same thing. 2 Peter says “that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation”. Therefore, anyone open understanding can know what it teaches.

    Another key to understanding is found in Ecclesiastes Ch 3 : 15 “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past”. Therefore, knowing understanding the past is important to understanding future events.

    Yet a third key is found in Isaiah Ch. 28 : 9-10 “Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little”. Each book of the Bible is not a book onto themselves. They are building blocks towards understanding future books.

    The Acts Ch. 17 : 11 says, “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so”. Again, you can not study and understand a part without comparing all scripture.

    I could tell you many things concerning my understanding of Revelation, however unless I explain to you point by point where my understanding of the symbols comes from, you will get confused and perhaps think I am making thinks up as I go along. I am humbled that you would ask me, I am no expert theologian but I will try to show you not what I think but what it truly teaches.

    But first I want to clarify something you said earlier.

    • Dear Atlantic,

      I’m relieved to hear that the infrastructural damage caused by Hurricane Egor has been been partly restored in your place. I hope your entire province is able to completely recover as soon as possible from the devastation caused by the fury of Canada’s worst hurricane in decades.

      I’m humbled and grateful that you are so kind as to gladly share the true meaning of what is mentioned in the Revelation with a heathen atheist like me. I think it should be quite clear to even the staunchest atheist or doubting sceptic that the world is headed for some “interesting” times marked by some grand “events”. There are too many signs to ignore, too many things that point to the same (or similar) events that are about to take place in the world, corroborated by actual things that are currently taking place. I guess the Bible chapter revealing this would contain accurate signs and warnings about the almost universally predicted “event(s)” that are about to happen.

      Please continue to describe it in whatever way you feel it would be best to understand, and I’ll ask you if I didn’t understand something after that.


  9. Atlantic Says:

    Am I a Protestant? Yes… The fact is that hardly anyone is “protesting” anymore. They are Protestants in name only. Great reformers such as John Wycliffe, Huss, Jerome, Ulric Zwingli, Tyndale, William Miller, and the very well known Martin Luther are gone. These were men of wisdom and learning, students of the Word willing to die for the truth they knew. These are some of the men that started a movement that is not only stalled but wishes to reconnect with the mother church of Catholicism. The same strong power that held the world in the dark ages for the 1260 years prophesied in Rev. and wishes to gain back her lost supremacy. (538 AD – 1798) It’s little over two hundred years later, and how quickly the world forgets the truth of the past.

    The reformers did believed in the message of Revelation, for Ch 1 : 3 says “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therefore in: For the time is at hand”. Strangely.. now many of the churches contradict the Bible, saying that Rev. is a closed book not to be understood. Where their founders once agreed in understanding basic teachings they no longer understand.

    John says in the Ist chapter that Jesus Christ revealed unto him visions to show unto Gods people the things which must soon come to pass. So then the message is one that specifically concerns the churches. The following three chapters are letters addressed to seven of the existing churches of his day and then prophecy begins with the opening of the seals in Ch. 4.

  10. Atlantic Says:

    Okay… So as you might already guess Revelation is a book about the Church and it covers the history and future of it from the time of John up to the coming of Christ. It is also linked with the prophecies of Daniel given in the old testament which foretells the rise and fall of kingdoms. By following this time line we can see the events that have taken place and have a good understanding of the time in which we are living. Presently we have been waiting for a kind of new world order which the churches are currently working together to enforce. I think I might get to that later.

    The visions of Daniel in the old testament are the beginning, with Revelation as a continuation of the final kingdom in whose time Christ will come. So that is always the best place to start. We see in Ch 2 that the king has a dream that troubles him and then Daniel through God reveals the interpretation. The image the king sees in the dream has a head of gold which symbolizes his kingdom, Babylon. The breast and arms of silver, his belly and thighs of brass, his legs of iron, and his feet part of iron and part clay represent the four kingdoms which will come after him. Medes and Persians (silver) Greece (brass) Rome (Iron) And the final kingdom would be divided, however partly made up of the former. (partly iron and partly clay) The Iron representing pagan Rome and Interestingly enough miry clay symbolizes Gods people, Israel, or Church. (I just realized that last week.) Jeremiah 18 : 6 O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold as the clay in the potters hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel. The image also has ten toes for the ten divided kingdoms which arise. In the days of these nations God will set up a new kingdom which will never be destroyed and will break in pieces the entire image.

    Keep in mind that these books can supposedly be dated back to time of Babylon.
    Later Daniel has a second dream about the same event. And this is what brings us into Revelation. In the dream he sees a lion representing Babylon coming up out of the sea. (Sea symbolizes nations, and peoples.)
    Second he sees a bear representing the Medes and Persians. Third he sees a leopard for Greece. The forth beast was dreadful and terrible and with iron teeth and ten horns for the ten kingdoms which it was to latter be divided into. Among the ten he sees a little horn come up, before which three of the ten are uprooted. History tells us that these three were the Ostrogoths, Vandals, and the Heruli the last of which was destroyed around 538 AD when the smallest kingdom arose, a kingdom far different than any other. (abbreviation from Chapter 7) The horn had eyes of a man. (I believe that means human wisdom but I haven’t time to look.) It also had a mouth speaking very great things and had an appearance that was stronger than the others. This strange nation makes war with the saints, and prevailed against them. Verse 25 “And he shall speak great words against the most high, and shall wear out the saints of the most high, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time times and half a time”. Revelation teaches this period to be 1260 days which in prophetic terms means years. See Ezekiel 4:6 and numbers 14:34 Based on this time is one year, times is two years, and the dividing of time is a half a year, the total is three and a half years. There are 30 days in a biblical month which of course means 1260 days within the 3 1/2 years. Did you understand that? I was never great with numbers and usually have to think it through a few times.

    verse 26 “But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end”. Then it say’s God will set up a new everlasting kingdom.

    Ummm… I think I’m having information over load here. Just so much to cover and I didn’t want you to think that I’m giving you my own opinion so I’m trying to give it to you strait. And I’m still cutting out way too much!


  11. Atlantic Says:

    I am sorry to have to keep you waiting and for having to take you through all these things. However the prophecies of Revelation for the end time revolve around this last beast and the great whore which sits upon it. So it is important that one have a clear understanding first of where this beast (nation or power) came from. I don’t know how long until I can comment again, so I will quickly answer the question regarding 1798. The scriptures teach that this strange, small, and unusual power which gained it’s authority in 538 AD would lose it’s power after 1260 years. (Keep in mind, it must come out of the Roman empire.) History tells us that the Pope was taken captive in 1798 by Napoleon’s army and died in exile. For hundreds of years it was the church who controlled the governments of the nations but since that time they have lost that ability. You will see later that Revelation calls this the deadly wound and that in the soon future it will be heeled. The Vatican in Rome with the help of the United States will once again regain it’s lost power. But only for a short time before the destruction of the world. These are some of the things spoken about in Rev.


    • Dear Atlantic,

      Please don’t say sorry for explaining the content of the Revelation according to your deep and thorough understanding of the Bible. And please take your own time and utilise any method you feel is best for a heathen layman (like myself) to understand. I was the one who requested you for the explanation and I’m delighted and very grateful to you for being kind enough to take the time and effort to explain the same.

      I’m stunned and amazed to learn so many things from your explanation. Wow! I didn’t realise the Biblical calendar was a lunar one, much like the Qur’anic calendar but unlike the modern solar Gregorian calendar. So I guess any dates or time mentioned in the Revelation must indeed be converted to get their appropriate time of occurrence in the solar calendar we use in daily life. I guess that is the reason why “solar dates of significance” during which “events” were predicted to happen flopped badly (like 2000 A.D.) as these are merely numerical dates in the solar calendar which may look significant, but don’t actually have any, since they mean almost nothing in the lunar calendar(s) which prophecies use.

      Does it mean 2012 will turn out to be a significant time for the “events” 😕 Different calendars, ranging from the “lunar” and “solar” to even the “galactic” one of the Mayans seem to attach a good deal of significance to about the same time that can be interpreted as 2012 A.D. 😕 I’m waiting very eagerly for 2012 – I hope it does not disappoint 😐 because if it does disappoint, then humankind is doomed forever, with the vile, demonic, uncouth, savage forces of evil (resembling rapidly proliferating pond scum) poised to take over the entire world and take it quickly back to the satanic Stone Ages 😯

      I’m also stunned (but not surprised) to learn that the Rev. contained signs about the rise and fall of the Roman Church. Despite the Catholic Church laying the foundations for the spread of Christianity in Europe and elsewhere which served as the basis for the eventual civilisational advancement of those places, the mediaeval Church was indeed responsible for nasty events as well. In that way, it was not very different from the many uncouth, barbaric, pagan empires that pop up and collapse in different parts of the world at different times. Oops! There I go again, when will an undesirable like me ever learn to behave better? After earning the sheer hatred of everyone ranging from the savages, barbarians, sub-humans, heathens, idolaters, Muslims to commies, bubble-dwellers, third world hordes and many others, now I’m set to earn the ire of Christians 😐

      Your mention of “a kind of new world order” drains out the little hope that I may have had for humankind 😦 as the forces plotting a NWO would usually (but not always) tend to be evil and satanic with vile intentions in mind 😡

      But only for a short time before the destruction of the world.

      As ironic as it may sound, that sentence is the one which fills me with hope, happiness and expectation about at least some kind of a decent future for humankind, the planet itself and all other Earthly species! I look forward to learning how and when it would take place.

      Even if that means the obvious, I eagerly wait for the “events” to begin in all their glory, for the modern day equivalent of the Ten Biblical Plagues that struck Egypt or the destruction by fire and brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah to be unleashed by God on a much grander and more horrific scale on the entire world and its hordes for having set upon the satanic path of destruction 😐


      • In the last but one paragraph, after the quote about the destruction of the world, by “it” I meant “what I’m going to say now”.

        The sentence should be read as As ironic as what I’m going to say now may sound, that sentence (the quote) is the one…


  12. Dear Atlantic,

    I would also love to know if what is prophesised in Ezekiel is of any significance to the End Times 😕 In chapter 22 of Ezekiel, there exists an uncouth land of satanic, bloodthirsty savages, a land full of demonic, hypocritical hordes who are so unthinkably evil 👿 and so detestably sub-human 😡 that God is compelled to unleash “His fiery wrath” upon the satanic land and its sub-human hordes to an extent that the evil land along with all its despicable hordes of satanic scum are “completely melted” 😐

    Ezekiel 22 describes some of the satanic crimes and horribly evil deeds of the hordes and hordes of sub-humans as well as the demonic land they inhabit as:

    all its detestable practices

    ➡ land that brings on herself doom by shedding blood in her midst and defiles herself by making idols

    ➡ land that has brought its days to a close, and the end of its years has come

    ➡ land in which each of the princes uses his powers to shed blood

    ➡ where they have treated father and mother with contempt

    ➡ land where they have oppressed the alien

    ➡ they have mistreated the fatherless and the widow

    ➡ land which has slanderous men bent on shedding blood

    ➡ one where there are those who eat at the mountain shrines and commit lewd acts

    ➡ place where some dishonour their fathers’ bed

    ➡ land where there are those who violate women during their period

    ➡ where one man commits a detestable offense with his neighbour’s wife

    ➡ where another shamefully defiles his daughter-in-law

    ➡ where another violates his sister, his own father’s daughter

    ➡ land where men accept bribes to shed blood

    ➡ place whose hordes take usury and excessive interest

    ➡ the hordes make unjust gain from their neighbours by extortion

    ➡ place where there is a conspiracy of her princes within her like a roaring lion tearing its prey

    they devour (i.e. butcher) people

    ➡ they take treasures and precious things

    they make many widows within her

    ➡ land whose priests do violence to God’s law

    ➡ they do not distinguish between the holy and the common (presumably – ethical and unethical, just and unjust, humane and inhumane etc.)

    ➡ they teach there is no difference between the unclean and the clean (presumably – wrong and right, lies and truth, falsehood and verity etc.)

    ➡ land whose officials are like wolves tearing their prey

    they shed blood and kill people to make unjust gain

    ➡ place whose prophets whitewash these deeds for them

    make false visions and lying divinations

    ➡ they say, “This is what the Sovereign LORD says”—when the LORD has NOT spoken!

    ➡ the people of the land practice extortion and commit robbery

    they oppress the poor and needy, denying them justice

    ➡ they mistreat the alien, denying justice again

    I know there are references to this already prophecy already having been carried out in the past to one particular city or land in the ancient Middle-East, but what if Ezekiel’s prophecy describes the thoroughly deserved fate of an unthinkably satanic land that is going to have to face the wrath of God during the End Times for its sheer evil deeds and the unimaginably sub-human, lowly and despicable nature of hordes and hordes of its vile, detestable, lying, hypocritical, deceiving, criminalised sub-humans 😕

    You may think there have been a few lands who could meet Ezekiel’s description, but there is only ONE which truly stands out, having committed and continuously committing ALL those satanic, sub-human deeds to a MUCH, MUCH greater extent than any other in the past or present. What’s more, while the hordes of the other lands which come (or came) close to meeting the description are usually aware that they are sinning against God and try to mend their satanic ways.

    But there is one and only ONE demonic land which commits all those heinous crimes with glee and even tries to shamelessly, hypocritically and despicably portray itself as a paragon of “virtue”, “non-violence”, “spirituality” and “culture”. Its satanic hordes are so unthinkably evil and so horribly sub-human that they not only commit ALL those hated crimes with sheer sadistic glee in their filthy hearts without any kind of remorse whatsoever, but they also attempt to completely brainwash naive, gullible folks about their supposed “special” nature which cannot be found anywhere else in the supposedly “non-spiritual” world.

    Like the true spawn of satan, the sadistic, idolater hordes of the said land act as Judas goats by trying to ensnare lost, hungry and thirsty sheeple desperately looking for soul-nourishing pasture and eternal thirst-quenching water and lead them AWAY from the path of true salvation. Like those demonic Judas goats, they try to lead the unfortunate snared sheeple down the path of utter destruction that was promised to be unleashed by God on their satanic, putrid, vile, sub-human, murderous, decadent hell-hole for committing those detestably evil deeds that are described by Ezekiel.

    According to Ezekiel, God will put an end to their uncleanness. In no uncertain terms, it is mentioned that God will gather them in His anger and His wrath and put them inside the city and melt them 😐

    It is prophesised that, God will gather them and blow on them with His fiery wrath, and they will be melted inside her (i.e. inside the satanic land). Being the merciful, loving and compassionate One, but also the ultimate deliverer of universal natural justice, God looks for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before Him in the gap on behalf of the land so He would not have to destroy it, but He found none (among the satanic, vile, sub-human, murderous idolater hordes of the land). Left with no other option, God will pour out His wrath on them and consume them with His fiery anger, bringing down on their own heads all they have done declares the Sovereign LORD, according to Ezekiel.

    I wonder if this prophecy of the blessed one, Ezekiel [or Y’khezqel or Prophet Dhul-Kifl (pbuh)], gifted with prophetic powers by God, is of any significance to a satanic land whose sub-human hordes commit those vile crimes with the sadistic glee, during the coming End-Times and Judgement Day for the hordes inhabiting planet Earth? Could it possibly be a part of the devastation and destruction of the world that is going to take place, according to Rev. 😕 Could Ezekiel possibly have singled out and mentioned the satanic land and its sub-human hordes of criminalised savages and mentioned why God is going to punish them in a special way, even though the world as a whole is going to get destroyed anyway 😕

    Since the unthinkably evil, despicably sub-human nature of the crimes committed by the satanic idolater savages of the land referred to is without any parallel, much worse than what the rest of the world does or has ever done, I can only hope that the prophecy in Ezekiel 22 is not only about an event in the ancient Middle-East. I hope it is also descriptive of the punishment that the satanic, sub-human savages of any land that are despicable enough to sadistically commit all the demonic crimes mentioned above, have to face during the fast approaching End Times – the sheer annihilation and destruction and fiery wrath of God that will melt the satanically evil hordes and subject their vile, criminal, sub-human souls to eternal damnation in the fiery sewers of hell! 😐


  13. Atlantic Says:

    I meant to just continue on with Rev. however this is very well related.

    Of course the book of Ezekiel holds indirect significance for all people. However, have you ever heard of Biblical expression “To whom much is given much is expected”? According to the Bible Israel was Gods chosen people. “Watchman”, to be an example and to bring his message of warning to the world. But they had fallen from their duties and were disloyal to Him. Ezekiel CH 3:17 says “Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.”

    Consider the time in which the prophet had these visions and you see that Israel was in captivity in Babylon. Jeremiah says that the reason they were there was because of disloyalty, evil ways, and disregard for Gods law. The prophecies warn of the death and destruction of Israel as a nation, if they did not repent and return from their ways.

    As I quoted to you some time ago this favorite verse of mine, “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.” so the Christian churches of today are repeating the past mistakes of Israel. Of all sins shown by the angel to Ezekiel he says “Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see even greater abominations than these.” Ch 8:16 “And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the alter, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the east; and they worshiped the sun toward the east.” In other words they had begun to worship the Gods of Babylon.

    Getting back to revelation we see that Rome took on the characteristics of the nations it concurred. The beast of Rome is represented there as having the head of a lion (the beliefs and religions of Babylon, feet of the bear (Medo-Persia’s strong unwavering stance and claim to infallibility, and the body of a leopard (Greece’s philosophy). It is well known that Romans placed the Gods of the Nations it destroyed in the Parthenon of which the Sun God was the greatest.

    Through the emperor Nero the romans could not destroy Christianity, and despite the the many thousands that were executed the church continued to grow. So, for the sake of the unity of the nation Constantine joined them instead, but having been a sun worshiper himself, he later introduced Sunday as the national day of worship. Later the Pope was given the seat and authority of the emperor, and with that came the philosophy of the pagan system. Thus revelation pleads “come out of her my people” To come out of Babylon.

    Rome is the fourth beast of Daniel and is the beast power carried forward into Revelation. Much of the last day events center around “The Mark of the Beast” If the beast represents the system and false teachings that came out of Rome then the “mark” is their signature or sign of authority. Roman Church has always, in it’s own words, claimed Sunday as the mark of it’s authority. This is easily verifiable. Historically they have challenged protestants to either follow the Bible or return to the mother church who instituted the day in the first place.

    All this should be significant for most Christians considering that the Bible teaches that the Mark or Sign of God is the Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week and not the first. And it is the only one of his commandments that starts with the words “remember”. Clearly because God knew we would forget. Exodus 31 16-17 says that the sabbath was to be kept throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant. “It is a SIGN between me and the children of Israel (Gods people) for ever: for in six days the Lord made the heaven and earth, and on the seventh day rested.” The only law of God that is both a time and a law. Yet Daniel 7:25 says that the beast power would think to change times and laws.

    Previously I had mentioned the whore that sits upon the beast. God always refers to his people as a woman. Jeremiah CH 6 2 “I have likened the daughter of Zion to a comely and delicate woman”. The prophets call Israel’s unfaithfulness to God whoredoms. Thus the woman, because she sits upon the beast, represents the Roman Church. Rev. also makes reference to her “daughters” which represent the protestant churches which came out of her. There are also about a dozen other marks of Identification, some of which I haven’t mentioned.

    The trademark of the Church before it’s “deadly wound” was to force it’s beliefs on the world. And when that wound is healed under the new world order in partnership with the U.S. the so called mark of the beast will be enforced under the same levels of persecution. If not greater.


  14. Atlantic Says:

    I mistakenly said that the beast of revelation had the head of a lion. That is actually a mistake. CH. 13 says it it is the mouth of a lion. This is important to note because it continues in verse 5 by saying “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies.” Jesus was accused of blasphemy because he claimed to be the son of God, equal to his father, and with the power to forgive sin. In John CH 13 they wanted to stone him. “but for blasphemy; and because that thou being a man makest thyself God.” Looking back to Daniel we see that an Image was set up to the king and the Babylonian power. It was the kings claim to be a God as was the common belief. ch 3:6 “And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace.” Again in Rev. we see the same “mouth of a lion” within the power that came out of the fourth beast (Rome). CH 13:15 “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” The choice is to receive the mark of the beast (form of false worship) or die.

  15. Atlantic Says:

    Surely I am not in denial. Evil is in some parts of the world in ways not seen in others. However, even developed countries are not free from bad harmful practices, they are just less obvious. The Bible I live by doesn’t rate evil from minor, bad, to worse. “The soul that sinnith shall die.” Besides it is the developed countries that will soon force Satan’s addenda on the whole world.

    The Bible teaches that Satan is the master mind of all sin, that he is the ruler of this world, and that we are like pawns in his war with God. He is much more than just any angel. In heaven he was the covering angel second only to God. His name Lucifer is a Latin word meaning “light bearer” , heralding daylight, and also known in English as Day Star or Morning Star.

    Isaiah CH 14 12-14 “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stares of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high.”

    Satan wants much more than just to confuse our perception of what is truth. He want’s the honor and worship of God. And there is only one star that gives us its light in the “morning” and also shines through the “day.” It is the Sun! What he could not destroy from without, he now does from inside the church by compelling Christians to worship on the pagan day of the sun. The worship ordained by God for the seventh day he has taken for himself. Again, this is the Mark of the Beast described in Revelation. The writer John says that the beast gets it’s power and seat from the Dragon (which is another name for Satan).

    • Dear Atlantic,

      Believe me, I have absolutely no illusions about civilised places being paradises on Earth where no evil takes place 😐 I know very well that civilised places too have their own ills and they can take on different forms.

      But… there is a HUGE, HUGE difference between civilised peoples and the uncouth, sub-human hordes and the respective places they populate (or overpopulate in case of the rapidly overbreeding, savage, barbaric hordes). It is very easy for someone living in a civilised place, someone who has no idea of the sheer evil that the sub-human turd world barbarocracies and their lowly hordes of unevolved, unethical, uncouth hominoids are capable of, to commit the fallacy of clubbing all hominoid hordes together as one. Well, biologically speaking, all hominoid hordes may be the same. But biology isn’t the only thing about humans and the societies they form. Technically speaking, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes, the icebergs of the Arctic and hot steam are all the same – H2O. But are they really the same 😕

      I’m not even talking about the euphemistic term called “development” here. Based on things like ethical intelligence, civilisational behaviour, societal attitude, written and unwritten laws etc. humanoid hordes can be as different as chalk and cheese.

      Even an outsider to a sub-human society who is familiar with the place and knows quite a lot about the people and the place KNOWS VERY LITTLE, I can assure you that. It’s possible to learn about geographical facts, weather, dress, food of the place etc. but very difficult to go beyond that. It’s almost impossible to know the regressive, almost sub-human mindset of the uncouth hordes and their filthy “culture” this way, however hard one may try 😐

      You see, my friend, the basic system of ethics varies massively between the civilised societies and the filthy trash cans of the world that are the curse of humankind. What do I mean by basic system of ethics 😕

      To use terms familiar to you, civilised peoples have some awareness of the Holy Spirit, or ethical ability, whether each one personally follows it or not. In other words, a civilised person would know that it is ethically wrong to commit murder, rape, theft, oppression etc. If a civilised person does such a despicable deed or has such a turdy deed done in his/her name, he/she as well as those around the person would normally feel repulsed by it, since the conscience or the Holy Spirit would begin troubling that person. That is because of the ethical intelligence and moral advancement that comes along with civilisational tendencies and centuries of the civilising influence of a religion like Christianity, and every good thing that sprung from Christ’s message, directly or indirectly. The laws, system and collective and individual behaviour of a civilised place would be geared towards minimising, preventing and punishing ethically wrong behaviour.

      In stark contrast is the uncouth behaviour of the sub-human hordes of savages. Being pea-brained barbarians, they have very little idea of the Holy Spirit or ethical ability. Such things are completely alien to their filthy “cultures” 😡 In fact, the very concept of ethical right and wrong, of crime and goodness, of perpetrator and victim gets savagely twisted in case of the world’s most sub-human “culture” – that of the hordes and hordes of savage barbarians whose turdy “culture” is based on the sub-human, sewery concept called “previous births’ karma” 👿 , on which the sub-human hordes’ turdy birth-linked caste system is based. I know the basics of such a stinking system would be almost impossible to comprehend for a civilised person who has been brought up in the normal ethical human way.

      You see, the sub-human hordes whose tiny little, extremely low IQed pea-brains believe in the filthy concept of “previous births’ karma” have a sense of ethics that can be termed as satanic ethics. According to what these uncouth, pea-brained babarians believe, a person committing a heinous crime as well as the unfortunate victim of the dastardly act are both merely “fulfilling their previous births’ karma”. There is absolutely nothing unethical about it according to the sub-human hindoid hordes, their turdy “culture” and their uncouth mindsets. With such a system of anti-ethics or satanic ethics that forms the basis of their filthy “culture” and putrid society, can you expect them to be behave like normal human beings brought up in the ethical way? Of course not!

      In case you are wondering how the sub-human hordes of the evil Indian empire can falsely boast and despicable lie about the supposed “non-violent” nature of their turdy land, and yet at the same time, how the satanic Indian empire’s bloodthirsty semi-literate mercenary dogs murder 120 children & youth in cold blood and commit heinous, unspeakable atrocities and crimes on the unfortunate people of the world’s largest open prison – Indian-occupied Kashmir and many other places with full impunity granted to the sub-human criminals by the world’s most satanic laws like the AFSPA, DAA, PSA etc., then just reflect on what I’ve mentioned here. For these shameless hordes of despicable sub-human hindoid creatures simply have a sense of satanic ethics, derived from the sewer concept of “previous births’ karma”, the laws of a sub-human swine called Manu and their turdy hindoid crap.

      Let me repeat, the anti-ethical idolater hordes of low IQed hindoid sub-humans simply do not have a sense of normal human ethics (or Holy Spirit as you understand it). For their turdy, regressive, mosquito-sized pea-brains are too regressive to understand such a human concept. By contrast, their sub-human hearts jump with sheer sadistic, bloodthirsty glee everytime they see a mercenary dog shooting an oppressed, orphaned and brutalised Kashmiri freedom-fighter child or youth. As I mentioned, they see nothing ethically or morally wrong in butchering children, oppressing the entire Kashmiri nation with sub-human laws, committing inhuman atrocities on the hapless people and keeping them in an open prison. They feel no human sense of shame or conscientious pin-pricking that they wholeheartedly support such bloody crimes against humanity committed in their name. By contrast, their turdy, bloodthirsty, sub-human hearts wants more and more. Just take a look at the comments section of any foreign news article depicting the atrocities in Indian-occupied Kashmir. You will see hordes of satanic, sub-human, conscienceless hindoid sewer creatures of the evil Indian empire at their turdy best. Of course, the filthy hordes of Indian “mainstream media” journalists, being the most satanic, voracious arse-licking scum in the whole universe have developed a great taste for the arses of criminals and do what they do best.

      Just take a look at the way they keep portraying the cold-blooded mass-murderer, the butcher of Kashmir, the bloody blue-turbaned thug, (inhu)Man-mohan Singh, as a man of supposed “integrity”. Do you know why the criminal hordes who run the satanic Indian empire don’t use toilet paper at all? It’s primarily because they have hordes and hordes of Indian journalists (as well as the low IQed, uncouth, unethical general populace) for the very same purpose.

      What about the worthless creatures who keep quiet? They are no better. They are quiet because they are the same sadistic scum, silently experiencing and enjoying a filthy sub-human thrill inside their putrid hearts that the Kashmiris are being inhumanly oppressed in their name. They enjoy it and being sub-human sadistic satanists, they want more and more of it, the despicable hordes of hindoid vermin.

      (…contd. below…)

    • (…contd.)

      Just consider, dear Atlantic, a filthy trash can of a place, like the demonically evil Indian empire. In such a despicable land, “sainthood” is very easy to achieve for anyone. The hordes of saints of this vile, despicable, uncouth trash can would hardly be considered as saints according to better standards. With some notable, honorable exceptions, most of them were merely bubble-dwellers!

      Make no mistake, I have nothing against such bubble-dwelling saints. In such a despicable land of vile, satanic hordes and detestably sub-human practices, superstitions and blind beliefs, intelligent souls who were fed up and appalled by the sub-human practices of the regressive hordes took to permanent bubble-dwelling as a means of escaping from the reality of the sub-humans and their unspeakably evil practices. So it did take something to be a bubble-dwelling saint.

      But such bubble-dwellers would normally be called as hermits or recluses in a more civilised society, for that is what they actually were. It doesn’t mean something negative against them, but being permanent bubble-dwellers, their contributions to humanity and ethics (with some notable exceptions) are very, very little, barely meriting any mention. It’s one reason why the filthy Indian empire of today, despite being home to hordes and hordes of bubble-dwelling saints through the ages, is such an uncouth, unevolved, unethical, worthless, primitive, regressive land whose pea-brained hordes practise the most sub-human and despicable “cultural” practices and deeds in the whole world. The portrayal and idealisation of bubble-dwelling recluses as saintly characters is one reason why the uncouth, low IQed hindoid mindset remains as primitive, evil and anti-ethical as it was millenia ago.

      Is this what Ezekiel mentions by saying, their prophets whitewash their (evil, sub-human) deeds for them in the Old Testament 😕 The duty of a prophet is to act as God’s messenger, warning and reforming the uncouth hordes when they stray from God’s law of ethics and humanism. Of course, the sub-human, “previous births’ karma” believing, unethical, idolater hordes worshipping multitudes and multitudes of carved stone idols as gods don’t have anything like God’s law of ethics in their stinking “culture”. They have satanic laws based on sewery crap like “previous births’ karma” and the nauseating regurgitations of a lowlife creature like Manu.

      Being sub-human hordes following satanic laws, their prophets could hardly be expected to be as prophetic as those in other cultures. And they were never prophets in the true sense of the word, but mere bubble-dwellers. By ignoring the uncouthness, despicable deeds and “culture” of the savages and instead escaping to their permanent self-made delusional bubble, they were straying from their prophetic duties and could as well be considered to be whitewashing the deeds of the vile hordes, as described in Ezekiel.

      But what’s worse, all that was in the past. Today, anyone can be considered a saint and worshipped by his dedicated horde of followers, no matter whatever kind of character he is. At least the bubble-dwelling saints of the past lived in a bubble, renouncing the world and taking to solitude and inaccessibility, where they happily practised their bubble-dwelling (which was worthless to humanity). Today, any character (even a cheat or criminal or worse, like a murderer) can proclaim himself a saint, wear yellow/orange/red robes and a necklace and carry a staff, surround himself with a dedicated horde of followers and worshippers (if the hordes of low IQed “previous births’ karma” idolaters can worship multitudes of carved stone idols as gods, they can also worship such people), talk some non-sensical mumbo jumbo that supposedly sounds “spiritual” to semi-literate superstitious people, and lo and behold, he becomes a so-called “saint”. By loudly proclaiming his sainthood and spirituality among his chosen horde, he hopes to become immune to any kind of investigation, criminal or otherwise, into his vile, fraudulent and grossly exploitative deeds. Is this what Ezekiel meant by saying, they make false visions and lying divinations when he was talking about the said satanic land of unspeakably evil deeds 😕


  16. Atlantic Says:

    Why doesn’t God punish Satan? The Bible actually tells us that hell was intended only for the Devil and his angels and not for us. Hell is not what most people think it is. The Scriptures call it “eternal fire”. And people then take this to mean eternally burning Instead of eternally burned. God is love, he has no desire to torture anyone! The choice is eternal life or eternal death and nothing in between. Revenge is Satan’s game. He didn’t do anyone any favors by corrupting the world, least of all God. In the satanic bible he calls God his mortal enemy. 1:6 “I dip my fore finger in the watery blood of your impotent mad redeemer and write over his thorn torn brow: the true prince of evil the king of slaves! 1:10 I gaze into the glassy eye of your fearsome Jehovah, and pluck him by the beard; I uplift a broad-ax, and split open his worm eaten skull!” Enough said! This garbage makes me sick to read! Satan wants most of all to hurt God. The best way to do that is by destroying what He loves, which is us. And he’ll do that in any way he can. For all that the savior still loves him but he can not allow hatred and evil to continue. In fact if he did we would completely kill our own selves sooner or later. So why then does God wait for us to reach that point of no return before punishing the devil. It is because Satan’s accusations are against His Law and His Government. Already Satan has swayed two thirds of the angels of heaven into his cause. He want’s heaven and the world to believe that the Law can not be kept, because without it the government of God would fall and then there would be no sin and therefore no penalty. If he cannot win, Satan knows that he will be destroyed, but still he will take as many with him as he can. The pain and suffering he has caused is vindication that God is just, but had God eliminated him in those early days without allowing him to demonstrate his case to the universe, all of heaven would have served God out fear and not love. Yes, the Lord could have made sin impossible but that would have taken away freedom of choice and turned us into mindless robots.

    You haven’t heard of the satanic bible or the church of Satan? That’s just as well… I don’t recommend reading it. Please don’t. Of course the devil has spoken to men through all generations. I have no doubt Raj, that he is the founder of all the evil practices that you so often talk about.

    Well those are some of my thoughts based on some of what I’ve read.


    • No, Atlantic, I haven’t heard of the satanic bible. Your quote from that book makes it sound like a book of unspeakably sub-human evil, like certain other books in filthy, sub-human “cultures” that are full of sewery crap. Of course, there have been detestably sub-human scum in different times across different cultures who authored such evil “books” 👿

      On the topic of satan and evil, dear Newfoundlander, I still don’t see how satan (who actually doesn’t DO any evil, but only tempts people) can be more evil than the sub-human scum who actually DO the evil stuff 😕

      I must mention something here. I feel people don’t do evil because satan is so powerful. Rather, it has to be the other way around. Satan has become so powerful only because people do unspeakable evil that their lowly souls are capable of! Because more and more souls turn evil and do evil, satan grows and grows in power because of the increasing number of such turdy souls.

      Like all worthless things, satan works on the principle of quantitative evolution – just like the rapidly overbreeding, uncouth hordes who follow the quantitative model of human evolution as opposed to the qualitative model of human evolution followed by the more civilised peoples. Is it any coincidence that satan’s power keeps growing exponentially just as the uncouth societies of primitive, criminalised, sadistic barbarians keep breeding like rats? I believe there is more than a coincidence here.

      Satan derives his power directly from the unspeakably evil deeds that the rapidly overbreeding, criminalised savages of uncouth societies and evil empires keep committing. As the evil hordes and their filthy deeds keep increasing exponentially in number, so does satan’s power, for he gains his strength directly from the evil that such lowlife hordes do.

      To illustrate my point further, why couldn’t satan corrupt someone like Christ 😕 Why didn’t satan tempt Jesus into doing evil, knowing very well that if Christ had succumbed to satan’s temptations, satan would have scored his greatest victory over God??? Of course, satan must have tried, and tried very hard at that… and failed miserably!!!

      Christ was impervious to the temptations of satan and incorruptible by satan’s wickedest temptations which the rogue angel must have tried very hard on Jesus. Satan must have invested so much effort into corrupting Christ, that when he failed (just as expected), satan must have been weakened in a terrible, terrible manner… until he gained his strength again slowly from the evil deeds of the sub-human hordes.

      Now, to think of it, if a normal hominoid had even 0.0001% of the resistance Christ had to satan’s temptations, where would satan be by now 😕 He would have been almost annihilated, pulverised, vaniquished into eternal oblivion…

      It’s because humanoid hordes are so easily given to doing unspeakable evil and stooping to such vile sub-human lows that satan has become such a powerful force in the world. Sub-human souls who do evil are the staple diet on which satan draws his demonic nourishment from and not the other way around.

      An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, and the soul of an evil doer is satan’s daily bread!


    • Dear Atlantic,

      I agree with you on your definition of hell. When a turdy evil soul, due to its filthy deeds is condemned by God to eternal damnation in hell, it probably does mean that the turdy soul is eternally burned, instead of being eternally tortured in hell. God does not need to torture any turdy soul, however evil it may be. Torture is a filthy, sadistic, sub-human deed that is practised in the stinking turd world shit pits and sub-human barbarocracies by criminalised savages and sewer creatures who run the regimes in such filthy cess-pools and their arse-licking, semi-literate, sub-human mercenary dogs.

      God, being just, compassionate and merciful, and the ultimate deliverer of universal natural justice at the same time, has no need to stoop down to the level of the sub-human hordes of criminalised savages in the turdy septic tanks that pass off as countries (such as the evil, sewery Indian empire). God doesn’t even have any need to destroy an evil soul. A filthy soul, because of the evil deeds that it has committed, destroys itself in hell.

      Hell is also sometimes wrongly portrayed as a place where satan tortures the evil souls which committed turdy deeds. Again, this is a misunderstanding. Satan too does not need to torture any soul in hell. In God’s justice system, a filthy, criminalised soul just destroys itself due to its turdy deeds. Satan has no part to play in it. Of course, such turdy souls fell to the temptations of satan and committed sub-human deeds by pushing away the Holy Spirit or ethical ability that God gifted to all hominoid creatures. So satan is sometimes exaggeratedly shown as the master of hell, but he has almost nothing to do there.

      In fact, as I believe, satan is a fallen angel gone rogue who tempts people into pushing away the Holy Spirit (ethical ability) in them and committing evil deeds, but actually DOES NOT DO the evil stuff by himself. I believe satan himself ❗ is sometimes grossly shocked 😯 and utterly horrified by the sheer, unspeakable evil 👿 that the vile, putrid, filthy souls of hordes of criminalised savages are capable of committing. Even in his wickedest temptations and vilest ambitions as a rogue fallen angel, satan could have never even imagined that turdy sub-human hordes are capable of committing such gross evil and doing crimes against humanity and God. There is a fabulous cartoon to illustrate the point I’m trying to make. Take a look at it yourself:


      When an evil, mass-murdering, totalitarian commie tyrant like Iosif Djugashvili arrives in hell, even satan and his angels desperately flee hell to seek refuge elsewhere! 😀

      I believe the cartoon depicts the truth in a funny way. Such is the sheer sub-human nature of hordes of criminalised mass-murdering savages and the shockingly evil nature of the filthy deeds done by the turdy hordes of pea-brained, low IQed sub-humans, that even satan and his angels may think of abandoning their rogue ways and returning to the fold of God ❗

      Speaking of things like God, God’s law and Holy Spirit, one must understand that not all hominoid hordes even understand what such things mean. For the very definition of “God” varies widely. In religions which espouse God as all-powerful, just, merciful and compassionate and the universal deliverer of natural justice, God is meant to be spelled as God, G-d, YHWH, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah etc. Such a God has no form, does not take the form of a human or an animal or object, cannot be worshipped in the form of carved stone idols and images etc. Such a God is omnipresent and omnipotent, is just, merciful, compassionate and dishes out universal natural justice to everyone.

      By contrast, take the savage, uncouth hordes who recognise no God, no God’s law, no Holy Spirit (or ethical ability) etc. The prime and renowned example of such hordes are the hindoids of the evil, sub-human Indian empire. Such hordes worship multitudes upon multitudes of carved stone idols which they claim to be gods. In their myths, there exist plenty of more gods. Such “gods” are NOT “God” by any stretch of the imagination. For unlike “God”, the “gods” of the hindoid hordes can take the form of any thing, from a carved piece of stone to a gigantic pig and everything in between. According to their own myths, the “gods” whom the hindoids worship in the form of multitudes upon multitudes of stone idols are shown to have indulged in decidedly un-Godly behaviour. In fact, some of their “gods” are shown to have indulged in behaviour that can be seen by any civilised person as being outright sub-human. I’m not joking here, many such “gods” of the hindoid hordes are depicted in their own myths to have indulged in behaviour such as forced incest, sexual perversion, beastiality, cold-blooded murder etc. When such turdy deeds are decidedly sub-human, how can it even be considered as “Godly” 😕

      No wonder, God warns hominoid hordes to be careful of false gods, of which there are plenty and rising by the day. Any hindoid creature, no matter how criminal a person he is, can suddenly proclaim himself to be “holy” and surround himself with a self-chosen horde of followers, who begin to worship the creature as a living “god”, a “re-incarnation” of some previous such (false) “god”, of which there are plenty. It may sound absolutely uncouth to people who recognise and worship “God”, but for the lowly hindoid hordes, such behaviour is the norm.

      It may sound unbelievable and uncouth to the peoples who worship “God”, but this is not unexpected at all. Just think of it, if the hindoid hordes can worship multitudes upon multitudes of carved stone idols, mythological characters who indulged in sub-human (not to mention un-Godly) behaviour to even rats as “gods” and relishingly gulp down the urinary excrement of cows ❗ , such kind of worship of false “gods” is not unexpected at all. I’m not joking at all, dear Newfoundlander, in certain filthy, uncouth parts of the sub-human Indian empire, you can actually buy a chilled bottled drink of cow urine 😮 , jokingly referred to as Cowca-Cola 😆 ❗ Afterall, when the idolater hordes’ false gods were shown to have indulged in beastiality, it’s only to be expected that the hordes themselves who worship such “gods” would relishingly gulp down the urine of cows.

      Can you even imagine the depths to which the uncouth hindoid hordes would plunge in their worship of idols and false gods 😕 You know what, when one unfortunate human child with eight limbs was born in some part of the evil Indian empire (medically, the poor little eight-limbed girl was actually partly formed con-jointed twins), hordes and hordes of hindoid creatures descended upon the home of the unfortunate child and began worshipping her as a “re-incarnation” of one of their goddesses who was depicted to have multiple limbs.

      Such is the nature of the superstitious, blind-believing, hordes of hindoid creatures whose tiny little, low IQed pea-brains believe in turdy crap such as “previous births’ karma”. Such hordes of hominoid creatures, who should be termed as Homo criminalii hindoides or Homo hypo-satanicus hindoidensis or Homo turdica manuoidensis don’t believe in things like God’s law or ethics (Holy Spirit) and the like. Their turdy little, low IQed pea-brains rather believe in crappy stink like “previous births’ karma”, “laws of the swine Manu”, “principle of voracious arse-licking” etc.

      (…contd. below…)

    • (…contd…)

      Is it any wonder that the sub-human, perpetually arse-licking hindoid hordes of the turdy, evil Indian empire would even outdo Comrade Djugashvili the mass-murderer and his goons when it comes to doing evil and shocking and horrifying someone like even satan? Ezekiel warned of the sub-human hordes of a turdy land “whose officials use their powers to shed blood”, “whose soldiers accept bribes to kill innocents”, “who create many orphans and widows in their midst” and the like.

      You know what is even more evil than creating many orphans and widows? It is called creating “half-orphans” and “half-widows”, something that the semi-literate mercenary dogs of the evil Indian empire are experts at, thanks to sewery laws like the AFSPA that the evil Indian empire uses to crush the unfortunate peoples of nations like Indian-occupied Kashmir, Manipur, Nagalim, Asom and many others.

      Do you know what a “half-widow” or a “half-orphan” is, dear Newfoundlander? Well, you see, using sewery, demonic laws like the AFSPA, the semi-literate mercenary swine of the satanic Indian empire can kill, mass-murder, maim, kidnap, rape and torture anyone in those occupied nations with total impunity. They even get monetary rewards and medals from the satanic Indian central gubmint loafers for doing so! (Remember Ezekiel’s warning of sub-human sadists “accepting bribes to shed blood”). The wives and children of such unfortunate souls can never even know whether their loved ones are alive or dead, thanks to the total impunity that criminalised mercenary loafers of the evil Indian empire have in the occupied and brutalised nations of the sewery shit pit called India. They cannot even know if their loved ones who “disappeared” are being tortured to death by mercenary loafers or buried in one of the many mass-graves that dot Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur etc. So they become “half-orphans” and “half-widows” for the rest of their lives. See, even someone like Ezekiel could not even imagine that there would exist a filthy empire so evil that it is much more sub-human than a vile, turdy land “which creates many orphans and widows in its midst”.

      Dear Atlantic, as a conscientious Christian who is aware of the Holy Spirit (ethical ability) and the consequences of sinning against God (NOT the false gods of the sub-human idolater hordes) and God’s universal laws, you have nothing much to worry about someone like satan. As I already mentioned, satan would never succeed in corrupting an ethical, conscientous person or tempting him into doing evil as long as he adheres to the Holy Spirit in him. Satan is immensely wary of such souls that adhere to the Holy Spirit (ethical ability) in them and would not present much trouble to such souls.

      What you need to be more worried about are the sub-human hordes who are despicable enough to shock even satan with the sheer sadistic evil that their turdy hearts are capable of. The next time such a sub-human hindoid creature despicably LIES to you, tries to CHEAT you and DECEIVE you in to believing absolutely demonic crap and falsehood that their turdy shit pit of a country called the evil Indian empire is somehow a “non-violent”, “spiritual”, “democratic” land with a “great culture”, please remember the warnings of Ezekiel who describes the crimes of the hordes of such a satanic land of sub-human, vile idolater savages. Even the prophetic Ezekiel did not have words to describe the evil deeds of such a sub-human land which exceeds all evils of the land that was prophesised by him to be destroyed by God by pouring out His fiery wrath on the sewery land and its vile hordes.

      While you’re at it, dear Newfoundlander, as a good Christian who adheres to Christ’s teachings and the Holy Spirit, I humbly request you to please remember the unfortunate brutalised, oppressed and tortured peoples of the occupied nations of the evil Indian empire such as Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur, Asom, the tribal-belt and many other such places in your prayers. Please remember the sub-human evils they are being subjected to by the world’s most evil empire of current times and the hordes of murderous, satanic, mercenary savages and other arse-licking hordes of sub-humans and pray for their unfortunate peoples to be rescued by God from the satanically sub-human clutches of the world’s turdiest and filthiest empire of all time.

      You know, I’m an atheist myself, but every now and then, I can’t help but utter a silent prayer to God/G-d/YHWH/Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah to save the unfortunately occupied, brutalised and butchered peoples of the sub-humanly evil Indian empire and other such turdy shit pits and satanic cess-pools and rescue them from the clutches of such vile, demonic, filthy, sub-satanic empires and their sub-human hordes of turdy, arse-licking scum beings.

      That was the reason why I am so interested in the Biblical End Times. One sure way of putting an end to the satanic oppression and brutalisation of innocent, freedom-yearning souls from the demonically sub-human clutches of turdy savages is if the End Times happens in the near future. Another way is of course, a planet-shaking event from the Sun or outer space or a hugely destructive man-made catastrophe of unimaginable proportions like WWIII. If such things fail to happen, then the entire planet would irretrievably descend into a terribly evil age of satanic barbarism, thanks to the hordes and hordes of pea-brained, uncouth, unethical, low IQed, rabidly overbreeding, savage, evil creatures and the growing demonic power of the filthy sub-human shit pits the criminalised savages inhabit. Such a scenario would represent a perfect case of “hell on Earth” if it is not stopped right in its turdy tracks. The New World Order is basically a demonic plan to destroy the civilised societies and peoples, turd worldise the entire world and reduce every place on the planet to the sub-human depths of the stinking septic tanks that pass off as “countries” of the lowly, evil, sub-human turd world. More on that later.


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