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Only a few people really want money September 18, 2010

My boss is a talented private banker and an excellent psychologist. I learned a lot by observing his talks with job candidates in the beginning of my Human Resources Carriere. And since the idea of his business is to make money, my major task has been to find people who REALLY want to earn money. Interestingly, it turned to be a hard task!

The best two questions to ask a candidate is “Do you love money?” and ” What do you need money for?”. The first reaction always is: “yes, sure, who doesn’t?!?” and when I start asking how this love for money actually manifests in his/her life….a person suddenly realises that actually “no…not really”.

It is a paradox? I think no. In fact, most of the people just want a sufficient life standard and nothing more. A dream of becoming rich is obviously a brain-washed one: how many of us are really ready to DO something to become rich? Not many. Because it mostly means too much work, too much stress, to many other conditions which we believe we do not have… The truth is, it is not needed.

This is my observation over several years, backed up with a solid recruitment experience…any ideas on your side?

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27 Responses to “Only a few people really want money”

  1. Elke Says:

    My theory is, that making money is a talent just like painting or singing …..
    In our society many people believe that the ones who make a lot of money deserve it because they simply work hard for it, while the ones who don’t make a lot of money are just lazy. There are so many things one can do in life, but not many of them make a lot of money. Making music for example basically doesn’t make any money, unless someone sponsors it (just a very small portion comes from ticket revenues). Taking care of patients at a hospital is a lot of work with little pay (practically sponsored by society). Most people choose a profession by their interest or talent, not the pay they get from it.
    Some people have a passion for money, so they should make money! But they should never look down on people with low income! And they should spend their money supporting projects that don’t make money, but help society. There are a few people with so much income, they can’t possibly spend it in one lifetime. This money is lost for society, unless they spend it on social, cultural or educational projects. It’s like a talented singer would only sing under the shower, like a painter would hide their paintings in a closet or a talented mother would only take care of her own children…..

    • axinia Says:

      Elke, I like you point about making money as a talent. It is talent indeed, and as any other talent, not everyone posesses it.
      It is also very true, that some people ahve passion for money.I have seen that. I know one banker who loves to see money in gold. He does not posess much himself, but he says he loves workign in a bank because he can litetraty see loads of money….

      • I know one banker who loves to see money in gold.

        That banker friend of yours is smart, no doubt about it! 🙂 He knows that only gold (and silver, platinum and other precious metals) are real money, because they have intrinsic value in them, no matter what happens in the world. The currency notes that we use daily are not real money. It’s funny money, tending towards being fake money. They have absolutely no intrinsic value to them, and the sheeple use them as “money” based on the fraudulent claims of the filthy gubmint criminals and central bankster scum who print the funny money. Even the small denomination coins have more intrinsic value to them than the funny paper money, as they can be melted for the metals and alloys in them, if inflation makes them worth more than the face value stamped on them.

        The other day, while discussing the new coins issued by the filthy, demonic, sub-human Indian empire, which are smaller, much lighter and made of much cheaper alloy than the old ones, I tried to explain why the coins were continuously getting smaller, thinner, lighter and cheaper by the day. When I mentioned that only gold, silver etc. are real money and that paper money is funny money with absolutely no intrinsic value, I was laughed at 😐 The silly, unthinking, brainwashed sheeple 😆 Despite solid evidence staring them in the face by means of the coins they held in their hands, they were not willing to understand the concept of real money and funny money. Not that they could not understand the simple concept, but they did NOT WANT to understand it, being the good, unthinking, brainwashed sheeple that the “powers that be” want them to be. With plenty of sheeple like that throughout the world, it’s not a wonder that the “powers that be” (TPTB) are running the global currency presses 24 x 7 days a week, 24 x 365 days a year in turbo-charged mode, spewing out the funny paper money by the truckloads 😯

        TPTB who control the world, who are richer than entire countries (people like Bill Gates aren’t really the richest in the world, they are merely the richest people who are known to the sheeple) know these facts about real money and funny money, since it is they who control the central banks and a lot of other things. That’s why they have their enormous wealth stashed away in secret underground vaults in the form of solid gold bars and ingots, if they are not used to buy up hard assets throughout the world at pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile, the sheeple continue to use the funny paper money, store their hard-earned “money” in the form of bank deposits and complain about high “inflation” and “rising prices” while laughing away the concept of gold, silver etc. being the only forms of real money. Pathetic, unthinking, brain-dead hordes of sheeple, they are ever willing to let themselves be turned into neo-slaves of the TPTB. With such sheeple forming the vast majority of the world’s population (be it in the civilised societies or the uncouth ones), TPTB are laughing themselves all the way to their “banks” i.e. the sub-terranean, fortified vaults of gold and other precious metals.


  2. Cristian Says:

    I believe money can’t be an object of desire, because is not a goal in its own nature, but an outcome, a consequence.
    Money, or currency to put it clearer, is only a physical representation of wealth. As such is only a concept; a thought created by man.
    And wealth in itself is also another thought. It is just a symbolic representation of what in its original pure form was just a favor done by someone to somebody, with an estimation of a numeric value assigned to it.

    The key, as with all things in life is to keep the balance.
    The amount of accumulated wealth a person should claim as its own, should be balanced with the amount of overall favors that person has done for others in the world. (yes, as in doing some type of work for others or helping others somehow in some way)

    When a person has done more favors for others that the total amount of wealth that society acknowledges to him/her, a lack of balance is created, most commonly translated in what we know as material poverty, and in the challenges that brings to the person.

    When a person has done less favors for others that the total amount of wealth that society acknowledges to him/her (i.e: inherited state, a gambling win, or someone that claims to “own” wealth whose actual source is fraudulent or stolen or created at the expense of somebody else’s ignorance or weakness), a lack of balance is created in those cases as well, most commonly translated in what we know as spiritual poverty or “unhealthiness”, bad karma, etc., and in the challenges that brings to the person.

    Interestingly, the latter one is in my opinion much worse and harder to resolve than the first one.

  3. Terry Says:

    There is a different way to think about your interview question, Do you love money?

    In my profession I have worked with hundreds of very wealthy clients–not the super-wealthy but certainly earning many times what most people ever have. I have yet to meet anyone who truly loves money. They love the work they do and how it helps people and they use money to keep score of their success. They like the wealthy lifestyle, but the greatest pleasure seems to be giving money away to worthy causes. I think they see wealth as a gift–partly earned, partly grace of God. I always assumed rich people are very attached to their money, but I found they see it much like many beautiful people see their beauty as something outside and apart from themselves.

    But to explore the question deeper, let’s assume one quality of enlightenment is the ability to see God in every aspect of creation. And to realize that there is no aspect of creation that is not possessed of God. We can say money is a human creation, but in fact whatever we create must partake of God by definition. From that perspective money must also be imbued with God. And if we love God we would naturally love everything in creation equally because everything is nothing but God. Not just the beauty of nature or any other aspect of the material world in which it is easy to imagine God, but to love God in each and every material manifestation. So it follows that an enlightened person must naturally love money.

    If an enlightened person loves money, so should an ordinary person. It may be a very different quality of love, but the impulse must come from the same source. It doesn’t seem right to say I don’t love money. When I look at the Goddess Laxmi, money pours from her hand. I think she wants me to love money–to love God in the form of money. If I answered your question, No, I don’t love money, then I would be dishonoring God.

    If an interviewer asked me, Do you love a flower, a sunset, a baby?, and I said, No, not very much, I would naturally seem like a rather unevolved person. Loving money may be much harder than loving these other things. If so, then maybe the question, Do you love money? is actually a good test of consciousness.

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Terry,

      I obviously cannot claim more life experience than yours, neither I ahve met more rich peopel than you. Howevr my humble experience shows that the so calles welthy individulas DO LOVE money, they like to paly with it, they love it as a subject and they like to see it grow. AND – the rest of the world simply don’t. It’s a totally different attitude and there is by no means anything bad in it, the only problem is that it is not that clear to the rest of mankind who is not “much into money” 🙂

      • Terry Says:

        While you may not see anything bad about loving money, people in general do see something very wrong in that. But the stereotype of the miserly Scrooge is seriously out of touch with the times at least in my corner of the world. There is a strong commitment to social responsibility among people who make a lot of money out of authentic work and to a large degree among the children they leave it to. Paris Hilton is a stereotype too. The rich I know are no more noble than anyone else, but I know they give large amounts of their wealth to social causes.

        However, I am more interested in the role of money in spiritual life, which your reply did not address. Everything in material life is a potential doorway to spiritual development. And everything in material life is also a trap for the ego. Money holds a lot of power as a trap obviously, so I must conclude that it is also an equally great test for spiritual seekers–those who have and those who don’t, those who want it and those who don’t. Would you agree that true spirituality and compassion is not about loving selectively but about loving universally? Remember the story of the yogi who is challenged by a nonbeliever to find anything good in the corpse of a dog lying in front of them. The yogi responds by admiring the beauty of the dog’s fang.

  4. This may be off-topic, Axinia 😐 But since you are associated with the field of private banking, could you help me learn a few things about the way it functions, please? No, I’m not interested in the trade secrets 😉 nor do I want to know the ways by which your bank’s clients obtained their wealth and where it is invested.

    I understand that private bankers “manage” the wealth of rich individual clients with their consent. I guess they advise their clients on how to maximise their returns on investment, by offering advice on investing or actually investing in companies, stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, intellectual property, other hard and soft assets, foreign currency etc. on their clients’ behalf.

    But how does the private banker actually earn money? Do private bankers charge either a flat fee or a variable fee (based on the size of the investment) for providing services to their clients? Or do they charge a commission on the investments’ return? Or is it a combination of both? Or do private bankers run their own private version of mutual funds – the so-called “hedge funds” that do the actual investing, while clients put their money into the those hedge funds and get the returns? Is it a combination of any or all of the above, depending on the needs of the client?

    It would all work fine if the investments earn handsome returns. What if some investment turns out to be a disaster and the client ends up losing a lot of money, having trusted the private banker’s expertise? Who will pick up the losses? People who paid the private bankers to maximise their investments would not be pleased if they actually end up losing it, to say the least. Do the private bankers take insurance cover for such unexpected losses? Also, do private bankers have a chance of being legally harassed and hounded by the tax/regulatory/enforcement/financial agencies of the gubmints of their clients’ countries?


    • axinia Says:

      Dear Raj,
      I don’t think I can help you with this qeustion. Althought I work with private banking people a lot, but I am nto involved in theri activities at all. My only task is to find the right presonnel. So I have no idea how exactly it works. To tell you the truth the wolrld of banking as wll as of law is something which my brain benies to analize, get intrested and understand 🙂

      • That’s okay, Axinia dear, I can understand what you mean 🙂 It’s just that we don’t have the concept of organised private banking (at least the private bankers don’t advertise themselves as such) in the filthy, demonic, sub-human Indian empire, despite the humungous amounts of “black money” sloshing around the economy and I wanted to know the basic principles on which organised, legal private banking functions in the civilised world. I believe I can make a decent private banker or private bank employee, and if I lived somewhere in Österreich, then I may have applied to you for a career 😉


  5. I never associated the idea of work and money.But I am very aware about the fatal association of it in society.
    The moralin concept that “hard work” brings wealth, would assume that the hard working Ethiopian peasant are billionaires.Obviously the highest earners do nothing beside perpetuating their plus value on a deregulated market .
    I would ask more that question to some “lost in the neoliberal shortcut of individual worth through wealth” : “what went wrong in your life, that you have more money than good common sense!”

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    too much work, too much stress, to many other conditions which we believe we do not have…
    I feel people like me are ready to accept!!!!
    we want only opportunity. which is most important for us which we loose only due to lac of money.
    I have done my graduation even tenth and twelveth on such conditions only…. and selected lower possible profession so far, which my rich friends are doctors,engineers and in civil service on reputed posts worldwide ,even having less marks and capacities !!!! ????( agreed by them only). obviously money made their carrier afterwords even with …less work ..less stress.. or no conditioning !!!!! as having more opportunities with better learning conditions and working conditions afterwords.
    Even I believe hard work and such things doesn’t attracts money . This is totally different management…..still I have not understood completely let ‘s see further…

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      In my case mangers knows that people like me can take more responsibility happily with less wedges throughout as we are work lover (and have job satisfaction ,obviously can see in student eyes when they settle and reply from worldwide)!!! ….and non demanding!!! do not give any threat or doesn’t readily change the jobs even available!!!…. as gives more preference to keeping together the family and equally takes responsibility as well !!!!

    • Dear Maheshsaheb,

      What makes you think that you have selected a so-called “lower profession”??? 😕

      How can you call nursing a “lower profession” than medicine or engineering or civil service 😕 Is it because nurses in general earn less money than doctors and others? So how does it become “low”? I guess you have to study at least five years or so after high school in order to become a certified nurse. It is a specialised profession, one that requires great skill, patience, a service-oriented mindset, a Christian ethic of helping those in need and an ability to ease the horrible suffering of others in order to even think of becoming a nurse. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can become a nurse. In fact, as a male, I guess you are a rare, but much-needed minority in the nursing profession.

      So how does nursing become a “low” profession? A nurse is not an unskilled labourer who loads goods into trucks. In fact, I would NEVER even think of calling unskilled labourers as practitioners of a “low” profession! Never! That would be uncouth on my part if I did so. Each profession has its own merits and the world cannot survive without even the so-called “lowest” professions!

      Think of what would happen if all hair-dressers and barbers vanished from the face of the Earth one day? Humans would begin to resemble rag-heads and even actors and models would look like cavemen and cavewomen with unkempt hair 😀 Think of what would happen if all the municipality workers, conservancy staff and those who maintain the drains disappear from the face of the Earth one day? The entire planet will become an open shit pit and begin to drown in its own sewers! 😆 So how can one call those as “low” professions, if we cannot even survive without them? Let alone call nursing – a noble, life-saving, pain and suffering alleviating, ethical profession a “low” profession, I would NEVER even call the municipal worker who sweeps the road as practitioner of a so-called “low” profession!


    • This is what happens when we have lived and been brought up in a stinking rotten “culture” that believes in “previous births’ karma” filth, “karma based birth”, and “karma based caste occupation” and other sub-human Stone Age filth 😡 Such demonic, evil, sub-human, turd-headed ideas corrupt the very fabric of society and turn such sub-human societies into open sewers. Do not listen to those lowlife sub-humans who tell you such crap as “low” professions and other such uncouth nonsense that the low-IQed Hindoid turd world barbarians are capable of.

      Look at the civilised first world societies. Everything is professionalised there, everyone takes pride in their work even if they find it boring and drudging and paying less than what they should get. No one would even think of others as practitioners of a “low” profession and look down upon them. Even the failed and collapsed commie second world has managed to instill the dignity of labour and the equality of all into the minds of the hapless hordes that were kept under the dreaded slavery of communism. It’s only the sub-human hordes of the turd world trash cans with tiny, regressive, pea-brains wallowing inside their feudal minded turd-heads that think that some professions are “low” and others are “high”. It’s not a wonder that the turd world trash cans remain uncivilised shit pits even in the 21st century, because of the regressive pea-brains of the hordes who inhabit such places.

      Take the attacks on the sub-human Hindoid hordes who have flooded civilised Australia. A huge deal of the anger against the sub-human barbarians is driven by the fact that the lowlife turd world Hindoid creatures have taken their uncouth behaviour with them to Australia. Being pea-brained barbarians, they have treated waiters, cab-drivers, security personnel, janitorial staff and others with contempt, looking down upon them as practitioners of “low” professions as they would in their stinking shit pits they call as home. Australians, being civilised people, naturally did not tolerate this sub-human nonsense coming from the pea-brained turd-headed Hindoid barbarians. Such sub-human behaviour from the Hindoid hordes, being the uncouth turd world vermin that they are, is a prime factor in the attacks against the obnoxious Hindoid trash beings who have invaded Australia in their hordes.


    • Continuing from my above two comments, Maheshsaheb, I would really like to know what made you feel that nursing is a “lower profession” than the others you mentioned 😕


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        Dear brother raj,
        This is fact to be accepted.It is considered same even I doesn’t feel like that. I know it’s nobility very well.Still I feel it is less challenging. It require Heart n hand more than head!!! It can managed with average head. (In that seance I call it low,nothing other intention)
        I also dislike the word noble because the professions which you mentioned and considered knowingly or unknowingly,which are Nesessory to clean the dirt,otherwise,nobody have touched are only categorized under that.Another way nobody would have willingly accepted those unless until there is no alternative. even you have not compaired nursing with so called higher profession. What I feel every work we do for human is a nobel and dignified.It may be banking if it is done proffessnally !!!! but as it doesnt involve dirt and its clenliness then it is not Nobel !!!! In that sense when anybody call nursing as Nobel I feel he is purposely abusing to it. ( I know you are not ,I understand your purpose)
        I have accepted it willing as I can do it by own without anybody’s help and now also I am doing satisfactorily with 100% job satisfaction.I am not blemming my parent even ,they have done enough for me. If I would have not selected nursing no further education was possible to me due to lack of financial support.
        You will be surprise to read that even I was not getting girl for me from so called good family as I am Nurse. Any way now days has changed so much.
        This is Good New to you that, Now after 20 years of working again I am going for higher education with study leave. ….!!!!
        Now I really need personal bankers…. to run my family. educational expenses can be managed by educational loan. which is already granted!!!

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          @ Axnia
          This is not an appeal to help me through your blog!!! It is just sharing as Raj asked, If you want edit you can. I will not feel bad.I know this is not that platform and my limits.
          This can be answer to your boss’s another question like, why I require money? and At present I dont have any source.

        • Dear Maheshsaheb,

          I’m glad to hear that your university/hospital has finally given you study leave to pursue further education. Would you still be teaching occasionally/part-time while studying, or are you taking a break in your career in order to finish studies? I hope and pray that you are able to meet your financial needs arising out of this new situation.

          It’s true that every profession, every honest way of earning one’s bread has dignity to it. By noble, I meant that certain professions, because of their life-saving, character building and societal worth have a special importance that cannot be understimated. It has got nothing to do with cleaning dirt or doing jobs that no one else wants to do. Even doctors, professors and teachers are said to be practitioners of noble professions and they are not involved in cleaning dirt or doing something that no one with a choice wants to do.

          Let alone the word noble, what makes you feel nursing is a job that only requires the hand and heart and not the head, and is therefore considered “low” 😕 I don’t know if it is because of the nature of the jobs nurses do in different countries, despite similar qualifications. In hospitals in the civilised societies, it is the nurses who do a lot of the skilled work, from injecting and administering medicines to monitoring and measuring parameters to stitching up cuts and a lot of other things besides taking care of the well-being of the patients. All that requires skilled work and use of the head, and is not a joke. In fact, it can be said that in hospitals in the civilised countries, it would not be far-fetched to say that it is the nurses who actually cure the patients. The doctors only prescribe the medication and oversee the course of treatment, besides performing surgeries. Everything else is done by the nurses, including monitoring the condition of severely ill patients and reporting them if something goes amiss. I don’t know how one could call such a profession as not needing much skill 😕

          It’s a highly skilled task to save even a single life and take care of the physical and mental well-being of humans, and that is what all medical and para-medical personnel do, whether it is a surgeon, doctor, specialist, dentist, psychiatrist, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, radiologist, pharmacologist and others. Why, even a low paid ambulance driver who drives a big van through congested streets filled with pea-brained motorists to the best of his ability in order to take part in saving a life is doing a fabulous job. Because of the nature of his work, I would say his driving skills are more worthy and useful to society than that of any highly-paid, famous, glamorous race driver who drives sleek, sophisticated and fast machines around race-tracks for fame, glory, money and fun or a cannon-fodder mercenary who drives a turdy machine such as a battle tank in order to kill and get killed.

          Work with hands, dirt, soil, unclean etc. being classified as “low” is an uncouth, sub-human, turdy, filthy way of classifying professions based on the nauseous system of putrid, decadent, obnoxious, sub-human filth called the stinking, despicable, barbaric, sewery caste system. According to the sewery caste system – a satanic, sub-human idea that occurs only in the microscopic pea-brains of the turd-headed Hindoid barbaric savages, any profession that involves honest, creative, productive, beneficial hard work is “low”. The more productive, creative, honest and useful it is, the “lower” it is according to the sub-human system of filth called the Hindu caste system. According to the satanic caste system, the professions that involve cheating, leeching, fraud, killing, murder, deception, lying and other sub-human behaviour are “high”. The more killing, murder, lying, deception and sub-human behaviour it involves, the “higher” it is on the scale of the stinking sewer called the sub-human Hindu caste system.


          (…contd. below)

        • (…contd.)

          Is it any wonder that with such a sub-human, satanic, despicable, sewery system as the basis of its turdy, stinking, rotten Hindoid “culture”, the demonically evil, uncouth, filthy septic tank known as the rotten, sub-human Indian empire is classified at 134th position among a list of about 180 countries on human development? What else can one expect out of the pea-brained, low-IQed, turd-headed, demonically vile hordes and hordes of barbaric Hindoid savages other than being in the 50 most uncouth/least civilised countries in the world? In fact, I wonder how the sub-human Hindoid hordes have managed to stay out of the 10 most uncouth/least civilised countries in the world. Their tiny little pea-brains are so regressive and the stinking, sewery caste system of the Hindoid barbarians is so putrid, decadent and all pervasive that it is a real wonder how the despicably evil, sub-human Indian empire is even at 134th position in the world.

          I know why. It’s because of traces of modern civilised Western influence. Had it not been for the Brits, the Hindoid filth beings would have belonged in the bottom 10 (It’s a different matter that had it not been for the Brits, the evil, sub-human Indian empire would not even exist). Had it not been for the introduction of modern, civilised concepts, ideas and influences and Western education by the Brits, the rotten turd world septic tank called the Hindoid sub-continent would have been the most despicable and deplorable shit pit in the entire universe. Not that it is not a turd world cesspit now, but it could have been much, much worse 😯 Such is the despicable, worthless, pea-brains and barbaric primitive savagery of the Hindoid beings and their sub-human, sewery caste system 😡 The Hindoids’ feudal-minded uncouthness and anti-ethical behaviour rooted in the turdy, sewery Hindu caste system serves as a clear indicator to the miniscule pea-brains wallowing inside the turd heads of the uncivilised Hindoid hordes.

          Oh, my “God”! Had it not been for modern Western system of education introduced by the Brits, the Hindoid hordes would have classified medicine and engineering too as “low” professions and stayed away from them. Had it not been for the introduction of modern science education from the civilised world, the Hindoid creatures would have looked at those who practised the professions of curing and building as “low” potion-men, wild herb crushers, masons, stone-and-wood workers, blacksmiths, forgers etc. Had it not been for the introduction of the modern system of shool education by the Brits, the sub-human Hindoid filth beings would have deliberately denied even basic education and literacy for the everyone. Whatever their haughtiness and colonising nature was, the Brits cannot be faulted for at least trying to introduce modern, civilised, egalitarian, humane concepts and education to the sub-continent as the pea-brained sub-human Hindoid hordes are themselves incapable of such things. Such is the notorious nature of the regressive Hindoids’ demonic pea-brains and such is the despicable nature of their sub-human stinking system known as the satanic, sewery caste system 😡 Filthy hordes of regressive, pea-brained, murderous, uncouth, satanic Homo criminalii hindoides! 👿

          Maheshsaheb, there is no hope for the demonically evil Indian empire, the hordes and hordes of savage Hindoid barbarians and their regressive uncouth “culture” rooted in the sub-human, sewery caste system. It is such a despicably evil, sub-human “culture” that I hope it doesn’t get to pollute and infect the civilised world, given the fact that the Hindoid hordes breed like rats and spread like the plague to the civilised places to leech off them.

          Even the Chinese hordes can have a bright future, given their better culture. Despite the totalitarian commie criminals maintaining a vice-like grip over the evil Chinese empire, there is nothing basically wrong with the Confucian culture or with the Chinese people. They are more civilised than the uncouth Hindoid savages and their culture is more decent, progressive and open to the best from the outside world. Had it not been for the commie criminals, China (and more so, North Korea) would have already been as civilised as Japan and South Korea.

          The same cannot be said of the uncouth, despicable hordes of Hindoid creatures, their sub-human, demonically evil Indian empire and their nauseating, rotten, filthy, stinking “culture” rooted in the despicable, sewery caste system. The hordes and hordes of lowlife Homo criminalii hindoides and their putrid, rotten, filthy, murderous, evil Indian empire are merely sowing what they are going to reap! The clock is ticking away…


  7. Money does not fall from the sky , each plus value is due to the abuse of other humans somewhere.Right now the market is virtually over evaluated hot air 13 times and driven by engines without emotional or philosophical consideration, and the next crash is right in front of us.
    Saying that poverty is due to absence of wealth wish makes me wonder about all the fantast concepts legitimating greed.
    To be very clear, speculation is killing humanity and the planet and some thoughtful people prefers OUT OF SELF WORTH the higher luxury of the survival of our specie to the short time participation game to the big final rip off.

  8. What exactly is in your eyes the difference between oversized gold “diggers” masterminds , and those con artists in advertisement preaching to send them granny’s gold under the mattress& family jewels, who “pay real cash” (completely under evaluated!)?.

    REAL Hearts of gold have other beats!

    • Did you ask me that question, Antiphonsgarden? Since it was I who mentioned about real money (gold) and funny money (cash) 😕

      I agree with you that real hearts of gold beat to a completely different tune than that of metallic gold. Remember what Christ said about the hordes who have sold their souls to the love of gold, gold and only gold (i.e. money):

      It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


  9. swaps Says:

    I dont want money. I only want a Porsche. Is it too much? 🙂

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