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POLL: desires, wishes & co September 15, 2010

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This is an age-old and question and probably one of the most mysterious ones: is there a destiny, a kind of a programmed path for each of us?

Are we free to “design” the life we want  or is everything under the control of higher powers?

What is your feeling/experience/believe about it?

looking forward to your choice and comments:)





13 Responses to “POLL: desires, wishes & co”

  1. Voting for the option “other” in the choice list does not show up in the results 😦

    This is the age-old question, is everything done according to a pre-fixed destiny, or do we have the free will to control what we do 😕

    According to me, the answer is quite simple 😐

    There is no such thing such as a “fixed unchangeable fate” or “already fixed destiny” or “pre-programmed path” or “pre-planned order” or any turdy, stinking crap like that!

    The filthy, sewery shit called “previous births’ karma” and “fixed unchangeable fate” belongs where it belongs – on the despicable toilet papers that make up certain “holy” s’crap’tures of the world’s most obnoxious, sub-human and turdy “culture” of the lands covered by the world’s most demonically vile, uncouth turd world septic tank called the evil Indian empire (and its neighbouring shit pits which have similar uncouth “cultures”). There is no such crap as “past births”, “reincarnation” or “amoeba-turned-earthworm-turned-cockroach-turned-fish-turned-frog-turned-reptile-turned-bird-turned-bat-turned-rat-turned-human” rotten trash. That kind of crappy filth belongs inside the tiny pea-brains of the hordes and hordes of retarded, 81-average-IQed, uncouth, unethical, primitive, regressive, demonically evil 👿 sub-human Homo criminalii hindoides barbarians 😡
    There is a line from a popular song, which can be translated as follows:

    The one who thinks of fate is a deceived, foolish moron!
    The one who conquers and overcomes the idea of fate is intelligent and wise!

    Needless to say, I completely agree with it! 🙂

    Life is all about choice. We are what we are because of our own choices and the ones made on our behalf. Each and every action of ours is a consequence of the choices we make. That’s what makes each and every individual a conscious, free-willed person who controls his/her own destiny to the greatest extent possible. Each and every simple choice we make moulds our own self. If we had made a different choice when it was available, then a different path would have opened up. However once a choice is made, it cannot be undone because it has already been made. In that aspect, each choice made at any point of time moulds and either limits or further opens up the choices available to us after that. Again, it is the one that we choose, that will have an effect on the future choices available to us. At any point in time, we have a set of choices to choose from. Once we make a choice, it cannot be undone and we have to move on to the next.

    It is something like us controlling our own destinies due to the choices we have made, are making and will make in the future. In other words, we have plenty of choices, and our fate is controlled by our own selves making them.

    We have a “fate” as long as it is the one we choose for ourselves. We have choices as long as the they are the ones we make for ourselves (and are made on our behalf). It’s as simple as that. It is perfectly the sane, logical, rational explanation to the eternal truth: As you sow, so shall you reap.


    • axinia Says:

      I agree Raj that life is what we make with you choices, but you know what…just recently I read an Article in German scintiful magazine that even scinetist start thingking “there must be something” because we get an impulse to handle 8 sec. before we actrually aware of that! See the expereiments of Benjamin Limbert – The experiment has caused controversy as it challenges the pre-scientific philosophical and religious views of “free will”.


      • That article is too long for me to read it now, Axinia 😐

        What does that experiment suggest? Just because of the supposed previous impulse that they claim, do they want to suggest the total absence of free will and that filthy concept of “fixed unchangeable fate” governs the little actions of everyone? By the way, is the time lag really 8 seconds and not 8 nanoseconds, microseconds or milliseconds? 8 seconds simply sounds too huge to be an effective explanation for a sewer concept such as “fixed unchangeable fate”. Why? I’ll explain below.

        The actions of a person (animal etc.) take place at different levels – unconscious actions, involuntary reflex actions, conscious reflex actions, ordinary actions, planned actions etc. etc. The nervous system processes and controls all these actions. Some are controlled and processed in the spinal cord and all others are controlled and executed in different parts of the brain.

        If one touches a hot pan, the brain does not have to make a “decision” at all (nor does it have the time to make it). The spinal cord co-ordinates the involuntary reflex action and one immediately takes his hand off the hot surface. Strictly speaking, this is not a case of free will, is it? The so-called “fate” seems to control what one is doing. Right? Wrong!

        Yes, despite one not taking his hand off the hot surface of one’s own “free will”, free will still prevails. How? One can choose to overrule the so-called “fate” at one’s own free will 🙂 and deny the actions of the supposed “fate”! One can consciously CHOOSE to get his hand burnt on the hot surface (not that it is an advisable thing to do), by allowing free will to prevail over the so-called “pre-fixed fate”. If the so-called “fate” is such a miserably weak concept that it cannot even prevent free will from overriding a simple unconscious reflex action controlled by the spinal cord, then how can the same uncouth, sewery piece of filthy turd called “fate” even dream of controlling the voluntary actions, pre-mediated actions and other complex actions that take place in the brain???

        “Fate” is just what it is – a miserable, stinking sewer concept that has been given undue importance in crappy, sub-human “cultures” (over)populated by hordes of pea-brained savages who cannot get their tiny brains wallowing inside their turd-heads to function better than the brains of cockroaches.

        Let’s talk about the “previous impulse of 8 sec.” How on Earth can one get an impulse 8 seconds previously, if one ACCIDENTALLY touches the hot pan and withdraws it in a fraction of a second 😕 Or take the case of two boxers, karatekas, savateurs, fencers or any two combat sportspersons figthing each other in the ring. Each of them makes their moves in SPLIT-SECONDS and changes, alters or enhances mid-way each move based on the opponent’s moves, position and reactions. Of what use is an impulse that they got 8 seconds before in such a fight??? By the time they get to enact the “fate given impulse” they supposedly “received” 8 seconds before, they would be knocked out flat by the opponent who is exercising his free will! 🙂 Which is to say,

        …Vidhi yai ninai paven yaemaali!
        Adhai venru mudi paven arivaali!…

        Its translation is the one I wrote in the previous comment.


      • The sheer uncouthness of the crappy, stinking, sub-human idea that everything is “pre-determined” and that a person is no more than a turdy puppet in the hands of the so-called “fate” who cannot exercise his/her own free will is nauseating to imagine 😡 Blind believers in the idea of an all pervasive “pre-fixed fate” are attempting to suggest that instead of being conscious, free-willed individuals, humans are no more than turd beings who have absolutely no control over how or when, like pieces of turd, they will be flushed down the S-bend and flow into the sewers 😮 Perhaps, this explains why uncouth, filthy, putrid societies and “cultures” that are (over)populated by hordes and hordes of regressive, unethical, pea-brained savages remain open turd world sewers. The rapidly overbreeding hordes who tiny pea-brains believe in uncouth sewer concepts are “destined” to turn societies in which they live into open sewers, after all 😐

        Let’s consider the basic cultural ideas and beliefs of peoples belonging to civilised societies and then contrast them with the filth concepts that are the cherished beliefs of the tiny pea-brains of the savage barbarians who inhabit the uncouth places.

        Modern civilised societies of the West are based on the ethical ideas of some kind of Christian belief or the other. In short, such societies consist of peoples who have been conditioned to believe that each one of them as an individual is responsible for his/her own actions and that they shall be judged by “God” on the basis of their free-willed actions, and that no one apart from themselves are responsible for such actions. While actions that constitute ethical behaviour are recommended, this is open to change and evolve with the times. It’s not a wonder that such places happen to be civilised, apart from being the source of almost everything good, beneficial, humane and useful to the advancement of humankind.

        The other kind of civilised societies are centered around Shinto/Confucian beliefs as their basic principles. Such cultures attach a strong importance to personal honour and integrity, preach the virtues of hard work and diligence, suggesting that those who toil and create reap their own rewards while wastrels and loafers (no matter who they are) are bound to self-decay and rot away. Such cultures also have a strong tendency of adapting and incorporating the good and beneficial influences from outside into their own and sharing their own good and beneficial influences with others. It’s not a wonder that such places too are very civilised.

        At the other end of the scale, we have the sub-human barbarians who live in putrid, rotten, decadent societies whose only contribution to humankind has been to rapidly breed more and more hordes like themselves – the Homo savagensis turdworldensis. The vilest and most notorious among these hordes are the shameless, regressive beings called Homo criminalii hindoides. The tiny pea-brains wallowing inside the turd-heads of such creatures believe in a singularly grotesque, repulsive and uncouth concept called “previous births’ karma” upon which the sub-human hordes’ sewery “caste system” is based.

        What does this imply for the Hindoid savages’ stinking “culture”? Simple. The sub-humans’ rotten “culture” contains none, absolutely none of the ethical principles of civilised societies of the West or anything remotely resembling ethical behaviour. Nor does the Hindoid barbarians’ turdy “culture” contain anything that preaches the diligence, industry and personal honour and ethics of the Far Eastern civilised cultures.

        The Hindoid hordes, being lowlife barbarians, have miniscule pea-brains that believe in the concept of “karma based birth”. The sub-human scum creatures believe that everyone is born into one sewery caste or another based on his/her “previous births’ karma” and that once born into a caste, they should do only the occupation of that caste. The concept of ethics, diligence etc. are all completely alien to the “culture” of such lowlife, putrid savages. To these regressive, decadent vermin, there is no ethics other than the sewery caste system and there is nothing like hard work and diligence leading to success – their rotten, demonically evil brains only believes in caste work.

        Of course, being the lowliest, vilest and most rotten of all humanoid beings, the Hindoid creatures’ “previous births’ karma” filth preaches the exact opposite of ethical behaviour. Naive, gullible, clueless, hopelessly brainwashed simpletons from other cultures generally don’t have a clue about the anti-ethics of the shitty refuse called “previous births’ karma”. Being the vilest, most uncouth, inhuman and barbaric of all hominoid beings, the rotten Hindoid vermin would never even think of explaining how the anti-ethics of “previous births’ karma” works to those “lowly, sub-human mlechhas” (foreigners born outside the sewery caste system) who don’t know. If they did, the rest of the planet (both the civilised world and the rest of the uncouth world) would look at the Hindoid vermin as the demonically evil sub-human turd beings that they actually are.

        For the stinking “previous births’ karma” filth, the sewery caste system based on it and the anti-ethics system of the Hindoid vermin are satanic systems of evil, if ever there were such things. They are more uncouth and evil than anything else that has ever existed, exists or can exist on the planet. In such a demonically evil system of anti-ethics, the criminal is not the one who commits a crime. Rather, the Hindoid beings view the victim of the crime as the criminal! Such is the vile, putrid, obnoxious, vermin-like nature of the low-IQed Hindoid barbarian and so rotten and evil is the soul of such a slimy creature.

        Thus, for the typical demonically evil Hindoid vermin, a person who has been murdered in cold blood is the criminal who is paying for his “previous births’ karma” and the actual criminal, the murderer is not responsible for the crime. For a Hindoid turd being, a woman who has been raped is the criminal and the rapist is not responsible for the crime that he has committed. For the hordes and hordes of Hindoid sewer creatures watching and cheering the bloodbath in Indian-occupied Kashmir, the Kashmiri children and youth butchered in cold-blood on the streets of the blood-soaked IoK by the semi-literate mercenary scum unleashed by the evil Indian empire are the criminals and not the mercenary sons of sewer creatures who shoot and beat them to death.

        Is it any wonder that some laws of the demonically evil Indian empire are based on this despicable, obnoxious system of anti-ethics? Take the filthy AFSPA (enacted well after 1950, a truly demonic filth creation of the sub-human Hindoid scum), of which there is no equivalent anywhere else in the world, civilised or uncivilised. It is a virtual license for the sub-human mercenary dogs of the evil Indian empire to murder, kill, maim, gang-rape and loot as many people of the territories under the evil occupation and oppression of the sub-human Indian empire as possible with full impunity. When the chief mercenary of the evil Indian empire recently said that the sub-human AFSPA is an enabling act, the scum being actually meant that it is an act that enables the sub-human, semi-literate mercenary dogs in his demonic occupation and oppression forces to commit heinous crimes with total impunity.

        Such is the sub-human nature of the sewer people of the evil Indian empire and so demonically evil are their filthy, sub-human beliefs 👿 It all stems from the pea-brained savages’ uncouth, vile, despicable and inhuman beliefs in shitty ideas and concepts like “previous births’ karma”, “fixed unchangeable fate” and the sewery “caste system”. It isn’t a wonder that such an evil, sub-human and uncouth “culture” believing in such rotten, putrid filth actually is the world’s most regressive open sewer, (over)populated by the lowliest, pea-brained and most unethical hordes of barbarians ever, in all of humanoid history.


  2. swaps Says:

    For better or worse, not all my desires have come true.

    I remember those that did come true….hence, my choice is 2nd one.

  3. Dima Says:

    but anyway question remains where those desires come from? and who is this “I” which choose?

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    even though confused I vote first first .I don’t believe karma system as well as my all wishes not comes true still i believe on my wishes and work, after that what ever comes i accept normally. Basically i follows natures law and believe on self more. It is my action, thought,attitude,emotions gives me success and failure. Yes I believe in almighty but he doesn’t have any role in this. divine powers always ready to help and likes creation. So altimetly my wishes.!!!!!. I should know my limits and usually we knows.It is different thing that we wish more than capacity always. So no need to worry if any wish goes wrong as that was always beyond limits. up to certain level tried and then left that’s all. Almighty plays with us n enjoy our creation so basically we are free instruments of him .It is we, either create or destroy the work. Without we, almighty cant do anything. so definitely we have a great importance and role and it is necessary to understand by us. He has given freedom to us to create or destroy. He enjoy both in witness.

  5. Alenok Says:

    Wishing totally works – only not always in the way we imagine it should work. That’s why there is a saying: “Be careful what you wish for”. There is also saying: “God always hears my quiet prayers, not paying much attention to my loud demands”
    For me – there are different levels of wishes.
    There are “lightweight” wishes that can come true almost immediately – no effort applied, just keep an open mind. I take these as a symbol of Universal generosity. Like an unexpected free ice cream given by a stanger, or a bus coming right on time when you most need it, or an opportunity to photograph a beautiful couple that you recently saw on the internet.
    There are my ego’s wishes, dictated by my previous life and events that I attract into it. “I want this now! I want this person to behave this way! I want!” Well, here we just need to learn our lessons, aren’t we? These are either never fulfilled, or are fulfilled in the ways that leave us not too happy about wishing in the first place. Yes, these are “programmed” in our lives, and our main lesson is – to choose different wishes, to “re-program” ourselves.
    And there are wishes that are born by our true, higher nature. Like – “I wish I had a way to express my creativity and love, and let other people enjoy it”. “I wish to find a way to communicate with my relatives in a peaceful way”. “I wish to find a Teacher”. These are always given to us, although they might take time, sometimes long time – especially if we allow ourselves to be destructed by ego’s wishes, but if we stay focused – we are given so much help.
    Thank you for your questions, dear Axinia.

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