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Do we also need such a tradition in the West? August 29, 2010

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On the occasion of the recent Raksha-bandan celebration in India I want to repost here my earlier post from another blog telling about an amazing tradition of brother-sister relationship which seem to be missing a lot in the West. I wonder what my beloved readership will tell about this highly interesting topic?


Does male-female friendship exist?

That is one of the questions that preoccupied the pretty heads of the western society in the last centuries: can men and women be simply good friends, or is there always some potential “love story”, or trivial sexual interest behind? The opinion seems to be rather clear: such friendship does not exist! –  desperate women moan , magazines cry  and hypnotizing TV whispers to us . It seems they have no idea that the majority of the world population, i.e. the entire Asia and Arab countries know and respect this phenomenon as „brother-sister relationship”.

Eternal bound

In the eastern part of the world the role of the woman has always been somewhat larger and more meaningful than in the West: the beauty and the importance of a “sister” is one of the society’s building elements. From times immemorial there is a special tradition of the Raksha-Bandan ceremony in India: the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. The brother in return offers a gift to his sister and vows to look after her in this life.

It is not necessary that the rakhi can be given only to a brother by birth; any male can be “adopted” as a brother by tying a rakhi on the person, whether they are cousins or good friends. Indian history is replete with women asking for protection, through rakhi, from men who were neither their brothers, nor Hindus themselves.  Since the rakhi-realtionship symbolizes purity, it excludes a love-affair or romantic feelings of erotic kind. Modern women in India often use it as indications, if they want to keep up a friendship, but want to avoid any romance. But what do the men gain out of it? Why should they want to exclude such a chance for a love-affair or flirting? The more Rakhi sisters a man has, the stronger he is, because the sisters support him thereby with their Shakti powers.

It is not about getting as many as possible girls for the “bed collection”, but about getting the nourishing love from sisters/Shaktis.

In India men are very proud of having Rakhi-sisters, and love to mention them now and then. If you are giving a rakhi to somebody in India, immediately dozens of strangers fall over you asking for one as well! They know for sure what it power it has… 

Alexander The Great and King Puru

 Maharani and children

One of the oldest legendary references to the festival of Rakhi goes back to 300 B.C. At this time Alexander the Great was invading India. Alexander was shaken by the fury of the Indian king Puru in his first attempt. Upset by this, Alexander’s wife, who had heard of the Rakhi festival, approached King Puru. King Puru accepted her as his sister and when the opportunity came during the war, he refrained from fighting Alexander. Thus the rakhi-connection was more important to the King Puru than the death of his enemy!

Why did I choose my rakhi-brothers?

“The reason why I chose all my Rakhi-brothers is because I wanted them to know how I love them. I wanted them to feel that someone particularly worries about them, in another way than a wife. In each case the reasons were different. The relationship with every of my Rakhi-brothers is absolutely unique and different from the others. I always feel the connection between my Rakhi brothers and me.

Whenever my Rakhi-brother is sad or anxious, I feel a strong desire to comfort him that he can enjoy his peace again. I chose some of my brothers, because I felt that they need the love and support of a sister. Some seemed a bit serious, and a tender touch of a loving sister would dissolve the tension. I selected others because of the large mercy, which they showed me in times, where I needed them. Every one of them returned my love thousand times and in 1000 small things” – shares one Sahaja Yogini.

It is exactly what is meant under male-female friendship. The friendship that is pure, joy-giving, supportive and colorful!

Western films about brother-sister relations

The distributing house Amazon does not indicate western films, which can be associated with the term „brother sister relationship “. The only reference, which is to be found in the net, is a film about some pervert relationship in a psychologically ill family – is it the only way to make this topic attractive?! Thanks to the above mentioned tradition in India we come across captivating Bollywood films with the brother-sister (no matter biological or not) relation as motif; just to name a few: My brother Nikhil, Saaz, Phir Melenge.

Central role in the Arab Patriarchate

In the Arab world of family relationship the central role is assured to the brother-sister bound. In the literature this relationship is shown in a romantic, poetical light, and seen as the continuation of the father-daughter relationship. The sisters see their brothers as heroes, and those brothers are ready to fight for the life and the honor of their sister every moment – the examples from history and literature are well-known. This kind of attitude strengthens the co-operation of a society, which consists of large families.

 by ViDa

Western model of blood brother-sister relationships

Brothers and sisters are the persons, who know each other at longest and often the best. But how deep and trustful is their bound in the West really? For somebody coming from the East it looks like these relationships are often not very well-functioning: the members do not hold together and are pretty often in quarreled. And even if not, the warmth and mutual love are still missing. That leads to the fact that the blood sisters cannot be the supporting energy of their brothers.  It starts in the family that Shakti-power of a woman is not being recognized and respected from her childhood. No wonder a woman herself is unaware of her awesome powers!

What is really special about the brother-sister relationship is that they have under normal conditions a very close relationship to each other, know each other very well and, nevertheless, there is an incest-taboo. Such a relationship that should be probably the third important (after parents and marriage partners) in our life is often underestimated socially and personally! Therefore we do not feel that many – if not all – other people can be in fact our brothers and sisters.

The longing for sister-Shakti

And now comes the exposure of apparently so complicated male-female relationships of modern times: that is the supporting, nourishing, always loving Shakti of a woman, which a man is longing for! In his life a man meets several women, who are especially attractive and „close “ to him, but what really attracts him is the power that these women can give him. The potential, the Shakti…

Shakti manifests itself as an emotional support, though it works much deeper and on many other levels. It is the sister, who always stands by her brother and affectionately accompanies his life. A beautiful song sings of this mystery: „Oh, sister, you are my earth; you are my living water that saved me from the thirst…“ The uniqueness of this male-female type of bond seem to be badly misinterpreted and misunderstood in the modern West.

A man will rather fall in love with a woman instead of seeing her as his potential energy, strength-giving Shakti/sister. In fact, a man wants to surround himself with as many women as possible because he is looking for the support of female powers! He goes on having one love-affair after another, until he finds HIS OWN SHAKTI (which is not easy when you are not connected to reality). As soon as his being recognizes his Shakti (feminine energy in a form of a woman meant for him), he will never want to leave her…

The most interesting thing many women confess they often see men rather as brothers! „Protectors, knights, strong brothers, good friends “- these are the roles such women feel very comfortable with.  Consciously or subconsciously women look for the helpfulness, security, reliability of the male energy.

It seems that for their healthy development human beings need to have such fraternal relationship with the other sex. We have more facets for brothers and sisters in our soul than the number of siblings we can physically possess.

Unfortunately many people do not see these connections, and so some man or some woman get into an intimate relationship and finally also partnership with someone, who is more a kind of brother or sister. This kind of relationship often brings disappointment, as is to be read in many women magazines.

Then the logical question comes up: how can I differentiate between this ONLY man, who is meant for me, of all men, who are like my brothers? BUt this is a question for another article.

Rakhi facts

• The sister-brother relationship highlighted by the Rakhi goes far beyond the mere personal protection of a female from a male. It also implies the basic element of an amicable and harmonious social life where all members of the society look upon themselves as brothers and sisters and as children of one common motherland.

• The Rakhi may also be tied on other special occasions to show solidarity and kinship (not necessarily only among brothers and sisters), as was done during the Indian independence movement.


34 Responses to “Do we also need such a tradition in the West?”

  1. axinia Says:

    Interestingly, I really feel some of my readers are already my rakhi-brothers 🙂

    • clpatel Says:

      Sahaja yoga is a new way of life.Good things from both East and West are present in it.
      In fact before marriage only brother-sister relationship is moral.
      After marriage only one has a wife as his girl friend or otherwise.
      It is an ideal of dharmic life.
      We are human being who are civilized and higher than animals
      So that discretion had been developed in the course of time.
      both husband and wife have to make
      compromises to balance the life and leave happily.

  2. Terry Says:

    I think one difference between east and west that pertains here is the arranged marriage. I have no idea what the expectations for two people who have known for many years that they will be husband and wife though they may seldom if ever meet before that. However, it is hard for me to imagine they are anything like the expectations of a couple who meet, flirt, and then seriously court each other until marriage.

    In the west the expectation is typically that my wife/husband will be everything to me. Therefore anything that is added in the form of a male/female bond would seem to subtract from that expectation. There is an assumption that to have a friend of the opposite gender means there must be something lacking in the relationship with the spouse. And when a relationship starts from that basis, one relationship inevitably undermines the other.

    Even if there is more personal choice in marriage in the east today, the cultural heritage of arranged marriage still affects individual psychology. Marriage and Rakhi may be more compatible in India simply because no one starts with a bias against it as we do in the west.

    One way that more male/female friendships are occurring in the west is through the Internet. Of course, most of these may only be “safe” ways to have the emotional release of an affair without any physical consequences.

    I hate to sound pessimistic, but I don’t believe many people are capable of the conscious experience of shakti. When it happens it is a matter of luck or karma and it is enjoyed without understanding or choice. Even so, that is a great blessing, and eventually we will realize what we are missing.

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Terry, I don’t really any any conncetion between rakha-bandan und arranged marriages, these are two different things. Actually as far as I understand Rakhi.-realtionship is a free choice.

      Then there is nothing wroing with arranged mariges – it is not stranger than a fee partner choice in the West which is mostly a wrong choice and people suffer and break up. What’ s the diffenrece? Both systems are not perfect, both have their advantages.

      I myself had an arranged marriage and I am more than happy about it – I would never beeen able to find such a great husband on my own! In the case of arranged marriages what matters is Who and and On What Base they are done.

      I am surprised to hear from you that “In the west the expectation is typically that my wife/husband will be everything to me.” – are you sure? I think the concept fo freindship is an essetical to the Western world and that supposes that not only a spouse is important.

      I think that may depend on a character.
      Take my example: I am happily married and my husband is everything to me (a partner, a father, a lover, a brother, a son, a friend, just any male role!) but I also have some great female and male freinds (mostly my rakhi-brothers) that are very dear to me and this is just snother aspect which I also enjoy. I love friends and can’t live without them. But my husband – he can. He is not having any friends in the sense I do and he says I am fulfilling all the roles for him…he is more an introvert, may be that’s why….Must be a personal thing.
      As I pointed out in the article, we have more facets for brothers and sisters in our soul than the number of siblings we can physically possess. Even if this need is mistaken for something else, it does not mean it is useless.

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        I am happily married and my husband is everything to me (a partner, a father, a lover, a brother, a son, a friend, just any male role!)…..

        To have this feeling one’s relationship should be ripen like mango and they should be mix in a such manner together that can’t separate with preserving their own identity as human, then only one can enjoy its sweetness rather than just carry forward or break up, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s arrange or love, within cast or inter-cast!!! ……enjoy Axinia.
        at the same point when u accept anybody as rakhee brother or sister how much u devote to that relationship is more important rather than its tradition. her i also feel that one should not hide emotion whatever he/she has and should resolve conflicts to have better relationship. acceptance to one as rakhee brother or sister or husband should be very clear to both.
        BUT I feel beyond all this there should be another type of doughtless relationship which is mature ,understandable,not imposing or demanding anything except just sharing should be exist beyond rakhi or husband /wife relationship which can enjoy free and safe collectivity whenever needed.just as a respectful human …. that’s the expectation ,Axinia
        this is my attitude since childhood so have not accepted more rakhee sister nor entertain anybody’s life unnescessorilly.
        You know when I was in my 1 st RGNM class I was alone and 30 girls were there. when they recommended for rakhee brother i refuse and their was big hangama including my teacher. That time also I was having feeling that no body understand me correctly and bycot from them for next 3 years of training .still I am having same feeling as afterwords also we didn’t have any contact in last 20 years.

        • axinia Says:

          Dear mahesh, you have a very beautiful and deep understanding of rakhi, all you say is true. As any important relationship, this one is very intimate and should be respected and undestood deeply. I can say that with all rakhi brothers I have (about 20) I ahve this deep coneection and I never give rakhi just like that, even if a person asks for that (some do! 🙂

          Alhtough most of my brothers are far away, not living in my country, we still keep contact and when we sometimes meet this is really a special joy! And tehy share with me things that they may not share with anyone else, this is a high level of trust too. because they know I will always suport them.

  3. Do We Also Need Such A Tradition In The West?

    To answer that question in two words – NO, NEVER!!!

    Because no one wants this happening among the civilised peoples of the world:


    How ironic that the lowly hordes of the “East” whom you praise for having a supposedly “great brother-sister relationship” happen to be the very same savage barbarians who are so pea-brained, uncouth and regressive that they would murder their own sisters (and daughters and grand-daughters and nieces) in cold blood for the flimsiest and filthiest of reasons! :mrgreen:

    What a “great bond” the uncouth savages must have between brothers and sisters that the brothers would be so glad to murder their own sisters in cold blood for the so-called “honour” 🙄

    The filthy savages butcher their own sisters and call it a deed of “honour” 😯 How much more barbaric and sub-human can the behaviour of such lowlives get? 😮

    Such a “great bond” exists between the brothers and sisters among the filthy, regressive, savage, sub-human societies indeed 🙄


    • P.Sajjadi Says:

      Dear alien, are you really fine? supposed so? but I think you gotta need a doctor, not a sister !

      • Dear P.Sajjadi,

        A doctor? Perhaps my meeting a doctor is somehow going to magically stop savages in the uncouth parts of the world from murdering their own sisters (and daughters, cousins, nieces etc.) by the thousands (possibly tens of thousands) every year 😕 If that’s the case, I’ll be glad to meet a doctor if it’s going to prevent the cold-blooded murders of so many women by their own “loving brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins” 🙂

        I suppose your doctor can explain what drives savages to commit “honour killings”? My doctor can’t. He is as baffled as I am as to why a barbarian would murder his own “loving sister” in cold blood in the name of so-called “honour” 😕

        Perhaps you can explain it. So let me ask you formally: Could you explain why the following happens, please?

        The United Nations Population Fund estimates that 5,000 women (very, very low estimate, I can assure you) are victims of honour killings every year.

        Most honour killings of women occur in Muslim countries, although such murders are not sanctioned in Islamic religion or law. (It is known to be prevalent in many other parts too, including among migrants in the civilised societies).

        Honour killings are likely most pervasive in Pakistan, where they are known as karo-kari. Women are treated as property whilst honour is so deeply entrenched in society, that the government often turns a blind eye to these honour killings.

        Instead, the murders are reported as suicides or accidents.

        In a study of female murders in Alexandria, Egypt, 47% of the women were killed after the woman had been raped.

        In Jordan and Lebanon, 70-75% of the perpetrators of these honour killings were the women’s brothers.

        In some countries, men who carry out honour killings escape with lesser penalties. In Jordan, honour killings are sanctioned by the law.

        Teenage brothers are often selected to be the executioner as their sentences are generally lighter than those handed down to adults.

        Could you explain why the horrors described in this video is an everyday occurrence in the many uncouth societies of the world, please?


        • P.Sajjadi Says:

          Dear Raj;
          1. Thanks for reminding the facts, and they are all true, I admit. BUT, there are lots of evidence to show that the Western society has even worse conditions than the eastern civilization at the same time, e.g., your great Alexander was the one who just like a Barbarian attacked Iran, India and Egypt who were the greatest civilizations at that time. He put the “Perspolis” at fire just because he was in love with a woman. So who was the savage one? Please don’t tell me that Romans were better.
          After all, you cannot call all the people of the world savage, pea-brained tribes, and in between keep yourself as the great one, cause you are still part of this world even if you call yourself an ALIEN ! And that’s why I told you to see a doctor, cause such a great Ego just suffers others and you’ll end up in some pea-brained hospital !

          2. All your so called anger is for this “Honor-killing” is understandable. However, what have you done for it ? Tell me can you stop it by just calling eastern people in bad words, is that all you can do about it ? I am an easterner, I didn’t see such things all my life, but I know that maybe in some countries it is happening the way you are describing, SO WHAT ? You are passing such a remarks to all the world just because you are angry with one or Two ?

          I love all my Rakhi sisters dear Raj. I had no brother or sister in my family, but now I have three sisters that I will give my life for them: SO WATCH YOUR TONGUE.

          • Dear P.Sajjadi,

            Western civilisation has even worse conditions than the Eastern savages? Has??? HAS??? As far as I know, in no civilised country of the West do they sentence a woman to death by public stoning, which is an act of uncouth barbarism. Heard of the unfortunate Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the widowed mother of two young children?

            In no civilised country of the West do they publicly execute a child who was a victim of rape by a filthy, lowlife “revolutionary guard”. Heard of the innocent 16 year old Atefah Sahaaleh, who was raped by a scum being but was actually executed publicly for “crimes against chastity”? How much more sub-human can it get?

            In no civilised country of the West do the courts sentence people to hanging by crane in public places, watched by hordes and hordes of cheering barbarians.

            In no civilised country of the West do women find themselves getting flogged or whipped worse than cattle for supposedly “dressing immodestly” (ie. not covering their hair, wearing clothes that don’t cover the ankles, wrists etc.)

            your great Alexander

            Of course, many of Alexander’s deeds were barbaric and sub-human – I never even associate the title “the great” with Alexander because I know he committed plenty of uncouth, murderous deeds and I can understand your anger towards the ancient Macedonian megalomaniac. But “your great Alexander”??? Do you think I’m a Macedonian or a Greek 😕

            Why makes you think I’m a Westerner? Does any Easterner who is fed up with the savagery, barbarism and uncouthness of the filthy “cultures” and regressive hordes of the East automatically become a Westerner? Does any Easterner who is not afraid of calling a spade a spade (with regard to the uncouthness of the Eastern “cultures” and primitiveness of the lowly turd world) automatically become a Westerner? And no, I have NEVER claimed myself to be “great” (on the contrary, I often label myself as an “undesirable”) NOR do I claim to be from outer space 🙂 I’m very much an Earthling (notice how I spell “An alien Earthling” with a small ‘a’ but a capital ‘E’), and from an uncouth, barbaric, evil turd world empire in the mediaeval, regressive East at that.

            Oh, and on the topic of historical barbarians, have you forgotten the utterly inhuman, barbaric, bloody deeds of that heinous turd-headed mass-murderer and unparalleled dacoit-cum-jewel robber, Nader-the bloodthirsty savage-Shah, who committed his evil crimes against humanity millennia after Alexander?

            You are passing such a remarks to all the world just because you are angry with one or Two

            No, I’m not angry with just one or two, dear P.Sajjadi. I’m angry at the filthy “cultures” in which such despicable things happen, because such things are uncivilised “cultural” practices found among savages but not among civilised peoples. I’m angry at the lowly hordes who think that their mediaeval barbaric “cultures” with such uncouth practices are better than those of the civilised societies.


            JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO TELL ME THAT? Do you think I live in your mullocracy run by some mediaeval-minded mullahs? This is the internet, and not some place where your mad mullahs can dictate to me what I should say or how I should think.

            I will continue to call a spade a spade, your crooked “moral police” barbarians can do nothing! If pea-brained scoundrels throw rocks at a woman buried up to her breasts in the ground on the orders of some crazy turbaned thugs, I will continue to call them as lowlife savages, your “supreme leaders” Kho/Kha/Khu/Khy/Khio/Khoe-meineis cannot do a thing!

            I will continue to call people who do uncouth deeds as barbarians, I will continue to term “cultures” where they entirely cut off screaming little girls’ private parts as mediaeval and the people who do it as primitive savages. I will continue to call scoundrels who murder their own sisters/daughters/nieces in the name of “honour” as uncivilised lowlives, no matter what your own bloated ego thinks of it.

            And by the way, I’ll continue to call regressive Eastern “cultures” as mediaeval based on their primitive deeds. I’ll term the Eastern hordes as barbarians based on their uncouth “cultures”. I’ll term humans as scum beings based on what they are doing to the planet. I’ll even term Aliens as worthless lowlives based on their unwillingness to make contact with Earthlings.

            Just what can your bloated ego do about it? Complain to the lowlife Basiji barbarians that an alien on the internet is refusing to obey the diktats of the mad mullahs? Complain to the pea-brained revolutionary guard murderers that an alien on the internet is calling the mullah ordered public executions, stoning and flogging of innocent women and girls as savage, uncouth deeds? Complain to your beloved dictator Mah’mad’ Ah’mad’inejad that an alien on the internet is calling the tyrannical ‘theo’llahs who enforce mediaeval ideas and stone age laws on the people as mad mullahs and turbaned thugs?


            • P.Sajjadi Says:

              Say what you want dear Raj. I just did make a mistake to argue with you. 😀

              • Dear Sajjadi, perhaps you let your ego inflate to its true bloated size (as big as, if not bigger than, one of those cranes with which your mad mullahs & Basiji barbarians publicly murder young girls and women) while putting forth your argument 😀

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Raj, I find it really good that you are always showing us some true sides of the Indian reality…I see very well why do you do this.

      In the case of rakhi I think you completely missed the point fo my article, because the idea was of a rakhi-relationships (seeing a woman as a sister and not as a potential lover) – my point was that this kind of attitude could be very helpful to the Western culture.

      Of cause the honor-killing is a terrible thing but such a re human beings that they always like to go to extremes and make any beautiful idea liek brother-sister relationships stupid and distructive.However this is just and extremem, and not a mainstream, right?

      • Dear Axinia,

        Unlike the complex and often indecipherable female mentality 😉 , the male mentality is very easy to understand as men are essentially very simple creatures 🙂

        Let’s see how the male mentality changed and evolved from the time humanoids were cave-dwelling savages to becoming civilised people.

        When humanoids were primitive cave-dwelling hunter-gatherers, once a male stepped out of childhood, his mind would have viewed all women as “whores”, so to say, with whom he could have uninhibited sexual relationships. This is how a typical caveman would have seen all cavewomen. It’s essentially the same behaviour of the males of wild animals and savage beasts. Though nature tries to put in some kind of incest avoidance mechanism in most animal species, it depends on external conditions and works only occasionally. The same must have been true for the cave-dwelling humanoids as well.

        The next step in human evolution began when humans “settled down” and became agriculturists, fishermen, pastoralists etc. At this stage of human evolution, humans began forming stable families and entering into marital relationships. So it became imperative that men should not view all women as “whores” because it would have destroyed the family structure and led to total collapse of society. Thus the need arose for men to regard some women as “godesses”, so to say, with whom sexual relationships were taboo. A man’s mother, grandmothers, daughters, sisters etc. fell into the category of “godesses” while all other women continued to be viewed by men as “whores”.

        A man’s wife(wives) was(were) a special case – her status was more like a “private whore”, so to say, a “whore” who belonged only to the man and to no one else. This kind of division of women into “private whore” (wife/wives), “godesses” (mother, daughter, sister etc.) and “whores” (all other women) continues to exist in the uncouth societies of the world, like among the hordes and hordes who (over)populate the lowly turd world and the mediaeval “cultures” of the East.

        Please note that “goddesses” is a broad category based only on the incest taboo, it doesn’t mean that all women falling under this category are treated like goddesses by men. Some like the mother, grandmother might be treated with respect, but others like daughters, sisters etc. are actually under the complete/partial control of the man. That is one reason why the uncouth savages belonging to mediaeval “cultures” continue to practise “honour killings” – they exercise total control and power over such women and view them as slaves, but are forbidden to have sexual relationships due to the incest taboo.

        The tradition of tying a rakhi thread essentially arose in such a “culture” where men viewed women as either “private whore(s)”, “goddesses” or “whores”. In a barbaric, violent society, a woman would never be safe from savage men in case she wasn’t either a “private whore” or a “goddess” to them.

        The only way she could make herself safe from the unwanted attention or advances (or worse) from such savage men is to artificially change her category from “whore” to “goddess”. Tying a thread and proclaiming that she became a “sister” to such men is a means of achieving this end. Theoretically at least, she made herself safe from such men by becoming their “sister”. What else could be the reason for extending the rakhi tying tradition to those men who weren’t her blood brothers (or cousins at the max)?

        Now, let us come to the civilised societies of the world. As some societies became more civilised, evolved and modern with much more freedom and respect for women and women began to increasingly step outside the confines of the home/family and began to study, work etc., the three categories of women were not enough for such rapidly evolving, civilised societies. In addition to “private whore”, “goddesses” and “whores”, there arose a need for another category of women – who were viewed by men as “friends”, so to say.

        Such women did not fall into the three rigid categories of the uncouth societies but are an entirely new category by themselves. For instance, what category would a man’s female teacher or boss or colleague or classmate fall into, among civilised peoples? They cannot be seen as “private whores”, “goddesses” or “whores”. They HAVE to be seen as “friends” – a completely new category. “Friends” is a category of women who are just good mates, acquaintances etc. just like a man’s male friends (unless he is a homo) but belonging to the opposite sex.

        The civilised peoples of the world have proven that members of the opposite sex can be “friends” – a concept that is too evolved and progressive for the barbaric savages of the world to get into their tiny pea-brains. That is the reason why some uncouth societies sentence any woman who is seen with an unrelated male to flogging/whipping 😯 That is the reason why some uncouth societies do not allow women to study or work or drive or step out of the home without being accompanied by a male relative 😮 For such savage hordes, their tiny pea-brains view women only as “private whores” or “goddesses” or “whores” as the new category is too progressive, modern and civilised for the mediaeval, regressive creatures.

        Of course, women falling under this fourth category of the civilised societies of “friends” need not always remain rigidly in the same category but can shift to any other category with the passage of time. Some “friends” such as a close classmate have the potential of turning into a man’s “private whore”. Other “friends” such as a female teacher or godmother whom the man respects very much can shift into the category of “goddess”. Yet other “friends” may move out of the category with the passage of time and become like “whores”. But many “friends” usually have the potential of remaining in this fourth category that is exclusive to the civilised societies and civilised people. That is what makes this fourth category unique and special to the civilised, evolved and progressive peoples of the world.

        In the uncouth societies, where there are ONLY THREE categories, a woman has to artificially change her category from “whore” to “goddess” in order to remain safe from the savage men who surrounded her. On the contrary, there is absolutely NO NEED for an artificial change in the civilised societies for women who fall into the fourth, new category of “friends” – civilised men are raised to be decent and are taught to respect women and womanhood (to a certain extent at least, unlike the savage hordes) and therefore they know the limits of decent behaviour towards women in general, and towards “friends” in particular.

        It is highly unlikely that a woman in a civilised society who falls under the category of “friends” to a man would feel unsafe, unlike her unfortunate sisters in the barbaric societies of the world where this category simply does not exist at all.

        That’s the reason why I see absolutely no need for women to artificially change their category in the civilised societies of the West. That’s why I said there is no need for such a “tradition” among the civilised peoples. Bringing in such a “tradition” in civilised societies would be tantamount to destroying the fourth, unique category called “friends” that can exist only among civilised peoples. Not only would it make women less safe than before, but it would also amount to evolution in reverse. That’s why I answered “no, never” to your question 🙂

        Already, the civilised societies are facing an all-out assault on many fronts by the evil forces in order to rapidly turd worldise and destroy them. They definitely don’t need yet another assault – a “tradition” which is necessary for women to feel safe from savage men in the uncouth societies, one which will completely destroy something that’s unique to the civilised peoples (the concept of “friends” belonging to the opposite sex).


  4. Axinia, I wonder where you found that reference about Alexander’s battle with Porus 😕 It sounds like a fantastic cock-and-bull story as it goes against all available historical evidence. The savage Hindoid hordes, with their well known penchant for lying, deception and perversion, are known to blatantly try and pass off absolute myths, sheer lies and gross fraud as “history”. This Alexander tale sounds like yet another case of some shameless Hindoid barbarian trying to invent his own “history” and pass it on to gullible people.

    All historical evidence (including the concoction of some historical facts, plenty of half-truths and plain lies contained in history textbooks in the uncouth, lowly, turd world Indian empire) points to Alexander fighting Porus in one bloody battle and defeating him in the same – it was the only one fought between the two. It’s true that Porus’ forces fought the Macedonian army ferociously (unlike Omphis who chose to meekly become an “ally” and join Alexander’s forces against his rival Porus) before being routed (despite using elephants 😀 in battle) and vanquished in the same battle. Porus is recorded as someone who fought to the end before being completely overpowered. The most famous thing about the battle between the two was its end – when the valiant but captured Porus was asked by Alexander how he should be treated. And he is believed to have replied, “Like a king would treat another” or something like that. This is widely documented history. Alexander, impressed with Porus’ attitude and valour, spared his life and let him rule his lands under Alexander. Any mythological tale that suggests Porus refused to fight Alexander (for whatever reason) is not only an affront to history and science, but is also an insult to Porus, Alexander and the hordes and hordes of hapless cannon fodder who butchered each other with spears, swords, arrows and the like 😐

    In the eastern part of the world the role of the woman has always been somewhat larger and more meaningful than in the West.

    Larger and more meaningful 😯 How can being treated as a sub-human breeding machine ever be classified as “larger and more meaningful” 😕 Being primitive, pea-brained barbarians, the Eastern hordes you describe continue to view and treat women in the same manner that cave-dwelling savages and other regressive hordes treated women in the West till civilised behaviour became a part of those societies. Even today, in the 21st century, in many mediaeval, uncouth parts of the “East”, girls and women are not allowed to study, work, drive, talk to strangers, marry someone they love, have a life of their own or even step outside the home without being accompanied by a male relative 😮 In other savage, sub-human societies, barbarians murder young girls by the millions, either after they are born or right in the womb of the mother 😯 For such pea-brained savages, girls and women are merely sub-humans when they are young, become sex-objects and breeding-cum-cooking-cum-cleaning-cum-child raising machines when they become older. What a “large and meaningful” role women play in the savage, uncouth parts of the world 🙄


  5. mahesh chendake Says:

    @ Axinia,P Sajjadi,
    Raj is saying true facts!!!
    but I also disagree with Raj statement of – NO, NEVER!!!….
    About pure also I support to Raj.
    More What I know about Rakhi is – The tradition started from Rajsthan One Rajput quin send rakhi to another muslim king to save in regional war which were very common in Indian region . Story says that king has not attack to her forte and area. Finally at last I think she and other ladies from fort committed suicide in the fort well ( which should made for same purpose in the fort!!!! ( Here once morality has two sides , protection of self esteem for females.. ( at least well can protect her soul and body!!!)and for males …. typical philosophy of my belongings should not be enjoyed by others … If I am not …there is no question of what she wants!!!) so that other solders can not touch them that was again another tradition to keep self honor.
    Next point is Whatever you have written in the blog is also correct according to Indian philosophy.
    about Honor killing , though topic is different but very important, It shows religious impact? How one can go to ext ream to murder any beloved, Doctor’s are not needed to raj but all those sanatani’s/extrimistic/fanatic ( who consider themselves pure!!!) if fact It is increasing in all religion today and a serious problem. I think No human should have right to punish another human like this way.!!!!! Remember story of Christ and insane lady of stoning!!
    customs and traditions are for to made man social from tribal or primitive. we all are again going back by following those traditions which are harmful to society ( Not a symbol of civilized society). If any girl /boy not following their own religion or do not select boy from their own religion ,how they are become criminal ? I dont know? but in boliwood also you will get lot of such stories which are ever time successful.!!!
    Such one murder I witnessed last year. both( In fact all) were very friendly to me. Innocent boy was killed in public with very cruality and once own daughter /nick has made misreble after marriage. !!!! by owner of family afterwords he himslf goes to police and get arrested.she has willing done love marriage with a boy with low cast whos family were staying in their house on rent for years together, since their childhood. So how people can dare to it? I really wonder. Just see totally how many family life has been destroyed but surprisingly people doesn’t matter for it. They may say it is done for prestige/ religious work etc…..
    secondly about rakhi tradition….
    I have always told that people says one thing in public and always behave differently in personal life. Rather social rules are for others and not for me is the philosophy of people including religious head? Otherwise also as philosophy, it is very good tradition can be followed by everybody. Rather than sharing bed and running family, a woman can do lots of role in man’s life. Still she has always put down and faces all time hardships.. I really wonder the woman who herself is so strong( literally who give all time support to man), why she want to be dependent, cared and protected by a helpless man? but any how it is fact. Any masculine lady also expect same!!!!!.
    Sociaty structure suggest that she should be all time under man and should remain helpless and still work hard and run family or to take responsibility of family.It is her goodness that still she give importance to man in the form of either husband or brother or father. so the such traditions….
    her problem of emotional sharing … yes, she needs rather that more than just sharing sex.I think she doesn’t expect that from all !!! which is junine problem as males always looks “….females….” in her and proud having more in bed.. so such traditions save her at least clear her purpose that what exactly she wants and wise men accept that and love her generously without exceptions of bodily relationship for sex. its importance of that tradition so can be continued or promoted. As it also support famine self esteem, once morality, and once respect as at least human.
    another aspect …. to saving one self from society that can not be used it’s again of once morality which is again increasing that may be ths reason raj says “no”. It doesn’t serves purpose.
    What I feel, If once morality is clear, there is no need of such tradition but it always comes in conflict so to protect such people it is definitely needed.

    • Thank you, Maheshsaheb, for understanding what I was trying to say 🙂

      You certainly have every right to believe the civilised societies of the West need such a “tradition”! It’s your opinion, it’s your right, and I vehemently support your right to say so (even though I myself have a very different opinion) 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear that you happened to know the families of victims-cum-perpetrators of the filthy, barbaric crime called “honour killing” 😦 Even if the murderer surrendered and confessed his crime to the police, that still does not make him any less a barbarian.

      It’s one thing to disown one’s own son/daughter/brother/sister or deny them inheritance or sever all ties for marrying someone against parental wishes or love someone outside one’s group. It is a regressive, pea-brained and probably uncouth thing to do, but at least it is not a crime.

      “Honour killings” on the other hand are the among the lowliest and filthiest forms of cold-blooded murder 😡 So if a savage’s sister/daughter/niece happens to fall in love with/marry someone whom the family does not want, then they just get to murder their own sibling/offspring as well as the lover/fiance/spouse in a gruesome, cold-blooded manner? What kind of “honour” do such barbarians have? Do they even exhibit human behaviour in the first place?

      Thank you for reminding us of that incident in the life of Christ. When the savages who wanted to publicly stone the woman for “adultery”, arguing that it was a “religiously sanctioned” punishment prescribed in the “holy book”, Christ told the pea-brained barbarians, “Let him who is without any sin cast the first stone!” No scoundrel came forward to stone the woman because they were all sinners. Even if a true saint who was without sin happened to be present in that crowd, he would NOT have stepped forward as stoning the woman would make him a sinner!

      That single sentence uttered by Jesus showed the true nature of the great revolutionary saint who laid the foundations of ethical and moral behaviour for all time to come. It (along with everything else Christ preached) was a turning point in the history of humankind. Previously, humanoids were amoral savages whose pea-brains simply could not understand the civilised concept called ethical behaviour. Being amoral, their primitive brains depended on religious customs, traditions, blind beliefs and so-called “holy” books for “solving” moral questions. In other words, the savage hominoids tiny retarded brains’ could not even distinguish between what was ethically right and wrong.

      Christ changed all that by laying the foundations of ethical behaviour among humans, even if it contradicted all the established and prevalent religions norms and behaviour. It has been a slow progress for ethical behaviour since then, and only in the modern civilised societies have many of them established a firm base. It’s a pity that even in this day and age there are uncouth, barbaric forces and regimes in many parts of the world that publicly kill/stone/lynch/flog women and girls for committing no crime other than loving someone or being a victim of a crime. The behaviour of such criminal savages is simply rotten, to say the very least 😡

      I think you are probably correct in the origins of rakhi tradition as well, though I’m not sure myself.

      so such traditions save her at least clear her purpose that what exactly she wants and wise men accept that and love her generously without expectations of bodily relationship for sex… What I feel, If once morality is clear, there is no need of such tradition

      Maheshsaheb, I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head here and that too, with a big sledgehammer! 🙂

      It does sound like a tradition which began as a woman’s indirect way of protecting herself from the unwanted attentions of unrelated lecherous men who surrounded her in a regressive, violent society. By flatly (but politely) indicating to men who are “interested” in having a possible relationship with her, she can protect herself from unwanted attentions or harassment or worse that could take place in any uncouth society. Which is precisely the point I’m trying to make.

      In any civilised society, men would be raised in such a manner that they know the limits of decent behaviour towards women. For instance, if a woman does not love a man or is not interested in him even if he loves/likes her, he would understand it and try his luck in love with someone else while remaining on good or very friendly terms without any sexual/erotic/romantic component to the relationship.

      As for blood brothers/sisters, the taboo of incest works equally well (or does not work in the case of perverted scum) in both the civilised societies and the uncouth ones.


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        We all know warmth of the love of rakhi Brother and sister, and its responsibility also. Which definitely give support in problem and help to fulfill life’s achievements specially emotional and for that blood relation is also not necessary. What we have missed is that we put business in unconditional love and everything goes wrong.it is only relationship which trust in generous giving only when you are alone as well as also share joeys moments of life . which sometime we don’t share even with our wife/husband!. As our age increases somehow that warmth we loose and afterword it just remain as tradition. may be due to ego problem or many other reason.but it happens. obviously mature love understands responsibility and takes also . as usual I am not talking about perverted people, there everything is wrong. I always believe such human relationships gives new dimensions to human as being and their suffering, their pain, and of course joeys moments in life where no sex/ bodily relationship is entertain without that one can reach highest state of unconditional loving.And there should be no band / bandhan of any thread rather minds/spirit. ya it may require awareness about shakti and self realization !!!!! so I recommended !!
        Another side man is aware about shakti power so always try to suppress her by keeping her under father,husband, son. I don’t no why Hindu culture have this dilemma as one side they worship her as goddess in Idol and in real life always suppress her,torcher her,and treat her as Sub/unhuman by tradition and religious taboo.
        Indian history is totally biased one should not believe on that .Sita,Savitry,Draupadi all are meths !!! ( Axnia Plz. don’t surprise). we really need to understand true stories if we get!!!, then we realize true shaktipower. check bias going about shivaji, jijabai,and dadoji konddeo in Maharashtra. It has smell of Brahmanism, who turned/totally changed history as they wants and eventually made sufferer to woman and shudra. They are only pure,godly blessed and no rule require for their even criminal,unethical,immoral behaviors for many thousands years. I think that is the reason Raj says “no” to any Indian tradition

        • axinia Says:

          dear mahesh, thanks a lot for your good points. I also understand very well why Raj is opposing everthing Indian so strongly – and belive me I have no illusions about India, I have seen enough to know its real powers and weaknesses.
          But in fact ANY other country has it. Just the same story, I can list here innumerous facts both positive and negative about at least 2 coutries I know very well -Russia and Austria, and you will be shocked.

          But what for?

          This blog is here to highlight the best what the humanity has, there are millions blogs out there depicting the worst. This is not my intention.

          • mahesh chendake Says:

            one should try to put two sides of coin ( prose and cones) with true facts may be on basis of personal experience, that’s my intention nothing else. I neither recommended nor condemn any thing . it is everybody’s choice what to select with its results within their freedom. Most probably I try to explore psychology behind any thought or behavior. otherwise also what is use writing of goody goody.
            Thanks, Axinia.

  6. nishant Says:

    it is incorrect to condemn the so called west. All, repeat all, that exists in the west exists in the east too.

  7. Elke Says:

    I have seen many things going wrong in India, but, I think being a “westerner” I can look into eastern cultures to learn from them, just as they can learn from us – we are different, after all.
    I really appreciate the chastity in fashion in India for example. Why do western ladies have to show so much skin to be in fashion? Why do we women have do be erotic pictures to men in the west? Young girls and women grow up with this not knowing that it doesn’t have to be that way.
    When I was a teenager I always felt it very disappointing to meet boys who I liked and wanted to be friends with, and they expected more than that. Had I known the tradition of “Rakhi” then, we would maybe still be in brother-sister-relationship, and it would be clear to everyone that we like each other in a way that brothers and sisters like each other.
    Also in India I was impressed at the power that Indian ladies showed. They seem to be under men’s rule, but really they are the ones who give strength to their husbands, to their brothers. Deep down things are not always what they seem on the surface!

  8. Rohit Says:

    i was shocked to see the comments by “alien earthling” on this excellent thread. i just read his first comment and not the following ones as i was utterly disgusted.

    He’s got really some problem as someone pointed out. How can he bring criminal acts like “honour killing” comparable with a great tradition of Raksha Bandhan.

    By his definition , if ever a criminal minded husband killed his wife or vice versa, the institution of marriage is bad. There are even instances everywhere in the world of children harming their parents and vice versa, so what is his take on that?

    The link he has given, gives a figure of about 5000 honour killings worldwide, not just in India….. what that has to do with a sacred tradition of Raksha bandhan? In india ,recently there have been some such incidents may be 20- 30 such incidents in last year..and that is just a case of crime, commmitted by sick people..What on earth it has to do with hundred of millions of families in India who celebrate and believe in the great tradition of rakhi and the love between brothers and sisters.

    Out of curiocity i visit alien earthling’s blog, and it wass full of negative
    posts cursing the entire world.Though i dont want to become personal but he really need to calm down and do something about it and look the world with better perspective.

    i am an indian and love my sisters and every time when they send me rakhi (as i live in another city, they usually send it by post)..i can sense their affection in the sacred thread and always feel the strong sense of responsibility towards my beloved sisters.

  9. Rohit Says:

    PS: Mr “alien” ‘s artificially crafted story of Rakhi and “fourth” kind of relationship of friends etc is a an utter crap and a product of negative mindset who doesn’t like anything in this beautiful world and tries hard to find and craft any reason to disgrace just everything.

    Rakhi even has mention in the Great Indian epic Mahabharata where Draupadi ties Rakhi to lord Krishna. Its nothing but a celebration of the relationship of brother and sister. And it evolved to maintain a permanent warm connection between brothers and sisters as generally girls move to a new home after marriage.

    Perhaps Mr “Alien” never celebrated this occassion thats why he does not have any feel of this great and unique indian tradition.

  10. Just as “Mr. Rohit” was utterly disgusted with my comments, I am equally utterly disgusted with his sheer crappy blabbering, trying to associate crap, fine figments of his own twisted imagination like By his definition , if ever a criminal minded husband killed his wife or vice versa, the institution of marriage is bad with my comments.

    All that, of course, is sheer non-sense, a product of a sick, grossly twisted “cultural” mindset that can never ever understand the uncouthness of certain “cultures” no matter how evil and sick some of its “cultural” practices are (I’m not talking about tying rakhi in this particular case, lest “Mr. Rohit” artificially tries to twist what I’m trying to say, as usual).

    When mentally sick husbands kills their wives in the thousands, it is not a problem with the institution of marriage as he tries to (deliberately) falsely depict my comments, it is a problem with the filthy “culture” in which such sub-human things are encouraged in those barbaric “cultures”.

    When husbands and in-laws murder and torture to death newly married wives (the “great cultural practice” called “dowry deaths”) by the tens of thousands every year in one particular uncouth country for not bringing enough “dowry”, the institution of marriage cannot be blamed when marriage does not lead to dowry deaths elsewhere in the world. It’s the filthy “culture” in which such sub-human things are so common which is the culprit here 😡

    When fathers, mothers and grandparents brutally murder thousands of girl children and abort hundreds of thousands of female foetuses every year (just because they are girls) in certain barbaric crap holes with a filthy “culture” it is not parenthood which is to be blamed, but the sheer uncouthness of the filthy “culture” in which such things (female foeticide and infanticide) are encouraged and the sheer barbarity of its primitive, regressive inhabitants of such mediaeval trash cans 👿

    When uncouth, pea-brained, barbaric hordes treat women who’ve lost their husbands as sub-human beings who deserve to be ostracised and treated like animals, if not brutally murdered by pushing them into the funeral pyre of their dead husbands (the “great cultural practice” called sati or suttee), it is not widowhood which is to be blamed, as widows in almost every other culture in the world are treated as normal human beings and allowed to remarry men of their choice. It is the filthy, uncouth, sordid, barbaric “culture” in which such a sub-human practice is encouraged and the hordes of uncouth, regressive, pea-brained barbarians who practise such sickening “cultural things” that are to be blamed 😡

    Of course, such filthy “cultural practices” will never lead a twisted mind to understand the sheer filthiness of the “great cultures” which practise those things. Nor will it ever explain why “honour killings” are so common in “cultures” which seem to so unnaturally stress the brother-sister bond (nothing intrinsically wrong with this or with tying rakhi, less “Mr. Rohit” tries to twist my comments with sick intentions in mind). That’s because such uncouth “cultures” and the hordes whose minds are conditioned by the filthiness of such “cultures” don’t have the human ability to look at their own “cultures” and understand why they are so uncouth and regressive. Nothing too surprising here, that’s how the least civilised societies and their peoples behave, stressing the “greatness of their own cultures” no matter how regressive, primitive, uncouth and barbaric they happen to be.

    “Mr. Rohit” tries to suggest that anything mentioned in one particular so-called “great epic” deserves to be praised and implemented in civilised societies. If so, then I suppose five brothers and half-brothers (or cousins) in all the civilised societies should marry only one woman and share their wife among the five 😯 After all, that is what those five brothers (and half-brothers) proudly and shamelessly did to their wife in the same “epic”, didn’t they? It’s such a “great and unique Indian tradition” mentioned even in a supposedly “great epic” for five brothers and half-brothers to marry one single woman and share her between the five 🙄

    By the way, what I write in my own blog is none of the business of Mr. Rohit! If he wants his usual dose of voracious arse-licking of criminals and the white-washing of their heinous crimes against humanity, then he can look to his beloved “mainstream media” liars and arse-lickers for that.

    I have no intention of getting personal with Mr. Rohit, but I guess he needs to learn to get rid of the uncouth mindset which has been a product of growing up in a barbaric, regressive, mediaeval crap hole and the effect of living in the filthy “culture” of such a place and do something to reform (or at least acknowledge) the sub-human, filthy, uncouth, barbaric “culture” of such a place, instead of trying to pass off or justify the uncouthness of his own “culture” and so many of its sub-human, barbaric, primitive, murderous practices as “great cultural practices”.


  11. Rohit Says:

    @ Alien earthling

    You got me wrong. i didn’t say that anything mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata is to be praised. My purpose behind quoting Mababharata was to highlight how old the trdition of Rakhi is.

    Yes dowry exist in today’s India and its a blot on society,but only in a tiny fraction , may be in 0.0001% cases the crimes happen which you quoted, you can’t blame entire indian culture for the same. You got to understand how the dowry thing came into existence. Dowry was supposed to be the girl’s (deserved) part in her father’s wealth/property which was given to her at the time of marrige. So the basis of dowry was the equality between a son and a daughter where daughter had equal right in her father’s wealth. With time, of course it lost its purpose and became dowry of today. Similarly the barberic “sati” thing has been abolished centuries ago, i dont think it exist in India now.

    If you say culture here in India is filthy and subhuman, i’ll only say you are blindly biased, there could be a (personal) reason behind that, and i can not get into that. I genuinely believe Indian traditions and history are among the greatest in the world. From North to South and East to West, India has had an inspiring history, culture and traditions.
    The decline came mainly when Barberic westerners (the british) came here and did most horrific crimes against humanity …Jaliawala Bagh for example.

    PS: The last para is not to downgrade the westerners, i rather admire them, but its purpose to highlight to my friend that such things happen across the cultures.

    @ Axinia: i really liked your blog and appreciate your interet in India, and have corrected my email ID.

    • Rohit,

      You are welcome to continue to blindly believe that the sub-human Indian “traditions” and “culture” are “the greatest in the world” 😆

      Biased? It is YOU who are blindly biased because you are a part of it and as is typical of such “cultures” and their uncouth hordes to be unable to see sheer crap and filth for what it is.

      The so-called Indian “culture”, truly IS the filthiest, most evil, uncouth, barbaric, regressive, primitive, savage, sub-human crap THERE EVER WAS, IS OR WILL EVER BE in the history of humankind! Just because a billion plus uncouth, unethical, low-IQed pea-brained barbaro-hominoid savages believe their sub-human “culture” is “the greatest” (nothing personal against you, it applies to a majority of Hindoid savages – oh, and “Hindoid” does not necessarily mean “Hindu” as a “Hindoid” creature can be a Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, atheist or anything else by religion. It’s got more to do with a sick, rotten, putrid “cultural” mindset, though one particular religion indeed IS the source of much of the filthy, sub-human crap). Whatever, it does NOT and CANNOT change the fact that sub-human IS sub-human by human standards, and the teeming hordes of Homo criminalii hindoides are not human enough to be classified as Homo sapiens sapiens by their behaviour alone. They truly are a rotten sub-species of regressive, hominoid creatures. 👿 And their rotten, putrid, decadent, despicable “culture” and their sheer sub-human nature stinks to the high heavens 😡

      I can recognise this truth and acknowledge it despite belonging to the most notorious and most satanic sewer of the Earth called the evil, sub-human Indian empire and despite being brainwashed by such an uncouth “culture” about its own “greatness”. In fact, the very fact that I have seen the sheer sub-human, demonic nature of the evil Indian empire and the absolutely sick, crappy mindset of its sub-human hordes who boast about their “great culture” and their rotten to the core, satanic, grossly evil, hypocritical, lying, despicable, worthless souls, the even more repulsed I am and the even more convinced I am that the there never was, is or will be a sewer as rotten and putrid as the so-called “Indian culture” and a group of sub-humans as regressive and barbaric as the uncouth Hindoid hordes.

      You, like your fellow billion plus barbaric hordes, cannot recognise this simple truth because you are a part of it and deeply immersed in such crap. So who is blindly biased here – you or I???

      It’s typical of Hindoid hordes to try and explain away the origin of their demonic, sub-human “cultural practices” as originating as something else and rotting away eventually. It does not fool anyone who can see through such crap. The fact is, Hindoids are what they are by what they are do, not what they falsely claim. If they commit despicable, sub-human deeds and continue to do for millennia to this very day, they are indeed uncouth sub-humans! As the rotten creatures truly are!

      So how does your explanation of dowry, explain the hundreds of thousands of “dowry deaths” (actually dowry murders) in the evil Indian empire every year? I’m talking about cold-blooded, brutal “dowry murders” here, not dowry as such. If dowry murders were so common, then one can only imagine unreported dowry harassment and torture 😯 Is it because Hindoids are truly sub-human beings who would not mind killing their own wives and daughter-in-laws for extracting the “cultural practice” of dowry? Dowry murders are a peculiar “cultural practice” of the uncouth Hindoid hordes, just like most of their other sub-human practices.

      Sati is sub-human, as are dowry deaths, as are female foeticide and infanticide, as is the sewery, satanic caste system, as is child marriage, as are “honour killings”, as are the murderous “khap panchayat” kangaroo courts, as is the ostracisation of differently-abled people, as is the evil Indian empire’s occupation and brutalisation of occupied nations (Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur, Mizoram, Asom etc. etc.) as the sub-human Indian empire’s demonic laws such as AFSPA, DAA, PSA etc.

      Sati was officially abolished only by the British colonial government in 1829, because they recognised it as the sub-human thing it truly is. It actually continues to this very day in many documented and suspected (but suppressed) cases in some uncouth parts of the evil Indian empire. In fact, had it not been for the Brits and the modern, civilised Western education they introduced in their Indian empire, the sub-human Hindoid beings would be even more sub-human! And maintained their unlimited sub-human practices till this very day! 😯 Had it not been for the Brits themselves, the Westernised education they introduced and the few Hindoid reformers themselves who were deeply influenced by this external, civilised influence that they began attempting to reform their sub-human “culture”, sati and other Hindoid evil would never have gone away “shock: Horror of horrors, had it not been for the Brits, the sub-human Hindoids would have been even more uncouth and evil than they actually are at the moment! 😮

      If I start listing and describing all of them here (things that still happen in the 21st century evil Indian empire), and the Hindoid “cultural” origin of all those (they happen almost NOWHERE ELSE in the entire planet), then the unfortunate civilised people who read it may suffer a heart attack on witnessing the sheer inhumanity and barbarity of the despicable, lying, shameless, lowlife, hypocritical, satanic Hindoid hordes. I wouldn’t want to inflict such a misery on them 😐

      But don’t hope I will shy away from describing the true horrors and evil nature of the Hindoid “culture”. I don’t want to waste any more time on such sub-human things and such a demonic, uncouth, satanic “culture” and crap hole of an empire, but if you are interested in a debate, I will gladly oblige 🙂 Of course, it’s a different matter that the Hindoid “culture” and the vile, demonic Indian empire will be truly exposed for the satanic crap that it truly is and civilised people who could never have even imagined such sub-human things (especially the brainwashed ones) will be shocked to the core, rattled out of their senses (it will be even more of a rude shock to those hopelessly brainwashed ones who are living in a grand delusional bubble about the “spiritual” Hindoid “culture” and the fence sitters who are undecided).

      You decide whether you want it or not. In fact, I’m ready to challenge not just you, but any Hindoid savage (or any of the brainwashed non-Hindoids who live in denial about the evil of Hindoid “culture”) to an open debate about the sheer uncouth depravity and barbarism of the Hindoid “culture” and the despicable nature and “cultural practices” of the demonic Hindoid hordes and the sub-human, evil Indian empire. I’m not just merely claiming the uncouthness of such a filthy “culture”, I’m willing to PROVE it with widely documented FACTS! Are you prepared to do so?


    • Jallianwallah Bagh! Aha!

      The typical Hindoid reaction, trying to play the usual turd world trick here, blaming outside colonisation of their land that ended a long time ago, and completely living in denial about the sheer inhumanity and barbarism of the present day demonic, sub-human evil Indian empire in perpetrating MUCH MORE terrible crimes against humanity and satanic oppression against the vast occupied lands of the satanic, sub-human Indian empire.

      Jallianwallah Bagh? One single incident (and a few less horrific but equally despicable ones than that) almost a century ago. Agreed that they were despicable and sub-human, a mass murder. But even then, what happened? Even many of the Brits were horrified about the event and the mercenary dog in charge of its execution was officially punished and savagely criticised for his demonic deed. But wait, only the chief perpetrator and some officers were Brits. Who constituted a large part of the rank and file of the sub-human mercenary dogs who did the actually killing? The Hindoid hordes themselves! Being truly sub-human then, as they are today, the semi-literate Hindoid mercenary scum did not mind following orders to shoot and kill hundreds. Their tiny pea-brains hasn’t evolved since then, with the sub-human Indian savages committing much, much more evil atrocities and crimes against humanity than JB in Indian-occupied Kashmir, Nagalim, Manipur, Mizoram, the tribal belt etc.

      But what’s happening right now in Indian-occupied Kashmir and other occupied territories everyday? Kashmiri freedom fighters are being murdered, butchered, gang-raped, tortured, trashed and oppressed by the satanic mercenary dogs of the evil Indian empire, those semi-literate filth beings, born of lowlife creatures. More than 105 Kashmiri freedom fighters were martyred in about the last one month alone (hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, butchered by the demonic Indian empire in Kashmir, Asom, Manipur, Nagalim and other occupied territories) by the satanic mercenary forces, many more millions maimed, brutally trashed and tortured by the mangy dogs of the evil Indian empire and it continues unabated. Unlike many Brits then, the majority of the sub-human Indian scum, the demonic, putrid filth beings, completely support the oppression of Kashmiris and others and the crimes against humanity the demonically evil Indian empire is committing against the occupied people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, Manipur, Nagalim and a host of such places.

      Want to know the true nature of the sub-human Indian mercenary dogs? I’ll let it be known.

      Want to know how sub-human Indian mercenary dogs behave in the occupied and oppressed territories of the satanic Indian empire? Want to know the kind of oppression the people of India’s occupied territories live under? Want to know the nature of India’s demonic laws like the filthy AFSPA (enacted well after 1950, a truly satanic product of the devilish, sub-human Hindoid mind) that gives mercenary dogs the power and complete immunity to butcher, kill, murder, rape, loot and plunder the unfortunate peoples of the nations under the occupation and brutal oppression of the satanic, sub-human Indian empire? Want to know the nature of the extent of mass graves of disappeared persons in Indian-occupied territories and the numbers of “disappeared persons” and the “half-widows” and “half-orphans” who are victims of the filthy sewery crap hole called the evil, sub-human Indian empire, one of recent history’s greatest crimes against humanity that remains hidden from public nature thanks to the sub-humans Hindoid savages of India and the arse-licking scum of the Indian media? Want to know how the Hindoid mercenary dogs, those vile, sewery creatures are rewarded and promoted by the satanic Indian empire for killing innocent children and then proclaiming them to be terrorists. I’ll show how the satanic mercenaries of the evil Indian empire behave like the truly despicable vermin that they are, how the demonic, present day evil Indian empire commits much greater crimes against humanity than the long past British empire.

      More importantly, I’ll show what the satanic Hindoid creatures, those lowlife hordes of sub-humans think of such things, how they covertly and overtly try to support, justify and even praise such sub-human crimes against humanity, such demonic deeds, exposing them to be humanoid history’s lowliest scum beings that ever lived.

      I’ll show how vile, satanic Hindoid vermin try to portray themselves as victims of colonisation while the uncouth creatures and their present day sewery, evil Indian empire commits much more demonic crimes against humanity in the 21st century than the empires of the past centuries. I’ll expose the satanic, vile, sub-human, hypocritical, lying, treacherous, putrid, rotten creature and its sub-human soul for what it is.

      In my next comments, I shall expose the satanic, evil, sub-human nature of the sewery Indian empire and the despicable behaviour of the mercenary semi-literate dogs of the Indian empire who commit 21st century’s most heinous crimes with total immunity thanks to the demonically putrid Indian empire’s filthy laws like AFSPA etc. and how it is all hidden from the rest of the world due to the satanic nature of the Hindoid savage and the voraciously arse-licking nature of the Indian mainstream media scum.

      Here is a preview, the reaction of a rare human Indian, one who can recognise satanic evil for what it is and does not LIE, CHEAT and DECEIVE like the hordes and hordes of her brethren – the demonically vile sub-human hordes of the evil Indian empire:

      “I have spent considerable time between July 2006 and July 2010 learning about Kashmir, working in Kashmir. In undertaking the work of the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Indian-administered Kashmir, I have travelled across Kashmir’s cities and countryside, from Srinagar to Kupwara, through Shopian and Islamabad (Anantnag), with Parvez Imroz, Zahir-Ud-Din, and Khurram Parvez. I have witnessed the violence that is perpetrated on Kashmiris by India’s military, paramilitary, and police. I have walked through the graveyards that hold Kashmir’s dead, and have met with grieving families. I have sat with witnesses, young men, who described how Indian forces chased down and executed their friends for participating in civil disobedience. I have met women whose sons were disappeared. I have met with “half-widows.” I have spoken with youth, women and men, who are enraged. I have also spoken with persons who were violated by militants in the 1990s. Peoples’ experiences with the reprehensible atrocities of militancy do not imply the abdication of their desires for self-determination. The Indian state deliberately conflates militancy with the people’s mass movement for liberation.

      I have met with torture survivors, non-militants and former militants, who testified to the sadism of the forces. Men who had petrol injected through the anus. Water-boarding, mutilation, being paraded naked, rape of women, children, and men, starvation, humiliation, and psychological torture. An eagle tattoo on the arm of a man was reportedly identified by an army officer as a symbol of Pakistan-held Azad Kashmir, even as the man clarified the tattoo was from his childhood. The skin containing it was burned. The officer said, the man recalled: “When you look at this, think of Azaadi.” A mother, reportedly asked to watch her daughter’s rape by army personnel, pleaded for her release. They refused. She then pleaded that she could not watch, asking to be sent out of the room or be killed. The soldier pointed a gun to her forehead, stating he would grant her wish, and shot her dead before they proceeded to rape the daughter.” — Angana Chatterji

      Here is how the satanic mercenary swine, the sons of lowlife vermin of the evil Indian empire behave in occupied and oppressed Manipur and how Manipuri mothers reacted to the vile, sub-human mercenary dogs of the sewery Indian empire (who have full official impunity and encouragement under the AFSPA and other sub-human laws) and the semi-literate scum beings of the evil Indian empire occupying the Manipuri nation:


      No wonder Kashmiri freedom fighters (little children and youth) are shouting on the streets of Indian-occupied and brutalised Kashmir

      Indian Dogs (the evil Indian empire’s mercenary occupational swine) Go Home!!!

      Obviously, it is not going to reach the ears of the lowlier-than-dogs Hindoid vermin of the satanic, sub-human Indian empire as they cannot understand the language of human beings or the civilised way of human behaviour. Lowlife scum will always remain scum with absolutely no chance of salvation for their satanically vile, putrid, sub-human souls! 😡


  12. hrushikesh desai Says:

    Dear axinia, i am a silent reader of ur blog from many months.but today i gonna ask u a question. I had told one of my friend about ur blog and he is also a sahaj yogi.when i started reading ur blog i felt that u r really my older sister who is supporting me with her love and word of wiseness. Here we fight with our friends about who has got maximum number of rakhis on day of rakshabandhan.it will b so good to me if u will b my rakhi sister .will u? If u cant come to india to tie it its alright put it in front of shree mataji and i will get it.but afterwords u hav to come here to get ur return gift(not a single sister forgets about it!!!).jai shree mataji.

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