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What’s the music of your life? August 13, 2010

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Each individual composes the music of his own life. If he injures another, he brings disharmony.

When his sphere is disturbed, he is disturbed himself, and there is a discord in the melody of his life. I

If he can quicken the feeling of another to joy or to gratitude, by that much he adds to his own life; he becomes himself by that much more alive.

Whether conscious of it or not, his thought is affected for the better by the joy or gratitude of another, and his power and vitality increase thereby, and the music of his life grows more in harmony.

From The Sufi MEssage of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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13 Responses to “What’s the music of your life?”

  1. swaps Says:

    But how to do it without an intention

  2. mahesh chendake Says:

    how to maintain harmony? even though everybody wants, but cant? something goes wrong somewhere. Usually people do hard work to get comfort, luxurious life. For that some time they disturb human relationship also. when time come for enjoyment,they find unable as there might have all left him alone due to breakup of relationships or he may not be physically/mentally fit due to various illnesses. so most of time people don’t find musical harmony of life and cant sing song of life in melodious voice. What I feel people re unable find their exact wants, may be substal or unable to describe purpose of life and they loose harmony. I have see many, having enough money but loose harmony of life or melody and still running after money…. why they are earning so much they themselves may not know!!!!
    so harmony may be depend on how you understand, respect and help to maintain human relationship? as man is a social animal but importantly even so many having around people find themselves alone and loose melody of life
    third important thing is expectation. I think people expect more in response of less or non giving then blems and disturb harmony.
    So I think to sing a song of life in harmony we should respect humanity, relationship, earn money sufficient, expense it for good purpose rather than just holding and reduce our exceptions zero then and be ready to help to other all the time then may be music of life become melodious.

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      expectation from society are increased as there is advancement in medical sciences and technology. due to increased life expectancy there is huge old generation standing in front you doing nothing ( many times cant expect also) pressurizing you for to take care. so present generation having lot of pressure of taking care of children,running family with better standards as well as this old generation and promising good future for them. it has cause tremendous pressure on present generation. cut throat competition, job insecurity, pressure of remaining updated with skills and performance exallance, destroys environment in office as well as in house due to which this present generation literally forgot joyful leaving due to so much pressure and definitely there are many who are trying to take that pressure and hardworking. they are having sleepless nights, continuous working, peer/boss pressure of exllance and increasing family demands . literally there is nobody to understand them . those who are not having job and having financial problem there problems are again different. educational/medical/ family expenses are at high and increasing like anything so how to maintain that? definitely person will lose harmony and will forgot song of joyful leaving.

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        “Oam” is first sound generated when shakti separate from Shiva for creation .it has remain in whole brahmanda and beats constantly in Harmony. One should have inner voice to listen that. people says whole music is created from that which beats in different raga’s at different time in nature. one should get along with it and try to understand. for that one has to go in Nature and should understand and follow his rule when we disturb his rule our harmony loose. One should be more closure with nature ,should have inner silence and yes definitely he can tune with it and enjoy song of life
        by the way enjoy this
        and this
        http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=j91uE8M2Lys&feature=related togather.

    • axinia Says:

      this is exactly the Maya of Materialism, the point that i always try to make here…

  3. nmirel Says:

    a nice Marrakesh fable in original language! (next below in english)

    A Tamaloute, village cotier d’une petite île au milieu du grand lac N’Ouzaghar vivaient en pleine harmonie tous les sentiments, Afrah (le Bonheur), Laghyar (la Tristesse), Tayri (l’Amour), Sngh (le Savoir) et tous les autres.
    Un jour Issghouyane (le crieur de l’île), du haut de son minaret annonça aux habitants que la météo prévoit qu’un énorme orage va s’abattre sur la région et que les eaux du lac vont inonder leur île. Il leur recommanda donc de partir au plus vite et de quitter l’île avant la monté des eaux.
    Les sentiments commencèrent à entasser leurs ballots dans leurs embarcations pour partir s’abriter au village d’Idelsen situé sur l’autre rive, mettant ainsi leurs vies et leurs barques en sécurité.

    Seule Tayri (l’Amour) resta et refusa de partir. Elle voulait rester jusqu’au moment où elle constatera qu’effectivement les eaux du lac allaient inonder l’île.
    Lidâane (la compassion) après avoir essayé en vain de la faire raisonner lui lança « on dit que Tayri est aveugle eh bien c’est vrai, tu l’es !
    Quand l’île fut sur le point de sombrer et que les embarcations commencèrent à quitter l’île les unes après les autres, l’Amour décida d’appeler à l’aide.
    A Adarh (la Richesse) qui passait à côté d’elle dans un luxueux bateau, elle dit :
    “Adarh, peux-tu m’emmener?”
    “Non Je n’ai pas de place pour toi. car il y a beaucoup d’argent et d’or sur mon bateau et je préfère m’occuper d’eux que de toi”
    L’Amour décida alors de demander à l’Orgueil, qui passait aussi dans un magnifique vaisseau,
    “Orgueil, aide-moi je t’en prie !”
    “Je ne puis t’aider, Tayri. Tu es toute mouillée et tu pourrais endommager mon bateau et me salir moi et l’Apparence qui m’accompagne.”
    Vint le tour de Laghyar (la Tristesse) qui était dans une lugubre embarcation. Tayri lui demanda,
    “Laghyar, laisse-moi venir avec toi.”
    “Ooh… Tayri, je suis tellement triste que j’ai besoin d’être seul! Et puis mon amie la solitude refuse que je sois accompagné par toi elle dit que tu es plus proche d’Afrah que de moi”
    Afrah (le Bonheur) passa aussi à coté de Tayri, mais il chantait et était si heureux qu’il n’entendît même pas l’Amour l’appeler
    La Jalousie dit sans s’arrêter à Tayri :
    Voyons maintenant si ta beauté te servira à quelque chose ?

    Soudain, une voix dit, “Viens Tayri, je te prends avec moi.” C’était un vieillard qui était dans une chaloupe toute rafistolée qui avait parlé.
    Tayri se sentit si reconnaissante et pleine de joie qu’à l’arrivée à Idelssen de l’autre coté de la rive, elle oublia de demander son nom au vieillard. Qui s’en alla tranquillement après avoir amarré son embarcation.
    Tayri réalisa combien elle lui devait et demanda à Sngh (le savoir)
    “Qui est ce vieux qui m’a aidé ?”
    “C’était Zmane (le Temps) répondit Sngh.
    “Zmane?” s’interrogea Tayri.
    “Mais pourquoi Zmane m’a-t-il aidé ?”
    Sngh, plein de sagesse comme d’habitude, sourit et répondit :
    “C’est parce que seul Zmane est capable de comprendre combien Tayri est importante dans la Vie.

    In a coastal village to a small island in the middle of the lake N’Ouzaghar lived in harmony all the feelings, Afrah (Happiness), Laghyar (sorrow), Tiri (Love), Sngh (the knowledge) and all the others.
    One day Issghouyane (the crier of the island), from the top of its minaret told the residents that the weather forecast heralds a huge storm descending on the area and the lake will flood their island. Hence they were recommended to leave as quickly as possible and leave the island before the waters rose.
    The feeling began to pile up their bundles in their boats to shelter from the village of Idelsen located on the opposite bank, thus putting their lives and their boats safe.

    Only Tiri (Love) remained and refused to leave. She wanted to stay until she will see that indeed the lake would flood the island.
    Lidâane (compassion) after trying in vain to reason with him shouted, “they say Tiri is blind Well it’s true, you are!
    When the island was on the verge of sinking and the boats began to leave the island one after the other, Love decided to ask for help.
    Adarh (Wealth) who passed by her side in a luxury boat, she said:
    “Adarh, can you take me?”
    “No I do not have room for you. Because there are many silver and gold on my boat and I prefer to take care of them than you”
    Love then decided to ask Vanity who was also passing in a beautiful vessel,
    “Vanity, help me please!”
    “I can not help you, Tiri. You’re all wet and you might damage my boat and me and my dirty appearance that accompanies me.”
    Then came the turn of Laghyar (Sadness), which was in a dismal boat. Tiri asked,
    “Laghyar, let me come with you.”
    “Ooh … Tiri, I’m so sad that I need to be alone!” And then my friend refuses solitude I am accompanied by you it says you’re closer to me than Afrah ”
    Afrah (Happiness) also passed beside Tiri, but he sang and was so happy he might hear even call it Love
    Jealousy says without stopping to Tiri:
    Now let’s see if your beauty will serve you with something?

    Suddenly a voice said, “Come Tiri, I’ll take you with me.” ….an old man in a boat
    Tiri felt so grateful and full of joy at the finish to Idelssen the other side of the bank, she forgot to ask his name who went quietly after his boat was docked.
    Tiri realized how much she owed him and asked Sngh (knowledge)
    “Who is this old man who helped me?”
    “It was Zman (Time) Sngh said.
    “Zman?” wondered Tiri.
    “But why Zman did help me?”
    Sngh, full of wisdom as usual, smiled and replied:
    “This is because only TIME realizes how Tiri/LOVE is important in life

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      value of love i don’t deny but still person get exhausted ,tired , after continuous so much doing for somebody and knowing that it is useless and there is no alternative also. even society and once moral value also do not allow but still I find limits for that…. definitely there should be some reliving system to the person who is constantly doing for so many years without loosing interest and using any bad word or anger then…. sometimes I feel why these suffering should be? Is there any social reform which can help and accepted by all?

    • What a beautiful, lovely fable! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever come across before. Thank you for sharing it with us, Mirel 🙂

      After reading it, I wouldn’t have felt sad for Tayri even if she had drowned in the rising waters 😐 She was quite lucky to have old Zmane come to her rescue and save her NOT from the terrible storm, but from her own foolishness (bordering on arrogance).

      Now that all the feelings are safe in the village of Idelsen, I hope Tayri finds the true love of her life and marries him in a happy ending to the fable. Who would be the ideal groom for Tayri 😕

      It’s none other than Amessan (Le Bon sens/Common sense). Tayri definitely and desperately needs him in her life! 😉


      • nimirel Says:

        just a traditional fable…knowledge comes with experience….to maintain a perfect condition in life one probably has to be the master of his/her own rhytm. lucky you, you’ve all the answers:)

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    “This is because only TIME realizes how Tiri/LOVE is important in life.
    Time can be answer for any problem but basically many time it doesn’t give true answers. forgetting,repression,suppression are not true answers for any bad experience even though given by time . people may loose bitterness but even can’t forget totally
    But many rises and collapse I have seen on time log having their own answer with their own way with or without full acceptance still making everybody’s ego zero . is’t it miraculous.!!!! otherwise also what helpless man can do? He never get justice except waiting for particular time for each one….

  5. Niki Says:

    I have seen so many beautiful answers & posts here (I am from Indonesia), and thus I am really thankful I’ve accidentally stumbled upon & found this website!

    To all of you who’ve posted such great comments and ideas,
    I have nothing else to say, other than to support all your noble intention of creating a better world, and also of your brilliant ideas.
    I will only mention one very powerful line from a recent blockbuster-hit movie, Inception, that basically tells its basic premise: never underestimate the importance of an idea, even the smallest one.
    “An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious, and even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.”

    Go share and spread your ideas, and even better, to ACT bigger upon it,
    for the betterment of the world, our pale blue planet we’re living in.

  6. Thats an all round great blog!

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