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The way we all will be farming after 2012? August 10, 2010

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Now when half of Russia is burning with heat and wildfires, Pakistan is drowning in the worst floods in its  history and the sun’s activity is frighteningly  increasing, more and more people start believing that something dramatic can really happen to the Earth by the end of 2012. Scientists warn us we should be prepared for many more natural disasters to come, even in the areas when by now nothing serious has ever happened…

It becomes obvious that all our plans, especially connected with money and property can vanish in one day, and nothing material will really survive when a true natural disaster hits our homes. Hopefully not. But what if yes?

Well, how can we get prepared for that? Apart from the spiritual level, which definitely helps one to survive: I remember one interesting work on Nazi concentration camps saying  that people who had been better spiritually off survived easier, and the ones who had the best health but were materialistic broke down the first. A lot has been already said and posted about the need of personal spiritual transformation…will not repeat here.

Supposing many of us will really lose “everything” but save lives, what shall we do? Obviously we would have to get “back to the roots” and start with handwork, primitive building construction and farming.

Some time ago I posted about my dream house which – by accident, of cause! 🙂  – is exactly the one can easily built with own hands (see here). My family is panning to start a training pretty soon.

But a house is not enough, we have to eat something. How to grow food if none of us has ever done it before? (I guess that’s the case with most of modern people). Here comes another handy concept which works wonders in Austria.

Sepp Holzer is an oustanding modern farmer who created a fabulous wonderland of abundance and beauty on the family farm in the Austrian alps, at elevations where things should not grow, but he has always trusted only his own knowledge and experience from working with nature, so things grew.

At one time he thought to go to Agriculture school and learn from the experts. He applied the professional training on his farm, and most everything died! He says “we complicate everything, we make things so complicated they don’t work anymore.” He observed that commercial agriculture makes plants dependent on humans as they become addicted to the growth chemicals and pesticides. So basically that carrot and apple you ate grew up in a drug addicted home! “It’s not life supporting nutrition, it just fills your belly… nutrition should be your medicine.”

For each landscape, in every climatic zone, says Sepp Holzer, whether in a fertile river valley or in a moderate climate, whether in the Tundra or in the desert, there is always the possibility to cooperate with nature, to guide her and to cultivate something that suits the land and its inhabitants. In this context Holzer’s Permaculture is not a method which offers the same procedure for every situation. On the contrary, its core lies in the observation of nature, in putting ourselves in the place of other living beings and through this understanding from within, realizing which are the healing measures that make sense in the given situation. Sepp Holzer: “The book of nature always tells the truth; we just have to learn to read it.”

Holzer calls his approach PREMACULTURE. Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies. The intent is that, by training individuals in a core set of design principles, those individuals can design their own environments and build increasingly self-sufficient human settlements — ones that reduce society’s reliance on industrial systems of production and distribution that is identified as fundamentally and systematically destroying Earth’s ecosystems.

While originating as an agro-ecological design theory, permaculture has developed a large international following. This “permaculture community” continues to expand on the original ideas, integrating a range of ideas of alternative culture, through a network of publications, permaculture gardens, intentional communities, training programs, and internet forums. In this way, permaculture has become a form of architecture of nature and ecology as well as an informal institution of alternative social ideals.

We have visited his farm last month as learned lots of interesting and easy things on real farming. It is indeed possible even for a modern person to lean and try it out.
Just in case 🙂

LOVE, axinia


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  1. axinia Says:

    Some time back i had a post on a Japanese “do-nothing-farmer” :
    It’s intresting how these two totally differnt people came to almost same conclution about natural pharming and how successfully they both managed to apply it.

  2. Terry Says:

    I wonder why so much of the discussion of 2012 assumes an apocalyptic ending. My bet is it will come and go like the Millennium anxiety, but if not, even it brings a huge change, logically the change would be to a higher level. The cosmology descriptions I am aware of say that we are currently in the lowest state of life, Kali Yuga or the equivalent. Whatever comes will lift us up not destroy us. And if the world seems bad now, that is to be expected before a change for the better. So we won’t be forced to take up ways of living that are closer to Nature. The expectation should be that She will invite us to enjoy a closer relationship and more satisfying life.

    • axinia Says:

      so you assume living closer to Nature is not satisfying? 🙂

      • axinia Says:

        “Whatever comes will lift us up not destroy us. ” that’s correct, but don’t you think that much still ahs to be destroyed becasue most people (say who are very materialistc) need to see a world crash in order to understand how the things are run?

        • Terry Says:

          I didn’t make that clear–I meant that we would not have to be dragged by a cataclysm into what is obviously a better way. We will be invited to a higher level of living.

          I can’t agree with the idea that material life makes people materialistic. Materialism has brought joy in simple ancient cultures and brings joy in today’s incredibly complex culture. Imagine giving up your joy of blogging and all the joyful connections you have made in order to live isolated in the Alps. What’s the point?

          The problem is only that material joy cannot last, ultimately we suffer once we realize we cannot simply add more and more material in quest to be complete. But don’t blame the material world. That’s all on us and our level of consciousness. We identify our selves with material life instead of with the Absolute.

          A simpler material life does not change that. A more complex or corrupt material life does not change that. If we really, really could see “how things are run” why would we not want as wonderful a material life as possible so that we had 100% material joy and 100% spiritual joy? Eventually we will reach a level of consciousness where we are one with everything. What’s not to like if you are one with everything?

          My advice after living six decades is to go easy on material life. Everything has its place and its purpose. If you make an enemy of material life you are forced to fight it. If you make an enemy of anyone you are forced to fight them. So choose your enemies carefully. If you can love people, and you can love nature, then why can’t you love materialism in all its forms. You don’t have to engage with it. But God is in all of it to some degree–no less than in people or nature. And it’s the same God that resides in all of us. So, to revile materialism is to deny God, while to embrace materialism from the point of view of Unity is to experience God’s Grace.

          Seems simple to me.

          • axinia Says:

            Materialism is not an enemy, Terry, and one can certanly live in it and enjoy it. The problem is that todays’ matter is full of plastic and feels like dead. One can created beautiful things of comfort with love but this is not what we have today.

            Apart from that, I have seen so often that the border between Matter and Spirit is very, very thin. And as soon as you start involving into one of them more, the balance is lost.Even for a person, seeking the Spirit, materialism can be very distructive and we all know that very well.
            It is only the question of balance. And how many people do you know who can keep the balance between materialism and spirituality? I would be really intrested in numbers you can give here!

            As for me, my firends concider myself a good example in this balance because I lead quite a comfortable middle-class European style life 🙂 and yet I am not bothered about it. Things just come my way, but I never think of sacrifying my spiritual feedom and values for another branded dress.

  3. material life is not bad even it doesn’t affect spiritual life but we are not handling money properly.If some one is becoming slave of money then it become problem. Infact material life increases comforts ,communication and bring world closer as global village ( May be hearts goes away but that is different problem!!!!). It is not nescessory always,to upbring one self means one should be premitive but more conscious and detached.
    One sage requires milk so he bring cow. to feed cow he brings grass but due to grass rat came so to kill rat he brought cat but cat used to eat milk and used to disturb his meditation and his all time used to go in taking care of all these things and there is no meditation so finally he brought lady to take care all these but when she come his attention goes to her only and he started to take care of her only and for that he requires money so he started earning money from farming and thus he totally turn away from his spiritual life and enter in married life and start enjoying married life including all material problem.
    So most probabaly the problem is how we manage man, money,material and still remain detached.
    Related to blog topic.I never pannic about or I am not expecting stone age seriously but still whatever clearing will occure that will benificial for human being as such and definately take to new hight. Ok. we should lucky enough tobe among them. ????? !!!!!!! Remaining naturalist is alwayes as good as as and till science and nature goes hand to hand. If science and man’s brain trying to disturb natture rule then there is problem.

  4. Terry Says:

    Ihave to disagree about the thin boundary between material and spiritual. I think they could not be farther apart. One is the experience of duality. Every joy has its opposite suffering. There are wonderful people connected on this site and terrorists laying plans on some other site. The other is the experience of unity. Beyond words and description. Just bliss and all knowing. But it is possible within human consciousness to experience both at the same time. Not just the experience in meditation and then opening the eyes, but living unity in the midst of duality. Loving both. I know zero people who can claim this, but I am not sure they would say anything and I am very sure I am not likely to recognize them.

    We are probably talking about two different things. You use the word materialism to describe the weaknesses of greed, etc. When I use the word I just mean life in the world of the senses. I agree that materialistic impulses are pretty bad, but the material world can also be viewed as a celestial place. Angels are among us in this material world. In the unity world there are no attributes, no individuality, no angels or devils. And no boundaries. And that is the final puzzle. How they can be the same.

  5. What a beautiful post, Axinia! 🙂

    We have visited his farm last month as learned lots of interesting and easy things on real farming.

    Lucky you! 🙂 I wish I could learn the techniques of natural farming from Herr Holzer as well. I often dream of living on a beautiful farm full of different varieties of trees and plants (and animals too 😉 ) all grown naturally, with a minimalist Japanese style home (not necessarily made of cob, but definitely with its own sources of electricity) and a sophisticated workshop-cum-laboratory located on the same farm as well. That would be my dream home 🙂 In fact, your third picture of Herr Holzer’s farm (I presume) bears a somewhat vague resemblance to the one in my mind.

    Glad to know that natural farming is attracting lots of people in Austria. I’ll take organically grown food anyday (even if it means the variety is limited) over the filthy, toxic, genetically-modified poisonous trash that vermin like Monsatan are trying to forcibly peddle in cahoots with the corrupt creatures of many countries’ criminal governments (such as the sewery central government scum of the sub-human, evil Indian empire).


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, what a surprise, i never thought you like to live in such a house. Inf act, not many people I know would love this…
      Great! hope our dreams will come true one day 😉

  6. …and the sun’s activity is frighteningly increasing

    I agree! The more evidence I find, the more I’m inclined to believe that “man-made” global warming is one giant worldwide hoax, pulled off by a sinister cabal with ulterior motives. Make no mistake, the climate may actually be changing (for the worse) around the world, and I do think that less air pollution and more reliance on renewable energy is definitely a good thing (one has to prepare for the day oil runs out, in any case). But the way “man-made” global warming is being peddled and the dubious, shady fellows behind it (like Pachauri and Gore), I get the sneaky suspicion that it’s yet another spoke in the fast-spinning wheel of rapid turd worldisation of the civilised societies.

    So the “man-made” climate change cabal want to implement things like a crushing “carbon tax”, “cap-and-trade” scheme, “carbon offset” crap etc. on the productive peoples and egalitarian economies of the civilised societies with their stabilised population levels and profit from the ensuing criminal loot, eh? But they never want to hold accountable or penalise the savage, uncouth hordes of the filthy parts of the lowly turd world who keep breeding like pigs, but actually encourage the regressive barbarians to continue with their primitive tendency to multiply like rats and spread like the plague? This despite the fact that the ever-increasing number of barbaric hordes can barely feed themselves and have already massively overshot the carrying capacity of their turdy crap holes and have turned their living environments into literal sewers?

    I smell something like rotting fish 😡 in that scam. It’s yet another attempt by the evil forces that control the world to eliminate the civilised societies from the face of the planet and turn the entire world into one big turd world trash can, so that all of humankind can be plunged into the depths of sub-human, barbaric, filthy tendencies exhibited by the criminalised societies of the vile turd world and their hordes and hordes of unethical, unevolved, uncouth, rabidly overbreeding Homo savagensis.

    …more and more people start believing that something dramatic can really happen to the Earth by the end of 2012.

    I don’t know whether to believe it or not, but I really DO HOPE that something massive, really massive and Earth-changing happens by 2012, either natural or man-made. The way the world is heading does not seem good at all – the deliberate destruction and decline of societies that represent everything good, progressive and civilised about humankind and the rapidly growing clout and power of turdy, barbaric, vile societies and their rabidly multiplying number of regressive beings that represent everything worthless, sub-human and uncouth about humankind. The decline of the civilised Homo sapiens and the rise of the uncouth, savage hordes of Homo savagensis is an ill-omen that portends an unthinkably evil future for all of humanity and indeed, the entire planet, something from which the Earth may never recover.

    So a major planet-shaking event from the Sun or outer space by 2012 or even a globe-churning event like WW III, that ensures the rabidly increasing humanoid sub-species called Homo savagensis doesn’t get to ruin the future of the entire planet may actually be a blessing in disguise 😐 As any medical worker will tell you, sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary to destroy human tissue that threatens to engulf the whole body (like cancer or gangrene), in order to save the life of the human being affected by it. Similarly, though it is very unfortunate that it has come to this, a massive natural or man-made event (by 2012) that shakes the planet and ensures it is not destroyed for all time to come by the cancerous, uncouth, filthy, sub-human behaviour of the rapidly growing number of Homo savagensis is something on which the very future of humankind and the planet rests on. I hope the widely promised year of 2012 does not disappoint the Earth.


  7. axinia Says:

    an interesting video on the current waether situation (reg. Russia and Pakistan).

    The Weird Behaviour of the Jet Stream

    Normally the jet stream is a giant loop of high speed winds that whip round the upper atmosphere, writes science correspondent Tom Clarke.

    The jet stream isn’t involved in day to day weather – it’s too high up – but because it pushes the atmosphere around it’s very important in steering large scale weather patterns below.

    The stream has split in two. One arm has gone north, another south. The patch in the middle is Russia’s drought. A circulating pattern of air has been sitting over Russia for far longer than normal, causing the extreme temperatures and wildfires they’ve had there.

    But what’s happening over Pakistan is even stranger. The southern arm of the Jet stream has looped down so far it has crossed over the Himalayas into north western Pakistan. Experts at the Met Office tell me this is very unusual.

    And the result is that the fast moving jets stream winds high up has helped suck the warm, wet, monsoon air even faster and higher into the atmosphere – and that has caused rains like no-one can remember. It has turbo charged the monsoon if you like. They’re not sure that’s ever happened before.!

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Thanks Axinia!!!!
      I want to convay same and such information which I got incomplete which you have completed as usual with your complete study and information. i know flood situation in pakistan is also worst. as per my information rain slash more than 43mm/min !!!! in kasmir?? everything is collapsed even heavy crains, cars, lorry’s wahed out due to flood. clay made houses just melted like anything within no time.
      After reading all that I remember “Nova”. whethere someting like that will occure in large scale?. I think that story is Bible also.
      @ Raj All asrams (Gurukul) described in Ramayana And mahabharata are same like your dream. They were actually workshops only run under nature by guidance and control of wise person where all students used to learn. That why it said as ‘Great heritage of India”

      • Oh no, Maheshsaheb 😯 My dream was definitely not inspired by anything from the uncouth, primitive, crappy, rotten, stinking “culture” of the sub-human, evil Indian empire.

        The workshop I dreamt of is a different kind of one from the one you mention. Unlike Axinia 😉 , I have absolutely no idea of running an ashram, school or workshop to teach anybody anything 😐 I meant more like a sophisticated, well-equipped, high-tech laboratory-cum-prototype fabrication workshop, where I can happily try to experiment with wild ideas about putting together stuff from natural and man-made materials.

        It’s something inspired by a property from the civilised world, the imaginary Marlinspike Hall from the Tintin comics 🙂 In fact, the workshop I mentioned is on the lines of old Professor Calculus’ laboratory in Marlinspike 😉 Marlinspike Estate looks wonderful to me, except that the main building itself is too lavish, mediaeval and wasteful for my liking – I’d prefer a smaller, futuristic, green, minimalist Japanese style design with many more varieties of trees and plants growing in the grounds.


  8. swaps Says:

    Axinia, you are whetting my anticipations about 2012. 🙂

  9. The sheer uncouthness of the turd world savages disgusts me 😡 Barbaric turd world dump holes (such as the sub-human, filthy, evil Indian empire and the vile cabal of uncouth savages from similar turd world trash cans) have been orchestrating an evil global campaign for the civilised countries to completely abolish their farm subsidies.


    The civilised countries and their people should never fall for this vile, demonic trick of the Homo savagensis turdworldensis 👿 If anything, the civilised societies should ensure their generous farm subsidies are used to benefit natural and organic farms (like that of Herr Holzer), family-owned-and-run farms, food crop growing farmers instead of being used by the large factory farms and “indirect” subsidies that only go towards those who manufacture agricultural chemicals.

    The savage turd world hordes have been crying foul over the farm subsidies of the civilised countries and want them completely abolished so that civilised people can be brought under and kept at the mercy of the filthy turd world crap holes.

    In the period 2007-09, farmers in New Zealand received the least amount of their revenue from taxpayers, at less than 1 per cent. The figure was 4 per cent in Australia, 9 per cent in the United States, 12 per cent in Mexico, 17 per cent in Canada, 23 per cent in the European Union, 34 per cent in Turkey, 47 per cent in Japan, 52 per cent in Korea, 53 per cent in Iceland, 58 per cent in Switzerland and 61 per cent in Norway.

    From those figures, anyone can understand that farm subsidies are actually at par or lower in most civilised societies than in the turd world shit holes that want them abolished. I would make a calculated guess that the EU’s 23% is actually close to the subsidies that many turd world shit holes provide to their farmers.

    Unlike in the civilised societies where one can calculate the subsidies accurately, subsidies for farmers in the uncouth crapocracies is large and indirect and because of this, they cannot be calculated accurately. 20-30% is a fair estimation of what various turd world shit holes provide to their farmers in the form of direct, indirect and invisible subsidies.

    As for the few civilised countries that provide very large subsidies to their farmers (such as the 47 per cent in Japan, 52 per cent in Korea, 53 per cent in Iceland, 58 per cent in Switzerland and 61 per cent in Norway), one must understand that farming is usually quite difficult and unrewarding in such highly civilised countries due to various natural reasons and that they must have generous subsidies in order to feed their population and support their rural dwellers as well as the industries that depend on them.

    The civilised countries should reject the threatening calls of the primitive turd world savages asking them to abolish subsidies to their farmers. It is nothing but yet another spoke in the fast spinning wheel of rapid turd worldisation of the civilised societies. The turd world barbarians want to completely destroy the civilised societies and bring them down to their own sub-human levels of existence.

    Is there any logic or sanity at all behind the savages’ call to abolish first world farm subsidies which are largely at par with those in the lowly turd world? No, none at all! All the savages want to accomplish is the total destruction of the civilised societies. Already, the de-industrialisation of civilised societies is proceeding at a rapid pace due to massive offshoring and outsourcing. Now the criminalised turd world hordes want to destroy whatever is left of first world agriculture. Shame on the parasitic, leech-like turd world savages who breed like pigs! 😡 The rabidly overbreeding barbarians from the filthy dump holes of the uncouth turd world have never even contributed anything to humankind, anything positive that is. All they know is to destroy anything good and progressive that comes out of the civilised societies. Filthy hordes of lowlife Homo savagensis turdworldensis! 👿

    Now why would the turd world savages want to destroy first world agriculture? Especially when the rabidly overbreeding barbarians have proved that they cannot feed themselves on their own? Or given their swine-like breeding habits, whatever little they produce is barely enough to avoid malnourishment for their ever-multiplying hordes of savages? Or whenever a food shortage or famine or drought occurs in the uncouth turd world, it’s always the civilised people of the first world who come to their rescue?

    It’s nothing but the natural, inbuilt tendency of the Homo savagensis turdworldensis. Being pea-brained, uncouth, regressive hominoids, these barbarians can neither invent/discover something good on their own, nor will they allow others to do that. They can neither civilise themselves, nor will they allow others to remain civilised.

    The shameless hordes of rabidly overbreeding Homo savagensis turdworldensis are truly the scum of humankind! 👿 😡


  10. Take the international response to the flooding of the filthy Pakistani empire, for instance. Where has the majority of the aid and relief effort come from? Obviously from the civilised societies of the world – EU, US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea etc. What have the turd world sub-humans contributed to their fellow savages in their hour of need? A meagre pittance, if anything at all! What have the barbaric mediaeval Middle-Eastern fiefdoms, soaking in oil wealth and petrodollars contributed to their fellow Islamic hordes who are drowning? Barely a little donation here or a fund-raising there. Only after strong criticism have the filthy rich tyrant sheiks given more generously.

    It’s always the same. The turd world lowlives can always depend on the generosity of civilised Christendom (and the few generous non-Christian civilised first world donors, like Japan) and the Christian ethic of the civilised people to save the pea-brained turd-headed lowlives whenever a disaster happens. Despite the economic crisis affecting the civilised societies, they have been generous in organising sterling fund raising efforts for the turd world savages.

    Yet the corrupt, sub-human turd world savages will never waste an opportunity to pull down the civilised societies and set humanity behind by millenia in the process. The savages will never waste an opportunity to blame the civilised first world for all the woes that are caused by their own pea-brained sub-human behaviour and criminal mentality. At the same time they breed like rats, massively overshoot the carrying capacity of the sewery crap holes they inhabit, then spread like the plague to the civilised societies and leech off them like the true parasitic vermin that they are.

    Oh, the sheer uncouthness of the turd world barbaro-hominoids! 😡 Believe me, terrible as it sounds, this world would be a much, much better place for humankind, all other species and the planet itself, if only all the hordes and hordes of uncouth, rabidly overbreeding, pea-brained, sub-human, turd world savages are wiped out from the face of the Earth!

    Alas! The way things are going, it looks like the opposite may happen 😦 All the civilised people of the world, already reduced to a minority, have begun a possibly irreversible demographic decline, with the average fertility rate dipping well below 2.11 which is the bare necessity for replacement and survival. While the civilised people are being pushed into demographic suicide, the uncouth barbarians are simultaneously unleashing the dreaded “womb bomb” by breeding like rats and spreading like the plague to the civilised places. If this continues unabated, the planet will descend into living hell everywhere, as the hordes and hordes of uncouth barbarians are unevolved, uncivilised, unethical and simply don’t have what it takes to behave in the manner of Homo sapiens sapiens.

    Somehow, the coming “age of the barbaric hominoid savages” must be stopped at all costs, for the sake of humankind, civilisation and planet Earth itself. And the only way it can be done is by a natural, unthinkable, planet shaking event from the Sun or outer space or a man-made catastrophe of unimaginable proportions like WW III 😐 Scary as it sounds, it is the only way forward for humankind if it wants to avoid going back to the Stone Age, which is where the rabidly overbreeding, beastly hordes of Homo savagensis turdworldensis, the Homo criminalii hindoides, the Homo feudalicus barbaroides and the like will take the world to 😐



  11. The lowlife turd world savages are at it again! 😡 In cahoots with the crooks at the UN (Uncouth Nations – which is controlled by the filthy turd world shit holes of the planet), the vile hominoid creatures from the uncivilised places are about to force the civilised peoples into eating ants, cockroaches, bugs, rats, lizards and other creepy-crawlies! 😮 😯

    No, I’m not joking! This is something very serious! I’ve been repeatedly issuing warnings that the hordes and hordes of rabidly overbreeding, uncouth turd world people have an vile, demonic agenda of completely destroying the civilised societies and reducing them to a unthinkably lowly, sub-human level of existence. Now we have solid proof that should convince even the most clueless, hopelessly brainwashed first world simpleton who believes that all humanoid beings are the same and that there is no difference between the civilised peoples and the hordes and hordes of lowlife, uncouth barbarians who have swine-like breeding habits. The turdy savages aren’t even trying to hide their vile agenda any longer, but are actively promoting it among the few willing, gullible, clueless, unthinking first world dimwits:


    But then, if the United Nations gets its way, we might all soon be adding creepy-crawlies to our weekly shopping lists. The UN is considering strategies to cut levels of meat consumption worldwide as part of its commitment to stamp out famine and cut global warming.

    And it claims livestock, such as cows and pigs, requires too much space and fodder to be an energy-efficient source of food for the everexpanding population. Ultimately, it argues, there’s simply not enough land for us all to eat roast beef.
    And so the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation is urging us to try other alternatives, including insects. Yikes!

    Filthy hordes of Homo savagensis turdworldensis! 👿

    Note how the savage, barbaric turd world hordes and the vile, crooked, elite rascals of the first world societies always blame the civilised peoples for the problems of the turd world lowlives that are caused by barbarians’ own criminal mindsets, uncouth, unethical behaviour and rat-like breeding habits.

    If there is a famine in any turd world shit hole governed by crooked, evil, incorrigibly corrupt, uncouth turd world criminals, then the civilised people should be blamed. If the turd world sub-humans cannot produce enough food to feed their ever-exploding population, then the civilised people should be blamed for it. If a filthy, sub-human, demonically evil turd world shit pit such as the uncouth Indian empire has half its children existing on the borderline of starvation and severe malnutrition, then the civilised people should be blamed.

    If the rabidly overbreeding barbarians in the filthy parts of the world keep popping out babies by the dozen (all uncouth societies have an average fertility rates of 2.5, 3, 4, 5 or even more), then the civilised people who have less than 2.11 children per woman must be blamed for it. If women in the sub-human societies have litter the size of a football team, then the civilised people should be blamed for it as well. If cows fart in the uncouth societies, then the civilised peoples should be blamed for that too.

    When will the uncivilised savages ever take responsibility for their own turdy selves and their filthy societies? When will the barbarians ever learn to breed like humans instead of pigs? When will the uncouth hordes ever learn to behave like Homo sapiens sapiens instead of uncouth, unethical, unevolved, lowlife sub-humans?

    Sadly, it looks like never 😦 Quite the opposite is likely to happen 😯 Given the number of naive, gullible simpletons in the civilised societies willing to toe the uncouth savages’ line without realising the evil agenda that the barbarians have in mind, the civilised world seems to be doomed and slowly slipping towards the point of no-return 😦 It’s a real pity, for the destruction of the civilised societies means the destruction of humanity itself 😦

    Humankind itself is doomed if the turdy, overbreeding savages from the filthy places and the incorrigibly crooked elite rogues of the civilised world have their evil way. The rabidly overbreeding barbarians will take the planet back to the Stone Age, for their tiny, regressive pea-brains and filthy “cultures” aren’t capable of anything better. There is a huge, unbridgeable ethical and civilisational gap between the civilised places and the filthy, sub-human shit pits.

    So the scoundrels at the Uncouth Nations think the civilised peoples should give up their natural diets and start eating ants, roaches, lizards and rats, in order to prevent famines? If it weren’t so evil, it would be ridiculous 😆 So the civilised societies whose already small population has entered a phase of possibly irreversible decline should stop eating meats and start eating insects? So that the sub-human hordes of rabidly overbreeding lowlife barbarians belonging to the filthy places can continue to proliferate like pond scum? So that the uncouth savages, who cannot even feed their bloated soccer-team sized families can continue to pop out babies by the dozen? And then blame the civilised peoples if they cannot get enough food for their humungous (and expanding) brood of starving, malnourished children?

    The “man-made” global warming filth and the “carbon-this-carbon-that” crap promoted by that filthy fraudulent creature (Rajinder Pachauri) and that notoriously vile crook (Al Gore) is an inseparable part of the same vile agenda of immediate and horrible destuction of the civilised societies and peoples by imposing filthy, unthinkably enormous “carbon taxes” and other such crap on the civilised peoples and utterly destroy the small and declining numbers of civilised peoples.

    The rabidly overbreeding sub-humans in the filthy parts of the world are responsible for eating up the planet’s resources much more than the small and declining numbers of civilised peoples. The savages who breed at an uncontrollable rate are responsible if their food production cannot keep up with their pig-like breeding habits.

    Who are the uncouth pea-brained savages trying to fool? The civilised peoples should never fall for the demonic trickery and dirty treachery of the uncivilised, unethical, overbreeding barbaro-hominoid turd-heads and the crooked elite rascals of the civilised world. The future of humankind and the planet depends on the reaction of the civilised peoples to the vile turd world assault on the whole of humanity at this crucial point, this deciding cross-roads in human history. If the civilised peoples put the lowly, uncouth, unethical savages in their deserved places, then there is some hope for humanity. If the sub-human barbarians and filthy shit pits like the evil Indian empire have their way, then the future is a living hell for the entire planet 😯

    Civilised peoples should tell the sub-human turd world lowlives like Pachauri & Co. to buzz off to their turdy shit holes and preach their uncouthness to the overbreeding barbarians there. If scum like Pachauri are so concerned about the environment, then they should tell their lowlife uncivilised brethren to stop breeding like dirty swine. If the filthy FAO is so concerned about preventing famines and starvation in the lowly, uncivilised places, then the crooks should ask the barbarians to control their rat-like breeding habits and switch from the sub-human quantitative model of evolution to the civilised qualitative model of evolution practised by the more evolved peoples.

    Forcing the civilised peoples to eat filthy creepy-crawlies so that the sub-human savages can continue to breed like pigs and eat up the world’s food supply is a typically evil, demonic turd world trick that occurs only in the incorrigibly devilish, sub-human turd world mind.

    Civilised peoples should beware of sub-humans such as Pachauri & Co. and the filthy FAO! They should instead start consuming more fuel, electricity, resources to maintain and develop their civilised way of life and further refine their qualitative model of evolution. They should instead eat even more chicken, fish, beef, pork, lamb, eggs, milk, cheese etc. & fruits, vegetables etc. in order to develop a healthy lifestyle and a palatable, wholesome diet rich in vital nutrients.

    If the rabidly overbreeding sub-human barbarians don’t have enough food to feed their ever-exploding population of savages, then it’s their own fault and not that of the declining number of civilised peoples! Why do the lowly, uncouth sub-human hordes follow this primitive policy?

    Breed them even if you cannot feed ’em!
    And don’t stop once you’ve bred ’em.
    Breed some more of ’em,
    Even if you don’t need ’em! 😮

    If there is anything the world needs to focus on to solve all kinds of environmental and food and other problems, it is forcing the sub-human hordes of lowlife barbarians in the filthy parts of the world to stop breeding like swine. The filthy societies and the turdy peoples who refuse to bring down their swine-like breeding rates immediately should be treated like the lowlife scum beings they are. The rabidly overbreeding hordes of savages (with avg. fertility rates of >2.5 per woman are truly the scum of humankind who will lead the entire planet to its destruction and turn it into a living hellhole like the primitive, feudal, shit pits they inhabit. It’s time to hold such sub-humans accountable for their actions.


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