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How a true Spiritual Guide be recognized August 7, 2010

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While describing how a true Spiritual Guide be recognized, Sufi Master Abu Said ibn Abul Khayr said, at least ten characteristics if found in a guide, is proof of his authenticity. The Guru:

 1. must have become a Goal, to be able to have a disciple.
2. must have traveled the mystic path himself, to be able to show the way.
3. must have become refined and educated, to be able to be an educator (murabbi).
4. must be generous and devoid of self-importance, so that he can sacrifice wealth on behalf of the disciple.
5. must have no hand in the disciple’s wealth, so that he is not tempted to use it for himself.
6.whenever he can give advice through a sign (parables, metaphors, mithals), he will not use direct expression.
7. whenever he can educate through kindness, he will not use violence and harshness.
8.whatever he orders, he has first accomplished himself.
9.whatever he forbids the disciple, he has abstained for himself.
10.he will not abandon for the world’s sake the disciple whom he accepts for God’s sake.

Then there arises the question of how to find the real guru. Very often people are in doubt, they do not know whether the guru they see is a true or false guru. Frequently a person comes in contact with a false guru in a world where there is so much falsehood. But at the same time a real seeker, one who is not false to himself, will always meet with the truth, with the real, because it is his own real faith, his own sincerity in earnest seeking that will become his torch. The real teacher is within, the lover of reality is one’s own sincere self, and if one is really seeking truth, sooner or later one will certainly find a true teacher.
– Pir O Murshid Inayat Khan

a re-post from my beloved friend Mystic Saint.


4 Responses to “How a true Spiritual Guide be recognized”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    It is said that Adi Guru Dattatrya had 64 Gurus!!!. Another way we believe there are 64 “kalas” Activities needed for once survival or thing learn to earn to survival, so each one guru for each kala/Art who is master of it. So in another way we can say that the person from we learn new thing become our guru grossly.
    There are stories like Aklwya, where guru’s have taken benefit even though not directly taught and make life impossible. reasons may be different. Even with persuram and karna same thing happen when karna try to learn against guru’s wish He was unable to use that art when needed.
    So Guru has earned lot of importance and become controversial personality. There may be lot of human angle for it. and as you say it become a big myth or illusion. Even in Indian literature It is said that for you no need to find guru, A guru himself find a good disciples for him and he will visit you in any form. You have to have identify him.
    Considering all those points in my mind I always think that ” Self Guru” is best Guru. One should have a true desire to seek it and one day one can succeeds. so true seekers are needed. So rationalist also came in the same line but main problem with rationalist is they do not believe the GOD and needs a greater exploration of science and its acceptance apart from emotional component. But now last few days from learning and listening to these rationalist I come to conclusion that one can be faithful and can follow science too. only need is critical analysis of once Dharma’s. courage to accepting and following it condemning old tradition which are outdated. Even this ” New Morality” adds my knowledge and taught me, how to refashion old and convert to modern which can be used by masses with continuing proud of great heritage of old culture.

  2. mahesh chendake Says:

    Even in Indian history in happens first time in period of Mahabharata that A special Guru is appointed for King’s Children otherwise previously they used to learn with other children and treated same. Even Shri Krishna learn in same way in Gurukul . You can check story of Sudama for that.That time only Four verna System is adapted and started otherwise previously not. A person use to select any job and used to learn any art for serviewng’s and depending on that he used to consider Brahman or other even all varnas have a same respect. Even I read that Acharya has great opposed from current followers from doing that as it will start A Dark period of Indian Society and which has become very true afterwords. Now It is literally impossible to remove caste system and your caste is decided by your birth which is not your hand. You may accept or not. There are parent by whom one can find always great having birth but main problem is with society which make life difficult due to caste. It has a blem to humanity. “Jee Jat Nahi tee Jat” In marathi we says. It doesn’t have any culturally upbringing or any heritage. It need to be condemned as become outdated.

  3. swaps Says:

    Thanks Axinia.

  4. Good guide & advise. When i studied Islam I was told by many Imran, that they thought Sufi fit me better than Shia & Suni. But I must be honest I don’t really understand what a Sufi Master is. I have studied many religions both many christian ones, harri krishna, buddhism, hinduism, taoism, confusianism, Judaism & ofcause Islam having read both the Bible, Torah, Koran, Book of Mormon and about many masters of the far east, but I have never really understood the place of a Sufi Master. Can anyoe help me with this understanding or where I can find it? The more I have studied and sought spirituality the more I am convinced that there is a God, but at the same time the more I come to question religion and man’s attempt to define & understand God. Church & rituals seems so limited next to the idea of a perfect all knowing, all loving God.
    I suppose my true religion today is not so much defined by culture or following a spiritual leader, but more by myself increasing in spirituality, love & truth.
    I read on another post something about you not believing in God Axinia. Did I read this correct? What place does a spiritual leader have to you if not to lead you to a God? What is spirituality to you? I hope it is ok I ask.
    I have loved your posts and consider myself a theist but not a religionist so far, and yet it may be more correct for me to call myself a agnostic who believes in more intelligent & aware spiritual life in the universe than humans. I suppose what life is simply about for me is to seek good whereever I can find it, and become as good as possible.
    I like your post as always. I think your guide on how to recognize a sufi master or any spiritual leader for that matter could and should follow the principles you list as the focus on care for others and not wealth, living your own teachings, and kindly sacrificing are good indications of a sincere leader.
    One of the best arguments to believe in Christ for example follows this guide as christ lived his own teachings, did not get paid and was willing to sacrifice his own life for what he believed and taught, that to me is a strong example of a spiritual leader. It is so tought to know who to trust in todays world, and so I am increasingly becoming aware that the key to freedom, happiness, love, truth and good in my life must come from ME sincerely seeking to BE what I wish. To recognize good, one must be as good as possible.
    I see your posts as good Axinia, you are an inspiration to me. None of us knows everything, and we are hopefully all learning and seeking as much good as possible around us.Thanks for you good example, I hope you will find all the good you desire & continue to share the good you find and the good in you.

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