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Where spontaneous ideas come from August 1, 2010

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“Whatever you have done is through spontaneity, because the Unconscious has helped you, has given you the idea, the inspiration; you have done everything through inspiriting and not by your own thinking.

Now, there we do not want to agree, because we have to give up our ego, because we think we have achieved it through our thinking. But when you think too much, too much, too much, like that, then what happens? The Unconscious gives you the necessary information because it has compassion, it just has love for you and suddenly you find something there. You are just pushed into that corner where you find it, and for this you must know it is Einstein is the person who says that the theory of relativity dawned on him from somewhere unknown.

Whatever is known is already there. And whatever is unknown you cannot find out by this brain which is thinking, but by the brain which is enlightened.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


4 Responses to “Where spontaneous ideas come from”

  1. Billibaldi Says:

    I was hoping for an inspirational word today since I have to settle a legal matter.

    Thank you.

  2. mahesh chendake Says:

    Mothers word, No comment.
    I am experiencing it in daily life, very true.
    to reach thoughtless state is bit difficult even surrendering ego and having pure desire ,any how one should be lucky or divine.
    kash, everybody should get enlighten brain.!!!!!

    @ Billibaldi ,when some one is surrendering completely definitely get help. I always give example of Draupadi. Even when all are present nobody has given help …. when she calls with full surrendering at last … Lord krishna came to help……. Dushasana was unable to expose her.

  3. kanagu Says:

    Loved this post Axinia.. so beautiful 🙂 🙂 surely there must be something within.. else no ideas will come out 🙂

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