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The Image of a Primordial Woman July 29, 2010

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When I was a child, I never liked to draw the blond princesses – my ones had always been dark-headed. Since that time I had somewhere deep in my head an image of a surrealy beautiful woman with unusually long dark curly hair, almond-shaped eyes and a thin wrist. Somehow it was my ideal. And that was not an image a child gets from the images of the Soviet culture! 

Nowadays looking at the beauty–queens of Miss Universe contests I see the same type of women being nominated as the ultimate beauty. Surprisingly enough one can seldom find a blond Miss Universe or Miss World – does the global community ignore the Mass Media selling strategies? Or is there some deeper message of the collective unconscious? 

When I later discovered the beauty of Indian scriptures, I was astonished to find out the exact description of my female ideal in Shri Lalita Sahasranama, a sacred Hindu text for the worshippers of the Goddess Lalita Devi, i.e. the Divine Mother, in the form of her and the male gods’ feminine power, Shakti.

It was C.G. Jung, a founder of analytical phsycology who first spoke of collective unconscious –  a part of a person`s unconscious which is common to all human beings. It containes architypes, which are forms or symbols that are manifested by all people in all cultures.

One of the most important and probably the oldest archytepes is the Mother Goddess. Not only the qualities but also an image of her must be deep-seated in the unconsious of all the races.

And even though we have a great variety of all the beauty-types of women, the image of the Promordial Woman seem to keep us in its gentle hands…

LOVE, axinia


11 Responses to “The Image of a Primordial Woman”

  1. Terry Says:

    From your description , I think you were drawing Hedy Lamarr. An incarnation of the goddess if there ever was one. Born in Vienna. A truly gracious film star of the 1930s/40s. It is said that men could not take their eyes off her yet women always saw her as a friend, never a rival. She was also brilliant–only recently was she finally credited with her role in developing a guidance system for torpedoes that had a significant impact on the allied victory in WWII. In her films roles she always projects the self-knowledge and gentle power you admire. Google her and you will see your dark princess immediately.

  2. Nowadays looking at the beauty–queens of Miss Universe contests I see the same type of women being nominated as the ultimate beauty.


    Axinia, surely you don’t believe that the girls taking part in these Miss ________________ pageants are the representation of the “ultimate beauty”.

    I don’t think so. Many of them are not even that beautiful in my opinion. Actually, all of them would have been very beautiful IF they had some more meat on their bones 😉 Some of the girls taking part in such contests look like they haven’t eaten anything for weeks and months 😯 The less said about the models who walk down the ramp, the better. Many of them look like sticks wearing skimpy clothes. They give a bad name to the word “catwalk”. No healthy cat in the world would ever have its bones sticking out like that 😮 It’s a pity that young girls are brainwashed to believe that models who resemble bamboo poles with limbs are the expression of the “ultimate beauty”.

    Surprisingly enough one can seldom find a blond Miss Universe or Miss World – does the global community ignore the Mass Media selling strategies?

    There is nothing surprising about that, Axinia. Whichever way you look at it, it’s another sign of the process in which the entire world is being rapidly turd worldised. It’s not just about blondes. You have dark-haired girls from the first world competing in these pageants as well, but most winners these days are from turd world countries.

    One does not need to be a rocket-scientist to understand why. The simple reason is that the population of the civilised societies has stabilised or has begun to drop (in some cases, alarmingly so) while the regressive, uncouth hordes of the primitive parts of the lowly turd world continue to breed like pigs, popping out babies by the dozen 😯

    The kind of people who promote these beauty pageants is not a secret. They all happen to be corporations who manufacture cosmetics, toiletries, personal care stuff, clothes and accessories and even the ones who promise weight reduction hocus-pocus or even the notorious ones who inject deadly toxins (botulinium) into a woman’s face to “get rid” of wrinkles.

    These people are faced with stagnant prospects in their traditional markets in the civilised societies due to the fact that their populations have stabilised or have begun to drop. On the other hand, the pig-like breeding habits of the uncouth turd world hordes presents them with the opportunity to cater to expanding markets. Lo and behold! Within a span of a few years, most of the Miss _______________ winners happen to pop up from the uncouth turd world countries, when the reverse was true not too long ago.

    In any case, with the entire world being turd worldised at a furious pace, the civilised people would be turned into a minority in their own societies, thanks to the natural tendencies of the uncouth hordes to breed like rats and spread like the plague from the uncivilised parts of the world to the more civilised places. In a few years from now, every civilised society in the world would be reduced to turd world levels, thanks to the mass migration of the rapidly overbreeding hordes from the uncouth parts of the world to the more civilised places, and the turd world hordes will bring their filthy “cultures” and regressive practices with them, completely destroying the civilised societies in the process.

    I feel sorry for the civilised societies that have been forced to open their borders to the uncivilised hordes. The civilised peoples built their societies all by themselves due to sheer hard work and turned them into very desirable places to live in. By contrast, the uncouth hordes completely ruined their own societies due to their regressiveness and primitive feudal mindsets. Having massively overshot the carrying capacity of their turd world crap holes due to their primitive breeding habits, they then move in their hordes to the civilised places to leech off them like true parasites. Once there, they try to marginalise their civilised hosts in their own societies by using their tendency to multiply like mice and by bringing in more and more hordes to leech off the civilised peoples. The entire world will be transformed into a living hell once the turd world barbarians take control.

    That’s one reason why I think a World War III may actually be beneficial for humankind. Without a major world shaking event such as WW III, the entire world will slowly descend into barbarism and uncouthness and humankind would be headed back to the mediaeval age, thanks to the turd world barbarians taking control gradually. Since the savages don’t have what it takes to behave in a civilised manner, humanity may never recover from such a deadly blow. That’s the reason why the slow turd worldisation of the planet is much more dangerous to humankind than an event like WW III.


  3. mahesh Chendake Says:

    @ Raj it is an open secret!!!!!
    @Axnia, @ Terry when we reach state of abodhitata/ Innocence ( Quality of muladhar) we find same feathers in all famine!!!!. Beauty is in eyes of viewer and sex in mind!!! not the person viewed. A beautiful Lady I can call a mother also remember Shivaji Maharaj quotes in marathi” (I would have beautiful like you if my mother is beautiful like you !!) (Individual psyche!!!). apart from external feathers, inner strength and beauty of mind is also important . Just reduction of weight, skin bony with tall at height and few well furnished brainwashed answers with smiling professional face may be winning symbol of beauty contest but It doesn’t represent total beauty and may not be admire by all . By proper ????? marketing we can sale any thing in “everything selling market world” of corporate world where no cultural representation is seen except business otherwise actress of bollywood may not have worshiped like anything and physical beauty of such models may not have used in any advertise. ( Just think why we require a lady in advertise of inner cloths of male ? !!!!) with the help of Feminine beauty we can market / increase sale of any rubbish material easily.
    This pictures of symbolize Goddess Laxmi, represents lot of things. First thing it represent all qualities of Nabhi chakra.
    just see all her weight is transferred in one small tender stand of lotus on which she stand comfortably and confidently. She become weight less. Raj lotus always grow from dirty water but represent purity always. How one can be get transformed weightless , get absorbed with purity of mind and character and remain untouched from all dirt around. Calmness, brightness, peace on face it represent inner strength of mind . She is rich, enjoying life and still giving with both the hands, representing money in materialism world and bliss of spiritual world with both giving hands. thus she is a self sufficient ,complete lady ( Shakti) who remain stable , strong, with her purpose even in unfavorable environment around.
    When anybody represent same feathers will definitely look beautiful and will admire by whole world. ( Apart,obesity is an psychological origin !!! balance person will not obese….)
    @ Axinia, regarding collective unconsciousness. It is very interesting to say how such characters are genetically inherited even unknowingly whether it symbolize our journey towards evolution, a complete rebuilding of spiritual person which is our final destination as trying to become civilized man always find himself incomplete , powerless without Shakti, primordial mother goddess and worship her in all famine around ??? !!!

  4. swaps Says:

    Axinia, is this a re-post? Because it appears I have read this before.

  5. nmirel Says:

    Shri Lalita. Shri Mata. Shri Maharajni:)))

    the same observation can be made for soap operas and various variety shows. Will we see the end of the Blonde Age? one is sure that we’re noticing the trend to tone blonde down….
    i’m darkblonde with short hair, balkan type.slim size..:)))

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