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What one can do with only 3 strings! July 26, 2010

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Unbelievable but true:

 Alexey Arkhipovskiy is the man who plays like Paganini with literary 3 (!) strings (on Russian balalaika).

His 10- minute solo can completely “close” all shown up technical guitar tricks and his music is much more inventive .

“The sounds of three strings now brought on the audience the energy of the Niagara Falls, then soared like a quite crane over a lake surface, then seeped like honey from honeycombs in May.” Magazin  “America”:

Human beings are full of wonders!…




7 Responses to “What one can do with only 3 strings!”

  1. Brilliant!!! Simply beautiful! :applause: :applause: 🙂

    I’ve always had great respect for musicians who can bring the best out of a single instrument, a task in which the musician becomes one with the instrument in his/her hands. In other words, the instrument becomes an extension of his/her own inner self and each attempt at churning out a tune turns out to be a spiritual exercise. Not being a musically gifted person myself 😦 that respect only grows every time I listen to something like this.

    It’s the same for an artist wielding a brush or a sportsperson guiding a ball or a racer driving/riding a motorised vehicle or even a carpenter making an object or a mechanic turning a screw, for that matter, despite the supposedly “materialistic” nature of such pursuits. When a person is gifted/skilled/talented enough to merge the so-called “materialistic” nature of a worldly pursuit with the “spiritual” nature of the inner self (for materialism and spirituality are NOT mutually exclusive, and were NEVER meant to be, despite the lies and deception by certain uncouth turd world hordes), then that is when the real beauty of the world begins to get revealed (and not by dwelling in an easily burstable bubble made of completely meaningless imaginary beauty).


  2. nmirel Says:

    music indeed fills the infinite between souls. Raj, your comment…Simply beautiful! :applause: :applause:

  3. Thank you, Axinia and Mirel! 🙂

    But seriously, was my comment really so beautiful, or does it merely appear beautiful – because many of my other ones happen to be ugly containing some undesirable words and phrases 😕

    I suspect it might be the latter case 😐


    • nmirel Says:

      on my side: i found it meaningful, sincere, simply beautiful…. has nothing to do with the previous statements. no comparisons made. period.

  4. draupadi16 Says:

    Amazing! Really a great artist!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. swaps Says:

    I still like the classic balalaika sound. Nothing like it…a calm breeze.

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