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The male is more dependent upon the female than she is upon him July 16, 2010

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Each sex is made of the element of the opposite sex; the female born of the seed of the male, and the male molded in the womb of the female.

The sexes are dependent upon each other; but of the two, the male is more dependent upon the female than she is upon him. Her position in the scheme of nature is a more responsible one; and the greater the responsibility of a being, the greater is the dependence of others upon that being. An infant, whether boy or girt, is entirely dependent on the mother from the time that the seed is conceived, to the moment of its breathing the air of the earth. ‘The arms of the mother are the cradle of heaven’, it is said, and from infancy to youth the whole attraction of the boy is towards the mother. The cases where this is not so are exceptions, where there is a departure from the normal state of being.

It is the mother who keeps harmony between father and child, and between brothers and sisters. In poverty she has the care of the money; in sickness the burden fails upon her. She is the center of the pain of the house. It is her part to keep the family in friendship with the outside world, in sympathy with neighbors; to welcome strangers, and to receive visitors with a smile. Mohammed says, ‘Heaven lies at the feet of the mother’. Upon her constancy and endurance depends the unity of the home, which is the unit of the State.

 Sometimes we see perfection of human form or personality; and then we seem to see in one individual something of the attributes of both sexes. A man called handsome always represents some trait of the refinement of the feminine; and in the same way a man’s beautiful personality has a touch of the gentleness of the female nature. Nor can a woman’s beauty of character be complete without some of that dignity which is masculine.

From The Sufi MEssage of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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13 Responses to “The male is more dependent upon the female than she is upon him”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    It is very true.In routine life one may find opposite and she likes also to be dependent but in crises male collapse early , she stands and face.
    In the family when mother get expire early , total family collapse,usually children suffers lot, they develop bad habit and lot.when it happen in late sixties then male suffers lot and collapse internally. that is the age when children goes away and we needs real companionship and shearing. If male goes early she may collapse emotionally but stands very firmly within few days and start leaving

  2. Technically speaking, the bubble-dwelling saint is very correct of course! 🙂

    It’s simply not possible for males to even be born except through the womb of a female, however hard science may try, it is something that is certainly impossible to be otherwise.

    On the other hand, it is perfectly possible for a female to be born without any assistance whatsoever from a male. It happens naturally in the animal kingdom on rare occasions and it can certainly be made to happen in humans under the right conditions, either naturally or with a little help from science.

    In fact, if the entire world were to become civilised (another thing that is next to impossible, given the rabidly increasing numbers of the savage, uncouth turd world hordes) and if science rolls on, a fully functional world where there are zero males is a scenario that can be easily achieved. What use would there be for males in a civilised world, once the “seed” of the male becomes unnecessary for reproduction? Once science finds a way to make sure genetic evolution can take place without assistance from the male, you can wipe out all the males from the world and it would not make any difference. I’m even tempted to say the world will become a much better place, but actually it won’t 😐 We would still have wars, murders, crimes and other regressive behaviour as we do now, for these are a part of human nature. [Only thing we would not have is rape, and that is quite an advancement by itself, (especially) considering the behaviour of the lowly, uncivilised barbarians in the filthy parts of the uncouth turd world.]

    On the other hand, is a world without females possible? Yes, it is, but only for very short period of time. Within a few years, the human species will cease to exist in such a scenario. Now, that is what I would call a much, much better world, in the total absence of humans! 🙂

    The real pity here is that, even though any uncouth barbarian with a tiny pea-brain can understand that a world without females is not possible, the regressive, primitive religions and filthy “cultures” of the world treat females as sub-humans or as objects (breeding machines and/or sex objects) and nothing more. It isn’t a wonder therefore that, the surest measure of the extent to which a society is civilised is the way in which it treats its women and girls. The more primitive and nauseating the way in which a society treats its females, the more filthy, savage, barbaric, regressive and uncouth it is. There are no exceptions.


  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    World without female!!!! Raj it is possible very soon considering the rate of infanticide but still we will not allow to do it, not for as you say, they are human ??? but for we needs some salvages!!! who will take care of You ? at list for that they should survive!!!!

    • I think you may have misunderstood my comment, Maheshsaheb. I meant to say that a world without females will completely cease to exist within a few years. There was a fabulous novel on this called “White Plague” (I think) where the author explores such a scenario. Needless to say, the world descends into utter chaos, sub-humanism and is about to self-destruct even before the males die out naturally.

      Of course, the rate at which the uncouth savages in certain filthy parts are murdering their female babies and aborting female foetuses and breeding like pigs at the same time, it won’t be long before the barbarians regress into sub-humanism. The concern for the rest of the world is that they should somehow keep such rapidly overbreeding (and female foetus aborting/female baby killing) hordes out of their societies, otherwise such barbaro-hominoids will pollute and plague the whole world with their nauseating pea-brained behaviour.

      I mean, those hominoids have such primitive pea-brains that though they know very well that their tiny heads themselves popped out of the wombs of women after voraciously gorging on their blood for around forty weeks, insteading of respecting what women go through to give birth to such beings, they treat girls as sub-humans and murder female babies right in their mothers’ wombs without even giving them the chance to be born ONLY because they happen to be girls. How can their “culture” ever be so unthinkably uncouth? 😮


  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    Here I mean to say, slave/ Gulam or gulamgiri/ slavery ????? Are they real companion or just slave?

  5. Terry Says:

    If we take the passage on its most practical level–the nature of male/female and family relationships–I can agree with the observations on dependence. But you don’t have to look beyond pop culture to see that females seem to have lost their way, just as males have. We are way past the issue of dependence. Males and females don’t even see each other much deeper than anatomy.

    Let’s move up to the abstract principles of male energy and female energy. In simplistic terms the energy assigned to the Goddess archetype empowers and nurtures creation without discrimination, while the energy assigned to the God archetype brings order, morality, justice to creation–requiring never-ending discrimination. Both are integral to material life.

    The ancient Mother worship cultures appear to have lived in harmony with the cycles of nature for a very long time. Ten thousand years ago the building of civilizations and the conflicts between them coincided with the rise of Father worship. So it would appear that either life is good but nothing changes or everything changes and life goes downhill. Humans have never gotten this separation of energies right for hundreds of thousands of years.

    To put importance on dependence and independence are going to help. Let’s not get caught up in them. Balance and integration should be the aspiration of all men and women. Women may realize acutely that we are missing the meaning of shakti, but even more cloudy is the meaning of purusha. One cannot dominate the other. One cannot be better than the other. In fact, we cannot even say they are two. They are One. If we could figure that out we wouldn’t need this discussion.

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    condition of matriarchal families in far North East India is not different !!!!! Even males are doing nothing they are cared like anything, why?

    • axinia Says:

      because mea are the lofwers and women are the Mother Earth. A woman makes no sense without a man – how can she manifest her amazing powers? she does it through him! remember the great saying that after every great man there stands even a greater woman.

  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    Interestingly,even in symbol of Arthanarinateshwara A male is complete after with better half only . on the other hand, A power is always complete herself !!!!. rise and merge with shiva like nothing. she fights …. she wins ????. she can germinate , shiva does nothing.
    whether symbolization and appraisal is just for use them ? male seems to be more intelligent and conning. sorry for non official language.

  8. swaps Says:

    The problem with women is they know today what a man will realize tomorrow.

  9. kanagu Says:

    I agree Axinia… but it also varies from one individual to another…

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