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Our Dealings with Wrongdoers July 5, 2010

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A man is always ready to accuse another of having done something which he himself would not mind doing. There is another man who would perhaps not commit the same fault of which he accuses another, but he has committed it in the past. There is a third person who accuses another of doing something wrong, which, owing to circumstances, he himself is incapable of doing.
…It is easy to blame another for his wrong doings, just as it is easy to examine and difficult to be examined. The words of the Bible, ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her’, refer to this.

Often a man attaches great importance to an action done by another which is only wrong by the standard of his own understanding; whereas the right and wrong of every person is according to his stage of evolution and according to his understanding. Often a man accuses another of having committed some fault without considering what has prompted him to commit that fault, what is the real condition of his life, whether he did it willingly or unwillingly, whether he was compelled to do it by his own self, or by someone else, or by some unforeseen circumstance. When a man accuses another person without even having seen his wrongdoing, but because he has been told of it by someone else, it is a still greater mistake; it is not even a fact known at first hand.
When we see with the brain we see so many faults in others; but when we see through feeling, we can only try to reason out how we can justify their having done as they did, or at least tolerate their having done so, through weakness or by mistake, which is natural to every man since Adam, the father of humanity, was liable to faults.

The more feeling develops in the heart of man, the more forgiving he becomes. For to him the world’s inhabitants appear as little children, just as small as they appear to him who flies in an aeroplane; and as one is ready to forget the faults of children, so the wise are ready to forgive the faults of men.

The Sufi Message of Hazrath Inayat Khan.

(image by me)


17 Responses to “Our Dealings with Wrongdoers”

  1. Terry Says:

    If a man commits a wrongful act against me, then I feel I am bound to understand, accept, and forgive. This is right in moral terms but also in practical terms, because my retaliation adds to the wrongdoing rather than resolves it. But when someone commits wrong against others, particularly someone defenseless, then I am compelled to step in on on moral grounds and not forgive. And it still works in practical terms because wrongdoers should not be allowed freedom to repeat their wrongdoing. This is called righteousness. (And incidentally this is the motivation for much of America’s actions in the world community, though we take a lot of heat for being arrogant.)

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Terry, righteousness is a good word, but who can differenceiate between the Righteousness and Self-Justice? I believe one can only allow oneselve to act in the case of wrongdoers if one is a holy righteous peron. But who of us are? I find it intresting, that despite Christ’s famous statement about the stone tp throw, it is so-called Christians who allow themselves to command over in the world community and “punish” other for so-called wrong doings. Why in the whole mankind’s history only Christians have been always doing that so massively???

      • Axinia, I think Christ’s fabulous message “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone” is being wrongly interpreted here 😦

        It was never meant to condone and encourage uncouthness, savagery, murder, crimes, barbarism and the like. If it was so, then Christianity would be a primitive, uncouth, regressive religion like so many others, instead of the civilising religion that Christ meant it to be.

        In all the uncouth religions of the world, there is absolutely no requirement to act ethically, humanely or in a civilised manner. That’s because the uncouth religions are primitive, regressive, worthless forms of worship, that’s all. They were (and are) never meant to be a civilising influence, nor are they meant to teach humans to behave in an ethical manner. As long as you don’t dare to question the crap contained in the uncouth religions and worship according to how they mention it, you are a “good” person in any uncouth religion. It does not matter if a person is a thug, a rapist, a mass murderer, a cheat, a goon, a pea-brained savage or any other criminal, as long as the above two conditions are met, a person is “good” in any of the uncouth religions.

        Not so with Christianity. It is the ONLY civilising religion in the world, at least if one goes by what Christ meant it to be. It is the ONLY religion which teaches one to be an ethical, humane, civilised person. It is the ONLY religion which tells you that “God” is not going to tolerate your sins even if you happen to be an ardent worshipper and a blind believer in its tenets. That is what makes the Christian message a springboard to becoming a better person, a civilised human, an ethical creature which NONE of the uncouth religions can claim to do so.

        That is what makes the uncouth hordes of the world so uncouth. Their pea-brains don’t know what it is to behave in an ethical manner, it’s not in their stinking “cultures” and it is not advised by their regressive, primitive religions.

      • Terry Says:

        You are right about Chirstians’ misguided use of the term righteousness. Righteousness isn’t punishment in my mind. It is dharma. The Gita shows us that as long as we are in this material world we must act. And if we must act then our acts must be righteous. Those who can fight must engage in the fight against wrongdoers on behalf of those who cannot. But in doing so, we must disengage our egos and give up the fruits of these actions to God. Some Christians don’t get that last point, but they are not alone. I am no scholar on Islam, but intuitively I believe jihad was probably a similar teaching, but has been misapplied as some kind of vengeance. I would guess you are troubled by anyone who sees their role as telling everyone else what to do or think. I feel the same way. On a personal level our test is whether we can love those people. But on behalf of others our test is whether righteousness compels us to call them out.

  2. Then what does Christ’s message “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” actually mean?

    What Christ actually meant was “Don’t be a lowly hypocrite.” Hypocrisy is something that comes very easily to the uncouth hordes that (over)populate the filthy turd world.

    Take the savage, pea-brained, sub-human hordes that overpopulate the stinking Indian empire, for instance. They are turdy hypocrites and shameless liars par excellance! Just take a look at how the barbaric Indian creatures so loudly proclaim about how they were “colonised, exploited, occupied and brutalised” by the British empire. The truth of the matter is, the sub-human, uncouth, evil Indian empire is much more evil, sub-human, brutal, violent, repressive in the manner in which it has unleashed stinking mercenary dogs to kill, rape, maim, loot and plunder the unfortunate peoples of Indian occupied and colonised Kashmir, Manipur, Nagalim, Mizoram etc. than the British empire ever was. What’s more, the stinking Indian empire gives the mercenary dogs full impunity whatever the heinous crimes they commit on the helpless people.

    Yet you find the turdy, sub-human Hindoid barbarians are so evil, uncouth and hypocritical enough to blame the European empires of centuries ago for “colonisation” when their own sub-human, filthy, uncouth, evil Indian empire is much more brutal, violent, repressive and sadistic in the treatment of the occupied and colonised peoples of Kashmir, Manipur, Nagalim etc. Why is this? Simple. It’s because the pea-brained sub-human hordes of the turd world shit hole that is the evil Indian empire are too uncouth to behave as civilised humans. Their pea-brains are simply incapable of behaving in an ethical, humane or civilised manner. To be brutally honest, the turd world savages such as the uncouth Hindoid barbarians that (over)populate the sub-human Indian empire are the scum of the Earth! 😡

    The civilised First Worlders always try to find out ways in which they can be better, civilised humans. The uncouth turd world barbarians are always interested in finding out ways in which they can behave like scum beings? I’ll give the reason below.

    • There happens to be a huge ethical and civilisational gap between the “cultures” of civilised places and the lowly, uncouth, turd world trash cans.

      The civilised societies, being more evolved collectively on a societal level, work on “a principle of guilt”, that evolved out of cultural philosophy of self-questioning, ethical evolution and a scientific approach to life. That is to say, the main deterrent to a person committing a crime in a civilised society is a feeling of ethical guilt within himself/herself. The main thing holding back a civilised person from being a wrong-doer is a spiritual feeling within oneself that one should not cross the line as it goes against the ethical conditioning that was imbibed into the person. That is what makes a civilised person civilised.

      In the civilised societies of the West, this ethical conditioning was imbibed through the sense of Christian ethics and spirituality. After all, if a person is told by his/her own religion that their “God” is going to hold one accountable for one’s sins, no matter what, and that they cannot escape the consequences of their sins even if they are ardent worshippers of the same “God”, then it does have an effect over so many centuries on societies influenced by such conditioning.

      In the few other civilised societies in the world that where the effect of Christianity is minimal, such as the East Asian societies of Japan and South Korea, the conditioning was done not through Christian ethics, but through a traditionally strong sense of self-worth and righteous honour. The Japanese tradition of suicidal seppuku exemplifies this. Such societies believe that a person who has lost his self-worth and righteous honour through a lowly deed doesn’t deserve to live and therefore they kill themselves. Again, over several centuries, this leads to a society which imbibes a spiritual sense of what is right and wrong that comes from within oneself.

      That why the civilised societies of the world (however “materialistic” they may seem on the outside) are much more spiritual than the lowly, turd world barbarocracies (over)populated by the uncouth hordes, as the feeling of righteousness generally comes from within in such civilised societies.

      In sharp contrast, we have the uncouth, worthless, lowly, turd world societies of the world, that are much less evolved on a collective, societal level. Such turdy trash cans of societies operate on the “principle of shame”, that evolved out of a cultural philosophy of feudal barbarism, voracious arse-licking and a pig-headed approach to life. The main deterrent to a person committing a crime in a turd world shit hole is not the sense of ethical guilt within himself/herself, but the fear of being discovered and shamed. In other words, the uncouth turd world hordes don’t have any sense of spiritual ethicality within their tiny pea-brains. They may not commit a crime if it risks being discovered/punished/shamed. On the other hand, they are sure (and very eager) to commit crimes if they know it stands a slim chance of being discovered/punished/shamed.

      That’s the reason why civilised societies happen to be civilised and the uncouth ones uncivilised. In an uncouth society, a criminal does not have a spiritual sense of ethics that comes from within. Instead, the criminal feels no sense of ethical guilt for committing a crime. The criminal desperately tries to hide his/her crimes or bribe his way out of trouble or indulge in a massive cover-up or worse, indulge in even more crimes to cover-up a single crime. That’s the reason why the turd world never punishes those with power/money/influence even for heinous crimes they commit.

      In fact, in the lowliest parts of the turd world, the more powerful a person is, it means the more criminal that person is. Let’s say a filthy rich spoilt brat in an uncouth turd world society commits a heinous crime, like rape or murder. The parents of the spoilt brat, even if they knew the truth about the scum being committing the crime, would not even admonish the turdy being for his transgression. They did not raise him in that way. Instead, they would do everything possible to cover up the crime/bribe their way out/ indulge in more crime to cover up the crime etc. Living in a turd world society, surrounded by turd world beings, the criminals generally get away with their crimes scot free. Don’t believe me? Just search for the case of a turdy Hindoid creature (who is the son of a high-ranking police officer) who raped a foreign tourist visiting the evil Indian empire. Just search for the many cases of filthy rich Hindoid scum beings who murdered several people on the road by driving under the heavy influence of alcohol and drugs. Just follow their cases, and find out how the turd headed murderers usually get away scot free for their heinous crimes.

      Don’t believe me? See for yourself. The turd world savages, being unevolved, uncouth, unspiritual beings in general, have a principle they call as “kill the messenger”. In early days, the feudal barbaric kings of such lowly societies used to kill the messenger who brought bad news. Being pea-brained lowlives, they did not have the ethics to realise that something was wrong in their fiefdom that needed to be set right. Instead they believed that anyone bursting their self-made bubble of “all is fine, my kingdom is the greatest, I’m a demi-god ruler” deserved to be killed for daring to speak the truth. Having no idea of something called ethics or righteousness, the savages descended deeper and deeper into decay and uncouthness. It also spawned a culture of voracious arse-licking among the uncouth hordes. The savages believe they must lick the arses of those wielding power as a matter of right, no matter how criminal or evil the power-wielders are.

      That’s why the uncouth hordes of the world have an inborn sense of inability to think ethically, righteoussly or critically. They are absolutely terrified of the truth, since it would expose them for what they are. Instead of seeing the truth and improving themselves along the ethical and civilisational scale which is what any civilised person would do, they begin to fear and hate the truth about their own regressiveness and go even further down the path of uncouthness by living in denial, which leads to total decay.

      It is no wonder that the civilised societies are civilised and the uncouth societies so regressive and barbaric. It’s all a question of spirituality. The societies that have a spiritual self-sense of ethics and righteousness became civilised, while the societies whose rapidly overbreeding hordes utterly lack such a spiritual ethical sense rapidly decay into uncouthness and barbarism.

      One can call it “the ethical and civilisational gap” between the civilised peoples and the savage, uncouth hordes. It is the principal difference between the first world and the lowly turd world. It is quite large at the moment. However, it is coming down rapidly as the the civilised first world is being dumbed down, brainwashed, forced to abandon its spiritual Christian ethics and being turd worldised at a furious pace. Soon we will all be living on a planet that will be transformed into “a big, new, global turd world trash can of a planet”, mirroring the conditions in the lowliest of the turd world societies. It’s such a pity 😦


  3. Kanagu Says:

    so if everybody should take pity and shouldn’t punish the wrongdoers how we can live in this world Axinia?

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    “Forgiveness” is easy policy as it really don’t hurt to me ( soul within). But definitely difficult as I am sufferer to their??? fault ( affect on emotions and ego component). It requires detachment state. It is usual comment of people ” I don’t want to become saint” If I get hurt-ed from somebody I will give back ( even to society also) Let others should suffer like me, for all pains I received. and story repeats for ever … again and again .. to break this somebody should forgive.

    • If I get hurt-ed from somebody I will give back ( even to society also) Let others should suffer like me, for all pains I received.

      Revenge is certainly a very natural feeling, Maheshsaheb. Don’t believe anyone who tells you the opposite. It’s not just a natural human feeling, it’s a completely natural feeling for any animal that has a brain larger than that of a cockroach. If someone goes near a poisonous snake without harming or threatening it, it wouldn’t try to retaliate. On the other hand, if one steps on its tail, the surest response would be a dose of deadly venom. If one goes near a wild elephant without any ill intention, it would probably not even notice the human on its turf. On the other hand, the surest response to a savage pull on its tail would be a couple of broken human bones, at the very least.

      It isn’t any different for humans and it shouldn’t be. An eye for an eye may make the whole world blind, but it is definitely better than having half the world (innocents) completely blind and half the world (criminals) left with full eyesight, for then the world would resemble hell.

      Look at what is happening in Indian-occupied Kashmir over the last few weeks. Mercenary scum unleashed by the filthy, uncouth, evil Indian empire have butchered scores and scores of young unarmed boys in cold blood on the streets of blood-soaked Kashmir. What did those children do to deserve that? Nothing! They were just peacefully demonstrating against the heinous crimes committed by the mercenary Indian scum going unpunished because the scum are given full impunity by the world’s filthiest law, the AFSPA. And what happens?

      Instead of the scum getting punished, as would happen in any civilised country, the scum commit even more heinous crimes, butchering and murdering young boys and children with their trigger happy fingers shooting at anything that moves, including ambulances and medical workers rushing the injured to hospitals. Of course, the lowlife Hindoid sub-human hordes that (over)populate the stinking Indian empire would have only heard of “some unrest” in Kashmir that is “being controlled” by the “security forces”, thanks to the world’s filthiest media composed of the voracious arse-licking Indian “journalists”. Even if they did manage to learn the facts from sections of the foreign media that it is nothing short of an unarmed freedom struggle by Kashmiris against the brutal occupation of mercenary Indian scum unleashed by the evil Indian empire, the pea-brained savage Hindoid hordes are too uncouth to even contemplate what it means.

      Their tiny pea-brains inside their turdy heads are too primitive to deal with things like ethics, humanism or civilised beahviour. For the turd-headed savages, the Kashmiri children and boys need to be brutally killed as they are being now by mercenary scum and they will celebrate it with glee. What’s more, the Kashmiris happen to be Muslim, and therefore are sub-humans according to the savage Hindoid’s filthy “culture”. So what does it matter to the turd-heads if hundreds of Kashmiri children are shot dead in cold blood by the lowliest of semi-literate mercenary Indian scum? They are too pea-brained and evil to even think in a humane or civilised way.

      Now, let’s think of the butchered Kashmiris. What do you think the families of the murdered boys will get? Will Kashmir get freedom or an end to the brutal occupation? The evil Indian empire is too uncouth and sub-human to even think of that. Will the murderers be punished for their heinous crimes? Of course, they won’t! As it’s the intention of the sub-human Indian empire to give complete immunity to the lowliest crimes committed by the filthy mercenary scum. What will they do in such a situation?

      They will take up arms, naturally. The brothers and fathers and uncles and cousins of the butchered Kashmiri boys are not going to get justice or freedom or an end to military occupation. Therefore, they will seek to get their own justice by killing as many criminal mercenary pigs as they can by any means they can. And they will even try to kill the Hindoid pea-brained creatures outside Kashmir.

      As you sow, so shall you reap.

      So the next time that den of criminals, murderers, rapists and convicts (the filthy Indian parliament) is attacked by a few armed Kashmiri boys, the Indian savages are merely reaping what they sowed in Indian-occupied Kashmir. The next time serial bombs go off in an Indian city, the pea-brained lowlife Hindoid creatures are merely getting a taste of their own medicine – that of ruthless murder that they are sowing in brutalised Kashmir.

      And that will lead to even more brutal repression by the evil Indian empire and that will lead to even more attacks and it will go on and on. Ultimately, the stinking sub-human evil Indian empire will completely collapse as a result of its own sins, not just in IoK, but occupied Manipur, Nagalim, Mizoram, Asom and the tribal territory and elsewhere.

      It is what has happened to every evil empire in human history bar none. The sub-human evil empires always collapse upon the their own heinous, unpardonable crimes against humanity. The world’s most filthiest empire – the uncouth, evil, sub-human, turd world Indian empire is headed for the same fate and faster than you think. The planned world events (by the global crime cabal that runs the world) may lead to this inevitable ending even sooner than I think 😐


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        Raj there is time for ” every body’s decision”
        Just wait n watch!!!!! . Time will decide everything.

  5. Triveni Says:

    I feel it totally natural to forgive a wrongdoer, either against me/someone else, once the wrongdoer has realised the wrongdoing and is genuinely willing to reconnect and willing to grow out of that level and become a better soul.
    However, i find it almost impossible to just take a wrongdoing from a person and forgive him/her even when the person doesnt realise his/her mistake.
    In simple words, when a person hurts me and keeps doing it on a regular basis without realising the mistake and to top it thinks that what he/she is doing is right, is no way near my circle of forgivness.
    I do agree that it is truly godly to forgive such blind people, but I do think that even god waits for such people to realise and open their eyes to their faults to give his lovely forgivness to great sinners.
    Axinia, it make me wonder, how you would deal with a situation like this? What if u r repeatedly hurt by a person and the person does it on purpose that too under a false assumption that he/she is right in doing so.
    The best i would do is to stay away from that person as much as possible and try my level best not to reitaliate back & hurt the person. But if need be i wouldnt mind to take a firm stand against the wrong doing and in doing so if the person gets hurt, then i am not guilty.. 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Triveni, ´thanks for your comment and a good question. Normally I have wonderful relationships with all the people around and do not face any negative situations in life.

      Only once in my life time I has a case when someone was hurting me constantly for some months because of envy and ill nature of this person. I guess this situation was a good lesson fro me to understand how other people may suffer much more under some horrible temper…

      Anyway, what was my reaction? I NEVER spoke to this person about the problem and NEVER answered back because it was obvious to me, how poor and lost the person was.

      But I acted! – on a different, non-human level 🙂 I was mediating on this problem and every day was dedicating a minute of my attention (bandan) to that. Yes, it took the whole thing about 4 months to work out. But then it was gone forever.

      I have a nice friendly relationship with this person, and although her nature has not changes much, but at least there is no problems between us any more.

      You see, there are always possibilities to change something even without “acting” psychologically or physically.

      • Triveni Says:

        Thanks for the reply Axinia. You shared a very nice incident actually. Yes although we do feel pity on a person who’s so lost and poor, but only in the some corner of our heart, it does take some higher level of us (spiritually) to feel only pity whole heartedly and not feel angry.
        “there are always possibilities to change something even without “acting” psychologically or physically.” – thats truly wonderful. I will surely try it. 🙂 thank you once again.

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    Putting a attention for Minute- It is important not get involved all the time. otherwise loose the balance
    “there are always possibilities to change something even without “acting” psychologically or physically. that is very true and practical one can use in own life without loosing balance with full faith.

  7. Terry Says:

    It seems to me that forgiving someone who is intentionally or unconsciously taking action against me is easy. If I analyze the mind of the person I immediately realize that he is already in a prison of his own making. My taking action against him only ties me closer to him and prolongs the relationship that is doing neither one of us any good.
    If I had the means, I would heal his mind. I had the good fortune to discover a master of Kalaripayattu from Kerala who did have the means to heal people. In this martial art it is held that the same knowledge of energy channels that allows a warrior to destroy an enemy can be used to heal him, so it was the warrior’s obligation to fight and defeat the enemy but it was also his obligation to undo the damage and make this enemy an ally. I love the sound of it, and I think we all have the ability to undertake that healing attempt to at least some degree, as Axinia’s experience shows. So we should not ignore these gifts. But on the other hand the warrior’s first duty was to fight the enemy, so both aspects are part of his duty.
    When we expand this picture, the question becomes what we should do to stop wrongdoing on behalf of others. Do we really believe that it was pointless for the hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers to sacrifice themselves to save their countrymen at Stalingrad? They acted on behalf of others throughout the world and turned the tide of world domination. True the motives of the world leaders on all sides of the conflict may not be pure, but the soldier on the ground facing the enemy on behalf of the world is a pure an action as you can find. And righteous.
    But I brought this concept up to a yogi I was privileged to talk with and told him how I carry inside me this warrior mentality which seems at odds with my spiritual goals. He said when we walk through this world we see garbage all around us. It is not our garbage and we are not responsible to remove it all. We do what we can do in our own circumstances, but we do not take on the burdens of the world as our own. That is a hopeless cause and the world gains more from the example of one person who can reach self-realization than from the sacrifices of martyrs.
    Years later I have yet to integrate these points of view in my own mind. I dismiss retaliation out of vengeance as trivial. But I cannot see conciliation with world class wrongdoers as honorable. I know that the police are often as guilty as the criminals, but I do not want to remove the police from our streets. And I know not everyone is capable of defending themselves, yet I am capable of defending them in many cases, so why would I turn away? It may be I have the power to defend them without extreme negative action, but if I do not have that power, then am I wrong to use whatever power I have?
    This is one of those dilemmas in life where every possibility conflicts with another. In such cases we have to rise to a higher level if we can. So during all the time we have where this dilemma does not have to be faced, we should be raising our consciousness to a higher level of understanding and functioning. When we achieve that the dilemma will disappear on its own.

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