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How much all religions have in common? June 13, 2010

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It was always clear to me that all religions and spiritual practices are of the same nature, origin and logic.

Speaking to representatives of any of them it was almost impossible to explain what I mean, this was such a subtle logic… But now I know!

I suddenly realised that all of them talk the same thing:

1.there are microcosm and macrocosm

2.there are an individual should and the collective(world) soul

3.and these two shall become one.

Isn’t it that obvious?… The form and the way of expression can be different, be the essence is just the same…Then why people fight?

LOVE, axinia


5 Responses to “How much all religions have in common?”

  1. kanagu Says:

    I have always thought that all the religions preached only love and nothing else… in that matter also all the religions are same…

  2. axinia Says:

    good point, kanagu! unfortunately noone seems to follow it…:( or at least very very few…
    And interestingly, even this is not so obvious for dirrefrent religions followers.

  3. Fatima Says:

    Everyone is so caught up in the differences and the “my religion is better than yours” that they forget that deep down, it is all the same.

    Like languages, too. There may be different ways to say words and different tones when you speak, but the words are the same.

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    Sorry Axinia, It is not possible.It seems day dream.
    looking around I find people are becoming more N more orthodox, proud about their own religion/caste.struggle is increased.Now a days In India big debate is going on in assembly, whether we should count people caste wise? and all are suggesting, Do not hide caste,It will affect on caste system and its impact and of course gain from govt. in the form of reservations and benefits. at the same time requesting not to count caste wise it will increased cast-ism.(political aspect).I personally do not take reservation benefit and due to that people laugh at me, as I am foolish. I don’t like to ask about caste for any work.
    Religious /political leader and of course people at large strongly believe on caste system.They do not allow their children to go away from caste system. strong cultural impact on their mind .and Politically and religiously influenced history do not guide them on right Path. No body dares too guide or follow.It is one of the reason for less followers for sahajayoga.Hindu says, It is christian path and vice vars a. no body dares to look with in also.
    I thinks that’s the reason mother says, You follow your caste/religion along with Sahajayoga. May be one day newer generations will understand the simple truth which you said but at present it is simply day dream. Really there is full of darkness around and not a single ray of hope.
    It seems everybody knows that about one and unique destiny but following separately and wants to remain their alone at last. ultimate result, boat will sink taking all together fighting each other.

  5. pooyan Says:

    It is easy to be wise than to be stupid, but if all the people had chosen the easier way of life, there would have been no war and no difference in religions and no need for so many prophets to come and preach these different aspect of RELIGION… 😉
    Your idea is the wise and easy way of life Axinia, but rare number of the masses will accept it.
    Keep being wise and simple !

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