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Why men love blue and women pink colour? June 8, 2010

Traditionally in most (all?) cultures men prefer blue and women red shades. Interesting enough,  these preferences are not taught, but built in (various studies prove that).

I just thought of a simple explanation why.

In the ancient knowledge of Yoga, the right energy channel of a human body  is said to be yellow(can get red). It contains heat and generally stands for the Sun and masculine principle.

The left energy channel is of a blue colour and stands for the Moon and the female principle. By the way, the same works for Yin and Yan in the Chinese philosophy.

Thus, men prefer blue because it balances their yellow/red energy, and women prefer red(pink, orange, etc.) because it balances their blue!

 As simple as that 🙂

Any other observations on your side?

LOVE; axinia

(images of me and my husband, taken mutually)


33 Responses to “Why men love blue and women pink colour?”

  1. kanagu Says:

    I always wondered about this common feature Axinia.. 🙂

    thanks for the explanation 🙂

    and you look pretty 🙂

  2. Triveni Says:

    It does make sense to me.. I have an unxplainable attracion towards yellow, orange and red (not so much towards pink though..) i did know that it has something to do with some lack of energy related to that color, and now it makes total sense to me, y i like those colors so much.. it also explains sudden liking towards other colors for a period of time.. maybe in that period of time the person lacks the power/vibrations related to that color.
    but what i don’t understand at times is the y do we get a liking for black color too????

    • axinia Says:

      Triveni, good question on back colour.
      I noticed that children want to paint in black when they have problems (or their parents!) and are generally out of balance…

      I also noticed that adults wear black in their “dark”phase of life. I can prove it with my own example: I once had some difficult time in my life and only afterwards, when it was over, I realized that 70% of my wadrobe concited of balck cloths!!! But during that phase it was not obvious to me…

      • Triveni Says:

        Oh! That does sound convincing. i guess this does help a person to keep a check on his/her subtle system then. As always, thanks for the great insight Axinia. 🙂

  3. swaps Says:

    All I can say is..
    L’ amour est bleu

    (Can’t help saying again, Vova always looks calm and you are fiery 🙂

  4. swaps Says:

    I love freedom. So I am inspired by the boundless ocean, the infinite sky… naturally, I love blue.

    Women are great companions, full of care, support and tolerance…so I guess they take to the colour of fraternity – red.

    • axinia Says:

      that is already y very free interpretation :))

      why do you think blue is the colour of freedom? To me it is white! I think most of such thing are personal or cultural dependent.

      • swaps Says:

        Blue somehow relaxes my mind… reminds me of hopes and possibilities, to cut the past loose and move on, these are feelings that are close to freedom.

        So suddenly I realize that French consider blue as the colour of liberty too!!

        Btw, white is my other favourite colour AND for similar reasons… wear white and you can soar 🙂

        • mirel Says:

          blue color relaxes my mind, awakens hope, encouragement in me. too.
          i love the blue midnight sky and i adore the sea, the ocean…hey I am a girl named ‘nilufer/lotusflower’ by her parents with a powerfull Ida nadi, I am a ‘moon channel type’…my moon in pisces. I have to be close to blue water all the time!!!
          the funny thing though, reading your comments and looking more closely in Vova’s eyes (i feel he’s a deep personality with artistic sentiment and creativity), makes me sing
          ‘Somewhere over the rainbow
          Skies are blue,
          And the dreams that you dare to dream
          Really do come true….’

          axinia, a strong personality maybe outside….but deep inside very sensitive, innocent like a little smart girl with shiny smiling eyes!!!
          a terrific couple!

  5. pooyan Says:

    A question;
    I love green, does it mean that I am in center or I wanna compensate my both channels ? 😀
    Anybody has any suggestion ?!!

    • axinia Says:

      this is a very flattering supposition my freind 🙂

      I woudl concider green fro blue…it is still in the same range…
      The middle channcel is white or gold, actually.

  6. pooyan Says:

    {this is a very flattering supposition my freind…}
    ahh, to whom ?!! Myself or You ?!! :0

  7. Alenok Says:

    Interesting. I’ve always loved blue-green palette, especially colors in the middle of it, colors of the sea. Never liked red, although somteimes like to wear bright orange colors. Couldn’t stand pink, especially light baby-pink… until I had a baby-girl 🙂 I suddenly found myself buying all those baby-pink outfits for her and admiring her wearing them. Recently bought bright-red dress for her, it almost hurts my eyes to look at it, but she loves it soooo much 🙂

  8. radha Says:

    mmmmm i love all all all the colors. sometimes i look at my home and think that tehre are too many colors that i should go more plane and minimal. then i look at my hubbie fav ones and studio and see only white and ocra, white and ocra all the times. so this is how it works!

    • axinia Says:

      my house is also full of all colours! 🙂 I know what you mean,radha.
      And yet -red is the king colour for a woman. It has been proven that any woman wearing red looks double as beautiful as she is! :)))

  9. Maria Says:

    Dear Axinia,
    This only works for European cultures. In Asian cultures many young men choose to wear pink and it is not seen as unmanly.
    There is also an opinion that it is not men who choose to wear blue, it is women who want to see them wearing this colour.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog – always enjoy the vibrations.

    • axinia Says:

      Thank you Maria!
      you say ” In Asian cultures many young men choose to wear pink and it is not seen as unmanly.”
      I jus thought…can it be the reason because in the Asian countries men are more left-sided than in the West??

      • Maria Says:

        I am not sure. It may be true for Indian men ( I don’t think they wear pink though). Japanese and Korean men are not left sided from what I have seen.

  10. I like sky blue the most…. the most soothing colour to look at! I also like some more variations of blue (mostly lighter ones) and some green shades (brighter ones). But I never thought it was a generic attribute!

    Destination Infinity

  11. Baills Says:

    explication intéressante
    merci Axinia

  12. Hi Axinia,

    Just a historical thought.

    In Medieval Europe, blue was seen as a symbol of purity and the colour of Mary in Catholic art.

    “In religious symbolism, blue signifies truth and is associated with the creative power of God. It has been used by priests at the grave, for it is symbolic of heaven. In ancient Rome, blue was worn by the public servants, thus marking the beginning of the idea for today’s police uniforms. The expression “true blue” for constancy and fidelity perhaps originated with mariners, who associated the blue sky with freedom from storms. “Something blue” in the wedding jingle comes from the early Israelites, to whom blue symbolized love, fidelity, and purity. To the Navaho, the southern mountains are blue and have created the dawn.” (David Wallechinsky & Irving Wallace “The People’s Almanac”)

    But then in 2007 there was a stud that lent support to a biological basis for colour prefererence.


  13. draupadi16 Says:

    Großartige Porträits von Euch beiden!
    DANKE für die gute Erklärung. Vor einigen Tagen behauptete die 3jährige Hannah:” Rosa und lila sind Mädchenfarben, blau ist eine Bubenfarbe!” Ich dachte das liegt in den Genen.
    Alles Liebe von Draupadi.

  14. annika Says:

    very well observed 🙂

  15. Brenda Says:

    I detest the color pink. Unless it is a flower. Love red. I don’t know why pink has made such a big statement lately. I don’t recall any girl in my growing up years, 60’s-70’s wearing pink. Pink is just nauseous looking to me. I am no girly-girl. Maybe that’s just me–don’t wear heels unless there’s a funeral and I want to be respectful in nice chunky heels. I do agree that blue looks great on most men. I so wish men would wear more colors.

    Do you know that there are women out there who own pink motorcycles??? The girl my womanizing ex married has one. Now I see why it was so easy for him to let me go. I wouldn’t ride a pink bicycle, much less a pink motorcycle, to a dog fight. But to each his own. I think pink must really catch a lot of men’s eyes. Else there would not be all the attention shown to it. Here’s to all the girly-girls. I don’t get it, I guess I’m just a tomboy at heart.

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