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Children stop being communists at the age of 11, study says June 1, 2010

Many people from different countries and background told me that when they were children it was difficult for them to understand the idea of money and goods distribution. I always thought it is a good proof for my idea that capitalism as  such is a very unnatural institution.

The new study from Norway shows some interesting evidence in support of my supposition. As children progress to adolescence, their sense of fairness changes from pure equality to proportionality based on merit, study says.

The study was conducted at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) by the research team consisting of Associate Professor Ingvild Almås, Professor Alexander W. Cappelen, Associate Professor Erik Ø. Sørensen, and Professor Bertil Tungodden.

One of the most fundamental questions in the social sciences is how morality and fairness considerations affect human behavior. Previous research has shown that adults differ greatly both in the extent to which they care about fairness considerations and in what they perceive as fair.

“This is, however, the first economic study to show how some of these differences are shaped in adolescence. In doing so, the study also sheds light on how our perceptions of fairness are affected both by the social environment and biological factors,” explains Professor Bertil Tungodden from NHH in Norway.

What is a fair inequality?
Most adults find some inequalities fair. Hence, in contrast, to young children, they do not always think of strict equality as the fair solution to a distributive problem. What explains this and how does this acceptance of inequality develop? These were motivating questions for the present study of the distributive behavior of 500 Norwegian school children 11-19 years old.

“By comparing the behavior for different age groups, we were able to established clear developmental patterns. In particular, the study shows that as children grow older, they increasingly find inequalities reflecting differences in individual achievements fair,” continues Professor Tungodden.

Just luck?
In the experiment, the children worked on a task for 45 minutes. At the end of the work session, some were lucky and received a high price on their production; others were unlucky and received a low price. Thus, there were inequalities in earnings that reflected differences in both individual production and luck.

Each participant then had to decide how to distribute the total earnings between themselves and one other participant. Hence, they had to decide which inequalities they found fair.
“Here we observed a very interesting pattern,” adds Professor Tungodden.

“While almost none of the younger children made a distinction between luck and individual production, a substantial share of the older children did so. They accepted inequalities reflecting differences in individual production, but not inequalities reflecting just luck.”

Not so selfish
The children did not only have to consider how to think about fairness in their distributive choices, but also the extent to which they should act selfishly. In fact, they had the opportunity to take all of the earnings to themselves, leaving nothing to the other participant. In this way, the researchers could study how the level of selfishness develops in adolescence. Maybe surprisingly, the results show that the common intuition of the selfish adolescent does not hold true.

Children in late adolescence gave away as much as the youngest children, both among males and females. Hence, the study clearly demonstrates that the most fundamental change in adolescence is related to how children perceive fairness, not the importance they attach to it,” Professor Tungodden explains.

Implications for society
This study sheds some light on what shapes our moral preferences. Even though the study cannot identify any causal relationships, it suggests that both society and biological factors affect of our perceptions of fairness. In most societies, children are increasingly exposed to institutions rewarding individual achievements when they enter into adolescence.

This may contribute to explain why the researchers observed a move from a strict egalitarian view of fairness in mid-childhood towards the view that individual achievements should be rewarded in adolescence.

“The idea that social experiences contribute to shape our moral preferences is fundamental to how we design optimal policies and institutions in society as the educational system. It shows the importance of broadening the political debate to include the question; do we have a society that makes us aspire to the moral values that we find justifiable,” asks Professor Bertil Tungodden.


20 Responses to “Children stop being communists at the age of 11, study says”

  1. I’m very sorry, Axinia 😦 but I beg to differ on this one 😐

    Many people from different countries and background told me that when they were children it was difficult for them to understand the idea of money and goods distribution.

    Does it only apply to children? I bet it applies to many adults as well! Tell me, Axinia, how many brain-dead adult sheeple in this world understand the concept of money? I mean, the truth about money? How many know the difference between true money (any storehouse of value – such as gold, silver etc.) and fake money (all paper currency)? How many know the difference between gold/silver backed currency (non-existent now) and funny pseudo-currency (all debt based fiat currency)? How many adults would know the truth about the notorious bankster gangsters who control the world’s money supply and about the crooked fractional reserve banking system? I bet it’s only a small percentage. Adult sheeple are as clueless as children when it comes to the concept of money.

    I always thought it is a good proof for my idea that capitalism as such is a very unnatural institution.

    Capitalism may indeed be unnatural. But what about monopoly capitalism a.k.a. communism? How unnatural and uncouth is it? Communism must at least be SEVERAL TIMES as unnatural as capitalism because it is a PRODUCT of TWO very unnatural things – monopoly and capitalism.

    communism = monopoly capitalism

    communism = monopoly * capitalism

    capitalism = unnatural

    monopoly = unnatural


    communism = (unnatural) * (unnatural)

    communism = (unnatural)^2

    Therefore, communism is unnatural times unnatural. In other words, if capitalism is very unnatural, then communism is very unnatural squared!

    Coupled with the fact that communism always goes hand in hand with tyranny, totalitarianism, state sponsored thuggery, mass murder, total lack of rights and freedoms, complete absence of the recognition of the universal human rights, it must be said that communism was a deadly disease that plagued humankind for nearly a century, killing millions and millions of innocents around the world and reducing societies with great potential into trash cans. The damage that totalitarian communism inflicted upon humankind is paralleled only by institutions like slavery and feudal barbarism.

    No thanks, Axinia, I was never communist, either before the age of 11 or afterwards. I hold the egalitarian ideals of socialism in high esteem, certainly yes. Forced, barbaric, repressive, tyrannical, totalitarian, murderous communism of the Pol Pot, Kim Jung-Il, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Nicolae Ceauşescu types – never, ever! 😯 Such scum beings will deservedly rot in hell forever for their heinous crimes against humanity, and I would never even want to be associated with their evil, sub-human, nefarious ideology, thank you very much!


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, dear, I sometimes wondering if you are reading my comments… Because whenever I talk of communism, I mean “THE” communism which has never taken place on this Earth yet. May be it is not the right name for that system even. But this names gives at least the first idea of what I mean.
      Again, the system that existed in the Soviet time was definetely NOT a communism.

      • Axinia dear,

        Fortunately or unfortunately, as far as communism is concerned, the only thing that comes to my mind are the crazy, tyrannical, mass-murdering criminal commie regimes that wreaked havoc upon humankind for nearly a century, from Pol Pot’s notorious killing fields to Iosif Dzhugashvili’s deadly Holodomor to Madman Mao’s murderous “great leap forward” and their fellow marxist thugs and goons and the death and destruction they unleashed upon innocent folks and ordinary citizens in the name of some evil, criminal, totalitarian ideology they espoused, that is correctly known to all as communism (though the nasty thugs themselves tried to paint it as “socialism”, “peoples’ movements” and what not). This is the only thing that the word communism ever brings to my mind 😐 I don’t ever see how something positive can be attributed to an evil, murderous ideology that has caused more mass murder, butchery and killing than the ideologies of the three Axis powers combined 😯

        Sadly, due to the criminal commie regimes’ deliberate and vicious misuse of the word “socialism” to refer to their despicable evil ideology of communism, even the word “socialism” has come to acquire a negative meaning.

        Socialism can only evolve freely and volutarily of its own in the civilised societies. No place may be a typical example of socialism, but some civilised societies such as Scandinavia come close. Let’s see how a civilised, progressive, fairly socialist society deals with the problems of the usurious moneylending bankster gangsters:

        It will take some time to evolve, but then again, it may never do so as all the uncivilised, sub-human societies may outbreed and overwhelm the few civilised places so humankind may instead be reduced to turd world barbarism and uncouthness as a whole.


        • axinia Says:

          have you ever tried to read Lenin?

          • No, Axinia. And I don’t intend to, either 😐 Whatever Lenin may have written, look at what his ideology turned out to be – a mass-murdering, authoritarian, despicable, tyrannical and regressive criminal commie thuggery 😡

            Would you be inclined to view nazism in a favourable way if you read and understood what Hitler wrote 😕 As far as I’m concerned, the same applies to communism and what Ulyanov may have written 😐

            IF Ulyanov’s ideology was so great, then it should have had a self-correcting tendency and inbuilt progressiveness in it. IT DID NOT! At the very least, it should have had a tendency to prevent regressiveness, decadence and descent into tyranny and barbarism. IT DID NOT have that, either! So, I can only perceive it as a worthless, uncouth, petty ideology that decays and descends into tyranny and mass-murder as soon as possible. Ulyanov’s successors, their client regimes, puppets, arse-lickers and the wannabe commie crime cabals have proven that communism is a deadly dangerous plague that has done irrepairable damage to humankind and has killed more innocent people than some notorious killer diseases have ever done 😐

            AIDS body count: 25 million 😯

            Spanish flu pandemic body count: 50 million 😯

            Plague body count: 75 million 😯

            Commie body count: 150 million 😯 😯 😯


          • ^^^ The body counts of plague and flu are rough estimates from historical sources. The AIDS body count is a more accurate estimate (but still an estimate), since it’s a relatively new disease.

            Here is the link for the body count of the deadliset plague, the evil scourge of communism:



  2. swaps Says:

    Only yesterday I and a friend were discussing why Communism arrived so late, human civilization being thousands of years old. The answer may be that civilization reached its adolescence in 19th century only (- post-industrial revolution).

    • axinia Says:

      the age of human race can be discussed and discussed…and nobody knows for sure. I would say “this” human race. Who know, may be here have been some others before?

      • swaps Says:

        The question is why it took so long for communism to be born. We have had thinkers, autocrats, oppression,… everything for as long as we can remember, but not until Karl Marx… communism was born. So what is so unique about our times that didn’t exist before?

    • Frivolous idea of prosperity 😕 Swaps dear, there is nothing frivolous or new about prosperity. Let’s face it, do you think prosperity is completey new to the 20th and 21st centuries? Not by a long shot, no! Ever since humans graduated to agriculture from hunting-gathering, the idea of prosperity has been around.

      The only difference is that prosperity in the earlier times was strictly restricted to a few – the royals, the nobility, the aristocrats and the feudal thugs, while the rest of the masses – the serfs wallowed in perpetual, crushing poverty. Feudal societies were/are characterised by a typical uncouthness – “the one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving hordes” kind 👿 The Renaissance along with the rise of the mercantile classes, and subsequently and more importantly, the Industrial Revolution, completely turned feudalism on its ugly head.

      It’s only natural that technological advances pulled innumerable people out of crushing poverty and into a semblance of prosperity. For the first time in humankind’s history, the common men/women (in the civilised societies, at least) could dream of dumping their earlier hand-to-mouth existence and think of leading a comfortable life, with the basic necessities being met. To put it in simple terms, prosperity became democratised. Having the basic human needs met became the right of everyone, instead of being the privilege of a few uncouth feudals.

      How can that be frivolous? If anything, it is profound. Instead of prosperity being the exclusive preserve of a few and completely unavailable to others (extremely uncouth state of affairs), the civilised societies made prosperity available for all.

      Is the internet, which completely democratised (the previously restricted and inaccessible) knowledge and made it available to all (at least in the civilised societies) a frivolous idea? Not at all. It is a profound development. So is the profound development of the egalitarian spread of prosperity that the civilised societies have managed to achieve! By contrast, the uncouth societies that still wallow in the filthy feudal logic of “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate starving hordes” are not just regressive, uncouth and stuck in the mediaeval times, they are an utter shame upon all of humankind! 😡


  3. axinia Says:

    interestingly, only today in the evening I have learned that today is the inernational Children’s day…i seldome write about children, but today somehow I wanted to post on this topic 🙂 Amazing coincidence!

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    do we have a society that makes us aspire to the moral values that we find justifiable?
    Answer is – NO and not possible in near future.
    Who and How to cultivate culture and moral values is big and real question.Sinario in Indian situation is frustating. people say one thing ( Idealism ) and do another, (Self centered activity). Theory of one ideal hero has gone. It is said now there will no one ideal Hero who can aspire people at large. Teacher can influnce on preschooler and schooler but as they grows they understand reality and get frusteted. teachers in carporate and munciple schools have there own problems apart from money. ( still 48% revinnew spent on teachers sallary- Govt of Maharashtra)). What culture and moral values we want to cultivate is a real question? because there is no clear educational policy. Text books are pollitically and false religiously influnced. Even they can not give true history. so from whom and how children and people at large can learn and develop moral , ethical, religious and cultural code of conduct. last week there were two new “fatawa’s”- 1st – one should not run family on women’s earning or she should not earn and run family, it is againest Islam. 2nd- people should not enter temples by wearing western cloths as they deflect attention of people from God- hindus. Even 3rd by Govt of India – no celebration of “shivrajyabhishek” as it damage fort Raigad. ( today it permitted after lot of pollitical and public pressure- so again it is pollitically influnced dissision )
    Last 3 days, three are three different internationally famous false gurus expoesd by electronic media where not only people at large but lot of pollitical people, Ministers and so called institution, away from sociaty such as judges,social worker are also following and celebrating their functions and supporting their behaviour are shown. so what and how one can develop andfollow moral , ethical, religious, cultural values and code of conduct. I dont know which communism/ capitalism you are talking but I have never seen ideal one.

    • Dear Maheshsaheb,

      I’m glad that you’ve realised the truth and mention here that Indians always say one thing and do the exact opposite. As I’ve mentioned umpteen times before, Indians in general are the world’s most shameless, hypocritical, unethical, immoral, lying, cheating, deceiving, sly, sleazy bunch of uncouth people humankind has ever seen. Just take a look at how uncouth Indian liars claim that their filthy sub-continent is a “spiritual” place with a “great culture”, when the truth is that the pea-brained hordes practise the world’s most disgusting and nauseating things and their stinking, sub-human “culture” would make even Homo neanderthalensis look like civilised people. Or take a look at how the sub-human, evil Indian empire claims to be a “non-violent democracy” when the truth is that it’s the most violent, sub-human, evil, criminal barbarocratic empire that unleashes hordes of filthy mercenary dogs to commit heinous crimes with impunity against the peoples it oppresses.

      It’s a sign of the evil times that we live in, that a filthy, turdy, sub-human, stinking empire like the uncouth Indian empire gets away unpunished for its heinous crimes against humanity. But throughout history, it has always been proved that there is a fixed threshold for every evil empire, and once their crimes cross this threshold, every evil empire (however powerful, evil, uncouth or sub-humanly violent it may be) would automatically collapse in a spectacular manner upon itself, and the hordes would have to reap the fruits of the evil actions that they had sown as willing participants in the heinous crimes of their evil empire. No empire shall be spared, and the turdy, sub-human, evil Indian empire has almost reached this threshold. It’s only a matter of time before the sub-human hordes begin to reap what they had sown.

      As for the “fatwas” and their equivalent, to be honest, both Islam and Hinduism are two of the world’s most mediaeval, regressive religions with absolutely no hope of reform and the primitive, rotten forces that control these religions don’t have it in their pea-brains to ever let the uncouth hordes (over whom they wield influence) behave as civilised humans, ever. There is very little hope for these two medieval, regressive influences and left to themselves, they would drag humankind in a rapid race to the bottom among themselves. Unless humanity purges itself of such (and other uncouth, primitive) forces, there is no hope for the world.

      As for the Raigad celebrations, who the f*@# are the filthy central govt. of India – the evil, criminal, notoriously corrupt, sub-human cabal that misrun the filthy, uncouth, barbaric, turdy Indian empire to stop the celebrations of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj’s commemoration in his own fort by the descendants of his own people? Maharashtrians should ask the stinking central govt. sub-humans and the turdy ASI scum people to go take a swim in the sewers of Aurangzeb’s forts which is where the stinking loafers belong! Stinking sub-human central govt. sewer people! 😡

      As for teachers, what else can one expect of the filthy, uncouth, evil, sub-human Indian empire and the savage hordes that (over)populate it? Everyday, the sub-human Indian hordes keep sinking to new lows. Hearing of shool students being killed or maimed in corporal punishment by their “teachers” or junior students killed by their seniors in colleges due to “ragging” is so common, that it does not come as a surprise anymore.

      But leave it to the stinking Indian hordes to stoop even lower than that. Now, it’s not just students, but a parent who has been killed by the evil deeds of a so-called “teacher” in a filthy, stinking school in the uncouth, turdy, sub-human Indian empire:


      “Great culture”? “Spiritual nature” at work, huh? Howzzat for “Gurukula tradition” being played out?


  5. When I write something unpleasant (but very truthful) about the filthy, turdy, evil, uncouth Indian empire here, I’m hated and despised by the hordes who would rather mouth the oft-repeated, despicable LIES that the evil Indian empire is a “spiritual place” with a “great culture” OMG 😯 , a “non-violent place” 😆 instead of the truth that the evil Indian empire is a sub-human, turdy, detestable crapocracy and the filthy, rapidly overbreeding hordes that (over)populate the stinking, sewery Indian empire are the most uncouth, despicable, crude, sly, sleazy, savage, regressive, barbaric, bunch of lowlives that humankind has ever seen.

    The truth cannot be suppressed for long. It’s becoming so obvious that it is difficult to ignore by anyone other than the most despicable scum beings. Even the notorious, lying, despicable vermin in the filthy Indian “mainstream media” are beginning to realise the truth about the uncouthness of barbaric Indians and why the stinking lowlife Indian hordes are hated, despised and attacked wherever they go in the world, having massively overshot the carrying capacity of their crap holes and spreading like the plague to corrupt, pollute, infect and destroy the civilised societies around the world.
    India gets richer, Indians more uncouth and more insensitive

    Rajesh Kalra, 31 May 2010, 05:20 PM IST (Courtesy: Times of India blogs)

    If you live in a rapidly urbanising India, especially in the North, and feel that things are getting from bad to worse as far as civility, sensitivity and respect for law is concerned, you are not alone.

    I go out cycling almost every morning, at the crack of dawn. The total lawlessness that has come to grip the society scares me. As early as 5 am, our cycling group notices people huddled around their cars, drinking outside eateries or liquor joints, fighting, arguing loudly, or simply passing lewd comments at the women riders in our group. The comments do not vary from a Mercedes or a Maruti Swift. They are uniformly distasteful. We often see police vehicles at these joints too, and they are certainly not there attending to an SOS call. Of course, these vends are not supposed to be open at that time is a different matter.

    It has reached such proportions that the group members are wary of riding alone, lest someone coming from the wrong side knocks him/her down, deliberately, and then speeds away, laughing. This feeling of being scared, and helpless, is gaining ground, rapidly.

    Several of you would remember the horrific accident that took place in Gurgaon, India’s millennium city, just five months ago on December 24, 2009. Forty seven year old Avinash Shah, driving his small car with his wife and daughter was hit by a businessman test driving a powerful new Audi. Avinash died instantly and his wife and daughter barely survived.

    The gent who rammed the big Audi into the small car, is out on bail. I am not about to get upset over that, for the antiquated law itself allows for that. I do get agitated, however, over the manner in which the whole thing has been handled. According to eye-witnesses, soon after ramming into Avinash’s car, this gent got out, made a few phone calls using his mobile, and got picked up by his own driver in his car and vanished. The police said they did not have his address for two days despite knowing that he was on a test drive and had deposited his driving license at the car showroom before taking the car out. Two days later, this gent reappeared, with a lawyer in toe and surrendered, only to be bailed out in a jiffy. And since then, things have proceeded exactly the way he has wanted, for he knows how to keep this giant, corrupt, machinery working, for him.

    Just an aside, when Avinash went on this ill-fated drive, he had left his 18 year old son behind for he was preparing for his 12th board exams. The results have just come out, and not only has this boy scored 95 per cent marks, but also made it to the Indian Institute of Technology. Pity, his father is not there to celebrate his son’s awesome achievements.

    A lot of people I spoke to about this boy’s performance say it is an inspirational story and his father’s loss motivated him to do so well. Perhaps, but believe me, having lost my parents in a car accident when I was 5, I am sure he wanted to make it this far, but with his dad around.

    Back to the accident and the businessman, the sense of helplessness that seems to possess each of us when it comes to such instances is extremely disquieting. Why is it that things are reaching such a pass? Sudden wealth, easy availability of ‘good things’ in life, general feeling that money can buy anything, or what else? Is it just a North Indian phenomenon or nationwide? Why it is that uncouth, uncivil and insensitive behaviour is all pervasive? Why is the society so willing to circumvent, indeed buy, law at will? Do you think the media is responsible having abdicated its responsibilities by concentrating on flashy things alone while bypassing the real issues that would positively impact the society?

    Whatever the answer to those questions is, the solution lies with us alone. We need to stop accepting being pushed around. An individual cannot take on those who mock at our law, but together we can do wonders. The choice is ours, whether to stare down the barrel of the gun as lawlessness gains ground faster than these guys drive their fast cars, or start coming together to challenge the perpetrators of these crimes. I have often heard the argument that our economy is growing rapidly and this is just a brief side effect of such growth. I would rather have a slower growth rate of economy, but a saner, civilised society to live in.

    As I keep mentioning, every evil empire in history (however powerful, violent or evil it may have been) has been forced to grimly reap the consequences of the heinous crimes that it has sown, collapsing in a spectacular manner in a relatively short period of time, with the hordes having to face the consequences of the evil empire’s heinous crimes they were willingly a part of.

    The most evil, hypocritical, shameless, turdy, despicable empire in all of human history – the uncouth, barbarocratic, filthy, evil Indian empire has almost reached the threshold of its crimes, the tipping point from where it’s evil deeds begin to recoil upon itself and crush the uncouth hordes who collectively committed the crimes. The clock is steadily ticking away for the turdy, crappy, uncouth, evil Indian empire as it awaits its well-deserved comeuppance 😐


  6. What the blog-journalist who wrote the above article does not understand is that wealth does not necessarily bring uncouthness and uncivility. If so, then the Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese should have been very crude, uncivil and nastily behaved people. They certainly aren’t! They are among the most well-behaved, decent and civilised peoples on the planet. By contrast, the normal principle is that prosperity should bring more civilised, cultured, humane, honorable, progressive behaviour.

    But as with all principles, it applies only on certain conditions. And that is, it applies only to peoples of decent societies who are higher up the human societal evolutionary order. Take away all of Japan’s wealth now (without flooding them with turd-headed savages), and still they would be decent, well-behaved people even if they were poor. Make them suddenly rich tomorrow and they would still be decent and well-behaved without any uncouth tendencies. It’s because Japanese culture is based on civility, decency and true spirituality. Unlike the filthy hordes whose turdy, savage “culture” is based on uncouthness, deception, lying, cheating, hypocrisy, shamelessness and a completely false, fake “spirituality” with which they fool, cheat and deceive many naïve, unsuspecting and gullible people.

    When a few isolated attacks against lowlife immigration scamsters in Australia from the filthy, turdy Indian empire took place, the rabid Indian media dogs were shouting hoarse about the so-called “racist Aussies” and how the “innocent Indian students” were the “hapless victims” of “Australian violence and racism”. Obviously, no one except the turdy, uncouth hordes were willing to believe the filthy Indian media liars.

    It has become a pattern worldwide. People all over the world have become fed up with the uncouthness, crassness, regressiveness, shamelessness, crudeness and despicable nature of the savage, crude, turdy, violent, uncouth Indian hordes as they breed like pigs, massively overshoot the carrying capacity of their crap holes and spread like the plague to infect and destroy any civilised place left. Uganda, USA, Europe, UK, Russia, Australia, Middle-East, China, SE Asia – there is no place left in the world where the savage, uncouth Indians have not been hated, despised, attacked and treated like the lowlives that they are, for the sheer uncouthness, crudeness, barbarity, arrogance, turdiness and stink they bring with them when they move in their hordes to places that had not witnessed their sub-human behaviour before.

    Civility, decency, politeness, manners, honesty, humaneness etc. etc. – such characteristics can never be found among the uncouth, filthy, crude, barbaric, dirty, disgusting, stinking lowlife hordes that (over)populate the filthy parts of the world’s most detestable and evil empire in all of human history, with the filthiest “culture” ever, to boot.

    Such uncouth hordes, who can barely be classified as humans, with their turdy pea-brains having wallowed like pigs in the filth of their stinking “culture” for millenia, instead bring deadly diseased and sick behaviour unheard of among the civilised peoples. Behaviour such as “eve-teasing”, “dowry deaths”, “honour killings”, “killer khaps”, “female foeticide and infacticide”, “caste atrocities”, “untouchability”, “gangrape”, “sati”, “ostracisation of widows”, “child marriage”, “mass murder during riots” etc. etc. are all typical behaviour that the lowly, slimey, lecherous, uncouth savages take with them when they move in their hordes to the civilised places, and then unleash such sub-human behaviour among the unfortunate civilised societies that took them in. Once the turdy, uncouth savages flood to a civilised place, then the innocence, civility, politeness and decency of that place is immediately lost as the lecherous sub-humans unleash their repulsive uncouthness among the civilised people. Women, girls and children are no longer safe among the turdy, pea-brained, lecherous, slimey, sleazy, eve-teasing, raping, filthy savages.

    It does not come as a surprise that such savages are hated, despised and attacked for their sewer behaviour wherever they go in the world. It’s not just a problem of rabid overpopulation. It’s their sheer uncouthness and sub-human behaviour that sets the turdy Indian savages apart.


  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    I agree what you said and can give many more such examples from my daily routine in the hospital as it is big one and in front of express highway Daily 2-3 big accidents?.I see variety of such cases from rape to murder and burn etc. really people have become day by day less sensitive to no sensitive ( things are very worst, even can’t say here)and whatever Raj said is totally true. reasons are different from over population to migration and lack of resources and struggle for survival. but this struggle is very different. they are not sharing as expected in communism /socialism / capitalist …what ever they have.. people are rude, arrogant,totally senseless,lac of humor and what to say I don’t have words like Raj. we are far away from civilization ,culture and all.Indian history has lot of heritage but we have not experienced . we heard story of one seas om which is shared by 7 brother…. only story.. never experienced. really situation is becoming more n more worsened. people can manage everything with money and power and common man supports??? and do the same whenever get chance. even they have forgotten relations. No relations in front of money.people are holding lot of money and really spent like anything Really they don’t know how to spend. Alcoholism, Dance bars,casinos and crime related to this are very common even common day to day news. on the other hand suicides due bankruptcy,poisoning, sex workers are very common. Girls are sold for Rs.100? remember video on u tube uploaded by MBA student in Andheri ,mumbai . one day flashed by IBN lokmat . what happens afterword nobody knows. her father/police might havetaken some more money from those boys parents and case might have closed. what you will comment on that? we have pass all the limits. No psychiatry help is also possible to these. really they needs direct shoot. but by whoom? and how? I don’t get answers except boiling of blood and loosing sleep.

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