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Mastery: Why people like to get better at stuff May 28, 2010

Mastery seems to be a basic need. Each human being sooner or later likes to succeed in something: either it is one of the most useless and stupid record from the Guinness book or just a karaoke singing, obviously people just  like to get better at stuff! The point is that mostly they do not gain anything from it, and possibly nobody will even ever hear about their mastery or pay for that… And yet, people do it. Why?

The interesting answer I found in the video I posted earlier was: “getting better is satisfying”. Yes! As simple as that.

Speaking in term of yoga knowledge, I find the correlation between the Mastery and Satisfaction very interesting, because these two are inborn qualified from the two “neighbouring” chakras: Nabhi and Void (both in the stomach area of the body). Normally responsible for different qualities – Nabhi for satisfaction, Void -for Mastery, in this very case they came up as interconnected and there is  probably even a deeper meaning of this combination… something like that: if you feel unsatisfied in life, try to master something, and more contentment will come to you!

LOVE, axinia


16 Responses to “Mastery: Why people like to get better at stuff”

  1. swaps Says:

    I feel pursuit of mastery provides solitude and focus your senses/thoughts on one thing – a way of relaxing. That is how i have felt… felt lost. It is good to forget the world for sometime 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      that’ an interesting input, swaps… but actrually realaxation is also a quality of Nabhi chakra 🙂 Along with satisfaction!

  2. swaps Says:

    Arts are expression of spontaneity, simplicity and total presence of the mind. While they all require a perfection of technique, real mastery is only achieved when technique is transcended and art becomes an ‘artless art’ growing out of the unconscious.
    -Fritjof Capra

  3. pooyan Says:

    I would call this kind of satisfaction, just an EGO satisfaction, and it not probably related to Nabhi chakra. That satisfaction is from within and if you have it, then there is no need to master any art. But it is my own idea after all 😉

    • axinia Says:

      how about mastering the self? I think it is not about art, art is only an exlample…I think being our own Guru ist just about the same thing…don’t you find?

  4. clark Says:

    Hi Axinia,
    i feel when it comes to true mastery of yoga(sahaja yoga),
    it is all heart related. some of the strongest vibrations come from people who dont know how to clear chakras, balance nadis, etc… because they dont need that sort of knowledge,because its all sahaj. unless they want to teach others these things, the ones who do need that knowledge. But when it comes to mastery of something external,like a musical instrument or something, i dont think its just an ego trip for ALL people,maybe some. but for many,it truly is joy giving,not only for ones self ,but for others also. life is to be enjoyed,and if you have a means to express yourself , then why not,it is satisfying. also,sometimes, when you get really good at something, and no longer have to THINK about it, while you are doing it, it is a way of staying in the present moment,
    in thoughtless awareness. the greatest joy is when you can share this mastery with others,so they can enjoy also.

    • mirel Says:

      i feel the same way:
      “when you get really good at something, and no longer have to THINK about it, while you are doing it, it is a way of staying in the present moment”
      the mastery comes when we know the pure knowledge, the pure knowledge of handling the kundalini… the highest that we achieve gradually as we grow, because when these centers starts expanding on the sides, we start expanding in our personality, in our sensitivity and in our evolutionary ascent, so that is how we start growing from one to another to another to another….:)))

      besides, i always felt that true artistic creativity flows from stillness, in my case while playing fiddle. When stillness becomes conscious, the spiritual dimension enters life and one begin to be guided by an intelligence far greater than the human mind…..no matter where you live

  5. People like to get better at stuff because it’s evolutionary nature to do so, Axinia.

    Everything in nature is inherently evolutionary, trying to better itself over a period of time. Therefore it’s only a natural instinct that people like to get better at stuff.

    However, even if everything in nature is inherently evolutionary, there are vast differences. Lowlife beings such as pond scum are also evolutionary, just as hominoids are. But there are vast differences.

    Similarly, there are differences between the civilised peoples and the filthy, uncouth, lowlife hordes from stinking “cultures” that (over)populate the turd world crap holes, such as the turdy, sub-human, evil Indian empire. Such despicable barbaro-hominoid creatures are like the filthy pond scum when it comes to evolution. Their pea-brains cannot even function in the manner that those of wild animals do.

    Having wallowed like pigs in the filth of their crappy “cultures” for millenia, they are about as evolutionary as the scum that thrive in stinking open sewers of the filthy, uncouth Indian empire. Being pea-brained turdy specimens, such creatures are evolutionary only at a very low level, like mosquitoes and cockroaches.

    For such lowlife creatures, evolution is all about quantity and never quality. By breeding like mosquitoes and cockroaches, the uncouth hordes think they are on an evolutionary path. They are on an evolutionary path, just like the pond scum that also on an evolutionary path.

    For such turdy beings, the normal human ideas of getting better or becoming more civilised with the passage of time simply do not apply. That’s why the filthy hordes still have the world’s most uncouth, sub-human practices that would repulse any civilised human being anywhere in the world. The pea-brained savages are never bothered about their regressiveness or uncouthness, either. As long as they can lie, cheat and deceive gullible, naive and clueless people into believing sheer crap and utter nonsense, they would do so. And at the same time, they rapidly multiply in numbers like the proliferating pond scum.

    Let’s take a small aquatic ecosystem with a limited supply of oxygen. The water body would be home to small organisms, aquatic plants, tiny marine creatures, fishes etc. As long as the water remains clear, such evolved organisms that believe in qualitative evolution would thrive. However, once a little sewage is dumped into the ecosystem, the scum would make an appearance. Given their rabid multiplying tendencies, they would make an appearance all over the pond. Since they believe in rapid quantitative increase and never a qualitative improvement, they would proliferate like the lowlife scum that they are. Once the turdy scum creatures take over the pond and use up much of the oxygen, all other qualitatively evolving creatures would be faced with a bleak future. Using their rabid breeding prowess, the scum beings would take over the pond and higher, more evolved life forms would die out soon.

    In a short period of time, a lovely pond which was once a thriving ecosystem full of evolved beings would be turned into a dead, stinking sewer, thanks to the rabid overbreeding tendencies of the lowlife creatures that don’t believe in qualitative evolution.

    Imagine the same on a much, much larger scale and one would get an idea of what’s happening to the world. The rabidly overbreeding, filthy, uncouth, regressive hominoid beings are steadily taking over the planet with their sub-human breeding habits and killing societies that believe in qualitative evolution. Once the sub-human hordes take over, the entire world will be reduced to a typical turd world dump hole, uncouth, uncivilised, crappy, despicable, shameful, evil and setting back the human evolutionary clock by several millenia.


    • Avdhut Says:

      What’s up with this guy ? 😕

      • What’s up with this guy ?


        Nothing’s “up” or “down”… it was just your own ego 🙂 Since you were completely conditioned by it to believe that everyone from one particular sub-continent and “culture” must always behave in one particular way, it came as a huge surprise to your ego when someone did not fit into the mould and was the very antithesis of it. That’s why your ego is completely baffled and believe “something must be up with this guy”.


        • Avdhut Says:

          Sorry, that’s not it at all. Doesn’t matter to me what part of the world you come from .

          I have close personal relationships with people from all over the world, from all levels of society and background, living in there homes as family, rich or poor, black, brown, yellow, white, green, doesn’t matter to me…

          It was the language I was questioning. Why so angry ?

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    it is not nescessory always mastery will give satisfaction. It may give relaxation,comfort and one can do it even without knowladge of self ( habit formation).It not means we have deeply involve in it and fully satisfied.satisfaction is seperate issue even it doesn’t require mastery.it is totally individual, how I can get satisfaction? if some one is his own master, better he will know a ways. John Milton said ” those who are just waiting ….. are also servicing to God…. satisfactarily.

  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    many people goes on changing jobs and responsibility very friquently ( Rather to avoid responsibility). rather they can’t stay at one place and in one job and really dont want face hardship, for them even mastary does not help for satisfaction. you know ,It is a problem and needs councelling. I have seen many masters around me who are not satisfied with their present portfolio….. and still searching….

  8. Avdhut Says:

    ”…and more contentment will come to you!” – especially if it opens the heart and negates thought.

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