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A real friend is the one… May 25, 2010

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who knows the song of your heart. And who will remind you of it even when you yourself have forgotten…

Whoever told that must be a genius! I just love the saying.

And I have to admit… one of my biggest desires is to be a real friend to everyone.

I really want to know the songs of my friend’s hearts and to be able to remind them of it.

This blog – is my humble contribution to this mission.

LOVE, axinia


22 Responses to “A real friend is the one…”

  1. swaps Says:

    Ah!! manipulation 🙂

    Thanks, you have succeeded so many times…

  2. Abhi Says:

    You can understand the heart of this friend better as for both our heart’s songs, the underlying tone is the same!!

  3. Watcher Says:

    Humble is not being known for,
    Humility is reaching out for,
    Love is all these things,
    Yet many want to be known,
    Many want to be seen,
    What do you want sister?

  4. Thank you for the reminder. It seems it is coming from all directions. Thank you too Watcher.

  5. CECE Says:

    awww this is a beautiful saying! you have accomplished your goal very well.reading your blog always realigns me with my true self. 🙂

  6. pooyan Says:

    Wanna know what is going on in the heart your friend ? Easy, just listen to your heart, if you love your friend truly, then you will know about it. There is an invisible thread that connects the hearts of friends together, and that is Love.
    Sahaj Love, pooyan

  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    who knows the song of your heart. And who will remind you of it even when you yourself have forgotten…

    It is not decided by you but your true friend…..
    he will love you desirelessly so may not give reminder……but will support you always when you will feel alone, irrespective of any problem and definetly you will find conected.
    It is very interesting ….even when you yourself have forgotten…
    Real friends/love does not requires returns/ reminders…. they just love you as it is…

  8. Sinuhe Says:

    All that I have to say is Thank You!, I really appreciate this quote, and of course, this blog 😉 !!!

  9. clark Says:

    You are a true friend to humanity,and remind me of my hearts song often.

    Thank you!!!

  10. I’m not sure if I know the song of my own heart in the first place 😦

    Boo hoo! 😥

    By the way, you do love pinkish colours, don’t you? 😉

    Cool photo!


  11. mirel Says:

    i try….
    when a friend hurts me i write down in sand, where winds of forgiveness an erase it away.
    but when a friend does sth good for me, i engrave i in stone where no wind can evere erase it.

    the symphony that each of us hearts playing, change continously as we evolve and expand.

    friendship…being open-hearted and alert to understand, having the desire to respect and share. It takes one’s life to realize the true meaning of it.

    Mostly, ‘Mr’ ego likes to be loved, appreciated and adored. But, in the love of the ego, there is an expectation of receiving things in a certain way. When the ego loves it is about possession. It wants to hold on to and own another person. The love of the ego is conditional; it gives in expectation of receiving something in return. True love is about creating a sense of oneness with other people. When I identify with others to such an extent they no longer feel separate from ourselves, I can give without expectation. I realized, this experience cannot be achieved through identifying with the ego which divides
    hence, laughing off ‘Mr’ Ego and hearing one’s hearts melody, is the first step to cultivate true friendships

  12. mirel Says:

    thank you Axinia, ‘pink lady’ like a pink lotus always hospitable, sweet, joyous symbolizing the unity of love!

  13. Fatima Says:

    Thank you for your inspiring blog. You do remind me of my hearts song, every day that I come here. I feel blessed to have such a dear friend as you.

  14. Jahfar Says:

    Yes… Madam… u r absolutely correct… But some time we lose our friends because of our ego or our misunderstandings….

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  16. simplyrohit21 Says:

    What a beautiful photograph and you look breathtakingly beautiful in it!

    Love & Light,

  17. Dear Axinia.
    I visited your blog. The subject matters you presented in your blog are appreciable. Well saying about your views on Real Friend. Lots lots of love for you…………… Anwar, Bangladesh

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